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"You can always tell the evil one by the dagger he's sticking in you."

Two family members (who happen to look identical) who are moral opposites of one another. Typically done with literal twins, these characters are of the same generation, but may have been raised as "cousins", or even completely separated from one another. It's especially popular in a Soap Opera, where they can use an Identical Twin Mistake to wreak havoc with their Good Twin's life.

Typically the evil twin will be portrayed by the same actor as the regular character. It's worth noting that in the overwhelming majority of cases the twin is evil; only rarely does an evil character suddenly find themselves contending with a good twin, and in those cases the good version is often simpleminded or purely comic. See Good Is Impotent and Impersonating the Evil Twin.

The evil twin may attempt to convince their good twin that they aren't so different, saying We Can Rule Together and that the good twin's friends are holding them back from greatness. This often ends with a Mirror Match as neither one will be able to convince the other of their ideology. After the fight, their allies will usually need to Spot the Imposter to figure out who won.

A goatee or other beard is less common for Evil Twins than they are for typical Evil Counterpart examples, because it distorts the use of Always Identical Twins. However, other Identical Twin ID Tag tropes are still used to differentiate between the good/evil twins, such as scars and evil costuming. Very often, one twin will be right-handed and the other left-handed. Guess which one's which.

This trope is Played for Laughs when both twins are evil, or when a character on the side of the good guys has a good twin show up, implying that the original is the evil one. Sub-Trope of Always Identical Twins (siblings are Doppelgangers), Evil Counterpart (any evil Foil to a character), and Evil Doppelgänger (someone who is both a Doppelgänger and Evil Counterpart). Sister Trope to Evil Knockoff (intentionally created evil duplicate), Cain and Abel (non-twin siblings where one is good and the other is evil), and Criminal Doppelgänger (evil Identical Stranger). Super-Trope to Evil Brunette Twin, where the Always Identical Twins have different hair colours (and the darker one is evil).

If you were looking for the video game Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles, it can be found here.

Not to Be Confused with Creepy Twins, which is about twins (usually identical) who are disturbing, usually equally evil.

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  • One Priceline advert includes the appearance of the company's spokesman's Evil Twin, complete with the Beard of Evil, the spokesman? William Shatner!

    Comic Strips 
  • When Jon tells Garfield that Santa Claus has been watching him, he writes a letter suggesting Santa might have seen his evil twin.
  • Doonesbury had George HW Bush's evil twin, Skippy, as a recurring character during his Vice-Presidency and Presidency. Since Trudeau considered Bush such a bland non-entity that his representation in the comic was just a voice coming out of an asterisk floating in mid-air, Skippy appeared completely identical.
  • Mandrake the Magician has an evil twin brother named Derek.
  • In a series of Calvin and Hobbes strips, Calvin creates a machine to duplicate himself, then is astonished when the twin doesn't want to just obey him. Turns out it's an exact duplicate: a twin just as evil as Calvin himself.
    • His duplicator returns in another story, where Calvin has added an "ethicator" to decide whether his clone should be good or evil. It ends up not helping.

    Fan Works 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • In the "Tree of Life" video, Goku calls Turles his evil twin.
      Goku: But he doesn't have a goatee. I'm going to imagine one. *gasp* So evil.
    • Lord Slug is an evil Namekian who was split from and exiled by his other half. He's the good twin. The evil twin is Super Kami Guru.]
  • Darkwing Duck fanfic writers take trips to the Negaverse every so often. A popular subject is NegaGosalyn and her relationship with the Friendly Four (Hurt/Comfort Fic pops up here). One story even explains why Gosalyn wasn't evil there—the normal one would've turned rotten.
  • Conversed in a one-shot within the ATLA Another Brother universe, where Sokka believes an evil twin was the reason that Zuko was banished.
  • Turnabout Storm: Pinkie Pie suggests that Rainbow Dash has one of these, called Wob Niar, as a possible explanation of how the murder of Ace Swift went down. Phoenix insists on it being a stupid idea, but Pinkie being Pinkie, she sticks with it. While no such pony was involved with the case, after the case is over, Phoenix just so happens to run into a pony who looks very much like Rainbow Dash but colored orange and possessing the mannerisms and accent of Furio Tigre.
  • Played with in With Strings Attached when Ringo accidentally sort of becomes his New Zork counterpart's evil twin (complete with Beard of Evil) because his mere presence makes some trouble for Beagle Ringo.
  • In Calvin and Hobbes III: Double Trouble, Rupert Chill makes himself out to be this. (The alien Rupert Chill is an imposter.)
  • In The Strex Family, the entirety of the titular family (except for Jezebel) is comprised of "doubles" or "multiples" of Carlos the Scientist. There's both a Meta and an In-Universe reason for this.
  • In the Pony POV Series, it turns out that Queen Chrysalis' final form after being completed by the Elements is this to Cadence, and she renames herself Queen Cadenza. Justified, because Cadence is the Light of Existence of the original Cadenza and Chrysalis was created from her Shadow of Existence, left behind when she lost a duel at the beginning of time. So as Chrysalis puts it, they're technically twin sisters.
  • Played for laughs in one scene of fan game Rakenzarn Tales, where Kite and Sakuya from .hack meet for the first time in this continuity. Upon seeing Kite, Sakuya thinks he might be her long-lost twin brother and wonders if this means she has to be the evil one now. Chizuko talks her out of it.
  • In Augustin, Tintin is kidnapped and replaced by his long-lost twin brother.
  • In Team Rocket Roots, instead of being Identical Strangers, Jessebelle is a clone of Jessie. She, however, is much more malicious than her "sister" and has none of Jessie's positive aspects.
  • In Life Ore Death the members of the Team have to split up and each confront an evil clone as part of the Tower of Fate's tests. It's worth noting that the details with each evil copy vary person-to-person: Artemis fights a version of herself who embraced her family's criminality; Superboy fights a berserk, full Kryptonian clone; and Aqualad is emotionally at-peace enough that his copy can't find any psychological leverage, being defeated off-screen.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS fanfic In the Service has Other-Wolkenritter and the Immortal Order-Wolkenritter, for the real ones. Not quite as powerful as the real deal, they are respectively psychotic and sociopathic.
  • Slayers Trilogy plays with this a lot:
    • A major plot point of Reflect deals with the characters facing "the worst within", but the worst within isn't an evil twin exactly so much as it is the result of the worst possible outcome for the character. Mirror Lina, for instance, is the result of what Lina would have become had she failed to defeat Shabranigdo in Slayers Classic.
    • Also used somewhat more metaphorically with some of the characters involved. Twoflower's authors notes, for instance, make it clear that The Goon is supposed to be what Gourry would have become had he not chosen in his backstory to accept people as they were.
    • While most of the alternates only stay around long enough in the first story to ensure that the character learns an important lesson, Naga's parallel manages to become a recurring character in the trilogy, and even undergoes some Character Development.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Satan Girl is a duplicate of Supergirl. She's her sister's dark side's embodiment, possessing more than enough power to crack a planet in half but completely lacking morals or compassion.
  • KanColle fanfic Eternity has the Original Hull Abyssals, who are specifically resistant to Shipgirls' firepower, and their presence weakens the shipgirls who are based off of them.
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf has a Mirror Universe in which Empath Smurf and Polaris Psyche meet a version of the Smurfs that are all red-skinned and all evil all the time, as well as a Gargamel that is basically good. The Empath of that universe is basically an evil sadistic prick who uses his telepathic powers to Mind Rape, whether that's with his enemies (like normal universe Empath) or his allies (like the Mirror Universe Smurfette).
  • In the Hero: The Guardian Smurf adaptation of "The Smurf Menace", Hero, Wonder, Hawkeye, Dempsey, and Abloec have evil counterparts of themselves among the Gray Smurfs. Gray Hero is a polyamorist who is married to both Gray Smurfette and Gray Wonder, who are both Depraved Bisexuals, and Gray Abloec is a Sinister Minister who doesn't seem to care if this kind of relationship is going on among themselves.
  • Tales of Fairies Chapter 406 has an evil clone of Natsu Dragneel made by Zeref in one of his attempts to bring Natsu back to life. The clone wears leather, speaks fluently and is Wicked Cultured, acts like a remorseless pervert, and has a goatee on his face, and wants to ruin Natsu's life because of how much Zeref told him the real Natsu was much better. He tries to seduce Lucy, but the various difference in personalities leads her to realize he is an imposter and slam him to the ground before her friends arrive to warn her.

    Films — Animated 
  • Avatar and Black Wolf in Ralph Bakshi's Wizards, although they look nothing alike. Avatar is short, portly, friendly, and fairy-like (minus the wings). Black Wolf is tall, thin, evil, and mutated. The only thing they have in common is that they're both bearded.
  • Jasper, the main antagonist of The Kings Beard, is the secret, long-banished twin brother of The Good King Cuthbert, who's plotting to steal his crown.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the superhero comedy Sky High (2005), one of the teachers tries to set up a colleague on a blind date with his girlfriend's sister. "What if I said it's not just her twin? It's her evil twin." "This Friday, you say?"
  • The Movie of The Magic Roundabout introduces Zebedee's Evil Twin, the ice-wizard Zeebad, who was imprisoned under the Roundabout itself. This would probably qualify it for Canon Discontinuity were it not for Tom Baker's wonderful Large Ham voice role. And then he became Jon Stewart in the American version.
  • Evil Robot Bill and Evil Robot Ted from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. If nothing else, it gave us the classic line (when E.R.Ted first sees Ted's girlfriend)... "I got a full-on robot chubby."
  • Carmen and Juni's robot doubles in Spy Kids.
  • The Avengers (1998): Mrs. Peel's clone, created by Sir August as his henchwoman. She is distinguished from the real Mrs. Peel by wearing a black leather jumpsuit.
  • In Inspector Gadget (1999), there's Robo-Gadget, an evil android duplicate of the real Gadget built by Claw. Aside from his telescoping limbs, all his gadgets are destructive things, like scythes, rotary blades, and tommy guns. Still, he's barely any more competent than the real thing. (Maybe even less so, seeing as the real thing is able to trash him.)
  • In the film adaptation of The High Crusade the aliens create a genetically superior clone to fight Sir Roger.
  • Ash's evil twin in Army of Darkness, though later on he's easier to distinguish and no longer identical after one of Ash's more gory actions.
  • The Bette Davis movie Dead Ringer: After the funeral of her brother-in-law (who had died of a heart attack), Edith Phillips learns that Margaret de Lorca, her rich identical twin sister, tricked the man Edith loved into marrying her (Margaret) instead. Edith kills Margaret and assumes her identity and lifestyle. Turns out things are not quite what they seem at the de Lorca household. Edith discovers that Margaret and her sleazy lover had in fact murdered Mr. de Lorca and, realizing that she will be charged with Margaret's crime, learns that You Can't Fight Fate.
  • Davis previously played a fairly similar story in A Stolen Life: Mousy painter Kate Bosworth is attracted to brooding lighthouse keeper Bill Emerson, but then her sexy twin Patricia shows up and nabs Bill. After they're wed, Bill leaves the country on a new job and Pat and Kate go sailing, when a storm sinks the boat, Pat is drowned, and Kate is mistaken for her sister. Assuming Pat's identity, Kate eventually realizes that things at the Emerson manse are not quite what they seem. In fact, Pat had been cheating on Bill and they were planning a divorce, but after much soul-searching Bill realizes Kate is Kate and she is the one he really loved all along.
  • Olivia de Haviland in The Dark Mirror: A woman suspected of murdering her doctor boyfriend has an identical twin sister. When both twins have an alibi for the night of the murder, a psychiatrist is called in to assist a detective in solving the case. Through a series of tests, he discovers which twin actually committed the crime and in the course of his investigation he falls in love with the normal twin.
  • In Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV, the Noxious Offender a.k.a. Noxie, is Amortville's evil counterpart to Tromaville's Toxic Avenger a.k.a. Toxie.
  • Subverted in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, in which Nega-Scott turns out to be just like Scott apart from the red eyes and grey skin, and instead of fighting they just talk and decide to have brunch later.
  • Jennifer Connelly's little-known 1988 film Etoile plays with this trope, with the main character developing a literal split personality while performing in a mystical version of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake".
  • Real-life twins Mary and Madeleine Collinson portrayed Maria and Frieda Gellhorn in Hammer's 1971 film Twins of Evil. Frieda was made into a vampire by Count Karnstein. When Frieda was caught, Karnstein substituted the innocent Maria in the jail cell where she was awaiting execution.
  • Parodied in the horror spoof Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th, where the killer turns out to be the cop's "evil twin cousin".
  • In the classic silent Swede horror film The Rat King, somehow a rat manages to masquerade as the hero's girlfriend. (Don't ask.) She blows her cover by making the grave error of wanting to have sex with the hero (it's the 1910s or so) — he immediately smells a rat.
  • In Shock Treatment, Farley turns out to be Brad's Evil Twin, separated when they were adopted by different parents: the lower class Farley became jealous of Brad's comfortable life and became a Corrupt Corporate Executive in response, seeking revenge by stealing Janet and moulding her into his new star. Brad wins Janet back in the end, but Farley's still a Corrupt Corporate Executive.
  • The Love Bug: The 1997 TV movie introduces Horace the Hate Bug, a malevolent version of the heroic Herbie.
  • The twist at the end of The Initiation is that the killer who has been stalking Kelly and murdering her sorority sisters (and assorted hangers-on) is not her father Jason as has been implied, but her identical twin sister Terry. Kelly, who has amnesia and cannot remember anything before age 12, does not even know she has a twin.
  • Another Me: Lila, Fay's dead twin, wants revenge for their dad letting her die and has come back intent on seizing control over Fay's life.
  • Malignant has a complicated case. Gabriel is a parasitic twin (where an embryo does not fully separate into twins, but rather than developing into conjoined twins, one half maintains dominant development over the other) but also described as a teratoma (a type of tumor composed of diverse tissue types, such as hair, teeth, muscle and bone). In any case, he's Ax-Crazy and caused enough trouble to be surgically removed from his sister Emily/Madison, aside from the brain part that was necessary for her to function. Thus he turns more into a Superpowered Evil Side intent on taking over the body.
  • Class Of Nuke Em High Part III The Good The Bad And The Subhumanoid: Dick is Adlai's, having been stolen at birth by Dr. Slag Ph.D and his cronies and raise into a merciless killing machine.

  • Daniel Amos's Doppelgänger explores the idea that everyone on Earth has a double: "For me, therefore, everything has a double existence / Both in time and when time shall be no more." Of course, those doubles were made perfect in the afterlife—meaning that those of us here on Earth are the evil twins.
    I'm his injustice sometimes
    I am his wrong
    It will be right again when
    Christ rules over
  • Kamelot: The album Silverthorn has the unnamed protagonist framed for murder by his twin brother, Robert — specifically, Robert murders the protagonist's wife, then convinces everyone via The Power of Acting that he is the protagonist and the protagonist is him. Initially, the twins were very similar, but their father focused his abuse mainly on Robert after the death of the twins' younger sister, leading Robert to snap. It should be mentioned that according to some Epileptic Trees, Robert may be a Split Personality of his unnamed brother and not a real person.
  • U2: The video for "Elevation" features Evil U2 (who are just the band members dressed like a biker gang). The video culminates with both the good and evil versions of the band facing off and trying to blow each other away with The Power of Rock while they perform the song's final verse.

    Myths & Religion 
  • The Bible may be the Trope Maker, with Esau as the evil twin of Jacob. Interestingly, they were not identical twins. Also, they reconciled eventually.



    Professional Wrestling 
  • The Hulk Hogan-André the Giant match on The Main Event in early 1988 was supposed to have set up an "evil twin" storyline involving referees (and real-life twin brothers) Dave and Earl Hebner. note  The WWF built heat for Earl through a Kayfabe "investigative report" in WWF Magazine, made Earl out to be the Cain to Dave's Abel, citing such examples as cheating in school and mistreating his brother's girlfriend, all while posing as Dave. However, when Dave became legitimately injured in the aftermath of the Hogan-Andre Main Event match, the "evil twin" storyline was dropped and Earl "came clean."
  • Between WrestleMania X and SummerSlam 1994, a story was setup by Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Corporation, claiming that they had found "the Undertaker" and have re-recruited him to their faction. This however came to a close once Paul Bearer returned and claimed that he had found the REAL Undertaker, whom did return and defeated the fake Undertaker (Brian Lee), ending the storyline.
  • During the mid-2006, Kane was embroiled in a feud with an "Imposter Kane" to coincide with a May 19th angle that would set Kane off if anyone mentioned the date to him, (as well as the release of See No Evil). No one knew a thing about the Imposter except that he had a history of sorts with Kane that made him fear him. Ultimately because of how much it confused fans (and after Kane lost in a squash match between the two at a PPV), the feud was scrapped and Kane promptly disposed of the Imposter on an episode of RAW and the angle was never mentioned again.
  • The first women's champion of Pro Championship Wrestling Chicago, Super J, had an evil twin in Fallan, who resented the fact she was born without superpowers. Super J wasn't completely good though, as she openly admitted the PCW Women's title was the one thing she'd compromise her moral values to regain.
  • WWE's the Bella Twins are Tag Team Twins but have split up occasionally, playing different roles. Normally Brie would be the face and Nikki would be the heel. Particularly noticeable on NXT when Nikki kept trying to make Brie pull a Twin Switch against her will. In 2012 going into WrestleMania 28 this time Brie was the Evil Twin, supporting John Laurinitis while Nikki supported Teddy Long.
  • When Sin Cara was caught taking drugs and had to go to rehab, another wrestler was brought in to portray the Sin Cara character for the time being. Once Sin Cara got better, WWE worked the replacement into a storyline where he was the imposter and was getting back at Sin Cara for "stealing his identity". The Trope came to a head when the Imposter started doning a black suit similar to the Original Sin Cara, giving himself the alias of "Sin Cara Negro".

    Puppet Shows 

  • In the radio series by Kenny Everett, Captain Kremmen has a bionic double created to share his workload, but he accidentally has 40,000 volts run through his head while being activated and turns evil. He steals Kremmen's ship and goes to the Thargoids planet in order to help them conquer Earth For the Evulz.

  • The League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions had interdimensional evil twins in the King's Interstellar Lethal Legionnaires, occasionally recurring group The Frank Conspiracy had a Dark Side & a Light Side, and the hero, Mr. Obvious, had a crazy twin brother, the hero, Mr. Absurd.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Scarred Lands, the goddesses of Good and Evil are twins, with Madriel being the good twin and Belsameth being the evil twin. They often impersonate each other. It's usually Belsameth impersonating Madriel, but the reverse also happens sometimes.
  • In GURPS, Evil Twin is a disadvantage a character can take for additional points. The disadvantage makes the PC have to take the fall for things his evil twin does, as well as other characters thinking that the PC is crazy, or has a split personality. Interestingly, the Evil Twin has this disadvantage as well, and occasionally the Evil Twin will be blamed for something the PC did. And if you play an evil character with this disadvantage, you have to worry about getting the credit for your "Good" Twin doing things like saving orphanages.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Dungeons & Dragons has a variation: There's an entire race called doppelgangers, who can shapeshift into any similarly sized humanoid-including other people.
    • D&D loves this trope. It also had the Mirror of Opposition, which spawned an Evil Twin of anyone who looked at it (the twin then immediately tried to kill and replace the original), the spell Simulacrum (a physically identical but less-powerful duplicate of the target, absolutely loyal to the caster) and its big brother Ice Assassin, and at least two different takes on the "magically created copy of you trying to kill you" in monster form, the nastier of which had the horrifying combination of being more powerful than the original and totally invulnerable to anyone else's attacks.
    • One of the most horrific ways to create one is via the corrupt spell Searing Seed, found in the 300th issue of Dragon Magazine. It actually impregnates the victim, causing said victim to bring an unholy infant to term within minutes, inflicting a great deal of damage due to the incredibly fast pregnancy and birth. (It can be cast on a male victim, and if so, he takes even more damage, as a male body is not made for such a thing. The half-fiend infant grows to adulthood within minutes and becomes a duplicate of its "parent", its primary goal from then on being to kill the parent. (Assuming the victim survived, of course.)
    • Skulks are a similar race who are far more malicious, doing it to frame innocent people for evil deeds then watching with sadistic delight as the victim they impersonated faces the punishment for whatever they did.
    • Hextor, the god of Tyranny and War, is the Evil Twin of Heironeous, the god of Chivalry and Justice. Not exactly a straight example, as they look nothing alike.
  • The Alchemist's Apparatus is an Artifact of Doom that originated in the Ravenloft setting, can be used to make an Evil Twin of a person as only one of the horrible things it can do with its power over bodies and souls.
  • In Changeling: The Lost, when The Fair Folk kidnap mortals they leave behind Fetches, magical duplicates of their victims, right down to their memories. All Fetches are incomplete, though, meaning they lack something of the original. When that something is empathy or a sense of right and wrong, then you've got an Evil Twin. Things get more complicated if they merely lack your alcoholism or bitterness, though. It works both ways. Fetches don't know they're not the original person, so when someone shows up who looks like a monstrous version of them (and nobody else can see the monstrous things, and thinks it looks exactly like them, but a different age), who hates their guts and has strange magical powers, they are perfectly justified to think they are the victim of this trope.
  • In Exalted, Infernals can obtain an Ebon Dragon charm, Black Mirror Shintai, that lets them shapeshift into an exact duplicate of the target, from obtaining their abilities right down to having the exact same fate, along with developing Intimacies and a Motivation antithetical to their target's.
  • Magic: The Gathering has this as a card as of Innistrad.
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse:
    • And good twins, and plain old bizarro twins, when the OblivAeon storyline brings in lots of alternate universe heroes. There's morality flips like Apostate taking Fanatic's place and good-aligned versions of Akash'Bhuta and Ermine, identity swaps like Setback as Legacy and Sky-Scraper as Tempest, gender flips like a female Baron Blade (who is also a good version of him to boot), power flips like a Legacy that has super-intelligence instead of super-strength, even nationality/race changes like a female Native American version of Chrono-Ranger.
    • On a more mundane level there's Biomancer's demented flesh creations that impersonate/replace existing people, usually for some nefarious purpose.
    • One of the Dreamer's most powerful manifestations is an evil version of Legacy
  • In Warhammer 40,000, particularly during the Horus Heresy era, there may have been this situation with Alpharius and Omegon, Primarchs of the Alpha Legion.note  Both worked together to try to reach The Plan, working with the forces of Chaos with the goal of making sure it ultimately fizzled out. However, it was implied one followed this plan while the other started to to become more sympathetic to Chaos, and their relationship started to strain because of it, though which was which was never revealed. Since the Alpha Legion is known for lies, misdirection, and misinformation, including at the narrative level, the whole situation or if that was the situation at all is never revealed to readers.

  • In the pantomime The Adventures of Sinbad by Tony Nicholls, Sinbad is abducted and replaced by his evil identical twin Binbad.
  • The horror movie spoof The Haunted Through-Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle features the revelation that the sinister lurking figure is the good twin, trying to regain the life her evil twin stole from her years earlier. At the climax, the two twins fight to the death offstage, and it is not immediately obvious which one survived...

  • A recurring character in some iterations of Transformers is Nemesis Prime, an evil mirror or clone of the iconic Optimus Prime.
  • A few variants used in BIONICLE. First, we have an army of corrupted Alternate-universe versions of Takanuva, and then we have an inversion with "White Teridax", a "good" version of the main Big Bad.
  • Gigi Grant from Monster High had one. Due to being lonely during the periods spent in her lamp between wish-granting duties, Giles Grimm brought her shadow to life, creating Djinni Grant, and giving her a best friend. However, Djinni became jealous of Gigi for the happiness she created while leaving her behind, and decided to leave the lamp and sabotage the wish-granting process. She did this by whispering wicked suggestions to the Finder to give her control of the wishes. This gave her the nickname Whisp, and she planned to gain ultimate power by corrupting the next Finder, Howleen, by the time of the shadow-boosting eclipse. Her plan fails, and Howleen's last wish is for her to trade places with Gigi as the Lamp Genie. This gives Djinni the fulfillment she had always wanted, but it also means that she gets a lot of lonely time between "shifts".

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations:
      • Played absolutely straight by the twin sisters Iris and Dahlia Hawthorne. One's a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Serial Killer, and the other's a Sheep in Sheep's Clothing Nice Girl. They look completely identical, right down to their hairstyles, and yes, they do pull twin switches. College!Phoenix is so certain Dahlia couldn't be a murderer because the "Dahlia" he knew was actually Iris, and Dahlia later pretends to be Iris during the latter parts of Bridge to the Turnabout.
      • In Case 3, Phoenix finds that someone impersonated him in the courtroom to give Maggey Byrde a purposefully bad defense. Maya theorizes that his evil twin "Xin Eohp" did it, until Phoenix shoots it down by pointing out that he's an only child. The doppelganger, Furio Tigre, is unrelated to Phoenix and looks nothing like him except for similarly spiky hair. Sometimes Godot is the least blind of everyone in the courtroom...
    • In Spirit of Justice's Case 2, you discover that Bonny de Famme has a twin sister named Betty, who masqueraded as her in court. That person you saw with Retinz understage who hates Trucy? That's Betty. The one who says she loves Trucy? That's Bonny. Betty's not really evil, though, just mean—while she happily aided Roger Retinz in a plot to humiliate Trucy, she had no idea that he planned to kill anyone, and is horrified when she realizes she was an unwitting accomplice to murder.
  • In Mystic Messenger, Unknown/Saeran Choi, the Big Bad who attempts to kidnap the heroine throughout the routes and wants to see the RFA destroyed, turns out to be Seven/Saeyoung's twin. The latter's route reveals that he's more of a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds who was brainwashed by the true Big Bad, Rika, than truly evil.
  • Played for horror in Chapter 3 of Super Danganronpa Another 2: Kanade turns out to be this to Hibiki, killing over 60 people including their dog, their band crew, and even their parents, all so that she could have Hibiki to herself.

    Web Animation 
  • The antagonist of Dusk's Dawn is one, formed after one of the De Noirs goes into the family library. He takes over the De Noir's son's body.
  • In Pimp Lando, it's inverted with the "Good Guitarist," a counterpart to series regular The Evil Guitarist. Pimp Lando's clone Evil Pimp plays this straight, though he's more of a petty evil than anything truly malevolent (he blows up an orphanage offscreen, but almost nobody is hurt, and other than that he just performs Jump Scares and evilly chuckles.)
  • It's revealed near the end of The Strangerhood that Tovar had a twin, created by an accident with the time machine splitting his molecules into two. Sam the scientist describes them as "One was pure evil. The other, pure moron."
  • Manga Soprano: Ram's twin sister Rui went out of her way to take what's precious to the former, starting with her now ex-husband. Later on, she showed up at the former's doorstep to apologize for it, but it was all an act.

  • In Swan Eaters, there's actually an evil triplet, Ivan. Peter, the more simpleminded triplet, and Clover, his younger sister, who is chose as Olwen's apprentice instead of him are his favorite victims, and he often lusts for power.
  • Life of Riley features an early villain in Evil Dan, opposite of the main character Dan. Slightly subverted in that Evil Dan is even more of a moron than Good Dan, and has no real skills as an evil opposite.
  • Kid Radd features an Evil Twin as one of a Goldfish Poop Gang duo — he serves as the titular character's Shadow Archetype later in the story.
  • The Sister arc of El Goonish Shive has main character Elliot get "cursed"note  into a female form, then touch a magical diamond which separates him into his normal male self, and a female version, named Ellen, who has all of the same memories, experiences, etc. Believing that she's the embodiment of his "curse", and thus will disappear when it wears off in less than a month, she goes crazy and tries to become his evil twin in a desperate attempt to gain some sort of identity. She was wrong about disappearing, and wasn't so good at the evil twin thing. She now lives as Elliot's twin sister, joins the cast, and is accepted by Elliot's friends and family against the initial predictions of others. An extremely rare case of a "clone" getting a happy ending. All that stuff you saw in that spoiler? May not have been Dan Shive's plan to begin with...
  • Subverted in Pandect — Ice and a man who is like a father to him bear a striking physical resemblance, leading Ice to self-consciously dub Rocko his evil twin.
  • Ginger from Sugar Bits is a moody, sarcastic, rather abrasive princess, who lives in a realm undisturbed by humanity known as Harmonia. She also has a seemingly malicious twin sister, Licorice, who suddenly appeared in Hansel(one of Ginger's friends)'s dream. While Ginger seems to be more calm and introvert, Licorice is dynamic and fierce.
  • In Agents of the Realm, The Mentor to the Agents, Jade Blackwater, has a twin sister Ruby, who serves as the villain (or at least The Dragon).
  • Good old-fashioned separated-at-birth actual twin Nale in The Order of the Stick. He's the head of the Quirky Mini Boss Squad (but not The Dragon, oddly enough), while his good twin Elan is a comically inept bard. Further, the members of his "Linear Guild" were deliberately chosen by Nale to be "evil opposites" of the rest of the good guys (though he does recruit a Token Good Teammate as a counterpart to Belkar). Not to mention that Elan is Chaotic Good while Nale is Lawful Evil. Further parodying the trope, Nale has a goatee — and his own actions have rendered Elan unable to grow facial hair. Lastly, Nale is a Sdrawkcab Name of Elan.
    • This also serves to Lampshade the silliness of the idea of an "evil twin", since no one who hasn't seen Elan and Nale together ever believes that, no, seriously, he actually does have an evil twin.
      Miko Miyazaki: Wait — you are serious? That is your actual explanation? "My evil twin did it"?
  • In Gaming Guardians, Ultima was a doppelganger-demon who was permanently empowered by Scarlet Jester with a copy of Radical's powers, which also caused her default form to become a duplicate of Radical.
  • Depending on how you look at things, April in College Roomies from Hell!!! could be considered to be her 'sister' June's evil duplicate.
  • Subverted in Melonpool, in which the duplicate, Ralphie, is the good one. Also, the Melonpool/It's Walky! Crossover used the Dup-o-matic on an opposing army, who then immediately began fighting amongst each other. This crossover led to the creation of 'Anti-Joyce', who was the opposite of Joyce in that she was sexually active, rather than prudish. Interestingly, the storylines would have long-term consequences in both series: Ralphie joining the crew in Melonpool, while the murder of Anti-Joyce in It's Walky! would lead to serious psychological (and later, legal) problems for the original.
  • Subverted in Concerned, as protagonist Gordon Frohman's twin brother Norman Frohman is a highly-effective special ops agent working for the resistance. Since Gordon Frohman is Dr. Breen's biggest fan, wants to join the Combine, and is bitterly jealous towards Gordon Freeman, that makes him...
  • Cloney from Sluggy Freelance is eventually revealed as Aylee's Evil Clone. There's also Alt-Alt-Torg compared to regular Torg.
  • Galatea in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! may not be so much an evil duplicate of Molly, as just an extremely angsty, volatile one. She did try to Take Over the World once, but Bob appealed to her better nature and talked her out of it.
  • Casey and Andy has an entire parallel universe of Hackneyed Opposites, most notably Quantum Crook, the evil twin and nemesis for Quantum Cop. The same universe also features the Mime Plumber, arguably the good twin for the Mime Assassin.
  • Dinosaur Comics features an Alternate Universe where all the characters have goatees, featuring an evil (eviller?) version of T-Rex and Utahraptor.
  • In Gunnerkrigg Court, the Nobodies from Zimmy's Dark World come in two flavors: faceless creeps or near flawless duplicates of people she knows. Though they are not evil (they don't even know they're duplicates).
  • Basic Instructions helps us to distinguish the good and the evil twin in this strip
  • Instant Classic's arc, Brothers Donathan, introduces us to Xauthor, Author's evil twin, complete with a goatee.
  • Dead of Summer has an evil clone of Panther. This isn't revealed until the real one shows up to save the day.
  • Irregular Webcomic! features the good alternate-universe version of colonel Haken.
  • Penny Arcade put a Twisp & Catsby twist on it.
  • The False Guenevere in Arthur, King of Time and Space. In the baseline arc, she's the same as in the mythology — Guenevere's identical half-sister plotting to take Arthur and the throne. In the contemporary arc, she's Guenevere's full sister Fasha, and probably isn't exactly evil, although she may be a Stalker with a Crush. And in the space arc she's a clone, and again isn't evil, genuinely believing herself to be the real Guenevere. The one thing all three have in common is that they love Arthur and don't care much for Lancelot, thereby allowing space and baseline Arthur to have a Queen who loves him completely while convincing himself that he just wants Guenevere and Lancelot to be happy.
  • Alexis of A Magical Roommate considers her sister Alexandra (Better known as X) to be her evil twin. Of course, X isn't really evil, just anti-social and disturbingly fond of explosives.
  • In Bob and George, the Author's evil twin first appeared here.
  • In Freefall, Sam fears a good twin.
  • Subverted in Homestuck, where it is revealed that the twelve main trolls are Evil Twins themselves, and that they (and their universe) were created when the original troll universe (which was a paradise) initiated the Scratch.
  • Fan comic Mass Effect 3: Generations doesn't play around and has all dead members of the Shepard's crew cloned by Illusive Man. Kaidan, Thane, etc. all get a clone, with no explanation whatsoever.
  • In Knights of Buena Vista, Mary thinks this is happening with the man impersonating the bishop, but it turned out the real man didn't have any brothers at all, and it's a magical doppelganger.
  • In Randolph Itch the title character runs into his evil twin of all places at a police line.
  • While Awkward Zombie hasn't shown this trope yet, Katie does briefly discuss it after posting a Prey (2017) comic:
    "If you ever have two of something, one of them is probably evil. It's how twins work, anyway."
  • Ennui GO!: Xoltan claims to be one to Hashim, although his idea of evil includes things like swapping the stickers on organic and inorganic produce and not helping old ladies cross the street.
  • Philler Space: Ephil Twinn looks just like Phillernote  but is his complete opposite. Subverted in that Philler and Ephil are both morally grey.

    Web Original 
  • Magic: The Gathering's official site did a theme week where most of the weekly articles were written by "evil twins" of their usual writers. Even the writer that's supposedly a supervillain; the twin is such a Well-Intentioned Extremist, he makes Light Yagami look like a Technical Pacifist.
  • World of Warcraft info site allows you to switch between Classic and Evil Twin themes (white background vs. black background, among other color changes), and the loading screen when switching to Evil Twin mode says "Growing goatee..." (while the loading page to get back to Classic mode says "Shaving...").
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica is this to The Other Wiki, with the former being a self-admitted parody of the latter that strives to be as offensive and disgusting as possible.
  • Arglwydd in ARCHON lampshades this, saying "...It always astounds me how the primary antagonist being the protagonist's father, brother, evil twin or all of the above simultaneously comes as a shock."
  • Parodied in the Whateley Universe. In one novel, Jade Sinclair tries to fix her Exemplar problem that's keeping her looking like an eleven-year-old boy. She uses massively superpowered Tennyo as a model. Jinn Sinclair gets the upgrade.. even though Jinn is only a PK copy of Jade, currently inhabiting some ground chalk. Jinn pretends to be a clone of Tennyo, and (of course) insists that she is real and the real Tennyo is fake. No one is fooled. She is physically composed of ground chalk at the time.
  • The parody website Sev Trek subverted this in a cartoon where the crew of Voyager are duplicated by Yet Another Transploder Accident. However the duplicated crew are not evil, they're just more interesting.
  • But at least You can always tell them apart by their clothes, right? Right?..
  • The Bert is Evil websites: Featuring images of the Muppet character Bert (of Sesame Street) Photo Shopped into pictures with the world's most evil people, including Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and others. Played up as Internet humor.
  • Not Always Working has this story, with two twin sisters who work as cashiers. The first one insults a poor customer, who reacts badly to the other sister when they meet later until the second sister explains what's going on and tells her twin off for being a Jerkass.

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