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Clingy Jealous Girl

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It ain't over for him yet.

Ned: Missy, we need to talk. I've found someone else.
Missy: You're so cute when you say things that you know will get you and whoever you're talking about seriously injured.

She's often cute, sometimes to the point of twee. She's affectionate too, but she also has a grip like a hydraulic press, and seems to want to be an article of clothing wrapped around the body of the guy she likes. Woe to him if he so much as looks at another girl (or if another girl dares to look at him), for she's usually armed with a slap, a Megaton Punch or a Hyperspace Mallet, and she's willing to use it on him whether he invited the attention or not. Sometimes, even other girls are not safe from her, especially if they try to woo her crush in front of her. She's the Clingy Jealous Girl, and she can be anywhere on the spectrum from a fondly-regarded nuisance to a psycho stalker.

If she's a Yandere, she'll snap and try to Murder the Hypotenuse at least once. Especially If I Can't Have You…. If she's a Tsundere instead, her violence towards the male lead will be a Running Gag. If she has a Sugar-and-Ice Personality, she'll be more prone to snide comments and verbal violence than open clinginess. Depending on how possessive she is, their "boyfriend's" friends will also be targeted. Put them in a horror movie, and you've possibly got a Nigh-Invulnerable antagonist hellbent on having one of the characters all to themselves for whatever reason they desire.

This can even happen non-romantically. A little sister who adores her older brother may declare her brother off limits to any girl who shows interest in him, jealous of them taking his attention off her.

Expect her to be the victim of lots of fan bashing for getting in between The Protagonist and his True Love, even if she actually loses. If she does manage to start a relationship with her object of affections, it will range anywhere from annoying gushing, All Take and No Give, or even Love Martyrdom. At the same time, most of the main characters will have a similar character, since this is the simplest way to depict her jealousy and interest in the character.

In Fan Fiction, when a Relationship Sue appears to snatch the love interest's attention away, all possible love rivals will often become Clingy Jealous Girls to make her look better than she really is.

Her Spear Counterpart is the Crazy Jealous Guy.


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    Audio Plays 
  • Charlotte Pollard from Big Finish Doctor Who towards the Eighth Doctor gets rather angry at the presence of C'rizz. Becomes really prevalent in "The Next Life", where they get into a massive argument, C'rizz calling Charley a "bunny boiler". The Doctor convinces them to work it out and Charley admits her flaws.
  • All of the Yandere love interests in Yandere no Onna no Ko. You just have to pick your poison on which girl you'd want to be stuck with for the rest of your life (or what's left of it).

    Comic Strips 
  • Andrea, a character from the Filipino newspaper comic Beerkada had a peculiar way of clinging to her object of affection: she chomps down on the shoulder or neck of the guy and doesn't let go, earning her the nickname "Chompy." She later becomes his girlfriend.
  • Roxanne in Candorville is an extreme example, and apparently plans to kill the girl Lemont really likes. She's also somewhat of a deconstruction in that she's never shown love for him, only a desire to control him and have him obey her every whim.
  • Anthony's fiancee, later wife, Therese from For Better or for Worse behaved this way whenever his childhood girlfriend Elizabeth was around, even at their wedding. Justified in that Anthony probably was cheating on her emotionally even then.
    • Liz got a stint of this in her teens when she attempted to break up with Anthony before a school dance, only to get insanely jealous when the friend she asked to help her break up by proxy felt so bad for him that she offered to take him instead. As this occurred before most Pattersaints could do no wrong, Lynn repeatedly lampshaded Liz's own responsibility for the whole debacle.
  • Hernia, Hamlet's (wannabe) girlfriend from the Hägar the Horrible comic strip. In one strip she sewed name tags onto his clothes with her name on them, and in another she chains him to the spot, which is bad for a wandering hunter.
  • Sedine from InSecurity is extremely upset when she finds out that Ellie the next-door neighbor had dated Sedine's husband Sam in college.
  • Luann features both Bernice, who harasses and smothers Zane (including asking him to marry her despite her being a teenager), and Luann herself, who obsesses over Aaron Hill and hates anyone he likes.
    • Luann even got this way with her Abhorrent Admirer Gunther, as a form of Stringing the Hopeless Suitor Along. Whenever he developed an interest in another girl (or they in him) Luann would immediately get possessive of him and warn everyone that Gunther was hers. As soon as any potential romance for the guy was squashed Luann would go back to treating him with disdain.
  • Peanuts:
    • Lucy van Pelt is obsessively infatuated with Schroeder and goes to ridiculous lengths to beat out her competition for his attention — namely, his piano.
    • Lucy's brother Linus also has to keep reminding Sally, Charlie Brown's sister, that "I'm not your 'sweet baboo'!"
  • Once Samantha and Dave finally get together in Safe Havens, Samantha tends to get jealous if she even thinks someone is trying to hit on Dave. Particularly ironic in the case of Dave's Italian translator Maria, because Maria is a very ardent Shipper on Deck for Samantha and Dave because she's their Kid from the Future. Maria even notes that she used this trope to her advantage: by getting Samantha to focus all her jealousy on her, that meant Samantha didn't notice when Maria warded off actual threats to their relationship.

    Films — Animation 
  • A marriage variant in The Book of Life, La Muerte gave Xibalba a good zap when he was briefly ogling a grown-up Maria.
  • Emily from Corpse Bride, when going to the land of the living with Victor to see his parents, has this reaction when she sees Victor with Victoria.
    Emily: Darling. (clutches Victor's arm) Who's this?
    Victoria: Who is she?!
    Emily: I'm his wife! (shows off Victor's wedding ring on her hand)

    Multiple Media 
  • Vhisola from BIONICLE is obsessed with her teacher Nokama, going mad whenever she gives any attention to her other students and even having a Stalker Shrine dedicated to her. And so she doesn't react kindly when Nokama becomes a Toa hero more preoccupied with saving the world than spending time with her class. Vhisola hinders the Toa's quest by trying to steal one of the Great Disks to get back at Nokama, becoming one of six suspects for the traitor the Toa have been trying to uncover. This side of Vhisola gets erased once all the Matoran in Metru Nui have their minds wiped; she spends the rest of her life as a perfectly sane person under the guidance of Nokama, who keeps Vhisola's past and their uneasy relationship a secret from her.

  • The Mexican singer Daniela Romo's song "Celos" ("Jealousy") is from the POV of a Clingy Jealous Girl.
  • "Dixie Boy" by April Smith and the Great Picture Show is about a woman who threatens to fight anyone who flirts with her man.
  • Kaci Battaglia's "Crazy Possessive" is about a girl who is pissed because her best friend is trying to move in on her guy.
  • Shania Twain's "I'm Jealous", where she confesses to being jealous of, amongst other things, the wind, sun and rain touching her guy.

  • The ultimate, original Clingy Jealous Girl would have to be Zeus' wife, Hera, in Classical Mythology, whose stories are mostly about the myriad punishments she inflicted on her husband's few thousand human mistresses (never mind the fact that half the time, the relationship was not consensual). She's the goddess of family and marriage as well as the Queen of the Olympian Pantheon. No wonder she's pissed off.
  • From Classical Mythology, Medea, whose wrath at being dumped by her husband Jason (for whom she had renounced to everything) is legendary. Interestingly, Jason managed to marry Medea with Hera's favor (he needed help to get the Golden Fleece, and Hera had Eros make Medea fall for him), but lost it when he dumped his wife, who as said above had left everything for him. She decided to punish him for leaving her by murdering their children.
  • Aphrodite had her moments, despite not being the most faithful herself. She cursed Eos with insatiable lust for sleeping with Ares, who was Aphrodite's lover at that time. According to some myths she also instructed Nessos to have Deianeira soak a robe in his poisoned blood and present it to Heracles, causing his painful death. All for seducing Adonis, another one of her lovers.

    Puppet Shows 

  • Lucy from 13, to the point where she ruins her relationship with her best friend because she was his girlfriend, getting in a fight with said best friend, yelling at Brett for "flirting" (for example: saying "hi") to other girls, and starting a rumor about her former best friend with another guy when Brett dumps Lucy for her.
  • Amneris from Verdi's opera Aida. Hoo boy.
  • Cleopatra from Antony and Cleopatra.
  • Fausta in Dorothy L. Sayers' The Emperor Constantine. Constantine divorced his wife to marry her — albeit in a political match — and is faithful to her, and she complains that he is faithful because he thinks it's the respectable thing to do.
  • Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream, though to what extent is determined by the actress playing her. Some tug the heartstrings and others are just annoying. Though Shakespeare establishes that Demetrius definitely led her on, and other characters in the play call him out on courting her and then dropping her for her best friend.
  • Nessarose from Wicked, who abuses her authority to keep Boq near her, enslaving him, and goes to the point of shrinking his heart and turning him into the Tin Man to keep him from marrying Glinda. It was Glinda's fault in the first place, as she tricked Boq into dating Nessa.

    Web Original 
  • Anon has Chelsea Clark, who tends to be horribly clingy with both Kyle and Tucker. When she dated either of them she treated them like shit, and then after the breakup would find herself overcome with jealousy if they moved on and would normally sabotage the new relationship or at best complain non-stop. Chelsea even openly admitted to her daughter Candace that one of the main reasons she ended up with Tucker is because he showed her the most affection, which was all she ever wanted.
  • Hyper Fangirl from The Nostalgia Critic changes her orange sweater to a blue one with "HE'S MINE" on it in the opening of The Princess Diaries II. Twist is, Critic only belongs to her in the literal sense as she's kidnapped him and is forcing him to be her boyfriend.
  • The Overly Attached Girlfriend. A parody cover of Justin Bieber's "Girlfriend" which spawned an Internet meme, a followup video and a Twitter account.
  • In Return of the Cartoon Man, Valerie becomes very jealous and clingy when Roy tries to leave her to go and help Karen.
  • Sam & Mickey: "Call Me...Maybe?" has Barbie continually pester Ken through his voicemail regarding a rumor of him having a fling with some Disney Princesses. Unfortunately, the viewer never receives a confirmation or denial of this rumor, as Mr. Potato Head somehow receives all of Barbie's messages instead.
  • This ASMR video has a neko girl jealous of the viewer's pet cat. Not that she doesn't like the cat, in fact she adores it, she just insists that the viewer divide the attention with her.


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