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"If there's one thing that I just can't stand, it's ugly old men taking advantage of young girls. That's for us beautiful men to do."
Allen Schezar, Vision of Escaflowne Abridged

A Casanova Wannabe with the added bonus of being conventionally attractive. Unfortunately, this may not apply to the rest of that person’s personality.

The Handsome Lech is a shameless skirt chaser (even if his flirting is of the playful and charming kind). But when the more negative parts of this character’s personality become obvious (irresponsibility, fear of commitment, possible misogyny, etc.), this will drive away potential suitors.

These are almost guaranteed to have luck with the one character (who is attracted to him, if only in a Slap-Slap-Kiss way) willing to put up with these problems. If not, then Failure Is the Only Option.

The Handsome Lech is more likely to be an Intentional Heartbreaker, but this isn't inherent.

Compare and contrast Chivalrous Pervert, which this may or may not overlap with. While characters can be both if they are both charming and legitimately care about those they charm, frequently a work will contrast an awkward but sincere Chivalrous Pervert with the Man of Wealth and Taste charm of a Handsome Lech only interested in adding tally marks to his list of "conquests". Also contrast the Kavorka Man, an unattractive male character who is quite successful with the ladies.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Frau from 07-Ghost. Porn connoisseur, incorrigible flirt, and occasional patron of some sketchy establishments. He's also a Bishop in the Church.
  • 8th Grade rookie football player Kouta in Area no Kishi is known for his skirt-chasing tendencies, often finding him on the receiving end of a slap, Megaton Punch, or being buried up to his shoulders in the ground (and usually buried headfirst, at that.)
  • Baccano!: Claire Stanfield, as he confesses to Rachel, has never so much has gotten beyond a second date with a woman. It's not because he's unattractive (he isn't), or because he's crazy (He is, but they didn't know that), but rather — as it turns out — because he's very, very forward and insists on heading straight to the altar without so much as knowing the girl's name. He insists that Chane is different (beyond the fact that she didn't immediately reject him) but his longtime buddies are more than a little skeptical.
    Luck: Wait, you didn't propose to a stranger again, did you?
    Claire: Something like that...
  • Roger Smith from The Big O fits into this category, due to his openly acknowledged prejudice in favor of beautiful young women; in fact, Dorothy calls him a "louse" on several occasions, but for the most part Roger manages to behave himself fairly well.
  • In Brave10, Yukimura is always flirting with Ana and sneaking out to brothels and talking about how much he likes women, but he's not very successful as all of his efforts are foiled by Rokuro's interference. Jinpachi also spends a lot of his screentime talking about women and their charms but is repeatedly rejected by Ana.
  • Daisuke Misumi in Chaos;Head. All his conversations with Takumi either start with or contain at least one mention of a girl he's chasing.
  • City Hunter: Ryo and his friend Mick Angel sway between this and Chivalrous Pervert depending on the situation... and whether or not Kaori and her ultra-heavy mallet are around.
  • El-Hazard: The Magnificent World: Alielle's lover, Princess Fatora is a handsome lech throughout, albeit a very ineffectual one since she never gets the women she chases after.
  • Engage Kiss: Mikhail is a good-looking guy and hits on Kisara, despite her constantly brushing him off.
  • Loke from Fairy Tail will flirt with any female that is not a celestial wizard.
  • Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic! often gets slapped around by the female series leads for lecherous behavior.
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula:
    • Jackie Gudelhian. He more than often has a bunch of ladies on his arms and in one episode of 11, he is seen hitting on a nurse while he's recuperating from a crash.
    • Leon Earnhardt. In SAGA, he walks around in the hotel with his shirt mostly unbuttoned and with women in tow.
  • Many male main characters have an affair in Gankutsuou, but Andrea Calvacanti wins an honorable mention because of his antics with Hermine and Eugenie Danglars, considering they are his mother and sister.
  • Fukuyama from Girls Bravo. Pretty much every non-cast female character falls for him, and he is the biggest pervert of the show but is overshadowed -in this regard- in the manga's last arc by his Dimensional Twin.
  • In Great Pretender, Laurent is a shameless tease, who is both comfortable with the topic of sex and more than willing to flirt with his compatriots. However, given his manipulative tendencies, they don't exactly appreciate it. Abbie tends to flip him off whenever he makes sexual comments around her, and Makoto reacts peevishly whenever Laurent tries to get cute with him. Cynthia, however, teases him right back.
  • The Doctor from Haré+Guu is smart, handsome, and uses his position to feel up women.
  • France from Hetalia: Axis Powers, going after male or female. However, in Hetalia Bloodshed 2010, it seems Kitty!America from the parallel world takes up this role, seen when he kidnaps a very drunk China and Hong Kong and forces them to wear cute skimpy outfits.
  • High School D×D:
    • Riser Phenex is (initially) a rather successful case, who openly admits his Peerage is a checklist of harem member stereotypes and is quite happy to molest them in public to make someone jealous. After Issei kicks his ass at an Engagement Challenge, he loses nearly all his prestige and nearly all his allure with it, and doesn't cope exceptionally well.
    • An interesting example is Issei himself. An open Harem Seeker and unabashed pervert, he at first sees Riser as something to strive for. Then the above public groping happens, in the context of Riser targeting a girl Issei likes, and Issei shocks himself with how revolted he is. This kick-starts his subtle development to a Chivalrous Pervert plenty of girls willingly throw themselves at, to Riser's immense frustration when he shows up again volumes later.
  • Genpou Saji from Ikki Tousen. His introduction is groping Hakufu (which was also the first time they met and stole her magatama), sleeps with Ryoufu and uses this to turn her against Toutaku (and may have raped her, according to the Battle Vixens Macekre manga), teases the Tsundere Ryomou (who's in love with him) mercilessly, fingers a nurse when he's hospitalized, much to Ryumou's anger, makes Ryuubi (who's the leader of another warrior group) almost cry by groping her breasts in Dragon Destiny, which was the first time they ever met...
  • Miroku in Inuyasha is infamous for his smooth if perverted behavior of groping women and casually asking them to bear his children. See here under "Miroku Promo". Further supported in that he stops almost entirely once he finally gets around to proposing to Sango. The key word in that sentence being almost. Hilarious in that when, with eyes sparkling, she asks him, "Does this mean you'll stop womanizing?" he answers with a confused, "huh?" and then dons a pained expression. He does feel bad about it when he almost loses Sango forever over it. Though to his "possible" defense for a long while, he's cursed with a windy-sucking palm that will consume him whole very soon.
  • The eponymous Lupin III is a shameless flirt, and "rich" enough to afford the best clothes. Sometimes his appearance is mocked, but women usually adore it.
  • Nagare Akatsuki in Martian Successor Nadesico, while having the looks and personality of a playboy, has no luck with any of the women on the titular battleship.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Lyle Dylandy exploits this trope. aka the second Lockon Stratos He acts the part towards both his teammate Tieria (praising his beauty and nicknaming him "Mr. Cute Instructor" in episode 3) and ex Emotionless Girl Feldt Grace (stealing a kiss from her and getting slapped for that, in episode 4). However, lechery plays less of a part than you'd think; this is a small plan from the guy, destined to have them see less as a Replacement Goldfish for his deceased twin brother Neil, the local Big Brother Mentor and the first Lockon, who played an important part in Tieria's and Feldt' lives.
  • Gender Inverted by "prince" Kashima of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun. Though she is a bifauxnen popular with the girls, after Nozaki actually meets Kashima every role he tries to write for her ends up with the prince character being an obnoxious flirt. She also sometimes forgets the names of the people she's flirting with.
  • Shizuru of My-Otome. Despite being in love with her client, Natsuki, she will playfully flirt with other girls from time to time whenever she gets a chance (witness her exchanges with Arika in a few early episodes). "Bewitching Smile", indeed.
  • Naruto: Jiraiya is a self-proclaimed Super Pervert. Despite this, he was shown with beautiful women on his arms several times, who are implied to be prostitutes or something similar.
  • Albireo Imma in Negima! Magister Negi Magi straddles the line between this and Lovable Sex Maniac; he's handsome enough to have little difficulty with women, but most turn away due to his 'subtly directly subtle' technique — he'd have you believe he's a Chivalrous Pervert, but he'll smile a smile you know you can't trust, act politely as he can deceive, then do something perverted enough to surprise even resident Dirty Old Ermine Chamo.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Kaji frustrates Misato by disappearing at the worst times and flirting with other women to make her jealous.
    • In the manga adaptation, Kaworu appears to be unaccustomed to human social mores: he walks into Shinji’s shower stall to ask for soap while they’re showering, and later gives him mouth-to-mouth when he’s hyperventilating and can’t find a paper bag. Shinji is often very uncomfortable around him, but he admits he fell for him anyway after he dies.
  • Sanji from One Piece is an odd case as he was originally presented in this manner, finding plenty of women who found him attractive, but later on he became a combination Casanova Wannabe and Butt-Monkey as all of his advances became universally rejected and often met with physical abuse. In the Fishman Island arc, however, the mermaids are pretty enthralled with him, and later Pudding and Carrot are attracted to him. In Wano, Sanji has a conga line of women after him (and his cooking).
  • Gene Starwind of Outlaw Star, who hires prostitutes, plays grabass with the local bar's waitress, and sleeps with his client, Hilda.
  • Sakura from Penguin Musume Heart exhibits this sort of behavior, as a Rare Female Example. It could be blamed on her extreme otaku-ness, but perhaps there is more to it.
  • Gold from Pokémon Adventures was this during the Johto arc at times - at one point he even smacked Green on the ass teasingly. Silver was not amused. (Though for the record, the US translation tried to play that incident off as an accident.) By the time the Emerald arc rolled around, he had gotten over it.
  • Oreldo from Pumpkin Scissors fits the bill perfectly, has the looks, and doesn't need a library card to check the "file folders" in the records office (the records keeping girl is hot, and the only obstacle keeping him from important information). He is also well known for showing up in the series with disheveled uniform and lipstick on him.
  • Tatewaki Kuno from Ranma ½ — very handsome, rich, excellent vocabulary, and apparently a figure well-skilled in the arts of polite romance. He's also so incredibly egotistic that he can't conceive of the idea of a girl not being attracted to him, as well as being willing to glomp the girls he is interested in at a moment's notice and also something of a hypocrite who is capable of such feats as ranting about how mixed bathing is for "moral degenerates" while racing eagerly for the baths with a girl in his arms. He isn't much of a playa compared to Mikado Sanzenin from the same manga/anime, whose very name is a pun in Japanese meaning "sex-obsessed neurotic" and who openly boasts of his plan to have kissed over 1000 girls — Kuno is simply fixated on two girls at once ( he thinks one is a girl) and openly proclaims that he will date them both at the same time because he can't bear to choose either one.
  • Rosario + Vampire's werewolf Gin. He's pretty, even if he does have girls sticking posters in high places just so he has a chance to look up their miniskirts. He's even prone to groping girls while he's having a casual conversation with them!
  • Haruka Tenoh from Sailor Moon is a rare female example of this trope, as she was seen hitting on Usagi, a maid, and several other female characters during the course of the story, until she's caught by her girlfriend Michiru in the act. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Gojyo from Saiyuki - with his long red hair and smooth talk come-ons whenever the group stops anywhere populated. Always garnering severe upbraiding by Sanzo ("lecherous bastard"); or ridicule from Goku ("pervy kappa"). Ironically, regarding the source material for this manga, the perverted personality of his happens to be one half of the original Hakkai's; Goku has the Big Eater part.
  • Straight Cougar's constant failures when hitting on Mimori in S Cryed, mainly because he forgets people's names.
  • Takeo from Shadow Star is quite popular with the ladies and has five illegitimate children. He's also a jerk and treats said ladies very badly.
  • Carrot Glace from Sorcerer Hunters will chase anything female that moves except for his childhood friends who want him.
  • Soul Eater: Spirit's behaviour cost him his marriage and his daughter's respect but he still flirts with anything in a skirt. It's revealed later in the manga that despite being a regular at a local host club, all he does is talk about Maka and her mother. That's it. Every. Single. Time.
  • The titular Space☆Dandy is a great lover of booty—his first appearance in the series has him claiming women should be appreciated for their butts. Almost Once per Episode we are reminded of how much Dandy loves the ladies, and while many don't return his advances he has had some success in the past (Honey, Scarlet, several unnamed partners).
  • Stepping on Roses (Hadashi de Bara wo Fume) has Eisuke Kitamura, the protagonist Sumi's brother, who largely earns money by being the boy toy of wealthy - and oftentimes married - older women.
  • Kamina of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is apparently handsome enough to make the page picture for Perverse Sexual Lust, but spends the uncut Hot Springs Episode trying to get a good look at the nude females.
  • Vash the Stampede of Trigun won’t miss an opportunity to perv on attractive women, but intriguingly when a couple a of beautiful prostitutes want to thank him for saving he goes all Chaste Hero and pretends to be asleep. It’s revealed later that he’s worried girls will be scared off by the horrific scars and injuries on his torso.
  • Mendo Shutaro from Urusei Yatsura is frequently mentioned to be the same as the Casanova Wannabe Ataru, except Mendo is rich, handsome, and suave.
  • Jaeha from Yona of the Dawn loves to make advances towards any women (including Yona) he sees and has stated that he enjoys being the pursuer and not being pursued.

    Comic Books 
  • Aquaman became like this after being de-aged to his teens by an evil witch (boy). "Hey, baby. Wanna get wet?" This stood starkly in contrast with his then-current Darker and Edgier look and characterization, making it all the funnier.
  • This is Prince Charming's power in Fables. He is supernaturally attractive and has pointed out that when he sets his sights on something he always gets it (this works with more than women). Naturally, Charming is hollow and emotionally cold inside. However, the fact that he managed to wake Sleeping Beauty with his kiss proves that he truly loved her at that moment. His problem is that his True Love has absolutely no staying power, shifting from one woman to another at moment's notice.
    Charming: "I always truly love a woman when I'm first chasing her- I'm just no damned good at the "happily ever after" part."
  • Woody from Quantum and Woody, who thinks nothing of flirting with a cute girl while in the middle of a hostage situation... even after he shoots her.
    Woody: "So, hey, I'm Woody. Maybe I can call you sometime—"
    Hostage: "—?! You shot me—?!"
    Woody: "So, what, meet for drinks, then—?"

    Comic Strips 
  • Steve Dallas from Bloom County. Women immediately spot that he's a jerk.

  • Paris is said to have been this trope before he met Helen in Chance Encounter II. Later in the series, during an unfortunate incident involving Legolas, an evil, power-hungry Cardinal from the 12th century, a poisoned arrow, a Maiar with healing abilities, Legolas gains the ability to (temporarily, thank God) read minds such as Will (who is contemplating what he is going to do to Elizabeth when they get home) and Paris, who Legolas claims, 'has extensive knowledge of all matters carnal".
  • The Pokémon Squad: RM is sometimes depicted as pretty desperate in later seasons. Larry even describes him as one in the episode "Why Do You Think the Net Was Born?", after they discover each other's addictions to dating websites:
    Larry: "I mean, while your personality is probably the most undesirable one I know of, you're at least physically attractive to a certain extent."
  • Commander Rawne in Tiberium Wars is an unabashed skirt chaser whose tendencies are regularly called out, and aren't overlooked by his superiors; at one point, General Killian Qatar "bribes" him by giving him a billet in a mostly-female barracks. At another point int he story, he grants a wounded female soldier high-priority and expensive medical treatments and replacements for her damaged eyes, and the scene implies the entire reason he did so was that he found her attractive.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Wong Kar-wai:
    • Chow (played by Tony Leung Chiu-wai) from Wong Kar Wai's 2046. He's handsome, always ready with a charming smile or a flirtatious compliment, and is never without a woman on his arm or a conquest to chase. The truth is that he uses his charm to keep women at a distance because he already lost the woman he truly loves.
    • York from Days of Being Wild. The main difference between him and Chow, however, is that Chow's past makes him at least sympathetic, whereas York comes off as a self-absorbed jerkass.
  • Will (Hugh Grant) from About a Boy. He's a terrible womanizer. He realizes that single hot moms are the best kind of women he can get lucky with because they have unresolved relationships and they break it off — so he gets laid, then gets an easy break-up and he needn't feel guilty. When he finally finds a woman he would also want to talk to, he finds out he has nothing to talk about. He's that shallow. But he's friends with this lonely kid, and he talks about him.
  • Daniel Cleaver from Bridget Jones' Diary, played by Hugh Grant who moved into this type of character once he got too old for the standard rom-com hero. He's an attractive boss who starts an Office Romance with Bridget but he makes it clear the strings are not quite attached. He cheats on her and was cheating with Bridget on his fiancée (who presumably knew about Bridget and okayed it). He later gets dumped by said fiancée and begs Bridget to take him back, feeling she's the only one who could make him better. It's also revealed he slept with a young wife of his (former) best friend.
  • In The Charge at Feather River, Pvt. Ryan is the base lothario and keeps going AWOL to visit his numerous girlfriends. His attempt to woo Sgt. Baker's wife is what gets him sent back to the guardhouse and then immediately bounced onto Archer's squad of Boxed Crooks.
  • Mean Girls: Jason. He is a member of the Varsity Jocks who is dating one of the Plastics, Gretchen Wieners, who tolerates his unfaithfulness because she is so insecure. He also has another pretty girl who seemingly has a crush on him, as he took her out on two dates.
  • Snake of the Blackwater Gang in Dead in Tombstone. He's always flirting or getting handsy with pretty women. One of the last things he does is take a little too much pleasure in having Calathea at his disposal.
  • Star Trek (2009). Kirk lusts after every woman in the vicinity (even when being dragged through Sickbay by McCoy, sick as a dog from anaphylactic shock) but the only woman with whom he (visibly) scores (almost, at least) is Uhura's Really Gets Around Green-Skinned Space Babenote  roommate (see below, under Live-Action Television regarding how Kirk was portrayed in TOS). Federation society as portrayed on Earth and within Star Fleet within the Reboot was realized as the sexually conservative form found in previous iterations.note  Whether or not Starfleet's sexually opened society remains an Informed Attributenote  or has intentionally been retooled out, (without Roddenberry around to veto such a change) remains to be seen in future sequels.
  • The caddish Simon Russell in Laughter in Paradise is handsome in a polished, roguish fashion. He is also quite successful with the ladies, having a black book full of girlfriends.
  • Quiberon in The Revengers. A Frenchman who hits upon just about every female he encounters and seems to have a reasonable success rate. After deserting Benedict, he returns to the camp the next morning, having lost all of his money to a girl in town.
  • Lomax in The War Wagon. He hits on every attractive female he meets and is living with a pair of Chinese prostitutes.
  • Welcome Home (2018): Federico is a handsome guy who also happens to be a creepy stalker and voyeur who records the couples that rent his villa. His creepy stalker-ish behavior actually turns off the heroine despite her thinking he was friendly at first.
  • Peter O'Toole plays one in What's New Pussycat??, but tries to overcome it through psychoanalysis for the sake of his impending marriage. Unfortunately, his analyst (Peter Sellers) is something of a Casanova Wannabe and little help.

  • Shinji Mimura in Battle Royale, who is well-aware of how popular he is with the girls at school, and uses this to shamelessly sleep around.
  • Daniel Cleaver from Bridget Jones' Diary. Handsome, charming, womanizing, cheating.
  • Thanks to the tutelage of his cousin Lylia, Cullen Moorland of A Brother's Price is shaping up this way. He's entirely fascinated by sex, but because it's important that he remain a virgin until marriage, the best he can do is flirt, which he's become good at. Eldest Whistler finds him harmless and charming.
  • Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!, openly admits in his memoirs that he has (ab)used his prestige to enjoy the favors of high-ranking officials — specifically, their wine cellars and their daughters (or at least he did before he met Inquisitor Vail and possibly afterward, too).
  • Howl from Howl's Moving Castle. He's proud of the title as it gives him a bad reputation and less work from the King. Howl falls for Sophie the first time he sees her, but he maintains the appearance of being a Handsome Lech while he's actually trying to find out more about Sophie from her sisters.
  • Codex Alera: Antillar Maximus, who is determined to have as much fun as possible over the course of his (he suspects, short) life. He constantly snuck out of his room at the Academy, and once he even hit on Gaius Caria, the First Lord's wife. He's also said to have had occasional disagreements with others over the proper treatment of women, making him of a Chivalrous Pervert as well.
  • In Georgette Heyer's Devil's Cub, Vidal is a lech who chases every pretty girl.
    Mary: You must know then that I have a sister who is very young, foolish as girls are sometimes, and very very lovely. Her path was crossed, not so long ago, by the Marquis of Vidal.
    Avon: Naturally
    Mary: Naturally, sir?
    Avon: Oh, I think so. If she is very very lovely I feel sure that the Marquis of Vidal would cross her path.
  • Allison Chou-Harrington, mother of Honor Harrington, plays at being the female version of this. In truth, she's faithful to her husband, but she enjoys scandalizing the more prudish members of society.
  • Henry Crawford of Mansfield Park. He's not that handsome, but he has a great deal of charisma and wit, plus he's tall, dark, and rich. He flirted with his sisters' friends who fell in love with him one after another. He courts Julia and Maria Bertram simultaneously and they both fall for him. When the only single girl present is Fanny Price, he decides he will make a hole in her heart as well. He later genuinely falls in love with her, however, this petite English Rose thinks he's amoral and rejects him, to the utter shock of everybody. Her rejection only makes her more charming in Henry's eyes and he continues pursuing her. His love for her shows his better side and improves him a lot, but he cannot resist his ways and later has a love affair with a married woman.
  • Aiden from Of Fear and Faith, although he tends to be quite successful in his flirting despite being kind of a jerk with women and cheating on all of his paramours.
  • Sergeant "Chopper Jim" Chopin in the Kate Shugak mysteries by Dana Stabenow. He is nicknamed "father of the Park" because of his sexual proclivities (although he is actually very careful to ensure that he has no children). He is eventually transformed into a Lady Killer In Love.
  • Andy Evans in Speak, who basically feels up anything with two X chromosomes and is established as the Jerk Jock of the high school that he goes to. However, this becomes a very dark example when it is revealed that he raped the protagonist Melinda.
  • Garrid from Tales of the Frog Princess. He's hot but is also a womanizer. Before Li'l came along, that is.
  • In Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note, this is Aya's first impression of Kuroki, since the first conversation they had was practically him trying to pick her up, with Uesugi commenting he was picking up girls again. Turns out he's more of a natural charmer and does not appear to have the intention to be romantically involved with anyone.
  • The various Transformers: Timelines series have a few handsome leches portrayed in them, particularly Jackpot, Swindle, and Side Burn, all with varying degrees of success with the ladies.
  • Ivan Vorpatril from the Vorkosigan Saga may qualify as one, given the way he goes after any good-looking woman. As he grows older, he goes from this to a Chivalrous Pervert. The transformation is complete by Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.
  • Dyrstin Venomavat in Wise Phuul. He uses his good looks and political connections as a Native Assistant to sleep with as many women as he can. Of course, this doesn't always work out, and even the girls he does get don't hang around for long.
  • Ashley Owens in Zora Banks is a sleazy skirt-chasing mercenary who is an awful friend to have around. He's also a major bad boy and devastatingly good-looking. Unsurprisingly, he has no end of willing partners.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck from The A-Team. It helps that he's an awesome Con Man who tends to scam his way into penthouses, so he can make women believe he's rich and powerful.
  • G'Kar from Babylon 5 started out as Handsome Lech. He's had liaisons with multiple human and Centauri (his much-hated blood enemy) women. In one of the first scenes we see him, he's trying to convince the resident human telepath Lyta Alexander to sell her genetic material to re-introduce the telepath gene into the Narnish gene pool. Several seasons later, she asks whether the offer is still valid.
  • Alec/X5-494 on Dark Angel, is attractive (he's Jensen Ackles) and flirty but isn't seen to have much success. Asha is hung up on Logan, Mia is manipulating him to help her boyfriend and bring down a mob boss, and it's a matter of fan interpretation whether he's interested in Max that way. One time we see that he has been dating two of his Jam Pony co-workers at the same time, they found out about it and quit.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Captain Jack Harkness (who got his own spinoff, Torchwood) is utterly charming and so strikingly handsome that Even the Guys Want Him. The creators describe him as "omnisexual", and this passes into his behaviour — most of the other characters find his flirting charming and quirky, except the Doctor, who regards it as quite an irritation:
      Jack: [to a man] I'm Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?
      The Doctor: Stop it!
      Jack: I was just saying 'hello'.
    • "The Lazarus Experiment": After being rejuvenated by his machine, Professor Lazarus has vibes of this, after indications he was a Dirty Old Man before de-aging. This is particularly noticeable in his efforts to charm Martha's sister Tish. However, given that the rejuvenation also turned him into a life-draining monster, he could be putting it on to secure easy prey.
  • Bright Abbott of Everwood. He's a charming Jerk Jock/Lovable Jock and girls at school swoon over him. He even manages to convince several girls to go with him to the prom at the same time. However, it later bites him in the butt when he's almost sued for sexual harassment by a woman from work who felt jilted that he wasn't serious about her. He's also not pleased to realize that women see him as someone who's fun to date, but not a serious guy to settle with. He gets better when he falls for Shrinking Violet Hannah.
  • Sebastian Smythe from Glee is as of the Sectionals episode of season 3 too new a character to know for certain, but he seems to be this, what with hitting on a clearly uncomfortable Blaine right in front of his boyfriend.
  • Barney Stinson, from How I Met Your Mother shags one bimbo after another and keeps scores of his conquests. He devised plenty of tricks on how to manipulate women into sleeping with him. He gets a few slaps and drinks in his face. Although he's not without his redeeming qualities, shown especially in later seasons. Unfortunately, this also means that when he falls in love with Robin, he has no idea how to have a committed relationship.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Dennis manages to be both a serial womanizer and a Casanova Wannabe. He is both good-looking and superficially charming and does get women and (unintentionally) gay men attracted to him. However, he is a Faux Affably Evil Sissy Villain with an ego inflated to god-like proportions. So as a result, some women were turned off by his sociopathic behavior, seeing him as a Jerkass. While others confuse his camp mannerisms for another trope, it probably doesn't help that he's Ambiguously Bi either. One episode, centering on a "rate your date" site for women, revealed him to be averaging one star - for comparison, Charlie, a glue-snorting, illiterate Psychopathic Man Child who beats rats to death with a spiked bat, and Mac, a dimwitted, muscle-obsessed Boisterous Weakling who lives in the Transparent Closet, both got two stars.
  • Eliot Spencer of Leverage. If anyone's going to hook up with the Girl of the Week, it'll be him, but he's Christian Kane, so probably none of them mind.
  • The main character of Lucifer (2016) hits on every woman he meets and some of the men, has lots of one-night stands and orgies, openly (and publicly) admits wanting to sleep with his partner Detective Decker, pays his therapist through sex and his demon employee Maze is implied to be another Friend with Benefits. The actor Tom Ellis is not unattractive.
  • Hawkeye on M*A*S*H was sleeping around with all the attractive nurses who mostly fell for him, but struck out several times as well.
  • NCIS: Tony DiNozzo was this initially, but Character Development has gradually guided him away from this kind of behavior starting with season four. It helps that Ziva, a Badass Israeli who can snark right back and turn his come-ons around on him, became his partner in that season.
  • Oz. Unit Manager Tim McManus manages to sleep with every female character who works in the prison, but this backfires badly when Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Claire Howell hits him with a false sexual harassment charge after he dumps her. McManus admits that even though he's not guilty of the charge, he is guilty of acting like a jerk towards women.
  • Nick Balco from Raising the Bar, who just will not stop flirting with his subordinates. Seems to be immune to sexual harassment lawsuits.
  • Tony from Pataclaun thinks of himself very talented and handsome, and very succesful with the ladies, but the other characters from the cast see him as the pathetic loser he is and the girls barely give him the time of the day when he flirts with them.
  • On an episode of Schitt's Creek David's ex-boyfriend Sebastien Raine comes to town to do an art project with Moira. David immediately calls him a monster who uses people, and in fact the very handsome, globetrotting photographer flirts with Stevie, seduces David, and manipulates Moira into taking grotesque/campy photos. But David knew what he was up to and only had sex with him to steal the memory card with the photos and destroy it. He also enjoyed the sex.
  • Gary Wilde of Shake it Up, trying to pick up ladies such as CeCe's mom using lines like:
    Gary: You have the right to remain, foxy!
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Kurt Martin, the twins' father, is a forty-something pretty boy who drools over women way out of his league.
  • Dean Winchester from Supernatural: A very handsome man (his actor was a former model and much has been made of his looks on the show), he flirts with anything in a skirt. The man's first thought upon returning from the dead? He had to re-lose his virginity. Anytime he's shown on a computer or with a magazine, it's invariably open to Busty Asian Beauties. The episode "The End" continues to portray Future!Dean this way, but also his angelic BFF Castiel, an erstwhile virgin, is now running a cult of the enlightenment through sex variety and has become if anything more lecherous than Dean.
  • Bryce Walker from 13 Reasons Why is described as being a "frat boy Darth Vader"; he's a handsome, superficially charming, and popular jock who really likes the ladies. However, Bryce is also very self-absorbed, lacks empathy, and has a strong sense of entitlement towards women, which is rather off-putting. It takes a very dark turn when it's eventually revealed that Bryce is in fact a Serial Rapist who genuinely doesn't think he's done anything wrong (or just doesn't care) and that it was his rape of Hannah Baker that ultimately drove her to suicide. And he ultimately ends up murdered as a direct consequence of his behavior.
  • Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men is the guy who would be in the dictionary under "man-whore" if the word was in there. It's made all the weirder by the fact that his (current) career is writing children's songs.
  • Lord John Marbury of The West Wing. Every female character appears to like him, sometimes even going so far as to profess love (in his absence) yet there is no evidence that he's gotten past flirtation with any of them. Kate Harper seemed to be the first (female) character not to find him charming at all, and Lord John seemed to find this quite jarring.
    Lord John Marbury: Abigail! May I grasp your breasts? [said to the First Lady at her birthday celebration]
  • Detective Jimmy McNulty of The Wire is prone to banging random chicks in the most inopportune places possible. He's a Fair Cop and ladies like it, but his ex-wife is disgusted with him.


    Mythology and Religion 

    Tabletop Games 

  • Robert is more or less portrayed this way in the musical Company (Sondheim), as he juggles three girlfriends, enjoying a little of each but without showing signs that he really loves any one person (which "Being Alive" suggests is his deep dark desire). He's just good friends with a bunch of married women and their husbands, who envy his hedonistic bachelorhood.
  • Don Giovanni is a mixture of this and The Casanova. He actually does (reportedly) get lots of women to sleep with him, but he's a total Jerkass once you get to know him.
  • Drood - John Jasper to the extreme; though an absolute and total creeper (albeit due to being way bipolar), is often played as a charming and handsome man, and there's no doubt that Rosa feels something for him, as disturbed as she is at the same time.
  • The character of the Trickster from Cirque du Soleil's KOOZA is portrayed like this, wooing every girl he sees with his magnetic charm and gaining fans from the audience.
  • The Moon is Blue Defied this with David Slater, a divorced, middle-aged avowed hedonist. He promises not to make passes at Patty, and to her amazement and Don's, he keeps to his word.
    Patty: Oh, you're not nearly as depraved as you'd like people to think.
  • Guido Contini from Nine (Musical) is a first-class charmer who just can't stay faithful to his long-suffering wife.

    Video Games 
  • In Always Remember Me, Hugh, one of the love interests, shamelessly flirts with and pursues the main character, and at one point, they jokingly trade cheesy pickup lines.
  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin's Creed II. By the end of the game, he has either attempted to or successfully slept with every female character that he meets that isn't related to him. The ladies don't seem to mind. By Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, however, Ezio's habits have changed. In his forties, he's shown flirting with a woman who promises to reward him later and hooks up with Caterina Sforza within the first half-hour of the game... then Uncle Mario is killed, his home villa is conquered, and Caterina is captured and sent to Rome; when Ezio rescues her, she reveals that she only slept with him to secure an alliance between them. Ezio takes it in stride, but he's not shown flirting with any women after that. Though this could also be caused by him growing older and reflecting on his disastrous First Love. Nonetheless in the Da Vinci Disappearance DLC, he's not above trying to seduce Lucrezia Borgia to get what he needs. In Assassin's Creed: Revelations, he's still quite the womanizer in his fifties, though his main love interest is Sofia Sartor, with whom he eventually settles down and has a family with in his final years. According to Word of God, while Desmond Miles is presumably a descendent of Ezio and Sofia, Ezio may have fathered many illegitimate children in his lifetime.
  • Luka from Bayonetta will never not flirt with a sexy lady. No, it does not matter if he's currently running away from the police. No, it does not matter if they apparently murdered his father. No, it does not even matter if they don't live in the same universe. He lists off the girlfriends he's had at one point: Claire, Sylvia, Trish and... Ammy?
    • Downplayed. Official concept art of Luka shows him taking care of four animals, with the names Claire, Sylvia, Trish, and Ammy written on the food bowls.
  • In BlazBlue, Kagura Mutsuki flits between Handsome Lech and Chivalrous Pervert. His brief introduction in Remix Heart establishes him as a ladies' man when he flirts with Mai Natsume and Estella Mc Kenzie and is described by Taro as a potential sex offender if left unchecked. Heck, his special match intro against Ms. Fanservice Makoto has him parried for trying to cop a feel.
  • Eustache from Dead In Vinland is this despite being a monk. Or, rather, he used to be a monk before becoming a pirate known as "the Black Monk." He's charming and vain with pretty, piercingly blue eyes, and his assiduous pursuit of the married Blodeuwedd doesn't deter him from also hitting on her teenage daughter Kari.
  • Leo in Elite Beat Agents appears to be one, although it's really only so he can paint his masterpiece (he even spurns his Instant Fan Club, so that he may attract Mona.)
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Edgar of Final Fantasy VI... though despite being very attractive, a master inventor, and a king, none of the women in the game fall for his playboy act whatsoever. It apparently works at least on one woman seeing as how he finds out about The Empire betraying them later on in the game. There's a girl in Figaro Castle during the first trip there who says only 'most women are too smart to pay any attention to him'. Emphasis on the 'most'.
    • Zack in Final Fantasy VII was described as a 'ladies' man' in the original game, but Crisis Core and additional materials reveal him as more of a cheerful, harmless flirt and all-around good guy. Note that the person who describes him as a 'ladies' man' is Aeris, who'd just spent almost five years waiting for him to come back from a mission. Or at least answer one of her 89 letters.
    • Irvine from Final Fantasy VIII also this. He's good-looking, but also flirtatious and is seen to be trying too hard at times. Also he holds feelings for Selphie since they were kids.
    • Zidane "oo, soft" Tribal of Final Fantasy IX. The only girl that he doesn't flirt with (or better put, only does as a joke) is Freya. Unlike every other girl he's hit on, she's a giant humanoid rat. She was also in a committed relationship, though her love is currently MIA. She also hasn't given up on finding him, which Zidane is aware of. Zidane stops flirting with other girls as the game progresses and he falls in love.
  • Fire Emblem:
  • Johnny from Guilty Gear is the leader of an all-female pirate crew and makes advances on every woman he sees. This eventually backfires.
  • Jansen Friedh from Lost Odyssey who goes as far as showing up drunk and in the company of three women as you leave on your first mission. His behavior, however, changes drastically when he falls in love with Ming.
  • Solid Snake in Metal Gear. He hits on girls half his age! He hits on his support staff! He reads Playboy magazines to restore his psyche gauge! He broods over whether or not it's a good idea to hit on Otacon's stepsister! He seems to have a pretty healthy libido, but he's not quite as successful as his behaviour would suggest. His war experiences have left his ability to open up to other people quite stunted. Meryl was more of a combat buddy than a woman, and even she dumped him.
  • Persona:
    • Ryoji Mochizuki from Persona 3 quickly makes it known that he loves the ladies. He's smooth enough to charm the faceless NPC girls, but all the named female characters aren't impressed. If the female protagonist romances him, he becomes a Ladykiller in Love.
    • Amazingly enough, Teddie from Persona 4 after he gains a human body. Coming off the heels of Shadow Yukiko's comments about scoring with people, Teddie takes her words to heart and tries "scoring" with any girl he sees (much to the real Yukiko's annoyance). Having no idea how to actually flirt, Teddie never gets the results he wants.
  • Sean Devlin from The Saboteur. One of his escape methods when he sets off alarms is to make out with random women on the street until the Nazis run right past him. There's even an achievement for using this method of escape 50 times.
  • Josh Birk in Saints Row: The Third, despite being a handsome and wealthy actor, his egocentrism apparently turns off the ladies, seen when he asks a fan of the Saints if she wants him to sign her breasts. Shaundi even treats him as an Abhorrent Admirer and seeing that Shaundi is rather promiscuous, that says a lot.
  • Yoshitora from Samurai Shodown; he can run away from the middle of a fight if a girl calls his name. He's also the heir to the friggin' Tokugawa shogunate.
  • The mobile game Shin Megami Tensei Liberation: Dx2 has a character that's good-looking and aggressively hits on every pretty girl in sight, generally unsuccessfully. The character also happens to be a woman named Eileen. Among other things, she took a job at a Cosplay Café so she could ogle the other girls working there...
  • Star Fox had Panther Caroso and his constant attempts to win Krystal.

    Visual Novels 
  • CROSS†CHANNEL: Taichi is pretty shameless in his attempts to sexually harass the female cast. He does have some standards and tries his best not to go too far. He already did cross the line with half of them, which is why they hate him so much. It's a mask to hide some serious issues.
  • Jonathan Ingram from Policenauts. Not only does he get a chance to hit on many of the girls he meets along the way (including the teenage daughter of his old partner), the player is even given a choice to fondle the breasts of every female character (including the aforementioned daughter of his partner) in the game.
  • Makoto Itou from School Days certainly fits here. He's quite good-looking, but in most adaptations of the story, he's quite The Casanova with little concern for how his actions may come to affect others, so he has almost nothing to be proud of. Especially in the anime, where he barely atones for his mistakes, unlike in the manga.
  • SHUFFLE! has Itsuki. He's mostly shown to be turned down, but he still gets girls to give him lunch boxes every lunch.
  • Nothing stops Snatcher's Gillian Seed, even the fact that he's technically married. In the original Japanese version, he can go so far as to sniff the panties of a fourteen-year-old girl - mercifully, in the American version, the panties were taken out and the girl was aged up.
  • Battler Ushiromiya from Umineko: When They Cry is pretty much this in spades, though he does eventually grow out of it as the story goes on.
  • In War: 13th Day, Night is an open flirt, who isn't above giving forceful kisses. He's so dashing and debonair that even the woman he blackmails for her body ends up enjoying it. Of course, given the Unreliable Narrator, this interpretation of her reaction and his character might be false.

  • Betelgeuse is portrayed this way in Cobweb and Stripes, though it's slightly subverted when another ghost points out that, being a shapeshifter, he can obviously make use of that to land the ghost girls. This aspect of his personality is slowly being skimmed off, however, as a result of his growing attachment to his mortal Protectorate/Love Interest.
  • Brad from Gnoph is a very villainous example; at one point, he gropes his imprisoned ex-girlfriend - whom he himself arrested - while telling her that she's going to be executed without trial.
  • Ménage à 3:
    • Matt is a bisexual underwear model and serial cheater. There was a moment where he reflected on how much of a jerk he is, but it was during a threesome after breaking up with his girlfriend because he'd had sex with his ex-boyfriend (who was an ex because he came home early and caught Matt with the girlfriend.) And no, the threesome didn't involve either ex.
    • Zii, a rare female version, is generally better than Matt, if only because she tries to avoid getting into relationships that don't let her play around. She still has virtually no sense of consequences.
  • Rainer from MSF High is either a Handsome Lech or a Chivalrous Pervert. Amongst other things, he's used his 360 vision to look up girl's panties, attempted to have one of his friends turned into a cute girl. (By the Friendly Neighborhood HIVE MIND!), and one telepath mentioned his mind 'was like a sewer'. Still, he's a really nice guy who has helped couples get together, at risk, (or LOSS) of his own life!
  • Eloya of Seekers is interested in the heroine for one thing - her curves.
  • Dmitri from Spacetrawler. One of the first things he did after finding himself caught up in an epic Space Opera was to download an app on his space-smartphone that tells him the anatomical compatibility of any alien species he encounters. Much to his own disappointment, his character development has been shifting towards Chivalrous Pervert.
  • Pixie Trix Comix has Sharon, a rare female example of the trope, and a bad case. She has a sociopathic habit of using men for sex and whatever other services she can extract from them, and her looks enable her to make this work.
  • Sven Bianchi from Questionable Content is known for his ability to (figuratively) charm the pants off practically any girl he encounters. He prefers blondes. Sven has tried to move past his bad habits in this respect and seems to be succeeding after they lead to disaster in his relationship with Faye.
  • Jacob Freeman from Shadownova gets sucked into the plot because he was trying to flirt with the main character at the wrong time. He spends a lot of time teasing the female cast but he's really just a harmless idiot.
  • Sluggy Freelance's Sam constantly hits on any girl he meets, however, he has an awe-inspiringly terrible record at it despite being endued with hypnotism and being far stronger and faster than most of the cast.
  • Vallant from Teh Gladiators, whose backstory involves being kicked out of the door naked after an attempted conquest goes wrong.
  • Konstantin from Tsunami Channel is an attractive omnisexual man who would hit on anything (except for Cat Girls), but his very open ways and his love for hentai scares any potential dates. The exception is Anya the Cat Girl, who is so in love with Konstantin that she doesn't mind how perverted he is.

    Web Original 
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:
    • Lizzie thinks all the swimmers whom she met at the Carter's bar are Handsome Lechs. She's not above some classy and lady-like flirting with attractive sport guys, but according to her, they're all drunk and act like utter losers.
    • George Wickham, at first presented as a sophisticated swimming coach. His flirting with Lizzie was charming and she really liked him. The ever level-headed Lizzie falls for him and when their relationship doesn't go anywhere, she says they were only casual and that there are no hard feelings and thinks well of him. However, his personality has more negative traits than positive ones. She's later absolutely disgusted with him, especially with his treatment of women.

    Western Animation 
  • Archer and Barry from Archer Hookers and Blow is probably Archer's favorite pastime, while Barry spent most of Seasons 1 & 2 trying to sleep with Lana.
  • The twins Jeremy and Ian from Barbie & The Diamond Castle, since they initially approach the heroines to hook up with them.
    Jeremy: They skipped out.
    Ian: Incredible! And we always get the girls.
  • Futurama: Zapp Brannigan, captain of the Nimbus and a member of DOOP, can basically be summed up as a bossy and overly sexist pervert. He constantly hits on women in hopes of getting them to jump into the sack with him and his is so sexist that DOOP has banned women from fighting in wars so they could be spared from his sexual harassment on them and he tries to justify his misogyny by claiming that he has a disorder called "sexlexia". After being tricked into having sex with Zapp, Leela grows to not respect Zapp at all for his lecherous behavior and rejects his advances, which Zap' will not stop doing on her.
  • The title character of Johnny Bravo. The entire series was based around handsome, muscular Johnny trying — and failing — to get a girl every episode due to a mix of narcissism, his boorish personality, and just not being able to read the room.
  • Duncan from Total Drama. Winking at the girls in "Brunch of Disgustingness", plus the pet names- princess, sweetheart, honey, darling, etc...
  • Emperor Awesome from Wander over Yonder is a muscular shark man, but nobody is interested. Not Sylvia, not a boa constrictor, not even an evil sandwich.
  • Lance from Voltron: Legendary Defender fits. He's very pretty, and there actually were a handful of female aliens who were attracted to him... But, at the same time, him flirting with pretty much every female the paladins meet annoys them most of the time, and his most frequent target early on was Allura, who is very much not interested.


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