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Administrivia / In-Universe Examples Only

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Tropes listed here limit all examples and wicks to In-Universe.

This means the trope is only to be listed when the reactions are from the characters or narration, not the viewers.

We find that a lot of tropes are about reactions, but that the reactions come from the characters or narration often enough that they become an objective trope. Even if they can be Audience Reactions, the tropes here are only to be noted when the characters and show have the reaction.

The reason for this is that otherwise too many trope pages would be overwhelmed with examples, since every work ever could apply. Depending on the trope, it could also easily turn into Gushing About Shows You Like or Complaining About Shows You Don't Like. Another reason is that listing Real Life examples could easily attract complaining and Flame Bait.

This also means that tropers should not Pothole the trope in lines when it's not actually in the show.

Compare No Real Life Examples, Please!, Character Reaction Index.

Compare/Contrast YMMV.

Tropes That Can Only Have In-Universe Examples

Alternative Title(s): In Universe Examples Only Please