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    Running Gags 
  • Any interaction between Luke and Dom.
  • YoMarz has a tendency to weird out everyone that he talks to. Even Goofy Gary.
  • Chris Ho as Dr. Vivisen's dramatic inflection whenever referring to "THE VOICE".

    Part 1 
  • Diamanda Hagan laments how she never got invited to the previous anniversary specials.
    Linkara: Well, you were invited this time.
    Diamanda: Yeah, well... (grumbling) ...fuck you and your hat.
  • Welshy introducing Rob the Monkey to Bargain Boy:
    Boy: Huh. You... usually bring a stuffed animal with you when you go overseas?
    Welshy: Yeah, but he usually goes by the name "SadPanda".
  • Shaun Kronenfeld doesn't believe that the events of the anniversary specials actually happened.
    MarzGurl: You realize that wasn't scripted, right? We went into space.
    Nash: MarzGurl went twice.
    Shaun: Oh, come on, How gullible do you take me for? You act like stuff in the anniversaries was REAL or something!
    Nash: (beat, deadpan) I almost died.
  • Some Jerk With a Camera lampshades that his chilling challenge is to find a way out:
    Mike: Is now really the time to be making references?
  • Apparently Some Jerk with a Camera is named after something his father called him.

    Part 2 
  • Bargain Boy tries to stop his companions from breaking down a door out of fear the owner would make them pay for it and put it on HGTV.
    Welshy: I think when the house locks you up and almost kills you, the owners have given up any right to sue you for damages.
  • Everyone's frightened about what happened, except Elisa, who loves the Gothic atmosphere. Then she runs into a small table because she can't see where she's going.
    Dom: Perhaps "Gothic" should just be another word for "didn't pay the electric bill".
  • Even after the earthquake, ERod is still filming and narrating.
  • While looking for a secret passageway in the library, Diamanda recommends looking for an Erotic Fiction section because that's the place a polite guest would be least likely to take a book from.
  • Mike J, Paw, Some Jerk With A Camera, and Lovecraft struggle to lift the shutter. Paw accuses them of not trying hard enough and Mike answers he just did a video entitled "A Week on American Jell-O" while Jerk says he subsists on a diet of Disneyland's churros and Dole whip.
  • We join Chaos D1, Welshy, MarzGurl, Nella, and Bargain Boy's group with Nella in the middle of a tangent about the Colorado-Texas Tomato War.
    Boy: NOW you realize you went off on a tangent?!
  • Bargain Boy's greatest fear is the Burger King.
    • His explanation of why he's afraid of the Burger King note  leads to this gem from Nella:
      Nella: I feel like the context just made it MORE confusing.

    Part 3 
  • While the others worry about Goofy Gary, MarzGurl charges at him, kicks him, and beats him up.
  • Nash freaks the fuck out when one of the ghosts in the study walks right through him. Elisa also gets walked through, but her reaction is less shocked and more indignant.
  • Lovecraft's companions ask him to make his narration a bit more "uplifting."
    Lovecraft: Uh, I suppose I could try. 'The descent into the cursed, dank abyss of this house is a pleasant one. The eternal agony that awaits us is probably not so bad, like watching a trashy reality show that only had one season on repeat. Eventually we'll get used to it.'
  • MarzGurl and Bargain Boy bond over beating Goofy Gary into submission.
    Nella: Truly, lasting friendships are formed over beating Chucky knock-offs to death.
  • Nash, Elisa, Dom, Luke, and Shaun grow bored watching a pair of arguing ghosts on a Time Loop.
    Nash: We get it, you were horribly murdered!
  • Welshy stops Goofy Gary by throwing his plush monkey at it.

    Part 4 

    Part 5 

    Part 6 
  • ERod is insulted because the Voice, the thing about to take over his body and eventually destroy it, calls him merely "Acceptable."
  • Diamanda's reaction to the not-fully-stabilized Voice "glitching".
    Diamanda: Should we download a new patch to fix that?
  • Paw says Linkara's plan is sound.
  • MarzGurl tells Linkara that the former producers don't need a leader. They just need to stand at each others' sides.
    Linkara: I'll drink to that.
    MarzGurl: Not with that bottle! That brandy's going to help put a hole in this damned house!
  • Chaos D1 says he's not impressed with the Voice.
    Voice: Your evaluation is irrelevant.
    Linkara: Well, that's a mean thing to say to a bunch of critics.
  • Nella's exchange with Diamanda during the Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Diamanda: Hey!
    Nella: Could you, like, not murder us all? It just seems like a butthole thing to do.
    Diamanda: Sorry. Got to kill you and the entire world.
    Nella: Okay. Thanks for hearing me out, at least.
  • YoMarz being so good at rhyming that it leaves Goofy Gary stammering wordlessly.
  • While fighting Emma, Maven muses on whether Jerk calling her "Turn of the Screw" was an appropriate reference.
  • The gang defeats the Voice by singing "Time Warp."
  • The first thing Sally says when she is de-zombified is to tell Linkara he's not getting his deposit back.
  • Linkara tries to do a Heroic Sacrifice when a staircase collapses beneath him and he tells the others to run. He forgot that ERod can teleport.
    • Immediately after, they ask why they are trying to run up the stairs if ERod can just teleport up them.
  • YoMarz as he flees the collapsing house. "Oh hey, there's the chandelier."
  • After a Running Gag about how much he hates Dominic, Luke says that Terrence (Dom's Ravenclaw wizard character) is the coolest guy ever.
  • ERod wants to do a crossover review with Jerk for one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Jerk agrees, but only if they film it on the ride, which means getting in line repeatedly. ERod is not thrilled.
  • Nash can't find the kitchen on Linkara's spaceship and threatens to mutiny and take the ship to a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.


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