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    Let's Play Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 
  • From his Let's Play of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force: "NEELIX, STOP COCKBLOCKING ME!"
  • Episode 2 makes a Shout-Out to a friend and associate on Channel Awesome:
  • After being killed instantly trying to cross a hallway filled with superheated gas: "Well. That was stupid. Note to self, hot gas is hot."
  • After Munroe's proclamation that he has to "stop this seed": "I'm like a giant space condom!"
  • The death of the Hirogen hunter loses some impact since Linkara butts into the conversation to express his real goal:
    Hunter: You...are the victor.
    Linkara: Uh-huh...gimme your gun!
    Munro: Hold still, I might be able to get a medic.
    Hunter: No...
    Linkara: No, gun! Give me the gun!
    Hunter: You are the victor. May your hunts bring you...great honor...
    Linkara: Stop milking your death and gimme your gun!
  • "The dildos are the weakest enemies in this game".
  • Linkara on the alien computer shutting down: "Thing must be Linux-based."
  • Linkara's mission to get rid of one of Teh Wurmz in Part 5 results in a complete shootup of the entire room of everything but the Wurm.
  • "It's a containment field" "No sh(BEEEP)."
  • "Uh, wait, I have a question. Ahh, screw it."
  • Linkara testing out his portable torpedo launcher.
  • And the end of the Unstoppable Rage in episode 12 of said Let's Play.
  • "Hello, random crewman...who is making gang signs...wha?"
  • Linkara's utter incredulity at Tuvok criticizing him for not stopping the Borg kidnapping a teammate and stealing needed supplies.
    Tuvok: Could you not have prevented the Borg from taking the isodesium?
    Linkara: No! They'd adapted quickly!
    Tuvok: Had you fired, it is might have stopped the Borg from taking the isodesium we need.
    Linkara: NO IT WOULDN'T.
    Tuvok: Your emotional decision may have cost the lives of this entire crew.
    Linkara: ...I want to shoot you, so bad right now.
  • In Part 3 ("It came from Planet Icky!") of the Star Trek Elite Force playthrough: "Alien ladies: check me out, I'm Ensign Monroe/Do you see my gun? It breathes, you know!"
  • The Borg dance.
  • In Part 13, when the Vohrsoth is outlining its evil plan, Linkara says, "Aw, crap, it's Michael Moore!
    Caption: Aw yeah, I went there again!
  • Any time he references Amazons Attack when saying Biessman's name.
  • Speaking of Biessman, after the Vohrsoth reveals his evil plan, Linkara is still in a Heroic BSoD after Biessman's death. Then he says something along the lines of, "No! Biessman would go on! He'd call them... stompy dorks or something!"
  • Munro's impossible shadow.
  • He makes a couple of shout outs to SF Debris too, as he is definitely a fan of that show. Calling Neelix a hedgehog (Chuck's second favorite slur at Neelix, after "Shithead") and when they go to the conference room, Linkara says, "Into the Magic Meeting Room!"
  • The series finale where Ensign Munro defeats the Vorsoth Master:
    Linkara: Okay everyone, say it with me now: "I am Ensign Munro, and I AM A MAN!"
  • Linkara shoots at the Borg with the photon torpedo launcher, and his reaction to them adapting to it.
    They adapted to an EXPLOSION.

     Let's Play Pokémon Omicron 
  • Linkara has the chat decide what nicknames to give to his Pokémon. Linkara decides to give his Caterpie the name "Madame Butterfree". Due to character constrictions, the name comes out as "Madame Butt" instead.
  • Lewis forgetting that Professor Oak gave him the Pokédex just moments after getting it. He seems to think he mysteriously started with it.
  • Lewis cracks up laughing when the opening narration (purportedly a prerecorded message from Professor Oak) tells us that "By default your rival has "swag" to make you feel enmity towards him."
    • His numerous questions about how and when said message was pre-recorded, since it directly references the apparently ongoing terrorist attack.
  • Oak: People and Pokémon live together by supporting each other.
    Lewis: Yeah, they never help out with the rent when they need to, though.
  • In the first Gym, the player sprite in the overworld is invisible. Lewis thinks he's been a ghost the whole time.
    • This, along with the Phantom Pokemon glitch that shows up in a number of double battles and the appearance of a Rotom, has led to ghosts becoming a running gag.
    Lewis: (after seeing two girls ahead of him on a bridge standing next to each other) Come play with us Lewis. Forever. And ever. And ever.
  • Also he notices the sprite has two shadows, cue a Vashta Nerada reference.
  • He manages to catch a Whismur and proceeds to ask the chat what its nickname should be. His confused reaction to them suggesting a certain Fan Nickname is pure hilarity.
    Lewis: Why do you keep calling it "Pumbloom"?
    • Similarly, when the chat suggests nicknaming a Cubone "Batman", he's a little Late to the Punchline about the connection (that Cubone's parents are dead).
    • And again when he's slow to make the connection between Aipom and Nash. It's not clear from the video whether he actually did.
  • His utterly terrified reaction to how you get the HM for Strength. Tell a Hypno her child is okay and she goes and "convinces" the salesman, who is charging too much, to give her a copy. Linkara just starts screaming due to the Mind Rape implications.
  • His You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reaction after learning that the item he just found, which he needed Strength to get to, is a substitute for Strength.
  • Since the chat keeps telling him to add new captures to his team, said team is hilariously underleveled, leading to Linkara constantly "winning" most battles with only one or two Pokémon still active. By episode 10 Linkara has snapped and briefly bounces between Laughing Mad and sadly singing to himself.
  • His Starly is named Twitter, leading to several jokes.
    Linkara: What? Twitter is evolving! Twitter became Tumblr! Tumblr became Facebook! Facebook became Missingno.!
  • Lewis's rant at the Fianga City "Police Club", who are hilariously ineffectual even by Apathetic Citizens standards, to the point of not even noticing when Team Olympus invades their town and takes over the PokéHadron Collider.
  • He encounters a trainer named Marik, leading him to speak like Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged's Marik (and briefly Bakura) for the rest of the battle, complete with calling Twitter the Staravia 'Mister Tweetums'.
  • When Lewis encounters the SCP Department, he's obviously very unnerved. note 
  • He receives a machete soon after learning Cut.
    Linkara: So I'm a doctor, a cop, AND Jason Voorhees. Or Danny Trejo.
  • Due to a pixel problem, Zecora gets smaller when he evolves, prompting tiny zebra jokes.
    • The Zebstrika that flips across the screen when Zecora and Eevee evolve.
  • When a Team Olympus grunt complains about his spine hurting:
    Linkara: I didn't do anything to your spine. Lil Petti, did you break his spine? That's a bad Lil Petti!
  • When he gets lost in another cave and spends over an hour digging and exploring:
    Linkara: Linkara is lost. Linkara uses Terrified Crying. It's not very effective.
  • Upon reaching a ghost-type gym with an 11-year-old leader (with the same name as Lewis' older brother) and beating him, Lewis receives a TM 96 - Zombie Strike. He and special guest Calluna react accordingly. The leader's twin brother is also in the Elite Four, because of course he is.
    • Lewis also tells her of a trainer in the anime who beat Ash in the League with a Darkrai and a Latios.
  • The pixel problem with Zebstrika has been patched. He still flips across the screen whenever someone evolves.
  • Linkara references Team Four Star's Soul Silver Nuzlocke run.
  • Even though Lil Petti is an onion, Calluna thinks she looks like a pickle from behind.
  • "Death by Gruntmaster."
  • He obtains a Hawlucha that is actually a Volcanion.
  • When Jeremy says Lewis should investigate Team Olympus because he doesn't trust them.
  • When Lewis catches a Woobat, he decides to name it Barbara. He and Calluna are soon horrified when the chat points out that they had to paralyze Barbara in order to capture her.
  • The chat advises them to listen to a Team Olympus member tell his story. They lose it when they find out it's an adult version of Ash Ketchum drinking his sorrows away.

    Pokemon White Randomized Nuzlocke 
  • Episode 3:
    • Linkara and the crew encounter many Dragon-types and Legendaries throughout the stream to increasing exasperated results.
    • Linkara discovers that Cheren's Sableye knows Judgement, which is Arceus's Signature Move. Cue the chat praising "Sablegod".
  • In episode 5, Linkara and the crew catch a Snover... with Magma Armor.
  • Episode 8:
    • Linkara roleplays Licagaj as not reacting well to the Flying gym's cannons, having her scream her lungs out whenever she gets shot out of one and tottering around and mumbling incoherently afterwards.
    • Linkara decides to play out Takoyaki the Memetic Badass Tentacruel's part of her conversation with N. For bonus points, he has by this point forgotten that Takoyaki is female, so he gives her a deep, gravelly voice.
      N: Hey, Tentacruel.
      Takoyaki: My name is Takoyaki, foolish mortal!
      N: Would you tell me what kind of Trainer Licagaj is?
      Takoyaki: The kind who brings my power to the forefront!
      N: OK, OK, got it. So Licagaj was born in Nuvema Town, lives with Mom, and was given the Pokédex to start off a journey to see the world.
      Takoyaki: That is not what I said, foolish green one!
      N: Still, this Tentacruel trusts you for some reason. That's good!
      Takoyaki: It's good for you too, mortal!
  • In episode 17, Lewis keeps getting Noodle Implement-related questions about the "secret project", one of which being why exactly he needed so much orphan blood. Linkara is of course appalled: they didn't have to be orphans!

    Star Trek 25th Anniversary 

    Star Trek Judgment Rites 
  • Lewis repeatedly declaring himself "Best Captain", despite getting the Earth blown up a few times.
  • Lewis getting exasperated by the appearance of Bredell, the final villain from the previous game, reasoning that he's here because nobody ever completed the last game.

    Let's Play Link's Awakening DX 
  • The Running Gag of "RAMPAGE!" whenever KNILL picks up a Piece of Power.

    Pokemon Yellow Randomized Nuzlocke Tax Stream 

    Pokemon Heartgold Randomized Nuzlocke 
  • Episode 1:
    • To start things off, our trainer for this journey is named Guilmon.
    • Lewis's choice of Starter Pokemon are Treeko, Dewgong... and Lugia.
    • Calluna is grossed out over how many old men want to talk to them.
    • Once Lewis finally gets Pokeballs, he walks into the grass to find a new friend... and encounters Mewtwo. Cue him and all the co-commentators bursting out laughing.

  • Episode 5:
    • The stream gets off to a phenomenal start five minutes in, when Guilmon is supposed to be given a Spearow with mail attached. What does she get instead? Well...
    • Second prize would have to go to this related moment.
    Lewis: It's God versus the Devil!
    • A battle with a wild Delcatty goes... poorly.
    The wild DELCATTY used Explosion!

    Dead Space 

  • In Spoony's forum Lewis said that he realized that the next issue has Darkseid on someone's couch. His reaction was gold.
    Linkara: As I am writing the review right now, I can confirm that Darkseid does indeed first appear in the comic sitting on Scott Free's couch.


    If you'll need me, I'll be over in the corner cutting my wrists with my gun.
  • At the Time Force/Wild Force Panel at Power Morphicon, someone loudly announced who Linkara was when he stood up to ask a question. Linkara said, "Thanks, but I didn't want to look like a jackass,", prompting Vernon Wells to goodnaturedly reply, "Okay jackass, what's your question?"
  • From his "Comics in Five Panels" summary of JLA: The Obsidian Age Part One: "We're the Justice League, and we have to travel back in time to rescue Aquaman! This certainly won't result in our deaths or anything! *smash cut to Skeletonized!Supes* "OH F***!!!"
    • 7 words: "I AM AQUAMAN. AND I AM AWESOME!!!"
  • His 4AM post-"Avengers" VLOG with his brother (formerly the Ghost of Christmas Present) starts with the pair ripping on the movie, followed by a "Just Kidding!" screen...and ends with his brother asking him when the next installment of "History Of Power Rangers" will be out. Cue Linkara crying.
  • The Twitter war over Linkara supposedly killing clowns pits him against Obscurus Lupa and Phelous. It soon grows to ridiculous proportions. Then Holly Christine Brown comes in to fan the flames...
  • The blooper reel released in mid January 2013. His brother, playing Aplos, stumbles over his line about knowing a witch who spends all her time meditating, instead saying "mediting." They laugh about it a while, Lewis making a joke that it's short for meta-editing. The very next take? "I know a witch who spends all her time editing." Cue Graham falling back in his chair laughing and Lewis saying he'll make a blooper reel.
  • Following a stream of XCOM: Enemy Unknown by Nash, Lewis went out and bought his own copy of the game... He spent over an hour trying to get the game to work, and Nash had to stop his own stream to help out. He eventually wasn't able to do it on that night.
    • Lewis instead decided to stream one of the early XCOM games. And only named the characters what the chat wanted. Eventually this led to Eugene Buttfart joining the team.
    • At one point, the entire team gets wiped out. Except Phelous. Who takes on the aliens, then panics and runs away. Another incident was the entire team getting wiped out. Without even leaving their ship.
    • During the first encounter with the Council...
    Bradford: Commander, we're getting a transmission from the Council.
    Linkara: (Imitating the Council spokesman) You're fired.
    • During the first Council Mission, after rookie!90s Kid kills a Thin Man...
    rookie!90s Kid: Rookie Kid has earned a promotion!
  • During his Man of Steel vlog, he refers to Faora and Nam-Ek as "Not-Ursa" and "Not-Non", clearly struggling to pronounce the latter nickname correctly.
  • In the vlog on The LEGO Movie, Viga's pitiful attempts at building random stuff with Legos, which keep falling apart in her hands.
    • Linkara and Viga defending the double-decker couch.
  • The entire mini-billiards game between Lewis and Will, between the awkwardness of how small the table was, the double entendres, Lewis completely sucking at the game, and the banter between the two.
  • During the 300th episode livestream, one of the bumpers had the Last Angry Geek talking about the first time he met Linkara: he describes what is basically the plot of Suburban Knights (he and a few guys dressed in black had to kill some LAR Pers, the LAR Pers met up with another group of LAR Pers and killed most of the guys he was with, and he had to run away to save his own life), but then his last line is ...and then we filmed Suburban Knights
    • During the segment with Dadkara and Momkara, after a chat member asks "where's Brokara?":
    Lewis: He's at home, washin' his tights!
    Dadkara: Oh, that's an image I didn't want in my head...
    Lewis: *groans* Now you've got it in my head, I was just making the Batman reference...
    • When Momkara questions a request for a Future!Fat Grandma, Lewis shouts in her voice "I will sass you from beyond the grave!"
    • And his sign-off at the end of the livestream: I'm still not as popular as the BeeGees
  • Nash Tweeting from the set of the movie that Lewis abruptly stopped filming to rant for ten minutes upon hearing Frank Miller would be doing Dark Knight III: The Master Race.
  • In the vlog for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Lewis speculates that the reason the movie cuts to the credits in the middle of Cap's "Avengers Assemble" line is because Chris Evans kept screwing up the line and that was the best take they had.
  • In the vlog for The Force Awakens, using the Superboy Prime voice for Kylo Ren.
    • At the start of the video, Lewis jokingly says that he saw Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, much to Viga's annoyance.
  • Lewis spends quite a bit of the vlog for Deadpool (2016) wearing a Deathstroke mask, as a reference to Wade being a Captain Ersatz for Slade.
  • A PO Unboxing video goes horribly wrong... because Lewis forgot to turn on the microphone.
    • Especially with Viga spending the entirety of the first 45 seconds swearing at Lewis.
    • It got to a point where Lewis & Viga got a Bat Man Comic, of him running about Gotham, asking al those he encounters if the Microphone is on?
    • The running theme of the unboxing was Lewis got Trolled - with three fans sending him Troll #1. When Viga attempts to screw with Lewis by saying the mic wasn't on again, he laughs and says, "YOU CAN'T TROLL ME! I'M ALREADY DEAD!!!"
    • Their ever increasing Sanity Slippage (Especially Lewis) throughout the entire video. You can practically hear "I've Got a Brand New Combine Harvester playing throughout.
  • The vlog of Doctor Strange (2016), after Viga declares she isn't fond of the X-Men, her reaction to guest Jed Blue pointing out that technically Deadpool is part of the X-Men series, including her increasing denial and saying "You leave my baby alone!" and Lewis laughing.
  • In the Vlog for; Captain America: Civil War. Lewis & Viga joke about the Film being about the American Civil War, with Robert Downey Jr. as Abraham Lincoln!?
  • After the release of his review of the Infinity Gauntlet comic, a comment on twitter came up with an alternate title for the story: Thanos: The Hand of Fate. Linkara's response?
    Linkara: You win all of the internets.
  • After some clown got mad at Target for putting up a Pride display when he was only there for shoes (he had taken a picture of a women's clothing section, mind you), Linkara waded into the fires of Roasting on Twitter to spend the better part of an hour screaming back and forth at Daven Tyler Fultz about soup.
    D. Tyler Fultz: ...What do you mean "there's only soup"?
    D. Tyler Fultz: Well then GET OUT OF THE SOUP AISLE!
    D. Tyler Fultz: What do you mean "There's more soup"?
    D. Tyler Fultz: Go into the next aisle!
    Linkara: ...
    D. Tyler Fultz: Where ARE you right now?!
    Linkara: I'M AT SOUP!

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