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"Have you ever wanted to punch someone but couldn't because you were laughing too hard?"
Adam Hills

Some lines are so good even the humorless can't help cracking up. Whether it be the Magnificent Bastard's witty comeback or the Heroic Comedic Sociopath's cutting insult, much to the insultee's chagrin, or the Naïve Newcomer's innocent (or the Deadpan Snarker's not-so-innocent) observation, though by all standards being really low hanging fruit, still makes for a surprisingly sharp and clever quip.

Occasionally, even the target of the insult can admire the sheer comedy value of the joke, in which case it can border on Insult Backfire. May go hand-in-hand with Self-Deprecation jokes. Compare The One Thing I Don't Hate About You, Touché, Not Bad, and Crosses the Line Twice. Contrast Tough Room; Dude, Not Funny!. See also Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales.

In-Universe Examples Only (though Real Life examples are allowed if the target of the joke thought it was funny):

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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Mai-Otome, Haruka is laughing uproariously over Nao getting Natsuki arrested for indecent exposure while trying to hitch a ride to Aries, prompting Yukino to tell her that she's being rude. When Haruka shows Yukino the photo, however, Yukino briefly cracks a smile before quickly clearing her throat, as Natsuki happens to be in the room with them.
  • Starmon's reaction to the Digimon Emperor (who he works for) being called an "Earth reject" in an episode of Digimon Adventure 02.
  • In the fifth episode of Kotoura-san, Manabe gives Kotoura an embarrassing photo of Moritani, a girl that had recently befriended Kotoura after previously tormenting her. Kotoura tells Manabe off because giving that photo is a mean thing to do. Once alone though, she can't help but crack up, and spends the whole of the next day trying not to around Moritani. She uses the photo as a pick-me-up at the episode's end after a failure in a relay race.
  • Kimi ni Todoke has an arc where someone is spreading rumors about Ayane and Chizuru. Most of them were rather unflattering, but there is one rumor that they both found hilarious where it is believed that Sawako is the mastermind of a gang and orders them around.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!: King Dedede starts his own TV channel and all the residents of Capi Town are obsessed with it, including Meta Knight, much to Tiff's horror.
    "King Dedede may be a despicable dictator, but you got to admit he's got some funny schtick."
  • Sailor Moon
    • At the start of Ami's introduction episode, Usagi is laughing her head off at a comic book. Her mother scolds her for the noise but then Usagi shows her the comic - and she bursts out laughing too.
    • Luna gets this a lot as well. Particularly when Artemis is having a bad day, she joins in with a good amount of the teasing too.
    • At the end of the radio episode, Usagi is writing a love letter to Tuxedo Mask - which Naru snatches off her. Miss Haruna comes into the room and - rather than scolding Usagi for doing it during class - chases the two around the room, just as excited to read the latter as Naru. The English dub changes this to Serena lying that it's homework - which Haruna is still excited to see as Serena's notoriously lazy.
  • In Cross Ange, Ange tells Hilda not to die, becase the cell they're locked in will stink if she dies. Hilda laughs at the joke and asks how selfish Ange can be.
  • In Girls und Panzer, Yukari is caught infiltrating a rival school to spy on them right before their match. When she frantically identifies herself as Sgt Third Class Oddball, Kay, the leader of the school, doubles over giggling in response and compliments her again the next day.
  • After an intense battle in One Piece where Kaku has been extolling the virtues of his new giraffe transformation powers, he says that him being fired from the shipwright job of his cover identity is unfortunate, as it's hard for assassins to find other work. Zoro gets a chuckle out him by suggesting the zoo.
  • Snow White with the Red Hair has Izana requiring his brother Zen to go on a date with one of his potential suitors. Zen goes out with Kiki, who is a nobelwoman. Izana concedes that it was clever, and technically his own fault for not taking Kiki's name off of the list.
  • During the Duelist Kingdom arc of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bandit Keith and his thugs have kidnapped Joey and taken him to an underground crypt for a duel. Joey is understandably freaked out, and Bonz (Keith's smallest thug and dueling proxy) does his best to keep Joey scared. When Joey finally gets his wits together, what does he say? "All right, I was afraid, but not 'cause of the graveyard or your ooga-booga rap. It's your creepy face that gave me the willies!" This prompts Keith and the others to start laughing at Bonz (who really does have a creepy face) while he looks like he just lost a lot of his bluster.
  • In Saint Seiya, Saga, Shura and Camus barely survived their battle with Shaka in which they were hit with his sensory deprivation technique four times, leaving them a sense each (with the loss of taste also paralyzing the tongue and preventing the victim from talking). Then they noticed that one of them has only the sight, one has only hearing, and one has only taste, and Saga chuckles.
  • In Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Kobayashi tells Tohru and Kanna (who were using their dragon powers to have a Dragon Ball Z-esque battle) to play more on her level. They respond by hunching over and complaining that their backs hurt, imitating Kobayashi. She calls it mean, but then quietly admits that their impressions are spot-on.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, when Goku starts addressing Zen'O, the Top God of all creation, in a very casual and friendly manner, most other characters start freaking out at how inappropriate and rude he's being. On the other hand, Zen'O's retainer, the Grand Priest finds this all very amusing and is frequently seen trying to suppress a chuckle at Goku's antics. Even he has his limits though, as he tells Goku to cut it back and show a little decorum when Goku attends a gathering among the gods of all universes.
  • High School DXD: In one scene where Issei starts going on and on about how his ideal life would be a peaceful one in which he gets to have sex with Rias every day, another character finally points out that Rias's elder brother Sirzechs (who also happens to be one of the most powerful devils alive) is in the room. Issei freezes in sheer terror, expecting a My Sister Is Off-Limits! reaction, but the camera shows that Sirzechs (out of Issei's sight) is desperately trying not to burst out laughing at the whole scene.

    Comic Books 
  • Fantastic Four: Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and The Thing are fighting a horrifying monster. The following exchange occurs:
    Human Torch: It's horrible! Make it invisible! Make it invisible!
    Invisible Woman: Then how's Bennote  supposed to hit it?
    Human Torch: I was talking about Ben.
    Thing: Why you little...wait, that was a good one.
    Ben: Just know that every day that I don't punch your nose into the back of your skull is a personal victory of self-control for me.
    Victor von Doom: Even if you were to accomplish that task, and I then needed to live the rest of my life in a hospice being fed my nutrients intravenously...know that I would still be your intellectual superior.
    Ben: Okay, let's test that theory, you walking pile of — no, you know what? I'll give you are the king of awesome burns.
  • At the end of The Killing Joke, Batman actually ends up laughing at the joke The Joker tells, despite him having earlier crippled and humiliated Barbara Gordon and then kidnapped and tortured Commissioner Gordon. You can see why when you realise how the joke relates to them and their views of humanity.

    There's some ambiguity as to what actually happens, however. Grant Morrison has claimed that what actually happened just off-screen, when the laughter stopped abruptly, was that Batman finally killed the Joker at that point, which would make it a subversion. The re-coloured deluxe edition shows that there's no blood on the ground like that article claims (though why would it have been a bloody kill?) but in the afterword of this edition, the artist Brian Bollard also makes the point explicit that what happens is ambiguous, and he's not telling.
  • Batman Adventures, vol 2, no 3., involving Harley trying to get a glum Joker to smile again has Robin exclaiming that, "A barracuda down the pants IS kinda funny." Batman is not amused however.
  • A Spider-Man version that may well be inspired by the above Batman example:
    Green Goblin: I wasn't always going to call myself "Green Goblin". At first, I was going to call myself "Mister Coffee". Can you imagine how weird the last few years would have been if I'd done that?
    [both crack up laughing]
    Spidey: Heh-ha-ha! Look out kids, it's Mister Coffee and his latte of doom!
    Goblin: Oh God, stop!
  • In the Bone series, Thorn is understandably shocked at learning about her past and her destiny. She shouts, "My parents are dead, and I'm a princess with magic powers? What does that make me?" Fone rather unhelpfully suggests, "A fairy princess?" Thorn reacts coldly to this remark. Later, Fone tries to apologize, but Thorn says it was actually pretty funny now that she thinks about it.
  • In a brief scene in Watchmen, Dan (Nite Owl II) is telling Laurie (Silk Specter II) the story of a masochist who used to follow the Masks around pretending to be a supervillain in the hopes of getting beaten up. Then he eventually tried it on Rorschach and got thrown down an elevator shaft. Laurie says it's not funny, but both she and Dan are trying and failing to suppress their laughter.
  • Deadpool:
    • Bullseye tries to carry out a contract on Deadpool given to him by Osborn, and they spend the comic trying to kill each other in various ways. Deadpool and Bullseye end up sharing a laugh about it all at the end. Halfway through the fight, Bullseye decides he doesn't actually want to kill Deadpool because he enjoys their fights too much. Seeing as this is Bullseye we're talking about, that's no small feat.
    • This also happened in the Joe Kelly era where Bullseye and Deadpool remembered the time they fought over Heinrich Zemo's grave and beat each other with his corpse. They have a laugh about it later. This trope pretty much sums up Deadpool's and Bullseye's relationship.
  • In the Green Lantern miniseries Guy Gardner: Reborn, Guy, having lost his ring, tries to get powers from the New Guardians (who, for the purposes of this story, are portrayed as New Age Retro Hippies). He eventually annoys them to the point that Gloss hits him so hard he goes flying off their island.
    Tomas: That was not very enlightened, Gloss.
    Tomas: But I have to admit, it was pretty funny.
  • In one A Mad Look At article, a student tells a teacher an apparently offensive joke. The teacher steps out into the hallway, laughs, then returns to the classroom and reprimands the student for the joke.
  • Justice League of America Vol. 2 issue #0 depicts the events after the now famous "One Punch" delivered by Batman to Guy Gardner, showing Batman retelling the story to Superman and Wonder Woman. Superman initially tries to lecture him about punching out a fellow League member, especially one like Guy, but the whole time, he's clearly trying not to laugh. Finally, he gives in and asks Batman, "It felt good, didn't it?"
  • Another one for Batman. The post-Crisis origin for Jason Todd has him as a street punk who steals the tires off the Batmobile. Batman can't help but laugh at the sheer audacity of such an act. Keep in mind that this was the night of his annual patrol of Crime Alley, where his parents were killed, and you realize how funny he really thought it was.
  • In The Wicked + The Divine, Luci almost says this word-for-word when talking about Sakhmet being teased with a laser pointer.
  • The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers: Faced with a room full of very angry Decepticons, Rotorstorm yells out "Wreckers, combine!", to no reaction from his teammates. Seconds later, the normally reserved Overlord starts laughing... and then he blows Rotorstorm's head open.
  • In issue 10 of All-New Wolverine, a pair of burglars break into Wolverine's apartment while she and Gabby are home, and Old Man Logan is there recuperating from his encounter with Fin Fang Foom. The trio find the entire situation hilarious, and are prepared to graciously allow the hapless crooks to leave. Up until they pull guns on them, and Jonathan — Gabby's pet wolverine — gets shot defending her (fortunately he gets better). Then it's all Laura can do to keep Logan from gutting them.
  • In one Usagi Yojimbo story, the Snitch, an recurring informant, is caught doing an elaborate double-cross. His suckers are caught between outrage and amusement.
    Stray Dog: "You've been playing us against each other -"
    Gen: "- and charging us for it! I'd wring your neck if I didn't admire you so much."
  • In W.I.T.C.H., Cedric, the shape-shifter also known as Prince of Lies, was captured and locked in a cell made for him, with him locked in a form that isn't his and surrounded by books that only contain lies. He liked the idea so much that the one time he got a visitor he started telling Blatant Lies to continue the joke.
  • In X-Men Unlimited #33, after a bunch of rednecks insult the Blob and enrage him to the point he declares he's going to level their town, the scrawny guy they were picking on first intervenes by making a bet with the Blob; if he can name something he can do that the Blob can't, then the Blob will leave the place alone. Once the Blob agrees, he reveals his challenge: for the Blob to touch his own toes. Initially, the Blob is furious, only to then burst out laughing and compliment the scrawny guy on his brains and guts. He then buys him a beer and leaves without causing any more of a fuss.
  • Diabolik, master criminal and wanted murderer, once was dealing with a gang of smugglers that could have given him trouble... So he called the police on them. As she was talking with inspector Ginko, the smugglers' boss realized what had happened... And started laughing, before explaining it to a humorless Ginko.

    Comic Strips 
  • One Calvin and Hobbes strip has Calvin combing his hair, putting on his dad's glasses and marching up to his parents saying, "Calvin! Go do something you hate! Being miserable builds character!" Calvin's mom literally falls off her chair laughing, and his Dad, while annoyed, admits that "okay, the voice was a little funny". They currently provide the page image.
  • In Bloom County, Oliver Wendel Jone's father is outside his room, telling him he got a call from the FBI that Oliver had programmed NASA's computers to have the Space Shuttle land in their neighbor's bean field. He breaks up in the Third Panel.
    Dad: Actually, that's a pretty good one son...
    Oliver: [peeking out of his room] Yeah!
  • One comic from The Far Side has a chimpanzee find blonde hairs in her mate's fur and accusing him of "conducting a little more 'research' with that Jane Goodall tramp." The Jane Goodall Foundation went ballistic and there were even fears of a lawsuit, but shortly thereafter it was discovered that Dr. Goodall herself loved the cartoon, and was unaware of the ruckus. She even went on to write an introduction for one of the collections.
  • In-universe example in For Better or for Worse. April once uses Elizabeth's bra as a slingshot and shoots koosh balls at the dog. Elly is too busy laughing to scold April immediately.
    • In another strip, Michael and Lawrence pretend to be superheroes named Burpman and Tootman and they start making rude noises. Elly gives them a brief lecture about how jokes like this are stupid and not funny. Then she goes into the kitchen and starts laughing her head off.
  • Garfield Minus Garfield. When Davis got news of the strip, rather than send out the lawyers like one would expect, he actually thought it was VERY funny. He not only allowed them to continue, but contributed to the edits, and even wrote an introduction for their book.

    Fan Fiction 
  • In chapter 7 of the Digimon fic Children of the Present, when Agumon confesses to having eaten "a lot of different things," Tai remarks that he's told him a hundred times not to try any of his mom's experimental cooking because it "most likely be poison or taste like something that was thrown up by an unhygienic baboon." Kari declares it to be a "complete and disgusting exaggeration"... but after a moment of thought, states that it might actually be true.
  • In this short Fan Comic for Treasure Planet, Delbert's son slips his mom and sisters some catnip during dinner. Delbert eventually admits that it's funny.
  • Most of the tricks the protagonist of Sophistication and Betrayal plays on his marefriend Rarity fall under this. Her usual response to them is to react in a completely deadpan manner, before breaking down and admitting they were actually pretty funny.
  • In Sephiroth Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Sephiroth!Harry is given detention for "accusing the Undersecretary of subverting the Ministry". Given Umbridge's actual agenda, McGonagall barely restrains herself until Sephiroth!Harry leaves the room then bursts into hysterical laughter.
  • In Diaries of a Madman, Celestia is secretly amused when Nav steals her crown, but wastes no time in having some fun herself by tasking Twilight with retrieving it.
  • Kid Icarus Uprising: The Novelization: This is Palutena's reaction to Pit asking Viridi if she wears foliage panties in Chapter 11 (she does). Viridi is less than amused.
  • In The Mouse of Konoha, Tsume suggests that the Nara exist to be a legal alternative to necrophilia. Even Shibi chuckles at the idea.
  • When Raven catches Jinx robbing a jewelry store in Coincidence And Misunderstandings, she laughs at the latter's excuse.
  • Throughout The Very Awkward Ringtone, Tony Stark goes around changing people's ringtones to prank them. While his antics cause headaches most of the time, even Nick Fury admits that it was rather amusing when every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent's ringtone had been switched to the Mission: Impossible theme.
  • In Ten Random Characters, Reflet decides that Zelda is this after she makes an Incredibly Lame Pun.
  • This is a sign that Team 7 is growing closer together in A Teacher's Glory. Naruto first starts seeing Sasuke as a friendly rival when he admits to himself that him (Naruto) getting repeatedly doused with frigid water was pretty funny, so it's understandable that Sasuke stuck around to watch. Naruto resolves to make sure it happens to someone else next time.
  • In Return to Thorney Towers, Fred is initially insulted when Raz describes him as having his head in the clouds. After a beat, he realizes that the comment also doubles as a reference to how tall he is, and says, "That's funny."
  • Friendship Is Empathy: When Rainbow Dash apologizes for calling Twilight "Twilight Snarkle", Twilight doesn't remember her saying that (turns out Dash didn't say it out loud originally), but admits that it's "actually kinda funny".
  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox: During Naruto's closed-doors trial, being held to determine whether he'll go before an official trial with a jury to answer for his actions as one of the Kyuushingai, he almost openly calls Jiraiya a pervert, but manages to stop himself just in time. Yugao, the attorney prosecuting Naruto, has to put one fist over her mouth to stifle her quiet chuckling.
  • Angel in The Long Walk admits that Xander's Tinkerbell joke at him flying was pretty good considering it was off the cuff.
  • In Mirror, Mirror Xander remarks how the vampire wannabe club is an abomination, noting the way everyone is dressed, only for someone dressed just like Angel to walk by. When Xander notes he can't even agree with Angel without insulting him and blames karma, Angel has to cough to cover up his laughter.
  • After a long, introspective talk in Commiseration, Sylvanas thanks Thrall for all he's done for the Forsaken. Thrall decides to lighten the mood by asking if he can call her "Sylvie" now. The question is so ridiculous that both break down laughing after a moment.
  • In the Love Hina fic Contract Labor, Kitsune playfully teases Naru about her first meeting with Keitaro in the hot springs in the first chapter, telling her to leave her glasses on so she can make sure it's actually Kitsune when they go in the springs, "especially if she wants to compare breast sizes again." Naru gets a Luminescent Blush and orders Kitsune out of the room... but nonetheless laughs at that.
  • In This Bites!, a One Piece Self Insert fic:
    • Cross's reaction to the second time Soundbite scares him with his Noise-Noise powers.
    • Miss Valentine's Day openly laughs at Cross's guess that she's Miss April Fool's Day.
    • Cross eventually manages to get Carue to admit this in response to Soundbite's powers letting him speak coherently... in Donald Duck's voice.
    • Carue laughs when Cross answers Vivi's pondering of what Robin's game was by saying, "At a guess, I'd say baccarat."
    • Usopp admits to this after Cross calls him a Tengu... though he promises that he's going to spike his food with hot sauce for the next week as payback.
    • The Whitebeard Pirates share a laugh when Cross says the easiest way to guarantee that Whitebeard came down on someone with an unholy vengeance was... stealing his sake.
    • Vivi admits that Cross telling Usopp to go for a swim in the White Sea (knowing that there is no bottom) was a little funny, though still not nice.
    • Enel says that despite Cross's blasphemy, the scary story prank he played on the crew was hilarious.
    • Jonathan falls off his chair when he hears what happened to Inspector Shepherd.
    • Tashigi gets the giggles when she hears what kind of state the Straw-Hats left G8 in.
    • Buggy refuses to find any aspect of the Straw Hat crew funny... until Soundbite plays the full original Who's on First? routine over the SBS.
  • At one point in Roger, Roger, Anakin is griping about a new regulation passed in the Senate. Obi-wan soon informs him that a Senator had arrived on the planet for an inspection, and Anakin storms off to give said Senator a piece of his mind. Turns out, Obi-wan had deliberately neglected to mention that the Senator in question was Padme.
    Anakin: Oh really funny. ... Okay, maybe that was a little funny.
  • During a Jedi Council meeting in I still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Obi-wan reads over Harry Potter's application to the Bounty Hunter's Guild and several Jedi have to suppress their laughter at his aliases such as "Lord Lemon Drop", "Agodden Bed", and "Foat Gucker". Even hearing that several people called him Harry just makes them think it was a set-up for yet another joke.
  • In the Wonderfalls/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover Wonders Never Cease, Ethan Rayne manages to get himself torn to Ludicrous Gibs by a trickster deity. Xander calls it;
    Xander: So old Ethan got in over his head, then tried to get someone else to pay the bill, but things didn't work out for him. Yeah, that's him all over.
    Dawn: (snicker)
    Jaye: EXCUSE ME! This isn't funny! Some wackjob tried to kill us! And then this unholy monster barged in and... (giggle) Him all over... I just got that.
  • In Fragmentation, Hanse Davion is rather frustrated at the inability of any nation's intelligence agency to get any information on Executive Outcomes. But he finds himself very amused at the fates of the spies his nation and the Lyran Commonwealth sent. The MIIO spy finds himself stranded in a Canopan Pleasure Circus. The LIC spy finds herself trapped on a resort planet famed for its luxurious spas. Both have been given an account to enjoy their fates to the fullest for one month... the time it would take for any transport to get where they are, since EO has bought every seat in and out of said locations for that month. The fate of the Draconis Combine and Capellan Confederations' spies, however, dives straight into Pay Evil unto Evil territory.
  • In Ancient History, Danny actually found it hilarious that Sam ended up smelling like cooked meat and barbecue sauce after a battle with the Lunch Lady.
  • In The Path Of Destiny, this is Spark's reaction when everyone makes fun of him about leading them into a hive and being trapped under a fence.
  • In For Love of Magic, Harry Potter and Adrastia Zabini are trading snark when Adrastia mentions offhand that her mother's from Africa. Harry's response surprises a laugh out of her.
    Harry: Your mother was from Africa?
    Adrastia: Where else do you think I got my lovely black skin?
    Harry: I figured you were born white and then turned black when the color of your heart started leaking through.
  • In Scrap Value, Xander is being interrogated/seduced by Black Widow when he remarks he knows exactly what will happen. His explanation not only earns a snort of laughter from Natasha but she's mortified he managed to make her break character.
    Xander: You pretty much ask your questions, tease me mercilessly, and then once your questions are answered, Hawkeye beeps your comm and you make your excuses and go, leaving me to take a cold shower.
    Black Widow: I think most men prefer to masturbate rather than take a cold shower.
    Xander: I never said I wasn't going to, it's just easier to clean up if I'm in the shower to begin with.
    Black Widow: Then why a cold shower?
    Xander: I like a challenge.
  • In The British Reformation Harry unintentionally insults the director of Gringotts East by asking if he and his entourage have taken the oath of secrecy Harry's project requires.
    Ragnik: That was funny. It's rare that people speak to me in such a tone. Of course that might be because I am usually inside goblin territory and such actions would soon see you bereft of your head, but here that was truly funny.
  • The Fifth House:
    Snape: I had the misfortune of becoming a target of those assholes over there, including your father, for their pranking. Mostly harmless stuff, turning my robes pink, banishing my hair, things like that. I grew up not too dissimilarly from you. My father thought a belt was meant for better things than holding up his pants. So pranks by the 'Marauders' were not very hurtful. I thought some of them were pretty funny actually.
  • Only one of the many, many assassins sent after Naruto and Xanna in The (Questionable) Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Emperor is willing to indulge the former's antics and when Naruto despairs over the idea that a seven foot assassin that's built like a bear is actually a Frenchman named Dominique, said assassin is actually rather amused as he explains that he wasn't always that big.
  • Upon learning he's a wizard in Harry Potter and the Horrible Relatives, Harry asks if he can't just be an alien instead. Vernon laughs so hard he has to leave the room and even Petunia cracks a smile at that.

    Films — Animated 
  • From Wreck-It Ralph:
    King Candy: [pulls a pair of glasses out of nowhere and puts them on] You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you?
    [Ralph takes off Candy's glasses and breaks them over Candy's head]
    King Candy: You hit a guy with glasses. That's... well-played.
  • The bloopers reel of The LEGO Movie has Emmet laughing at something, which annoys Batman. Emmet responds by saying that he laughs at everything, and Batman admits that the laugh was actually good.
    Batman: Man, your laugh is making me...actually, it's a pretty good laugh.
    Emmet: Well then, you're not gonna hear it anymore.
  • In the animated black comedy film Bébé's Kids during a confrontation in the woman's bathroom between Robin and Dorthea, they start cracking Yo Mama jokes and Robin fires off one that makes Dorthea's friend Vivian crack up.
    Dorthea: That's ok, yo mama so dumb she thought a quarterback was a refund!
    Robin: Well ain't that a little.. yo mama so dumb, they told her it was chilly outside she went and got a bowl!
    Vivian: [cracks up]
  • In The Lion King, Zazu and Mufasa are discussing what should be done about Scar; Zazu suggests that he'd make a handsome throw rug. Mufasa chastises him, but he continues that you could take him outside and beat him when he got dirty. Mufasa can't help but laugh.
  • At the end of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, Mr. Krupp, now in a good mood gives George and Harold their comics back and admits that while they're juvenile he did find them funny.
  • 101 Dalmatians:
    • Roger and Anita laugh following the Meet Cute scene when Anita tries to wipe herself dry with a handkerchief, only to find it's sodden, and Roger's handkerchief is as well.
    • Pongo enjoys Roger's song and impression of "Cruella de Ville" after she barges in and asks about Perdita's unborn puppies. Anita tries to put on an invoked Dude, Not Funny! front since she's trying to be civil to Cruella but eventually she breaks down giggling offscreen when Roger waltzes with her to the melody.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Mary snickers when Elliot calls one of his siblings "Penis Breath", and then chastises him for language. That was the actress's genuine reaction.
  • When Paul and Jimmy are being given crap by their rival detectives in Cop Out, our heroic pair gets off a few insults that even the rivals have to give them credit for.
    Paul: I know that Mangold's wife is very unhappy. She says he's all foreskin.
    Mangold: That's actually clever.
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, one of Blackbeard's zombified officers laughs at Jack's "Missionary's Position" quip. Which gives said Missionary the distraction he needs to help Syrena.
  • God (played by Morgan Freeman) remarks as such in Bruce Almighty, recounting Bruce's blasphemous statements from earlier on in the movie.
    God: [quoting Bruce] "The gloves are off, God!" "God has taken my bird and my bush!" "God is a mean kid with a magnifying glass!" "Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter!" Now, I'm not much for blaspheming, but that last one made me laugh.
  • In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country during the trial of Kirk and Bones, Bones is asked a question about his current medical status, to which he cracks a little joke, and is met by utter silence by the Klingon court... Except for one single off-screen Klingon laughing his ass off.
  • In Donnie Darko:
    • Donnie is brought before the principal for telling a teacher "to forcibly insert the lifeline cards into [her] anus" (his teacher's words, not Donnie's), and the teacher's distressed recital of that line causes Donnie's father to start laughing and cover it up with a cough.
    • Also, during a heated argument with his sister, Donnie tells her to "Suck a fuck." She responds "How exactly does one suck a fuck?" After a pause, they both crack up.
      • And the dad starts laughing when the youngest daughter asks, "What's a fuckass?"
  • In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Hermione is talking about how bad Cho must be feeling. Ron comments that she'd explode if she actually felt that many emotions. Hermione snarks "just because you've got the emotional range of a tea spoon", prompting Harry to crack up. Within a few seconds Ron and Hermione burst out laughing too. (This was an actual moment of Corpsing that they decided to leave in; the book has the same joke without anyone laughing.)
  • A variation occurs during the opening scenes of Eurotrip, wherein protagonist Scott's girlfriend leaves him for another man. This man happens to be the lead singer of the band performing at the party Scott attends that night, and the man sings a song entitled "Scotty Doesn't Know", about how he stole another man's girl and the poor sap remains oblivious. Though Scott's humiliated at first, the song starts to take off in popularity (his best friend has it as a ringtone by the end), and even he's admitting that it's a pretty catchy song.
  • In Catch Me If You Can, Frank Abagnale's parents get called in after the school finds out he's been impersonating a substitute teacher for a week. The parents make a show of being angry at him, but the smirk on his dad's face shows that he thinks his son is actually pretty awesome.
  • Near the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, vile Nazi toad Toht and all-American hero Indiana Jones both find humor in the fact that the Ark which so many people have fought and died over appears to be filled with nothing but sand.
  • Jay in Dogma laughs hysterically at Azrael's "Holy Bartender" joke after he's taken a few minutes to get it. He's Late to the Punchline, even though the joke involved Azrael repeatedly shooting the bartender.
  • Love Actually has this in two deleted scenes. Emma Thompson's character is called into a parent-teacher conference because her son drew, for his greatest wish, a picture of a world where people's farts are clearly visible. Emma Thompson excuses herself with her son and seems about to lay into him before she announces that it was "bloody brilliant" and takes him off for ice cream. A later scene shows the teacher with her lover, commenting that it took her half an hour before she realized they weren't coming back to which her lover comments that the idea was actually pretty funny and they both start laughing.
  • In the Steve Martin film Cheaper by the Dozen, Steve Martin is chastising his children for soaking their eldest sister's boyfriend's underwear in meat and then siccing the dog on him.
    "You soaked his underpants in meat... That was wrong. Funny. But wrong.
  • In war movie The Colditz Story, the Gestapo liaison asks for prisoners to work for the German Reich in exchange for privileges. One French soldier volunteers saying he'd rather work for twenty Germans than one Frenchman. When asked his job he replies "undertaker". Even the Kamp Kommandant laughs at this.
  • The mayor's reaction to some of the antics of the sociopathic new mailman (specifically gluing an old woman's cheque to the inside of her mailbox) in The Mailman.
  • Bruce Willis' character in The Last Boy Scout had an exchange with a thug that cracked the latter up.
    Hallenbeck: Ask me how fat [your wife] is.
    Thug: Fuck you, man! (Beat) How fat is she?
    Hallenbeck: She's so fat I had to roll her in flour and look for the wet spot. Motherfucker, if you wanna fuck her you gotta slap her thigh and ride the wave in. Now I'm not saying she's fat, her high school picture was an aerial photograph.
  • Independence Day:
    Connie: [reading a newspaper] Whitmore sounds less like the President and more like the orphan child Oliver asking "Please sir, I'd like some more."
    Whitmore: [sounding mildly impressed] That's clever.
    Connie: Well, I'm not laughing.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, when Gimli and Legolas are standing guard at Helm's Deep, Gimli can't see over the ramparts.
    Gimli: What's happening out there?
    Legolas: Shall I describe it to you, or would you like me to find you a box?
    [Gimli bursts out laughing]
  • A meta version occurs on the DVD commentary of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter when he's talking about the comments of some critics who didn't like the film.
    Seth Graham-Smith: (chuckling) [They] say that 'it's the worst thing to happen to Abraham Lincoln in the theatre'.
  • In Mary Poppins the children read out a list of requirements for their new nanny. One of them is to "never smell of barley water" - George has a very disapproving look when he hears this. But Winifred is trying to restrain herself.
  • In The Princess Diaries Mia is humiliated when her clumsiness causes a spectacle at the state dinner. However the rest of the guests burst out laughing. In a later scene, Clarisse assures Mia she found it funny and relates a similar incident from her first important dinner.
  • In Into the Storm (2009), Sawyers says Josef Stalin is a "much nicer man that he thought he'd be". You'd expect Stalin to order him dead or something, instead Stalin gives a hearty, honest chuckle of amusement.
  • GoldenEye, also known as "the one with the exploding pen". Testing it in Q-Lab blows a dummy to smithereens and leads to this exchange:
    Q: Now, don't say it...
    Bond: ..."The writing's on the wall?"
    Q: (cracking up) Along with the rest of him!note 
  • In WarGames, when David first meets Dr. Falken, Falken tells him "I loved it when you nuked Las Vegas. Suitably Biblical ending to that place, don't you think?"
  • In Quigley Down Under, The Hero Matthew Quigley is a Friendly Sniper who continually refuses any offer of a handgun, declaring that he never had any use for them. In the final confrontation with Marsters, the Big Bad and a Quick Draw artist, Marsters arranges for the two to have a pistol duel, complete with The Dragon and a mook backing up Marsters with their guns already drawn. Quigley promptly draws and shoots all of them before they can react, then explains to a dying Marsters "I said I never had much use for one, I never said I didn't know how to use one." Marsters actually smiles and gives an ironic chuckle with his dying breaths.
  • In Back to the Future Part II, when old Biff overhears his younger self arguing with a mechanic about the damages to his car from hitting the manure truck in the first film, he laughs, saying "The manure truck... I remember that!".
  • In The Sound of Music Maria gets caught taking the children out in a boat on the lake. They fall in just as their father has brought Baroness Schrader home. He is furious but it's clear the Baroness finds the whole situation funny - though she hides it whenever he looks at her.
  • Citizen Kane. Leland writes a scathing review of Susan's opera performance. Despite Susan being Kane's mistress (he's forcing her to perform due to a smear campaign implying she's a prostitute) Kane reads the critique and can't help laughing. He even lets it be published in his newspaper.
  • The end of The Little Rascals short "Two Too Young." Buckwheat and Porky begin laughing at Alfalfa's predicament (some firecrackers went off in his back pocket, leading him to douse his rear end in a bucket of water). Spanky, initially shocked, can't help but join them.
  • Lord of War: When Liberian dictator Andre Baptiste guns down one of his own men in front of Arms Dealer Yuri, the latter instinctively reacts with horrified outrage only to have every gun in the room pointed at him. Yuri covers this up by claiming that the gun Baptiste shot the guy with is now a piece of "used" merchandise, and Yuri won't be able to sell it to anyone else now. Baptiste finds this oddly amusing, and makes Yuri his regular arms contact.
  • In A History of Violence, in the first encounter between meek high school student Jack Stall and a Jerk Ass jock/bully, Jack uses some self deprecating humor in an attempt to defuse the whole thing. The entire room cracks up, including the bully's best friend who almost immediately gives the bully an abashed look as if to say "Oh right, I'm supposed to be intimidating this kid. Sorry."
  • In Dr. Dolittle, Dr. Dolittle tricks his wife, Lisa, into thinking he's bought her a fancy new sports car in order to make a point about her supposedly not caring about money. After admitting that, "no, actually, the van's around the corner," he does a breathless, girlish imitation of her excited "Oh, John, you didn't, you didn't!" Lisa tells him "That's not funny," but her facial expression and barely restrained laughter clearly indicate that she knows he got her good, even if she doesn't want to admit it out loud.
  • In Toy Soldiers the boys play a prank by taking all the furniture out of the Headmaster's office and putting it in the outside quad in exactly the same way it would be set up in the office. The Headmaster and Dean are barely able to keep straight faces taking it in with the Headmaster admitting he'd much rather stay outside all day.
    Headmaster: Don't laugh. Just don't laugh.
    Dean: I'm trying not to.
  • In The Green Mile, Wild Bill chews up a moon pie and spits it in Edgecomb's face. Howell later tells Edgecomb "that moon pie thing was pretty original - gotta give him that."
  • The Pelican Brief begins with a Supreme Court Justice and a reporter (played by Denzel Washington) watching a protest outside. Note that the Justice is dying, and breathing on an oxygen tank.
    Justice Rosenberg: Any of those signs got my name on 'em?
    Gray Grantham: Quite a few.
    Justice Rosenberg: What do they say?
    Gray Grantham: The usual. "Death to Rosenberg." "Retire Rosenberg." "Cut off the oxygen."
    Justice Rosenberg: (laughing) That's my favorite.
  • In Moneyball, Billy Beane and Wash go to visit Scott Hatteberg to tell him they want him to play first base. replacing all-star (and fan favorite) Jason Giambi. Scott can't believe it:
    Scott: You want me to take Giambi's spot at first base?
    Billy: Yep.
    Scott: What about the fans?
    Wash: Yeah, maybe I can teach one of them.
    Billy: The fans don't... (chuckles softly, turns to Wash) Good one.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Thor: The Dark World: Thor and Loki are starting an argument about their dead mother that goes so far that Thor is about to punch Loki but stops himself, saying "Mother wouldn't want us to fight", whereupon Loki replies "Well, she wouldn't exactly be shocked." Thor can't help but chuckle.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy: After a whole movie of chasing Peter determined to get the orb he stole, Yondu can't help but grin when he receives what he thought was the orb holding the Stone, but turns out to just have a Troll doll inside. The movie establishes that Yondu utterly loves quirky little figurines.
    • Doctor Strange: Wong remains stone-faced against all of Doctor Strange's jokes, until the latter's Bond One-Liner after defeating Kaecilius ("You should have stolen the whole book because the warnings... the warnings come after the spells.") causes him to burst out laughing, earning him surprised looks from Strange and Mordo.
    • Thor: Ragnarok:
      • When Loki is sent to meet Odin in Norway, he likely expects nothing but condemnation for putting his adoptive father under a spell and ousting him. Odin only laughs instead and admits that it took him a while to break Loki's magic.
      • Thor can't help but chuckle when Hulk describes himself as a raging fire, and Thor as merely a smoldering one.
      • Thor giggles when Loki refuses his proposal to talk, dryly commenting "Open communication has never been our family's forte."
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service:
    • Eggsy smiles when he learns that he did, in fact, have a parachute.
    • Valentine appreciates Eggsy's Pre-Mortem One-Liner, even if he was expecting it.
  • In Deadpool, the villain quips "You grow back body parts now, Wade? When I'm finished, parts will have to grow back you." Deadpool merely says "good one!" in a semi-sarcastic tone, before turning to the camera and telling the audience that it really was a pretty good one.
  • West Side Story: Jets leader Riff is visibly amused/impressed when rival gang leader Bernardo mouths off to the cop who just broke up a fight between the two groups.
  • Black Hawk Down: Specialist Pilla amuses some of the other Rangers at one point by doing a mocking impersonation of their Captain, Steele. Everybody's laughing until Steele shows up right behind Pilla... then after a short pause, Steele asks, "pretty funny, hooah?", and everybody laughs again. Steele goes on to put Pilla in a headlock anyway, but it's for undermining his authority rather than because he didn't like the joke.

  • This bit from Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex:
    Orion: Oh, I'm crazy, all right. I do have plenty of psychoses. Multiple personality disorder, delusional dementia, OCD. I've got them all, but most of all, I'm crazy about you.
    Foaly: That's not a bad line. He is definitely not Artemis.
  • In Oryx and Crake, Jimmy is shocked when he hears that MaddAddam have been genetically engineering mice that eat electrical insulation, parasitic wasps that spread disease, asphalt-destroying microbes, etc., but when he hears about the neon-coloured herpes, he thinks it's "pretty funny".
  • Harry Potter:
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
      • He doesn't mind Fred and George endlessly mocking him for being the heir of Slytherin - he's actually glad that at least they're obviously not taking the rumours seriously.
    • The twins finally get their mother to crack in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where she's accusing them of doing something wrong. Fred says "suppose the Hogwarts Express crashed tomorrow and we died, how would you feel knowing the last thing we ever heard from you was an unfounded accusation" - the narration says even Molly couldn't help but laugh at it.
    • In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry makes a joke about Madame Pince the librarian being secretly in love with Filch the caretaker. Hermione sarcastically says "ha ha" at first but when they get back to Gryffindor Tower, they've apparently been giggling about the idea for a while.
    • Decades before the series started, Voldemort applied to be made the school's Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher to help prepare for his rise to power. When Dumbledore (predictably) said no, Voldemort put a curse on the position out of spite, and ever since no Defense Against The Dark Arts professor has lasted more than one year. After a few decades, Dumbledore admits he's come to find the series' Running Gag to be darkly amusing.
  • There's some sort of variation in the book Deadline by Chris Crutcher. The main character gets into an argument with the teacher about his school project. His teacher ends up saying "I think now's a good time to take your leave, Mr. Wolf." This causes his brother to stand up and say "Okay, but I don't see what I did." Even someone who hated his brother thought it was funny, but the teacher's opinion was never directly stated.
  • One of the Soup books opens with Rob bringing a note home saying he made a rude remark to the school nurse. She had asked him "Did your bowels move today?" and, in accordance with a lesson earlier that chapter, he answered "Yes, thank you. Did yours?"note  Once he confesses that he and Soup drew straws to see who would ask, his mother gives him only a halfhearted whipping.
  • The Last Hurrah: Meta-example. Mayor James Michael Curley, who was the real-life basis for the main character, crooked machine politician Frank Skeffington, was supposedly asked what his favorite part of the book was. He is said to have replied "The part where I die!"
  • Anne of Green Gables:
    • After Anne has told off Rachel Lynde for calling her a homely, freckled carrot-top. Marilla gives her a talking-to and makes her apologize, but she feels guilty about wanting to laugh (which may be why she fails to object when part of Anne's apology is "What I said about you was true, too - but I shouldn't have said it.").
    • Also notable is the incident where Anne breaks her slate over Gilbert Blythe's head in school. Marilla initially scolds her but it's obvious she found it funny - she decides Anne gets to stay at Green Gables immediately after.
      • One adaptation displays this with this particular scene. When Marilla is taking to Anne about it, she asks if Anne smashed the slate over his head hard - and smirks when Anne says "very hard, I'm afraid".
  • Turns up several times in A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away, mostly to new English teacher Raymond Ash. Best example? He'd set his class a short essay on A Midsummer Night's Dream, and they'd been busy beavering away at it all lesson. When he collects them in at the end of the lesson, every single student hands in a crudely drawn cartoon penis, complete with ejaculate. Ray was desperately trying not to show how hysterical he found that, while thinking it wouldn't be the last time he'd set an assignment and receive a pile of wank.
  • "Clockpunk and the Vitalizer" features villain The Vitalizer letting out a small chuckle upon realizing he's been beat.
  • In Lord of the Flies, Jack does an impersonation of Piggy in the middle of a heated argument with Ralph. Ralph couldn't help but smile, much to his chagrin.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • In Death Masks Harry gets apocalypse-averting information from Quintus Cassius by mercilessly beating him with a baseball bat. After getting the info, Harry gives the broken mess a quarter and directs him to the nearest payphone so he can drag himself there and call an ambulance. Afterwards, Michael remonstrates with Harry over how Cold-Blooded Torture is wrong, even though they were in a textbook "ticking bomb scenario" and the victim was an openly unrepentant mass-murderer even without the Fallen Angel pushing him to commit evil. When it becomes clear that Harry has accepted the condemnation to some extent (he feels bad about having to do it, though he still holds that it was the right decision under the circumstances,) Michael can't help but think how much he enjoyed the look on Cassius' face when he realised Harry was not the sort of Incorruptible Pure Pureness who would let him go, and he laughs even more when it's pointed out that nowadays, a quarter isn't enough to use a payphone.
    • In White Night Harry is engaged in a duel in front of the assembled White Court of vampires. He manages to get a laugh from them when he knocks his opponent into the audience and declares the resulting kerfuffle "Bowling for vampires!"
    • In Small Favor, Harry manages to evade an otherwise-unstoppable Summer Court hitman... by asking him for a donut. In the next book we find that the entire Summer Court has been laughing about the incident for months.
    • In Turn Coat, Morgan recounts when he had to deal with a Skinwalker, an immortal, incredibly powerful shapeshifting bag of evil from the American west. He says he got rid of it by luring it into a nuclear testing site and popping into the Nevernever as the bomb went off. Harry's response is to stare at him a moment before admitting that's actually really cool.
    • Another one from Turn Coat has Rashid, the Gatekeeper, confronting Dresden about the latter's presence at a number of world-shakingly important events in recent years and asking him if he doesn't have some secret master plan going on behind the scenes. In response, Dresden just points at his own head (which is swathed in bandages) and says "Dude." The Gatekeeper, who up til this point has been The Stoic, promptly breaks down laughing.
    • In Cold Days Harry must meet with Queen Titania, Queen of the Summer Court, and who has a deep hatred for Harry because he murdered her daughter with iron to save the world. Even with that baggage hanging over their meeting, she nearly smiles when Harry gives an honest but snarky answer when she asks him what Mab, her sister and Queen of the Winter Court and mortal enemy, believes in. Flashy entrances.
    • Basically Dresden's specialty is getting The Comically Serious, the Physical God, and even the occasional villain to crack a grin. If he fails, it's because Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor.
  • In the Fandom Nod chapter of Jo's Boys (third book in the Little Women trilogy), Jo's Last Scrape, Ted Bhaer's response to the reporter who showed up at Plumfield's door uninvited:
    Reporter: If you could tell me Mrs Bhaer's age and birthplace, date of marriage, and number of children, I should be much obliged.
    Ted Bhaer: She is about sixty, born in Nova Zembla, married just forty years ago today, and has eleven daughters. Anything else, sir?
    • And Ted's sober face was such a funny contrast to his ridiculous reply that the reporter owned himself routed, and retired laughing.
  • In The Missing DoSAC Files, this is revealed to be the reason why Malcolm Tucker gets away with the wider media despite being The Dreaded and The Svengali - the show itself holds to Tough Room, but apparently the UK media considers his amazing verbal fluency and pitch-black sense of humour to be hilarious. One instance of this is a newspaper magazine interview in which the journalist admits he's terrified by the thought of meeting him, and was completely disarmed to discover how funny he is. Another instance of this is a very stupid suggestion from a BBC commissioner for Malcolm to run a chat show in which he can "give celebrities a bollocking".
  • In Chapter 9 of Dream of the Red Chamber, Jia Zheng, Bao Yu's father, questioned Li Gui, a servant, about what Bao Yu had been learning in class, and spoke of punishing him for allowing Bao Yu to neglect his studies. Li Gui nervously reported that Bao Yu was in the middle of learning the third volume of Shi Jing (Odes of Poetry) and quoted a line. But he messed up the second half of the line really badly. Everyone present laughed, even Jia Zheng who couldn't help himself.
  • Discworld:
  • The Hunger Games:
    • In The Hunger Games: Effie after Katniss described the Gamemakers' reaction to her firing at the apple in their roast pig's mouth. While everyone else (Katniss, Haymitch, Peeta, Cinna, and Portia) is laughing outright, Effie is suppressing a smile. After that she agrees that the Gamemakers did deserve that.
    • In Mockingjay: After Katniss kills the last enemy of the war - Coin. Snow, despite knowing he's about to die as well, cracks up laughing.
  • In Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket, Junie B. is hot-and-bothered about an upcoming school field trip to a farm because she's scared of ponies. Reason? An unscrupulous babysitter let her watch a cable television program titled When Ponies Attack. Junie B.'s mother is not amused and wishes she would get over it, but when the father hears the title of the program covers his face, then bursts out in loud hoots of laughter, leading the mother to sarcastically comment that he's being a huge help. He ducks out of the room for what Junie B. calls a "time-out" and when he comes back apologizes to her, saying the show she saw was so ridiculous, he couldn't help it.

    Live Action TV 
  • In Selfie, Eliza is seen laughing loudly at her casual sex partner/co-worker's Freddy jokes (which Henry observes and says can't be that funny), and she then tells Henry guys like it when you laugh at their jokes, implying she doesn't find them that funny. She also purposefully doesn't laugh at a joke Henry makes to prove her point. At the end of the episode, Freddy makes another joke (about coming to the hospital Eliza is in, in case he had to "identify the booty"). Eliza laughs, Henry shoots her a look, and she claims that one was legitimately funny.
  • In Smallville, Bizarro laughed reluctantly when Brainiac compared him to a mollusk.
  • Sherlock: At the end of the first episode Sherlock jokes about a serial killer while John unsuccessfully tries to keep a straight face.
    John: [laughs] Stop. [holding back laughter] We can't giggle—it's a crime scene, stop it.
    Sherlock: You're the one who shot him, don't mind me.
    John: Keep your voice down! [giggles]
  • In early episodes of Home Improvement, Brad and Randy were relentless practical jokers, but more often than not, Tim found their antics to be hilarious rather than reprehensible, much to Jill's chagrin. That's because, Like Father, Like Son, Tim was an infamous prankster. Halloween Episodes may involve this.
  • On Boy Meets World Mr. Feeny is usually stoic, deadpan, serious, and dry in how he carries himself. In the Season 7 episode where the students are pulling pranks on each other, he finds Cory and Shawn's prank of putting a VW Bug in Rachel's dorm room to be hysterical and makes jokes at her expense with them.
  • In Supernatural, Sam and Dean try to kill the Trickster, but actually find his punishments, particularly the alien and the frat boy, rather funny at times. Until he goes after them.
  • Friends:
    • In "The One with Ross' New Girlfriend," Chandler goes to Joey's tailor to get new pants. When the tailor is measuring Chandler's legs, he asks him how long he would like the pants. Chandler replies, "just as long as I have them." The tailor stops for a minute before he gets the joke.
    • In another episode, after Rachel confesses to Ross that she still loves him, he gently tells her that he can't deal with that right now, as he's just gotten married, "Even though I haven't spoken to my wife since the wedding." Rachel bursts out laughing, then quickly apologizes, saying, "I'm sorry, that's not funny."
      Ross: Actually... it kind of is.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In "Phases", Giles is talking about how the phases of the moon exert a great deal of psychological influence, and the full moon "tends to bring out our darkest qualities." Xander quips, "Yet, ironically, also led to the invention of the moon pie." Buffy and Willow are unimpressed as always but Giles almost cracks up.
    • In "Crush", when Buffy discovers that Spike is in love with her and tells Xander, he laughs about it.
      Buffy: I'm not joking.
      Xander: Oh, I hope not. It's funnier if it's true.
    • In the Season 9 comics, Angel insists that rather than leave everyone to die during the Twilight incident, he was actually going to bring everyone over to the new world. Willow remarks that Buffy never mentioned him saying that.
      Angel: You ever try finishing a sentence when Buffy's all worked up?
      Willow: Oh, that is sexist. And funny. And so very, very true.
  • The Daily Show:
    • A clip of George W. Bush, during a trip to Ottawa, thanking all the Canadians who came out to wave at him "with all five fingers". Jon Stewart, a vocal critic of Bush, admitted that it was actually pretty funny.
    • He was forced to admit the same thing when Sarah Palin tried her hand at stand-up on The Tonight Show. In fact, he gave advice that he usually doesn't give to new stand-ups: "If you had a day job, I'd tell you to quit it" (a Stealth Insult on multiple levels).
    • As Jon Stewart's run was coming to an end, Arby's ran ads on the show compiling various jokes Stewart made at their expense, ending with, "Not sure why, but we'll miss you."
  • On The Odd Couple, Felix is perturbed by Oscar's house guest Wild Willie Boggs (played by Roy Clark) who is prone to making crude practical jokes. He finally confronts him about it. Willie says "Felix, you don't like them because you've never tried them", adding, "do you want to play a trick on Oscar?". Felix delivers the "about-face" line, says "No. What?". Willie gives Felix a rubber hot dog to give to Oscar. With insane glee, Felix sets the trap and calls Oscar in for a snack- which of course Oscar just eats as if it were normal, saying, "The bun's a little stale."
  • In Wings, Roy's mother was going to marry a con man, but the con man had a heart attack. He was leading a game of Simon Says when he had the attack. He said, "Call an ambulance." No one moved, because he didn't say "Simon Says". When Roy told everyone about that, he was laughing. Everyone called him cruel for that, but they started laughing too.
  • Occasionally in Married... with Children, Jefferson will laugh at Al's cracks at Marcy when she's not looking. Jefferson pretty much always thinks Al's funny, he just knows better than to let Marcy see him laugh.
  • Scrubs:
    • An early episode had Sean Hayes (best known for playing Jack on Will & Grace) as JD's rival, and he cracked a joke at one point. JD tried to hold his laughter in, but giggled slightly, and admonished himself for it.
    • Another episode has Kelso get mad about someone changing the Sacred Heart sign to "Sacred Fart." He does quietly chuckle and admit to Turk that he does find it a little funny.
    • While initially annoyed by the huge public display of his return to the hospital, Dr. Cox later admitted that he loved JD's Welcome Back Coxer T-shirts.
    • In the second season Carla ribs Dr Cox about hooking up with his ex-wife Jordan multiple times.
      Dr Cox: Will you get off my ex-wife?
      Carla: I will if you will.
      Dr Cox: Dammit, now I'm too proud of ya to be mad.
    • When a patient is brought in by having an unexpected reaction to Viagra (read: his penis won't go down) everyone finds it hilarious but Elliott insists on remaining professional. When she hears the full story - it happened at breakfast with his girlfriend's family and the erection tore her grandmother's breathing apparatus - Elliott collapses in laughter. She then relates a story to the patient about how when she was in high school, she ended up with her ass in full display at a roller skating rink - and then invoked the trope by showing up to school the next day wearing roller skates.
  • When Jenna shocks Liz on 30 Rock with her willfully ridiculous diva antics, one of Jenna's entourage has this to say:
    Patrice: Oh, Melissa? Your face is on the phone. Soccer practice is over and you need to pick it up.
    Liz: All right, that's a pretty good burn, Patrice.
  • Spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in political satire The Thick of It is unremittingly awful in the wittiest way possible: for example, on one occasion Hugh Abbot complains that the massive windows of his new office make him feel like a "whore in a window." At that point, Terri Coverly knocks on the window for Abbot's attention, whereupon Malcolm remarks "How much, love?" And despite living in daily fear of Malcolm's visits, in that moment, Hugh is clearly seen trying not to laugh.
  • A very famous example from The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Chuckles the Clown, the host of a children's show, is killed at a circus parade after being attacked by an elephant while dressed as a peanut (the elephant apparently "tried to shell him"). The entire episode is full of characters making jokes and laughing about the absurd circumstances, while Mary continually reprimands them and insists that it isn't funny. The episode concludes at Chuckles's funeral, where everyone is now being somber and serious as the minister delivers a eulogy—everyone except Mary, who is suddenly struck by the humor of the situation. She desperately tries to keep in her giggles, but fails miserably. The minister notices and tells Mary that Chuckles lived to make people happy, and that her laughter is the best possible tribute to his memory...which prompts Mary to start sobbing.
  • One episode of Frasier has Frasier chastise his family for laughing hysterically at the unusually large noses of two guests, only for himself to crumble after a barrage of unintentional nose-related wordplay.
  • Whenever a leftwing pundit or comedian puts on a satirical sketch of Glenn Beck (from Jon Stewart to Keith Olbermann) Beck will promptly replay it on his show and then follow up by admitting it's funny, if it is. He spent almost a half-hour of his radio show gushing about the parody of him in the South Park episode Dances with Smurfs.
  • Olbermann did the same thing when Stewart skitted him, and absolutely loved the SNL skit where Ben Affleck parodied Olbermann.
  • On the flip side, Jon Stewart conceded during said skit that Olbermann's description of Rush Limbaugh was a good one.
  • Art Bell enjoyed Phil Hendrie's spoofs of his show. Jim Rome, not so much. Hendrie, however, was not appreciative of what he saw as theft of his material by Glenn Beck.
  • Bill O'Reilly is actually a huge fan of Stephen Colbert, whose entire show is a half-hour long parody of O'Reilly's.
  • On The Muppet Show, when Milton Berle reacts to Statler and Waldorf by saying he has a good mind to punch him in the nose. Waldorf says, "Please, not while I'm holding it." When Berle admits, "That's pretty funny," Waldorf says he can use it. Which is funny too because part of Milton Berle's stage persona was he stole all his material (similar to Jack Benny's persona of being a miser).
  • On an episode of The George Lopez Show, George decidedly tells his kids they must tell the truth or be punished. His son Max confesses that he's been shrinking his sister's clothes to make her think she's fat. George yells at him "That's horrible! You bad b-" but doesn't make it to the end of the sentence before laughing out loud.
  • During Australian Idol's 2004 season, an auditionee was singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Ian Dickson gave a glowing review of the performance - by the dog she had brought in as a prop - then turned to her and said, "You on the other hand..." The contestant laughed and took the rejection well.
  • In an episode of Dead Like Me, after Roxy tries to stab Mason for stealing food from her.
    Mason: Did you see that? I mean, just because I wanted some of her hashbrowns.
    Rube: I was there.
    Mason: I've never seen such violence over such small potatoes.
    Rube: Now, that was almost clever.
    Mason: What was almost clever, Rube?
    Rube: The thing about hash browns being small potatoes.
    Mason: I don't get it. Because hash browns are small potatoes.
    Rube: Never mind.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Barney employs elaborate, dishonest, and emotionally-manipulative means to get Marshall to see a video of a dog pooping on a baby. (Marshall is upset but acknowledges the humor.)
    • In a later episode, Marshall and Barney get into an argument over Barney choosing a different architect for their company's building over Ted. When Barney defends the building he chose, he said, "But it breathes fire, Marshall!" the argument is briefly interrupted for the two to have a laugh at the accidental pun, 'Fire Marshall.' The argument then resumes.
    • When Robin gets engaged to Barney, she doesn't want to live in his place and initially is disgusted by his various creations revolving around one night stands. Though she is impressed by the creativity he showed in making them.
  • Big Brother US had Creator's Pet Jessie return in season 12 as a "punishment" from Pandora's Box. It's no secret that everyone hates him, but the circumstances involving his cameo in Season 10 was actually pretty funny. Pandora's Box promised Britney a chance to talk with a former Big Brother player who will give them tips. She took it, and watched the houseguests get a Luau while Jessie gave her tips on weight-lifting.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000:
    • The season 9 episode featuring Werewolf, had Tom, right out of the gate, quip, "I dunno, you had 'em last!" Crow complains that Tom can't say that and that he's gonna tell Mike. When Mike shows up and Crow tattles, Mike actually thinks that it was funny, forcing Crow to backtrack to save face.
    • In the Time Chasers episode's credits, Brain Guy uses his omnipotent powers to pull a parody of Credits Pushback, but stops after Pearl chews him out, which leads to him apologizing for the bad joke. After the scene is restored, Mike and the Bots say that they actually enjoyed the gag and Brain Guy is being way too hard on himself.
  • At the end of the complaint cards scene from NewsRadio, Dave takes out a cards that reads, "Help I'm being held prisoner inside a complaint box" and then says, "Which is actually pretty funny."
  • In an episode of Andromeda, Tyr Anasazi finds himself alone with (and obliged to be polite to) Charlemagne Bolivar, a fellow Nietzchean (played by James Marsters) whose pride has some history with Tyr's, all of it bad.
    Tyr: [coldly courteous] What would you like, Jaguar?
    Charlemagne: The usual: hundreds of grandchildren, utter domination of known space, and the pleasure of hearing that all my enemies have died in terrible, highly improbable accidents that cannot be connected to me. And you?
    Tyr: (laughing, despite himself) ... The usual.
  • That '70s Show:
    • In one episode Eric Forman's paternal grandmother dies immediately after he tells her "You know, it wouldn't kill you to be nice.". Eric spends much of the episode worrying about telling his father Red this, but in the end, when he finally does, Red actually finds it somewhat amusing and, in a rather heartwarming manner for him, tells Eric that "Something like that could only happen to you, son!"
    • Another one during the "Prank Day" episode, after Hyde sits on a whoopee cushion left by Kelso.
      Hyde: A whoopee cushion? What are you, two? [squeezes the cushion and smiles at the sound] Heh, these things are great.
    • Kelso will readily admit when someone gets a good burn in on him.
  • Inverted in the The West Wing episode "Celestial Navigation", where a subplot involves the White House staff getting caught up in a public relations fiasco that starts when an African-American cabinet member implicitly calls a Congressman a racist on the floor of Congress. Specifically, the Congressman challenges her by asking her if she thinks he's a racist, and the cabinet member snidely responds, "Well, if the shoe fits!". When President Bartlet catches wind of the gaffe, his only complaint is that she couldn't think of something more clever to say than "Well, if the shoe fits!".
  • 8 Simple Rules:
    • Kerry does an imitation of her sister. "Hi, I'm Bridget, I can't believe how much my head shakes when I talk". Paul starts chuckling against his will and tries to cover it up saying "you're really mean".
    • Paul gives Bridget advice on preparing for work, saying he picks his clothes out in advance the night before. Kerry snarks "so this is what you look like with a headstart?" and Paul can be seen Corpsing as the scene fades out.
  • During the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson mentioned that he got through a "dark" period in his life by reading The Iliad. He then looked over at roastmaster Seth MacFarlane and told him, "You're not the only one who can get by by taking ideas from Homer." Seth, who got the Multiple Reference Pun, was rolling.
  • In an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Geoffrey unveiled his hidden shame of leaving England because years ago he was caught taking a taxi in order to win a marathon (he thought the information might ruin Philip's political campaign, and yes, that marathon thing has happened in real life, albeit accidentally). After showing them the video, everyone sat in silence for a good ten seconds before bursting into laughter. Geoffrey was not amused. He reversed the laughter just a few seconds later when he stated he didn't have a Green Card. So, having an illegal immigrant under his service would throw a wrench in Uncle Phil's campaign.
  • In an episode of Raising Dad Sarah considers getting a nose job after her father and sister hurl all sorts of big nose-related puns at her. When her father approaches her to talk her out of the surgery...
    Sarah: Oh, here's one you forgot - Sarah-no de Bergeracnote 
    Stuart: (beat) Okay that would have been a good one.
  • Yes, Prime Minister:
    • The episode "The Bishop's Gambit" has an exchange between Humphrey and another bureaucrat that one candidate had been waiting quite a while to be made a bishop. Humphrey cracks, " So 'Long time, no See.'" The guy he was talking to scolds him for the pun, then spends the next minute or so trying not to burst out laughing.
    • Another episode sees Hacker go on a rant about the various types of newspaper readers. Sir Humphrey not only cracks a rare smile but asks about The Sun readers.
    Bernard: Sun readers don't care who runs the country as long as she's got big tits.
  • Dollhouse: In the episode "Belle Chose", Boyd lampshades Topher's Even Evil Has Standards moment by pointing out how strange it is for Topher to have ethical problems with anything:
    Boyd: Topher has ethical problems. Topher!
    Topher: Heh. Way to land it.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch has this as a plot point in an episode. The only way to remove embarrassment is for the subject to be able to laugh at oneself. After Valerie burps in front of a guy she likes, Sabrina casts a spell to help her - by making her slip on a banana peel and then laughing at her own clumsiness.
  • M*A*S*H:
    • When Charles suggests a humility transplant for Hawkeye, Hawkeye fires back, "Unfortunately, you'll never be a donor." Charles laughed at that one.
    • Discussed in the series finale as Col. Potter is saying goodbye to Hawkeye and B.J.
    Col. Potter: Never forget the time you dropped Winchester's drawers in the O.R. 'Course I had to pretend I was mad at ya, but inside (chokes up) I was laughing to beat all hell.
    • Similarly, when Margret and Hawkeye are lost behind enemy lines she confesses that many times in OR she would be grinning from ear to ear behind her mask when he got a good one off on Frank. Publicly she always chastised and more than once wanted him court-martialed for his behavior towards Frank.
  • Doctor Who:
    • This is a running theme with Sarah Jane as a companion (in the 1970s, anyway) - especially in contrast to her predecessor Jo and co-companions Harry and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, none of whom react to the Doctor clowning around. Most of her early stories end with her pretending to be annoyed, but being unable to resist giggling (like "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" and "Monster of Peladon"). Particularly useful, since a lot of the way the Third Doctor treats her could have come off as sexist Jerkass behaviour if her reactions hadn't made it clear it was a joke between them, rather than at her.
    • In "The Witch's Familiar", the Doctor has to laugh at Davros' response when he reveals that until just then he had believed Davros was faking it and wasn't really dying:
    Davros: Then we have established one thing only.
    The Doctor: What?
    Davros: You...are not...a
  • Game of Thrones:
    • In "Breaker of Chains", Daenerys' large army is outside the slaver city of Meereen, whose slaves she intends to liberate once she takes the city. The Meereeneese decide to send their champion out to taunt them then engage in Combat by Champion. During said champion's tirade of crude insults to entertain the crowd that has gathered, Daenerys suppresses a smirk at the end, as if to say "Okay, THAT one was pretty good."
    • A darker version appears when Arya learns of her Aunt Lysa's death. She's found nothing but dead ends at every single turn and she can't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all at that point.
    • Tyrion is asked at sword-point how he'd like to die. He answers honestly. "In my own bed, at the age of eighty, with a belly full of wine and a girl's mouth around my cock." Everyone has a good chuckle out of that.
    • Oberyn asks Bronn how he went from being a hired killer to a knight. "Killed the right people I suppose." Oberyn laughs.
    • Even stoic Ned can't help but smile when Robert sends his squire in search of a "breastplate stretcher."
    • Jon can't help but smile at the boldness of ten-year-old Lyanna Mormont's declaration that "Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark."
    • Even kindly old Maester Aemon chuckles at Sam's verbal humiliation of Janos Slynt.
    • The sight of a dwarf slave beating his captor is apparently this to the other slavers in "The Gift", since they just laugh rather than restraining him or punishing him for rebelliousness.
    • When Sansa tells Tyrion that she will pray for him at the Battle of the Blackwater just as she prays for the king, he's not even mad, he just smiles.
  • The Honeymooners: In "Young at Heart", Ralph takes Alice and the Nortons to a roller skating rink as a way to maintain their youth. However, Ralph slips on his skates and falls down hard on the floor and can't get back up again. The others try and help him up, only to all fall down as well. Ralph feels embarrassed about it and chastises them about it when they get home. But then everyone except Ralph starts laughing about it. Ralph can't understand the humor in it, but then starts howling with laughter himself. He laughs so hard, in fact, that he starts coughing and gasping for breath.
    Ralph: Boy, I went down, didn't I? Bang!
    Ed Norton: What a vibration!
    Ralph: That time you gave a tug on me and left your arms there!
  • During a 2010 episode of The Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty and guest co-host Aron Ra got a call from "Rick" from Austin, Texas. When it turned out to be an over-the-phone Rick Roll, they hung up immediately, but Aron Ra had a good chuckle about it and Dillahunty admitted "I love the fact that his name was Rick."
  • Happens twice on Roseanne. In Season 2, Becky farts in front of the student council and is mortified. After Darlene tells Dan and Roseanne, they're trying to sort out how to talk to Becky about it. Dan cracks up, hard, and Roseanne is also trying hard not to laugh, while berating Dan. The second incident happens in Season 5's "Crime and Punishment." Dan has been called to DJ's school to discuss some "obscene reading material" DJ brought. It's a comic Darlene wrote. When Dan shows Roseanne, he's appalled. Roseanne laughs unexpectedly and says "That was a funny part."
  • Everybody Loves Raymond:
    • This is a key plot point in the episode "The Skit" where Marie ropes Ray and Debra into providing entertainment for her friends Lee and Stan's forty-fifth anniversary party. The couple hits on the idea of demonstrating how happy Lee and Stan's marriage is by demonstrating a frustrating one—namely, Frank and Marie's. They do unflattering (but not cruel) imitations of the older Barones at the party; Marie and Frank, who are sitting in the front row, are not only extremely good sports about it, but laugh uproariously at the jokes.
    • In "Frank's Tribute," Ray and Robert are tasked with making a video tribute to their father after he wins "Man of the Year" at his lodge; the video goes horribly because all of the lodge brothers dislike Frank. Later, when Marie and Frank are home and he's had a chance to cool down, he asks her what she would say in her own tribute. She gives a touching answer about their long marriage, capping it with "And whatever I did to deserve him, I'll live with." Frank laughs at the quip and acknowledges that he likes that Marie added some humor.
  • The Wire does this a lot.
    • Season 1 features a huge conflict between the commander of the Homicide Unit, Bill Rawls (who believes in doing anything to makes his unit look good statistically speaking, even if it comes at the expense of actual criminal investigations) and Jimmy McNulty, whose personal motto is "fuck the brass". After all the headaches McNulty causes him, Rawls responds by transferring McNulty to what McNulty himself said would be the worst possible police duty for him: riding a boat in the harbor unit. In season 2 though, McNulty strikes back when he proves that a floating body found in the harbor, (and a totally unsolvable murder) falls under the territorial jurisdiction of the Homicide Unit rather than the Coast Guard or the County Police, a process that Jimmy admits took hours of calculating the tides to see where the body would have first hit the water. When Rawls gets the news he's enraged but also slightly amused despite himself.
      Rawls: Fucking Jimmy. Fucking with us just for the fun of it. I gotta give the son of a bitch some credit for wit on this one. [chuckles] Cocksucker.
    • Rawls is also amused at the news that McNulty has called the First Deputy of the FBI "an empty suit" to the Deputy's face during a bit of Jurisdiction Friction between the special unit of the Baltimore PD McNulty was working with at the time and the FBI.
    • During the third season, the Major Crimes Unit comes up with a plan to try to bring down Proposition Joe by busting one of Joe's lieutenants in the hopes that the lieutenant's incompetent underling (who happens to be Prop Joe's nephew) will be promoted to take over the position, and thus will speak too much on the wiretap the unit has going on this syndicate. When Cedric presents the plan to Commissioner Burrell, Burrell asks why Daniels thinks the wrong man will be promoted. Daniels quips "Well, we do it all the time." After a brief pause, Burrell laughs rather heartily at the joke.
    • Jimmy McNulty frequently chuckles or smirks at the various What the Hell, Hero? speeches he gets when the other person makes a particularly good point, most notably when Lester Freamon gives him a speech that amounts to saying "you need to get a life".
    • In the second season, Bunk and Lester have a frustrating time trying to interview the crew of an international freighter, all of whom are claiming to not speak any English. Eventually the two snap and start trying to get one of the crew to react while they say things like "Yabba dabba doo". Bunk can be seen cracking up when Lester tries resorting to shouting "English, motherfucker!" in one guy's face, although that may in fact be Wendell Pierce just Corpsing.
  • In this clip from an episode of Paula's Best Dishes, a Paula Deen cooking show, Deen tells the audience that comedian Melanie Hutsell has something to show them...prompting Hutsell to pop out from behind the counter to do an impersonation of Deen. As Hutsell parodies all of Deen's catchphrases ("Hey y'all!"), manner of speaking, and love of cooking with butter, Deen herself stands in the background and laughs hysterically, proving herself a good sport about the impression.
  • During his tenure on The Late Show, David Letterman loved to make jokes about New Jersey governor Chris Christie, especially regarding his large size. When Christie appeared on the show in 2013, the governor admitted that he actually liked "about forty percent" of the barbs, reading a few favorites out loud and saying "if the joke is funny, I laugh." Christie even managed to turn the tables on Letterman: when Dave started asking about Christie's opinions on the jokes, the governor reached into his pocket and pulled out a doughnut to eat, commenting, "I didn't know this was gonna be this long." Letterman laughed hysterically.
  • Ash vs. Evil Dead: In "Brujo," the eponymous shaman dislikes Ash and doesn't mind showing it, but nonetheless chuckles to Ash's quip that those who underestimate him "end up either in [his] bed or dead."
  • Smile, You're Under Arrest! was a short-lived reality series in which wanted fugitives were lured for arrest with the fake promise of stuff like a spa treatment or appearing as an extra in a movie. The twist was that they were actually arrested during these events. Of the over 400 fugitives that were captured as part of the sting, it was reported that not a single one refused to sign the waiver for a possible television appearance, and something along the lines of "You get me good" was the reaction of many of the fugitives.
  • On the show Once and Again, Karen with her ex, Rick, and their kids, Eli and Jessie, at a restaurant, and they are all highly amused when they find out she has a new friend named Lloyd Lloyd. Karen tries to get them to shush (especially since Lloyd is at the same restaurant), but even she gives up and starts laughing.
    Karen: (desperately trying to hold it together) The name so nice, they used it twice! (dissolves into laughter)
  • Veronica Mars: Although they hate each other, Weevil can't help but laugh when Logan makes a joke at the expense of their English teacher. Truer to form, he blames Logan when he gets in trouble for it.
  • NCIS:
    • The episode "Smoked" begins with a group of laborers working on upgrading a building. The foreman tells them to step up the pace, saying he "could lift 400 pounds back in the day." One of the workers cracks that the 400 pounds must have been the foreman's girlfriend. The foreman rolls with it, saying, "But she was a helluva woman!" and laughs along with the workers.
    • One of Gibbs' copious Right Behind Me moments has him pulling this on a random character who has just asked Bishop what it's like to work for such a hardass. Gibbs' apparently takes this as a compliment, because he grins rather than giving the guy a Dope Slap or Death Glare.
    • In one of the first episodes, Gibbs makes a rather suggestive comment to Kate that has her laughing rather than slapping him.
  • The Kicks episode "The Best Defense Is A Good Offense" features an Escalating War of pranks between The Kicks and their Opposing Sports Team, culminating in The Kicks getting caught trying to steal a prized soccer jersey. When their coach chastises them about the pranks getting out of control, he admits that he was impressed by the one where they filled the rival's front lawn with flamingo statues.
  • Saved by the Bell has Lisa terrified at what her father will do when he finds out she charged too much money on his credit card. When she confesses - and says that she got a job as a waitress to pay the money back - he finds it hysterical.
    "My daughter? Waiting on tables?"
  • Coronation Street has a moment where Sarah Platt's wedding planning is turning into a disaster. It reaches boiling point when her manipulative brother invites her ex Todd (who is the brother of the groom, and discovered he was gay while with Sarah).
    Sarah: Wedding number one didn't happen because the groom did a runner with another man! Wedding number two didn't happen because the groom did a runner out the window! And wedding number three has had so many problems, who knows if it'll even get a chance!
    Todd: Well when you put it like that...
    He starts chuckling.
    Sarah: Todd! It's not funny!
    Todd keeps laughing. Sarah cracks too.
  • Barbarians Rising: The German-born Arminius and General Varus get off on a poor foot due to Varus' bigotry towards him, but then they have this exchange when Varus describes the Germans selling each other into slavery to Rome "for trinkets."
    Arminius: Is that what I am, is it? A trinket of Rome?
    Varus: What else are you? You climb to the highest rank of any barbarian in the Roman army, and yet the Emperor sends you back here?
    Arminius: Who am I to question the Emperor's wisdom? After all, you crucified 2,000 Jewish rebels in the Syrian uprising, and the Emperor saw it fit to send you here. Sir.
    Varus: (glances at him and starts chuckling) Careful, Arminius, I'm beginning to like you.
  • Rescue 911:
    • In one episode, a dog gets his head stuck in a dryer vent. The kids who are taking care of the dog are actually quite amused but call 911 regardless.
    • Same thing with the tangled dog who accidentally dialed 911 in "911-Dialing Dog." The responding officers aren't angry and all have a good laugh, though most of their laughter comes from relief that the situation is far more benign then they originally thought.
    • The couple in "Chimney Trapped Crook" are initially pretty frightened by the burglar stuck in their chimney, but once they calm down and see the police officers and firemen laughing about it, they very quickly find the humor in the situation.
  • As compiled here, while hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Drew Carey had two expressions when the performers were giving him grief: either a glare that implied he was plotting some kind of revenge, or laughing along with the audience.
    Drew: Aw, man. Oh well. "What Drew whispers in his date's ear."
    Chip Esten: What's your name again?
    Drew: (laughs)
    Ryan Stiles: Keep the change.
    Drew: (almost dies laughing)
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live! features a recurring segment titled "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The tweets in question can occasionally lead to this reaction, such as the members of Mumford & Sons laughing at this:
    "I love how music takes you away to another place. Like Mumford & Sons is playing at this restaurant, so now I'm going to another restaurant."
  • The Orville: Gordon tries to teach The Comically Serious Isaac about humor and practical jokes, and, after playing a joke on Isaac (gluing Mr Potatohead parts to his head while he's recharging) asks him to reciprocate with one of his own, specifying that it has to be original and done when he least expects it. Isaac then amputates Gordon's right leg while he's sleeping, and Gordon is predictably upset. However, later on he admits that it was a pretty damn good joke. (It helps that they have the technology to regrow limbs.)
  • Nuremberg: While being questioned on the stand, Herman Goering is asked who came up with the idea to make Hitler both head of government and head of state. Goering claims that the Nazis modelled it after the similar dual roles of the U.S. President. The American prosecutors are visibly annoyed by this, but the chief British prosecutor can't resist a chuckle at his allies' expense.

  • Greek Mythology: Zeus was amused by Hermes' pranks and antics, but because they interfered with the duties of the other Gods he couldn't allow them to continue. Zeus made Hermes the messenger of the Gods to keep him out of trouble.

  • "It's Not Funny" from Run–D.M.C.'s album King of Rock lists a lot of situations that aren't hilarious to the person whom they should happen too, but some of them are pretty amusing to the listener. Others are downright ridiculous.
  • "Shia LaBeouf" by Rob Cantor is about evading, and ultimately defeating, "actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf".note  A live video featuring special guest musicians and extended lyrics ends with LaBeouf himself, alone in the empty theater, delivering a Citizen Kane clap in appreciation before looking around uncomfortably and sitting back down.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic deliberately aims for this trope in his many, many parodies; he makes it a point to ask each artist he's mocking for permission to use their songs, even though it's not necessary (U.S. law protects parodies from copyright issues), as a sign that his work is all in good fun. Most musicians respond positively; Michael Jackson in particular was a huge fan of Yankovic, and loved his material so much that he even gave the comedian permission to recreate the music video for "Bad"—right down to letting Yankovic use the same set—for the parody "Fat." "Smells Like Nirvana" is another good example because the parody is actually about Nirvana, about how you can't understand what they're singing and the song will bug your parents. "Perform This Way," a parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," is another example.
  • Alanis Morissette released this parody of Fergie's "My Humps" in 2007, poking fun at the overly sexual nature of the song. The Other Wiki reports that Fergie absolutely loved the alt rocker's version, and sent Morissette a posterior-shaped cake to show her appreciation.
  • The Who's song "My Wife" is about a husband who's spent the weekend in prison, and is now going to cartoonish lengths to escape his angry wife. When John Entwistle (who wrote the song)'s wife heard it, she thought it was hilarious.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Mick Foley finally gets The Rock back for all the years of "It doesn't matter!" During a promo in 2000, Foley tells Rock he's in the upper echelon of WWE Champions, and asks how it makes him feel. Rock barely gets a word out before Foley bellows "IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL!" Foley promptly runs around the ring celebrating, and Rock can't help but chuckle at that one.
  • John "Bradshaw" Layfield, around WrestleMania 29, was defending Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger's views to anyone who would listen, but then Jerry Lawler commented on Colter: "Somebody needs to tell him Yosemite Sam wants his mustache back!" prompting JBL to say, "I gotta admit, that was pretty funny, King."
  • Total Divas:
    • Nattie gets drunk and leaves several voicemails for Stephanie McMahon. When she goes to meet Stephanie, she replays the messages in front of Nattie. When it comes to "I'm not wearing any underwear and I'm ready to ride" Stephanie clearly finds them funny.
    • In the season 2 premiere Nattie and Ariane get into a drunken argument outside a club. A cop comes up to them and tells them they'll be arrested if they get too rowdy. After he leaves, the two go inside and burst out laughing.

  • In Nebulous, Professor Nebulous reveals that at school, his nickname was "Nobulous", which causes his assistant Rory to laugh and then say "Ahem... kids can be so cruel".

  • A slightly different version: In a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie, after Millie reads back Mrs. Meers's monologue and proving she has enough evidence to send Meersie to prison, Mrs. Meers looks at the audience and says "You can clap, that was good."
  • In 1776, Ben Franklin compares being called an Englishman to "calling an ox a bull—he's grateful for the honor, but he'd rather have back what's rightfully his." Dickinson comes back with "When did you first notice they were missing, sir?" to which Franklin laughs the loudest.note 
  • In The Complete History Of America Abridged, one of the actors explains in brief why the fifty years between The American Civil War and World War I just wasn't a very funny time:
    Reed: Here it is. There was labor unrest...
    All: Not funny.
    Reed: There was land-grabbing on an unprecedented scale...
    All: Not funny.
    Reed: There were seven-year olds working themselves to death in workshops...
    All: ...well, that's pretty funny, actually...
  • West Side Story: When Detective Schrank finishes giving the Jets and Sharks an earful over their latest fight and Bernardo asks him if he could translate his tirade into Spanish, even Riff cracks up.

    Video Games 
  • From Skies of Arcadia:
    Vigoro: I believe the worth of a man can be measured by his popularity with women.
    Gilder: Hm, I kind of like that. I should remember that for later.
  • In the Sam & Max: Freelance Police game Abe Lincoln Must Die!, Sam is being put down by Chuckles, the President's body guard:
    Sam: What do you do around here?
    Chuckles: I give out free T-shirts to the visitor who asks the dumbest question of the day. Please accept my apologies, but we're all out of husky boys' sizes.
    Max: Oooo! Double-burn!
    Sam: I thought you were on my side, Max.
    Max: I just call 'em like I see 'em, Sam.
  • From Dragon Age: Origins, when Morrigan happens to ask Alistair about his training:
    Morrigan: So I take it you did not enjoy your templar training?
    Alistair: That's directed at me, I take it?
    Morrigan: Do you see any others about who have failed at their religious instruction?
    Alistair: I didn't fail- I was recruited into the Grey Wardens.
    Morrigan: And if you had not been recruited? What would have happened, instead?
    Alistair: [completely deadpan] I would have turned into a drooling lunatic, slaughtered the grand cleric and run through the streets of Denerim in my small clothes, I guess.
    Morrigan: [amused] Your self-awareness does you credit.
    Alistair: I thought you'd like that.
  • In Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, most of Sigrun and Oghren's conversations involve her being repulsed by his attempts at "flirting". When she learns he half-convinced Velanna (an elf) that dwarves hatch from rocks, however...
    Oghren: Velanna takes herself too seriously. And besides, it was funny!
    Sigrun: All right, it was funny. You should have seen her afterwards; she was huffing like a constipated bronco.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
    • A female Inquisitor who's dating Sera will at one point get a quest where they go around asking other party members what kind of gift Sera might like, as she places no value in material possessions. Vivienne, who despises Sera and sees her as crass and uncultured, sarcastically suggests the Inquisitor shave an inappropriate word into her pubic hair. If you actually do it, Sera finds it absolutely hilarious and is even more amused when she learns it was Vivienne's idea.
    • If the Inquisitor romances the Iron Bull, there will be a scene where Cullen, Josephine, and Cassandra walk in on Bull naked in that order. Cullen is naturally mortified, but snickers when Bull makes a joke about the Inquisitor being the one "taking it" in response to Cassandra's fumbling.
    • When Varric tries to needle the Iron Bull for getting winded in a fight, he has to laugh and concede to Iron Bull's retort:
      "Hey, some of us have to swing a giant hunk of metal instead of pulling our girlfriend's trigger from the back ranks."
    • The credits sequence of the Trespasser DLC includes a voiceover of Cassandra reading excerpts of the book Varric wrote about the game's events, providing commentary, and doing bad impressions of the other characters. Near the end, she gets quite upset at not seeing herself anywhere, until she notices a passage of her begging Varric for forgiveness for her behavior in the previous game's framing device. Cassandra is delighted to see herself in the book and declares that she is "going to read the shit out of this!"
  • From Psychonauts, upon defeating the boss character Kochamara, you're treated to a cutscene with this exchange of dialogue:
    Kochamara: I have the brain of a little girl back in my lab that'll power a whole army of psychic death tanks!
    Raz: (starts laughing uncontrollably)
    Kochamara: What?
    Raz: You have the brain of a little girl?
    Kochamara: I said, "in my lab!"
    Raz: I think you've got the muscles of a little girl too!
    Kochamara: (groan) ...Good one.
  • Knights of the Old Republic:
    • One of the ways you can defuse a confrontation with some young Sith is to tell them a Mandalorian joke. If Zaalbar is in your party, The Big Guy will actually get a good laugh out of it.
    • In the same confrontation, Jolee Bindo manages to get a chuckle out of the otherwise stoic Canderous Ordo.
      Lashowe: Do you know how many Sith there are here in Dreshdae?
      Jolee: Twelve! No, wait, Thirteen!
      Canderous: Nice one, old man.
      Jolee: Thank you, it takes effort to be properly irreverent at my age.
  • Occurs in Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, except that it wasn't really funny, or even a joke. Damsel in Distress Jessie just can't help laughing when her captor calls her boyfriend Guy an idiot.
  • In Strong Badia the Free, when Strong Bad asks about the incomplete effigy the protesters have set up:
    Strong Bad: Why'd you bring that ugly, misshapen stick?
    Homestar: She organized the protest rally!
    Strong Bad: Not Marzipan! {softly} Though that's a pretty good one, gotta remember that.
  • A rather tragic example in Batman: Arkham City. The Joker is dying, having accidentally knocked the only cure for the after-effects of Titan serum out of Batman's hands. As he lies on the floor wasting away, Batman tells him:
    Batman: Do you want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you.
    Joker: (laughing) That actually is... pretty funny!
  • Every now and then, a Griefer in a video game does something that even the moderators admit is this trope, but have to ban them anyways. Second Life is a good example.
  • The Last of Us: Joel finds most of Ellie's jokes groan-worthy, but one does get him to laugh and admit he's never heard it before:
    Ellie: I used to be addicted to soap, but I'm clean now.
    • Also this banter between Bill and Ellie:
      Bill: (To Joel) What are ya deliverin', the little brat?
      Ellie: Ha ha. Fuck you too!
      Bill: (Suddenly cracks up)
  • In Devil May Cry 3, Dante and Arkham's meeting in the bowels of hell has Dante remark that Arkham needs some hobbies over messing with the Sparda family's issues. Arkham starts laughing at this with Dante joining him shortly after, but both for different reasons: Dante at his own joke and Arkham over how much power that meddling has given him (and how he plans on making Dante eat those words in a second).
  • In Life Is Strange, Victoria tells protagonist Max, whose signature photograph is an instant selfie, to "fuck yourselfie". Max is annoyed, but comments that the joke is funny in her journal, as will tell Victoria as much if you decide to make peace with her.
  • Undertale:
    • Early in Snowdin, the brothers Papyrus and Sans (both of whom are skeletons) have an exchange where Sans keeps blowing off Papyrus and making smart ass remarks, which causes Papyrus to smile, despite his best efforts.
    Sans: hey, take it easy. i've gotten a ton of work done today. a skele-ton. [zoom in on Sans winking at the camera complete with rimshot]
    Papyrus: SANS!!!
    Sans: come on. you're smiling.
    Papyrus: I AM AND I HATE IT!
    • Later, in Hotlands, during Mettaton's quiz show, he decides to troll Alphys by asking you who she has a crush on. If you guess yourself, he tells you that you're totally wrong, but he respects the sheer audacity of saying it and laughs at the reason why you could come to the conclusion (Alphys watching your every move on cameras), and gives you the point anyway.
    • If you're enough of a sucker to try to spare Sans at the end of a No Mercy run, you immediately get killed by him, leading to a unique ending screen where he tells you to "geeeeeeeeeeet dunked on!". Given that this forces you to restart the unbelievably difficult fight, this would normally be a Rage Quit moment, but the game plays its "humour" tune, "Dogsong", at this ending screen, which instead makes it absolutely hilarious. You do still have the redo the fight, though.
    • If you talk to Gerson (the turtle shopkeeper in Waterfall) when you first see him, he'll call Asgore "King Fluffybuns", but won't remember why if you ask him. Talking to him in the Playable Epilogue of a True Pacifist run will reveal it to have been an example of this trope: Asgore and Toriel were giving an address to the citizens, and when Toriel went to hand the mic to Asgore, she told him "Your turn, Fluffybuns", which was picked up by the microphone. As the audience laughed, Asgore took the mic and sternly raised his hands to silence everyone, before beginning his segment with "I, King Fluffybuns..."
  • While most of the attempts at humor in Injustice 2 are shot down or repartee'd, this one actually sticks the landing:
    Superman: This won't be a fair fight.
    Superman: That was actually kinda funny.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda: Drack often responds to people's quips about him or the krogan in this way. For example, after criticizing the team for being proud of "not dying" on a mission, Cora asks what right a krogan whose ancestors nuked their own homeworld into a radioactive rock has to say that. Drack laughs and replies "Fair point."
    Drack: The rest of the crew doesn't seem to know a lot about you, Peebee.
    Peebee: Way I like it.
    Drack: Then why are you telling me all this stuff?
    Peebee: Eh, you're almost dead anyway.
    Drack: [laughs uproariously]
  • Home Run Solitaire features a sports announcer duo, one of whom spends the entire game making bad puns and tortured analogies. The other one asks for a score prediction when the home team is up against the Nevada Aliens.
    Frank: I'm going to call it 5-1 for the Strikers. Somewhere in that area.
    Sam: Hah. Area 5-1. That's actually a pretty good one.
  • In the skirmish battles with Tyran in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, Lofty is annoyed with the excuses Tyran keeps making for why he keeps running off. After a particularly cheeky one, however, he admits he's starting to become entertained by them.
  • Of all the gods in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, it's surprising that Rymrgand, god of entropy and destruction is prone to this. You can go to their realm and mock them to their face, and they'll respond with only languid amusement. But only because you're the Herald of Berath. They're quite open about the fact that you'd be Deader Than Dead for simply entering their realm were you any other mortal. And there's still a few things you can say that will get you killed.
  • One mission in The Secret World features the player sending an agent to gatecrash a party arranged by the Kingdom in order to learn what debaucheries the undead crime lords get up to in their spare time. Among other things, it requires your agent of choice to be carefully disguised with prosthetic makeup in order to look like a mummy, and have enough charisma to outfox the millennia-old party guests. Should you succeed, the Kingdom are genuinely amused by the trick and actually offer your agent additional work for keeping them entertained.

    Visual Novels 
  • In case 5 of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, Phoenix has to present Larry's sketch; either you point out "A major contradiction" (the right answer), "Absolutely nothing" (the wrong answer), or explain "Exactly what happened." Phoenix explains "Exactly what happened" as "Of course the victim was flying through the air! You can see it right in the sketch! Woooooooosh!" accompanied with fitting sound effects. Godot is so amused/baffled by Phoenix's explanation that he waives the penalty.
  • In Akatsuki no Goei's fandisk during Aya's epilogue, she convinces Kaito to play an online game. Not really interested, he names his character Nikaido Reika after Aya's sister, offending both Aya and Reika's new guard Tominori. However, he then proceeds to customize the character's appear to give make her tiny, flat chested and with long pink twintails, at which point they both start giggling at how it looks exactly like her.
  • In Long Live the Queen, Elodie happens upon an unflattering poem involving her and a squid. You have the option to choose whether or not she can find the humour in it, and her emotional state will alter accordingly.
  • In the epilogue of RE: Prince of Nigeria, a visual novel about a 419 Scam, talking with Rich Hastley about his scambot, Horai Owen comments that the bit on the Prince's ID about the Nigerian Football Federation and the portrait of Right Imagay were the last straw, but "The communism was a nice touch, though."

    Web Animation 
  • Happened more than once on Homestar Runner. Strong Bad has to respect it when normally Dumb Muscle Strong Mad gets a witty retort:
    Strong Mad: (holding up a grease-stained Blubb-O's bag) YOU'RE NOT ON THE LIST!
    Strong Bad: The list? You're looking at a greasy bag of fast food!
    Strong Bad: Wait, what? Strong Mad, did you just make a joke?! That was pretty good!
  • In the Double Dragon episode of Sonic for Hire.
    Sonic: Consider it done, A.C. Slater.
    Mario: Okay, wait, hold on, what?
    Sonic: No, because Mario Lopez.
    Mario: ...Okay, that actually wasn't bad.
  • If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device: The Emperor, despite being the (barely) living incarnation of grumpiness, will occasionally acknowledge a good quip at his expense.
    Rogal Dorn: Father, are you familiar with the saying "You are what you eat"? Considering you increasingly resemble a pile of screaming psychic children.
    Emperor: [beat] Wow, Rogal. Way to bring down the fucking hammer!

    Web Comics 
  • This The Adventures of Dr. McNinja strip features everyone except the titular doctor (including the editor) admit that the woman's diss was good.
  • Tycho and Gabe of Penny Arcade are friendly rivals rather than enemies, but they still mock each other mercilessly. They have very different tastes, but occasionally, one will admit "That was actually pretty clever."
  • Sluggy Freelance has an interesting one when a man is torturing Torg for information.
    Torturer: Just tell us what we want to know, and we'll stop.
    [torturer starts laughing]
    Torg: Hey!
    Torturer: Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Anyway, we want to know where Doctor Steve's lab is.
    Torg: I don't know that! I couldn't tell you if my life depended on it!
    [torturer starts laughing]
    [After a moment, Torg starts laughing too]
  • Ben's father has to laugh about "dingle-choad" in this strip of Loserz.
  • In Schlock Mercenary, Xinchub laughs at Tagon saying "innocent Marines". Tagon agrees that that's actually funny.
  • Black Mage has a moment of this near the end of 8-Bit Theater where, after having become a super-powerful, super-evil version of himself, he stops in the middle of slaughtering his former allies to admit that a prank they pulled on him 700 or so strips earlier actually was pretty funny.
  • A Brick Joke in Exiern has this effect. An imprisoned barbarian is wondering if she can get freed after accidentally punching the king in the face, if she argues it was meant as a show of respect. The king enters at this point and explains that it won't work, before Recruiting the Criminal. At the end of the scene, now allies and with no hostility between them, the king finally punches the barbarian in the face "out of respect" - those present are terrified only to realise, once the king has left, that she's actually laughing.
  • Shows up in this Exterminatus Now strip.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse: One of the Kais finds Zen Buu's impression of South Kai pretty funny, though he claims that it's just nervous laughter.
  • In The Order of the Stick, despite being Evil, Loki opposes his daughter Hel's plan to bring about the end of the world, in order to become Top God of the Norse pantheon in the new world which will be created. After Hel declares her first act will be to take the soul of Thor's High Priestess and give it as a chew toy for her hellhound, Loki responds, "Humiliating Thor is not enough reason to do this, Hel. It's a pretty funny reason, sure, but not enough of one."
  • Girl Genius has this exchange between a young student, and Klaus Wulfenbach, ruler of a large chunk of Europe:
    Itto: I heard the story of how you fought the dragon from Mars- and how it captured Lucrezia Mongfish - and then she turned into Von Pinn and I wanted to see what could do that!
    Klaus: [concealing a smile] Snort. I'd have given a lot to see that myself.
    • In the novelizations of the comic, it's mentioned that Klaus also allows the traveling "Heterodyne Shows" to continue their increasingly unflattering portrayals of him because he finds them funny.
  • In this strip of Grrl Power, Ariana cannot bring herself to chew out Maxima for making snide remarks because, in her own words, "That was a pretty good one though." The remark in question: in response to a comment about succubus glamour being impenetrable, Max said, "That's the only thing about a succubus that's designed to be impenetrable."
  • In Gunnerkrigg Court, most people are too scared of Coyote's power and unpredictability to tell him off. Annie makes a point of ignoring this at first, even going so far as to spank Coyote when he pokes his nose up her skirt. Coyote usually finds Annie's refusal to take shit from him highly amusing, but eventually she has to be reminded that Coyote is a Physical God, and not a benevolent one, and he will kill her (or worse) if she angers him too much.

    Web Original 
  • This video featuring iJustine and a terrible date.
    Justine: *laughs* I...hate you.
  • Even though most of the movies reviewed by The Nostalgia Critic are bad, he admits that there are occasionally one or two funny jokes.
    • For example, this in Street Fighter: The Movie. QUICK! CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!
    • Despite the Batman & Robin movie being labeled the worst film ever and driving the Nostalgia Critic to homicidal rage over a Bat Credit Card, "the Riddler suit here is kinda clever."
    • The Stinger at the end of the Good Burger review.
    • From Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie, when the villain was talking about how he missed all the evils of the world, and included The Brady Bunch Reunion tour amongst the Black Death and Spanish Inquisition, he said "...I gotta admit that's kinda funny."
    • He also liked one scene in Jingle All the Way, when Myron the mailman threatened some police officers with what he thought was a fake bomb in a package, only for it to go off after he leaves the room. However, an unfortunate case of Mood Whiplash ensues when the officer from the bomb squad is shown comically charred but still alive.
    • Although he absolutely hated Baby Geniuses 2 (though not quite as much as the original), he still begrudgingly admitted that the twist was pretty good, in that he didn't see it coming and it made perfect sense in hindsight.
    • During How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, he does it in rhyme:
      Critic: So the Grinch goes crazy and starts attacking the folks.
      Grinch: [to a car spinning out of control] Taxi!...It's because I'm green, isn't it?!
      Critic: ...okay, that's a good joke.
    • Despite finding The Master of Disguise one of the worst comedies ever, he chuckles the first time the villain's Evil Laugh is interrupted by his farting. However, he grows to dislike many of the subsequent uses of it.
    • His review of Water World has him find the death of the old oil technician who lives a miserable, tortured life on the Smokers' ship pretty funny.
    Oil Technician: Oh thank God...
    • In his review for Space Jam, he gets a kick out of the Mon-Stars dogpiling Granny, and replays the clip several times.
    • In Richie Rich when the villain breaks into the vault only to find it's loaded with sentimental (but financially worthless) items, the Critic admits the entire Reality Ensues moment provides two very good jokes in a row:
    Lawrence Van Dough: Where are the negotiable bearer bonds? The gold bullion? Where's THE MONEY?!
    Richard Rich: In banks. Where else? Oh, and the stock market.
    (GOOD JOKE 1 dings on the screen.)
    (GOOD JOKE 2 dings on the screen.)
    • He also admits that the joke about the President calling to ask for alone is pretty much timeless
    Dexter: Listen. What do you say we just tear up this contract?
    Ed: You don't want to be partners?
    Dexter:Well, no... I...
    Critic: AAAAGH! A FUNNY JOKE!!!
  • The Cinema Snob had a couple moments of these:
    • During his Video Violence 2 review where he's seen snickering at the following joke "What's black and white and red all over, and can't get through a revolving door? A nun with a spear through her head!", but tries to cover it up.
    • In Midnight Screenings, they can still find a good joke in some bad movies, but not always. When Jake and Irving saw The Smurfs, they even thought the one funny joke could have only been funny because they thought the rest of the movie was such dreck.
    • The "I'll miss you most of all, Scarecrow," joke from Playmate of the Apes got this reaction.
  • The Music Video Show has the host admitting this in Episode 52, with the nerds dancing and saying it may be the only Chris Brown video (the Kiss Kiss video) he'd watch again.
  • Filthy Frank: When Mr. Magic Man says "I wish I was Stevie Wonder so I'd never have to see you again!", Frank calls it "pretty clever".
  • The Nostalgia Chick utterly panned Spice World, until Meat Loaf's character reacts to being asked to unplug the multiple toilets on the Spice Girls' tour bus by saying "Look, I love these girls. And I would do anything for them. But I won't do that." In the Chick's words: "Can it be that this movie has redeemed itself with a mere one joke?!"
  • Despite his extreme hatred for the so-called "great" films he reviews, Confused Matthew does make his best effort to point out the good things about them he sees.
    • In his The Lion King review, he admitted "Circle of Life" was a good song and that the scene with Timon dancing the hula made him laugh hard.
    • He also made note of Samantha Morton's excellent performance in the epilogue of his Minority Report review.
    • He said the end of Titanic (1997) was well done.
  • Spoony:
    • In a review of Highlander II: The Quickening. Spoony admitted that MacLeod and Ramirez simply getting into a car and ramming an armed barricade relying on their immortality to protect them from all the times they'll be shot is actually pretty clever. However, he also points out all the Fridge Logic that undermines this, the biggest ones include the fact that they put the (mortal) Love Interest in the trunk of said car, and that the Big Bad didn't simply tell the Corrupt Corporate Executive he's working with about the immortals and to cut their heads off.
    • Similarly, he said the protective collar worn by The Guardian in Highlander: The Source was an ingenious idea for the series. Sure, they never use it again, but still. He also praised the Guardian's "There can be only ME!" line and a scene (which he didn't include in the review itself and only mentioned in the commentary) in which Methos kills a biker by throwing his sword against a tree blade first right in front of the biker, decapitating him.
    • And more literally, during his Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh LP.
      Trevor: I've got a date for dinner.
      Curtis: Tell me about him.
      Trevor: Nooo...okay.
      Spoony: Okay, that was good.
    • In one of his Counter Monkey videos, Spoony describes a Dungeons & Dragons game where he played a half-orc thief. The party's wizard mocked him by asking how someone that big and hard-to-miss could possibly pick anyone's pocket. Spoony responded by clubbing the wizard over the head and then taking the coin purse from his unconscious body. The wizard's player laughed and gladly admitted to losing the debate.
  • ProtonJon of Let's Play hates Invisible Coin Blocks. Yet, in this ROM Hack (at 5:30), he encounters an inventive use of them that's Actually Pretty Funny.
    YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! [chuckles] Okay, that was kinda funny.
  • From a Sonic Unleashed playthrough by Hellfire Commentaries:
    NTom: What's a moray?
    FTA: When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's a moray.
    NTom: [clapping] Well done, that is actually well deserved.
  • From the Rifftrax of 300, the guys let out a barrage of Punctuated! For! Emphasis! jokes with Bill ending thus:
    Bill: When he sits down to meal of juice, toast, milk, and Trix cereal—
    Mike: Uh oh, where's he going with this?
    Bill: And he looks at his bowl of Trix and he says "THIS! IS! SPART OF A BALANCED BREAKFAST!"
    Kevin: Wow!
    Mike: Wow, you pulled it out! Nicely done.
  • At the end of the first season of commodoreHUSTLE, the villain Geoff, who's determined to ruin LoadingReadyRun because of their comedy's reliance on the Groin Attack, is kicked in the balls by Paul's ball-kicking robot, Mr. Ballsmotron. As he collapses, he says "That... was actually pretty funny."
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Subverted when Frieza makes a Double Entendre pun while handing out a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Nail. Nail starts to chuckle, and Frieza assumes this trope is in effect. Then Nail tells him the real reason he's laughing: because Nail suckered Frieza into wasting time while a plan by the good guys to use the dragonballs and thwart Frieza was being played out.
    • Nail is good with this trope. Such as the time he and Piccolo are trying to think up a better attack name than "Special Beam Cannon".
      Piccolo: "Rail Beam"!
      Nail: "Nail Gun"?
      Piccolo: Shit, that's good...
    • In the second version of Dead Zone Abridged, Evil Overlord Garlic Jr. has this reaction crossed with Dumbass Has a Point twice to things that his mook Ginger says.
      Garlic Jr.: Got to say I'm sort of impressed. How'd you find them [the dragon balls] so fast?
      Ginger: Prize in a high stakes poker game.
      Garlic Jr.: Wow. Never thought you had a poker face.
      Ginger: Never said I played!
      Garlic Jr.: Once again, fair enough.
    • Goes into downright meta levels when the voice actors from the original dub of DBZ met with Team Four Star and outright thanked them for what they did. Apparently they had wanted to rip the cheesy dub apart for years, but never could due to their contracts.
    • Then there's semi-perfect Cell's response to Vegeta's understandable confusion when he literally speaks out of his ass.
      Vegeta: Did...did you just talk out of your ass?
      Cell: Well, to be fair, Vegeta, you are part of my DNA.
      Vegeta: Oh, that is the closest thing to damage you've done since I got here.
    • Vegeta again in response to a quip by Future Trunks:
    Vegeta: Boy, do not make me come up there and be a parent!
    Trunks: First time for everything!
    Vegeta: Oh-ho-ho!
  • This exchange during the confrontation between Alucard and the Dandy Man in Hellsing Abridged:
    Alhambra: I may or may not have fed a lie to the local policia that in return for your capture, I would give them immortality.
    Alucard: And they fucking bought that?!
    Alhambra: Like discount peixe.
    Alucard: (legitimately amused) You cheeky dick-waffle!
  • Nash of What the Fuck Is Wrong with You? occasionally has this reaction to a particularly clever pun in the news articles he reads, despite hating them in principle.
    • Tara once told a story about her father's wake where her niece asked why only the top of the casket was open. Her response was "Oh, because Grandpa's not wearing any pants." Her mother found this hilarious.
    • In Nash's review of Castrovalva, he has this reaction to Tegan's snark comparing the Zero Room, "an isolated space cut off from the rest of the universe", to Brisbane. He then asks what a "Brisbane" is.
    • In his review of Robot his reaction to the scene where the Doctor gets the Brigadier to admit that he doesn't think foreigners can be trusted.
  • Blogger Beware: In the "Night of the Living Dummy" review, Troy admitted the joke about Russian and Yugoslavian songs was pretty funny.
  • While Todd in the Shadows spends around a quarter of an hour reiterating that LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It" is not funny, but does admit during the end credits that the gag where the lead singer tears off his speedo to reveal another speedo underneath it was funny.
  • Not Always Learning:
  • In The Blockbuster Buster, ERod has admitted several jokes in the films he's reviewed are pretty funny. In The Shaggy Dog, it was when David knocks the grandmother into the tree; in The Country Bears, it was the "am I adpoted?" joke; and in Josie and the Pussycats, it was the "CD cover" gag.
  • On Death Battle during The Joker's fight against Needles Kane, he finds it funny that Sweet Tooth can turn into a mecha!
    Okay, that's pretty funny!
  • There are actually a few people who have looked at pages in Encyclopedia Dramatica and actually thought they were kind of funny, despite the other 90% of the site being flame bait. Their page on Madagascar is often considered rather humorous, mostly because it avoids racism (for the most part) and plays off of the SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING meme.
  • In the Musical Hell review of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Diva admits that having the Dirty Old Man villain singing "When I'm Sixty-Four" is a rather clever twist on the song.
  • Kyle Kallgren of Brows Held High had this reaction to a joke in Shortbus about one of the characters claiming to use menstrual blood in her avant garde performances after the punchline was revealed: "It's a period piece." Likewise, he admitted that Tromeo and Juliet's twist on the "see how she rest her cheek upon her hand" (specifically, the cheek in question was her butt) was clever. Brad, however, wasn't amused.
  • In a Last Week Tonight video with John Oliver, John made fun of Pom Wonderful juice and said it should be used for "pomegranate enemas." The Pom Wonderful company thought this was funny and sent him a cooler of juice and a letter that said "What you do with it is your own business." John in return thought their reply was quite funny as well and corpsed reading on the show.
  • Jayuzumi runs into this a lot. Some of the players he runs into, while getting annoyed at the soundboards in general, will acknowledge if he does a good joke, even if they're the butt of it.
    • During "Homer Simpson Plays COD Ghosts", viewable here:
      Other player: You might possibly have too much time on your hands. You might want to get a girlfriend.
      Homer Simpson: Yes, master!
      Other player: (starts laughing)
    • In "Jay from Inbetweeners Plays Modern Warfare 3", viewable here, a player calls in a care package and goes into a corner to make sure he doesn't get crushed by it. Jay immediately rams him in and gets joined by another player, causing all three to be crushed. The player who loses his care package and dies is laughing like a hyena, as opposed to raging like you'd expect.
  • In 2014, CollegeHumor put out this video, which parodies the Furry Fandom with an over-the-top cartoon show called "Furry Force." Many genuine furries posted comments on the video about how funny and accurate it was, with a few offering suggestions about how to make it even truer to their fandom. The best part? The writers listened, and produced this sequel which incorporates those suggestions. In that case, several more furries posted about their love for the parody.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall:
    Thing: "Hey, can you tell me what the Hell is going on in twenty-five words or less?"
    Mr. Fantastic: "I don't know!"
    Thing: "Ya did it in three. Didn't think ya had it in ya."
    Linkara: "Hey, another legitimately funny line. It almost distracted me from the widespread death and destruction."
  • Arby 'n' the Chief's infamous "Wedding" episode ends with Arbiter and Master Chief crashing an online wedding between two Xbox-Live Players. The Calm, Mature Arbiter's dialogue with the Juvenile Master Chief after doing so goes like:
    Arbiter: What the hell was that?!
    Arbiter: I can't believe you.


    Arbiter: You know, that actually WAS kinda funny.


    Arbiter: ...You wanna do it again?
    Master Chief: DAYUM RITE SOOON
    Arbiter and Chief high-five.
  • In one of Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Xenoverse videos, Lanipator and Kirran try to prank KaiserNeko by telling him "If your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer"note . Kaiser refuses to fall for it, quipping "How about you check me for prostate cancer?"; Kirran responds "Fuck you! That was a good one."
  • In Anna Akana's "Over my dead body", after she learns that the expression dates back to at least the 1800s, she decides to look up what passed as a joke back then. She finds one amusing Pun-centric anecdote, which she acts out for the viewers.
    Boy: "Mother, it strikes me that you are very lazy just now."
    Mother: (gasps) "How dare you say so! Why? Don't you see I'm making bread?"
    Boy: "True, but that is neither more nor less than loafing!"
    Narrator: "The juvenile prankster got no hotcakes several days thereafter. The mother is slowly recovering."
    (cut back to modern day)
    Anna Akanas: "That was pretty good." "Yeah, for 200 years old, that's not that bad. I'm sure that's, like, comedy gold back in the day."
  • It's not uncommon for CinemaSins to remove sins for genuinely good or funny moments, but the GIRL scene from Inside Out gets nothing but near hysterical laughter followed by one sin removed.
  • In Movie Rehab Sag admits that he found the line "Mom it's Mars." from Mars Needs Moms to be kind of amusing.
  • Doug Walker (done As Himself rather than as the Nostalgia Critic)
    • In his review of Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World, he struggles to find any redeeming qualities in the video. Eventually, he admits that two of Lumiere's lines during his and Fifi's runaway sleigh ride sounded witty.
      Fifi: What shall we do?
      Lumiere: There is only one thing to do. We must scream like bloodless cowards.
      (They do.)
      (Later, the couple and their sleigh fall off a ledge, but get caught on a branch above a pit)
      Belle: Hold on, Lumiere!
      Lumiere: Considering the options, I have no intention of doing otherwise.
    • Doug's Disneycember 2017 series of Disney Channel Original Movie reviews also have several examples. Among others, his Twitches reviews admit that stars Tia and Tamera Mowry have good comedic timing, if one can get past their overdone attempts to act cute. (He also applied this compliment to the twins' TV show, Sister, Sister.)
  • Whenever BlastphamousHD watches a "BlastphamousHD Roast" video, at least one joke will have him cracking up.
  • This video of a prankster, posing as a FedEx employee, convincing a Saudi Arabian man that his iPhone's shipment was stolen by looters. note  First comes a long runaround meant to annoy the victim, including transferring him back to the same person when he asks to speak to a manager and calling him "habibi," the Arabic equivalent of "honey/sweetheart." Finally:
    Victim: Put yourself in my place, you spend almost $2,000 to ship an iPhone as a gift... and it's late. What would you do?
    Prankster: Yeah, I would be upset, but then I would realize, oh shit! I'm from Saudi Arabia! I can buy another one.
    Victim: Heh heh heh.
  • During The World Cup in 2014, U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard had a record-breaking 15 saves, leading a Wiki Vandal to make him United States Secretary of Defense on Wikipedia. The Other Wiki's founder was amused.
  • Decoder Ring Theatre:
    • Black Jack Justice
      • Jack and Trixie are Vitriolic Best Buds to the point that no conversation between them can pass without some bickering and there is a Bottle Episode that consists exclusively of them arguing. One thing that can make it hard to separate the vitriol from good natured ribbing is that one will often acknowledge a particularly good shot from the other with a "Nice" or by noting "It's probably true, but you still shouldn't say it."
      • Trixie carries a small pistol strapped to her leg as a surprise weapon. Only in her Private Eye Monologue will Trixie admit that she thinks Jack's nickname for it, the Mousetrap, is funny.
    • Red Panda Adventures: Card-Carrying Villain the Mad Monkey genuinely likes it when the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel call him things like "Sinister Simian" or "Babbling Baboon". His first encounter with the heroes in the episode "Monkeyshines" has him complementing such lines while becoming furious when the Red Panda insists on using the Monkey's real name.

    Western Animation 
  • In The Simpsons:
    • In "Cape Feare", Marge scolds Bart for somehow tattooing "Wide load" on Homer's rear, but then chuckles at it behind his back.
    • She's also done this when Flanders poured his heart out in a letter to Homer. She insisted they take the letter seriously, and then left the room to snicker.
    • During a parole hearing, Chief Wiggum is forced to admit this about one of Sideshow Bob's remarks, after finally getting the joke.
      Wiggum: Sideshow Bob has no decency! He called me "Chief Piggum!"
      [entire courtroom laughs]
      Wiggum: Ha ha, oh, now I get it. Ha, that's good.
    • In "Deep Space Homer", Marge chastises Bart for writing on the back of Homer's head, but when Homer turns and inadvertently shows her the message ("Insert Brain Here"), she has to hold back her laughter, and actually does laugh when Homer frantically tries to see it, resulting in him spinning on the floor Curly-style.
    • In the "Treehouse of Horror IX" segment "Hell Toupee", Chief Wiggum 'kills' Homer's homicidal toupee:
      Chief Wiggum: Now, that's what I call a bad hair day!
      [general laughter]
      Marge: May I remind you that two people are dead? Oh, wait, I just got it! [laughs]
    • In "Sideshow Bob Roberts", during Sideshow Bob's campaign for Mayor, Bart has this reaction to Bob's suggestion that "Councilman Les Whinen should do more thinking and less whinin'!" despite knowing that Les Whinen doesn't exist.
    • Happens at the end of "Itchy & Scratchy Land", Lisa lobs her shoe at Bart's head to prove to Marge that violence is funny when it's not happening to you. Marge does find it funny, but sends Lisa to her room.
    • In "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge", Marge is watching one of the kids' cartoons after it supposedly leads Maggie to attack Homer with a hammer. She is left in disgust by the violence, while Homer, despite still suffering from head injuries, is tittering quietly to himself. After she issues a complaint to the studios, they respond by making a squirrel caricature of her being killed by the stars, leaving Homer in hysterics.
    • In "Lisa the Vegetarian", Homer declares "You don't win friends with salad!", which Bart turns into a Conga Line. They leave the screen and return with Marge on the end of the line; Lisa gets upset, and Marge apologizes, saying it was catchy. Unfortunately this gag is usually cut in syndication.
    • In "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds", an obvious 101 Dalmatians parody, Mr. Burns sings a song about how he wants to kill the Simpsons' puppies to make into a coat. Afterward Bart is humming the tune loudly.
    Lisa: Bart!
    Bart: Sorry. You gotta admit, it's catchy.
    • In "Lisa's Date With Destiny", after the "H" on Superintendent Chalmers' new Honda is stolen, the students are gathered in the hallway; Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney are snickering to each other:
    Skinner: Oh, I suppose you think this stolen 'H' business is funny, do you? I'll tell you something that's not so funny. Right now Superintendent Chalmers is at home crying like a little girl!
    (ALL the students laugh.)
    Skinner: Well, (chuckles slightly) I guess it's a little funny... Nonetheless, I will get to the bottom of this!
    • In the intro to "Treehouse of Horror VIII", the Fox Censor is seen hard at work on a script for The Simpsons, episode 5F02 (that very episode). As he comes to each line that he decides to remove, he says "No" and crosses the offending line out. Then he reads part of it that he seems to find very funny - it makes him laugh out loud for a few seconds - but then he quickly regains his composure and crosses it out too, saying "No" again.
  • House of Mouse: Pete seems to have developed this regarding his and Mickey's interactions. After watching an episode of himself and Mickey racing up a mountain that involved him constantly getting hurt (including being repeatedly mauled by a polar bear) he is seen laughing at it and calling it "delightfully entertaining".
  • South Park:
    • In one exchange:
      Stan: Come on, fatass, we have to go!
      Cartman: Ay! Don't call me fat!
      [Cartman's mom laughs]
      Cartman: Mom, don't laugh!
      Cartman's Mom: I'm sorry, hun'.
      Cartman: I can't go with you guys now.
      Stan: Yes you can, Porky.
      [Cartman's mom laughs harder]
      Cartman: Mom, seriously!
      Cartman's Mom: That's not funny, boys. Eric's not fat, he's big-boned.
      Kyle: He must have a huge bone in his ass then!
      [Cartman's mom laughs hysterically]
      Cartman: GOD DAMN IT, MOM!
    • From "Imaginationland Part 1": "Say what you want about Mel Gibson, but the son-of-a-bitch knows story structure!" (After their previous portrayal of Mel, very sporting indeed.)
  • Gaz from Invader Zim is usually disdainful of her brother's obsession with Zim, but in one episode when Zim is sent into absolute hysterics after Dib hits him with a muffin (which she had initially dubbed "horrible") she snickers and comments that "Actually, that was kind of funny."
  • On an episode of Mission Hill, Kevin French is brought to the principal's office for using the word "douchebag" in class, which is such awful profanity that the principal is too polite to say it out loud and instead writes it down on a piece of paper. Kevin and his older brother, Andy both crack up immediately when they see how the word's written all neatly and in cursive. Cursive, people. This fits as a written version of Sophisticated as Hell: profanity written in a formal, polite style. And yes, it was actually very funny.
    I'm sorry, I've just never seen it written so neatly.
  • Futurama:
    • Leo Wong tells the story of how the Native Martians were "scammed" out of most of the planet by trading it for a single bead. Leela chastises the group for laughing at the story, despite admitting that it is funny.
    • In the revival episode "Saturday Morning Fun Pit", Richard Nixon's head plays censorship-happy Media Watchdog to a G.I. Joe parody, but comments that their Nebulous Evil Organisation "ACRONYM", "A Criminal Regiment Of Nasty Young Men", is "clever" and doesn't change anything about it.
  • On Jimmy Two-Shoes, when Mrs. Gerkin launches into an Evil Laugh over her Zombie Apocalypse, Jimmy asks what's so funny. She points to two of the zombies who keep running into each other. Jimmy admits he's amused.
  • Archer:
    • The mainframe is infected with a virus that shuts down all the computers. And displays an animation of a cartoon pirate with a catchy tune.
      Archer: (bursts out laughing)
      Malory: You think this is funny?
      Archer: Do you not?
    • And in "White Nights":
      Malory: Go see Krieger this instant!
      Archer: I don't need a doctor, mother. Katya doesn't have VD.
      Malory: You haven't had sex with her?
      Archer: (sarcastically) Oh, ha ha. For your— (beat) That was pretty good.
    • When Cyril shows up to rescue everyone in a tank, Pam calls him "Michael Du-cockless." Cyril laughs, as did everyone else but Archer, who was furious that Pam said it before he could—though that might have been what Cyril was laughing at.
    • Pam gives Archer a pretty aggravated tirade for basically stowing her in a space cargo hold for sex purposes, but can't help laughing and saying "Nice!" when he refers to Katya as "R-2-Double-D-2".
    • In "The Papal Chase," Archer finds himself riding on top of a speeding car and shouting commands while holding a lit lighter:
      Archer: Lana, head toward Swiss Guard HQ!
      Lana: What, while you request "Free Bird?"
      Archer: (laughs sarcastically) Actually, that was pretty good — for you, at least…
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
    • The Big Bad Discord makes Pinkie Pie laugh by doing a little dance on the head of an image of Twilight Sparkle. The fans certainly found that animation amusing.
    • In the episode "Baby Cakes", Pinkie Pie becomes the victim of a running gag. The only way the foals she's baby-sitting will quiet down is if flour gets dumped on her (in one case while she was soaking wet). At the episode's end, the foals do the flour gag to themselves to cheer up Pinkie. She admits they were right, that is funny.
    • In an earlier episode, "Griffon the Brush Off", Pinkie applies this to her love of pranks by pranking ponies in such a way that it evokes this reaction. She won't pull a prank on someone who's sensitive enough to take even a harmless prank seriously, which is why she aborts a prank when Fluttershy winds up the one it would have hit.
    • In "Twilight's Kingdom Part 2", Tirek admits Discord's stained glass window of the two of them is quite amusing.
    • When Discord attempts stand-up comedy at the Grand Galloping Gala, he bombs spectacularly. Except with one joke he makes about Twilight's bad flying. No one laughs and Twilight gives an angry "hey!" - but Celestia giggles at the joke.
  • In an episode of Sabrina: The Animated Series, Sabrina gets her wisdom teeth removed by magic with the result that she starts being brutally honest to everyone around her. In one scene, Sabrina responds to one of Gem's insults with "Oh, real funny, Gem! ...Actually, it was pretty funny."
  • Bob's Burgers:
    • In the second episode, Bob has been complaining about Linda's nagging by calling her things like "Nagatha Christie", which makes her mad, until he calls her "Secretary of Nagriculture", which causes her to laugh and admit that "that was a good one."
    • When Bob and Linda discover Tina's diary entry that details how she, Gene and Louise snuck off to the abandoned taffy factory, there's an unrelated aside that states, "Also, if boys had uteruses, they'd be called 'duderuses'", which, despite their worries about their kids, Bob gets a chuckle out of.
  • On one episode of Family Guy, two mob thugs come to beat up Joe Swanson, bringing a message from their boss that if he doesn't pay his debt to them, he'll make Joe into a "Swanson frozen dinner." Joe can't help chuckling a little at that.
  • In one episode of American Dad!, there's a running gag with a busboy who says "It was kinda funny" after someone says Dude, Not Funny!
  • An episode of Hey Arnold! had Gerald get his tonsils removed. Before, he had an amazing tenor singing voice, given a role to sing the ending lyric of "Moonlight Bay". After, his voice is so raspy and baritone that, during rehearsal, it distracts the other kids and gets them all hysterical. Mr. Simmons tries to calm them down saying "It wasn't that funny," but then admitted "OK, it was.... pretty funny." To his credit, he tried to look serious and understanding the whole time.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • One episode has Karen show Plankton a montage of all his humiliating defeats by Krabs. The last one, where Plankton is left a blubbering wreck after Krabs can't even be bothered with him, always cracks her up.
    • In the episode "April Fools", this is how each customer in turn reacts to SpongeBob's harmless japes, culminating in one of the show's most memorable scenes:
      SpongeBob: April Fools'!
      Customer: *angrily grabbing SpongeBob's shirt* WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DRINK?!!
      SpongeBob: *trying not to laugh*' I... I...
      Customer: YOU WHAT?!!
      SpongeBob: You asked for a couple of ice cubes in your drink, and I only put in one!
      Customer: I guess that is pretty funny. *chuckles and walks away*
  • In the Thomas the Tank Engine episode "Dirty Work", Diesel spreads insulting stories about the other engines to try and frame Duck. When Gordon, James, and Henry confront Duck about calling them "a galloping sausage", "rusty red scrap iron", and "old square wheels", respectively, Duck simply tells The Fat Controller that the names are so fitting he only wishes he could take the credit. The Fat Controller himself almost chokes, trying not to laugh.
  • From Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • In the climax of "Operation: T.H.E.S.H.O.G.U.N.", Numbuh Four bursts into Shogun Roquefort's throne room, only to find the villain sprawled out on the floor, Numbuh Two having defeated him already. Numbuh Two apparently has made a Face–Heel Turn, and starts to threaten Numbuh Four. Numbuh Four nervously starts to plead with his friend, saying he'll fight him if he has to... And then Numbuh Two bursts out laughing, saying he couldn't believe Numbuh Four actually believed him. Then Roquefort chuckles, and says, "You gotta admit, that was kinda funny...". Numbuh Four is not amused, as he crowns Roquefort on the head with a loose chunk of cheese, knocking him out.
    • In "Operation: B.U.T.T." after Numbuh One quits the team (for no apparent reason) his teammates are upset, confused, and in Numbuh Three's case, crying. Then they find out that the reason was that the Delightful Children from Down the Lane had blackmailed him, threatening to put a photograph of his bare behind in the school paper. All of a sudden, they started to get the giggles, and Numbuh Two started making all sorts of jokes about a big butt, until Numbuh Five (who was usually the first one to call him out for his bad jokes) burst out laughing. (They got over it in time to help him fight the villains later, however.)
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • In "The Mane Event," Blossom goes into seclusion after Buttercup and Bubbles butcher her hair just as a multi-eyed monster is rampaging Townsville. The Professor convinces Blossom to laugh along with everyone, and it works for her, as the Monster is laughing so hard that its eyes are all shut, giving the girls the chance to knock it into space. And Blossom gets the last laugh on her sisters at the end.
    • Similarly in "A Made Up Story," Blossom is the only denizen of Townsville who had not fallen victim to Mask-Scara's reign of defacing people and signs with cosmetics...up until the end, when she falls victim to a Humiliation Conga and now everyone is laughing at her.
  • In Littlest Pet Shop (2012), episode "Frenemies", Zoe and Pepper get competitive each planning a different party for Penny Ling. When Pepper explains her clown rodeo party plan, she includes a moment where Zoe would get hit with pies, then she admits she's just kidding (or is she?). Then Zoe explains her tea party plan, and has her comeback:
    Zoe: And last but not least, there'll be a dunked skunk dunking booth with Pepper at the dunking tank.
    Pepper: WHAT?! What does a dunking booth have to do with a tea party?
    Zoe: Nothing. I just want to see you get dunked.
    Pepper: Well, that is— heh, it's kinda funny, actually.
  • Motorcity: When Chuck is hanging around his crush Claire, who won't give him the time of day, he refers to his cyborg story as "cyboring." Claire manages a chuckle then tries to hide it sheepishly.
  • Inverted and then invoked in one Tom and Jerry cartoon, where Jerry writes a humorous book about his experiences with Tom. Tom is at first incredibly angry about it and the jokes the book makes at his expense... Until he learns that Jerry requested to share the rather large check from the publisher with him. Then he suddenly finds the book hilarious.
    • One episode has Jerry using an invisibility potion to terrorize Tom, culminating in shaving off much of his fur... just in time for the invisibility to run out, at which point Tom vengefully returns the favor. Then they look at themselves. The episode ends with both of them rolling in laughter.
    • Inversely invoked and then inverted in Jerry's Diary, where Tom laughs off the first incident described in the titular diary, but then becomes steamed as her reads about Jerry's other slights against him.
  • Recess:
    • Spinelli accidentally calls Ms. Grotke "Mama" in the middle of the playground. The other kids immediately burst out laughing. Her friends try to hold back for a few seconds but they burst out laughing with everyone else. Next up is Ms. Finster who orders everyone to stop laughing on the megaphone - but she cracks within seconds too.
    • In another episode, Miss Grotke assigns the kids a project on Ancient Civilizations.
      TJ: Ancient civilizations? You mean like back when Finster was a kid?
      Miss Grotke: We're talking about thousands of years ago, TJ...not hundreds (chuckles).
  • Zigzagged in the Looney Tunes episode ''Robin Hood Daffy". After getting angry at Porky for laughing at his expense, Daffy starts laughing too for a few seconds... But then he gets angry again and says, "Aw, knock it off! How jolly can you get?"
  • Rocket Power had one episode wherein Sammy made a game that made him into The Ace and made his friends look like total dorks (Aside from Reggie). While the kids get offended at their portrayals, they giggle at a game over being "You have been trapped in one of Rumando's boring sixties flashbacks", and laugh at a Tito expy giving some vague "Ancient hawaiian saying" (Even Ray laughed at that one). Tito thought it was funny (aside from that one part), and by the end, the characters learn to laugh at their hilarious portrayals.
  • Steven Universe:
    • In "Island Adventure", after Steven's first time activating a Warp Pad, shapeshifter Amethyst screams, having transformed into a giant fly, much to Steven's horror. Afterwards, the following exchange occurs:
      Pearl: Amethyst, that wasn't funny!
      Garnet: Eh, it was a little funny.
      Pearl: Regardless...
    • In "Gem Harvest", the Gems are trying to butter up to Greg's cousin Andy. In the interest of "combining as many celebrations in the human lifespan" as possible, the Gems bring a wedding cake, a balloon for a baby shower, and a tombstone with Andy's name on it to the family dinner. Andy looks annoyed and baffled at all this before busting out laughing.
  • Used on Quack Pack in the episode "Shrunken Heroes". Donald Duck plays a prank on his and Daisy's egotistical boss Kent Powers by replacing his bug spray with maple syrup, causing Kent to attract bugs instead of making them go away. Daisy's response is to say "You didn't" in a somewhat disapproving tone before bursting into laughter.
  • On the PBS version of The Berenstain Bears, once they get over the initial shock, this is Mama and Papa's reaction to the "Trouble with Grownups" play. With the idea that turnabout is fair play when Mama and Papa dress up as the cubs.
  • The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat had an episode called "The Punderground", where Felix ends up on an island called Mirthless. The king of Mirthless has outlawed puns, but is eventually tricked by Felix into making a pun on the phrase "cat got your tongue". When the king realizes that he just made a pun, he laughs hysterically and decides to repeal his law against puns.
  • M.A.S.K.:
    • At the end of the episode "Mystery of the Rings", after Scott Trakker is chewed out by his father Matt for disobeying him and is told that he'll be grounded, Scott's robot friend T-Bob asks to take Scott's picture because it may be the last time they see Scott smile for a while. T-Bob's statement gets a chuckle out of Matt.
    • In "Bad Vibrations", Gloria Baker asks Scott how he cleaned the ice cream off of T-Bob after he got covered in it while M.A.S.K. was looking for the last of Julian Long's vibration bombs. Scott hesitates before sheepishly answering that he didn't like seeing all the ice cream on T-Bob go to waste, so he ate it. After Matt Trakker and the other members of M.A.S.K. laugh, Scott eventually starts laughing with them.
  • On Arthur, in "Pageant Problems" D.W. tricks Arthur into performing as the chimp for a two-person poem she wrote for her preschool's pageant by pretending that none of her friends or classmates would agree to perform the poem for her. Afterwards, Arthur talks with her classmates, who loved his performance and says that he bets they wished they hadn't refused her offer and nobody has any idea what he's talking about. His friends rib him for being tricked by D.W. He says he's going to get her back, but Francine says that D.W. is just too smart. He admits the whole thing was pretty funny and they crack each other up acting like chimps.
  • Young Justice:
    • Batman shows Ollie and Dinah (who are dating) a video from the Cave's security footage. It shows Dinah having a sparring session with Superboy...and then suddenly making out with him. The two act horrified, and Dinah quickly says that that never happened, before the tape reveals that "Dinah" was actually Superboy's Shapeshifter girlfriend, M'gann, engaging in some kind of roleplaying game. Dinah is still understandably pissed, but Ollie finds it hilarious.
    • Season 2 has Sportsmaster and Cheshire go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to kill Black Manta and Aqualad as payback for killing Artemis. When Sportsmaster learns that the entire thing is a con meant to slip a pair of moles into Manta's organization which he also fell for, he finds it hilarious and even helps out:
    Sportsmaster: So you and Aqualad are playing Manta and The Light for chumps. Hah! I can live with that, Babygirl!
  • In one episode, Doug finds himself in hot water with Assistant Principal, Mr. Bone, when the school paper runs a cartoon that he drew making fun of the Mystery Meat in the school cafeteria, and he actually bans the paper. The whole thing ends up getting defused in the end when the principal calls Mr. Bone saying he saw the cartoon and thought it was really funny.

    Real Life 
  • The entire concept of roasts is based around this. If you're a witty enough comedian, you should be able to make even the target of your jokes laugh.
  • Likewise, jokers are said to have been the only people who could get away with insulting the king or queen. Even today it's considered bad form for a political leader to be unable to take a joke at their expense.
  • One of the police forces of Italy, the Carabinieri, is the butt of many jokes. Turns out, the Carabinieri have invented many of them, and have published an anthology of Carabinieri jokes. That said, telling them Carabinieri jokes when they're on duty still counts as offence.
  • During the 2016 occupation of an Oregon wildlife preservation facility by a pro-Second Amendment militia, the occupiers repeatedly asked for snacks and supplies from those who supported them. Instead, they were mailed sex toys, glitter, penis-shaped candles, and other such paraphernalia. John Ritzheimer filmed a video of him unboxing the "supplies" and while he did throw everything off of the table, he did remark that he found the Bag of Dicks (a bag of gummy penis-shaped candies) pretty hilarious.
  • This was George W. Bush's response when Vladimir Putin brushed off allegations of human rights abuses in Russia by referencing the fact that at least they didn't have Dick Cheney shooting people in their forests. Cheney himself said this more or less verbatim regarding Putin's comment, shortly after the infamous hunting accident that critical statements Cheney had made were "like a misaimed hunting shot."
  • This former white supremacist tells the story of a defiant black reverend who makes a joke that gets even the Ku Klux Klan to laugh, of all people. (Also counts as a Moment of Awesome and Badass Pacifist.)
    (paraphrased): "[I] promise you we're gonna do the same thing to you that you do to that chicken [dinner]. So you think real hard before you touch that chicken." So he looked at me and looked at the Klan, then he picked up the chicken and he kissed it... Even the Klan was laughin'! "You gotta admit, that was funny!"
  • Bill O'Reilly made a joke that the cover of Earth (The Book) features a picture of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The cover actually features Jon and a chimpanzee. Colbert liked it.
  • In the middle of the Enron debacle, which created power outages in California, Jeff Skilling, the CEO of the company, made a joke at a meeting: "What's the difference between California and the Titanic? At least when the Titanic went down, the lights were on."
  • During a monologue about his artificial right foot, Adam Hills talked about how his family would constantly crack jokes about it. The best came from his brother who broke up an argument between Adam and a (much shorter) friend by saying "You two are both the same - because you both need to grow a foot!" Adam commented, "Have you ever wanted to punch someone but couldn't because you were laughing too hard?"
  • Comedian/motivational speaker John Bytheway has a bit where he laments the lame jokes people make about his last name. He then tells a story where an airport security guy asked him if he was going to name his son "Owen", which actually got a chuckle out of him.
  • A man in Texas receives a $137 traffic ticket, and decides to pay it... with 137 single dollar bills, all of which are folded up into origami pigs and placed into two separate doughnut boxes. While the clerk at the police station was (initially) unamused, one of the officers there actually did find it rather amusing.
  • During the filming of Dr. Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick tricked George C. Scott, who intended to take a more subtle approach to his role of General Turgidson, into overplaying his character by assuring him that the cameras were off, and that only Kubrick and the rest of the cast and crew are the only people watching his over-the-top performances. Kubrick used those takes, leading to Scott swearing that he would not work with Kubrick again. Scott eventually saw this as one of his favorite performances, and admired Kubrick for his genius behind the deception.
  • One group of German prisoners in an internment camp during World War II. They weren't allowed to have radios, but wanting to know how the war was going, they built a radio into the seat of a chair. The camp commander suspected they had a radio and had their rooms searched repeatedly. Each time, the commander came along to see that the search was done properly. Each time, the prisoners offered him a chair — the one with the radio in it. Each time, the chair wasn't searched, because the commander was sitting on it. After the war, one of the ex-prisoners told the commander how it was done; the commander apparently thought it was pretty funny.
  • Similarly to the John Bytheway example above, Tim Allen copped a lot of jokes when he was a kid resulting from his real full name - Timothy Allan Dick. Yes, you read that right. In Don't Stand Too Close To A Naked Man, he commented that most of the resultant jokes were terrible, except one time when he was telling a woman about it, and she came back with "Too bad you don't have a sister named Anita."
  • The general reaction to John McCain's quip during the 2013 government shutdown, in regard to Congress's approval rating, "We’re down to blood relatives and paid staffers now." During a 2014 Letterman appearance, he said "After I made that comment, my mother called. Now it's just paid staffers". Even the biggest Democrats laughed.
  • During the 2013 NBA Draft, David Stern was booed mercilessly by the crowd. Being that it was his last draft, he encouraged the response and a couple times outright trolled the crowd. When he came up to announce Utah's pick, he said, "We've had to explain to our international audience that the boo is an American sign of respect." The crowd laughed and applauded in response to that joke.
  • Drew Droege is an actor who is known for making videos mocking Chloë Sevigny on the Internet. When Sevigny saw the videos she laughed hysterically.
  • If you browse the Twitter sites of current (or former) child stars from Disney Channel or Nickelodeon KidComs, you find that many of them, if the joke isn't too disrespectful or inappropriate and they're in the mood, love to watch, share, riff on or even participate in many satires and Affectionate Parodies on their personas or their series that comedy shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons or Saturday Night Live make. The ultimate example may be the real Miley Cyrus participating in an installment of SNL's "Miley Cyrus Show" sketch the first time she hosted. This ability to laugh at themselves even extends into the kidcoms sometimes.
  • The Saga of the Liberal Vikings was a long-running series of political cartoons in the Danish newspaper Politiken, which depicted the MPs from the Liberal Party as a clan of goofy and not very efficient vikings, led by the grouchy, cigar-chomping Chief Erik of Ringe (Erik Eriksen, prime minister 1950-53). The cartoons became immensely popular among the politicians depicted, who would frequently get the good ones framed and keep them on the walls in their offices.
  • Charlie Brooker once wrote a column about a documentary on the case of Jonathan King (a British pop singer who was serving a sentence for committing sexual offences against underage boys) and ended the column with asking the readers to send in drawings of other acts of depravity involving celebrities. The only reply came from the imprisoned Jonathan King, who sent a drawing of Charlie Brooker writing a column. Brooker thought it was hilarious.
  • In World of Warcraft, one server had a guild named "Razorfen Down Syndrome", which was Bowdlerised by Blizzard due to people being offended. (It was changed to "Razorfen Downsized". On the same server, when Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging, someone made a character named "Saddam", then a guild named "Hanging with Saddam". According to a Blizzard employee who saw the report, they actually thought it was really amusing and didn't order the name to be changed.
  • Some of the reactions on "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! end this way.
    Bill Murray: "I find Bill Murray not funny. I was glad he got shot in Zombieland." *begins cracking up* That's pretty good.
    • In another instance, Lisa Kudrow lost it and was practically howling with laughter when she read a Tweet that simply said, "Hope everyone has a great weekend. Except you, Lisa Kudrow. Fuck you."
    • In their Avengers: Infinity War edition, Benedict Cumberbatch cracks up when he's described as "always looking like he's having an allergic reaction to bad shrimp", Samuel L. Jackson tries (and fails) to keep from laughing at being described as "looking like a snapping turtle", and Chris Evans absolutely loses it when a tweet says he plays Captain America "like he's a big dumb hunk of shit".
  • At the 1998 Academy Awards, when host Billy Crystal showed a clip from Titanic (1997), quipping "That clip cost $4 million.", the camera cut to James Cameron, clearly saying "Yeah, that's about right."
  • Andrew Hussie, author of (and sometime character in) Homestuck at one point showed up wearing an outfit themed after Jade's title of "The Witch of Space". Hussie's Hate Dom began calling him the "Waste of Space" as a result. The comic's fans (and Hussie) found this to be highly amusing, and ran with it, to the point that "Waste of Space" is one of Hussie's numerous nicknames among the fans.
  • As any parent or anyone who worked with kids can tell you, occasionally they'll break the rules and do something that's this trope.
    • One parent submitted a story to a magazine where they had two kids with rooms on the other side of the hall from each other. They thought that when they were fighting with each other, they should send them into each other's rooms instead of their own, hoping that they would mess their rooms up. Instead, they yelled at each other through the air vents. They were actually quite amused at how it backfired.
  • Similarly, animals. One episode of Rescue 911 featured a dog who got his head stuck in a vent. The kids who went to check up on the dog thought it was actually quite funny before calling 911 to get the dog free.
  • These outtakes from Ricky Gervais' interview on Sesame Street. Asking Elmo if he knows what necrophilia is? Would get him kicked off the set, except the crew is laughing themselves silly upon hearing it.
  • Even some people who outright hate some shows (Family Guy is a common target) might find a few moments to be this funny.
  • When Ronald Reagan watched Back to the Future, he got so amused with the scene where the 1955 Doc Brown balks at the idea of Reagan becoming President by 1985 that he told the projectionist to stop the film and replay the scene.
  • A story taken from Reddit about how a High School principal who transferred from a reform school really laid down the rule about how hats were not allowed in the school. A technologically savvy student photoshopped a picture of him to resemble Hitler, because students called him the "Hat Nazi", and distributed it around school. Eventually, the teachers and even the principal got ahold of the image, and thought it was actually really funny.
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut famously features "Blame Canada," a song about how Canada is the cause of all of America's children's problems. When the number was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song in 1999, the press asked Kim Campbell, the Consul General and first (and, as of August 2014, only) female Prime Minister of Canada, about her thoughts on the piece. She said that it was clearly meant to be funny, and wasn't offended in the slightest. Similarly, one of the lines in the song targets Anne Murray, a famous Canadian singer. Murray reportedly thought this hilarious, and was willing to sing "Blame Canada" at the Oscars after Trey Parker and Matt Stone invited her, but couldn't due to a prior commitment.
  • General Sir Garnet Wolesley was immortalised by Gilbert and Sullivan as Major General Stanley in The Pirates of Penzance (the Trope Namer for Modern Major General). However, unlike W.H. Smith (who was the model for another incompetent high-ranking official, namely Sir Joseph in H.M.S. Pinafore), Sir Garnet took the spoof in good humour and would often sing the associated song to amuse his friends at parties.
  • A rather humorous exchange happened about a DotA 2 team named Starladder, where someone said "Darn Russians", and they were corrected with "They are Ukranian, not Russian". However, they were then countered by "Well, soon-to-be-Russians doesn't really flow off the tongue as much, does it?" Someone else then said, "...I should not have laughed as hard at that as I did."
  • Eliot Chang is a stand-up comedian who was once heckled by a drunk bride-to-be. He assured the audience that he had the situation under control since he began his career in Harlem, NY and knew that he wasn't in trouble unless he heard someone say, "Fuck you! *Click Click*". The drunk woman then shouted, "Fuck you! Click! Click!" Chang began to laugh and said, "Okay, that was actually pretty funny".
  • British comedy show The Real McCoy which starred British Black and Asian comedians, parodied the British Army's equal opportunities recruitment campaign by producing a spoof advert with a black soldier insisting he had "the same opportunity to get shot as anyone else." - the Army's recruiters went on to borrow this argument for future adverts.
  • In Bavaria, there is a tradition called "Derblecken", most famously celebrated at the annual "Nockherberg" beer festival, where major politicians (usually Bavarian or federal) are mocked. It's considered an honor to be mocked and politicians in attendance are often scrutinized for their reaction. Finding a joke not funny is the surest way to ruin a political career, but some politicians are clearly shown enjoying being taken down a peg or two.
  • The legendary insult comic Don Rickles was famous for this—in fact, it made his career. While still a young comedian struggling to find his niche, he noticed Frank Sinatra in the audience of a show one night and decided to start mocking the singer. Sinatra loved the jokes, and Rickles realized he had found his gimmick: insults. In this montage from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Rickles relates a specific incident in which he, his wife, and Sinatra, along with the singer's whole entourage, went for dinner in an expensive restaurant decorated completely in white. Sinatra, notorious for his Hair-Trigger Temper, became oddly annoyed when a ketchup bottle was brought to the table, and abruptly picked it up and threw it against a wall, creating a massive mess. The entire restaurant went completely silent...except for Rickles, who, without missing a beat, asked "Frank, can you pass the ketchup?" Sinatra burst out laughing, and the tense situation was defused.
  • SNL frequently makes fun of it's guest hosts. Jon Heder takes it like a champ. Political candidates have to learn to take a joke to be relate-able {[]} ... Most times that is.
  • Overlapping with Meme Acknowledgement, Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV, saw memes of people photoshopping an image of the game's main characters in the car looking out the left, with something behind them. He thought it was hilarious - and then released high-quality images for people to make memes out of.
  • According to Seth MacFarlane, Donald Trump only had one real sore point during his official roast: questioning his financial success. To quote Seth himself, everything else was greeted with a shrug and an 'eh, I guess I'll allow that'.
  • Kathy Griffin admitted in her autobiography that her appearance in Seindfield was based on a real life experance. On few rarely seen stand up shows she told the experience of meeting Jerry and asking him to record something he was being busy and she was being annoying. Larry David was financing a stand up show, and after guaranteeing that his friend Jerry would never see it, he immediately showed it to him, and he begged Larry to incorporate it into his show.
  • Gone Girl features, as a supporting character, a jerkass tabloid hack named Ellen Abbott who relentlessly hounds Nick over his wife Amy's disappearance, and refuses to apologize for leading a media crusade against him even after it turns out that Amy faked her disappearance in order to ruin Nick's life. In the film adaptation, she was played by Missi Pyle as a very thinly-veiled, unflattering parody of former prosecutor turned talk show host Nancy Grace... and reportedly, the real Grace loved the character and thought it was hilarious, saying that she felt "flattered" by the portrayal and even remarking that the scene of Abbott's on-air grilling of Nick seemed to based on her own on-air analysis of the Scott Peterson case. The only point she criticized was that she thought Abbott's necklaces were "way too tasteful".
  • James Milner's reputation for being controversy-free has undergone Memetic Mutation via the 'Boring James Milner' spoof Twitter account. He's not above poking fun at himself by reading some of these tweets out loud.
  • The Furry Fandom actually liked CollegeHumor's Furry Force series, which was intended to make fun of the sexual parts of the Furry Fandom. The second and third parts came about from suggestions they made for it, even.