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Yoko Oh No

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Tommy: You say every girl that I date is going to break up the band.
Barry: Yeah, that’s ’cause you only date band-breaker-uppers.

Basically Die for Our Ship, but aimed at the Real Life love interest of a celebrity or other public figure. She (and it almost always will be a she) is a lightning rod of hatred from the fanbase, and will be Misblamed: either for negatively affecting the quality of his work, upsetting group dynamics, or just “stealing him away” from them.


It’s most prevalent among musicians, followed by actors and athletes. Most of the time (but not always), the hatred is entirely undeserved and just goes to show how obsessed and delusional fans can be. At its worst, it amounts to an invasion of the celebrity’s privacy; after all, famous people are still human beings entitled to pursue romantic relationships in their personal lives.

Fictional examples also pop up from time to time. Very often, such characters will be a musician’s girlfriend whose antics or presence cause the band to break up; she’s often a direct send-up of Trope Namer Yoko Ono. A common twist is for her to be perfectly nice and sweet, but for the rest of the band to be so paranoid about this happening (or at least jealous of the attention she’s getting from their bandmate) that the band breaks up anyway.


Related tropes include Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend (if the other bandmates think she gets special treatment); Contractual Purity (where the fans demand that the celebrity not date anyone to keep an image of virginal “purity”); Love Makes You Uncreative (a common consequence); Apple of Discord; Parent with New Paramour; and Couple Bomb. Contrast Creator Couple, where the pair becomes more creative after hooking up.


Real Life examples

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    The Trope Namer 
  • The Trope Namer is Yoko Ono, widow of The BeatlesJohn Lennon. She’s frequently blamed for breaking up the Beatles; fans and the media accused her of monopolizing John’s attention, influencing his music and opinions, and just upsetting group dynamics. It is known that John would routinely bring her to recording sessions despite the band’s longstanding rule against girlfriends in the studio, and he cited her as a big inspiration to his work. The other Beatles, to their credit, have been far more lenient to Yoko than the rest of the world. While they maintain that she wasn't the easiest person to get along with (on top of being irritated by the violation of the "no girlfriends in the studio" rule), they admitted their breakup had nothing to do with her and was simply because they had been drifting apart musically and personally for some time, and she just happened to be there when it all imploded.
    Lennon: (to David Sheff, 1980) When I met Yoko is when you meet your first woman and you leave the guys at the bar. The old gang of mine was over the moment I met her. But it so happened that the boys were well-known and weren’t just the local boys at the bar.

    Musicians' Love Interests 
  • Yoko is not the only love interest of a Beatle to be harangued by the fans:
    • John Lennon married his first wife, Cynthia, in 1962; band manager Brian Epstein tried to keep that marriage a secret precisely because he was concerned about the fans’ reaction to a married Beatle. Their cover was blown on the Beatles’ first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 when John got the caption, "SORRY GIRLS, HE'S MARRIED".
    • George Harrison’s first wife Pattie Boyd and Ringo Starr’s first wife Maureen Cox were routinely subject to attacks and death threats, just because fans were upset that “their boys” had been removed from the dating pool.
      • A well-known incident included Pattie and Cynthia accompanying John and George on a vacation to get away from Beatlemania, but when the press learned about their whereabouts, the women dressed up as maids for protection reasons against the aggressive fans.
    • Paul McCartney:
      • His first wife, Linda Eastman, got a lot of flak from fans. From the start, they compared her unfavorably with Paul’s previous girlfriend, the upper-class and ladylike Jane Asher. The hatred intensified when Paul invited her to join his post-Beatles band Wings; she was a photographer, not a musician, and by her own admission wasn’t very good. Persistent rumors suggest she was so bad that they would just turn off her microphone during recording sessions. But she and Paul were Happily Married for 29 years before her death from cancer, and her struggle with the disease (and Paul’s return to his solo career) endeared her more to the public.
      • Paul’s second wife, Heather Mills, was not so lucky. She was behind early for being a Replacement Scrappy, Paul having met and married her not long after Linda died. She wasn’t as nice a person as Linda, either; in particular, the public was put off by her extreme and confrontational approach to animal rights. And she and Paul broke up very publicly and messily; she didn’t endear herself to the public after that, either. Some fans claim that she was even worse than Yoko.
  • Alicia Keys got some flak for having an affair with Swizz Beats while he was married to Mashonda (although they were separated at the time).
  • Courtney Love, widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, is a particularly famous example. Fans blame her for Cobain’s untimely death; conspiracy theorists go so far as to suggest she caused it or ordered it. It is known that Cobain killed himself after a long battle with depression, bipolar disorder, and drug addiction; he even tried to name an album “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die”. He left a suicide note, but fans claim it was either forged or just a rationalization for wanting to quit the band. Some claim that she introduced him to his destructive habits, ignoring that he had been well on his way to addiction before meeting her, or that she tried to induce a fatal overdose, ignoring that she’s on record as having saved him from several such overdoses. It didn’t help that Kurt’s family and bandmates didn’t like her, she made several enemies among other musicians, and she called Kurt an asshole after his death. But she called him an asshole for killing himself, and anger is a natural stage of grief. Fans still haven’t forgiven her, booing her when she tried to make a speech on Nirvana’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.
  • Kaori Moritani, a former idol singer, married X Japan’s Toshimitsu Deyama (better known as Toshi) in 1996. Soon after, she recruited him into a religious group led by her friend (and likely lover) Tooru Kurabuchi. By 1997, Toshi would leave the band and denounce rock music and Visual Kei as evil; the band broke up shortly thereafter, and Moritani was vilified by fans and bandmates alike. The fans were vindicated in 2009, when it emerged that the group was a Scam Religion that had extorted money from Toshi; he divorced Moritani and declared bankruptcy.
  • Nancy Spungen is often considered the “Yoko Ono” of seminal British punk band The Sex Pistols. She’s the subject of considerable controversy, as she was a troubled and mentally ill teenage groupie who got involved with troubled Sex Pistols “bassist” Sid Vicious. The rest of the band hated her (being an American didn’t help), and the press ridiculed her. She is often blamed for Sid’s heroin addiction and degeneration; while she did introduce him to heroin, he was well-known to have already been regularly abusing a number of other drugs (mostly speed) before they met, and her influence on his already dramatically self-destructive behaviour is very likely exaggerated (though her wildly unstable and abusive behavior is something that everyone can agree on). Then she was murdered shortly after the Sex Pistols broke up; Sid was arrested for it, although many now believe that she was killed by a drug dealer in a deal gone bad while Sid was too strung out to even notice. Maybe those crazy kids were just meant for each other.
  • Brad Nowell of Sublime was married to his wife, Troy, for all of two weeks before dying of a heroin overdose on the very day the band finished recording the album that would make them famous. The name “Sublime” was copyrighted under Brad’s name alone, leaving full rights to all of the band’s music and merchandise in the hands of his widow, rather than his former bandmates Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh. This culminated in a fierce legal battle, where Wilson and Gaugh attempted to reunite the band with a new singer. Although many fans don’t like the reuse of the name, they do agree that the decision to use it should be with the surviving band members and not the singer’s girlfriend.
  • When she was dating Ritchie Neville from the Boy Band Five, Billie Piper was subject to this. These days, Billie Piper is a household name and well-accepted actress in Britain, and no one cares about Five anymore.
  • Both members of Japanese band Puffy AmiYumi fell victim to this when they got married. Yumi Yoshimura married popular singer Takanori Nishikawa, better known as T.M.Revolution; they divorced four years later when evidence surfaced that she cheated on him, which intensified the hatred. Ami Onuki married GLAY’s Teruhiko “Teru” Kobashi; while they’re Happily Married, the fangirls insist that they’re “just about to get divorced”, and nothing she says or does will convince them otherwise.
  • Megumi Oishi, media talent wife of the J-Rock star Hyde. The hatred is mitigated somewhat by Hyde never making a secret of his longtime crush on her, which goes back to before they even met in person.
  • Miyavi (first from Due Le Quartz, now in S.K.I.N) married Idol Singer Miyuki “Melody” Ishikawa. Fangirl wankery ensued.
  • Iman, the widow of David Bowie, got some of this during Bowie's life. If you believe the Areaologists (who worship “the Area”, i.e. David Bowie’s nether regions), it’s because she officially ended the age of “Free ShArea”.
  • Tiffany Darwish (who performed as Tiffany) was a popular Idol Singer during the mid and late 1980s. She brought the New Kids on the Block as backup artists during one tour, which boosted them to popularity. Then she briefly dated New Kid Jonathan “Jon” Knight, which caused a ton of backlash from the teenage fangirls who used to worship her. What’s funny is that Jon was Straight Gay and he and Tiffany were more like Platonic Life-Partners; Tiffany would accidentally out him to the public (although he forgave her for it, and it was never really a secret anyway).
  • My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way married Mindless Self Indulgence’s Lyn-Z, which led to them both getting this treatment from each other’s fanbases.
  • Progressive metal band Queensrÿche’s lead singer Geoff Tate invited his wife Susan to take over the band’s management. Fans believe things have been going downhill ever since. The band eventually gave up and fired both Geoff and Susan in 2012, and Michael Wilton’s testimony confirmed what everyone thought.
  • Tarja Turunen's husband Marcello Cabuli is frequently blamed for Tarja's problems with her original band Nightwish, culminating in her rather nasty firing.
  • Ozzy Osbourne’s relationship with his wife and manager Sharon is both praised and lambasted. Sharon’s involvement in Blizzard of Ozz caused significant discord between Ozzy and his bandmates; bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Lee Kerskale left the band as a result. That said, no one would deny that Ozzy’s wealth and success since The '80s — heck, the fact that he’s still alive despite his drug and alcohol abuse — owes a lot to Sharon’s love and support.
  • Max Cavalera's decision to quit Sepultura was influenced by the other three's decision to fire his wife Gloria from the band's management because she kept trying to enforce I Am the Band for Max.
  • Freddie Mercury's ex-fiancee/girlfriend and lifelong friend Mary Austin has a rather contentious relationship with Queen fans, to say the least. Besides blocking fans from leaving tributes at Freddie's house and not disclosing his final resting place (which, in her defense, it is now her house and Freddie didn't want the location of his ashes to be public knowledge), she has also allegedly mistreated Freddie's friends and his partner, Jim Hutton, after his death. Claims include not letting Hutton and Phoebe (Freddie's personal assistant and close friend) ride in the front car in the funeral procession where close friends and family are supposed to ride, kicking Hutton out of the guest house where Freddie let him stay and telling Hutton to come and collect the furniture that he made for Freddie or she would throw it away.
    • It certainly doesn't help her that Jim Hutton is beloved by Queen fans, being the first decent guy to be with Freddie after a string of volatile relationships with men, such as Bill Reid, whose screaming match with Freddie famously cost him his voice before Queen's appearance on Saturday Night Live.
  • Some *NSYNC fans still blame the band’s demise on Cameron Diaz, whom Justin Timberlake began dating around the time he started to seriously work on his solo career. Britney Spears also got more hatred than was warranted when she was dating Timberlake in the late 90s and early 2000s, most of it of the “Aah she stole my man!” variety; it was pretty much impossible to go to an *NSYNC message board at the time without fangirls wishing death on her.
  • Some of Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor's fangirls predictably started whining after his engagement. What’s weird is seeing a 46-year-old fanboy named Trit whining about it; he was originally assumed to be a disgruntled groupie, but he’s actually just a Loony Fan.
  • Fans dislike Polly Samson, then-girlfriend (and current wife) of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, at least partly because he asked her to write the lyrics for the 1994 album The Division Bell. Gilmour claimed this was because he never felt he was particularly good at writing lyrics (with the lone exception of “Sorrow”) — Syd Barrett and Roger Waters always took care of that, and once Waters buggered off, Gilmour had to pick up the slack.
  • An interesting aversion is Rasa Davies, first wife of The Kinks' Ray Davies. They became a Creator Couple; she contributed some well-regarded backing vocals to several of the band’s greatest songs (like "Sunny Afternoon", "Waterloo Sunset", and "Autumn Almanac"), and she acted as a peacemaker between Davies and the rest of the group. After she divorced him, the group recorded some of its worst albums.
  • Any girl dating The Jonas Brothers’ Nick Jonas would be subject to fan hatred, and Nick would be subject to hatred from his girlfriend's fandoms too. First, it was Miley Cyrus; they both got flak from each other’s fanbases while they dated. Then it was Delta Goodrem (who ironically enough was reportedly a rabid Miley fangirl); her fans also blame Jonas for distracting her from her music. And Selena Gomez wasn't immune from the hatred either. Fortunately, his marriage to Priyanka Chopra is safe from this trope, with fans of both of them supporting their marriage.
  • Gorillaz' ex-guitarist Paula Cracker is not popular among the fans, even though she left before the band ever recorded an album. This is largely because she was 2D's girlfriend and cheated on him with Murdoc (but the fangirls don't hate him nearly as much).
  • Adrienne Armstrong, wife of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, is virulently hated by the fangirls, mostly for dating him, to begin with. Divorce petitions and death threats are frequent, most of them disturbingly coming from 13- to 16-year-old girls.
  • Caron Bernstein, the now ex-wife of Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, got a lot of this treatment during their marriage. The significant others of the other band members have had this treatment, too, but not nearly to the same extent that Caron had.
  • Dorothea Hurley, the wife of Jon Bon Jovi, got fangirl hatred in spades during The '90s for being Jon's Victorious Childhood Friend. One of those fangirls was, of all people, P!nk, who told of how as a young girl, she burst out crying and ripped up all her Bon Jovi posters when she heard Jon was getting married. Jon’s response to hearing this was to send her a pair of his pants, with a note reading, “Now you can finally get in my pants!”
  • Justin Bieber has a large number of truly creepy loony fangirls, who will attack any woman who goes so far as to take a picture with him. Kim Kardashian got death threats after Bieber jokingly captioned a picture with her “My Girlfriend”, and with Selena Gomez, it started with death threats and escalated when the two actually started dating.
  • Kim Kardashian got hatred on hip-hop sites and forums after she started dating Kanye West; it intensified when he impregnated her. Fans were concerned about her negatively impacting his image and street cred; it didn’t help that one of Kanye’s biggest hits is called “Gold Digger”.
  • Journey’s Steve Perry and his girlfriend Sherrie got a lot of flak while they were dating, which hasn’t died down completely; in the mid-90s, a Yahoo group called “Steve Perry’s Photo Palace” was discovered to contain huge numbers of defaced pictures of Sherrie accompanied by hateful, derogatory, and violent comments toward her. Scarily, they had been broken up for over a decade.
  • Usher didn’t have many problems while dating Rozonda Thomas/Chilli from TLC, as his fans loved to see them together. But Hell broke loose when he dated and then married his stylist, a single mother named Tameka Foster. Fans (and Usher’s own family) saw Tameka as a Gold Digger and gave her the cold shoulder; Usher’s mother even refused to attend their wedding. His first album after his marriage completely tanked, and everyone blamed Tameka for that, to the point that Usher had to publicly defend his married life. Even after the birth of their second kid, the pressure on them didn’t diminish, and soon they got divorced.
  • Ashlee Simpson, when she started dating and later married Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, got a lot of this from the Fall Out Boy fanbase.
  • When Rihanna and Chris Brown were dating, this reaction wasn’t any worse than usual. Then Brown got arrested for Domestic Abuse. Many of his fans went off the deep end, saying the nastiest things they could about Rihanna and blaming her for it (excuses ranging from her cheating on him to giving him herpes). When they got back together, her fans got all over him for “tricking” her into getting back together with an abuser.
  • Taylor Swift got this when she was dating Joe Jonas. Then Joe infamously dumped her via a phone call and the fans took her side. The fact Joe started dating Camilla Belle so soon after did not help matters.
  • Kylie Minogue got some of this from INXS fans when the late Michael Hutchence dated her. Minogue’s fans returned the favor to Hutchence, claiming he was “corrupting” her.
  • Korea has many boy bands, and accordingly, it has many crazy fangirls who will attack any band member who dates anybody.
    • SHINee’s Kim Jong-hyun is constantly shipped with fellow bandmates, especially Key. When he briefly dated actress Shin Se-kyung, that didn’t sit well with the rabid shippers, who frequently painted her as a villainous, awful, and generally unpleasant person. Fans later got over it when they realized that the relationship helped to grow SHINee’s fanbase.
    • Juniel got some hatred to mentioning that she was friends with some Exo members; fans took this as her dating one of them and accused her of being an attention whore.
    • Exo’s Baekhyun and Girls' Generation’s Taeyon were caught dating in 2014, and since both bands were wildly popular, they each got a ton of flak from each other’s fanbase. The fans insanity extended to claims that they shouldn’t be allowed to talk to each other on social media (this being reserved for the fans) and that fans are “entitled” to vet their personal lives because they buy their merchandise. But everyone knows it’s really because it destroyed their slash pairings.
  • Sarah Orzechowski got flak when she married Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie. It didn’t help that their engagement announcement was originally labeled as a “joke”. Fangirls freaked out and started calling her a whore (with creative use of Panic’s own lyrics).
  • According to the other members of Mötley Crüe, Pamela Anderson became a “Yoko” when she married drummer Tommy Lee. Nikki Sixx claimed that Anderson convinced Tommy that he was the most talented and important member of the band and that he deserved to be in the spotlight more. Tommy would thus demand more creative control, which caused tension with the rest of the band. Sixx also blames her for Tommy’s eventual departure from the band.
  • Dave Lombardo of Slayer once quit the band because the other members would not allow him to bring his wife on tour with them.
  • One Direction, being a popular boy band, has its share of problems with crazy fangirls:
    • Many of Harry Styles' girlfriends have been victimized by the vicious Directioners.
      • When 32-year-old Xtra Factor co-host Caroline Flack started dating One Direction's youngest member, then-17-year-old Harry Styles, there were the expected cradle-robbing jokes — and then there were the death threats. Some fans hated her because she “stole” Harry away from them, some because she got in the way of Larry Stylinson, and some because they just didn't like her.
      • Harry dated Taylor Swift briefly in late 2012, which caused spewing from each other’s fandoms, largely for Shipping reasons (many Swifties shipped her with one of her former boyfriends, particularly Taylor Lautner, and many One Direction fans shipped Harry with bandmate Louis Tomlinson). Directioners also hated Swift for supposedly mocking Harry during the 2012 Grammys and 2013 Brit Awards (leading fans to tell her to “get out of England”). Harry went on to date Kendall Jenner, herself notorious for being a member of the hated Kardashian family, and the relationship only lasted for three months.
    • Zayn:
      • While on tour in Australia, a secretary for a radio station struck a rapport with Zayn Malik, who asked her out for drinks. It wasn’t long before the fanbase caught wind of it, and they immediately flooded her Facebook with abusive messages and rang up the radio station to declare their outrage. The poor woman was so overwhelmed that she cancelled the date.
      • Zayn decided to quit the group in 2015, and most fans blamed that on his fiancée, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. It didn’t help that former Boyzone and Westlife manager Louis Walsh weighed in by implying that girlfriends were often the causes of band break-ups. Perrie was even unfavorably compared to Yoko Ono.
    • Liam also dated an older woman, Danielle, who was a background dancer on The X Factor when they struck up a Romance on the Set. Fans warmed up to her after a while, though.
    • Louis’ first girlfriend, Hannah, was actually universally adored by the fans, and the other boys liked her too. Fans were even crushed when they broke up (but chalked it up to Executive Meddling). Louis started dating a model a few months later, and that rubbed the fans the wrong way. She did gain more popularity, though, by being very nice to the fans she meets (and also being really pretty herself).
  • Guy Sebastian became something of a sex symbol and a Teen Idol after winning Australian Idol in 2003. Not long afterward, he announced publicly his relationship with his girlfriend, which caused the typical anguished reaction from the fangirls. Then the public discovered that the couple had known each other for more than a decade and had been romantically involved for much of that time, and they grew to accept her more. They subsequently got married, and she hasn’t seen nearly as much ire as before.
  • When Kris Tait replaced the Amazing Stacia as Hawkwind’s resident stage dancer, she very quickly extended her remit to cover choreography, stage direction, and even playlist choices. It helped that she had married Dave Brock, the distaff half of the band’s legendarily autocratic leader. Several band members were sidelined or left in disgust, and both they and a sizeable minority of fans thought she had gained far too much influence over the Hawkwind Collective.
  • Anita Pallenberg, girlfriend of The Rolling StonesBrian Jones, threw him over for bandmate Keith Richards (while Jones was being hospitalized for pneumonia) during a visit by the trio to Morocco. While Jones helped drive Pallenberg away with physical and emotional abuse (although it was mutual), the betrayal worsened his already-deteriorating mental and emotional state, destroyed his already shaky relationship with Richards, and increased his marginalization within the Stones’ camp. It ultimately led to his expulsion from the band and subsequent untimely death in 1969.
  • Former Supertramp member Roger Hodgson has cited Rick Davies’ wife managing the band as one of the reasons for leaving and not participating in the reunions. Their mid-1970s producer Ken Scott mentioned in his memoirs that by Crisis? What Crisis?, the bandmembers’ girlfriends and wives were constantly at odds with each other; he describes that the way many people are led to believe (falsely) that the Beatles’ group tensions were precipitated by Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney was actually the atmosphere Supertramp was in at the time.
  • Frank Zappa’s widow Gail gets a lot of hatred, mostly from how she handled Zappa’s career after his death. The fans are most irked by her only releasing new albums with Zappa music in small quantities, despite there being literally four vaults with unreleased recordings in Zappa’s archives. She has also been very aggressive in protecting Zappa’s musical copyright, to the point of suing people who organize festivals to honor Frank’s music.
  • Both former members of t.A.T.u. have long since moved past their “lesbian” days, but fans still want them to be together. Yulia's ex-“husband” (they weren't legally married but she called him such), Parviz, wasn't seen as good enough or attractive as her. The other vocalist Lena Katina got married, and her husband got about the same reaction as Yulia’s as shown in the comments. The fans don’t seem so upset about Lena and Yulia having kids; they just want them to reconcile and get back together. Yulia completely nixed any chance of a reunion with her “my way or the highway” attitude; the ironically-named “Love in Every Moment” single was filmed separately because Lena didn’t want to be in the same room as Yulia.
  • Elyssa Jerret, ex-wife of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, has been described as someone who drove wedges between Perry and vocalist Steven Tyler, despite being childhood friends with the latter. And she had a penchant for getting into fights with band members and their wives, one of which led to Perry quitting the band from 1979 to 1985.
  • Both Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson got flak from each other’s fans when they got together and later married. In addition to the usual insane “removal from the dating pool” reaction, many fans expressed concern about Von Teese negatively affecting Manson’s art. Then they broke up just as fans were getting used to it (and Von Teese’s fans were blindsided when she started dating a dashing French aristocrat).
  • Erik Nelson, Frank Chin, and Blake Anderson all left Vektor at the very end of 2016 after a lengthy history of progressively worsening tensions between them and Katy DiSanto (the wife of frontman Dave DiSanto) eventually grew to include Dave himself as she gained progressively more control over how the band was run.
  • Producer Glenn Fricker has never been through this himself, but he has seen it ruin so many promising careers it's something he warns about very often on his YouTube channel. He is very much against romantic partners being in the same band, or any romantic partner who isn't in the band hanging out at the studio during recording. He claims to have designated a specific uncomfortable spot in the corner for the Love Interest to sit while his/her partner works in the studio. He says it works so well they leave and never return. His main examples are of girlfriends tailing their rockstar boyfriends, but he will gladly swap the genders around to show he's an equal-opportunity opponent here.
  • According to Static-X's longtime manager and Tony Campos (the latter of whom did not directly state it, but heavily implied it), Tera Wray's increasingly strong hold on Wayne Static directly coincided with his increasingly heavy drug and alcohol usage and generally alarmingly self-destructive behavior. By the time he died in 2014, it had been after years of declining health and mental stability; Static would frequently go onstage fucked up, several tours were canceled, and he found himself getting caught in a drug bust, all of which their former manager attributed to Wray's influence. As per their manager, Static generally lived a fairly healthy lifestyle before she came along. After she came along, Static began to abuse prescription meds and alcohol (Wray's own meds, to be precise), and Wray herself was a constant source of drama and would regularly create gigantic shitstorms with the rest of the band and their personnel, while Static would continually take her side. This culminated in Wray banning all of the former Static-X personnel from his funeral (who, on their end, just wanted to mourn the man who they used to call a friend and toured the world with before all of this had happened). While both parties who spoke out publicly about the Wisconsin Death Trip anniversary tour made it clear that they mostly just wanted to pay tribute to their friend and give him one final send-off, it was made very clear that Wray was the cause of everything that had led to the breakup of Static-X and Wayne Static's death.

    Athletes' Love Interests 
  • Wayne Gretzky's wife Janet has been explicitly compared to Yoko Ono. When they married, Gretzky was in the midst of a streak of four Stanley Cups in five years with the Edmonton Oilers. Then he got traded to the Los Angeles Kings, and the Oilers were never quite the same again. Oiler fans blame Janet for the trade, thinking she wanted to be in L.A. to further her acting career.
  • At the height of Tony Romo’s career as the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, many fans blamed his failure to perform in big games on his dating Jessica Simpson and thinking about her more than football. Or just their dating, given how superstitious sports fans can be. Simpson’s detractors even called her “Yoko Romo”. In hindsight, it clearly had nothing to do with his play, as Romo’s reputation continued even after they broke up, and his most famous gaffe (a botched snap on what would have been a playoff game-winning field goal) happened nearly a year before they began dating. The most she can be blamed for (whether or not she should) is taking Romo and some teammates to Cabo San Lucas in the team's week off before a playoff game, which they would end up losing.
  • New England Patriots fans aren’t very enamored with supermodel Gisele Bündchen, wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. While Brady had led the Patriots to three Super Bowl titles in four years, that was before they started dating in 2007. Then the Patriots underwent a bit of title drought, including losing the 2008 Super Bowl after having won every single game that season. (They finally won another Super Bowl in 2015, though.) Gisele didn’t endear herself to the fans when she criticized the Patriots’ receivers for not helping Brady (which Brady himself called her out on):
    “You’ve got to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball. My husband cannot fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”
  • Formula One fans very much dislike Adriane Galisteu, girlfriend of champion driver Ayrton Senna. They regard her as a self-serving vulture and hate how she used her boyfriend’s death in a race crash to seemingly draw attention to herself. They also compare her unfavorably to Senna’s former girlfriend, porn actress-turned-children’s show host Maria Gracia Meneghel (better known as Xuxa); Senna himself even claimed that after his first wife, Xuxa was the only woman he ever wanted to marry, and Senna’s family gave Xuxa (and not Galisteu) the “widow’s seat” at his funeral.
  • F1 fans also don’t like Nicole Scherzinger, one of the Pussycat Dolls and Lewis Hamilton’s ex-girlfriend. They claim that she’s an Attention Whore and blame her for Lewis splitting up with his manager/father Anthony (even though Anthony was apparently a Stage Dad by all accounts). Others think she’s in the way of their favorite ship, Hamilton with Adrian Sutil. They eventually broke up for good in 2015.
  • Indy Car driver Dario Franchitti’s former wife Ashley Judd is IndyCar's Scherzinger equivalent. Fans considered her an attention whore and resented her being even more popular than her husband (at least partly because IndyCar is not as well-known as F1 or NASCAR). When they divorced, speculation ran rampant; they said she was clingy (a view shared by fellow driver Tony Kanaan), chose her family over him, or didn’t want to be married to an immigrant while she was running for a U.S. Senate seat (which she never did anyway). And after Dario’s career-ending crash, she claimed that they had gotten back together in spite of Dario having already found a new girlfriend.
  • Teresa Earnhardt, wife of legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt (Sr.), took over Dale Earnhardt, Inc. after his fatal crash in 2001. She did such a good job running it into the ground that she drove both Michael Waltrip and her own stepson Dale Earnhardt Jr. to leave the team. The younger Earnhardt even jumped ship to Hendrick Motorsports, home of the elder Earnhardt’s longtime rival Jeff Gordon. Teresa wound up having to sell the team in 2009 due to financial difficulties, was slowly excluded from racetrack activities, and saw the last of “her” drivers, Martin Truex Jr., flee to Waltrip’s team in 2010. A year later, her team became a client of Hendrick Motorsports, and she was completely removed from the team’s ownership. Dale Jr., later on, proved to be adept at running his own team JR Motorsports, which makes Teresa’s unilateral decision to not let him take over Dale Earnhardt, Inc. in 2007 all the dumber.
  • Spanish football fans (and (the foreign press) briefly turned their ire to Sara Carbonero, the girlfriend of Spanish national team goalkeeper Iker Casillas, after a single loss at the 2010 FIFA World Cup where she supposedly distracted him while he conceded the winning goal. Spain wound up winning the whole tournament anyway, so all was forgiven.
  • Fans of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks consider R&B singer Toni Braxton their “Yoko”, allegedly for dating star players Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson at the same time during the early 1990s. They claim this sparked a rift between the two players and eventually led to the breakup of a potentially powerful Mavericks team. Both Kidd and Jackson denied ever dating Braxton; Braxton herself never confirmed or denied it.
  • Fans of the NHL's Buffalo Sabres (and the local media) blame actress Noureen Dewulf, wife of star goaltender Ryan Miller, for a decline in his form around 2011; he was also rumored to have asked for a trade to a West Coast team to be closer to her in California. He was indeed traded to the Vancouver Canucks a couple of years later.
  • Tennis star Roger Federer’s wife Mirka is a complicated case. Federer’s most dedicated and knowledgeable fans tend to think highly of her, known how much she has contributed to her husband’s career. The rest of the public has not been so kind. First, they resent her losing her athletic build and getting fatter after ending her tennis career (while Roger turned out to be Beautiful All Along). They also blamed her for Federer parting with his then-coach in early 2004; she stopped giving interviews after that. The yellower Swiss press has especially told stories about her being controlling and dating an older member of the Emirati royal family before getting involved with Roger.
  • Olympic gold medalist and world’s fastest man Usain Bolt got a lot of flak for dating a white woman, especially from fellow Jamaicans. He ended up dumping her, ostensibly to focus on the 2012 Track & Field trials and the upcoming Olympic games.
  • AC Milan footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng’s girlfriend Melissa Satta was blamed for Boateng’s poor start to the 2012-13 season, not just from the fans, but even from manager Massimiliano Allegri.
  • St. Louis Cardinals superstar Albert Pujols' wife Deidre (derisively referred to as “Dee Dee”) is often blamed by Cardinals fans for his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Angelsnote  as a free agent in December 2011. Fans believe she wanted to move to California, and she even started making the rounds on local TV and radio explaining why Pujols made his decision and what would have made him stay in St. Louis. Oddly, the family still lives in St. Louis anyway.
  • The saga of then-Manchester United star David Beckham and his girlfriend and later wife Victoria, “Posh Spice” of the Spice Girls, is a long one with fans from both ends showing their ire. Folklore on the football end has it that Victoria was too snooty and London-centric to want to slum it in a city like Manchester, a whole 200 miles from London and without Harrod's. Man United fans also tend to blame her for his leaving Manchester for Real Madrid. That’s kind of true, but the reality is more complicated; Beckham had a tumultuous relationship with famously autocratic manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who apparently even screamed into his face two inches away when Beckham dared suggest that his wife’s difficult pregnancy with their first child might have been more important than football.
  • Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko had it happen twice. His first wife, Maria Ermak, was widely considered a bitch and was blamed for his retirement. His second wife Yana Rudovskaya was better received, at least partly for talking him into coming out of retirement, but she still receives hatred in some quarters, in particular blaming her for Plushenko’s less than gracious behavior after he lost the gold at the Vancouver Olympic games. (And there’s also this guy who thinks she’s “too old and wrinkly and ugly” for him.)
  • Although tennis player Andre Agassi’s marriage to Brooke Shields didn't seem to attract much criticism, it didn’t escape notice that it was only after the divorce that he began to be seen as something more than an unfulfilled promise. Fortunately, his marriage to his second wife (and eventual mother to his children) did not attract any notion of him possibly getting distracted from tennis, given that she’s 22-time Grand Slam winner Steffi Graf.
  • German tennis player Boris Becker and his wife Barbara faced considerable backlash when they married, as he was white and she African-American. So much so that the couple needed 24/7 police protection for a time. Among the less derisive comments was that Barbara was a "black witch" who had corrupted him.
  • Perhaps the best example to the sports world is acclaimed professional boxer "Iron" Mike Tyson's ex-wife, Head of the Class actress Robin Givens. During their brief marriage, she was labeled everything from a Gold Digger to an opportunist (which wasn't technically untrue) and they weathered some rather embarrassing media coverage such as their disastrous interview with Barbara Walters where she alluded to his physical abuse and mental issues and in other reports she falsely claimed herself to be a Harvard University medical student. Even nearly three decades after they parted ways, she is still a much-reviled figure for Tyson's supporters.

    Actors’/Actresses’/Other Creative People’s Love Interests 
  • Orlando Bloom’s former girlfriend Kate Bosworth and ex-wife (and mother of his child) Miranda Kerr both got some measure of this treatment by the fans. Most of it seems to be Ship-to-Ship Combat (i.e. people who prefer Bosworth don’t like Kerr, or people ship Bloom with his costars). That still doesn’t make it appropriate to harass Kerr with lines about dingo-eating babies just because she’s from Australia.
  • Fans of Katie Holmes routinely bash her ex-husband Tom Cruise. They claim her career took a sharp nosedive after they got married (e.g. she was in Batman Begins but was replaced for The Dark Knight), and they accuse Cruise of having a corrupting influence in her personal life, including converting her to Scientology.
  • Ted Hughes endured a negative reputation among fans of his wife Sylvia Plath; they blame her suicide on his infidelity and their divorce. He also edited her poetry and shuffled her works around in her poetry collections, and he became more successful than Sylvia after her death as well. They acknowledge her existing emotional fragility and untreated mental problems, but claim those just provided him an excuse to cheat on her. And it doesn’t help that his second wife Assia Wevill, the woman for whom he left Sylvia, also killed herself (and their daughter) in the same way Sylvia did.
  • Both Eddie Murphy and Spice Girl Mel B got flak from each other’s fans when they were dating and subsequently broke up. It got more complicated when she became pregnant, Eddie denied that he was the father, and then it turned out he was.
  • David Tennant’s former girlfriend Sophia Myles got a lot of hatred from fans of Doctor Who, for the usual reasons. Fans even claim she only appeared on the show at Tennant’s insistence, ignoring that they met on the set. Tennant’s current wife Georgia Moffett doesn’t get nearly as much ire, but that’s likely because she’s also the daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, which outweighs all the Shipping considerations in the nerdiest communities.
  • Shortly after the release of The Lord of the Rings movies, many of the actors’ girlfriends were vilified for breaking up the fans’ Actor Shipping slash pairings; the most popular such pairing was Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan, which led to much hand-wringing and Fan Fiction writing.
  • David Duchovny’s marriage to Téa Leoni is much reviled by fans of The X-Files. The (relatively) saner ones claim that Duchovny, wanting to be closer to his wife, forced the shooting location to move from Vancouver to Los Angeles, shifting the tone of the show somewhat. The truly crazy ones hate her for interfering with their preferred ship: Duchovny with his co-star Gillian Anderson. At their height, the crazy ones had message boards and hatelistings suggesting that Leoni “tricked” Duchovny into marrying her, that Leoni’s children were not Duchovny’s (but Anderson’s were), and that Leoni had massive amounts of plastic surgery (this apparently making her evil). Leoni, oddly, took it all in stride, practically shipping her husband with Anderson herself! It was supposedly her idea that Scully be naked when Mulder carries her out of the spacecraft in the first movie, and she claimed that she was openly cheering them on during the Almost Kiss scene (which makes this outtake even more hilarious).
  • Jackie Chan has seen this sort of thing happen to his girlfriends and fans, and it unnerves him to the point that he no longer discusses his personal life in interviews. In his autobiography, he cites two particularly disturbing instances: one where a Japanese fangirl, upon learning he had a girlfriend, jumped in front of a train, and a second where a girl reacted to news of his marriage by strolling into the lobby of his production studio’s office and guzzling poison.
  • Supernatural fandom has become very notorious for this, much to the ire of the fans who would rather not get lumped in with the crazies. The worst came when Jared Padalecki announced his wife’s pregnancy; the poor woman was flooded with hateful comments.
  • Hugh Jackman’s wife Deborra-Lee Furness gets a lot of hatred, intensified by the fact that she’s a good ten years his senior. They’re Happily Married nonetheless. Many fans insist Jackman is gay and she’s The Beard, laboring under the bizarre belief that the only reason for an attractive man to be with an older woman is subterfuge.
  • Harry Potter fandom is already terrible for its Ship-to-Ship Combat, and this extends to Actor Shipping as well. Anyone who dates someone who played in the film adaptations is going to get a massive dose of irrational fan hatred. The craziest ones insist that Daniel Radcliffe should get together with Emma Watson, even though their characters Harry and Hermione don’t hook up in the books or films; that’s how crazy it gets. Perhaps the worst hatred went to Jade Olivia, who dated Tom Felton, portrayer of Draco Malfoy, by-word for bad boy the fangirls lust after.
  • Some Farscape fans are desperate for Ben Browder and Claudia Black, who play John Crichton and Aeryn Sun respectively, to become a real-life couple after seeing how good their chemistry is on screen. Problem is, they’re both married to other people. As such, their significant others get a lot of hate for being in the way of the preferred ship. Claudia’s husband Jamie is not in show business and can thus keep a low profile. Browder’s wife Francesca Buller is not so lucky and has even appeared in the show (playing four different characters). The amount of irrational hatred and criticism of her looks, her acting, and her being on the show is staggering.
  • Many fans actively ship Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio solely on the basis of their chemistry in Titanic. They’re both married to other people (who are repeatedly vilified by the shippers), and they insist that they’re Like Brother and Sister and now even find kissing awkward.
  • Fans of film director Fritz Lang commonly blame his wife, screenwriter Thea von Harbou, for anything they don’t like about his early films. They were a Creator Couple early in his career; they often co-wrote screenplays. Von Harbou went on to join the Nazi party and wrote propaganda films during World War II, while Lang fled to Hollywood and basically had to start his career over.
  • Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s relationship is an odd one in that it’s the musician, Madonna, getting more of the hatred for ruining the other artist’s career. In this case, fans consider two of Ritchie’s worst movies, Swept Away and Revolver, to have suffered under her direct influence; Swept Away was even a Non-Actor Vehicle for Madonna. After they divorced, Ritchie bounced back with the Sherlock Holmes films, by far his most commercially successful movies.
  • Some fans of House want the actors who play House and Cuddy, Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein, to hook up in real life. Laurie has been married to his wife since 1989 and has three children with her; when reminded of this, these fans lambast her for not having any on-screen chemistry with him.
  • Ioan Gruffudd was once so receptive to his fans that he funded, out of his own pocket, the largest fansite dedicated to him. That all changed when he got engaged to actress Alice Evans; fans started posting disparaging comments about her. Gruffudd responded by pulling funding for the site, which collapsed for lack of funding shortly thereafter.
  • Brad Pitt can’t catch a break, because he’s been in tabloid-fodder romances with first Jennifer Aniston and then Angelina Jolie. Fans who ship him with one girl will routinely hate on the other one. Angelina-haters consider her a vulture who swooped in on him right after he divorced Jennifer; they insist that he’s still in love with Jennifer, that Angelina is a horrible person and mother, and that they’re always on the verge of breaking up (before they actually did in 2016). The tabloids are very keen to get in on the act, enough that Brad and Angelina once successfully sued the News of the World for publishing such a story. Jennifer-haters hit back, essentially saying she deserved everything he may or may not have done to her; the tabloids are also in on this side, judging everything she’s done since she broke up with Brad under that microscope.
  • Russell Crowe’s wife Danielle Spencer gets quite the hate from her husband’s rabid fangirls. This one, for instance, refers to her as the “Wife and Womb Unit” for committing the sin of being married to him.
  • Twilight fans are already notorious for their shipping wars, and that extends to the actors who play in the films. The two contingents are those who ship Robert Pattinson with Kristen Stewart (matching their characters’ relationship) and those who ship Robert Pattinson with nobody (except perhaps themselves). Pattinson never really respected the role anyway and cheekily admitted to maybe signing on to chase some tail, which fuels the fire somewhat. Then it burst open when Stewart and Pattinson actually started dating each other. Then it got even worse when they started drifting apart, and shippers started attacking anyone Pattinson might be drifting to instead (e.g. this comment decrying Pattinson hanging with another co-star, Nikki Reed). And then it got positively nuclear when Stewart cheated on Pattinson with the married director of Snow White and the Huntsman; the hatred piled on her was staggering (while the director more or less got off scot-free). Pattinson went on to date singer/musician [[FKATwigs FKA Twigs, who predictably got attacked by shippers — but since she’s black, the abuse naturally manifested itself as disgustingly racist.
  • The nuttier fans of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny consider director Mitsuo Fukuda’s wife Chiaki Morosawa to be the show’s “Yoko”. He let her be the writer for many series, and fans tend to blame her for a dip in the plot’s quality. Further rumors suggest that she was jealous of voice actress Naomi Shindo and deliberately derailed her character, Princess Cagalli, to spite her. The only true accusation was that many of the scripts were late, but that turned out to be because she was struggling with cancer, which would eventually kill her (not that the nutty fans had any sympathy for her).
  • In Japan, female celebrities get married at a much lower rate than men. This is because Otaku have a nasty tendency to attack female celebrities for as little as dating someone else. Essentially, they demand that these celebrities remain as "pure" as possible; some are even demanding an outright law prohibiting voice actresses from even being in contact with men until the end of their voice acting career. The men have it better, but not by much. Basically the only way to avoid the fans' ire for dating if you're a celebrity in Japan is to be with someone in the same industry (or a lesbian). The worst instances are:
    • Fans wished death on Aya Hirano because because she has an older boyfriend. She was also part of a larger scandal where she was found to have had consensual sex with several male coworkers, leading to a scandal that precipitated her leaving the Lantis studio. They were treating her like dirt — she was the first of four voice actresses to quit the studio in the span of a month — but fans will generally point to the sex scandal as the real reason why she had to go.
    • A stalker followed Aki Toyosaki to her home, which was so far away from the train station that she has to take a taxi just to get to it. He discovered she was living with her boyfriend. The fan response was hundreds of posts on 2ch showing destroyed merchandise, including several that had threatening imagery — weapons pointing at pictures of her and the like.
    • Another stalker followed Ayana Taketatsu to a shopping center, where they stole photographs she was taking in a photo booth with her boyfriend. Same reaction as with Toyosaki — destroyed merch, threatening imagery, and a demand that she be fired for not remaining single and virginal.
    • When singer Ayaka and actor Hiro Mizushima got married in secret and the news leaked, both had to leave their management agencies.
    • Rie Tanaka got engaged to Kōichi Yamadera, which drew ire because it was Yamadera's second marriage (the first one was to Mika Kanai) and there's an age gap between the two. The backlash led to a premiere screening of Hyperdimension Neptunia being cancelled because of a single fan openly threatening to murder Tanaka.
    • Gender-inversion: Hikaru Midorikawa shut down his blog in 2014 after he introduced an accessory which a female fan was found wearing, and the fandom immediately concluded that he was cheating on his wife.
    • Megumi Ogata received no end of headaches from her fangirls when she got married. Some were mad because he’s 13 years younger than she is. Others flipped out because they wanted her to be a lesbian.
    • Tetsuya Kakihara provoked many fans by admitting to dating fellow voice talent Mamiko Noto. Part of the problem was that Mamiko was also one of Hitomi Nabatame’s “secret wives”, and the Otaku absolutely love lesbian romances, so if some guy gets in the way of that, woe betide that guy. At least Nabatame herself is a much better sport.
    • Gender-inversion: Mamoru Miyano was aware of this phenomenon and tried to keep his marriage a secret. But when the nearly-infertile Miyano successfully impregnated his wife, he couldn’t contain his excitement and announced everything in an interview uploaded to Nico Nico Douga. Fans reacted poorly; the craziest ones wished for his career to collapse and his wife to miscarry.
    • Yukana Nogami was widely vilified when she replaced Saeko Shimazu as the voice of Four Murasame in the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam movies. It was bad enough that she was the Replacement Scrappy; then rumors suggested that she got the role by sleeping with the cast director. They did apparently have a relationship in the past, and it wasn’t pretty for his marriage. Yukana was called a slut and a homewrecker; the abuse was so nasty that she briefly shut down her blog. Then she voiced C.C. on Code Geass and she surged back to popularity.
    • After the reveal of Suzuko Mimori dating Kazuchika Okada for 5 months and since 2017, several of the Japanese (and sometimes international) fans are unhappy that she dated a man instead of being a lesbian by ending up with either Pile or Aya Uchida. It barely helped that the Love Live! franchise is known for its major Les Yay subtext (the sequel later ramps it up).
  • Professional Wrestling:
    • Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend Beth have been together over a decade now (and in fact refer to each other as husband and wife and not boyfriend and girlfriend) and live together. They had a child in 2010 and got married for real in 2011. And Beth has stayed with Jeff through plenty of insane personal turmoil. Despite that, plenty of the nuttier fangirls are positive Beth is a money-grubbing come-lately bitch, mostly because they ship Jeff with themselves.
    • The late Owen Hart's widow Martha receives a lot of fan hatred. Wrestling fans consider Owen Hart a talented, remarkable guy who spent thirteen years entertaining the fans and his peers, and whose work should be shown to future generations. Martha, meanwhile, sues the WWE every few years to erase her husband's place from wrestling history. Every time her name comes up in headlines, death threats are guaranteed.
    • There are fans who hate John Cena's girlfriend, Nikki Bella, and call her a Gold Digger based solely on her behavior on Total Divas. Then there are the opposite set who vilify him for not wanting children or marrying Nikki - despite the fact that he stated it openly and reasonably to her from the start, and Nikki herself affirms to her family that she knew what she was getting into.
    • When Lita left Matt Hardy for Edge, the scandal forced her to retire because she couldn't shake off the X-Pac Heat. After Matt Hardy became an Internet laughing stock in 2011, fans switched their sympathy to Lita for how she was essentially forced out of a job.
    • Due to John Morrison's on-again-off-again relationship with Melina, she tends to get blamed for everything he does involving her. Apparently it's her fault that he infamously snubbed Trish Stratus after their match at WrestleMania 27 because he thought she should have been in the match instead, or that he kept bringing her to shows after she was released. The IWC paints him as an innocent henpecked boyfriend under her cruel spell. It's also apparently because of Melina that he never became a world champion, despite the company having no problem putting five titles on her during her time with the company.
    • Vickie Guerrero received massive amounts of smark hate over appearing as an on-screen character after Eddie's passing, as she was apparently exploiting his memory by working in the same company - to the point where one sign read "The wrong Guerrero died" in the crowd. And because they found her annoying. She did however turn this around and evolve into a popular character in her own right.
    • A gender flipped example came when the WWE management disliked that Total Divas showed the female employees in relationships, effectively ruining their desirability for a lot of male fans. Trinity angsts over this on an episode, where she's hesitant to be seen wearing her engagement ring on TV.
    • Kristal Marshall claimed that she was released from WWE because her boyfriend Bobby Lashley was unhappy at some of the segments she was being asked to do, and he kept complaining to management. She suspects that they hoped if she was released, he would simply find another Diva on the roster.
    • There's a small, but incredibly scary Vocal Minority of fangirls that utterly loathe Dean Ambrose's wife Renee Young, to the point that there are entire blogs devoted to overanalyzing her every move to prove that she's an untalented commentator and a horrible person.
  • When she first started on Wizards of Waverly Place, everybody loved Selena Gomez (she was seen as a better alternative to Miley Cyrus, who was at the peak of Hannah Montana overexposure). However, she made the fatal mistake of dating Taylor Lautner, thus "taking him away" from the Twilight crazies (who now refer to her as "Slutena Homez"). She moved on to Justin Bieber, who has his own legion of crazy fangirls who are quick with the death threats.
  • The wives and girlfriends of the That Guy with the Glasses crew get a scary amount of hatred from the fans — and half of these relationships don't even survive long enough for the fans to simmer down.
    • Linkara's ex-girlfriend Iron Liz is the butt of many crude "lol, she's really a man" jokes, mostly from people upset at how often she's appeared in Linkara's reviews. His current wife, Viga, has also gotten this to a lesser extent.
    • Spoony's ex-girlfriend Scarlett was similarly bashed, with trolls calling her a "ginger fat pig". Not helping was her being responsible for a ton of people getting banned from Spoony's forums. The bashing got more intense after she broke up with him, which many blamed for kicking off the massive downward spiral (exacerbated by mental and physical health issues) for Spoony that he never quite recovered from. Spoony's current girlfriend April has also gotten some of this treatment as well.
    • Doug Walker's wife has a single picture floating around the Internet, which is enough for the idiot fans to rage on her for not being hot enough.
    • The Nostalgia Critic and The Nostalgia Chick get this from each other's fanbases when there's any sign of a Ship Tease between the two. Her fanboys threatened to kill him in his sleep, and his fangirls threatened violence on her for not seeing him as "adorable" as they do. This causes confusion for people who genuinely like both reviewers.
    • Averted with The Cinema Snob's now ex-wife Jillian, whom the fans actually kind of liked. It's played straight, however, with whomever Brad started dating after her. Brad tried to tone it down by insisting that the split was mutual and they were Better as Friends, but it didn't stop the hatred. They hated his first girlfriend just because she wasn't Jillian. They hated his second for better reasons, as she ran off with Brad's then-friend Jake. They accepted Violet for a while, but then she broke up with him (when he was on the verge of proposing, no less), and they went bananas anyway. Luckily, there seems to be no such ire toward his now current wife Laura.
    • When Phelous and Allison Pregler hooked up, it was mostly accepted, but a Vocal Minority accused Allison of ruining Phelous' videos. Allison responded to these accusations with this post, which pretty much laid everything to rest.
    • When Jacob Hope left Nash for fellow ANN writer Zac Bertschy (who has been receiving a lot of hate himself), the fans let him have it, and he didn't take it well.note 
  • Oscar Wilde's boyfriend Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas is commonly accused of ending the writer's great career. Fans accuse Douglas' behaviour (e.g. openly hiring male prostitutes) of tipping people off to Wilde's homosexuality. That ruined his career, got him arrested and sentenced to hard labor for two years (ruining what was left of his health), and forced his family to flee to Europe under an assumed name. Douglas' father accused Wilde of "posing as a somdomite" [sic], for which Douglas insisted Wilde sue him for libel; he lost, and basically guaranteed his own prosecution. Douglas also neglected Wilde in prison (something of which Wilde complains bitterly in "De Profundis"), spurned him in exile once Wilde's money ran out, engineered the final rift between Wilde and the legal guardians of his two sons (whom Wilde never saw again), and spent the rest of his life persecuting Wilde's old boyfriends, including the much better-received Robbie Ross.
  • When Law & Order: SVU actress Stephanie March got together with chef Bobby Flay, the fan reaction was overwhelmingly negative — particularly among fans who shipped March's character Alex Cabot with Olivia Benson, and blamed Flay for March's departure from the show. The fact that Flay was, at the time, widely known as Iron Chef Morimoto's Eagle Land American rival didn't help. Mariska Hargitay's real-life husband Peter Hermann wasn't too popular with fans either, but seemed to attract less outright vitriol than Flay.
  • In the Doctor Who fandom, many people bash Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor)'s girlfriend, Daisy Lowe, in favor of him hooking up with his on-screen former "love interest" Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), or with themselves.
  • Aaron Johnson's fiancee Sam Taylor Wood gets this for being 23 years older than him. She's often subject to vicious comments about how she is supposedly too old and ugly for him, and that he is sure to dump her for a younger woman.
  • Tom Hiddleston, best known as Loki from Thor, attracts ire whenever he's seen with a woman. One of those women happened to be Taylor Swift, who has her own legions of insane fans — and there were persistent rumors that the relationship was just for show while they promoted a music video they did together. It doesn't help that Hiddleston is so focused on his acting that his relationships tend not to last very long.
  • When rumours suggested that Viggo Mortensen was dating Ariadna Gil, his co-star from Alatriste, fangirls everywhere pretty much broke down when that rumour started circulating around the 'net. To add fuel to the fire, Ariadna is already married with two children, and would be cheating on her husband if the rumours are true; and to add dynamite to the fire, the rumours actually turned out to be true: Ariadna left her husband for Mortensen, and they are still together as of this writing.
  • On iCarly, you have your "Seddie" and "Creddie" fans, and fans who ship the actors who play those characters. But when Nathan Kress's relationship with Madisen Hill got out in the open, things heated up on Twitter when incensed "Jathan" fans started sending hate tweets to Madisen for "getting in the way" of their ship, forcing Nathan to block many of them and thus sparking a heated controversy on whether or not he had done the right thing.
  • Many fans were actually happy that Zooey Deschanel got divorced because it meant that she would be "free" to be with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Cue his fans getting angry over their insensitivity.
  • Groucho Marx, in the last years of his life, had a caretaker/girlfriend named Erin Fleming. While she isn't blamed for breaking up the Marx Brothers (that happened a decade earlier with Chico's death), most Marx fans hold her in ire for the way she used Groucho. During the 1970s, as Groucho got increasingly ill and senile, Fleming was constantly shoving him in front of the camera and the public eye, all in the name of jumpstarting her own stillborn acting career. When Groucho died in 1977, the unspoken fan reaction was generally, "Thank God he's finally free of her."
  • When actor Bradley James from Merlin began dating actress Georgia King (who guest-starred on the show), many who shipped Bradley with his co-star Colin Morgan (under the portmanteau "Brolin") responded by throwing a fandom-wide hissy fit. This included leaving nasty messages on Georgia's Twitter, carefully scrutinizing the body language of the couple in an attempt to scientifically disprove their attraction to each other, complaining that all their Brolin fan-fiction was now ruined, or simply refusing to believe it was true.
  • In Turkey and other neighboring countries, when a rumor said that local sex symbol Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ was getting married, many girls were so crushed that they were Driven to Suicide or at least attempted it.
  • In "Fangirls, mean girls – and that grand pastime of calling each other "ugly sluts", Russian blogger Natalia Antonova (wife of a Russian actor and film/theater director) tells her and other women's experiences as friends/significant others of men popular in Russian media.
  • Darren Criss' (of Glee fame) girlfriend Mia Swier gets a lot of hate from the fandom, as a worryingly large part of it thinks he is "meant to be" with co-star (and on-screen ex-boyfriend) Chris Colfer, in spite of Darren identifying as straight. Colfer's boyfriend Will Sherrod has also gotten a lot of this from people who ship Chris with Darren.
  • Sherlock fans have a tendency to be crazy shippers, and a disturbingly large number of them not only ship Sherlock and John, but also Actor Ship Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. These fans accused Cumberbatch's marriage to Sophie Hunter of being a "showmance" designed to create a positive image for him and win him an Academy Award; some branch out the narrative to include a Fake Pregnancy, blackmail, and attempts to boost her own fame. And when Freeman's partner Amanda Abbington was cast as John's wife Mary Morstan, the fans completely lost it and started lobbing death threats — for breaking up two ships in one go.
  • Henry Cavill's girlfriend Marisa Gonzalo gets lots of hate because she's a proud hunter who posts her graphic pictures on Twitter. It doesn't help that Cavill is a self-proclaimed animal rights activist.
  • Some fans of Tim Burton complain that when he began a relationship with Helena Bonham-Carter, his films took a sharp downturn in quality. They also didn't like that his bigger or most interesting female roles seemed to be always given to Bonham-Carter while other actresses had to make do with bland characters. On the other hand, some fans of Bonham-Carter think her hooking up with Burton resulted in her wasting the prime years of her acting career doing his "silly" movies.
  • While Neil Gaiman's first wife Mary McGrath stayed for the most part out of the media, his current wife Amanda Palmer (with whom he has an open marriage) does the complete opposite. He goes on as many music/discussion tours with her as he does for his own work, if not more, and often promotes whatever she's doing on his Facebook page. While some of their fans are more than happy to see them together, others feel that she is stifling him as an author and he is prioritizing her over his writing. One article listing the "least sexy men" included Neil Gaiman, for the sole reason that he is so obsessed with Amanda ("You are no longer Neil Gaiman. You are Gaimanda").
  • Some Game Grumps fans dislike Egoraptor/Arin Hanson's wife Suzy and accuse her of "ruining the show" and making her husband "less funny". When JonTron left Game Grumps in 2013, they went as far as to blame Suzy for his departure, which was fueled by Jon's own girlfriend saying she didn't care much for Suzy during one of Jon's livestreams.
  • The original To Love-Ru ended abruptly thanks to creator Kentaro Yabuki's then-wife. He had based the Shrinking Violet character on her; she was cool with it at first, but then she had a breakdown of some sort and started making unreasonable demands regarding the character. This led to a drawn-out legal battle where Yabuki finally won the creative rights to the character; his wife retaliated by kidnapping and ransoming their daughter. Yabuki ultimately caved; it cost him not just money, but also his marriage, and the first series was ended abruptly. Fans absolutely loathed the ex-wife and projected their hatred onto her fictional counterpart, such that in the Spin-Off sequel To Love-Ru Darkness, she's been Demoted to Extra.
  • Chris Evans' girlfriend, fellow actress Jenny Slate, is too ugly for him, according to his fans.
  • R. K. Milholland, creator of Something*Positive, did his best for a long time to avoid mentioning his partner on his website. Apparently some of his fans took to harassing her online and, in one particularly creepy example, in person at her job, after meeting her at conventions Milholland was attending. Much of his fanbase was thus completely unaware that he was even in a relationship, let alone married, for a number of years.
  • While it's mostly died down, there are still people who hate Markiplier's girlfriend Amy, their main argument being "she stole Mark away from Jack" (or they want him for themselves). There's a reason why the two prefer to keep their relationship private. Even when she does show up in videos (albeit briefly), expect at least one comment bashing her for "ruining Septiplier".
  • Jacksepticeye's girlfriend Signe (aka Wiishu) got hate when Jack announced they were moving in together, and Jack actually had to yell at his fans on Tumblr for attacking her. Even today, some people accuse her of using Jack to get subs for her own channel and leeching off his fame.
    • When the two unfortunately broke up in 2018, some fans immediately starting blaming Wiishu for the relationship falling apart.
  • Darksyde Phil was pretty divisive to begin with, but it only got worse when he shacked up with PandaLee, whom fans consider to be a nuisance whenever she appears in any of his Let's Plays. Finally getting a job of her own hasn't averted accusations of being a mere gold digger because she repeatedly insults her employers on Twitter, and the couple have a very odd relationship dynamic that has been compared more to a father-daughter relationship than a romantic one (e.g. they go out on dates to places couples usually don't go to, like the zoo). They haven't been observed being romantic with each other either, and all of this is to say nothing about the considerable gap in their ages, to the point that trolls call her his daughter.
  • Even though many Raura shippers have accepted Ross Lynch's current girlfriend Courtney Eaton (Because they only want nothing but Ross' happiness in everything he does and the same for Laura), there will be some Raura shippers and fans of his who will never accept her and still insist of having Laura Marano be his "one true love in and out of Austin & Ally". One rabid Raura shipper had Ross' Instagram pics of him with Courtney reported "so I don't have to see them again" (said shipper's words). Ross' response in this tweet made it look like he's not fazed with the said shipper's anger.
  • While most fans greatly support the idea of Chuggaaconroy and Masae Anela getting together, there are some vicious JonChugga fangirls who have sent nasty comments to Masae. Conversely, quite a few of Masae's fanboys have sent hatemail to Chugga for daring to date their precious Masae. The thing is, the two aren't even dating, so all this hate has just spawned from rabid theories. Not that Chugga's words and actions when Masae is around have helped.
  • People were relieved when Jennifer Lawrence broke up with her mother! director Darren Aronofsky, mainly due to the 21-year age gap and the fact that the movie wasn't so well-received.
  • YouTuber Logan Paul has caught a lot of heat from Chloe Bennet fans since their relationship started after Paul's infamous "suicide forest" incident, along with revelations of bad past behaviors that Paul still hasn't acknowledged to this day. Not helping the fact that Bennet defended her boyfriend's actions has left very sour taste in her fans.
  • After the release of Call Me by Your Name, some fans of the Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet ship crossed over into rabid fans territory and became convinced that the two actors were genuinely in love and destined to be together. As a result, they began to constantly harass Armie's wife Elizabeth on social media for years, openly accusing her of forcing her husband to post photos of them together and write loving captions.
  • There is a certain group of Fifty Shades of Grey fans who hate Jamie Dornan's actual wife Amelia Warner and ardently believe that he's actually in love with costar Dakota Johnson (to the point that they have left harassing comments on Warner's instagram and articles about the couple's pregnancy announcements, not-so-subtly implied she's a gold-digger, attempted to convince themselves and everyone else Warner is just a baby incubator for "Damie", and photoshopping Warner out of pictures of the film's cast, just to start).

    Other Famous People's Love Interests 
  • Anne Boleyn at the time she was at court was imagined as an evil, ambitious homewrecker who seduced Henry VIII away from his wife Catherine of Aragon. This ignored the fact that Henry had doubts about his marriage long before Anne arrived at court, and had affairs with other women and produced at least one illegitimate child out of it (Henry Fitzroy, son of a woman called Bessie Blount), and that he was displeased with Catherine because she couldn't give him a son note  Anne simply refused to become his mistress, and Henry was looking for a new wife anyway since Catherine could no longer bear children and he still wanted a legitimate son. Most of this is because we actually know less about her than we should since all her letters and writings were destroyed after her execution. Plenty of Historical Fiction uses this narrative — most famously The Other Boleyn Girl.
  • Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s wife Margaret is considered a “Yoko” not for affecting his policy so much as for just being a distraction through her wild lifestyle. She was 29 years younger than Trudeau and married him when she was only 22. She even supposedly had an affair with Mick Jagger and was off partying with The Rolling Stones in New York when her husband was ousted in 1979. They divorced just before the end of Trudeau’s second stint as PM in 1984. (Their oldest son Justin is now Prime Minister.)
  • Very few instances of this trope can claim to have caused a constitutional crisis and a king's abdication, but this is exactly what happened in Britain with King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson. When Simpson met the then-Prince of Wales, she was (a) American, (b) had already been divorced once, and (c) already married to her second husband, whom she would divorce to marry Edward. And the Church of England at the time did not permit divorceés to marry if their spouse was still alive. People in the know about her feared that she was a Gold Digger, had more lovers no one knew about and could divorce Edward while he was King. The general public in Britain didn't learn about her until after his father died and he became king. In the end, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin threatened that the entire government would resign if the king married her; he responded by abdicating in order to marry her and as a result, was never formally crowned. The couple fled to France, and Wallis received a ton of hate mail. The royal family refused to grant her the style "Her Royal Highness", even though she was entitled to it by marriage. History vindicated the abdication (if only because Edward turned out to be a Nazi sympathizer, and his brother and successor George VI was a very popular king), but Wallis remains a controversial figure in history to this day.
  • Despite being warmly accepted by The House of Windsor and most of the British public, Meghan Markle has received backlash ever since her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed, and even more so with their engagement and marriage, for any one of the following reasons or some combination thereof: like Wallis Simpson, she's American, divorced, and a commoner. (Detractors frequently insist that she's a Gold Digger/Social Climber and cite her clothing or hair choices as indicative of her being low class. A British tabloid quite nastily referred to her as being "Straight Outta Compton".) She's also three years his senior, and most unforgivable of all, biracial. (That last one actually got Harry assassination threats from neo-Nazis for being a "race traitor".) And with she and Prince Harry moving out of Kensington Palace and into Frogmore Cottage, rumors abound about tension between her and her sister-in-law Kate and that she's causing similar friction between him and his brother William (which sadly, might not be entirely untrue—Harry was allegedly angered when William's response to his plans to propose to Meghan after only a year of dating was to caution him about moving too quickly) and that this is the reason for the separation.
  • Prince Charles's now wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, also got quite a bit of flak when she and Charles married, mainly by people that blamed her for Charles's divorce with Diana due to them having an affair while he was still married (ignoring the fact that Diana cheated as much as Charles had). Certainly not helping is by all appearances, he had always wanted to marry Camilla, but between her already marrying Andrew Parker Bowles and him needing to marry a more 'suitable' wife, he settled on Diana. Camilla's charity work, her adapting rather well to being a part of the royal family, and the passage of time had mellowed people's opinion of her, and nowadays all but the most hardcore Diana supporters are looking forward to her becoming Charles's consort if and when he becomes king.
    • It should be noted in both Camilla's and Meghan's cases: Queen Elizabeth II, as sovereign of the United Kingdom, had Parental Marriage Veto rights. Since both Charles and Harry were in the line of succession, she had to approve their marriages or Charles and Harry risked losing their places in the line of successionnote . That she approved both marriages speaks volumes. (She did technically veto Charles's possible marriage to Camilla the first time because of the aforementioned need to find a more 'suitable' wife, but after Diana's death and Camilla's divorce, having seen the mess that Charles's first marriage turned out to be, she approved his marriage to Camilla.)
  • Maike Kohl-Richter, second wife and widow of former German chancellor Helmut Kohl has often been accused of (further) isolating him from his family members and political friends and, more recently, hijacking control over his legacy. The fact that she was 34 years his junior and he was already dealing with major physical and mental ramifications of aging by the time they got married isn't helping.
  • Speaking of the preceding set, Brigitte Seebacher, widow of Willy Brandt, encountered similar animosities. It went so far that a columnist suggested reintroducing the good old Indian tradition of cremating the widow. Premortally. That was too much, Dude, Not Funny! ensued.
  • The Swedish Royal Family's Princess Sofia endured this reaction when she was just a commoner named Sofia Hellqvist who had begun dating Prince Carl Philip in 2010. As a former glamour model, waitress and reality show participant, she was considered beneath him, past photographs of her posing partially nude in a men's magazine were published widespread when the relationship was made public and the Swedish media even started rumors that she was not welcome by his extensive family. In spite of the initial backlash, they have remained together, married in 2015 and had two children of their own.

Fictional Examples

    Anime and Manga 
  • A lot of Shoujo and Josei series involve a new girl catching the eye of the resident hottie, causing all the other girls to get enraged and gang up on her. And people wonder why the resident hottie opted to stay single:
    • In Sensual Phrase, Aucifer songwriter and lead singer Sakuya's girlfriend Aine has to deal with overzealous, whiny, and sometimes downright violent fangirls more than once. Once she befriended a girl named Sakura, only to be dumped by her new "friend" once she learned that she was dating Sakuya. Sakura later gets to briefly date Sakuya — but then we learn it's a Batman Gambit from him since he wants to "punish" Sakura for taking Aine's friendship and position for granted.
    • Miyako Sakuragawa from Private Prince got to meet up with Prince Wilfred in a high-class party that her friend Chiri smuggled her into. The next day, a bunch of bitchy girls were already on her case, and Wilfred's valet Robert had to bail her out.
    • In Peach Girl, Momo got attacked (and her locket with a picture of her crush smashed) by a bunch of Kairi fangirls. She had just had a very short, antagonistic conversation with the guy, and still that's enough for them to warn her to "stay away from our man" — what was actually said isn't important to them.
    • In Lovely Complex, Risa Koizumi is attacked by a girl named Mimi due to her closeness to the basketball captain Ootani, whom Mimi has her heart set on. Mimi goes as far as almost stabbing Risa in the hand with a pen out of jealousy. Fortunately, she later gives up on it.
    • In Akuma na Eros, Miu is attacked by Amamiya's fangirls after they spot them speaking in the school grounds.
    • Kyo Koi O Hajimemasu: Tsubaki was a victim of this when it came to being close to Kyota, even more so when it got out that they'd started dating.
  • The Gentlemen's Alliance has Haine be reprimanded and intimidated by Shizumasa's fangirls, after she becomes his girlfriend. Played for Laughs, as they were just fine with Shizumasa dating Maguri.
  • At the start of Haunted Junction, A female ghost attempts repeatedly to possess Kazumi to spend a whole night with her boyfriend. It turns out that said boyfriend was a rising rock singer and, the night she died, the poor girl was running away from three rabid fangirls who had been bullying her for dating him, getting accidentally hit by a car in the middle of her escape. They get a Literal Ass-Kicking by the Ghost Giant, who punishes meddlers like that among Saitou High students, and the girl is reunited with the boyfriend without needing to possess Kazumi.
  • In The Legend of Black Heaven, Oji's wife Yoshiko (or "Yokko"), a groupie of the metal band Oji fronted in his glory days, is broadly hinted to have caused the breakup of the band by conceiving Oji's son Gen. Yoshiko is largely hostile and unsupportive when Oji takes up the guitar again to the point of moving out of their house and filing for divorce when Oji won't quit the band. However, when Layla explains everything to Yoshiko through an answering machine message, she rallies fans of the band together to cheer Oji on.
  • In Durarara!!, Izaya's younger sister Mairu has a brief Heroic BSoD when she reads in a tabloid that her favorite actor (Shizuo's brother Kasuka) might have a relationship with Idol Singer Ruri Hijiribe.
  • It's basically the plot of NANA; Nana O is perceived as a Yoko due to her relationship with Ren, with far-reaching effects on her life and career.
  • In Mawaru-Penguindrum:
    • Three girls who were dumped by resident hottie Kanba Takakura (Asami, Yui, and Chizuru) form a club named "Heart-Broken Victims of Takakura Kanba Association". As such, Yui and Chizuru corner Kanba at some point, asking him if he has a new girlfriend. Then Action Girl Masako then shows up and wipes their memories away, just like she did to a hospitalized Asami right beforehand.
    • Averted in the case of the in-story famous Takarazuka actress Yuri Tokikago, who is dating Kanba and Shoma's teacher Keiju Tabuki and hasn't had problems coming from fans as far as the story shows. This doesn't change when they get engaged, Yuri retires from acting, and Tabuki moves into her Big Fancy House. The only one really objecting is Ringo, a Yandere with a Precocious Crush, and even she gets over it.
  • In The World God Only Knows, when popular idol Kanon publicly confesses to Keima, several of her fanboys are not pleased.
  • Zetsuai 1989:
    • When Koji helps Izumi's sister Serika, people mistakenly believe they're dating. This really pisses off Izumi, who not only doesn't want his little sister in the spotlight and subjected to this trope but also out of fear that it would bring the family's Dark and Troubled Past out in the open — which it did.
    • Koji's announcement that he's in love with Izumi doesn't go over very well with his fans, especially the already unstable Eri.
  • In Bakuman。, when it comes out that Miho Azuki, now a very popular voice actress, is dating the main character, Mashiro, there is a massive amount of fan rage and Internet Backdraft. And it leads to quite the consequences for Miho's career, as she must outperform everyone to voice the female lead in the anime version of Mashiro's manga because of her relationship with him.
  • In Kodomo no Omocha, Sana (already a child star in her own right) gets her leg broken by obsessed fangirls of another famous child star, Naozumi Kamura (who happens to be her friend), because of rumors running around that they'd hooked up on an extended film shoot. At first, they managed to convince these girls that it was pure gossip, but the rumors were too strong for them to think otherwise.
  • In Pokémon Adventures, a lot of Elesa's fanboys assume that Black is her boyfriend when they see him with her and get pissed, apparently forgetting that she's a Gym Leader along with being a model.
  • In Kannazuki no Miko, when Chikane's fangirls learn that she has her eyes set on her best friend Himeko, they take to bullying poor Himeko out of jealousy. Chikane and Souma are very displeased by this.
  • Detective Conan:
    • A case featured an Idol Singer who hid her romantic relationship with a guy in the TV industry because of this trope. For worse, the Idol Singer died in very shady circumstances — and one year later, the boyfriend became the case's killer, trying both to have revenge and to find her body, hidden inside a Big Fancy House.
    • Both Kogoro and Ai Haibara invoke the trope when rumors suggest that Kogoro's favorite Idol Singer Yoko Okino and Ai's favorite soccer player Ryuunosuke Higo are dating. Specifically, the Detective Kids notice that Ai, who normally likes Yoko's songs, has deleted them off her cellphone out of jealousy. Since Yoko and Higo were actually Mistaken For Dating and a high school friend of the two was murdered, the cast focused on finding the culprit instead, and the matter remains as a mere Running Gag. Once everything's cleared up, a calmer Ai re-uploads her favorite Yoko songs to her 'phone.
    • In Yoko Okino's introduction story, it's revealed when she became an Idol, her manager blackmailed her boyfriend into breaking up with her for fear of a boyfriend hurting her popularity.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice has the eponymous character being subjected to this in a professional way. Because the best skater in the world, Viktor Nikiforov, stopped skating to be his coach, skaters that still want to compete with him and Viktor's legion of fans that wanted to watch him skate again all started hating Yuri, something that Chris reiterates. Yuri though states that he wants to be hated as the man who stole Viktor from the world. Interestingly, everybody seems to ignore or not be aware that Viktor and Yuri are in a relationship as of episode 7, despite the fact that they kissed on international television.

    Comic Books 
  • In Cerebus the Aardvark, when Bear's obnoxious girlfriend Ziggy shows up and it's clear that he's going to be leaving the bar with her, almost everyone else there makes plans to leave for good the next day because it shatters the already-tenuous atmosphere in the bar.
  • An early issue of Grim Jack had him trying to protect a No Celebrities Were Harmed expy of John Lennon. In the end, he finds out too late that the stalker's target was the wife, not the musician as everybody had assumed. The killer had blamed her for 'ruining' her husband — but her death resulted in him quitting singing and music all together.

    Fan Works 
  • The Moaning Myrtles, a Wizard Rock band (i.e. they write about Harry Potter), referenced the trope in a song called "Choko Ono", about Moaning Myrtle, her crush on Harry, and what she thinks of Cho.
  • Enoby Darkness Dementia Tara Raven Way in My Immortal hates Hilary Duff, probably because, at the time, she was dating Joel Madden, and she seems to have a major crush on any singer in a "goffic" band.
  • A fanart that mentions this [1]

  • David St. Hubbins' girlfriend from This Is Spın̈al Tap, Jeanine Pettibone, is naturally intended to be a parody of Yoko Ono.
  • Emily Wang in Clean gets blamed for the fall into obscurity and drug-related death of her boyfriend, a former rock star.
  • In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Scott's friends, especially his ex-girlfriend Kim Pine, are turned off by Knives Chau's presence, especially when you consider that Scott is 23 and Knives is 17.
  • In the British romantic comedy Confetti, one of the main characters is in a low-level rock band. He's getting married, and his best friend and bandmate has taken to writing songs which are thinly veiled rants about how much of a bitch he thinks the main character's fianceé is and how she's breaking up the band and splitting them apart. She is, however, a perfectly lovely and sweet woman, but is savvy enough to get the references to her in his music and does not appreciate them.
  • America's Sweethearts is one huge parody of this trope. When a Hollywood couple that has made several romantic comedies together breaks up prior to the release of their latest movie, interest in the film plummets, so the studio's promotion team tries to make it look like they're getting back together so the fans and press will care again.

  • In the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, Georgia considers this trope the reason why Robbie's bandmates dislike her.
  • In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine book Legends of the Ferengi, one of the stories recounts how the popular Ferengi music group "Success" broke up after Grymi Success skipped the Isle of Grubs music festival to spend the evening in a tube grub sack with his wife, a Bolian performance artist named Pino.
  • Kings of the Wyld: Valery, Gabe's wife, is often credited with breaking apart Saga by poisoning Gabe's ear and talking about coexisting with monsters. Clay notes that while Valery didn't really help, in the end, she didn't have much to do with the band's troubles, and especially not with them breaking up.
  • A platonic version in The Babysitters Club book Claudia & The New Girl, the very tagline of which is "Claudia might give up the Club — and it's all the new girl's fault!". As indicated by the title, Claudia befriends Ashley, a new student at school, and begins spending more time with her than her other friends, as Ashley, like Claudia, is an artist. Eventually, enough tension rises for both Ashley and the other club members to demand that Claudia choose one or the other. By the book's end, Claudia makes it clear that she will not give up either and that both parties were out of line to ask such a thing. Ashley reappears in several books, and while she never again suggests that Claudia give up babysitting or the club, it's still obvious that she holds them and it in contempt.

    Live Action TV 
  • The exact title of the trope, "Yoko Oh No", occasionally appears on TV, such as in the All That sketch "C.J. and the Cloudy Knights", where one of the Cloudy Knights has a girlfriend named Yoko who threatens to leave him if he doesn't become the lead singer.
  • On 30 Rock:
  • On The Big Bang Theory:
    • In "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem", Sheldon's graduate student Ramona Nowitzki seeks to isolate him from the group and curtail his leisure activities in an effort to improve his scientific work. The soundtrack lampshades this by covering a montage of this activity with "Be My Yoko Ono". Sheldon eventually cuts ties with Ramona in order to avoid sharing credit with a lowly graduate student.
    • In Season 9, Raj and Howard start a "filk music" band. Raj starts playing songs for Emily and listening to her ideas, to which Howard accuses him of trying to break up the band by doing whatever Emily says.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • A late fourth-season episode is called "The Yoko Factor". The Yoko, in this case, is an actively malicious one — Spike, who can see a conflict brewing among the Scoobies and pushes just the right buttons to set it off. Notably, Spike himself notes to Adam during the episode that Yoko, for all she got blamed, didn't break up the Beatles, but rather internal strife; similarly, he wasn't the cause of the Scoobies' breakup, just the catalyst that (deliberately) brought their grievances into plain view. This example, however, is a subversion — while the Scoobies do have a vicious argument and falling out thanks largely to Spike's prodding when tempers have cooled a bit they're savvy enough to realise that Spike's been manipulating them, approach either other more calmly about their recent tensions and mend bridges.
    • In that same arc, Riley's friend Forrest views Buffy as the Yoko (with the Beatles represented by the Initiative).
    • Anya sees Willow as Yoko for her relationship with Xander. You can't say she's wrong. It's a big plot point for the season 5 episode "Triangle".
  • Coco from Flight of the Conchords: She's actually perfectly nice, but Jemaine insists that she'll break up the band, and compares her to the Trope Namer. As it happens, Jemaine worrying that she'll break up the band is exactly what makes Bret quit.
    Bret: Why did you say that? ‘Cause she’s nothing like Yoko.
    Jemaine: Ono, she isn’t.
    Murray: Jemaine, you’re putting "oh no" together to sound like "Ono".
    Jemaine: Ono I didn't.
    Murray: You did it again.
    Jemaine: Ono, did I?
  • Israeli sitcom The Foxes, revolving around a group of friends making a poor quality horror series on YouTube, made an ersatz-Yoko girlfriend for the group writer and director Schmuckler. Her skin had a rather dark complexion and her eyes were always covered by sunglasses, making her appear more Asian. She frequently meddled with the production, whispering "suggestions" to Schmuckler (who took the habit of wearing round sunglasses) and never uttering a word besides that. The rest of the group hated her guts, but let her stay because Schmuckler was a virgin and they wanted to give him an opportunity to finally get lucky. This got so bad she made him declare their break up (and smiled in Schadenfreude as he obeyed) but was soon allowed to be in the group’s new short instead. The actor playing the murderer in the scene was extra-cruel to her and wound up legitimately hurting her, leading to her leaving the group for an acting gig (apparently, no one could play a dead body as well as her). And Schmuckler never got it on with her anyway.
  • Freaks and Geeks: After Lindsay criticizes the group for sucking, they break up, and Ken calls Lindsay "Yoko."
  • Friends: Shortly after Phoebe starts dating David the Scientist he turns down a once-in-a-lifetime job offer that would require him to move to Minsk in favour of staying in New York with her, a decision that causes a rift between him and his lab partner Eric. When they run into him at Monica's New Year's Eve party Eric greets Phoebe by spitefully calling her "Yoko" and rubbing it in David's face that he's still going to Minsk.
  • In an episode of Full House, Joey's latest girlfriend senses that he isn't happy with the way Jesse always takes the lead and makes decisions in their partnership/friendship and urges him to stand up for himself. Sure enough, this causes considerable friction and tension between the two, culminating in a huge fight in which Jesse outright refers to the woman as "Yoko" (a bit of Fridge Brilliance, given what a rabid music fan Jesse is).
  • Game of Thrones: Talisa marrying Robb was already widely frowned upon while they were still alive. Years after the Red Wedding, even previously loyal Stark bannermen don't remember her as their late queen but instead as a "foreign whore" (- Robett Glover) who brought the bane of House Stark and the whole Northern cause.
  • Nina from Just Shoot Me! is a serial Yoko. She forced her boyfriend of the week, Huey Lewis, to quit his air band (he came back). She also broke up The Jackson Six (yes, there were six).
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: In Gamera vs. Guiron, they reference Yoko Ono. During a closeup on young Tomoko, one of the SOL crew quips, "I'll show you! I'll grow up to break up the Beatles!"
  • The Shield has Mara, Shane Vendrell's girlfriend and ultimately wife. Introduced at the start of the third season without bothering to show how she and Shane hooked up, Mara instantly shattered the loyalty of the members of the Strike Team with her existence, ultimately causing the group to break apart and to put Shane and Vic Mackey at bitter odds with each other. On the other hand, Mara is routinely written as being the only character who knows full well the true dark nature of the Strike Team and their crimes, and as such, reacts to their insane illegal/morally unethical schemes in a sensible fashion. Unfortunately, this in turn led to Shane murdering his best friend, Detective Curtis "Lem" Lemanski, due to Mara lecturing Shane earlier in the season that he needed to put his family ahead of protecting Lem and his friends in the Strike Team, much to the horror of fans of the Lem/Shane slash pairings. Ultimately, Shane kills Mara and their child, starting the chain of events that brings the Downer Ending on.
  • Alluded to in That '70s Show. When Eric and Donna find out that Hyde and Jackie are dating behind Kelso's back (even though Kelso did run out on her for a while), Eric freaks out over the effect of the deal in their common friendship and tells Jackie, "You'll be breaking up the band, Yoko!" Earlier, in the episode "The Third Wheel", he also calls Hyde's Girl of the Week Yoko ("What? We're kind of the Beatles.")
  • In Whitechapel, a band groupie is asked about any jealousies or rivalries within the band, to which she replies: "I'm no Yoko."
  • On Youngers, Davina is a Yoko despite being a member of the band; the Love Triangle between her, Yemi, and Jay essentially breaks up the band. In series 2, when they are Putting the Band Back Together, Yemi worries about this trope when they are trying to get Davina to join them again.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful: When younger brother Thorne Forrester marries Darla, she encourages him to take on a larger role in the family's fashion company and stand up to his bullying older brother Ridge. This eventually causes such tension that a huge blowup results in Thorne quitting to start his own company. A similar scenario played out several years earlier with brother Rick and his wife Amber.
  • Gilmore Girls discussed the Trope Namer:
    Rory: Yoko Ono? Really?
    Lane: A very misunderstood artist and The Beatles would’ve broken up anyways.
    Rory: Have you shared this theory with anyone?
    Lane: I know it, Yoko knows it, Sean knows it. Julian’s still in denial — but what can you do?
  • Daredevil (2015):
    • Over the course of season 1, Wilson Fisk begins a romantic relationship with art curator Vanessa Marianna. Unfortunately, his associates Leland Owlsley and Madame Gao see Vanessa as distracting Fisk from the day to day needs of his criminal enterprise. Thus they try to have her killed at a charity gala that Fisk is throwing by poisoning her wine. She barely survives due to Fisk immediately rushing her to an emergency room. When Fisk learns of Owlsley's role in the attempt, he throws him down an elevator shaft. Gao leaves town before Fisk can do anything to her.
    • In season 2, it's established that Foggy sees Elektra as bad news, as Matt's relationship with her in college got to the point that he almost failed out of school.
  • Quantum Leap. When Sam leaps into an investigative reporter, he falls in love with the psychic helping him investigate a series of murders. His partner is displeased and tells her, "Well, if we're going to break up, I guess you're a pretty good reason." She sincerely tells him that that's she not trying to ruin their partnership/friendship, but he doesn't believe her—"Really? Because it seems like that's what been happening." note 
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017): When Count Olaf's girlfriend Esmé Squalor joins the troupe's schemes in season 2, it's quickly apparent that she's disliked by the majority of the troupe, who are always in various states of irritation or boredom as she blathers on about herself. Except for the Bald Man, who seems very interested in her chatter, and even supports her in her endeavors to get the sugar bowl. In The Hostile Hospital Part I, the Hook-Handed Man even complains, "I liked it so much better before Yoko showed up."

  • Barenaked Ladies has a song called "Be My Yoko Ono" that discusses this trope.

    Professional Wrestling 

  • Inverted in Old Harry's Game: One of the characters violently hates celebrity gardener Alan Titchmarsh because he fancies Titchmarsh's wife.

    Video Games 
  • In The Prince Of Tennis Dating Sim Gakuensai no Oujisama, if the player gets the main girl (default name: Shizuka Hirose) to attend Hyoutei and she becomes close to Atobe, she will be threatened and physically attacked by his rabid fangirls. When Atobe finds out, he will lecture Shizuka harshly for not telling him about the incidents; later he'll protect her from his fans and, if the main girl manages to successfully woo him, in the end, he announces that she will be his girlfriend in front of the whole school, much to the dismay of the attackers.
  • Parodied in one of the loading screen messages for Guitar Hero: "When in doubt, blame the singer's girlfriend".
  • In The King of Fighters XIII:
    Athena: "As an idol, scandals are taboo, so I can't go on a date with you! ♪ "
    • In the Story mode, when the player uses the Women's Team and they face the Psycho Soldiers, Yuri starts the talk by asking about the trope:
    Yuri: Hey Athena... isn't it too hard to be an idol? I mean, you can't hang out with friends in public or date and stuff, right...?
    Athena: Yeah, there are some restrictions in my personal life... but I'm happy to be an idol so I can accept these inconveniences!
    • The trope is directly used in the Days of Memories Dating Sims, if Athena is the girl that the MC wants to romance. In Boku to Kanojo no Atsui Natsu, she's kidnapped by some Loony Fans and the main boy must save her; in Boku no Ichiban Taisetsu na Kimi e, there's the Running Gag of her fans interrupting the MC and Athena's dates but later it's played more seriously when her manager threatens to resign if her image is "tainted"; and in Boku to Kanojo to Koto no Koi, a scandal does take place when photos of the MC and Athena are taken and leaked to the Internet, but it's a misunderstanding and the fan who did so (Kaoru) apologizes for it.

  • Ménage à 3: Zii’s relationship with DiDi destroys Zii’s band, not so much through anything that DiDi does deliberately as because of Zii’s obsession with her. It was inevitable that there’d be trouble with bassist Sonya, who has her own obsession with Zii, but the relationship makes Zii careless and thoughtless, angering drummer Yuki. One smart move from Sonya later, and the band is defunct.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • On Family Guy, Stewie threatens Brian with doing the same thing to him he did to John Lennon. The Cutaway Gag shows Stewie making the introductions.
  • On King of the Hill, Dale (acting as the manager of John Redcorn's band Big Mountain Fudgecake) calls Luanne "Yoko" and blames her relationship with Lucky for hurting their success; Luanne doesn't get the reference. The band does break up shortly thereafter, but due to Redcorn going "mainstream" (becoming a children's entertainer) and not Luanne's influence.
  • Metalocalypse: Nathan Explosion's woman is, to say the least, a nuisance. There were mass suicides when news of him having a girlfriend broke out. (And open warfare between fangirls once they broke up.) And the band nearly broke up after a love triangle between Nathan, Pickles, and their new band manager Abigail goes horribly wrong.
  • A Pinky and the Brain episode featured The Brain introducing a "singer" named Yoyo Nono (who can't sing at all) to the popular '60s band The Feebles. The result?
    George Harrison lookalike: She's awful.
    Paul McCartney lookalike: She's terrible!
    Ringo Starr lookalike: She can't sing.
    John Lennon lookalike: I love her!
    • Then the band breaks up so "Jim Lemon" can pursue a relationship with Nono, and The Feebles' fanbase immediately run Pinky and the Brain out of India for introducing them.
  • Moko Jono, Mojo Jojo's girlfriend in The Powerpuff Girls' Beatles spoof "Meet the Beat-Alls". She helps the girls split up the band. Here, she's a good gal who is sent in as a Reverse Mole of sorts. She was a nonsentient female ape of the same species, "cross"-dressed as a sentient being, brought in by the PPG to break up the four supervillains whose powers combined could beat all three of the girls.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Barney's girlfriend from "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" is a direct Yoko parody.
      Moe: What'll it be?
      Barney: Gimme a beer.
      Barney's Japanese Girlfriend: I'll have a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat.
      (Moe immediately places both requested drinks on the bar.)
    • The band's manager in the same episode gives Homer this advice. "I would prefer if we kept your marriage a secret. You see, a lot of women are going to want to have sex with you, and, er, we want them to think they can."
    • In another episode, when someone mentions Yoko Ono, Homer says, in all sincerity, "Ew, she totally ruined the Plastic Ono Band!"
  • In Chozen, after the title character reconnects with his prison boyfriend Jamal, Ricky and Crisco are less than thrilled. That Jamal starts pushing for Chozen to abandon rapping altogether doesn't help.
  • On Drawn Together, after finding out he was going to be forced into an arranged "battle", Ling-Ling exclaims "Yoko Ono".
  • Daria: Some fans of the show feel this way about Tom Sloane. He starts dating Jane near the end of season 3, but his growing attraction to Daria causes a serious rift between the two girls, who, up until then, were inseparable for most of the show. This fact is not lost on Daria, and when she and Tom kiss each other it hurts her friendship with Jane for a while.
  • In the episode "Fallen Arches" of The Venture Bros., the trope is discussed when Dr. Venture attempts to have The Talk with his son Dean. The Time-Compression Montage inexplicably ends with him ranting that Tawny Kitaen broke up Whitesnake. (David Coverdale did replace most of the band around the time she appeared in their videos, and they got married and divorced sometime later.)


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