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Webcomic / Ennui GO!

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Warning: this web comic features constant drug use, booze drinking, wild orgies, nudity, and a game designer's descent into utter madness. Reader discretion is advised.

So one day, you set out to finally put your programming skills to the test. You decide to make a game where you fish for monster girls and get to have sex with the ones you manage to capture. It’s just a joke, right? There’s no way your dumb fishing simulator/H-game could ever become a multi-million dollar success story, right?


Ennui GO! is the story of Elizabeth “Izzy” Pritchard, the programmer who was bored with her life and ended up creating the biggest accidental success story in the games industry. Now with her pockets filled with more money than she knows what to deal with, this NSFW web comic details the misadventures of Izzy, her friends —and simultaneous lovers — and other characters as they are all roped into the constant insanity, debauchery and materialism that Izzy constantly subjects others to.


Ennui GO! is created by Doctor Glasgow and hosted on Smack Jeeves.

Tropes that appear in this comic include:


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