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An ugly or overweight (usually) female character is noticeably attracted to a male protagonist. Maybe she's even a little forward about it. The protagonist realizes this, and is profoundly uncomfortable with the whole idea, but the female character either doesn't realize he's not interested or is undeterred. Yet the character is not just uncomfortable; he's shocked, horrified, or disgusted. Even a wave and a smile from her will be treated as a fate worse than death for the recipient. Hilarity Ensues.

In some cases, the point of the joke is that the protagonist is too nice to say anything, thus allowing the situation to come up repeatedly. In others, just portraying the protagonist's reaction — which may be closer to mortal terror than awkwardness — is considered enough of a punchline on its own.

The Abhorrent Admirer differs from more sympathetic characters in one key respect: the audience is expected to find her both unattractive and extremely unsympathetic, and is supposed to feel sorry for the protagonist because she has him in her sights and just won't take a hint or proves resistant to the clue-by-four.

These characters tend strongly to be female rather than male, as a result of a few different gender stereotypes. For one thing, No Guy Wants to Be Chased means the mere fact that a woman takes the initiative in courting a man is often portrayed as evidence that she must have something wrong with her; for another, double standard rape means that sexually aggressive women are viewed as less threatening, and therefore more comical, than men who impose their attentions on obviously unwilling women. However, in recent years the male "undesirable suitor" has become more common in comedies.

This trope is Older Than Print: the original might be the medieval legend of the "loathly lady", which is the basis of "The Wife of Bath's Tale" in the The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Loathly ladies also figure in several Child Ballads.

May or may not overlap with Stalker with a Crush, though that one usually isn't Played for Laughs. The Old Maid, Grande Dame, Brawn Hilda and Lady Drunk are likely candidates to act out this trope. It's not unheard of for there to be more than one Abhorrent Admirer for the same character, either. Compare Extraverted Nerd, Hollywood Nerd, Beast and Beauty. Contrast Ugly Guy, Hot Wife. For versions where only the personality is a problem, see No Guy Wants to Be Chased, Romantic Runner-Up and Casanova Wannabe (the Spear Counterpart). Kavorka Man is an inversion...and overwhelmingly male.


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  • One ad for Pretzel M&M's has the pretzel trying to convince the M&M to hook up with an attractive woman across the party. The M&M protests, but the pretzel points out they exist to be eaten, "and I'd rather go with her than Hungry Eyes over here." The camera then pans back, showing a very unnerving man staring at them as "Hungry Eyes" plays.
  • Ali Landry played the Doritos Girl, a sexy woman who ate Doritos. Her ads were full of male abhorrent admirers. After an ad where she caught Doritos firing out of a laundry machine in her mouth this bleed into real life. Strangers would throw Doritos at Ali expecting her to catch them in her mouth which of course she couldn't do in the real world.
  • A commercial for Ax Body spray features a regular guy who bumps into someone who uses this spray and gets on an elevator. An attractive woman takes a whiff of him, emergency stops the elevator and has sex with him off camera. She gets off the elevator and then the commercial has three different endings. In one of them another attractive woman gets on eluding to a repeat scenario. In another an elderly shrivelled up woman gets on and wants him. She smiles at him and gets ready to strip. And in another a woman who we don't see gets on with a large female great dane that has a pink bow on her head. The leashed dog barks at him once signalling that she is about to rape him.
  • In a Free Credit Score Report Dot Com ad a band plays at a senior citizens gathering. At the end of show an elderly woman motions for the lead singer to call her. The much younger man smiles and waves at her uncomfortably.
  • Toyed with in a 2013 Hot Pockets Pizza ad. A guy walks into his kitchen and introduces his roommate Jim to his incredibly attractive sister Lisa. Jim is busy eating his Hot Pocket Pizza and doesn't notice either of them. He talks about his his meal, saying it's "Mmmm so hot!" Lisa's brother thinks he's flirting with his sister, saying she's hot and being an abhorrent admirer. He asks Jim what is wrong with him, but Jim continues to comment on how hot is meal is. Lisa catches on that he is talking about his Hot Pocket and not her, tosses her keys in a sexual way and approaches Jim as if she is about to jump his bones. She flirtingly takes a bite out of his Hot Pocket and says "Mmmm that is hot!" Jim finally notices Lisa.
  • In a T-Mobile ad a little boy arranges for him to be alone with the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones. He tries to seduce her with dim lights, an electric fireplace and soft music. She urges him to call his parents and is not amused.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki of Fairy Tail always attempts to hit on Erza any chance he gets. Due to his stout stature and ugly face, his attempts at flirting with her tends to creep her out. Ironically, this makes Ichiya one of the very few characters in the series who can scare Erza witless.
  • In Anatolia Story, Ramses is this to Yuri. He's quite handsome and charismatic and quite a few girls (including, initially, Yuri's maids) think he's quite a dreamboat. Yuri dislikes him because he's smug, wasn't terribly helpful when they first met (considering she'd been shot with an arrow and was trying to prevent a war between Egypt and the Hitte Empire, it was kind of important she have help), and quickly proved himself to be a total cad. That he ends up kidnapping her several times and makes no secret of his desire to take her to Egypt and force her to be his wife doesn't improve her opinion of him at all. In fact, he only avoids falling under Stalker with a Crush because the physical distance between the two empires means that Ramses can't feasibly follow her around all the time.
  • A variation in Axis Powers Hetalia. Belarus isn't unattractive, her object of affection even admits that she's really pretty. It's her Yandere Clingy Jealous Girl tendencies that makes her abhorrent — that and the fact that the person who she is an abhorrent admirer of is her brother.
  • Miyako Miyazaki from Bamboo Blade is a cute girl with a sadistic side, but has only one major weakness: a middle school classmate by the name of Reimi Odajima who has been stalking Miya-miya ever since she beat up a boy she liked. Reimi follows her to all of her kendo tournaments snapping pictures and shooting videos of her beloved idol, often times inadvertently distracting her enough to lose her match. And yet having a psychotic for a number-one fan turns out to be quite handy later on when Miyako and Azuma look through Reimi's photo and video collection to help Miya-miya train against an American rival.
  • Aleister Chamber and Baron Kelvin of Black Butler both rate fairly high on Ciel's No Yay scale.
  • Shautieh Ley has four chasing after him in Bowling King, Maya (everyone who meets her mistakes her for an alien initially) and the pint-sized, overweight, fanatical, Stalker with a Crush Maruko triplets.
  • In Cardfight!! Vanguard, recurring character Nagisa is also very pretty, but Kamui is always trying to get away from her since she seemingly can't take a hint...
  • In Daily Lives of High School Boys, the Literature Girl is treated as one by Hidenori. While she's far from ugly, Hidenori is weirded out enough by her fantasies that he goes through great lengths to avoid meeting her.
  • Digimon:
    • Mimi from Digimon Adventure has her share of these, namely the slug-like Numemon and the dimwitted duo of Sukamon and Chumon.
    • In the second season, Matt/Yamato is constantly chased by Davis'/Daisuke's sister June, a fangirl of his band that isn't exactly ugly but is VERY forward and clingy, much to his horror. The other Digidestined occasionally use her crush on him to distract her when Davis is off saving the Digiworld, much to Matt's displeasure.
    • Mummymon to Arukenimon in the latter half of the second season.
  • The very minor Osamu Tezuka anime and manga series Don Dracula has this as a Running Gag. Dracula prefers to subsist on the blood of beautiful women, and somehow never quite manages to grab one onscreen, but a grotesque (and overweight) young woman keeps popping up, determined to offer her neck and other... charms to the foreign nobleman.
  • The short Junji Ito story titled The Fashion Model takes this trope to horrifying levels.
  • In the Fushigi Yuugi novel Seiran Den (chronicling Nakago's history), Tomo (then known as Ragun) got himself a rather ardent female admirer, the leader of the palace girls, Ba Hinhin. She is described as having a "horse-like face," and tends to "snort fiercely through her nose" when she's making advances on him. He finds her intensely annoying, and tries to distract her away from him. Then again, the mere fact of being the object of a woman's desire would gross him out.
  • Ghost Talkers Daydream: Mitsurunote  is closer to Hollywood Homely, rather than outright unattractive. What makes him abhorrent to Misaki is the fact that he's a stalker, who either won't take "no" for an answer, or he just doesn't care, despite being threatened with police action if he doesn't stop. Mitsuru has even gone so far as to bug her apartment, has stolen entire drawers of her panties on several occasions, and even has recordings of her using the bathroom.
  • In Girls Saurus, almost every girl who shows an interest in Shingo (that is to say, most of the cast and most female one-shot characters) becomes an abhorrent admirer, due to their tendency to throw themselves at him and his gynophobia that makes him visualise them as horrible ogres.
  • Dama from Haré+Guu. Usually a nice elderly hair dresser, but whenever she sees any male with white hair, she becomes so strongly reminded of her dead husband that she moves straight past insanity levels of obsession and right into nightmare land. Later in the series, Haré ends up changing Dama's targets from white-haired males to any males.
  • Aya Kunitachi of High School Ninja Girl, Otonashi-san, while hardly ugly, is still single at age 30. This wouldn't be so bad, except she develops a crush on a man who finds Christmas Cakes like herself utterly unattractive, despite being 32 himself.
    • Near the end, it's revealed that part of the reason is because she looks identical to his older sister who also has crush on him. Once he's able to view her as a different person he's deals with it somewhat better, and they're engaged in the epilogue.
  • Mayotama is this towards Miki in I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying. A good example is that in S2E03 Miki and Mayotama won a free trip to the hot springs, and Miki decides to pay for all his friends to the trip in S2E05 to avoid having to "date" Mayotama. In fact, Miki goes Blue with Shock whenever Mayotama looks lovestruck.
  • InuYasha:
    • Miroku is always chasing beautiful girls, whose reactions vary from schoolgirl glee to violent backlash, but always with the same result: no-one of them is interested in him. However, he's often chased by the old, the overweight or the funny-featured, much to his horror and chagrin.
    • Inuyasha himself has one in the form of Jakotsu, an Ax-Crazy Depraved Homosexual and a member of an undead band of assassins.
  • In Kamisama Kiss a semi-recurring gag is when Tomoe, who is better looking than some women in the story, attracts admirers he wants nothing to do with.
  • In Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, there's the "Bowling" chapter, where Longchamp invites Tsuna and Gokudera to go on a three-person blind date. Longchamp's idea of a "cute" girl has always been... unique. So the three girls he invited were absolutely hideous (one of them even being Reborn in an ugly drag). The whole chapter consists of Tsuna and all of his Bishōnen guardians / male friends coming by, being horrified by how ugly these women are, and then trying to run away from them as the women aggressively pursue them.
  • Rock Lee from Naruto was briefly a male example towards Sakura, with Sakura funnily dodging his blown kisses, until he earned her respect by defending her from the Sound ninjas.
  • One Piece:
    • If you're an elderly woman, you're given a license to bug Sanji.
    • According to Luffy, Alvida. Subverted by how he still wasn't interested after she became drop dead gorgeous.
    • The most prominent example in One Piece is the warthog zombie Lola, whose entire fighting style revolves around stealing kisses from her beloved Absalom. She's also a subversion however, as she turns out to be a very sympathetic character, while Absalom is portrayed as a perverted Jerkass.
    • The real Lola is this as well, though she's not as Ax-Crazy as her zombie was. Franky plays an advance from her cool, saying he's too "super" for anything to work out between them.
    • The ugly psychopath Vander Decken IX to Princess Shirahoshi.
  • In Pandora Hearts, we have Isla Yura, the ugliest person ever exist in the manga, fanboying disgustingly over Jack. Oz, the person carrying Jack’s soul, cannot be anymore annoyed to have Yura stalked him over and over in the second ceremony of coming age…
  • The "Sexy Ninja Tea Ladies", the stepfamily of the ninja Konatsu in Ranma ˝. Of the three "Sexy Ninja Tea Ladies", the best-looking and most feminine one was modeled after American actor Edward G. Robinson.
  • Interesting example in Shimoneta. Anna starts out as Tanukichi's love interest, whom he admired for her purity and high moral standards (as well as her looks). When Anna develops an infatuation with Tanukichi, however, she becomes depraved, violating Tanukichi several times and trying to get him to consume her "love nectar" all without even knowing what sex is and mistaking her first experience with lust for pure love. Needless to say, this results in him going from loving her to being terrorized by her.
  • In Soul Hunter, Venus, one of Chou Koumei's hideous three sisters, is head over heels in love with Anti-Hero protagonist Taikoubou. He spit up blood from seeing her strike a "sexy pose." Being the Manipulative Bastard he is, he did fake being slightly friendly towards her just so he could immediately distract her and defeat them. His disgust and horror towards her constant aggressive advances toward him are played for laughs.
  • An LGBT example: Sanae of Squid Girl is actually quite pretty, but Ika herself sees her as this.
    Sanae: IKA-CHAN! (Ika smacks Sanae with her hair/tentacles.)
  • The extremely perverted, and morbidly obese, principal of Sainan High School in To Love-Ru. He tends to mostly chase after Yami who happens to be one of the strongest females in the series who doesn't tolerate perverts and send him flying off to odd locations around the Earth.
  • Sword Art Online: Sugou Nobuyuki is this to Asuna. He freely admits that Asuna has always hated him, and that was before the events of the Fairy Dance arc, when he traps her in a cage in ALO for two months and makes multiple attempts to sexually assault her before trying to rape her outright.
  • Urusei Yatsura:
    • Lum has Rei, her ex-fiancé from the Oni world, who looks like a gorgeous bishonen in human form, but can easily turn into a bull-tiger hybrid monster whenever excited. He's dumber than a sack of brick and, when not pursuing Lum, can only think about one thing: eating non-stop. Lum quite understandably wants nothing to do with him.
    • Shinobu has one too: Soban of Busumetsu High, who besides being the boss of a delinquent gang, is Giant Mook-sized and a most extreme Gonk even by Rumiko Takahashi standards. A running gag is how much he has trouble acting like a human being and not an animal (toss him a ball, he'll play with it like a tamed seal). He does little beyond charge at Shinobu yelling: "Shinobu-saaaan! SUKI DAAAA!!!!" Thankfully, Shinobu is even stronger than Soban and usually sends him flying.

  • Allison Gross is a Child Ballad in which the eponymous witch, "the ugliest witch in the North Country" tries to coerce a man into becoming her lover.
  • In Sir Aldingar, Sir Aldingar frames the queen for adultery by putting a leper into her bed, and makes much of her actually choosing such a repulsive lover.
  • English folk-rock band Steeleye Span perform the traditional ballad King Henry, where the king and his court, out on a hunt, are assailed by a dread Grendel's Mother kind of monster, who demands first food, then drink, then the sexual services of the King. However, in the morning the spell is removed and she reverts to a beautiful woman...

    Comic Books 
  • "Big" Ethel Muggs from Archie Comics comics was originally created to facilitate this punchline. She was attracted to Jughead, who was notoriously uninterested in anything but food. She would have been unwanted anyway, so maybe they figured they'd make her unattractive just to underscore it, or perhaps they deliberately went with an ugly girl because it's one thing for him to say he's not interested in women (no other girl tries to so much as ask him out except under extraordinary circumstances), but if he turns down a hot one routinely he must be gay.
    • Subverted in the Live-Action Adaptation Return to Riverdale. Set at and around the cast's 15th high school reunion, it reveals that Ethel was actually Beautiful All Along and is now a world-famous supermodel.
    • Archie Comics have also downplayed this aspect of Ethel in later years. While she was as ugly as they come in her first appearances and used solely to torture Jughead, Ethel has since had some of her more distorted features toned down. She's still really tall with buck teeth and a big nose, but she's drawn much more normally — even pretty — and given trendier clothing. As well, she's more of a regular character now (being good friends with Betty), instead of a one-dimensional plot device.
    • Subverted again in that Archie took her out on a casual date to a comedy club and museum and ended up preferring the fact that unlike Betty and Veronica, Ethel made no demands of him. He asked her out again after taking her home.
    • Inverted in an issue where Cheryl Blossom tries to seduce Jughead, just to prove she can. She fails, but then sees Jughead trying to impress Ethel (who unbeknownst to Cheryl had a picnic basket full of food). Later on another character decides to practice some lines for a play, and Cheryl walks in on him apparently declaring his love for Ethel. The issue ends with Cheryl taking a photo of Ethel into a beauty parlor and demanding to be made to look "like this exotic creature".
  • Mark, the protagonist of Invincible was once almost forced to marry the princess of Atlantis (in this version of Atlantis, merpeople are half-fish all over their bodies, like a Lovecraftian horror). Subverted in that the princess would rather marry one of her race and with a cunning plan, Mark escapes to the surface and she happily marries a more suitable groom.
  • The Mexican comic Simon Simonazo used this trope in a rather strange manner; the Admirer in question had a comically horrid face, her body on the other hand...
  • In issue #30 of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, during the story Sky Highway, Raphael gained one with a German mutated human called Hildagaard Rail. In a dimension where there is an actual highway in the sky, Raph fell in the passenger side of her car. She wore sunglasses, had her hair wrapped up in a scarf tied behind her chin and a black dress that showed off her ample bosom. Hildagaard had long legs and the body of a super model, but her lips were so enormous they went from ear to ear and almost from chin to forehead taking up most of the space on her face. She openly flirted with her "dollink" turtle telling him "You're the most sexy shade of green I've ever seen." When Raphael was about to leave her car he told her "It's been funfffh!" The ninja's words were cut short because Hildagaard grabbed him by the tails of his bandanna and said "Shut up and kiss me, you dumkoff!" With his head tilted all the way to the side she pulled him close to her and gave him a big passionate kiss that covered his entire beak. When he finally got away from Hilda she called out, "Auf Wiedersehen, loverboy!" Raph referred to it as the biggest indignity he ever had to face as a hero. The turtle wiped off the giant lipstick imprint off of his face which wasn't sideways, but on straight making it seem like they locked lips for a while. At least long enough for Raph's head to tilt.
  • In the Silver Age X-Men, Toad was this for the Scarlet Witch. In The Vision and the Scarlet Witch, he was flanderized into an Ax-Crazy lunatic whose only goal was to kill The Vision and anyone else who got in his way to make Wanda his wife.
  • In a rather dark example, in Mark Waid's Irredeemable it's revealed that Modeus is this to the Plutonian. At first, the Plutonian finds it amusing, but eventually turns ugly as Modeus is more than willing to beat the crap out of him and super-rape him.
  • Mortadelo y Filemón: The overweight Ofelia, to Mortadelo. Mortadelo's sister to Filemón in the second movie.
  • Played with in Justice League Europe with Crimson Fox's ongoing sexual harassment (really, there's no better description) of Captain Atom. Interestingly, Crimson Fox is drop-dead gorgeous (and has pheromone-based mental manipulation powers to boot). It's really the fact that she comes on very strongly, and that she makes it blatantly clear that she is only interested in him physically and could not care less about his feelings.
  • In Violine, both Violine and her father read the thoughts of a pig that immediately falls in love with them, with some... disturbing images for her father.
  • The Disney Ducks Comic Universe has Brigitta McBridge toward Scrooge. For a change Scrooge has no problem with her personality, and it's hinted the only reason she's this trope is that he's still in love with "Glittering" Goldie O'Gilt.
  • Supergirl:
    • Red Daughter of Krypton: Worldkiller-1—a body-snatcher enemy which is an alien, sentient goo—is this to the titular heroine. Although it isn't interested in Supergirl romantically, it will not stop talking about wanting her body and them being made for each other, making Supergirl sick.
      Worldkiller-1: Can not you see that both of our lives have led to this union?
      Supergirl: Stop. Just stop. You make us sound like lovers, and it's turning my stomach.
    • In Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl, The Joker—of all people—has a crush on Batgirl. However, Batgirl can't stand him.
    • Mr. Mxyzptlk to Supergirl in Action Comics #291. She makes clear she cannot stand that stupid, reality-warping, imp-looking prankster who thinks he is funny. Mxy's reaction was popping the question.
      Supergirl: I'll tell you what I think! I think you're an irritating, aggravating, annoying pest! I hate you! You're the greatest creep there ever was!
      Mxyzptlk: My, but you're beautiful when angry! A strange thrill is tingling up and down my itty-bitty spine! It must be... love! Marry me, beloved!
      Supergirl: NO!! Not even if you were the last man on Earth!
    • In Bizarrogirl, a bald Bizarro is particularly and openly smitten with Supergirl. Kara is not impressed.
    • Power Girl had to contend with Vartox, an alien superhero from the planet Valerion who sought to seduce her and breed a new population for his planet after they were hit with a sterilization bomb. While she was repulsed by him and unwilling to take up this tremendous task, she did help him find a way to cure his people though she made it clear she had no romantic interest in him.
  • The Madballs comic book published by Marvel Comics subsidiary Star Comics had Dr. Frankenbeans' assistant Snivelitch experience this trope on both ends. The beautiful sorceress Miss Tic the Mystic is disgusted by his affections, while he himself was in for the shock of his life when the female Madball Madbelle confessed her love for him.

    Comic Strips 
  • This was the original role of Gravel Gertie in the Dick Tracy comic strip; even grotesque villain the Brow was repulsed by Gertie's affections. She eventually met and married the equally grotesque B.O. Plenty, though B.O. was never used as an Abhorrent Admirer, just as a side villain and then a comic-relief hillbilly. Naturally B.O. and Gertie's daughter, Sparkle, is a stunner.
  • Sea Hag was this to Wimpy in Thimble Theatre, Popeye's original comic strip. Wimpy wasn't attracted to her but he would have make-out sessions with her if it meant free food. She could use magic to make herself look more attractive, but unless she was feeding Wimpy he couldn't care less. In a comic book that depicted Popeye and Olive Oyl's wedding written decades later by Peter David, the Sea Hag caught the bouquet at the ceremony. When she turned to Wimpy so they could be the next to marry, he ran for the hills. She chased after him.
  • Heathcliff used to have one named Crazy Shirley, a white cat that was crazy about him and looked much goofier than his girlfriend Sonia. She even appeared in one episode of the Ruby-Spears cartoon. Crazy Shirley hasn't appeared in the comic strip for several years now.
  • In Zits, Jeremy gets one of these in the form of Amber, a girl who obsesses about him for a week or so before she breaks up with him (via the Posse) and disappears. In a rare case, she is somewhat sympathetic and not the butt of the joke (one strip had Hector pondering why of all people she'd obsess over Jeremy).
  • FoxTrot:
    • Mindy could count, however she is kind of an odd case in that she spends all of her time crushing after Peter but he remains more or less unaware of it (meanwhile, her friend keeps telling her that it's no good). It's not so much that she's unattractive, as he already has a girlfriend. It all comes to an end after she winds up going to prom with Peter's friend Steve and both hit it off very well.
    • Morton Goldthwait is a fairly straight example. He's a short, zit-faced, coke-bottle-lenses wearing nerd who obsesses over Paige and won't be dissuaded no matter how violently she reacts to his advances. Although in one storyline he does move on and find someone who returns his advances. Paige even asks him if he forgot about her and all the times he kept hitting on her, and he replies: "The truth is, I remembered."
    • And Paige herself, along with her friend Nicole, sometimes are this, when they're stalking and shamelessly flirting with the various popular and good-looking guys.
  • Al Capp's Li'l Abner features many examples.
    • First is Sadie Hawkins. A homely spinster at 35, she has a wealthy father who invented "Sadie Hawkins Day", on which women could propose to men. The character was so popular that the tradition caught on in real life, and outlived the strip character's fame entirely in the form of Sadie Hawkins dances. Also, the Sadie Hawkins strips always featured an abundance of abhorrent admirers, chasing their prospective husbands.
    • Then there is former Trope Namer Lena the Hyena, who was described as "the ugliest woman in Lower Slobbovia" and initially left undepicted. Cartoonist Basil Wolverton famously won a contest to portray Lena. For those with a strong stomach, here's the picture.
  • In the newspaper strip Curtis, the title character is this to Michelle. Curtis presses his suit despite Michelle doing everything short of calling the cops on him — up to and including repeatedly straight up telling him "Go away. I don't like you."
  • No matter how pretty Sally from Peanuts might be, Linus would like to remind you that he is not her "sweet babboo". Lucy is one for Schroeder as well.
  • In the Scottish comic strip Angus Og Angus was pursued, on and off, by Big Mairileen who was an Apron Matron in training. Although given Angus's own nature it can be said that it was probably Mairileen who had the lucky escape whenever Angus ran away.
  • Hildegard Hamhocker of Tumbleweeds. She is the only adult female in town. She is surrounded by bachelors for whom there is absolutely no competition. Yet nobody wants her. The title character, whom she keeps trying to rope into marriage, will not have any part of it.

    Fairy Tales 

    Fan Works 
  • Advice and Trust:
    • Chihiro Tanaka is this to Shinji. Beauty is not the issue, she is a beautiful girl, but she chases Shinji obsessively, even though Shinji has already said he is not interested, he very obviously likes abother girl, and Chihiro is aware of that. In addition, Chihiro treats him like a prize to be won, and he hates that, and when she tries to flirt with him she disses Asuka and Rei, and he hates that.
    • Asuka had a horde of boys chasing her. Again, personal appearance was not the issue as they were, at worst, mostly plain-looking. The issue is she was a traumatized, heart-broken introvert with poor people skills, although she was good pretending otherwise, wanting to be left alone. She did not want to hook up with brats who claimed to care about her but only liked her for her looks and refused to take a "no" for an answer. They stopped when they tried to get rough and they found out that she punched harder than them.
    • In chapter 8 Shinji and Asuka argued about their unwanted admirers:
      Shinji: Maybe that will finally get them to stop chasing me like I'm a prize to be won. [...] How come I'm the one with the pack after them? You were ten times as popular as I was, a week after you arrived, miss incredibly-hot-exotic-foreign-transfer-student. I know Touji and Kensuke were making crazy amounts of cash selling beauty shots of you almost right away. Why haven't I had to chase away a pack of boys drooling after you?
      Asuka: Because I already had them properly terrified and respectful after I mashed the first two flat when they tried to ask me out the week I got here and refused to take 'no' for an answer, [...] Putting a couple of them on the ground with a few punches when they got rough taught the others to keep off. You're just too polite and sweet to girls to scare them off, my darling baka.
  • Tale of Solaron: Solaron inadvertently attracts the lust of an orc, which leads to Attempted Rape and a doppelganger who has copied his appearance.
  • Destiny Is A Hazy Thing: Karin to Kiba, at least at first. Now Karin is attracted to Kiba's chakra and this causes her to become depressed when not in his presence and think about how she needs him. Kiba is, naturally, unhappy about it because she practically lives in his personal bubble since, as she is now technically "owned" by the Inuzuka, Karin lives with him and Kiba's mom just took a pragmatic view of the situation and outright says that Karin is "his mate". He's uncomfortable with the situation because of things like waking up and finding himself being cuddled by her.
  • Least Noticeable And Little Flappy: In this My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic, Half-Equid Hybrid Claire "Least Noticeable" Pie, a huge invisible Eldritch Abomination inverted Expy of Wilbur Whateley's Twin from H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror, attracts unwanted attention from evil cultists who want to use her for nefarious and possibly-sexual purposes:
    The very few Ponies who were attracted to her all seemed unwholesome to her emotion-sense; she feared they wanted her for immoral and perhaps apocalyptic purposes. They mostly slunk into town in long black cloaks and hissed at her in languages she did not want to understand of vile secrets involving creatures far less friendly than Paradise, asking her to perform favors for them which were entirely out of the question.
  • Bart Simpson Attorney At Law: Jessica Lovejoy to Bart. The issue isn't beauty, since Jessica is described as being insanely hot at 27. Bart still remembers her as a Fille Fatale, and letting himself be manipulated by her again stresses him to the the point of alcoholism, which is not Played for Laughs, as Bart is very much hurt. Bart does let go of the bottle and break off with her but then Jessica had other ideas.
  • Cave Story Versus I.M. Meen: Sue to Jack. Although it is certainly up for debate which one of them is cuter than the other, Sue's personality, while still adorkable, is considerably less Badass Adorable than Jack's. Sure enough, she is an obsessively devoted Stalker with a Crush to Jack, to the point where she has an entire photo album book full of pictures of him, not to mention that quite a few of them aren't exactly safe for work.
  • In From the Dust, Groose and Ralph serve as this for Zelda and Aryll respectively. It's not that either men are bad-looking or especially creepy, but both women are put off by their braggart natures and generally inability to understand that they're being rejected. (That's not even going into how Zelda and Link are dating and Aryl was still hurting over dumping her kinda-sorta traitor boyfriend.)
  • In Ages of Shadow, Jade takes an interest in Seto Kaiba Expy Alonso Gargas because he appears to be a Reincarnation of her former lover Boaz. Since Jade is essentially an Eldritch Abomination by this point, Alonso is understandably squicked out.
  • The Evabon Saga: Brigid had two: Ekoto; the son of Piyamaradu, the Chieftain of Evabon; and his cousin Alaksandu. Ekoto eventually got over Brigid. The abhorrent part comes not from their appearance but rather their behaviour.
  • The Monkey D. Haru Series: Peeves falls in love with Perona after seeing her cause chaos with her Negative Hollows. Perona rejects his advances because he isn't "cute", not that it stops him.
  • In X-Men: The Early Years, Scott Summers is chased by many girls he really, really dislikes.
    Hank: So what did the lovely Miss Hanson do?
    Scott: Besides try to kiss me and chase me around a table in front of everyone? She started singing, 'Take Another Little Piece of My Heart' — out of tune might I add — in the middle of Harry's, in front of everyone. I dropped the money for the pizzas on the counter and ran. I think I left Harry a really big tip. I have decided I'm never leaving the house again ever. What else can I do? I made it very clear that I'd rather dump gasoline over my head and set myself on fire than go out with her. How much more blunt do I have to be before she gets the idea?

    Films — Animation 
  • Pictured is Lena Hyena from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, who immediately pursues Eddie Valiant (to his dismay) in her only scene.
  • Disney's Aladdin has one of these (after he encountered attractive female admirers) during his song "One Jump Ahead", the one whose line is "Still I think he's rather tasty!"
  • Disney previously used it 42 years earlier in Cinderella, with the wicked stepsisters towards the prince. The third movie makes it more prominent with Anastasia, though in a slight subversion she is actually pretty sympathetic and the Prince and King do like her (the Prince just doesn't want to marry her and it turns out she doesn't want to marry him). This was also a conscious choice on the part of the filmmakers, as in the original story, the stepsisters were attractive.
  • Although the squirrel who falls in love with Arthur in The Sword in the Stone is adorable and innocent, if not somewhat annoying, the fat one that pursues Merlin is rather repulsive.
  • Dragon initially qualifies as this for Donkey in Shrek, but he warms up to her.
  • In The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, from "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" segment, there is a gag involving a short, fat woman (Tilda) who wants to dance with either Ichabod or Brom Bones at the Halloween party. The underlying implication is that whichever of them fails to win the lovely Katrina van Tassel will be stuck with Tilda.
  • In The Black Cauldron, the hapless minstrel Fflewddur catches the eye of the portly Orwen, one of the witches. As she latches onto him and refuses to let go, she vouches to not turn him into a frog to be eaten, even asking if she can marry him on the spot. To be fair to her, though, she is the most normal-looking of the witches, though very forward in her attraction to the flustered Fflewddur.
  • Mole from Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire is this to Kida during her introductory scene. She immediately punches him in the face after he whispers something to her in French.
  • Hal in Megamind was this towards Roxanne. He was inappropriate and awkward enough with his advances to make Roxanne uncomfortable around him. This was not helped at all when he gets superpowers.
  • In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Ruffnut isn't appreciative of Snotlout and Fishlegs' advances. On the flip side, Eret doesn't appreciate her advances. She at least warms up to the former two later on.
  • In Strange Magic, Dawn becomes this to the Bog King, courtesy of a love potion. Interestingly, she's actually a decent person and not at all unattractive; he's just thoroughly uninterested and she keeps throwing herself at him. The various women his mother tries to pair him with are also this. None of them show up long enough to get a personality, but most of them look inhuman enough to qualify.
  • Sadie Mae Scroggins in Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers to Shaggy. She's clearly not the least bit unattractive, got along with Scrappy pretty well and defends Shaggy from her gun wielding brother. Unfortunately, she comes off as too strong for Shaggy and he ends up being just as afraid of her as the ghosts. Saddie grabs Shaggy and kisses him off camera several times presumably on the lips. Once in some bushes and twice in a barn full of hay.
  • Idrees, the ill-tempered, violent teenage zealot who joined the Taliban in The Breadwinner to the eleven-year-old Parvana. He claims she's old enough to marry and tries arranging things with her father on the spot. Even his fellow Talib is disgusted by this.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Ricky Smith, the obese, obnoxious neighbor in Better Off Dead who (with his equally grotesque mother) pursues in hideous fashion the gorgeous French exchange student Monique and with whom the audience is never meant to sympathize. By contrast, Hollywood Nerd Lane Meyer (John Cusack) in the same movie is treated like a loser by most of the characters, but is the hero of the film and gets Monique at the end. The film offers a subversion in that Ricky is granted a happy ending as well, meeting a girl who is a little more his speed.
  • The corrupt, obese principal in Billy Madison overlaps with the Depraved Homosexual for the sake of two gags during Billy's graduation.
  • The Hottie & the Nottie is about this trope: an unattractive woman tries to find a date, unaware that she inhabits a universe where everyone is either a self-obsessed pig, Paris Hilton, or both.
  • Virtually every woman in the Deuce Bigalow movies.
  • The eponymous Norbit (played by Eddie Murphy) plays with this trope. As children at the orphanage, the burly, bigger Rasputia saves Norbit from bullies but demands his affections in return. Decades later, they've married, though she takes him for granted and even cheats on him which at first breaks his heart but which he's perfectly okay with once his real Love Interest from his time in the orphanage comes back into the picture, since her affair gives him time to reconnect with his long-lost friend. In spite of her own infidelity, the morbidly obese Rasputia demands that he have eyes for no one but her, which the long-suffering idiot patiently does for many years despite her constant abuse. Norbit's shown to be intimidated by Rasputia when they first meet, but unlike with typical abhorrent admirers, he doesn't run away because she cows him into submission.
  • Grace Lawrence is ready to divorce her husband, and marry Stanton much to his horror in Sin Takes a Holiday.
  • In Ella Enchanted, just like in Cinderella, Prince Char is disgusted and frightened by step-sister Hattie's advances. His reactions include shuddering and running away screaming.
  • The fat, acne-ridden Eleanor Skepple in Good Luck Chuck starts out as an inversion, since Chuck has to pay her for a date in order to test whether he is cursed such that any woman he sleeps with to marry the next man he meets. But once he explain he wants to "get physical," she becomes terrifyingly eager about the whole thing, and he is shown frantically scrubbing himself in the shower afterwards.
  • Inversion in Epic Movie, where a character gets a shapeshifter played by Carmen Electra to transform into an overweight grotesque with a monobrow because he prefers her that way. Said shapeshifter, by the way, to drive home the inversion... is a mishmash parody of Mystique, who is not only exceptionally beautiful herself, but can shift into any other beautiful woman she wants.
  • Played straight in Robin Hood: Men in Tights with the witch/cook Latrine. It's also partially inverted, in that the sheriff DOES wind up marrying her... because the alternative was death. He starts questioning his own sanity afterwards, but she already has him in her clutches. Further irony is introduced when she shouts, "I always wanted to marry a cop!" despite most of what she does is in fact, outright illegal, according to period law (see: the original Costner version, or Catholic attitudes towards witches around that time).
    • Maid Marian's lady-in-waiting, Brunhilde, is another example of this trope, as she literally throws herself at a panicked Little John.
  • In Fallen Angel, Stella has Pop who's pretty protective. He seems to actually care for her, but even so, Stella could do without him.
  • The Spleen in Mystery Men comes off this way in one scene when he attempts to flirt with Janeane Garofalo's character.
  • The plump, voracious doorwoman in Mel Gibson's What Women Want. Even her thinking about Mel sexually is enough for him to flee in the opposite direction.
  • There's Something About Mary does the male version with Chris Elliot's character, since he erupts into grotesque boils when he finally confronts the eponymous Mary. However, as befits the usual gendering of this trope, Chris Elliot's character already has an attractive, entirely subservient wife who does things like spontaneously bake him cookies and give him blowjobs while he watches football. ("Keep your head down, honey!")
  • In the Rudy Ray Moore film Petey Wheatstraw, the Devil's Son-in-Law, the title character dies and is given a chance to come back to life by Satan. The catch: he has to marry the Devil's daughter. Who was described by one reviewer as "having fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down". Needless to say, Petey goes out of his way to try to weasel out of his end of the bargain.
  • Played with in Shallow Hal, in which the title character has been hypnotized into seeing the "inner beauty" of an obese woman. She's so used to being treated like this that at first she thinks he's mocking her.
  • In Friday, Craig's girlfriend hooks Smokey up with a friend of hers who claims to look like Janet Jackson. She doesn't.
  • A hilarious scene in The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps shows the grandmother lusting after Buddy Love, thinking he's the stripper hired for Denise's bachelorette party. Buddy's reaction when she drops her dress, and panties with it, is priceless.
  • Porky's Revenge: Porky's daughter is a butterface (if I may say so) who jumps Meat's bones, and who then gets her father to force Meat to marry her.
  • You can bet that Bollywood, being what it is, has done this many a time. Ridiculous when the Abhorrent Admirer is Madhuri Dixit whom even the parents of the hero love, as seen in Pukar...
  • Subverted in Hairspray. Tracy Turnblad's crush on Link, the hot male lead of The Corny Collins Show, is not only reciprocated, she also quickly becomes the show's most popular dancer. Tracy is not ugly like most of the other examples present here though; she is just fatter than most of the other women in the movie.
  • The final scene of a villain in Trading Places has the villain in a gorilla disguise trapped in a cage with an actual gorilla. The gorilla is quite in lust with the villain, whom we finally see in a BSOD. Worse than that: The gorilla is male, and thinks the villain is a female gorilla. And then their clueless keepers ship them off to live in the wild together in Africa....
  • Wickedly subverted by Stockard Channing in The Girl Most Likely To (1973). Fat, frumpish Miriam Knight is viciously rejected by various fratboys, each of whom gleefully humiliate her for good measure. Following a Deus ex Machina car accident, Miriam slims down to a svelte college beauty and murders each of her former tormentors in suitably ironic fashion.
  • East is East has two young British Pakistani boys attempting to escape arranged marriages to the two hideous daughters of their father's acquaintance (the father is fully aware of how dreadful the girls look, but just wants the boys to settle into a traditional lifestyle and the imam introduced them so it's hard to say no). Meanwhile, their younger brother has a more typical version of this relationship with a neighbour played by a young Ruth Jones.
  • Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh has Drake, dressing up as Santa at the mall. He is seen kissing a girl when all the kids are gone. Not long after, a rather large girl chases him around the mall asking Santa for a kiss.
  • In Youth in Revolt, the girl at Sheeni's French prep school becomes disturbingly attached to Nick after he sends her a few flattering letters (to manipulate her). Possibly lampshaded when she starts doodling pictures in her notebook. She appears to depict herself as an amorphous-octopus-blob... thing.
  • Nothing but Trouble: Eldona, an overweight woman played by John Candy in drag, wants to marry Christopher, whether he wants to or not (and her Corrupt Hick grandfather JP is more than happy to help her arrange this).
  • In The Searchers, Martin accidentally marries a homely Comanche woman named T'sala-ta-komal-ta-name (but you can call her "Look"). She's fairly clingy towards her new husband, even if she doesn't deserve the abuse she gets for her behaviour.
  • Richard Strickland The Shape of Water [[Eagleland is the ultimate American father and soldier]]. Also, an abusive bully and sexually attracted to Elisa Esposito, the mute main character, because of a blatant fetish for her condition fueled by his jingoistic, control freak, mysoginistic personality. Elisa goes from being scared to be utterly horrified by him.

  • Once a young man went to visit his pastor. He was very depressed because he was overweight. In particular he felt doomed to never marry, because he was so unattractive due to being overweight. The pastor listened, and then told the young man he would take care of it. The next morning, the young man awoke to a knock on the door. There was this gorgeous single woman from the congregation. She said: "I don't know what this means, but the pastor told me to tell you that if you can catch me you can keep me," and then took off running. The young man ran after her, but could not catch her. This happened every morning for several months. The young man came closer and closer each day. Boy was he motivated. Then the day came, he knew he would catch her today. But when the knock came at his door, there was Lena Hyena. "I don't know what this means," she said, "but the pastor said that if I can catch you, I get to keep you." Immediately the young man began running. Boy was he motivated.
    • Another version replaces the pastor with a gym trainer, and the woman with an attractive gym buddy and sexual favors... and also replaces Lena Hyena with a very large man, who is very intent on rape.
      • And the French version of that version makes their first name rhyme with the sex act to boot.
    • The Indian version replaces the pastor with a weight loss program. It also goes into some Adaptation Expansion: The program provides three packages: Lose weight in six months, three months, three weeks or: bonus special package: in ONE DAY. The young man orders the three month package, and a beautiful woman appears on the first week to be chased. He orders the second package right away to see what happens, and gets a really hot chick on the second week. Catching on to the pattern, he orders the third package on the third week, and gets a Sex Goddess. He trains with her for three weeks, becomes a pretty fast runner, and almost catches her. Excited, he orders the Special Package, ready and warmed up to catch the hottest chick of them all. The doorbell rings; and when he answers he finds a she-gorilla dropped off at his doorstep. There's a sign around her neck: "Meet Julie. She has been "specially" trained to recognize you by both scent and sight. If she catches you, she will rape you. Have a nice day."
  • This joke is best told to a group of close friends that are okay with a little good-natured ribbing. It helps if one of your friends tends to be the designated Butt-Monkey in your circle. Let's call them Aaron, Bob, and (Butt-Monkey) Charles. (Feel free to Gender Flip the roles to suit the genders/sexual preferences of your friends) You tell these beloved friends of yours that one day, Aaron, Bob, and Charles died and went to Hell. The Devil walks up to Aaron and says: "Aaron! Welcome to Hell. I'd like you to meet your new wife!". At this, a door opens and out walks the most hideous woman either of them has ever seen. She grabs the helpless Aaron and drags him away screaming to her boudoir for an eternity of violent lovemaking. Then The Devil walks up to Bob and says: "Bob! Welcome to Hell. I'd like you to meet YOUR new wife!". Another door opens and out walks an even MORE hideous woman than the first one. She grabs the helpless Bob and drags him away screaming to her boudoir for an eternity of violent lovemaking. Charlie is terrified, but then a door opens up and out steps Angelina Jolie. Charlie can't believe his eyes, and she's even more gorgeous in person than on film. As Charlie is fumbling for something to say, The Devil says: "Angelina! Welcome to Hell. I'd like you to meet your new husband!".
    • There's a similar joke about 3 women going to Heaven, and being warned not to step on the ducks. The first two women do so and get paired up with ugly men, while the last woman goes months without doing so, and gets a very handsome man paired up with her. When asked if he's her reward for doing well, he comments that "I have no clue - all I know is that I just stepped on a duck."
  • There is an anecdote about an event said to have happened in Poland, several centuries ago: when a man was about to be hanged, the oldest whore in town ran up to the gallows, and shouted, "He is mine!", invoking an ancient custom allowing for the man to go free on the condition that they will marry. The man looked at the whore, looked at the executioner, looked at the whore, then again looked at the executioner and said, "Let's hang, master".

  • Amelia Peabody's husband Emerson managed to attract the attentions of a loathsome woman who was convinced that she and Emerson had been lovers in Ancient Egypt. Being Emerson, he was as annoyed by the historical inaccuracies in her story of their past lives as he was by the lady herself.
  • In A Brother's Price, Jerin is terrified of the prospect of having to marry the very ugly Brindle sisters, though not because they have expressed much interest in him, more because Jerin's sisters are courting Balin Brindle, and in their culture, it is most likely they will want to swap him for Balin. Subverted in that Jerin has reason to be terrified—he lives in a matriarchal society in which female rapists seem to exist in much higher numbers than in the real world, and since the sisters will have an advantage in numbers, trying to fight back would be futile.
  • Both used and subverted in Diana Wynne Jones's Castle in the Air, a sequel to Howl's Moving Castle. Abdullah is facing an arranged marriage to "two fat brides" and while he has the standard reaction, he frantically tries to justify marrying them anyway so they'll shut up and not cry. He eventually decides not to for different reasons. Subverted because the brides eventually find someone who finds them attractive though he is a half-djinn, half-demon.
  • A sympathetic example from The Circus of Doctor Lao; Mrs. Cassin is an older woman whose husband simply left her. Since she lost her looks and charm a long time ago, she has no luck in attracting men.
  • In The Elenium by David Eddings, The Hero gets sympathetic passage on a ship by claiming to be fleeing a wealthy but hideous heiress whom he accidentally offered to marry. He encounters the same ship in a later book; when the Captain asks what happened with the Ugly Heiress, he points to the young and beautiful Queen of Elenia and says "I married her."
  • In the second Emberverse trilogy, a persistent and Scarily Competent Tracker successfully tracks Ritva and Mary Havel. In single combat with Ritva, he finds her ferocity and competence exciting, and makes several very suggestive comments. For her part, she thinks he's weird and gangly and needs to make a closer acquaintance with bathing. Much later in the series they meet again; she's with her fiancé and he's on his home turf, and he shows much better manners (though he has no regrets for his earlier actions).note 
  • In Erebos, Brynne has a very obvious crush on protagonist Nick. The game forces him to go on a date with her, something Nick is less than happy about.
  • A Gender Flipped version happens in Fablehaven, where Verl the satyr obsesses over (human and technically underage) Kendra. He does sort of realize the hopelessness, but that doesn't stop him from carving a marble statue of her likeness to give to her as a Christmas present.
  • The Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Fall of Yquatine has Chivalrous Pervert Fitz deal with one of these as a coworker at a pub: a much older woman, who also has a "flat, predatory face" and a mouth so big as to scare him, who wears tacky, revealing clothing which wouldn't even really suit a younger woman. She has a crush on him, to the point of touching his arse on the sly and getting jealous when he chats up an attractive customer around his age. However, this trope is subverted in that he's obviously trying to make an effort to be nice to her as a coworker, and she's just "an ageing and lonely woman".
  • The Final Cut has Claudia for Richard. While she's not particularly unattractive, she is completely psychotic. As in, she kills off his cast and crew, ruining his film, and eventually chases him and the handful of remaining crew who didn't either die or leave through the woods. Before that, she built a shrine in her closet. The people she killed? Either women who got too close/upset him or people who got in her way.
  • Creepella Von Cacklefur is this to Geronimo Stilton, although she is actually acknowledged to be drop-dead gorgeous. What makes her so abhorrent to Geronimo, however, is that she is a Perky Goth Nightmare Fetishist who lives in a crypt, while Geronimo is a major Cowardly Lion known for fainting at least once a book.
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:
    • The aging, overweight Hepzibah Smith is this to Tom Riddle, future Big Bad, in a flashback. Tom plays up to this by flirting with her just enough to stay in her good graces until he can get what he wants. Then he poisons her. Unlike most of the other examples, we aren't supposed to sympathize with Tom. Also, the whole thing is Played for Drama, unlike most other examples.
    • Along with Riddle, each of the main trio has one. Though none of them are physically unattractive; it is mainly their personalities. Harry has Romilda Vane, who stalks Harry and at one point gave him cauldron cakes laced with love potion, which Ron ate with tragic results. Ron, in a slight subversion, has an Abhorrent Admirer in his girlfriend. At first he returns her affection, but soon finds that he's becoming more and more frightened of her, and her displays of affection get more and more crazy. Hermione has the incredibly attractive and talented, but slightly deranged and QUITE egotistical Cormac McLaggen following her. Being a nerd, she isn't really blinded by his attractiveness, and sees him as the horrible, arrogant person he is.
    • There's also Merope Gaunt. While we're meant to sympathize with her instead of the elder Tom Riddle, she otherwise fits the bill. She's a very ugly woman due to generations of incestuous in-breeding, mentally unstable, and obsessive over the attractive young man who catches her eye. She even feeds him love potions to win him, since he won't have a thing to do with her otherwise.
  • Charles from Jade Green happens to be one of these for Judith. Though forty years old (as well as her cousin), he tries to get her to kiss him anyway, even though she is clearly in love with the miller's son Zeke. It is later revealed that he had also lusted for the title character as well in the past.
  • A variant in Tom Holt's J.W. Wells & Co. series: Rosie Tanner, who plays this kind of role to Paul Carpenter. She's a goblin. However, she does have the ability to shapeshift into a beautiful young human woman. It's just that Paul can't forget her real form, and she's also the mother of his sadistic boss.
  • Bill Crider's "My Heart Cries for You" has Ethel Ann, an overweight slob who exists chiefly on frozen food and beer and spends most of her time watching game shows. The narrator marries her in an attempt at her inheritance from her ailing millionaire father. Unfortunately, seeing his baby happy gives Daddy a new lease on life...
  • In Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Collins. It can be played for comedy in that case because he wants to marry Elizabeth, and is portrayed as the sort of man who wouldn't rape a woman he isn't married to. (When he later settles for Charlotte Lucas, who in turn settles for him it is implied that he is easily influenced by his wife and not really aggressive.)
  • In A Princess of Landover, Princess Mistaya is proposed to by the odious Lord Laphroaig, who has been nicknamed "The Frog" for his habit of darting his tongue out of his lips when nervous and his squat body. Besides being ugly, Laphroaig's wives and children have a habit of dying from "mysterious illnesses". Correctly, Mistaya assumes Laphroaig only wishes to marry her in order to have access to Landover's throne. At the end of the book, the Big Bad forces Mistaya to marry Laphroaig through a Scarpia Ultimatum involving her current love interest.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Lysa Tully/Arren is this to Littlefinger. He plays along as long as she can aid him in his plot to build his own power, but drops her as soon as it's convenient to do so (after letting her know that she's been playing this role all along).
  • Gender-flipped with Mr. Boarham and Mr. Wilmot for Helen in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Mr. Boarham is a particularly interesting case as he would probably have been a better husband for Helen than Huntingdon, but he's still entirely unappealing.
  • Mary Carson to Father Ralph de Bricassart in The Thorn Birds, because of her looks and personality (she's cruel and so manipulative that she seeks to control his destiny from beyond the grave—willing the bulk of her fortune to him so that he'll advance in his career, but be permanently separated from the woman he loves). The night before she dies, she begs him to "kiss me as if we were lovers". He refuses, citing his priestly vows, but she knows—she can see it in his face—that he's repulsed by her old age.
  • The narrator of the Vita Nuova spends nine years pining after a girl, only to have her refuse to greet him due to some Malicious Slander. The narrator works the rest of his lady's life content with being spurned while capturing her beauty in verse.
  • Xanth:
    • In the novel Ogre, Ogre, the female protagonist's wish to escape such an abhorrent admirer (a rape demon, more or less) is what kicks off the plot.
    • Subverted with the Dolph/Electra/Nada Love Triangle that took up a couple of books. Prince Dolph finds himself engaged to two women, the beautiful Nada Naga, whom he loves, and the more ordinary Electra, who loves him. Nada considers Dolph to be this trope, as he is far too young and immature for her. Dolph thinks this of Electra, as while she is not unattractive, she can in no way compete with the knockout Nada. To compound matters, Dolph must marry Nada to ensure an alliance between two kingdoms, and he must marry Electra or she will die from a magical curse. Despite this, the three are friends, and eventually decide to Screw Destiny by having Dolph marry Electra, divorce her the next day, marry Nada, and fix the love triangle with the use of Love/Anti-Love potions. Then it gets double subverted when during their one night of marriage Dolph discovers he truly does love Electra, and they remain married. (In case you were wondering, the Nada thing is sorted when Dolph performs her wedding ceremony to another guy, as "to marry someone" also means "to perform their wedding vows".)

    Live-Action TV 
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Played for drama with Lysa Arryn's obsession with Littlefinger, who fully exploits it.
    • Tormund keeps staring at Brienne while they're both at Castle Black in Season 6. Brienne scowls each time.
  • In Workaholics, Adam is this to Alice. Its not that he's ugly, he's just kind of a douche-and she's a very angry person by nature.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Howard is this to Penny, and gets his nose broken when he tries to kiss her.
  • In the Seinfeld episode "The Strike" (a.k.a. The One with Festivus), Elaine gains the attentions of three repulsive males: Kevin McDonald's denim-vest-wearing character and two sleazoids from an OTB parlor. (Elaine herself briefly becomes one too thanks to a hairdo-ruining steam bath, and Jerry is dating a woman who flips from ugly to pretty depending on the lighting.)
  • An episode of Malcolm in the Middle had the boys getting a hot babysitter who had been a girl like this to Francis before he went to military school and back when she was overweight. Francis hadn't wanted to hurt her feelings, but towards the end of the episode, told her over the phone that he didn't find her attractive at all (not knowing that she had lost a considerable amount of weight and had gained the aforementioned hotness). It made him sound gay.
  • Full House:
    • Mrs. Carruthers was like this to Joey as a Running Gag.
    • Kimmy Gibler was like this towards several of the men on the show as well. Especially Jesse.
    • Poked fun of in one episode where they envisioned what the future would be like. The men became old and frail while Kimmy Gibler grew up to be an extremely attractive woman. Kimmy pointed out that they should've been nicer to her when she was younger.
    • Further made fun of in the sequel series Fuller House where Kimmy grew up to be extremely good in bed. So much so that her ex Latino husband who looks like a supermodel still wants her back.
    • The Full House team apparently loved this trope, because there was a character named Rusty that was depicted as such toward D.J. during the first half of season 4. The rub:His mom was dating Danny.
  • Married... with Children was fond of the "mortal terror" angle.
    • Bud in particular was often an Abhorrent Admirer's victim as a Running Gag of sorts.
    • One episode had Al changing his mind and going for a ride with some middle-aged overweight women who decided he was very hot. Another time an overweight principal pinned him to the ground and kissed him on the neck. An old high school sweatheart who gained weight throughout the years still wanted him too.
  • This trope made up the entirety of the recurring "Wanda Wayne" sketches on In Living Color!. It also came to play in one or two "Vera de Milo" sketches, though most of the time she actually subverted the trope because In-Universe other men found her desirable. We'll just have to take their word for it.
  • Frasier As well as the running jokes concerning Lilith and Maris (Niles Crane marries one and sleeps with the other), there is Frasier's agent Bébé, who on one drunken night gets him into bed, leading to horrified responses from Marty and Niles. Bébé isn't ugly, but she's so histrionic, conniving, and amoral that others can't help but see her as a devilish temptress.
    • There is also Noel, who doesn't aggressively pursue Roz but does creep her out and makes no secret of his crush. At least she can stand to be in the same room as him.
    • Niles has always had one, though she only appeared in one episode - Cousin Yvonne, someone who makes Niles dread extended family gatherings. She's a "distant cousin" with a "slight" crush on him, to the point that she stalks him at the wedding in "Beware of Greeks". She barely shows up, but the few moments she does have are hilarious, especially The Stinger. Not helping is that she happens to re-enter his life just when he's dealing with divorcing Maris, which of course Yvonne thinks makes him available again.
    • Another one-off character was romance novelist Deirdre Sauvage, a Dirty Old Woman who spends the episode "The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl" trying to seduce Martin. She lives in the same condo building, and Martin is so paranoid of her he'll go as far as to try to read his newspaper with a flashlight in the dark because if she sees the living room light on, she'll try to come over. Martin constantly has to watch his back as he tries to walk Eddie out of the building, and notes that she constantly tries to lure him into her apartment. Her parting gift is her latest book, in which the "lovesick gondolier" was inspired by Martin.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:
    • The show memorably gave us Jazz, the ghetto goof in love with Hilary. Though she did genuinely acknowledge the times he stood up for her, she generally disliked him, and to be fair, aside from those few moments he didn't really do anything other than make it clear he wanted to sleep with her. However, it might have gone both ways at some point, as Jazz briefly got married and Hilary subconsciously vented her jealousy of his bride with comments like how she "wouldn't want to see a sweet guy like him get hurt" & threatening his fiancée to treat Jazz right.
    • Carlton's attracted his fair share of unwanted attention. In "Will Gets a Job", he draws the Female Gaze of Ashley's awkward classmate and friend Tina, who struggles to conceal her attraction to him but fails miserably (the first time she meets him he's wearing nothing but a towel). In "Striptease for Two", he gets a bit of karma for pawning his mother's bracelet as part of a get-rich-quick scheme - the pawn broker is very obviously attracted to him, and gets really pushy about it.
  • The IT Crowd:
    • The show does this with Judy from series one, who has a thing for Roy. She has "hair on her eyes" and "three rows of teeth"
    • Roy has a tendency to attract this type of woman; there was also the woman who, upon encountering a bunch of tramps on their date, began shouting at them that they owed her money. Played with, in that since Roy himself is usually pretty desperate, he often ends up sleeping with them anyway.
    • The girl in the 'Friendface' episode who wears too much make-up. She's not exactly hideous, but her make-up and personality are both creepy. Roy tells Jen that "It was like breaking up with the joker".
  • One episode of The Jamie Foxx Show had Jamie the victim of an Abhorrent Admirer named DAMN!!! This may have been a shoutout to his earlier role on In Living Color as Ugly Wanda.
  • In Jeeves and Wooster, it seems anyone actually interested in Bertie is off the end of one scale or another, even though none of them actually look bad.
    • Honoriah Glossop is not particularly good-looking, but more importantly, large and violent. Not exactly well-suited to Bertie.
    • Lady Florence Craye is physically attractive, but with a horrifyingly caustic personality that makes anyone watching want to push her down a well.
    • Madeline Bassett is also very attractive, but she is so sickeningly sweet.
  • Deconstructed and subverted in Strangers with Candy since the protagonist Jerri Blank (being her 46-year-old ex-junky-whore self) in many ways embodies the trope. How she is treated because of that varies strongly throughout the series: sometimes her flirting (with guys and girls alike) is answered with total horror, but mostly she's just treated like a normal, if rather unattractive student and occasionally she lands attractive, popular boyfriends. A subversion is the fact that off-screen Jerri is ridiculously promiscuous and quite possibly leads the most active sex-life in the whole series.
  • Austin and Ally has many of these:
    • Brooke towards Austin.
    • Chuck towards Trish. Ironically, the two are married by the show's end.
    • Mindy towards Dez in season 1.
  • Family Matters:
    • Male example in (who else?) Steve Urkel, whose undying devotion to Laura is not received well at all. But that has just as much (or more) to do with his outrageously weird personality than the way he looks.
    • There is also his cousin Myrtle Urkel, a Southern Belle with a crush on Eddie.
  • There was an example in the Farscape episode 'The Flax' with the character Staanz developing feelings for D'Argo. It was made all the more hilarious by the fact that Staanz is only revealed to be the female of her species towards the end (though she does admit to not being 'cut from the standard mold', so how female is debatable) and is in fact played by a very male Ryss Muldoon.
  • Friends has several examples:
    • Chandler is repeatedly plagued by the unwanted advances of Janice. It's not her appearance (she's rather attractive), but her overbearing personality, loud, nasal voice and annoying honking laugh that make her abhorrent. She's not entirely unwanted, however, as Chandler does (eventually) develop feelings for her; the two are actually in a seemingly stable relationship for a few episodes before she goes back to her husband.
    • Chandler seems to be a magnet for these, as he also had to deal with the unwanted affections of overweight teenage Monica in the flashbacks. This is also a subversion, because Monica not only grew up to be quite attractive, but eventually became Chandler's wife.
    • A further subversion comes in a later "alternate universe" episode where, among other changes, Monica is still fat. In this world, she still winds up with Chandler, proving that their relationship goes much deeper than looks, and Chandler's earlier reaction to her was simple teenage idiocy.
  • Lois & Clark had, interestingly, a proto-Janice in the form of a black museum attendant named Veronica. Rather dishy, but her voice was terrible, and her advances toward Clark were on the unclassy side. Clark is roped into a double date with Lois' hunky Scottish rebound boyfriend, and comes out looking like the loser of the two.
  • The Office (US):
    • Meredith occasionally hits on Jim. For example, when she breaks her hip she asks him to sign her pelvis cast and singles him out in particular to thank for visiting her in the hospital. Jim seems disturbed, but too polite to say anything.
    • The Office likes this — Dwight is one to Michael and Michael is one to usually Ryan and Jim but also to other members of the office.
  • In The Office (UK), David Brent tries to encourage the camera (and whoever's watching) to sympathise with him when his date turns out to be as overweight as he is, but she's a nice person and he's rude to her so it's almost an inversion.
  • Played with on Top Gear (UK), where Richard Hammond gets a fan letter, ostensibly from a mentally-disturbed prisoner about to be released on parole... named Stuart.
  • Subverted on Arrested Development, as the plain, average Ann is considered an Abhorrent Admirer to George Michael — by his father. George Michael himself adores her.
  • In The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the eponymous Zack and Cody have, on separate occasions, and despite their best efforts, attracted the affections of Agnes.
  • Harper and Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place are a good example of this. In earlier episodes, she was portrayed as Alex's weird friend who was convinced she was going to marry Justin despite his complete disinterest. Although in later episodes, Harper starts acting a little more calm around him and they become friends, Justin still seems highly uncomfortable when the subject of Harper's feelings for him come up.
  • In the 80's sitcom about a girl robot named Vicky and her family Small Wonder, Harriet Brindle. Is treated as such by Jamie.
  • Glee:
    • April Rhodes, Mr Schuester's Abhorrent Admirer, is one of the rare examples where her abhorrence is related to her terrible personality. She's actually very pretty, if a little trashy compared to the very wholesome-looking rest of the cast.
    • Subverted somewhat in two other cases as well. Rachel has an Abhorrent Admirer in Jacob ben Israel and Kurt has one in David Karofsky. In both cases, as with April Rhodes, it's not their appearance that makes them abhorrent, but their behaviour (they're both prone to acts of blatant sexual harassment and, in one case, death threats).
    • Subverted completely in the case of Lauren Zizes — it initially looks as if she's being set up as an Abhorrent Admirer for Puck in episode 2x09, but by 2X12 he's completely fallen for her attitude and self-confidence and is desperately pursuing her.
  • Lily on The Hard Times of RJ Berger. However RJ isn't disgusted with her so much as annoyed. The real disgust actually comes from his best friend Miles.
  • In Zoey 101 there is Stacey to Logan.
  • On Saved by the Bell, Screech is one for Lisa. However, she will occasionally reciprocate. Screech gained one himself in the made for TV movie Saved By The Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas. While posing as an escort his overweight pink dress wearing much older date Diana took an instant liking to him and dragged him into her pink limo. While feeling him up and complementing his physique, Screech bragged that he could do 5 pull ups. 6 with a boost. Diana winked at him and said she would give him a boost! He tried to distract her by turning on the TV, but she flirtingly turned it off with her foot and continued wooing him. Later they tangoed and she dipped Screech so she could give him an open mouthed kiss. He edged away but she hoisted him up and stole the kiss anyway. Next she got him in the backseat of her limo and was all over him. Screech tried to bail from the roof of her car but Diana grabbed him back down by his tie for some more groping and kissing. When the car stopped he finally got away even though Diana was holding his hand tightly. Towards the end of the film she spots Screech and declares they are meant for each other, all the more comedic since he just caught the bouquet at Zack and Kelly's wedding. Screech heads for the hills and the lovestruck Diana chases after him.
  • In Night Court, Dan Fielding is forced to defer an evening's diversions with beautiful twin Swedish stewardesses out of concerns that he may have been bitten by a rabid dog. Grateful for his candor, one of the stewardesses decides to play straight (as it were) with Dan, admitting that the twins were at one time both men. Dan is unamused.
  • One episode of NCIS has Ducky's senile mother become attracted to Gibbs. Fortunately she didn't appear again for the rest of the episode.
  • Rose from Two and a Half Men would fall under this trope. Not because she's ugly (she's quite attractive) but because of her personality. She's a stalker, she would regularly climb over their balcony instead of visiting by using the front door and has engaged in elaborate schemes to make Charlie fall for her, including keeping him sick so she can play Florence Nightengale and, more recently, put on a fake wedding just to make him Charlie want her.
  • Henry in CSI at one point is stuck in a BBQ joint miles from anywhere, being hit on by a woman who is, let's say, past her best. This exchange follows: "I'm engaged. I'm married, actually. I have syphilis." "Perfect. So do I."
  • Star Trek:
    • Lwaxana Troi to Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
      • Data sort of became one in "A Fistful of Datas". If when you first saw the barmaid in the Holodeck you predicted she too would be replaced by a replica of Data by the end of the episode, you would be correct. It's downplayed because "she" doesn't exactly climb all over Worf, but it does make him uncomfortable.
    • On Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Lwaxana seems to resume this role, this time with Odo as her "victim". However, this is partially a subversion, as their relationship turns into friendship and Odo genuinely starts to care for Lwaxana (albeit not in a romantic way).
    • Dukat to Kira on Deep Space Nine as well. Initially Played for Laughs, until Nana Visitor put her foot down pointing out that due to their characters respective histories, this was essentially Hitler hitting on a Holocaust survivor being played for laughs. Especially since if it had happened during the Occupation, she wouldn't have been able to refuse him. The writers listened, and it took a much darker tone over the course of the series, and only served to fuel her hatred and disgust for him.
  • Oleg the fry cook in 2 Broke Girls to both Max and Caroline.
    • Hell, Oleg the cook to every female on the show.
  • A.N.T. Farm's Angus is this to Olive.
  • Ironically the actress playing Olive is this on Jessie to Luke more of a Stalker with a Crush though.
  • Paula is this to Tim in Spy.
  • Weird Ashley to Axl on The Middle.
  • Gail the Snail on the series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Gail is seen as so abhorrent, the other characters will throw salt at her to thwart her advances.
  • Nikki Parker to Professor Oglevee in The Parkers. In the series finale, They Do.
  • Doña Clotilde ("La Bruja del 71", or "The Witch of [Apartment] 71") towards Don Ramón (or rather, "Don RRRRRRRRRRamón") in El Chavo del ocho.
  • In Degrassi, at first Liberty is one for JT who finds her unattractive and annoying. A few years later they dated and had a child together.
  • Hannibal:
    • Franklyn serves as this to Hannibal. Hannibal kills him by snapping his neck..
    • And Hannibal himself is this to Will, once Will figures out what Hannibal is. Apparently he doesn't think that gaslighting Will, murdering the girl they have a mutual father-daughter relationship with, feeding Will her severed ear, and then framing Will for all of Hannibal's horrible crimes should be any barrier to them being best friends forever.
  • Tales from the Crypt:
    • In the episode, "Til Death", a man uses a Love Potion on a wealthy widow, marries her and then murders her to get her fortune. She ends up coming back as a decaying zombie who's still in love with him.
    • The episode "None but the Lonely Heart" has an extremely similar premise and ending.
    • Likewise, "Dead Right" features a lecherous slob who only gets the girl because of a prophecy that marrying him will make her rich.
  • In My Mad Fat Diary, Mrs Dewhurst is implied to have a crush on Rae, even though she is old enough to be her grandmother.
  • In The Worst Year of My Life, Again, Big Hannah is briefly this to Alex in "Valentine's Day".
  • Mel is always seen creeping out the band members of the Flight of the Conchords in her conversations with them. She's also their only fan and is clearly infatuated (and in-lust) with them, perhaps a bit too much.
  • The evil sorcerer Rumburak is this for poor princess Arabela, youngest daughter of King Hyacint.
  • In 100 Things to Do Before High School Mindy is this to Crispo.
  • Deconstructed or at least played for drama in the case of poor Jung Sang Mo in Temptation Of An Angel. While masquerading as a trendy fashion designer, Ah-Ran took advantage of his affections and used slightly altered versions of his designs. After finding no further use for him, she shuns his attempts to court her. Sure, he's downright pathetic, a bit of a stalker, and has a case of Hollywood Homely, but he's portrayed as more sympathetic. Depressed and feeling alone, he steps in front of a truck on the highway.
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide has these for the three main characters:
  • Punky Brewster had one at the start of season 3—a rather plump boy named Spud.
  • PAA Geri Turner is this to Det. Andy Sipowicz in season 4 of NYPD Blue. Geri, into BDSM, keeps coming on to Andy, who wouldn't be attracted to her even if he weren't married to Sylvia. In this case, it's played slightly for laughs (Andy is constantly being thrust into situations that are acutely uncomfortable for him), but also for drama, showing that men can end up feeling sexually harassed in the workplace as much as women can.
  • Mad TV: The mother from "That's My White Mama!". Her husband actually loves her dearly, but since she is a Sassy Black Woman trapped in a fat white guy's body, he's understandably grossed out by the prospect of fullfilling his marital duties.
    Wife: You promised me 'For better or worse'!
    Husband: It doesn't get any worse than this!

  • "Another fella told me/He had a sister that looked so fine/Instead of being my deliverance, she had a strange resemblance/To a cat named Frankenstein"—Sam Cooke, "Another Saturday Night"
  • Twiztid has Jenny (Jamie Madrox doing a female voice), an obsessive fan who doesn't know anything about their music but claims to be a "Juffalo" because she wants to sleep with the duo...then moves on to pretending to be a Blaze Ya Dead Homie fan.
  • "Obeah Wedding" by The Mighty Sparrow is about an admirer named Melda who goes so far as to consult an "obeah man" (practitioner of Black Magic) to get Sparrow to marry her. Sparrow makes it clear that her abhorrence is due to her poor hygine:
    Nastiness go cause your death!
    Gal, no man can stand your breath!
    You too damn nasty! Get away from me!
  • Inverted with "Her Hair Is a Mess" By Big Sandy And His Fly Right Boys, as in the song he feels attracted to a girl even though she is completely unappealing.
  • Star Bomb's first hip hop parody of The Legend of Zelda has Link trying to rap about his accomplishments as the Hero of Hyrule and how he'll go about his newest quest, but he's constantly interrupted by the elderly "It's dangerous to go alone" guy from the first game who's trying to flirt and have sex with him. The old man shows up again in the second Zelda hip hop parody released by the group, clearly on the move for Link again, but does not interfere with what Link is trying to do this time around - at least, not after a stern warning from Link.
  • Michael Jackson's classic "Billie Jean" is about a stalker/groupie claiming that Michael, or one of his four bandmates in The Jackson Five, was the father of her child. Definitely Played for Drama in this case, and subverted in that what makes her repellent to him is that she's clearly only doing this to be able to mooch off him. Billie Jean herself is fictional, but the character was based on a multitude of women who did the same thing. Jackson wrote the lyrics in response, bewildered by how they thought they could get away with it:
    Michael Jackson: I could never understand how these girls could say they were carrying someone's child when it wasn't true.

    Music Videos 
  • The poor female lead of "Object of My Desire" by Dana Rayne. Truly, truly No Guy Wants to Be Chased.
  • In Mamamoo's "Um Oh Ah Yeah" MV, Solar is rather repulsed by Hwasa's character's rather forward advances (such as trying to jump on her), to the point where she tries to slip a sleeping drug into his drink just so she won't be bothered by him anymore.

  • Pepe Le Pew in Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball, who's fawning after Honey Bunny even as she's leaning against Bugs. He gets a faceful of perfume for his troubles.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Many examples out of wrestlers with the Gorgeous George gimmick. Gorgeous George himself in the 1930s-50s, who wasn't the first Ambiguously Gay pro wrestler but was perhaps the most ambiguously gay pro wrestler up to that time. "Exotic" Adrian Street after him in the 50s to 2000s.
  • Goldust's gimmick was a pan-sexual who would flirt with his opponents to gain a psychological advantage in a match by, for example, suddenly appearing to enjoy the grapple he's been put into or caressing his opponent in a hold.
  • Goldust got the tables flipped on him by The Blue Meanie, who resurrected his "Bluedust" parody bit from ECW and subjected Goldust to all the flirting and psychological harassment that he'd used on his previous opponents.
  • The exotics known as The Christopher Street Connection wanted Slyk Wagner Brown's tag team title belt in Jersey All Pro Wrestling. But more than any championship gold, they really wanted Slyk himself, refusing to start what was their own title shot unless Brown got in the ring first.
  • Ooga Booga, a Kamala expy who pursued the PGWA Champion Nemesis. Since crowds generally tended to be against Nemesis though, they liked him.
  • Katarina Lea was one to many people in Family Wrestling Entertainment. Ivelisse Vélez had the crowd (and Maryse) cheering when she made her disdain clear with a DDT.
  • AJ Lee was this to CM Punk (ironically, they would get married in Real Life.) It wasn't because she was unattractive (in fact, Punk made out with her at one point) — it was because she was nuts. Hell, she was so insane that it made Kane, the other object of her "affections", uncomfortable, enough to reject her (albeit, quite uncharacteristically kindly).
  • Karlee Pérez is this to Space Monkey in Absolute Intense Wrestling, to the point he tried to use the comparatively more conventionally attractive Dick Justice to draw her away.
  • The Boys who flank Dalton Castle seem to absolutely terrified of ROH's resident vamp Taeler Hendrix. Whether or not she actually is attracted to them or is just amused by their reactions is anyone's guess.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Nosferatu from Vampire: The Requiem can be an interesting Deconstruction of this trope. Although their appearance suggests otherwise, the Nosferatu are not as susceptible to the caprices of the Beast as the other vampires are so they can still be quite human at heart (or not!), but this does not dismiss the fact that they can still feel attracted to (or even fall in love with!) others and when this happens they become Abhorrent Admirers. To make the situation more aggravating they are supernaturally hideous it means that it is simply impossible to love them. The core rulebook does point out how dramatic the experience can be, for both sides (especially if you are the receiver of the affection).
  • Naturally, taken Up to Eleven in Warhammer 40,000 with Nurgle and Isha. Long story short, after the Chaos God the Eldar orgied into existence slaughtered almost their entire pantheon, Isha was saved because Nurgle decided to keep her for himself. Nurgle, being Nurgle, expresses his affection by imprisoning Isha in his throneroom and testing all of his experimental diseases on her (only able to survive due to being a deity of Healing), and if it is a success he unleashes it upon the universe. But this also allows Isha to whisper the cure to the universe as well, so it's all good.
    • Not to mention that Nurgle definitely fulfills the "abhorrent" part. As the Chaos God of Pestilence, he is probably the most utterly repulsive thing in existence.

  • Gilbert and Sullivan operettas use this trope fairly often, though not quite as often as people think:
  • The landlady in Edward Albee's The Zoo Story.
  • In William Shakespeare's early play The Comedy of Errors, Nell the Kitchen Wench becomes enamored of one of the Dromios. She's an offstage character, but is heavily described. "... she would have me as a beast: not that, I being a beast, she would have me; but that she, being a very beastly creature, lays claim to me." (III, ii). On the other hand, in something of a subversion, the other Dromio actually seems to like her back.
  • In The Merry Wives of Windsor, Gold Digger Sir John Falstaff writes boilerplate love letters to two local wives, who find him repulsive (but humor him long enough to subject him to a Humiliation Conga).
  • Stephen Sondheim's Passion works toward a subversion. The soldier hero pines for his beautiful (and married) lover Clara and is repulsed by the attentions of the unattractive and sickly Fosca. Eventually he realizes Fosca's love is more, well, passionate, to put it lightly, and gives in to her. Fosca suffers a very direct and literal Death by Sex afterwards, but still, victory!
  • Tanz Der Vampire:
    • Herbert von Krolock is a borderline example of the male homosexual variety, depending on who's playing him. He might be handsome and endearing but he's also a clingy, aggressive vampire who's very intent on getting his teeth into vampire-hunting Tenor Boy Alfred.
    • Rebecca, Chagal's wife, who presumably used to resemble her lovely daughter Sarah, has become one of these to her husband in the same show, driving him toward his beautiful scullery maid Magda. This is especially jarring in productions where she's not even played as particularly obnoxious or ugly. (However, the fact that he isn't particularly charming or attractive either renders him a genderswapped example of the same trope as far as Magda's concerned... until he bites her, at least.)
  • The Changeling. De Flores has a terrible skin disease. He might actually be a Dogged Nice Guy.
  • In the first scene of Thrill Me, Richard reacts to Nathan as if Nathan is a Gender Flip of this trope—Richard goes as far as saying that Nathan's obsession is the reason he transferred schools. And then we have, "There's Nothing Like a Fire".
  • Podstolina in Zemsta, who just can't take a hint that Wacław may not be interested anymore....
  • In The Insect Play, the Audience Surrogate character is unhappily pursued by a flighty young thing called Clytie (or Clythie, depending on the translation), in spite of the fact that she's a butterfly and he's not.

    Video Games 
  • Super Mario Bros.:
  • Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
    • During the Lance Banson boss fight, his fangirls (Banson being a famous opera singer and Sky Pirate) will rush out from time to time. Sometimes they're attractive and mildly replenish his health. If Henry screws up his singing via the Match Three Puzzle, they're rather plain and fat — Benson will freak out when they rush him, and their collision actually hurts him.
    • Also, the first boss Lady D is this for Henry. He tells her he hasn't the time and she promptly tries to destroy him with her giant Wedding Cake Battle Fortress.
  • Bit of a cutesy inversion in Fat Princess if you Fridge it.
  • Inverted with Laharl of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, who actually gets hurt by pretty, big-busted women. Though he shows no interest either way, romantically.
  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police:
    • Inverted in "Chariots of the Dogs", where the titular lagomorph (Max) ends up being the object of obsession of the fairly attractive Momma Bosco. Max doesn't like girls (for the same reasons a 10 year old boy is disgusted by girls) and finds her advances on him to be gross. In the same game, a young version of Max tries to avoid going to the prom because there's a girl who has a crush on him who is apparently known for french kissing every boy she likes.
    • In the "Tomb of Sammun-Mak" we have the Mole-girl, Nefertiti, who is hopelessly in love with a pre-vampire Jurgen.
  • In Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp, a morbidly obese Eve chases Dirk thinking he's Adam.
    • There's also Mordroc, a rare male example and the game's Big Bad, who has the hots for Daphne.
  • In Persona 4, it turns out Hanako had a crush on your main character throughout the game if you talk to her in the epilogue.
  • Terk from the Tarzan world of Kingdom Hearts I falls in love with Donald Duck. Since her character can only speak to Tarzan and other gorillas, the rest of the cast pick up on this by the way she is lovingly gazing at the duck. It's not really known if Donald Duck is not attracted to her since he just remarks that his girlfriend Daisy would kill him if anything ever happened between himself and Terk. Although chances are Donald wasn't attracted to her since he has gained a few abhorrent admirers in recent years (see the Western Animation section below).
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: After a drunken night that you cannot remember, you spend a hangover-esque day trying to piece together what happened to you. Eventually, you find out that you're newly engaged to Moira. A hagraven. Yeah. And your job is to get the ring back. She doesn't handle well.
  • At first, Taiga of Duel Savior Destiny is thrilled that someone as cute as Nanashi is after him. Then her arm falls off and she cheerfully informs him that she's undead. He is less than pleased.
  • Suikoden Tierkreis has Maybelle, who is absolutely convinced that she is a reincarnated "Warrior of Light" and the main character is the reincarnation of her true love. While she's not unattractive, the main character is so weirded out by her behavior that his usual reaction is to run away.
  • In Ib, Garry somehow manages to get a little blue doll to fall for him. The doll follows him around and leaves him messages asking if they can play. Garry is terrified of the thing, and for good reason.
  • The protagonist of Gingiva inexplicably gets a lot of these.
  • Something: The Rip Van Fish from "The Only Water Level". If they see Mario, they immediately chase him. Also, they're dreaming about finding love since they create hearts when they're sleeping.
  • Onmyōji: Though not physically unattractive by any means, Kijo Momiji is definitely this to Abe no Seimei who saved her from a group of other monsters prior to the start of the story, even though he has since lost his memory and doesn't remember a thing about her.
  • Tales of the Abyss: Luke at the least, sees his fiancee Natalia as this, mainly for her persisting on bringing up their Childhood Marriage Promise and Loving a Shadow tendencies towards him. Character Development has Natalia move past this and she actually downplays it throughout the game as it's quickly dropped due to the various problems The Team has to face.
  • In Poker Night 2, Claptrap is quite enamored with GLaDOS. She is... somewhat less than enthused by his flirtations.
    Claptrap: I might as well say it now- I've always loved you, baby.
    GLaDOS: Were I outfitted with a dry-heave subroutine, I'd activate it now.
  • In Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, Bégoniax the witch is shown to be one to Razoff the hunter, in the last cutscene of the "Bog of Murk" level.
  • The Dangan Ronpa spin-off Absolute Despair Girls, we learn that Leon Kuwata had one in the form of his cousin, Kanon Nakajima. In a variant, Kanon is stated to be rather pretty, and Leon does care for her, but only as family. Despite this, she was never able to take a hint.
  • Aimee from the Fire Emblem Tellius series isn't physically unattractive, but gets this reaction out of Ike. He runs and hides from her, attempts to have someone else buy supplies so she won't touch him, tells her she's scaring him several times, bluntly tells her that even if he noticed her intentions he wouldn't act on them, and even calls her delusional, albeit after she has left earshot. Yes, even the rough mercenary with Nerves of Steel is scared by essentially a really rabid fangirl. In two scenes, Soren goes out of his way to protect Ike from her, with hilarious results.
  • The goal of Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love is to help Dracula escape from a short, fat, scraggly-haired human princess with different-sized eyes who misrepresented herself on the magical online dating service he patronized.
  • Mobius Final Fantasy's Echo is reliably this to any good-looking boy she encounters, though for her annoying personality rather than her looks. It's unclear how much she actually is attracted to the boys, and how much of it she's just doing for laughs, though she does seem to have genuine affection for Wol and her crush on Cloud is sincere enough for Wol to pick up on it.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Ruto in Ocarina of Time. Link seems agitated when she starts flirting with him after being rescued from Jabu-Jabu's Belly, and again when she brings up her one-sided Childhood Marriage Promise seven year later. This is less because of her appearance (which is considered very beautiful in-universe) and more because of her blunt, bratty personality.
    • In Twilight Princess, Telma is this for Renado. After helping Link and Ilia get Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village for Renado to treat medically, Telma soon starts flirting with Renado after first meeting him. She eventually returns to Hyrule Castle Town, and when a later quest requires Link to deliver a letter from Renado to Telma, Renado admits that he really can't stand Telma.
    • The Great Fairies in Breath of the Wild. They all flirt with Link when speaking to him and use rather affectionate techniques to magically upgrade his armor. Link's reactions range from embarrassed sighing when they blow him kisses to terror when they give him actual kisses.
  • Injustice 2: In some match interactions, The Joker expresses the interest of making Supergirl, Power Girl, Poison Ivy and Black Canary as his "molls", but they are all absolutely revolted by him for many, many valid reasons. He is the one character that literally everyone else in the game hates (including other supervillains)

    Visual Novels 
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    • Wendy Oldbag is attracted to several younger male characters over the course of the series, most notably Deadpan Snarker Miles Edgeworth. Part of the reason this is considered repulsive is probably the fact that Oldbag is a completely obnoxious Jerkass, and that she simply refuses to leave Edgeworth alone. And, just to top the whole thing off, she's obscenely old and no longer attractive.
    • Sal Manella, a fat, sweaty, ugly geek who speaks in internet memes and "l33t speak", is this to Maya in one case in the first game.
  • G-Senjou no Maou has an abhorrent admirer for the main heroine. All her talk of heroes and justice really grates against the amoral Kyousuke but the real reason is he knows her father ruined Kyousuke's family.
  • While Toko from Danganronpa isn't particularly ugly, she's generally rather unpleasant and is very creepy about her affection towards Byakuya, eventually settling into a strange one-sided S&M relationship, which Byakuya tolerates only because he can take advantage of her when he needs to and generally treat her as a verbal punching bag. And that's not even getting into her Split Personality, Serial Killer Genocider Syo, who also has a crush on Byakuya.
  • Carolina Bucci in Eisuke's route of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder is, although chubby, not a bad-looking woman, but she is extremely forward and persistent in her romantic pursuit of Eisuke, who can't risk hurting her feelings by directly rejecting her because offending her will sour his business relationship with her Mafia Don father. Carolina doesn't really hit this trope, however, until Eisuke and the protagonist manage to convince her that Eisuke's heart is spoken for... at which point Carolina promptly shifts her passion to Eisuke's buddy Soryu, to Eisuke's amusement and Soryu's considerable dismay.
  • In Grisaia No Meikyuu and Grisaia no Rakuen a squadmate of main character Yuuji named Millie constantly pines after him and flirts with him even though she can't even remember his name correctly. Perhaps their relationship is defined by their first conversation: She challenged him to a duel and he punched her in the face before she could explain she wanted a sniping competition. In the ending and epilogue for the latter she isn't even mentioned while everyone else is on an island with him with at the very least an ambiguous edge to their relationship.
  • Judge Aunty to Roland in Fleuret Blanc. She isn't particularly ugly or terrible in and of herself, but the fact that she's extremely flirtatious despite being old enough to be Roland's mother creeps him out a great deal.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
    • There's features an interesting take on Abhorrent Admirer in one story arc. It revolves around a queen with a trio of daughters who is making arrangements with another king to have his son marry one of her daughters to cement an alliance, with intent to betray him later and become absolute ruler of both kingdoms. The prince in question, however, is in every possible way disinterested. Not because the daughters are necessarily ugly, but because they're gnolls, and he's just plain not interested in an interspecies relationship (by gnoll standards they're actually pretty hot catches). Two of the daughters are incredibly forward and eager; it's never shown onscreen but when the middle daughter tries to actually use sex to win him over, it's implied he reacts badly. When he succumbs to the fact that he's not going to get out of this, he chooses the third daughter, who's surly and completely unwilling. When his father asks why he chose her over her cheerful, willing sisters, he points out that if he has to marry one of them he might as well choose the one he agrees with and who will, more importantly, be equally as miserable with the arrangement.
    • When Gren briefly breaks up with Bob, she has Arachne set her up on a number of blind dates. All of the prospects are this in some way, either from being perverted (the kuo-toa), attractive but too sensitive (Turg), or absolutely disgusting (the otyugh and neo-otyugh). It's possible that Arachne did this on purpose, as she despises men and thinks Gren should as well.
  • Torg's blind date from Sluggy Freelance. May or may not actually be a woman.
  • Sherry from Out There finds her admirer Clayton fairly abhorrent, and while he has many flaws (surly, shiftless, dishonest, alcoholic), the other notable female characters seem to like him.
  • Scandinavia and the World:
    • Sister Finland for Sweden, though it's less about her looks and more about her violent tendencies and his sexuality. That and Finland would probably try to maim/kill Sweden if the latter even touched his sister.
    • Estonia, of the Baltic girls trio, just wants to party with the cute Nordic boys. They however hide from her in fear. Except for Finland, who does accept her booze before slamming the door in her face.
  • In Dubious Company, Elly has three of them. While all of them are physically attractive, their personalities terrify him. Mary and Marty are also the bad guys.
  • Typical Strange has a few: Penelope to Oscar, Oscar to Harley, and Wade to Penelope, Abigail, and Greta. Then there were the hillbillies who wanted to marry TK and Abigail.
  • In The GaMERCaT, the adorable kitten Nano develops a crush on the adult Gamercat the first time they meet. It's not till later that she shows up and declares her love for him, at which point we also learn why they're not exactly compatible: Obviously she's way too young for him, but beyond that she's incredibly creepy, being into Dark Souls and watching Gamercat sleep. She also likes to utterly smother him in affection and scare off other girl cats who might be interested in him. The only way she doesn't fit the bill is that she's not ugly - it's her behavior that freaks Gamercat out. Nowadays, she's been developed into Glitch's playmate, and Gamercat himself takes her affection in stride, being able to be in the same room as her since she really only tries to see if he's changed his mind on occasions like Valentine's Day.
  • In Shortpacked!, Faz was this toward Amber. It was only made worse when Amber discovered they're half-siblings, and was actually afraid that telling him would make the Abhorrent Admirer tendencies worse. When she finally told him, he burned a pillow with her image in response. Although, by then he had gotten over Amber and hooked up with someone as perverse and strange as him anyway, so it worked out.
  • Faz's Ultimate Universe counterpart in Dumbing of Age is still an abhorrent admirer, however, due to him being Amber's stepbrother in this universe, his affections are now on Dina. She ties him up and leaves him with Ruthless.

    Web Original 
  • Another unconventional example is SamBakZa's There she is!!, a story in five "steps" about a relationship between Doki, a rabbit, and Nabi, a cat. In their society, friendly intermingling of felis and lepus is perfectly fine, but the reactions of others to a romance between the two highlights the still-somewhat-strained relationship between Japanese people and Koreans. In the first step, Nabi flees Doki's attentions more because of social norms than actual disinterest (although Doki's enthusiasm probably intimidates Nabi a bit, as well). The rest of the shorts are more about Doki and Nabi's attempts to cope with society's opinion of their relationship. The example works so well because the creators (Koreans) show both sides' crowds as being equally disapproving (removing bias) and refraining from demonstrating which country is represented by which animal.
  • Fangirls and fanboys in the Official Fanfiction University series are not necessarily unattractive, but tend to have no grasp at all of personal space or no meaning no. Most of them are also underage, if the OFU is in a continuum where that applies, or even if it doesn't — millennia-old elves really do not see the appeal of thirteen-year-old girls. Plus the sheer number of them tends to get wearing. "Fangirl Stampedes" are not uncommon.
  • The Starfish loves Charlie the Unicorn and WANTS TO BE WITH HIM FOREVER!
  • The Nostalgia Chick to Todd in the Shadows. She's a pretty lady, but her personality and behaviour towards him is the reason why she's seen as abhorrent.note 
    • Todd himself is this toward Lupa (who seems to bring this out in most of the males on the site), almost to the point of Single-Target Sexuality. It's unclear whether he really dislikes the Chick, or if he's just too blinded with love for Lupa to even notice her feelings for him.
  • The Porn Critic for Sursum Ursa. From Busty Cops 2:
    Sursum Ursa: Stop sending me boxes of condoms in the post, you creepy pervert!

    MikeJ: Uhhh...
    Porn Critic: There's nothing wrong with sending a box of used condoms to a fellow Internet reviewer! What's wrong with that?
  • In a homosexual example, as both people involved are transgender males: Lycere Cunningham notoriously mailed a prosthetic male organ to illustrator / comic book artist Fyodor Pavlov. Lycere said that it essentially constituted a sex act between himself and Fyodor, since it was a perfect replica of Lycere's own prostheses. He has also hacked into Fyodor's email accounts on several occasions, to "feel close to him."
  • The Meme character "Overly Attached Girlfriend," describing creepy or desperate behavior that might be committed by a current or ex-girlfriend, or by someone who has a crush on the creator of the meme.
  • Vaguely Recalling JoJo: Under the magnetism curse, Joseph Joestar accidentally flips Enya Geil's skirt, causing her to fall in love with him and making his situation worse.
  • Hyper Fangirl for The Nostalgia Critic. There's a behind the scenes that has Doug wanting her to look messy as possible, and she's a psychotic Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who refuses to take Critic's many violent no's as an answer.
  • Vinesauce Tomodachi Life
    • Alpaca is a minor example. She's by no means a bad person (she's actually one of the nicest islanders, if also one of the least functional), but Vinny doesn't want her anywhere near Vinesauce, mainly because she's an alpaca and because Vinny has eyes for Two-Faced only. This becomes very prevalent in Episode 20, where an attempt to get Wario a girlfriend ends with Vinesauce and Alpaca becoming a coup. Vinny tells them they can't be together, and openly thinks of Alpaca as an obstacle. Ironically, the problem is solved when Walrus (Two-Faced's lover and Vinny's main Sitcom Arch-Nemesis) hooks Alpaca up with someone else that very same episode.
    • Seabiscuit would've also been treated as this to Vinesauce, for the same reasons as Alpaca, but also because her voice causes Vinny pain. Why didn't she become this? Because they got together in Episode 28, the episode in which Isaac pushes the Reset Button halfway through; when the game is reloaded, Vinesauce and Seabiscuit aren't interested in being a couple, and the latter soon finds someone else.
    • Later on, there's Balegdah. She just barely escapes being Gonk, she has a bad temper, and worst of all, she's based off of a Discredited Meme. Of course, she ends up getting together with Vinesauce, and Vinny can't do a thing about it. From then on, she's treated as this by Vinny, even though Vinesauce actually likes her a lot. However, given how Vinesauce immediately moved on after Balegdah got assimilated near the end of the first series, it's very possible that he did share Vinny's opinion of her.
  • Laura Clery, an Internet comedienne, has a character called Helen Horbath who relentlessly pursues Stevennote  with terrible pick-up lines despite his obvious lack of interest. Laura is a pretty lady but uses a Snapchat filter to distort her face and speaks in a lower, huskier voice while playing Helen in order to fulfill the "ugly" portion of the trope. When Snapchat got rid of the square jaw filter, the couple found other ways of making Helen come to life - including an improvised sketch shot from Helen's point of view (much to Steven's chagrin), and especially Helen haunting Steven in his dreams, implying all the while that she's very well aware of how she really makes him feel & doesn't care as long as she gets to "smash" him. Most disturbingly, in that last one, Laura also appears as herself, implying Helen is hitting on a married man.
  • Mortal Kombat fansite The Kombat Pavilion, a host of various fan webcomics and animations, has a random intro that plays before you enter the main site. One of them has Kitana chasing Liu Kang in front of the site's logo, whining that he "runs too fast" and that "[they're] meant to be!". They run back and forth across the logo, with Liu always outrunning Kitana until she disappears, leaving him to hesitate as he wonders where she is... long enough for her to appear out of nowhere, snatch him, and drag him offscreen for some "Hot Edenian Love", complete with a porn-y track made of Garageband loops. The two have a far more chivalrous relationship in the canon of the games, especially in the original timeline as they're Together in Death in the rebooted one, but it's something of a Running Gag among fans to depict her as a Clingy Jealous Girl who relentlessly pursues him. A bit subverted since she's not ugly, it's just her behavior that turns him off in these depictions.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: The Ice King kidnaps princesses and forces them into marrying him against their will. And on a more platonic level, he wants to be friends with Finn and Jake. His loneliness makes him a Jerkass Woobie, but that he forces princesses into marriage, which to him means keeping them locked up, and is very stalkerish towards Finn and Jake seals his status as an adversary.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Deconstructed in an episode. Alvin having organized a contest for his admirers in which the winner would get a romantic dinner with him, is utterly dismayed when the winner turns out to be an old woman, during the episode Alvin goes through great pains trying to get rid of her, but when he thinks that he might accidentally caused her death he feels a lot of remorse and realizes that he has been a jerk. At the end of the episode the woman admits that she may not have been what he was expecting and she understands it, prompting Alvin make good on her prize.
  • Animaniacs: The Warner Siblings to... pretty much any attractive person of the opposite gender. Especially Hello Nurse.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Meng, who falls in Love at First Sight with Aang in the episode "The Fortune Teller". Also subverted in that Aang doesn't react negatively to her at all, but simply fails to notice her affection until she tells him. When she does, he's not disturbed either, in fact he's sympathetic and says he likes her, just not the way she likes him.
  • Creeper in Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League has an unrequited crush on Harley Quinn who finds him hideous. What is it with crazy clowns and Harley?
  • Magpie to Batman in Beware the Batman. She's not hideous in any way, but she's a mentally unstable Yandere who enjoys commit theft, so Batman's not interested. Unfortunately, she's Wrong Genre Savvy and assumes he's into her.
  • A number of these featured in The Beatles.
  • Jackie in Bobby's World is this to Bobby.
  • The Boondocks It's Maybelliiiiiiiiine, nigga! from the episode "Wingman", when Robert Freeman is confronted by a long lost ex.
  • Bump in the Night:
    • The episode "Adventures in Microbia" had Neat Freak Squishington receive unwanted affections from a Germ Girl, though the trope is eventually subverted when he reciprocates her feelings toward him.
    • "Love Stinks" had Molly Coddle become stinky after getting covered in garbage, which resulted in her getting unwanted affections from a stink bug named Odiferous J. Stench.
  • Camp Lazlo
    • The episode "Love Sick" had Clam suffer a concussion that caused him to become attracted to Gretchen, much to her dismay. By the end of the episode, the situation is reversed by having Gretchen become the abhorrent admirer and Clam as the unwilling object of affection.
    • In "Hard Days Samson", Samson ends up having trouble with the Squirrel Scouts when they won't leave him alone because he happens to look like a hunky hamster celebrity.
  • Carl Squared: Lorna is this to Carl. She is also a Stalker with a Crush.
  • Captain N: The Game Master:
    • A dress-wearing pink octopus with blonde hair and blue eyes had a crush on Simon Belmont during the episode entitled "I Wish I Was a Wombatman". This short yet shapely and well-endowed director's assistant said to him with a beautiful voice, "Ooooh! You're a dream boat!" She gave him a big hug wrapping her tentacles around him. While embracing him, the assistant gave him a giant wink and extended her enormous red lips inches away from his. Simon seemed repelled because she was of a different species. The cartoon ended with the octopus leaning forward exposing the top of her ample cleavage and asking "Uh, anyone call for make up," when she saw her beloved Belmont checking himself out in a mirror. The blonde babe had no cosmetics on hand because this was just an excuse to get him alone in a dressing room for some hugging and kissing. Simon ran away in terror. She slithered right after him with a big smile and open tentacles like a love-struck groupie.
    • Simon Belmont had another such admirer in the episode "Queen of the Apes". After defeating the leader of a pack of gorillas a female that had a blonde beehive complete with curlers and a pink skirt fell for Simon. The muscle bound large breasted hairy ape closed her eyes and tried to kiss him with her big pink lips but he got away. The pack of gorillas carried Simon away to end the episode so there's a chance she got around to kissing him off camera.
    • This was reversed a few times with Simon getting struck with a love arrow and falling for the hideous Mother Brain once, almost marrying her in the episode Mr. & Mrs. Mother Brain. There was also a mutual attraction between Simon and Queen Dwarfine in The Feud of Faxanadu. While she had a rather plump yet nice figure she may not have been very attractive to the audience given her blue skin, green frizzy hair and big nose. The Vampire Hunter was attracted to more classic beauties such as Lana and Princess Zelda however, throughout the series.
  • Code Lyoko as a toned down example with Sissi, who is in love with protagonist Ulrich. Unlike the classic example, Sissi isn't unattractive; she actually is quite pretty, and, according to Ulrich, has a lot of admirers (Though the show rarely shows it that much). However, she also happens to be an Alpha Bitch, a Brainless Beauty and act like a very annoying Stalker with a Crush to Ulrich. This dialogue from the prequel sums it up:
    Odd: "Who is this really hot chick?"
    Ulrich: "Sissi, the Principal's daughter. Everyone is crazy for her. But she's crazy for me."
    Odd: "That's great!"
    • Later episodes develop her into a more likable character and have Ulrich occasionally warming up to her, but it's generally clear she still has no chance with him.
  • Valerie Gray in Danny Phantom gets this in one episode with Nathan (another rare male example) who is portrayed as a stereotypically "ugly nerd" who wants to ask Valerie to the prom (despite it being three years away) while Valerie was a former popular girl.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: Mandark to Dee Dee; the giant eyed girl from "Aye Eye Eyes" to Dexter.
  • Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines: "Barnstormers" had the Vulture Squadron crash-land on the farm of a rather stout German maiden who takes a shining to Zilly. By the end of the cartoon, she falls for Dastardly.
  • The John Dilworth short The Dirdy Birdy had a bird named Purdy become attracted to a cat named Fergurina and try to express his attraction by baring his behind in front of her. The cat isn't amused and inflicts violence on the bird every time.
  • Drawn Together: Used repeatedly with Toot Braunstein. Slight irony there too: she's actually drawn somewhat nice-looking most of the time, if you like them chubby. It's her disgusting slovenly habits which are the actual deal-breaker to those of us not in the show. She receives the brunt of the Ren & Stimpy super detail gags as a result of this trope, however. (And, some characters do reciprocate, much to the horror of the rest of the cast, like Ling-Ling's dad.)
  • In the Duck Dodgers episode "Talent Show a Go-Go", after "borrowing" Tom Jones's voice, Dodgers ends up attracting the attention of an ugly alien queen.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • The white trash Kanker Sisters. Normally, each Kanker has her preferred Ed - May has Ed, Marie has Edd, and Lee has Eddy - but not only will all three of them dogpile and fight over one Ed if the other two aren't around, they also tend to fawn over other guys they consider attractive enough, e.g. Rolf in his full Urban Rangers uniform in "Ed Overboard". Regardless, all the kids in the cul-de-sac fear the Kankers, to the point that all of them will run away if they happen to show up as the Kankers are violently unpredictable, as shown in "Run for Your Ed" where they embark on an absolute rampage of total destruction because their family heirloom has apparently been stolen. So, what do they do when they inevitably catch up with the target of their affections? Smother him in hugs & kisses and pretty much sexually harass him - one of the most hysterical examples has got to be "Key to My Ed" at the end of which they restrain the Eds by their feet to force them into doing footsies with the girls. They also want to pawn off all their housework onto their long-suffering "boyfriends". Even when they were introduced in "Nagged to Ed", the second episode of the series, it was clear they had some Stalker with a Crush tendencies as they not only knew Edd's preferred moniker before he could introduce himself but even had drawings of themselves being with each of the Eds on their wallnote , done well in advance of the girls even meeting the Eds for the first time.
    • The Eds tried to make themselves come off this way in a Reverse Psychology gambit in "A Twist of Ed", fed up with the sisters and looking for a way to scare them off for good. It almost works, until Eddy, who's too much of a coward, accidentally gives them away, making the sisters realize the Eds are bluffing and would never actually do anything to the Kankers. That's when they go to reverse psychology and put things back the way they were.
  • Fairy Tale Police Department: Episode 25 included a mermaid that fell in love with Johnny Legend Fantasy when she thought that he was the prince. She kisses him multiple times in the episode.
  • The Fairly OddParents!:
    • Tootie is this to Timmy much of the time. She harbors an obsessive and unrequited crush on him.
    • An episode had Timmy getting a note passed to him, saying that he's cute. When he looks at Francis (who had passed him a note threatening to kill him moments earlier), he points behind him to where a beautiful girl is sitting. When he begins to flirt, the girl points behind her to where a rather large girl is sitting. Timmy freaks out, end joke.
  • Family Guy: There are one-off jokes about a few women like this (including a few moderately attractive celebrities), but the most recurring one is the Butt-Monkey, Meg Griffin. Boys would rather set themselves on fire and kill their siblings than go to a dance with her.
  • The Flintstones: In the episode "Deep in the Heart of Texarock" Fred and Barney dress up as a cowasaurus (more cow than dinosaur) with Fred playing the front end and Barney playing the rear. They catch the eye of a cute purple cowasaurus named Carmen with long eyelashes, a bow on her head and luscious pink lips like a human female's lips. She starts kissing Fred's masked face on his cheek so the pair runs away. While amongst a herd of cowasauruses, Fred makes the sound 'moo' twice to blend in. Carmen responds by mooing while giving Fred a long smooch on the nose of the outfit and segways to more pecks on his cheek. Even after the disguise is removed it doesn't matter since Carmen instantly recognizes Fred and is still in love with him. Once she saves his life by beating up a bunch of cowasaurus thieves Carmen closes her eyes, puckers her lips and expects Fred to kiss her which of course he does not. So she settles for kissing him on the cheek repeatedly every chance she gets, with some of the smooches lingering. Later Fred is given Carmen as a gift sent to his home and she starts kissing him again. When Fred rejects her and tries to send her back Carmen gets angry and chases Fred with her horns to beat him up!
  • Futurama:
    • This describes the relationship between Zapp Brannigan and Turanga Leela. Zapp is the admirer in this case. On their first encounter Leela sleeps with him out of pity, complicating things for herself for the rest of the series. Zapp is quite handsome (if a bit overweight): Leela hates him purely for his personality.
    • Fry gets one in "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love". Edna is considered highly desirable by Decapodian standards, but Decapodians are anthropomorphized lobsters. When Fry admits it was he who coached Zoidberg in the ways of flirting, Edna falls for him because she has never experienced romance before (it being unknown to her species). When Fry is stuck with the prospect of either being killed by an angry Zoidberg, or winning the duel and having to make love to her, he considers both options equally horrific.
  • Gravity Falls has Li'l Gideon. His advances toward Mabel become increasingly deranged, until finally hitting its low point when he tries to murder Dipper for breaking the news that she's not interested in him.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Irwin for Mandy. Mandy can't stand his crush on her. All of the occasions of her reciprocating his feelings were either due to magical influence or being unconscious.
  • The Heckle and Jeckle short "Trapeze, Pleeze" had Dimwit Dog constantly trying to avoid the advances of a hippo woman named Zelda.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • Curly is definitely repulsive but attracted to Rhonda. "I haven't changed my underwear in seventeen days", anyone?
    • Brainy too, to Helga, often showing up when she's monologuing. Most of the time, she punches his lights out, but on her rare good days she'll just let it slide.
    • Seems like this trope is kind of inverted with Arnie and Lila. You'd expect Arnie to be the abhorrent admirer (he's certainly creepy enough), but instead he's admired by a pretty girl, and doesn't reciprocate.
  • On Histeria!, Cleopatra is often portrayed this way (particularly when played by the World's Oldest Woman), to the point where Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony both happily go to their appointed deaths to get away from her. When Cleopatra herself dies and show up in the afterlife with the pair, all Caesar can utter is "This is heaven?" Evidently Truth in Television, from a purely physical standpoint. Statues and the imprints on coins, which were designed to flatter, are at best nothing special by either our own standards nor the standards of her time. In real life she managed to win over the boys by being intelligent, funny, and engaging in conversation.
  • House of Mouse:
    • Clara Cluck to Donald Duck in the short "Double Date Don", as she tries to woo him while he tries to impress Daisy on Valentine's Day.
    • In "Donald's Pool", Donald works as a lifeguard at a pool and gets a bossy elderly female turtle as a customer. By the end, however, he's done what she wanted and she goes from pestering him constantly to showing affection in a manner that's just as annoying.
    • Even Clarabelle Cow gets the hots for Donald Duck in one of the Mickey Mouse Works intros.
    • Both of Donald's House of Mouse admirers Clara Cluck and Clarabelle Cow menace him in the episode 'Everybody Loves Mickey', as they shower him with affection after a short that demonstrated how romantic he could be. Daisy doesn't seem to be bothered and in fact pulls him away for the same thing, to his enjoyment.
  • Ivanhoe: The King's Knight: Rowena has not one but two: her arranged fiancé Prince John and her guardian Reginald Front-de-Boeuf.
  • Minx is this to Rio in the Stingers-era episodes of Jem.
  • The Weavil Princess to Beezy in Jimmy Two-Shoes.
  • Johnny Test:
    • Eugene a.k.a. Bling-Bling boy loves Susan Test but she wants nothing to do with him due to his repulsive appearance and overbearing personality. In one episode, Eugene was given a potion that made him stop loving Susan. He started loving her sister instead.
    • In "Johnny of the Deep" Johnny had to assume the form of a shark to retrieve a mind-control device that had fallen into the ocean. Eugene had created a ring that brainwashed Susan into being his doting girlfriend, and in trying to stop him they knocked the ring off his yacht. In the process of retrieving it, Johnny gets hit on and chased by a repulsive female shark. It works out in the end, though, since even though Eugene does recover the ring, Johnny and Dukey somehow make it brainwash the female shark into falling for the still very human Eugene.
    • Another episode has a female Bigfoot fall in love and smother Dukey (who was transformed into a monster by a Transformation Ray gun for a time) who obviously didn't enjoy the affection.
    • Dukey was a victim of this yet again in the short Johnny McCool. After a ray gun is used on Dukey to make him look like Hollywood actor Slam McCool he had to film a scene with a lovelorn octopus. The giant pink octopus who has green eyes and a mole above her upper left lip grabbed Dukey inside a swimming pool. With her huge lips that housed a slightly darker shade of pink lipstick she happily planted a giant kiss on the side of Dukey's face. Another scene was planned where he had to fight the octopus for a bit and receive a big kiss from her but Dukey managed to avoid it.
  • Kaeloo: Pretty to Mr. Cat. Unlike most examples of this trope, she's not physically ugly, but she's an obnoxious Alpha Bitch and Stalker with a Crush who only likes him for his looks and doesn't care about him at all.
  • Jackie "Wacky Jackie" Wackerman on Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil definitely fits this trope, not only is she a Stalker with a Crush, but she ain't exactly a looker either.
  • Kim Possible: Mr. Barkin spends one episode being (clumsily) hit upon by an unattractive, annoying woman and reacts with outraged disgust (admittedly, Mr. Barkin reacts with outraged disgust to almost everything, but still...). And the woman in question later turns out to be the villain of the week, who would continue to appear under the villain name "DNAmy". She later became an outright Stalker with a Crush toward Monkey Fist, who goes into hiding to avoid her and frantically flees when she manipulates Team Possible into tracking him down.
  • Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness:
    • It's not entirely clear why the elderly goat Mrs. Yoong has a thing for Monkey as the nature of her attraction is not clear. Monkey, nevertheless, dreads her because she "smells like paste", whatever that means. Comes up as a Brick Joke of sorts when during the charity auction in "Crane on a Wire" she outbids everyone to spend the day with him and he's puffing out his chest that he's fetched the highest sum so far... until he realizes exactly who bid on him. She then drags him away to a tortuous day with her as he moans "PAAAASTE". One wonders how Monkey knew of her before since he even admitted he was reluctant to partake in the charity auction specifically because of her.
    • Another subversion occurs in "Secret Admirer". Monkey falls in love with the visiting Ming, and Po takes advantage to escalate the boys' prank war by writing Monkey a fake love letter that's supposed to be from her. It works so well Monkey doesn't realize it's not real, and as Po tries to do damage control (as he never meant to actually hurt Monkey's feelings, after all) he finds himself the object of Ming's true affections. He finds her repulsive only because of her abrasive demeanor, being a brat the same way her father is a prick, and tries to get out of the Love Triangle he's unwittingly created.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • Pepé Le Pew. Actually, it's not his looks that scare anyone away, but his smell, which scares everyone away - even those he's not trying to smother with affection. Sometimes, it's just his smell that's the big turn-off, which can end a couple different ways - either his object of affection gets herself stinky so she can be used to his smell, or she somehow loses the ability to smell his repulsive odor. And when that happens, we get...
    • Penelope Pussycat to Pepe, who immediately goes crazy for Pepe and starts pursuing him once she can get over his smell (the exact means by which she does so varies). His reaction is the same as hers: Along with whatever scent-related issues may be involved, the problem with both of them seems to be that they both just come on too strong.
    • In the animated short I Got Plenty of Mutton, a male wolf dresses up as an extremely attractive female sheep. With big red lips, a short red and yellow dress that reveals the outfit's shoulders and long legs, a sexy walk and a tail that motions to come hither the wolf manages to seduce a male ram. The wolf is actually trying to kill the ram but all of his efforts fail. With each failure the ram flirts with the wolf with a French accent and plants an endless barrage of kisses on his lips. Some of the lip locks even linger a little longer than they should! After an all night chase the ram grabs the wolf for another make-out session. At this point the wolf breaks away and takes off his costume. Unfortunately for him, the ram is so turned on he doesn't care and wants to make love to the wolf! The wolf runs away and the chase continues.
    • Ma Bear turns into one of these at the end of Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears, after the rabbit's attempt at distraction-by-seduction by complimenting and kissing her on the lips works a little too well. "Tell me more about my eyes," Ma Bear says as she puts her hands all over him attempting to kiss him once again. She also tries to turn him on by wearing night gown with a brown wig, a form fitting green dress with a blonde wig and even lets him peek at her in the shower. Bugs Bunny tries to escape from her since she is much older than he is and married as well. Ma Bear eventually corners Bugs in his rabbit hole and plants lipstick marks all over his face.
    • It happens to Bugs Bunny again in the cartoon Rabbit Romeo. He is pursued by a large Slobbovian rabbit named Millicent who wants to "kees" him and "make marriage." Eventually she loses interest in Bugs and falls in love with Elmer Fudd, who was tricked into wearing a rabbit suit. So Millicent starts chasing after Elmer instead.
    • The short, "Eatin' on the Cuff or The Moth Who Came to Dinner" has a male moth being chased by a female black widow spider who takes a liking to him. Even after prettying herself up, her giant nose still draws him off.
    • The Looney Tunes Show has Lola Bunny (first appearing in Space Jam) chasing Bugs. He thinks she's pretty, but she has the minor handicap of being an insane ditz. Later on they become an official couple.
  • Happens to J in Men in Black when he was undercover as an alien bodyguard in an intergalactic summit. An abhorrent alien female falls in love with him to his dismay. He feels save when he finally has to take away the costume thinking that is over just to find out that the alien species is blind and they choose their mates by smell.
  • Mickey Mouse - While Donald Duck is more likely to attract these, Mickey Mouse has been gaining a couple ever since the Mickey Mouse (2013) shorts began. In "'O Sole Minnie", Mickey tries to woo Minnie, only to find himself mistakenly flirting with a hippo. In another short, "New York Weenie", Mickey's already with Minnie and is trying to impress her... but ends up impressing what looks and sounds like Goofy in drag.
  • Florence is this to Reverend Putty in Moral Orel. One of the sympathetic examples.
  • Claire sees Chuck as this in Motorcity. Julie might see Texas and/or Tooley as this.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has Fluttershy's brother, Zephyr Breeze, who is definitely this to Rainbow Dash.
  • Popeye:
    • Olive Oyl becomes this to Shorty in the Popeye cartoon The Marry Go Round. Over at Olive's house Popeye is not having much luck proposing to her. So Shorty grabs Olive and kisses her on the lips to show Popeye how to seduce a woman even though he isn't really attracted to her. Unfortunately for Shorty, Olive winds up falling for him. After a quick costume change Olive puts on a dress and red shade of lipstick. She manages to kiss him two more times and chases him around the house. Popeye becomes jealous and attempts to beat Shorty up at the same time. Shorty spends the rest of the film trying to escape from both of them.
    • In another Popeye cartoon, Olive Oyl is sleeping beauty. At the end, Popeye accidentally steps on her foot and wakes her up. She reacts to seeing him by bellowing "A MAAAA-YUN!" and charging after him, which suddenly terrifies the poor one-eyed sailor.
    • Popeye goes through this again in the Famous Studios short, Hillbilling and Cooing, where he's pursued by a large (think Bluto in drag), man-hungry mountain woman named Possum Pearl. She proved to be too strong for Olive to fight, and Popeye, for obvious reasons, wasn't going to fight off her advances, so it looked like Popeye was going to be dragged off to the alter, until Olive managed to eat some of Popeye's spinach. Possum Pearl returned in her own solo cartoon a couple of years later still chasing after reluctant men.
    • While Bluto usually became one of these to Olive Oyl by the end of most of the films by being too aggressive, he manages to gain one himself in ''I'll Be Skiing Ya.’’ In a snow covered region, when Bluto spots Olive he howls like a wolf. He does this a little too well and attracts a female wolf. The brown furry wolf was tall, had a sexy hourglass figure, red lips and long eyelashes. She grabbed him by his hair and beard and kissed Bluto's cheek so hard she left a lipstick imprint. Then she batted her eyelashes and gazed at Bluto lovingly. Bluto shooed her away. At the end of the film Popeye knocked Bluto all the way to Florida. With his skiis stuck in the sand he saw a beautiful woman's curvaceous legs on the beach. So he howled and the female wolf ran up to him, took a second to watch him howl and kissed his cheek again leaving another lipstick mark. Staring at him once again with her eyelashes fluttering, Bluto was stunned knowing that he was trapped in the sand and chances are more kisses were coming his way from the wolf who mistook his howl for a mating call.
  • The Proud Family:
    • Dijonay to Sticky.
    • Suga Mama is also this to Papi, for Papi always insults her in Spanish, which she doesn't understand and takes them as compliments.
  • A large female alligator named Antoinette also falls in love with Donald in the Quack Pack episode "Gator Aid". Constantly puckering her lips in front of him while crawling and swimming after Donald she tries to kiss him several times. She only succeeds on camera once by planting a kiss right on the top of his head. However she may have kissed him on the lips a few times because at one point she turns him away from the camera, kissing noises are heard and pink hearts float in the air. When we see the two both of their lips are already puckered and Antionette is getting ready for a giant smooch. This is when Donald escapes from her embrace, but Antionette never gives up trying to make out with him. During the cartoon Donald even has a nightmare that they are married with half alligator and half duck children and in that dream she gives him a peck on the cheek. Some time after he wakes up, the gator who is five times larger than Donald Duck offers him a pink heart shaped box of candy. She also offers him a wedding ring while wearing a white veil! This time around Daisy is rather indifferent to the alligator's crush on Donald.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Mindy Melendez is a downplayed example. She is of average weight and is very pretty. She seems to likes Mitchell, but due to her sneaking up on Mitchell in a few episodes, Mitchell doesn't feel the same way.note 
  • Early episodes of The Real Ghostbusters toyed with this, as Janine, the heavily-made-up spiky-haired caricature of 80s femininitynote , constantly flirted with Egon and was constantly rejected. He was never portrayed as immune to the charms of women other than Janine. Later in the series she was redesigned to be more attractive and less outlandish, and curiously her relationship with Egon became more sweet and less annoying on all counts.
  • Gretchen Grundler from Recess had one in the form of Jeffrey in the episode "The Pest". It's not that he was ugly or anything, but rather because he was rather creepy and obnoxious about his crush on her, e.g. talking about being together forever, poking her, touching her hair.
  • Mrs. Buttloaves in The Ren & Stimpy Show is occasionally depicted as an unwanted admirer for Ren.
  • Sheep in the Big City: When Lady Richington and her dog moved into a building where sheep aren't welcome in "Beauty and the Bleats", Sheep used a magical disguise to get in and Lady Richington started chasing him like Pepé Le Pew chases Penelope.
  • In The Simpsons, it's no secret that Moe Syzlak has a long-time crush on Marge. Though he respects the sanctity of Homer and Marge's marriage too much to actively pursue her.
  • In 6teen, Darth is this to Nikki.
  • In the Sonic Sat AM short "Ro-becca", Rotor constructs a female cat robot who is supposed to be his lab assistant, but fixates obsessively on Antoine who's filling in for Rotor's would-be assistant and inadvertently activates her before she's finished. With tacky hair, a screechy voice, and an intimidating stature, the lovestruck android pursues the poor coyote rain or shine, and the straps on Rotor's inclined table can't contain the superstrong robot he's created.
  • At the end of the episode "Cartman Finds Love" from South Park, Cartman is chased by Stacy Mullenberg, the poster child for Halitosis Kids!
  • Velda acts as one of these for Crash in the short-lived Stunt Dawgs.
  • Alice is this to a particular inmate in Superjail!, whom she dubs "Sweet Cheeks". In his first appearance, he even kills himself by biting off his own head in order to escape having sex with her.
  • Tex Avery was fond of this.
    • The cartoon The Chump Champ has Droopy and Spike competing for the title of "King of Sports", with the prize being a kiss from the "Queen of Sports". After Spike cheats his way to victory, he goes to kiss the Queen, who appears to be a knockout... until her face is revealed. She chases the horrified Spike into the distance, as Droopy informs the audience that "cheaters never win".
    • In Red Hot Riding Hood, Red's grandmother is very forward in trying to catch the Wolf, who reacts with utter panic. The same thing happens with the fairy godmother in Swing Shift Cinderella.
    • Subverted in Little Rural Riding Hood, though: the gawky hick Red inspires paroxysms of lust in both wolves!
  • In a turn of events, Little Red Riding Hood is one to the Big Bad Wolf in the Terrytoons cartoon "Wolf's Pardon". It's just one of the many things he's missed out on in the decade he spent in the pen - everyone from the Mother Goose fables has changed, making it difficult for him to get up to his old tricks again upon his release from prison. He decides to stalk (Not-So) Little Red Riding Hood again, only to fall in love with her until she turns around to reveal a face that isn't quite what he expected. To top it off, she's suffocatingly smitten by him immediately and her aggressive pursuit leaves him the one running away!
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • This continued with Pepe's female counterpart/successor Fifi La Fume. It was more poignant in the sense that Fifi was blatantly portrayed as being extremely beautiful, but admirers were quickly turned off by her particular scent. Fairly, though, aside from killer good looks, Fifi, in a way, is another sympathetic example, quite possibly due to the execution.
    • Elmyra is this to Montana Max in a couple of episodes, one in which Max reluctantly agrees to go to the prom with her, and another in which he (also reluctantly) goes on a date with her. Subverted in the end of the latter in which he gives her an Accidental Kiss at the end of their date.
    Max: I think I'm in love.
  • Sierra from Total Drama World Tour definitely counts with her stalkerish obsession with Cody and his apparent fear of her. In earlier seasons of Total Drama, Beth is this to Justin, though not as creepy as Sierra.
  • The Wacky Races episode "The Super Silly Swamp Sprint" had Dick Dastardly try to scare the other racers by disguising himself as an alligator. One of the ways this plan backfired was that it gave him the unwanted attention of a smitten female alligator.
  • On What's New, Scooby-Doo?, Gibby Norton (a geeky inventor) worships the ground on which Velma walks.
  • Woody Woodpecker:
    • Used in the cartoon A Fine Feathered Frenzy. Woody sees an ad in the personals about a 'Gorgeous Gal' who is rich and wants to marry a young man. He decides to call her on the phone. With her extremely sexy voice, Gorgeous Gal tells her 'sweetie' that she loves woodpeckers and will be waiting for her 'dream boy' to come on over. Having been seduced, the Woodpecker jumps for joy and heads on over to her mansion. Unfortunately for Woody, it turns out that Gorgeous Gal is an overweight and elderly anthropomorphic bird. Batting her eyelashes and giving him a big wink, the featherless white wig wearing woman fell in love with Woody Woodpecker the second she laid eyes on him. She chased after and flirted with him endlessly with her beautiful voice ("How 'bout a twosome hon?") despite his reluctance. Offers to dine together, play tennis, admire her toothpick legs ("Cheesecake?"), have make-out sessions and even to share a bubble bath together all fell flat since Woody ran away from her at every turn. Being much larger than her 'honey lamb', Gorgeous Gal still manages to forcibly kiss him on his cheeks and lips several times. She eventually traps the Woodpecker in a golden submarine, arranges for a priest to marry them and they sail off for their honeymoon.
    • The cartoon Alley to Bali features two; a light gray gorilla and a giant pink octopus with blue eyes. The octopus likes Woody and both of these girls like Buzz Buzzard. The boys in turn are chasing after a balinese woman with an hourglass figure and wind up in the clutches of these admirers by mistake. With a tentacle around his neck, the giant octopus presses her big red lips against Woody's cheek twice. Buzz, on the other hand, gets kissed right on the beak by both ladies. However, the gorilla and octopus turn brown in disgust after locking lips with the Buzzard!
    • On The Woody Woodpecker Show short "Date With Destiny", a Cupid decides to teach the Woodpecker a lesson and strikes a male black and white sharp toothed badger with a love arrow. The badger with a very raspy voice says to Woody "Hi ya buddy!" He closes his eyes and puckers his lips while pink hearts appear above his head. The horrified Woodpecker runs down the street with the badger in hot pursuit.
    • In the short "Woody Watcher" a spring footed speckle headed woodpecker takes a liking to him. She couldn't speak with the exception of making strange noises and ironically looked like an older animated version of Woody Woodpecker, but with purple dots on her head. When she sees Woody she rushes to hold him and blows him a kiss with little pink hearts escaping from her lips. The disgusted Woodpecker allows her to kiss him on the cheek repeatedly since she is a rare bird and he can charge people money for taking pictures of her. This backfires since she gets more and more passionate with each kiss. So he tries to get away but she grabs him and squeezes him so tight all of the money he's earned flies away. She does her rendition of Woody Woodpecker's laugh and it doesn't seem like he's escaping her loving embrace any time soon.
    • From the same show, Chilly Willy gains one in the short "Chilly Lilly." A gigantic blue whale who wore a red dress and had blue hair thought he was adorable and said "Come to mama!" Even though he was rather tiny compared to her she still grabbed him and kissed him repeatedly with her gigantic pink lips while they were underwater. His rival Smedley also attracted a female yeti. She busted into his house, put him over his shoulder and carried him home.
    • Miss Meanie was sometimes this to Wally Warlus even leaving his body covered with lipstick marks once. On occasion he reciprocated while under the influence of a love potion or cupid's arrow. In the final episode of the series Wally flirted with Miss Meanie to distract her. She took it seriously, held him tight and kissed his cheek endlessly.
  • Wunschpunsch: When Tyrannia grew jealous of the attention the weather lady received from men, she and Bubonic cast a spell that made men unable to resist her. Maledictus Maggot became this trope.

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