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"Weird things happen."
Vinny, summarizing in-game events in Episode 9

This page concerns a subseries of Vinesauce that has since taken on a life of its own — namely, Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams. They began on June 7, 2014 (when the game itself was released) and continued for 50 episodesnote  (the 50th being in mid-May 2015).

Vinny manages "Vineland Island", an unknown territory inhabited mostly by freaks and rejects (often from other series). Their exploits in love, friendship, and other such subjects are the basis of the series; the game's natural bizarreness meshing well with his sense of humor. Most of the streams' charm comes from Vinny's reactions to the game (which are often loud and hilarious).

Vappyvap88 has uploaded the full streams of the series to Vinny's "Full Sauce" channel here (this link doesn't include the Collection corruptions, which are here). For those looking for a quicker watch, Captain Southbird (a Vinesauce fan who was eventually made an official stream editor) has created condensed versions of each stream here. Southbird also has a derivatives playlist featuring specific highlights of the first 50 episodes (including an hour-long special of the first series' most memorable moments) as well as videos that contain non-canon (not from Vinny's game) videos that focus on the cast's antics. Vinny himself has made a "greatest hits" video (uploaded in August 2014, thus only including moments from the first few months) and his own condensed version of the Tomodachi Collection corruption stream. There's also a completed recap page on this wiki.

The series' massive amount of fanart can be found on Vinesauce's Image Booru here. Beware of spoilers.

As a donation incentive from the 2015 Vinesauce charity stream, the series was renewed as "Tomodachi Life Resurrection: Survivor Edition" on July 26, 2015. The series is essentially a continuation of the main series, with a twist: Each episode focuses on the successes and failures of the characters, and at the end of them, a Survivor-style vote is held to see who gets evicted. This went on for five episodes, with Episode 55 being the Series Finale. Aside from a tribute to David Bowie in January 2016 (and complete revisit to the game as an April Fools' Day joke in 2017), Vinny has stated that there will be no more streams of the game, though he will stream a sequel if one is released and mentioned the possibility of returning to this game if it receives a significantly expanded update in the vein of Animal Crossing: New Leaf receiving one with its Welcome amiibo update in 2016.

After the series finale, Southbird sort of took the reins and uploaded variants on the series formula, starting with using a modded system to play the European and Japanese versions of the game. He would later pay a "Totally Normal Visit to the Island" that involves randomizing and replacing the text of Tomodachi Life, this time going back to the North American version of the game, as well as making a "Metadachi Life" video with the North American version that replaces text with YouTube comments. The international videos only feature text-based commentary, while the "Totally Normal" and "Metadachi Life" videos feature vocal commentary, with Southbird's brother, Zydelski, making a guest appearance in the "Totally Normal" video. All videos from Southbird's copies of the game are listed on his "Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Derivatives" playlist.

Compare Mayor Vine, which is also edited by Southbird (from Vinny's Animal Crossing: New Leaf streams) and has a similar Slice of Life narrative. (There's even a crossover which incorporates it into Tomodachi Life's canon, possibly; information on it will be mostly restricted to that series' pages.)

In June 2017, Vinny played the demo of Miitopia, which was followed by a playthrough of the full game; see Vinesauce Miitopia for Vinny's streams of both the demo and the full game. The streams of the main story have received edited versions by Southbird and characters from the Tomodachi Life streams appear in the Miitopia streams alongside several newcomers.

Note: Since Vinny and his Mii are separate characters for the most part, "Vinny" refers to the streamer, and "Vinesauce" refers to his look-alike Mii, though Vinny himself doesn't always distinguish between the two. In addition, Southbird's islanders generally refer to him as "BootlegVin's look-alike" in most of his Out-of-Band videos because BootlegVin was the first Mii added to all except his main copy of the game.

This series contains examples of:

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    Tropes A to M 
  • Aborted Arc:
    • Early on, Vinny tries to establish a love triangle between Vinesauce, Waluigi, and Two Faced. This fades away for several reasons, including Two Faced getting with Walrus, Waluigi making it clear that he won't leave Witch, and more islanders opening the way for more relationships. This becomes a bizarre sort of Brick Joke in Episode 56, when Vinesauce's marriage proposal is ruined when Cling On distractedly mentions seeing Waluigi earlier; Vinny interprets this as Waluigi subtly making a move on Cling On.
    • Vinny discusses sending Groose and David Bowie to space by giving them pocket money. However, Vinny sends Vlinny to space instead, not even mentioning the other two. He does remember Bowie by the time the special devoted to him rolls around, but by then Vinny's too broke to do anything about it.
    • The Jahns tend to be characterized as alien researchers investigating the weirdness of the island. However, Vinny decides to add to their arc by saying that they're stuck on the island without a way to return home, and are trying to find a way back. However, the invasion arc of Episodes 48-50 establishes that the Jahns have a connection to their homeworld, and Episode 50 reveals that they left for home easily, so the entire plot seems to be a non-issue. Despite this, Vinny still refers to them wanting to go home in Episode 49, which may be related to the Jahns making Earth their new home, or is just a lie fed to Vinny through mind control.
    • Vinny mentions that a Jahn had urged him to evict more than one islander at one point in the Survivor Edition. Because there is only one instance of two islanders being evicted and Episode 55 completely drops the Survivor aspect, this never comes up again. Unless you consider the Mayor Vine crossover to be canon, which explains the Jahns' sudden disappearance and Vinny turning around for the last episode.
    • Vinny never experiences the game's StreetPass features, leaving a small chunk of the game unseen. This means that when he turns one of the islander kids into a traveler late in the original series, he gets sent to the docks and never gets mentioned from then on. Since nothing ever indicates that Vinny StreetPassed someone (or that he deactivated StreetPass, which would delete the traveler outright), it's safe to assume he's been waiting at the docks for over a dozen episodes.
  • Adapted Out: The later streams occasionally feature dialogue by Vuntt Sk'dilda, an imperfect Tulpa of Vinny and the series' "cameraman". However, aside from Vinny's discussion of the piece of fanart which spawned the character, none of these references make it into the condensed versions.
  • Aerith and Bob: Thanks to the crossover nature of the series, characters have a mixture of normal and unusual names. Vinny, Ralph, Kenny, Isaac, and similar live in the same apartment building as the likes of Alpaca, Walrus, Clown Lady, and Small Face. Then there are the names Vinny makes himself, which tend to be vulgar at best and incomprehensible at worst, including Sklort McFungus, Fart Shartly, Bub Skebulba, Scrumin' Birt, and Vuntt Sk'dilda (who wasn't named by Vinny, but was named with his naming habits in mind).
  • Alien Geometries: The corrupted island is prone to randomly violating the laws of physics.
  • Alternate Universe:
    • The most major dimensions are Dimensions One and Two; the split comes when Vinny's attempt to add Isaac to his town crashes the game, undoing everything he had done that episode. Thus, those events (including Vinesauce and Seabiscuit getting together) were relegated to Dimension Two.
    • Episode 54 sees the creation of another split, as Vinny's 3DS crashes when he taps the screen. He later attributes it to Jesus — apparently, he caught wind of Satan forgiving Sponge earlier in the stream and "cuts the cord" with the help of Isaac.
    • In the David Bowie special, a third split happens, only this time it's entirely Vinny's doing, as he quits to try Save Scumming without remembering that he hadn't saved. The only difference in the new universe is that Sponge got with Clown Lady, but Isaac still sees it as his chaos being upheld.
    • Assuming that Southbird's "out-of-band" videos are canon to some extent, there are at least five other islands from his videos: The island on his main copy of the game, SB Eurolan, the Japanese island, the Totally Normal Island, and the unnamed island in the "Metadachi Life" video.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: invoked Discussed when Vinny questions the concept of apple pie made with a frying pan after Peach fries apple pie in Episode 7, followed by wondering if it's actually possible.
  • And Here He Comes Now: Vinny begins Episode 29 by saying Waluigi's name in a stereotypical French accent. He then checks the news and Waluigi himself is the anchorman.
  • Announcer Chatter: Vinny's commentary on the Battle Royale in Episode 54 becomes this (bordering on Large-Ham Announcer several times).
  • Another Dimension: The Tomodachi Collection island is interpreted as either another dimension or Hell (given that Bonzi and Dolan were exiled there).
  • Anti-Climax: The Jahns just wanted chicken cutlets. Mulder and Scully drove them off in between Episodes 49 and 50, and Vinny acts as though all is well.
  • Anyone Can Die:
    • While Vinny makes his eviction/killing powers known, he only uses it to get rid of the most useless islanders. Though he gets rid of some of the more prominent ones, mainly BonziBUDDY (although it's been said that he was merely evicted).
    • During the Jahn Army's Assimilation Plot, no one is safe from said assimilation (barring Vinesauce and Jaxon, due to technical limitations) and it ends up being impossible to predict who would be next. Southbird ends up pointing out the specific victims in his edits, as the unpredictability of who was targeted means it would otherwise be difficult to know who's gone. Wario (the most prominent of the assimilated) is the only one to be saved when it ends, while the other assimilated characters are still gone, causing Levi, Balegdah, and Jack & Jill, all of average notability, to be lost.
    • In the Survivor Edition, if an islander does one thing wrong, then they will have a chance of being voted off, fan-favorite or not. In the end, the only major character to get eliminated is Two Faced.
  • April Fools' Day:
    • Episode 48 occurs on April Fools' Day 2015, but the "joke" is that the Jahns invaded and assimilated multiple islanders, and it's portrayed seriously.
    • Episode 57 occurs on April Fools' Day 2017. The "joke" is that there is no joke, but rather a straightforward revisit to an otherwise dormant series, including the addition of two new islanders, Rick and Johnny.
  • Arc Villain:
    • The Jahns, from about halfway through the streams until Episode 50.
    • Played for laughs when Vineschnoz acts as the "villain" of the Tomodachi Collection corruption stream by causing trouble in ridiculous ways.
  • Arc Words: The words "I mostly come up here when I have to fart" come up unusually often on Southbird's apparently fart-obsessed Totally Normal Island, despite "fart" being blocked by the word filter in Vinny's copy of the game.
    Karl: I mostly come up here when I have to fart.
    Southbird: So do I.
  • Audience Participation: The Survivor Edition uses viewer polls to determine who gets evicted.
  • Author Appeal:
    • While Vinny's love of video games is obvious, there are significantly more islanders based on characters from Nintendo franchises than any other. Of those, more than half are Super Mario Bros. characters (though Mario never appears, and Luigi only appears in a cameo in the beginning of Episode 2).
    • Music is a huge interest of Vinny's. While the only musicians on the island are David Bowie and Snoop Dogg (and the latter is more for stoner humor), Vinny frequently waxes lyrical and references music artists often.
    • Vinny's love for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Rick and Morty are extremely present. In particular, the assimilation arc is an homage to the Borg from the former series, and he finds a way to play "Goodbye Moonmen" from the latter twice later on, and later adds Rick Sanchez to the island.
    • Vinny almost exclusively picks his islanders from a Vinesauce forum thread (the exceptions were generally added directly from Vinny's own 3DS, with several such Miis having been downloaded from, but he makes an exception so he could add Mulder and Scully to the island.
  • Awful Wedded Life:
    • Vinny suspects Alpaca and BonziBUDDY's marriage to be loveless, particularly when he notices that the former is hungry and needs Vinny to give her food (which he interprets as Bonzi starving her, either deliberately or because of poverty). Despite this, they remain together until Vinny evicts Bonzi in Episode 38.
    • Vinny suspects Alpaca and Walrus of having relationship problems after getting married, as the two spend a lot of time alone — particularly the latter, who eats dinner by himself in their house, haunted by a horror movie he saw some time ago. It's another false alarm, as Alpaca has said she loves the moments she has with Walrus and had a baby with him. They're still married when the series wraps up.
    • Downplayed with Little Mac and Banana. At one point, Vinny notices the latter cooking dinner by herself, and interprets this as them being too caught in their respective hobbies to actually work together. He contrasts this to Waluigi and Witch, who prepare a meal together.
    • The only truly unhappy married couple on the island is Lamb Chop and Groose, who get a divorce shortly after marriage. Even then, only the former felt unsure about the relationship, and it's because Vinny persuades her that it was faltering to see what would happen.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Vinny acts like it's an accomplishment when he wins a Virtual Boy, only to unflinchingly sell it shortly afterward.
  • Battle Rapping: Rap battles were added to the North American version of the game (as well as the European version, which includes the original Word Chain event alongside it), and Vinny shows them many times. Southbird has made a compilation of at least most of the ones from Vinny's streams.
  • Big "YES!":
    • Vinny says "YES! YEEEES!" in Episode 35 when Alpaca reveals that she and BonziBUDDY want to have a baby.
    • Vinny says "YES! YEEEES!" as part of his boast in Episode 50 when Vinesauce and Cling On get together. The SB Edit displays an image with the text "YES!" in big text during this scene.
  • Birds of a Feather:
    • Waluigi and Witch are both hilariously ugly, and have one of the most stable marriages in the series.
    • Alpaca and Walrus both have tragic love lives and start out disliked by Vinny.
    • For a short time, Vlinny and Dheerse get together, and both are among the most hated islanders for various reasons and both were made by the same person.
    • Sponge and Clown/Mime Lady are eternally gloomy and down on their luck.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: In Episode 38, when Two Faced, Witch, Waluigi, and Vinesauce are at the café, Witch asks if anyone else has called a flight attendant "Mommy" and Waluigi calls her weird for it, and Vinesauce says that's the first time someone's ever said that. Southbird's edit follows this up with an "Actually, Vinny..." caption on a blank screen and accompanied by a Record Needle Scratch, followed by a flashback to a similar conversation in Episode 26. The flashback features Vinesauce himself being the one to ask if anyone's called a flight attendant "Mommy" and getting called weird for it, to which Vinny responds by saying he isn't weird. The SB Edit's flashback concludes with a "Don't lie, Vinny" caption briefly displayed on a blank screen.
  • Blatant Lies: Southbird's "totally normal" offshoot of the island features characters saying random things and moving oddly, thus resulting in a lack of normality.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: Vinny plays/corrupts the first game in the series, Tomodachi Collection, using a fan translation. It's awkward and doesn't seem to have been written by a native English speaker.
  • Bonus Feature Failure: Invoked in Southbird's Euro Vineland Island videos. In contrast to how the North American version of Tomodachi Life completely cut the Japanese version's Word Chain event in favor of Rap Battles, the European version contains both events alongside each other. However, Southbird considers the Word Chain eventnote  to be uninteresting when reworked for European languages.note 
  • Breather Episode:
    • Episode 50, the finale of the original run of the series, sees the Jahn invasion rejected in the most anti-climatic way possible, and events are less out of the ordinary than the preceding episodes.
    • Nothing especially weird happens in the Survivor Edition's finale, Episode 55 — just regular Vineland Island antics, with the Strawpoll being for a popularity contest instead of a vote for who gets evicted.
    • We get Episode 39, the Christmas Episode, right after Episodes 37 (in which Two Faced cheats on Walrus) and 38 (in which two kids are born, and two long-lasting islanders are deleted). Starting with Episode 40, the plot starts developing more rapidly, at least one famous event happens per episode, and the Jahn invasion approaches.
    • Unlike the first time Vinny streamed Tomodachi Life on April 1 (in 2015), Episode 57, which was streamed on April 1, 2017, is just a nostalgic revisit of the game with no disasters. Vinny even adds a couple of new characters, something that hadn't happened since Episode 50 (barring Jocelyn's birth, since she wasn't manually added by Vinny).
  • Brick Joke:
    • At one point in Episode 45, as Vinny discusses the islanders' catchphrases, Southbird brings up Cling On's (previously unseen) catchphrase ("Honor Thru Blood"). Some time later, after a round of Judgment Bay, Cling On says it for the first time.
    • Early in Episode 55, Vinny expresses interest in seeing Karl attempt to get a lover again, since it had been a while and he wanted to see in happen one last time. Guess what happens later on in the episode. He doesn't get the girl, but he finally gets good food.
    • In Episode 23, CDi Link proposes setting up Vinesauce and Cling On, which Vinny promptly turns down. However, Vinesauce and Cling On do end up getting together in Episode 50. In a suitably ironic fashion for the series, this occurs immediately after CDi Link's presumed death from the Jahn invasion.
    • One which spans 55 episodes: In Episode 2, Vinny claims Waluigi will be his rival on the romantic scene. This largely doesn't end up happening, but in Episode 56, the thought of Waluigi ruins Vinny's marriage proposal. Granted it was a different girl (Two Faced having been evicted two episodes earlier), but the prediction comes true.
  • Body Horror:
    • Two Faced has two faces with a conjoined eye.
    • Jack & Jill is one body with two people inhabiting it.
    • Jaxon is born with a nose inside his lips.
    • Due to the Tomodachi Collection island's instability, the residents suffer from malfunctioning limbs, bodies that stretch upwards forever, lacking a body entirely, having a head that lies on the floor, and much more. Everyone takes it in stride.
  • Bond One-Liner: In Southbird's edit of Episode 54, Vlinny says "Two less faces around here!" after winning the last Smash Bros. match against Two Faced.
  • Breathless Non Sequitur: In Southbird's "Metadachi Life" video, Wario plays a game with Southbird and starts to comment about Banana and Ben being a nice couple, followed by suddenly asking who Masahiro Sakurai is.
  • Buffy Speak: When discussing the origin of Balegdah, "distorty" is the "word" Vinny uses to describe what Darren did to the footage.
  • Butt-Monkey: Vinny holds a Judgment Bay poll to see which of The Beatles is the island's favorite. Nobody chose Ringo, who even in real life has a tendency to stand in the shadows of the other three, even after the deaths of John and George. The winner is George, who's Vinny's own favorite Beatle.
  • Call-Back:
    • Episode 8 features Two Faced successfully asking Walrus out at the local café. In Episode 37, Donkey Kong steals her away there as well.
    • Episode 29 is the second episode to show the "tree climbing" news report. Vinny's response to the fact that the "trees" aren't actually trees is the same both times.
      Vinny: "Those are vines."
    • In Episode 47, Vinny takes a look at HOTDOG's face, and wonders if he's practicing his funny faces. This is a clear reference back to the failure that got HOTDOG evicted in the first place.
    • Southbird's description of Episode 49 is almost identical to the one for the very first episode, with a few alterations (reflecting the island's name change):
      The beginning of everyone's favorite Jahnsauce Sitcom. Welcome to Jahnland Island, where only the finest Jahns live.
    • Vinny shouts "YOU'RE OUT!" twice when deleting an islander. The first time, it's after Dolan says that he hopes everyone on the island becomes friends. The second time, he's killing Jahn&Jehn — and, by proxy, totally eliminating the threat of the Jahns.
    • One of Southbird's "out-of-band" Tomodachi videos was a series called Tomodachi VS., wherein Vineland Islanders duel in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (with occasional dialogue from the combatants). When Vinny adopts a very similar idea for Episode 54's battle royale, Southbird's edit adds in dialogue in the style of VS.
    • In Episode 55's news broadcast, sheep are attracted to Vineschnoz's snoring. Unlike most news events, this is remembered by Vinny so that he can accuse Vineschnoz of jostling said sheep when he gets visited later on.
    • One Quirky Question in Southbird's second Japanese episode consisted of "mumumu" repeated several times, referencing how the text-to-speech engine was mostly reduced to saying "nnnnnnn" repeatedly at one point in the Tomodachi Collection corruptions.
  • The Cameo:
    • Luigi appears in Vinny's Mii Maker in Episode 2, though he never moves in and Mario never appears at all, despite other Super Mario Bros. characters becoming residents.
    • A level from Vinny's 2015 Super Mario Bros. X contest takes place on Vineland Island, stars Sponge, and features other islanders.
    • Vinesauce's face appeared on a bumper in Miitomo Drop when Fred streamed Miitomo.
  • Canon Welding: Southbird's edit of one of Vinny's Animal Crossing: New Leaf streams manages to tie the two series together.
  • Caption Humor: Southbird often adds his own commentary to the SB Edits in the form of humorous captions. He's cited Barry as inspiration.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: No Vineland Island member is alike. You've got original characters made from Vinesauce in-jokes or just for the game, original characters based on existing franchises, characters taken from all kinds of media (mainly video games and TV), real-life celebrities, generic characters from sites hosting Mii Maker QR Codes (such as that are given much more character, a few anthropomorphic foods and animals, and Vinny himself, who has a look-alike Mii and two clones of said Mii with differing facial features between them. While the Jahns and Jehns are physically identical, they have other differences.
  • Cerebus Syndrome:
    • Begins to set in after the Isaac incident. Vinny is now convinced there's a conspiracy on the island to keep his Mii single, and everyone is in on it. Ever since, he doesn't trust any of them, especially not Isaac or Jesus. In his rage, he seeks to purge all memes from the game.
    • The Jahns begin their invasion in Episode 48, replacing various islanders, and they seemingly have Vinny under their spell, who begins to slowly lose his sanity.
    • Ultimately subverted in Episode 50, when Mulder and Scully get them to leave off-screen, and we find out that they just wanted chicken cutlets and went a bit too far. The remainder of the series is, at worst, only dark if you interpret it a certain way.
  • Christmas Episode: Episode 39 occurs on Christmas Day.
  • Cloudcuckooland: There is not one completely sane person on Vineland Island. Every character has at least one odd moment (including Peach befriending Bowser, Lolly making Clown Lady her first friend, and Little Mac marrying a sentient banana). Thus, Vinny serves as the straight man to the entire population.
  • Commonplace Rare: Birthday cake can only be obtained once a year, not counting cheating by changing the first islander's birthday. At least one of the islanders from these streams (Dheerse) really likes the stuff while another (Pee-wee) despises it.
  • Concept Album: Vinny attributes David Bowie's pirate outfit and fondness of sad people to the composition of an album he's making while on Vineland Island, Ziggy Sawdust, a sad album about pirates.
  • The Corruption: The Tomodachi Collection version of the island is clearly unstable.
  • Credits Gag: Southbird's 1-50 Special ends with a credits reel. While most islanders follow a standard listing formula (the islander's nickname followed by their full name, or "As Himself/Herself" if both are the same), there are a few odd ones sprinkled in there, such as the full names being catchphrases ("Bomb Dodongos" for CD-i Link) or references to a part of their character ("Elderly Schoolteacher" for Clown Lady). "Jahn" (played by Jahn) is listed sixteen times, one after another.
  • Crossover:
    • A level from Vinny's 2015 Super Mario Bros. X contest features the Jahns invading Mario's world. In it, Mario raids their spaceship and fights Vlinny as the final boss.
    • One of Vinny's Animal Crossing: New Leaf streams (adapted by Southbird as Mayor Vine) has him enter a fan's Dream Town themed after the series. Southbird's edit of it (and a supplementary Tumblr post explaining everything fully) turns it into a full-on crossover — one that brings the two series together and explains why the Jahns' apparent influence over Vinny in the Survivor Edition ended so abruptly. Whether or not it's canon is unclear; even within the context of the Mayor Vine series, that episode doesn't follow the numbering of the rest of the series.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Part of the reason why Vinny loses against Vlinny in Episode 54's extended Battle Royale is because he forgets to select his name at the character select screen, meaning he has to use the default controls.
  • Dark Reprise: "Jahn of the Jungle" is played exactly twice, without any alterations. The first time, it's funny. The second time (after the Assimilation Plot begins), less so.
    "We the Jahns will assimilate..."
    Vinny: It's all been there since the beginning.
  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • Episode 47 occurs on Lolly's birthday and all and is the only time she gets any substantial attention, since she's assimilated in the very next part.
    • Episode 54 gives Vlinny more focus — he gets to go to space, faces off against Two Faced in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and wins (and subsequently wins against Vinny himself as well), and has a lengthy rap battle against Snoop Dogg.
    • Episode 55 gives some attention to Pretzel, thanks to Vinny giving him a ridiculous voice in order to narrate something. The voice is so popular that he keeps it up whenever Pretzel makes an appearance. It's also a large reason for him getting an above-average ranking on the popularity poll.
  • Deadly Euphemism: What the game calls eviction, Vinny calls death.
  • Deadly Game: During the Survivor Edition Vinny's references to in-game evictions as deaths is combined with viewers' ability to choose who's evicted.
  • Developer's Foresight: Parodied. Vinny exaggerates the significance of the game's censorship of "dirty magazines" (which doesn't appear to have run into the Scunthorpe Problem, in contrast to the original draft of Cling On's ballad); he tries to ask the question "Who hides dirty magazines in their apt.?" during Quirky Questions and the game doesn't allow it.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • HOTDOG gets evicted because his funny face is unsatisfactory, and he's boring and Out of Focus.
    • Dolan's crimes that lead to eviction include being unfunny and wanting everyone on the island to be friends, despite not getting along with every islander he's met.
    • As Skelorita discovers, asking for $48 is all it takes for Vinny to want you off Vineland.
    • In Survior Edition, Vinny is on the hunt for the islanders' flaws. If they say something that can be interpreted negatively, he'll use it against them as evidence for being voted off.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: In Episode 53, Lamb Chop (in her cop outfit) has fists on her mind. Southbird adds in a quickly zooming image of Joseph Stalin, with the Soviet national anthem playing in the background.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Vineland Island has quite a large amount of troubled islanders. We've got a cocaine addict who constantly fails at staying in long-term relationships, a divorced couple, a guy who's been forced to take on sports by his father, someone who's constantly abused for being with someone he loves (who himself gets cheated on, after which his ex proceeds to become very antagonistic), a few hopeless romantics (one of whom is Born Unlucky), possibly the most depressed man in the world and his constantly indifferent brother, a hobo, a trio of creepy alien researchers (one of whom lacks social skills and another of whom tried (and may still be trying) to assimilate an entire island to get food), a child who has to deal with never really knowing his dad, and an ignored, loveless mime. While the lives of a few of these islanders did get better (albeit after relatively long periods of time), this isn't the case for all of them.
  • Dystopia:
    • Vineland Island starts to have shades of the Nineteen Eighty-Four type when Vinny starts unpersoning people. It becomes especially blatant in the condensed version of Episode 47, which starts with Vinesauce making what amounts to a propaganda speech about how Skelorita never lived here, but HOTDOG always did.
    • The Survivor Edition is a Deadly Game where islanders get killed off if they put a toe out of line, with Vinny going along with it without a second thought. The only person who seems to know (or at least is concerned about it) is Tucker. Subverted when Vinny decides to stop with the evictions in the final episode, making it clear that nothing like this will happen to Vineland again.
  • Early-Bird Cameo:
    • BonziBUDDY appears in the corner of the Mii Maker screen in the background before Episode 2 starts. The condensed version, which was made well after the original stream, explicitly zooms in on him.
    • Early in Episode 2, Vinny says that he wants Balegdah islander, but couldn't find a Mii of her. A viewer ends up making a Mii of her and she gets added a few episodes later.
    • In Episode 5's SB Edit, Captain Jahn makes a cameo when Walrus and Bonzi are stargazing. The Jahns aren't introduced until Episode 34, but by the time Southbird got around to condensing the first several streams (which lacked SB Edits until 2015), that episode had already happened.
    • Satan is mentioned plenty of times before he actually arrives, including Donkey Kong being proclaimed a Satanist by Vinny and Jesus choosing the guy over himself during a round of Judgment Bay.
    • Pretzel appears during the Episode 41 art showcase, an episode before becoming an islander. He had existed for a while in fanart, but this is his first appearance in the series (and to Vinny, not counting the Game & Wario scribbles that inspired him).
    • The Tomodachi Collection corruptions feature Vineschnoz, who's officially added in Episode 50.
    • Jahn&Jehn attend Vinesauce's birthday party at the beginning of Episode 50, some time before they get discovered and deleted. Vinny notices them, but doesn't explicitly point them out.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness:
    • Before the series became a mainstay, Vinny chooses islanders from his own 3DS' Mii Maker, as the forum thread where fans could host QR Codes didn't exist. This causes the starting lineup of islanders to include more "generic" Miis (a witch, a clown, a girl with two faces, and a walrus) and Lamb Chop (who has no real connection to Vinesauce and likely wouldn't have been chosen later on). He starts adding Miis via QR Codes with Ralph in Episode 4, but some earlier QR Codes are Mii Maker QR Codes, meaning Vinny's copies of those Miis will only have Tomodachi Life codes if Vinny makes them.
    • When Vinny starts the series off, he streams the game often but for much shorter periods of time, either because he wants to do a quick checkup or because the islanders are asleep and he can't do anything. This leads to several extremely short episodes, including ones that are only 8-12 minutes long. Starting about halfway through the original run, he begins regularly devoting one or two hours to each session, in exchange for not streaming it as often.
    • The early islander songs are fairly simple, with only a few words being replaced in them, though "Right Em' in the Wrong Hole" and "Opera Star" are complete rewrites. It takes a while for Vinny to start making the majority of his songs from scratch.
    • The series has a lot of drama, but it doesn't start to show until later on. This makes Vinny's "greatest hits" video (which focuses only on the Surreal Humor) a bit unrepresentative of the stream as a whole, since it was made before Cerebus Syndrome kicked in midway through.
    • For the first few episodes after Vlinny shows up, Vinny calls him "Vinesnauce", which is his first name as opposed to his nickname.
  • Easily Thwarted Alien Invasion: While the Jahns don't have any weaknesses of note, they're only stated to have been stopped by two people. Those two people may be very effective paranormal investigators, but according to Mulder, all it took was an offering of chicken cutlets to get them to pack their bags.
  • Easter Egg:
    • Episode 5's SB Edit (which wasn't made until early 2015) features a Jahn in the background when Bonzi and Walrus are shown on the tower.
    • Episode 38 adds an outline of Bonzi in his apartment, after his eviction.
    • Levi's office in Episode 40 has a poster with Bonzi (his father) and the text "NEVER FORGET" on it.
    • Vinny tries to calm Hamburger down with various things in Episode 41. Southbird replaces one item with Chef Boyardee (Vinny comments about eating and not liking it earlier in the episode), which Hamburger isn't in the mood for.
    • In Episode 41, Sponge blasts off into space after eating a herring and Bonzi flies by in the foreground.
    • In Episode 46, Ben's office has a picture of the Jahns on the whiteboard.
    • Right before Vinny feeds Sponge in Episode 47, the image of him in the corner is replaced with art of him holding his fingers to his head like a gun.
    • In Episode 51, Tucker has a drawing of Dolan in his apartment.
    • In Episode 51, Southbird adds a self-promoting Easter egg in the form of replacing the generic shoot 'em up on one of Tingle's arcade machines with Super Mario Bros. 3Mix.
    • Episode 52 has a monochrome picture of Skelorita on the giant Game Boy in Vinesauce's room.
    • In Episode 52, a picture of Dheerse and Vlinny appears in Alpaca's room.
    • In Episode 52, the picture in Vineschnoz's room has the text "ÄSlw b" on it, as well as a recurring corrupted graphic from the Tomodachi Collection corruption stream's news reports.
    • In Episode 54, an apparently giant Broccoli appears outside Karl's window.
    • In Episode 54, Gordon's kitchen has a picture of Dheerse.
    • In Episode 54, Isaac's apartment has a cave painting of Ralph (his best friend).
    • In Episode 54, Southbird appears in the vitality ranking.
    • In Episode 54, Bonzi flies by during Quirky Questions.
    • In Episode 55, Peach's face changes into that of a Grandchild from Albino Lullaby for a brief moment.
    • In Episode 55, during Ben's growing-up montage, his whiteboard has "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" written on it, and the restaurant he eats at has a picture of a Seabiscuit in space.
  • Eldritch Location:
    • Vineland Island is hinted to have supernatural traits, as no one knows how the islanders got there and several pieces of fanart have hinted that there's something horrifying underneath it. The latter leads to Vinny commenting that there are "Ancient Robot Satans" depicted under the island in one piece.
    • The Tomodachi Collection island features strange physics and geometries and is a place where your head could fall off onto the floor and it would only be a minor inconvenience.
  • The End... Or Is It?: Episode 50 reveals that the Jahns really just wanted chicken cutlets all along, and they leave when Mulder and Scully force them to. One stays behind, attempting to become a human... but he's still morally ambiguous on the whole assimilation front. Not only that, but another Jehn (and maybe a Jahn) assimilate Jack&Jill, casting doubt on whether all of them are truly as benevolent as the ending would suggest. Also, Vinny's attempts to reassure the viewers come off as forced....
  • Evil Overlooker: After Teckworks started giving the SB Edits Mayor Vine-style thumbnails in 2017, Episode 1 was given a thumbnail that depicts Vinny looking over the island with a sinister expression on his face.
  • False Reassurance: Vinny repeatedly attempts to assure the viewers that "everything's okay" in Episode 50, after the Jahns leave, but their effects are still felt on the island.
  • Fantastic Drug: Vinny asks the islanders if any of them are into skunt, a drug that exists in-universe and is only mentioned and not seen.
  • Fauxshadow:
    • Near the beginning of the series, Vinny says he has plans to add Mike Stoklasa from RedLetterMedia. He later has second thoughts about this after deciding that he would be out of place among the Miis he did end up adding. Later in the series, the most normal-looking islanders would have a strange tendency to be the least interesting.
    • Vinny suspects Sponge of plotting a coup against him with several other islanders (mainly ones who had been abused in some way), with an ultimate goal of becoming the real look-alike of Vineland. This doesn't ever happen.
    • In Episode 49, Peach and Cling On seem to show some connections to the Jahns in a Quirky Questions session, implying that they may be conspiring with them. Nothing comes of this by the next episode, so it's most likely that the two were either under the Jahns' mind control or lying so they wouldn't be assimilated.
    • In Episode 50, it looks like Vineschnoz had brought his antics from the corrupted island after he votes to delete the island. He largely stays Out of Focus after this, followed by being considered boring by Vinny.
    • Episode 53 has Vinny state early on that he's being encouraged to delete more islanders by a Jahn, implying that Jahn #3 or one of the other invader Jahns is trying to get Vinny to clear up the island so they can take it over. This is never addressed in the series itself, though it's used as the basis for Southbird's crossover special.
  • Faux Symbolism: In-universe, Vinny tends to interpret everything Jesus, who's a character in the series, does as symbolic.
  • Fission Mailed: At the beginning of Episode 14, Vinny jokes that the stream is over after he turns out to have accidentally left Mario Golf: World Tour in the cartridge slot. Southbird follows this line up with a fake list of recommended videos.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Downplayed — the game won't let you evict your look-alike Mii, so Vinesauce is safe from eviction in Survivor Edition. Jaxon, as a traveler at the docks, is also safe, at the cost of not making an appearance in the series proper.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • As Vinny discusses his plans to make his Mii fall in love with Two Faced in Episode 2, we look into her mind. She's thinking about apes. 35 episodes later, she abandons her boyfriend Walrus for Donkey Kong.
    • In Episode 4's movie poster group photo, Ralph and Lamb Chop are in the center, reaching out to each other. The two would later get married.
    • In Episode 5, a rooftop meeting features a poorly disguised Clown saying "Our princess is in another castle" to someone. In Episode 30, he requests a peach to eat, with Vinny making a joke about the similarly named princess after saying he doesn't have any peaches on hand. The two hook up six episodes after the latter event.
    • In Episode 20, Donkey Kong asks Vinny what he thinks of him and Lamb Chop. It's only about friendship, but Vinny interprets it as more than that; since Lamb Chop is already married to Groose, Vinny suggests that Donkey Kong "dong [his] way" into their relationship. He ends up doing this to Two Faced, who wasn't married, but was dating Walrus.
    • In Episode 21, Vinny wonders why Vlinny seems to be taking over his island after he did a news report. On the corrupted island, Vineschnoz, the other Vinesauce clone, ends up working for multiple businesses and doing every news report.
    • Early on, Vinny notices Alpaca and Walrus hanging out, and wonders if there's something between them. They get together and marry much later.
    • After the dimensional split, Vinny informs the audience that the Dimension Two island has been overrun with HOTDOG clones. Whether or not it has anything to do with the extremely similar Jahn invasion some time later is up for debate.
    • Episode 38 features the first sign that the other Jahns are beginning to come into their own — namely, when Jahn #3 puts on his helmet, confusing Vinny into thinking he was Jahn #1 (who he had previously declared Captain). Several episodes later, he ends up making #3 the new Captain, possibly heralding the invasion.
    • The very first line of "Jahn of the Jungle" is "We the Jahns will assimilate". Nobody expected them to follow through on it, though, and this gets lampshaded by Vinny in Episode 49, when he replays the song after their plans are enacted.
    • In Episode 45, Ben summons Captain Jahn up to the roof and gives him a piece of paper with his destiny written on it. Its message is never revealed, but it could have something to do with him later being stripped of his rank, which in turn influenced the decision to invade.
    • The new Captain Jahn responding to praise on his photography skills with "I could rule the world with this kind of talent!"
    • Episode 47 sees Bowser ask Vinny "If your whole world was going to go dark tomorrow, what would you look at today?" The Jahns invade and begin assimilating in the following episode.
  • Freudian Slip:
    • At one point in Episode 49, Vinny says "memes" instead of "Miis" and corrects himself. This wouldn't be that weird normally, but considering the events going on then, it's most likely that this was because of the Jahns' mind control; they were tricking him into thinking all of his Miis were "memes", so he would evict them like he did Bonzi and Dolan.
    • Usually, if Vinny refers to the islanders as anything other than islanders (or the more generic description of Miis), he calls them villagers (an Animal Crossing-induced habit). However, in Episode 54 he accidentally calls them creatures, which isn't as inaccurate as it could be.
  • Freud Was Right:
    • After discussing the abundance of sweets in Clown Lady's apartment, Vinny comments that the gingerbread men on the bookshelf look phallic.
    • When Small Face breaks up with Cling On, the game displays cherries and sausage in his list of favorite foods. Vinny interprets this figuratively.
    • Vinny thinks the sand structure Witch and Waluigi build in Part 51 looks like the tip of a penis.
  • Game Mod: Super Sponge Bros. is a hack of Super Mario Bros. that replaces Mario and Luigi with Sponge and Pretzel and increases the difficulty. Vinny misinterpreted its creator's anonymity request as forbidding the hack from being made public and missed the followup email that corrected this misunderstanding, but Southbird (who's a ROM hacker himself) was later sent a copy of the hack and published patches for the NTSC versions of both the standalone version of Super Mario Bros. and the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt bundle.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation:
    • Vinny declares Clown to be a ghost after he walks through Clown Lady, adding that only she and Sponge can see him. This doesn't transfer over to the game, where Clown hangs out with others often. This especially shows with his prominent interactions with Peach (could be justified by The Power of Love) and Tucker (could be justified by Achievements in Ignorance).
    • The only person Sponge has ever been seen befriending is David Bowie, which Vinny extends to him being Sponge's Only Friend. In-game, islanders automatically make friends offscreen after they have their first one, and Sponge is seen hanging out with islanders other than Bowie.
    • Some aspects of islanders' personalities (such as Alpaca's cocaine addiction) are based on Quirky Questions answers. It works fine for the most part, but since the responses of islanders are completely random, this leads to some contradictions both in Quirky Questions and outside it (for example, Bowie is never mistaken for a pirate despite being Dressed to Plunder a majority of the time, and Donkey Kong can't stand Jesus but sides with him during a Judgment Bay round).
    • Early episodes see Vinny consult the Compatibility Tester to see how his Mii's love life will go. He takes the results at complete face value, even though it's all based on personalities and has nothing to do with the actual chances islanders will get together.
  • Gasshole: A Running Gag features at least three residents of Southbird's Totally Normal Island commenting that they mostly go to their apartments when they have to fart, with one saying this right after being given a new interior.
  • Genre Shift: In Episode 54, Vinny determines whether Two Faced or Vlinny is sent off with a battle royale in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: : An unusual example. Vinny's particular brand of comedy is usually blocked by the game's curse filters, he attempts to circumvent them in various ways (misspelling, phonetic pronunciation, etc.) Sometimes it works (i.e. getting the islanders to say "fuck" by spelling it "fuhck"), and sometimes it doesn't ("Honk honk fhuker" ends up pronounced as "Honk honk few-ker"). Not to mention the various dirty allusions that the filters don't catch...
  • The Ghost:
    • Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are frequently voiced by Vinny in sketches related to Karl Pilkington's presence on the island, due to the three being on The Ricky Gervais Show, and Karl references them himself during Quirky Questions.
    • While Luigi has a cameo in Vinny's Mii Maker early in the series, Mario never appears, despite the island's residents including the Bootleg Mario Bros. as well as several official Mario characters other than the brothers, with Peach's catchphrases referencing Mario himself.
    • Groose's solo song references the incarnation of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, who isn't included among the island's Link variants.
    • Two of Alpaca's catchphrases reference Seaki Kazuma, the main character of Paca Plus, her game of origin.
    • Two Faced's European counterpart on SB Eurolan Island mentioned her mother once. This is the only time any islander has ever referred to a member of their family, not counting either married couples and their children or Ben and Vlinny being classified as being related to Vinny.
    • The Tomodachi Collection songs are composed by Shiba-kun and choreographed by Ryonryon, whoever they are.
    • One of Southbird's derivative videos has Cling On saying she got into a fight with Southbird's Mii. We never see him in any of the videos made using Southbird's main copy of the game and he doesn't exist at all in his international copies or his corrupted copy of the North American version.
  • God and Satan Are Both Jerks: Both Jesus and Satan live on Vineland. Satan is pretty nonthreatening, but it doesn't stop him from vouching to delete the island once. Meanwhile, Jesus Was Way Cool generally applies, but Jesus causes more problems on the island than Satan, specifically splitting the timeline with game crashes twice; the first time is more the chaotic Isaac's doing, but the second time is clearly Jesus trying to make himself look better than Satan by removing one of his few acts of kindness. Isaac lampshades this in his song "Ticket to Hell" (performed with Jesus and Satan), saying that there's really not much of a difference between them and he can choose to follow either of them (a privilege he proceeds to abuse heavily).
  • A Good Name for a Rock Band: While going through Episode 38's art, Vinny comments that one piece appeared to depict "Ancient Robot Satans" under Vineland Island. He then says anyone is free to use that as a band name.
  • Grand Finale: Subverted in Episode 55, which is the finale of the Survivor Edition, but lacks that arc's trademark voting-off segment, with the voting-off poll being replaced by a popularity poll. Everything that happens is normal by Vineland Island's standards. This was intentional — Vinny had quite a bit of creator's block after Episode 54, and eventually chose a "back-to-basics" approach.
  • Hell Is That Noise:
    • Seabiscuit's voice actually causes Vinny pain. He declares it "a new level of shitty voice" when he first hears it. Despite not being as painful when she's giving a commemoration speech or anytime in the Tomodachi Collection stream, Vinny still finds her voice to be worse in both cases. However, her voice sounds normal if she's added to the European version, as its voice synthesizer is harder to "break" than the North American version's.
    • Tomodachi Collection crashing, as a result of corruption, sometimes produces a loud screeching noise that even Vinny can't stand.
  • A Hell of a Time: As often as we're told that the corrupted island could be Hell, the inhabitants don't seem to mind being there any more than they mind being on Vineland Island.
  • Hypno Trinket:
    • Vinny uses the in-game Hypnotizer item on Two Faced to convince her that Walrus is a monster (using the "Sea Monster" dream), only for it to backfire when a gigantic David Bowie rises from the sea instead.
    • One interpretation of a bit in Episode 49, where (immediately after becoming friends, thanks to a Jahn) Two Faced and Hailey end up fighting over a Jahn doll. Most people assume that it's an extension of their mind control, hence their feud.
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Heroin!: Vinny asks the islanders if they're into beezing, which in real life refers the alleged practice of applying Burt's Bees balm to one's eyes in an attempt to induce hallucinations.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Implied in Episode 50 — after the Jahns' influence is totally eradicated, the islanders openly refuse a life full of "advemture and fop".
  • I'm Going to Hell for This: Vinny says he's going to Hell shortly after moving Jesus into the island, leading to a Running Gag of Vinny continuing to say this when interacting with Jesus.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Corn dogs are sold at the Food Mart after HOTDOG is evicted, implying that they're made of his remains.
  • In a World…:
    • Vinny provides a spoof sitcom advertisement in Episode 2, when commenting on what a sitcom of his game would be like.
    • Vinny provides a spoof tagline when preparing to send Vlinny into space in Episode 54.
  • Innocent Innuendo:
    • Peach tells Vinny she's hungry for Italian food in Episode 48. She means it literally, but Vinny is caught off guard because he's Italian-American. He responds by saying Vinesauce is with Balegdah and gives Peach some prosciutto.
    • Witch says she's not hungry enough to eat Southbird in Episode 53's SB Edit.
    • In Part 56, Vinny visits his own Mii, Vinesauce, and interacts with him. He comments that it's the only game that allows streamers to play with themselves without getting banned on Twitch.
  • Inherited Illiteracy Title: Episode 41's SB Edit has the title "Canned Food and Space Monkies", misspelling "monkeys" as "monkies".
  • Innocuously Important Episode:
    • Episode 46 has the three Jahns getting individual clothes — and, crucially, Jahn #3 becoming the Captain. This directly leads to their Assimilation Plot. It also has Skelorita's eviction, and Vinny subsequently pretending she never existed — a crucial part of the Jahn arc.
    • Episode 47 has Bowser asking Vinny what he would do "if [his] whole world was going to go dark tomorrow", as well as HOTDOG's return, which shows that Vinny is willing to mess around with the islanders in between episodes — another crucial part of the Jahn arc.
  • Internal Retcon: The beginning of the condensed version of Episode 47 puts a Nineteen Eighty-Four-esque spin on the events of both it and the previous episode:
    Vinesauce: Before we get started, I just wanted to clear up a common misunderstanding. A lot of people think that a skeleton character lived on this island. But I don't know who this character is. They seem to be confusing it with Hot Doggerson, a long term resident who has always been living here.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Plot: Due to the nature of Tomodachi Life, Vinny, Southbird, and the viewers have to interpret many minor things in order to build up Vineland Island's lore.
  • Joke and Receive:
    • In the first episode, Vinny adds Witch and Waluigi and jokes that they should get together, due to their shared ugliness. They end up getting married, and they stay together longer than any other married couple.
    • Vinny comments that he thinks Episode 28 is very weird. He says this before the game crashes later in the episode, which catches him off guard more than any previous event in the series.
    • In Episode 32, Vinny sees that Donkey Kong wants to talk to him, and assumes it's regarding something intellectual. Donkey Kong ends up asking Vinny to look inside his head and he's thinking about pyramids, leading Vinny to believe his assumption is correct and suspect him of thinking about conspiracies. Shortly after this, Vinny reads a viewer comment saying that the pyramid is a polygon, and is further evidence that Donkey Kong knows he's in a video game, and Vinny agrees with this.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: Ralph's comment that "you're out of cluck" if a restaurant doesn't serve chicken earns an unimpressed reaction from Vinny.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler:
    • As early/late as Episode 54, Vinny is casually talking about the Jahn invasion of Episodes 48 and 49, showing how fast that plotline came and went despite its major impact.
    • In Episode 47's SB edit, before the episode begins, there is a scene where Vinesauce broadcasts to the audience that Skelorita never lived on the island, but HOTDOG always has. While it provides an in-story justification for events around that time, it spoils the surprise that HOTDOG is back, and that Vinny is acting like he's always been there. The full surprise can only be gotten from the full stream, which doesn't have the intro scene.
  • Later-Installment Weirdness:
    • The majority of the songs written earlier in the series are solo efforts, with these often being replayed after their debuts. Later on the songs are mostly from groups, with only a few solo songs, and Vinny ends up paying less attention to the solo songs that were already made, such as when one Strawpoll gives viewers a choice of which song they want Vinny to replay and none of the options are solo.
    • The Survivor Edition's SB Edits have a greater amount of Easter eggs than the original run's edits.
  • Laugh Track: In Episode 48, Bowser tells a joke about why Luigi is taller than Mario during a café conversation, with both Vinny and the other islanders present thinking the joke isn't funny. Southbird's edit sarcastically adds a laughter sound clip to this scene.
  • Literal-Minded: Episode 52 sees Tingle remark that, after taking yoga for a while, "[he's] crazy bendy now." Vinny immediately changes his full name (or rather, its pronunciation) to "Crazy Bendy".
  • Little "No": Vinny says "Kappa? No...!" when he sees Kappa on the corrupted island. It's absent from the SB Edit, but it does appear in Vinny's own edit.
  • Long Song, Short Scene: The stores' Christmas music in Tomodachi Life is already used only slightly more than most Animal Crossing holiday music (this and the more festive map theme start playing a week before Christmas itself and stop playing on New Year's Day), but in Vinny's Christmas stream, it plays even less due to the limited amount time Vinny spends in the stores.
  • Madness Mantra: In the Tomodachi Collection corruption stream, the voice synthesizer gets corrupted enough that Sponge and Two Faced (during Quirky Questions) saying the gibberish lines "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... E ICHI ARU NE ICHI ARU NE ICHI ARU NE ICHI ARU NE," which tends to go on long enough for Vinny to find it tiring.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: Islanders include multiple Super Mario Bros. characters (though Vinny never adds the Mario Bros. themselves), an Animal Crossing villager, David Bowie, Kenny from The Walking Dead games, Little Mac from Punch-Out!!, Seabiscuit, and many, many more.
  • Mind Screw:
    • In Episode 49, Vinny inexplicably freaks out when Two Faced does an impression of Hamburger, with no explanation as to why.
    • Invoked in "The Totally Normal Visit to the Island", which features randomized text and character animations to provide strange and nonsensical events.
  • Mind Screwdriver: In the condensed version of Episode 49, Vinny's freakout is justified by changing it to have Two Faced say "Assimilate" in a Jahn voice, rather than saying Hamburger's catchphrase. Though this may just raise more questions, unless you go with the theory that Two Faced is a Jahn of some sort.
  • Missing Episode: In-Universe, Half-Life 3, should Gaben end up skipping to 4 as he implies on a phone call.
  • Mondegreen Gag:
    • Two Faced introducing herself in the first episode sounds like "I'm toothpaste" to at least one person, which Vinny notes when adding her.
    • Vinny mishears "conch" as "cock" when it's said by Toad, due to a combination of Toad's high-pitched voice and the game pronouncing "conch" in a way Vinny isn't used to ("conk" instead of "contch").
    • During a Boys' Hangout conversation at the Café, Vinny thinks "schnitzel" sounds like "shitzel" when it's said by Wario.
    • Episode 42 has Broccoli asking Vinny what he should say when he's mad. Southbird mishears it as "What should I say when I melt?"
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • Islanders can say their catchphrase at any given moment, so Kenny's "Duck, I miss you," often darkens the mood for Vinny.
    • Episode 37 goes from a sad Walrus remembering the good times he had with Two Faced to a happy Walrus dancing after receiving a sausage from his former worst enemy.
    • Episodes 48 and 49 intersperse the regular Vineland Island antics with the steadily growing Jahn invasion.
    • Subverted in the SB Edit for the David Bowie special. "Goodbye Moonmen" (the song Vinny played as a sendoff to Bowie) normally ends with Rick telling the singer to shut up. Since this is a far more serious moment than the last time Vinny used the song in Episode 54, Southbird cuts out that bit and skips from the last part of the song to Vinesauce's apartment.
  • Mundane Made Awesome:
    • It takes a lot skill to turn a simple Nintendo game into a bizarre and enthralling soap opera, but Vinny manages it.
    • In an in-series example, Vinny treats Jesus's fart in Episode 43 as a momentous occasion, enough to note the time and exact details.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • Vinny questions his actions in Episode 13, after he helps Groose and Lamb Chop marry each other. "What Have I Done?" is even the condensed episode's title.
    • Vinny is shocked when Lamb Chop and Groose get a divorce several episodes later, with this being the first divorce in the series, all because of him encouraging Lamb Chop to do so.
    • After Vinny sees Walrus's post-breakup montage, he decides to start treating him better.

    Tropes N to Z 
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: It's possible that Vinny giving the Jahns unique outfits (and unintentionally making Jahn #3 captain in the process) in Episode 46 directly leads to the invasion two episodes later.
  • Nintendo Hard: Super Sponge Bros., a hack of Super Mario Bros. that was given to Vinny and ends up being accepted as canon, ramps up the difficulty compared to the vanilla game. The main parts of the levels aren't too different, but the bonus rooms (which originally lacked little other than coins and/or blocks containing coins) were changed to add difficult jumping puzzles. The Warp Zones are also changed to Limbo Zones, where the highest-numbered world you can go to is lowered (World 3 for the first, and World 7 for the second, as opposed to 4 and 8 respectively).
  • Nobody Loves the Bassist: The Buvvins Brothers' bassist, Ralph, gets no lines in the duo's song (with Vinesauce being the singer) and receives no solo songs of his own, unlike his bandmate.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Vinny comments that the in-game microchip item isn't very "micro" if it's about hand-sized.
  • Noodle Implements:
    • The assorted treasures Vinny sells in Episode 53 were supposedly gained from unseen events, with Vinny describing said events.
    • David Bowie runs the Night Market stand in the David Bowie special and Vinny receives a bathhouse interior, some smoked salmon, and a magician costume from it. Vinny interprets these as being related to an album Bowie made while on the island.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • Everything about the period between Episodes 49 and 50. All the viewers get to know about it is a (detail-sparse) Info Dump transferred from one character to another and then to the audience. Just about everything that isn't directly stated (e.g., the Jahns are gone except for #2, Scully and Mulder played a part in it, and Jack & Jill got assimilated at some point) is up to fan interpretation.
    • During Episode 53, Vinny ends up selling almost all of his treasures, and mentions how he got them, including solving Jesus' finacial crisis, stopping Alpaca's pregnancy, and funding Pretzel's stem cell research. He admits that his memories may not be entirely clear.
    • While Vinny's response to one of Cling On's questions ("What do you do when you're alone and bored?") in Episode 55 is clear in the original stream, the SB Edit cuts said response to make it more ambiguous by cutting to Relax-o-Vision while he's answering. Given Cling On's reaction and the question itself, the answer can be... assumed.
    • Pee-wee asks if Vinny heard any "froggy noises" coming from his apartment in Episode 56, saying there isn't any reason for why he was asking. Vinny believes that Kenny was RPing as a frog with Pee-wee after seeing Kenny's frog hat.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: Episode 54's Battle Royale has Vinny putting items on low (after a poll says so), and lets the first stage be random. The game picks 75 M, and Two Faced almost immediately loses all her lives to a stage hazard (namely, the springs). The following match (on the Miiverse stage) is noticeably marred by the use of items (notably a combination of the clock and the Galaga ship). The final match has no items, and is played on Bridge of Eldin's Omega Form.note  Then, when Two Faced loses, he sets up another match (with himself — as Pit — fighting Vlinny) that endangers Vlinny yet again. Vlinny still makes it out alive, though.
  • Oddball in the Series: Despite being grouped with the Survivor Edition episodes, Episode 55 features no islander removals and the episode's poll is merely a popularity contest.
  • Odd Name Out: The "Four Jabronis" band has four members: Vinesauce, Vlinny, Vineschnoz, and... Sponge. Doubles as The Last of These Is Not Like the Others, as Sponge isn't either Vinny's Mii or a clone of him like the rest.
  • Overly-Long Gag:
    • In Episode 1, Vinny tries to give Wario the personality of a jerk (something that isn't really possible, as bad behavior from islanders is random). He fails at it several times, though the SB Edit cuts most of it out.
    • The Collection corruptions have a bit where all anyone says during Quirky Questions is "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," often followed by long strings of gibberish. It truly hits its apex when the first session ends, as Sponge just goes on and on with it, amusing Vinny to no end.
    • In Episode 53, Witch has a fight with Satan. Vinny tries to calm her down with almost every gift he has (including Southbird's avatar in the SB Edit), with each one failing until he tries a music box. It then happens again with Groose, although not as much.
    • Vinny's Pretzel voice may be slightly annoying, but he keeps it going for so long to make it hilarious, and it just keeps coming back.
  • Overused Copycat Character:
    • There are five characters based on Vinny: Vinesaucenote , Vlinnynote , Vineschnoznote , Vuntt Sk'dildanote , and BootlegVinnote .
    • In addition to the two Bootleg Mario Bros. most viewers are familiar with, the series has mentions of (but not appearances by) Grunge, Schnitzel (Evil Counterparts to the Bootleg Mario Bros.), Poptart, and Popcorn. In an unrelated stream, Vinny jokes about adding Nario, a Mario knockoff from a bad fan game Vinny played, while Quario appears in a drawing by Joel in Mario Paint and works as a used-car salesman instead of a plumber, and Grand Dad is an Off-Model Mario sprite Joel discovers in a bootleg version of The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy.
  • Overused Running Gag: In Episode 16, several islanders ask Vinny to look inside their stomachs. Vinny comments on how tiring this is.
  • Paranoia Fuel: In-universe, Gaben spontaneously states that "They're watching us" on the Totally Normal Island, not stating who "they" are.
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word: When Vinesauce is apologizing to Waluigi in the latter's apartment in Episode 52, Vinny says the crab in the apartment is "scootling" to describe its movement pattern.
  • Portmanteau:
    • Vinny thinks Cling On's voice is horrible. Southbird thinks it's adorable. The latter suggests they compromise and call it "adhorrible".
    • Vinny comes up with the name "Vinefeld" for café conversations, due to their random nature.
  • Pretentious Pronunciation: The islanders pronounce "meme" as "mem", as though it were a French word.
  • Previously on…: The SB Edits of the Survivor Edition episodes begin with clips of the previous episode.
  • Production Throwback:
    • At the very beginning of the series, Vinny decides to name his island Vineland, like his original Animal Crossing: New Leaf town (Tomodachi Life came out in English-speaking countries about a year after that game). He finds out that the game renders it as Vineland Island, but doesn't mind that.
    • In the first episode, when asking the audience if they consider him a "trendsetter", Vinny mentions "spaalonebabaguuscooties", which is said by The Legend of Zelda's first old man in a corruption stream of that game. It also becomes Lamb Chop's catchphrase (part of it, anyway, and even then it's pronounced differently).
    • After Vinny decides to draw penises on Vinesauce's face, Southbird's response to this is to insert an audio clip of Joel saying "Who's been drawing dicks?" from Joel's "Windows XP Destruction" video. The quote in question is something a teacher of Joel's said in response to a prank a classmate of his pulled. As Joel isn't the one streaming the game, his only other presence in the series is his cover of Wario's "Dragon's Dilda" song.
    • In Episode 40, while Levi's growing-up montage is being shown, Vinny says "Custom club. Come to my new club on Tomodachi Island. It's called The Fruit Loop." This references an anecdote he shares during a stream of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, which is about his cousin asking him to go clubbing with him and help him sell custom Star Wars figures.
    • Vinny refers to some brightly colored corrupted textures as "clown diarrhea" at one point in the Tomodachi Collection corruption stream. He often uses the phrase "clown vomit" in the same sense in other corruption streams.
  • Real Trailer, Fake Movie: Southbird made a trailer (extreme spoiler warning) for the "Jahnpocalypse" that would happen in Episode 50. It consists mainly of clips from prior episodes and fanart, put to music and including some new voice clips. The "fake movie" part comes from the "Jahnopocalypse" not actually happening in the way it was expected to.
  • Record Needle Scratch:
    • In Episode 38, Witch asks if anyone has ever called a flight attendant "Mommy" during a café conversation, followed by Waluigi calling her weird and Vinesauce claiming that's the first time someone has asked that. Southbird's edit uses a record needle sound effect to emphasize the "Actually, Vinny..." caption that precedes a flashback to Episode 26 that shows that Vinesauce himself previously asked the same question.
    • Southbird's edit of Episode 49 briefly stops the footage and plays a record needle sound effect after he notices that Tucker wasn't assimilated (as he had previously assumed), but was simply moved to another apartment.
  • Recurring Riff: Kevin MacLeod's "Exciting Trailer" is Southbird's pseudo-theme song for Survivor Edition.
  • Relax-o-Vision: In Episode 55's SB Edit, Cling On asks Vinny what he does when he's alone and bored. Cut to a BRB screen (an image streamers put up while they're taking a short break), then cut back to Cling On being disgusted by Vinny's unseen response.
  • Released to Elsewhere: Discussed in the Survivor Edition regarding in-game eviction, as Vinny remarks in Episode 53:
    "It's a 50/50 chance. [Two Faced is] probably going to die... or not. We'll see."
  • Repetitive Name: Vinny intended to give his island the same name as his original Animal Crossing: New Leaf town, but the game ends up adding "Island" to the name, rendering it as Vineland Island. He doesn't mind this, however.
  • Running Gag: Plenty.
  • Sarcastic Title: Southbird chose the title "The Totally Normal Visit to the Island" for the first of his two Tomodachi Life text-hacking videos, which involves randomizing and replacing the game's text and randomizing character animations.
  • The Scapegoat: Vinny says the Jahn invasion happened due to a communication error, which he blames on Darren. As it turns out, one of the Jahns considers "potato" to be an insult.
  • Screw Destiny: In the David Bowie special, Vinesauce fails to propose to Cling On. In a fit of confusion, Vinny decides to reset the game and try again. However, thanks to how the game works, the proposal request isn't there, though things still go better in this timeline.
  • Scunthorpe Problem: Vinny runs into problems with the word filter when making Cling On's song "Questions": the lyric "...of a giant space turtle" gets caught by the profanity filter, and it takes him a while to figure out why. (He ends up changing it to "massive space turtle".)
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • The penultimate line of "The World's End?" is "This tomodachi shiit has got to stop".
    • A Running Gag features Vinny making jokes at his own expense, usually indirectly via insulting his look-alike Mii.
  • Sensory Abuse:
    • For some of the failed love confessions earlier in the series, Southbird's edits feature a Running Gag of blurring and waving the game screen around. Mainly seen in Alpaca's two confessions to Clown.
    • In the condensed version of Episode 49, the game screen waves around the edges and/or tints red when the Jahns are directly influencing Vinny's mind.
  • Sequel Hook: Vinny has stated that when/if the next sequel to Tomodachi Life is released, he will be playing it; he references this in 2017 in the Vinesauce Miitopia streams after referring to Miitopia as an RPG version of Tomodachi Life. Within the Tomodachi Life streams themselves, this is reflected in the last line of the song made in Episode 55:
    Vinesauce: "Until the sequel you all I will miss."
  • Series Fauxnale:
    • Episode 50 was speculated to be the end of the series, partially because of Vinny admitting that the series had grown a bit stale and partially due to the Jahn invasion plotline seemingly climaxing at the perfect point. Vinny states (slightly ambiguously) that it isn't the end, though the episode contains the Jahns anticlimatically leaving and everything returning to normal, not to mention Vinesauce and Cling On getting together. At the very end, Vinny states that the series would likely end later, and the Survivor Edition kicks off in two months' time.
    • Episode 55 concludes the Survivor Edition, but Vinny doesn't rule out one-off revisits. He returns to the series in early 2016 for an episode dedicated to David Bowie, due to his death shortly before Episode 56's stream date.
  • Shout-Out: See here.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance:
    • In Episodes 48 and 49, some of the overall uneasiness and creepiness of the Jahn invasion is curbed thanks to the upbeat, cheerful soundtrack that the game normally has.
    • Southbird plays some Final Fantasy VII music over a scene to avoid YouTube audio bots. The scene? Gaben talking on the phone about either cancelling Half-Life 3 altogether or skipping to the fourth installment.
  • Spoiler Title:
    • Episode 38's title is "The Great Meme Purge of 2014", referencing a major plot point in that episode.
    • Episode 46's title is "The Unity of Alpaca and Walrus", referencing an unexpected moment from that episode.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead:
    • Played for Laughs when Vinny states in Episode 50 that the assimilated islanders, possibly excluding the recently returned Wario, were all "unfunny twats", and doesn't care that they're either dead or Jahns/Jehns. He seems to miss Levi, however, as he states a little sadly that it leaves Hailey as the only child on the island.
    • Vinny insults HOTDOG after he gets evicted/killed, and does it again two episodes later.
    • Defied with David Bowie's Mii's "death"; since Vinny removes him as a tribute to the real David Bowie, it's played as seriously as he can. Things get a little muddled when Bowie returns after a game reset, as Vinny is forced to cut his second serenade short so as to not drag the stream out any longer.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Southbird (as well as his brother, Zydelski) provide actual voiceovers in his "Totally Normal Visit to the Island" video, rather than just using text. This is not the case for his videos for non-North American versions of the game.
  • Surveillance Drone: Vinny comments that he thinks that the in-game weddings look like a security drone is recording footage of them.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Episode 47's SB Edit begins with Vinesauce stating that a lot of people think that a skeleton character used to live on the island, but that he doesn't know who that is, and that they must be thinking of HOTDOG instead.
  • Take That!:
    • Early in the series, Vinny gets the Virtual Boy he's wanted for a while. He clings on to it for not even an entire episode before selling it.
    • Vinny feels sorry for Vlinny when he says that his Virtual Boy means the world to him, and gives him a Wii U to replace it, following this up by subtly insulting that system by saying that it's at least slightly better than the Virtual Boy.
    • After Vinesauce solves a dispute, Vinny declares himself to be "like the fucking United Nations... with a better success rate."
    • In Episode 54, after pondering a scenario where he'd have to burn the game cartridge and the "spirits within", Vinny refers to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and sarcastically calls it great. A chat member then remarks that they fell asleep while watching it in theaters, to which he responds "It was in theaters for more than a week?"
  • Tear Jerker: In-Universe, Episode 38. Walrus is abandoned by Two Faced, and the resulting montage singlehandedly changes Vinny's view of him as a character.
    Vinny: "Oh, my God... this is gut-wrenching."
    Southbird's caption: "Even I'm feeling bad now :'("
  • Technology Marches On: In-universe, Vinny refers to disposable cameras as "1992 technology" after Tingle claims he requires one to express himself, with the game itself containing Nintendo 3DS XLs and cell phones that are visibly more advanced than ones available in the '90s, with the former having built-in cameras and the latter potentially having one built-in.
  • Terrible Trio:
    • The Jahns, three identical aliens who manage to cause a lot of problems on the island, mostly nonthreatening ones. By the time they're actually a threat, however, the trio has been fractured and joined by a dozen other Jahns/Jehns.
    • A round of Judgment Bay reveals Isaac, Pinkle, and one of the Jahns to be part of a cult that worships Satan and believes handjobs to be superior to blowjobs.
    • Episode 52 shows Isaac taking both Satan and Little Mac along for a vacation. This, plus his earlier remark that he's "always looking out for the little guy" while "the big guy" takes care of himself, cause Vinny to realize that they form some sort of sinister group. Isaac may have betrayed this group for Jesus in Episode 54, which isn't a rare thing for him.
  • That Came Out Wrong: When assuring viewers that the ability for islanders to have babies is enabled, Vinny phrases his answer as "My babies are turned on" followed by commenting that that phrase sounds weird.
  • There Should Be a Law:
    • Vinny responds to how weird the game is by saying it should be banned.
    • In Southbird's "Metadachi Life" video, Gordon randomly comments that clowns should be legally prohibited from having sex with princesses after playing a game with Southbird.
      Gordon: "A clown should NOT be legally allowed to fuck a princess"
      Southbird: [snickers] "I'm sorry to hear about your clown bias."
  • Time Skip: There's always a time lapse between episodes due to the varying times Vinny streams the game, though Vinny sometimes resets the clock if it's too late at night in real life for much to happen in the game. However, nothing happens in those time periods, and the only way the skips are referenced is by the islanders mentioning approximately how long it's been since they last saw Vinny, which can also happened if they've been ignored even if the game has been played. However, meaningful things have happen offscreen in the time lapses starting around Episode 47, including HOTDOG's return, the Jahns' assimilation of various islanders, and Mulder and Scully stopping said assimilation.
  • Title Drop: The condensed episodes usually take one of Vinny's lines from the stream and use it for the episode's title. Sometimes, it's taken from the game itself.
  • Trade Snark:
    • Vinny addresses Jesus as a "Prince of Forgiveness™" in Episode 43.
    • In Episode 43's SB Edit, "Jabroni Outfit" gets a text-only trademark sign.
  • Uncanny Valley: In-universe, this is what Vinny thinks about seeing Mii heads superimposed on human bodies (which happens fairly often in Tomodachi Life), as he expresses in Episode 2.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Southbird's Totally Normal Island has 9,999 problems (the maximum the game will record) solved and when when a news flash occurs because of it, Gaben, the anchorman, thinks that such a feat is completely unimpressive.
    [The game displays the headline "9,999 Mii Problems Solved!"]
    Gaben: "Oh... sure. If that's what you want."
  • Vaporware: In-Universe, Half-Life 3 has been canceled too many times to count, with this being Gaben's standard way of coping with sadness.
  • Visual Innuendo: When playing the item-catching game with Birdo, Vinny mistakes her hands for "Birdo boobs" due to their positions.
  • Voted Off the Island: The premise of Survivor Edition is that at least one islander gets removed per episode, with the twist being that viewers choose who gets removed instead of Vinny himself.
  • Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma: The song "Right Em' in the Wrong Hole" (Vinesauce's solo rock and roll song) has the apostrophe in the wrong spot, on top of having an example of Rouge Angles of Satin just before that.
  • Weird Crossover: Vinny's Mii additions are seemingly random. For example, many of the ones based on fictional characters come from completely unrelated series, often ones not even from the same medium and/or genre as each other. However, the weird additions were toned down a bit when Vinny started adding viewer-made Miis instead of copying them from, particularly because several of the later Miis are often from other games Vinny has played (such as Dheerse and Toad) or are real people Vinny is familiar with (such as Gabe Newell and Karl Pilkington).
  • Wham Episode:
    • While more low-key than later examples of this trope, Episode 8 has Two Faced spontaneously reveal that she's in love with Walrus, which was not at all what people expected at the time.
    • Episode 28 sees Vinny attempting to add an Isaac Mii to Vineland Island... only for him to crash the game, and since he forgot to save everything he did that day is gone. This is explained as a dimensional split, with Isaac becoming an instigator of chaos.
    • In Episode 37, after Vinny sets the clock back (because very few islanders were awake), Two Faced abandons Walrus, her loving boyfriend, for Donkey Kong. In the aftermath, we get an absolutely gut-wrenching flashback from Walrus, with even Vinny feeling sorry for him, and the scene ends with Vinny finally ending his long-standing rivalry with Walrus by silently giving him a sausage (one of his favorite foods) followed by giving him a new apartment to replace his jail cell.
    • Episode 38 ends up making a bunch of jokes from past episodes a lot less funny when Vinny finally goes through with his continual threats and ends up evicting Bonzi and Dolan for no reason beyond them being memes.
    • In Episode 48, the Jahns begin their invasion by mysteriously evicting three islanders and replacing them with their own kind. However, the fact that Lolly (the only girl removed) was replaced by a female Jehn implies that they're being transformed into Jahns. Not only that, but Vinny himself seems to be affected by their mind control!
    • In Episode 49, the Jahns assimilate several others, and are rather open about doing so. Meanwhile, their hold on Vinny seems to be affecting his state of mind, with several bouts of madness leading him to kill Wii Fit Trainer, change the island's name to "Jahnland Island", and almost delete the entire island. He also makes several cryptic comments throughout, asking the islanders if they're afraid of "the end" and later remarking:
      "What do you mean, you want Reg to save me? Oh, my sweet summer child, if only you knew..."
    • In Episode 54, Two Faced, one of the very first islanders, gets eliminated. In addition, Isaac betrays Satan (again) and teams up with Jesus to reset the island (also again), for a petty reason that suggests that Jesus is getting too egotistical for his own good.
    • In the David Bowie special, DK proves himself to be the biggest jerk on the island with him rejecting Clown Lady, Bowie gets released from the island after an extremely close vote, Vinesauce tries to propose to Cling On but fails because of a group effort between Scrumin' Birt, loco moco, and Waluigi, Vinny splits the timeline on his own accord, Sponge gets a girlfriend in the form of Clown Lady, and Bowie is released again.
  • Wham Line:
    • In Episode 37, Donkey Kong confesses his love to Two Faced (who's currently in a long-lasting relationship with Walrus, and who had spurned several other would-be boyfriends). Her reaction?
      Vinny: WHOA! What?
    • From Episode 49, during the then-ongoing Jahn invasion:
      Vinny: I have... I have a strong desire to kill. [He subsequently deletes Wii Fit Trainer]
    • Near the beginning of Episode 53, we get a line that all but reveals that the Jahns are still around, and might be trying to indirectly kill the islanders in Survivor Edition:
      "I was inspired by some guy with a blank face... two big eyes, and... a big line for a mouth. He said we should vote two off today."
    • The David Bowie special has a line from Bowser, turning down Clown Lady's offer to go out with Donkey Kong on Donkey Kong's behalf:
      Vinny: "There he is. He finally showed up this time."
      Bowser: "It doesn't look like DK is interested in going out with you."
      Vinny: [just realizing that Bowser is there] "Wait, who is that? Is that Bowser? Did he send Bowser? Donkey Kong sent Bowser! To tell her to fuck off! Oh my sweet God."
  • Wham Shot:
    • During the Tomodachi Collection corruption stream, Vinny skims the apartments and finds out that despite Vlinny not being present, he still has an Evil Knockoff on the corrupted island, introducing both him and the viewers to its resident troublemaker.
      Vinny: "Who the fuck is Vineschnoz?"
    • Early on in Episode 47, Vinny is searching around the apartments, and casually comes across HOTDOG, who was evicted 25 episodes prior.
    • The 50th episode begins with the news, as usual, this time covering Vinesauce's birthday. Except the newscaster is someone we've never seen before (later revealed to be Dana Scully). When we actually see the birthday party, Vinny points out an unfamiliar islander (Jahn & Jehn). Then it cuts to the islanders' thoughts, and the first one up is Fox Mulder, who also had never been seen before. Following him is Wario, who was dead (or rather, assimilated) in the previous episode, yet he came back and once again said he was glad everyone remembered the birthday that was being celebrated.
    • Episode 50 features the return of Vineschnoz. Subverted in that he does very little in later episodes.
    • Episode 54: The Battle Royale has been decided, and Vinny returns to the main menu. And then moves Player 1's cursor over Pit, revealing that Vlinny isn't out of the frying pan yet.
      "Oh, OH! A new challenger approaches!"
    • The David Bowie special has Clown Lady interested in telling Donkey Kong her feelings for him. He doesn't show up the first time, and when she tries again, Bowser appears instead, telling her that Donkey Kong isn't interested in her at all.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?:
    • Vinny never shows interest in using the 3DS Image Share plane. The one time it has any presence is when Southbird blows it up in one of his SB Edits (which was undone when the plane magically reassembled in the following episode).
    • Vinny plays "Tomodachi Quest" a few times early in the series, but he quickly comes to find it boring and annoying. From then on, he avoids it most of the time and quickly exits out when he checks it accidentally. The SB Edits cut out every single time Vinny plays it.
    • Vinny is a late-day streamer, so the morning events (Morning Market, Magic Show, and Flying Disc) are never seen and the afternoon events (such as the Afternoon Market and the first of the two times "Tomodachi Quest" is available each day) only appear rarely.
    • invoked Vinny never does anything with the extensive StreetPass features of the game, which leaves two locations unused, two sections of the Rankings Board locked, and causes the entire traveler system to go undiscovered, meaning Vinny's own traveler will never get a chance to go anywhere while Vinny is unable to receive anyone else's travelers. This is a case of Real Life Writes the Plot; Vinny has a capture card built into his 3DS to stream with it, so taking it out to StreetPass someone would be a hassle and possibly dangerous for the setup (which did end up breaking once in 2016). While Vinny does have a separate, unmodified 3DS he uses when not streaming, his Tomodachi Life StreetPass data was created on his streaming system.
    • Since Vinny only used the Compatibility Tester to test romantic relationships, he never unlocks the Friendship Ranking on the Rankings Board.
    • Southbird's videos of the European version of the game never show what the Rap Battles are like when the language is set to English, thus North American viewers never get to see how the British English Rap Battles differ from what's shown in Vinny's streams. Rap Battles are seen in other languages, but the English-language segments only show the Word Chain event, which originated in the Japanese version, appears alongside Rap Battles in the European version (in contrast to how the North American version cut it completely in favor of only having Rap Battles), and is considered by Southbird to have lost much of its appeal after being reworked for languages that use the Latin alphabet.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?:
    • Vineland Island is part of the Risotto Isles in the Coffee Ocean. Where that is is a mystery.
    • The island of SB Eurolan is somewhere in Europe, but it's never said where.
    • It's never said which part of Japan Southbird's Japanese island is in.
    • In Episode 55, the country of Kraskatalia is mentioned. It's the homeland of the Bootleg Mario Bros. and it's... somewhere in Europe.
  • World of Symbolism: Downplayed — given that much of the game consists of random events, Vinny (and particularly the viewers) try to make sense of it, forming the backbone of the series' lore.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: After Vlinny wins Episode 54's Battle Royale, Vinny enters the fray (as Pit) for another battle with zero warning, declaring that if Vlinny loses, he'll be evicted as well. Thankfully, he doesn't lose.

"Until the break of new day."