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"By the powers of naughtiness, I command this particular drop of hot sauce to be really, REALLY hot!"
Drop of Hot Sauce, SpongeBob SquarePants, "Karate Choppers"

One of the most common ways to induce fiery breath, Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. This stuff is so ferocious it gives off heat, and may even set inflammable materials alight when applied directly to them. In extreme cases, such materials might go up just by being next to the bottle, which may or may not be radiating a fiery red or orange glow. It may or may not register on a Geiger counter.

As a rule, it's usually made from a special pepper that only grows in one obscure (and probably nonexistent) location in the jungles of wherever.note  It can only be safely harvested wearing full hazmat gear and a tank of compressed oxygen connected to a breathing mask. Often, other ingredients used in the making of the sauce include lava, uranium, and pure unadulterated anger. The sauce will typically either be specially requested, since no restaurant is just going to leave something like that out in the open, or used as part of a challenge to customers by the restaurant. It may actually be illegal in some countries.

Naturally, the Big Eater can't get enough of the stuff. He puts it on everything he eats, and probably carries a bottle (or bottles) with him in case there's no other source. Any other character who dares taste a drop of the stuff will soon be making a beeline for the nearest large body of water (or outhouse) to dunk their head into, but there's always one character Unaffected by Spice, who considers it a necessary condiment for every meal, and may even occasionally drink it straight.

The spiciness of food, especially of chili peppers and Scotch bonnets, is measured on the Scoville scale. The number of Scoville Heat Units a food has is equal to as many grams of sugar syrup one gram of that food needs to be mixed with, evenly, before its "hotness" is undetectable by a taster. Basically, the more capsaicin a food item has, the hotter it tastes. Extracted pure capsaicin sits near the top of the scale (behind two chemicals, resiniferatoxin and tinyatoxin) with a Scoville rating of up to 16,000,000. While the scale is generally considered scientifically inaccurate, it still remains a pretty good (if imprecise) way to comparatively judge just how hot a certain pepper actually is.

For the sake of comparison, at the bottom of the scale is the bell pepper, with a Scoville rating of 0; the jalapeño pepper has a Scoville rating of 2500-8000; the tabasco pepper is rated at 30,000 to 50,000, and the habanero pepper has a rating of 100,000 to 350,000. The crown for "hottest chili pepper" has, in recent years, been in a state of flux. Up to February of 2011, it was the Ghost Chili. The Ghost Chili claim was usurped by the Naga Viper Chili, which, at 1,359,000 is more than 1/4 the hotness of police-grade pepper spray (5,000,000). In March of that year, the the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T chili, which clocks in at 1,463,700 SHU unseated the Naga Viper. In 2012, the the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, which hits a blistering 2,009,231 SHU, unseated the Butch T. Then, in 2013, The Scorpion was trounced by the Carolina Reaper, which can peak over 2,200,000 SHU. Finally, in 2023, the Carolina Reaper was dethroned by Pepper X, which clocks in at a blazing 3,000,000 SHU.

Compare Gargle Blaster and Klatchian Coffee for alcoholic and caffeinated drinks respectively. Woe betide us if they are ever combined, though this is often an essential ingredient in a Hideous Hangover Cure (or it might simply be used as one by itself).note  Sometimes shares the corrosive effects of Hollywood Acid, generally indicated by its dissolving a teaspoon or similar. A very common form of Masochist's Meal. Will likely result in a Fire-Breathing Diner. As you may have guessed by now, in both real life and in fiction peppers and sauces of this class tend to have Names to Run Away from Really Fast.

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  • In a TV spot for Tabasco brand Sauce we see a man eating a slice of pizza while regularly dousing it with the sauce; he has used at least two full bottles and is working on a third. He gets bitten by a mosquito; then as the mosquito flies away it explodes, to the man's quiet satisfaction.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Angel Beats! features Mapo Tofu, a real-world dish so spicy that nobody in school can stomach it... except for the resident Emotionless Girl Tachibana, who finds it to be the only thing on the school menu worth eating. She likes it for the taste. The spiciness doesn't affect her in the least. When another character tries it, he's downing multiple glasses of water just to try and ease the suffering.
  • Downplayed during the Christmas Episode of Asteroid in Love. Ao gets a bit too Literal-Minded on Mira's instructions and added a whole bag of chili powder to the hot pot broth. Mira, Mai and Endou find it unbearably spicy, but Mikage and Mari just sees it as a nice kick. Mai suggests that the trope of Age-Stereotypical Food may be in operation.
  • In the manga of Excel♡Saga, Iwata sabotages Kabapu's sushi with a large dose of Napalm Death Wasabi, with the slogan "IT CONSUMES."
  • A gag yonkoma from the 100th chapter of Eyeshield 21 featured Hiruma going into a specialty cooking store. Sena and Monta initially think they've discovered Hiruma is secretly into cooking... until they learn all he bought was dozens of bottles of super-spicy hot sauce, presumably for some scheme of his.
  • In the second OVA for Fairy Tail, Natsu is seen adding Tabasco sauce to everything he eats, as well as shoving bottles of the sauce into the mouths of opponents that he fights. As the characters do not have magic in this OVA, items such as hot rocks, dynamite, and Tabasco sauce serve in place of Natsu's Fire Dragon Slayer magic.
  • In the final episode of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Ono D eats Excessive Heat God Curry Bread, then desperately runs around grabbing water bottles off nearby tables. Unfortunately one of them is Sousuke's, containing a bacteriological warfare agent. Hilarity Ensues as Sousuke has to put the entire class into Lock Down.
  • Galaxy Fraulein Yuna: Yuri Cube's recipe for curry.
  • The short animated film Ghiblies features Studio Ghibli employees going to a restaurant after work and vying to see who can eat the spiciest plate of curry. It ends with one of them blasting off like a rocket.
  • In Girls und Panzer das Finale Hana and Cutlass combine this challenge with a Drinking Contest, seeing who can down the most shots of a habanero hot sauce.
  • Van of GUN×SWORD loves this sort of thing. Given that it's usually a green liquid, it's probably wasabi.
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, one can only guess what kind of food Rika and Satoko cook with a sauce marked "death penalty".
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!: The 29th episode has an Escalating War between Chef Kawasaki and a new monster chef in a competing restaurant involving spicier and spicer dishes that turns the whole town into masochistic Fire Breathing Diners. It ends with Kawasaki inventing a curry so spicy, tasting less than a drop causes him to spontaneously combust and a spoonful reduces Escargoon and King Dedede into piles of ash. It's also the only dish which was able to affect Kirby, who was Unaffected by Spice up to that point.
  • In the My-HiME Blu-Ray special, Yukino puts some hot sauce onto a hot dog that glows bright yellow and seemingly causes the hot dog to melt before giving it to Reito, in order to get revenge for the Obsidian Lord's evil deeds.
    • Mikoto steals someone's lunch, only to discover it's covered in super-spicy curry once she takes a bite.
  • My Monster Secret: Whatever is in Mikan's "Russian Choux", it's not something that should be in the wrong hands. The one Youko eats just before Aizawa discovers her secret apparently had tabasco, habanero, and taka-no-tsume (a strong Japanese red pepper).
  • One Naruto filler-arc featured the Curry of Life. So strong that it made Neji go Super-Deformed. Rock Lee loves it.
  • In the 4Kids dub of One Piece, Usopp's Kaen Boshi (Tabasco Star) is called Hot Salsa Star. Anyone who swallows one (including Usopp himself) becomes a Fire-Breathing Diner.
    • In the Dressrosa Arc, Usopp and his allies use a grape spiked with "Tatababasco" to take out Enfant Terrible Sugar less-violently (they want to knock her out without hitting her nor killing her). She ends up capturing Usopp and feeding it to him, but faints at the Nightmare Face it causes him to make.
  • In one episode of Pokémon: The Series, James and Jesse's scheme requires them to pose as Pokeblock tasters. James learns the hard way not to take too big a bite of a Tamato Berry (a Berry known for being very spicy) and it also exposes their scheme (because, as Nurse Joy puts it, a real Pokeblock taster wouldn't do something so dumb).
    • One of their schemes involves serving up food with insane amounts of hot sauce to Ash as a means to distract him and snatch Pikachu. The only thing keeping them from a clean getaway is their decision to bombard the party from above, which backfires when Charizard ends up in the crossfire and subsequently sends them flying. And even before that, Ash and his friends throw the spiked food right back at them.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena features 9,000,000,000x strength curry powder as part of Nanami's evil scheme. But nobody cooks with it - the explosion and "Freaky Friday" Flip that resulted from that home ec class was because Anthy is that bad of a cook.
  • Sailor Moon: In an episode of the R season, the girls are having a picnic, and at one point Usagi gives Rei a sandwich spiked with wasabi sauce, causing Rei to start yelling and spewing out fire.
  • What happens when the Supreme Chef cooks with these was played up in Toradora!. When Ryuji, Taiga, Minori, Kitamura, and Ami all go to the beach house, Ryuji naturally asks how everyone wants their curry. Everyone but Taiga requests something as spicy as can be, and Taiga gets mocked by Ami for not wanting a more "grown up" dish. Taiga proves prescient, though, as Ryuji makes a curry ridiculously hot, as requested, to the point that it clearly causes pain to everyone almost instantly. However, because Ryuji is so good at food prep, they can't stop eating it, despite the pain.
  • Urusei Yatsura: The Tabasco soup or any of the Oni Cuisine, really. At one point, Ataru eats a lollipop made of red hot peppers. Lum thought the peppers would be good because they were colorful.
  • Done as a one-off gag in the second season of Vandread. Some of the girls (notably Dita and the new girl Misty) found out that the easiest way of seducing winning Hibiki's love is Through His Stomach. Enter Jura who is legitimately trying to seduce Hibiki as well but is not a cook, so she asks her girlfriend, Barnette, to do the cooking for her. Barnette isn't happy about this, of course, so she spikes the food with super-hot sauce. Enter Bart, hoping to find out what makes their food so very special. By the end of the episode, Bart had sworn to eat only nutrition pills from then on.
  • The 4Kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX had one episode where Chumley's dad comes to take Chumley home feeling he was wasting time at Duelist Academy. In the Japanese version, he was the CEO of a sake company. In the dub, they changed it into a hot sauce factory and he downs the stuff by the bottle. At one point even sharing it with Banner and his cat, Pharaoh.

    Comic Books 
  • Asterix: Asterix and the Chariot Race portrays garum, the popular Roman condiment made of fermented fish guts, as this.
  • Gaston Lagaffe made 2 of them:
    • One was so hot that it burned through the cup he kept it in and sent the cartoonist Yves Lebrac screaming up the walls after one little taste.
    • He made another one so hot it started crawling across the room as if it was alive, it also dissolved the carpeting and simply touching it would hurt. Gaston's coworkers decide to lock it in a closet only to realise that their floor's keys and De Mesmeaker's contracts were in it.
  • Green Arrow apparently has a family chili recipe that's so spicy even Superman has to use his cold breath to cool it off. The only ones seen enjoying it without a fuss are Batman, Black Canary and Green Arrow himself. Granted, a cursory look at the ingredients will reveal that the actual recipe isn't that spicy, though this may be for the safety of anyone who actually wants to make it.note 
  • Iznogoud: In "Official Trip", one of the titular Evil Chancellor's ploys to spark a war between the Caliph and Sultan Pullmankar involves spiking the latter's chicken with red pepper when he makes a reciprocal visit to Baghdad. However, the sultan had caught a cold from one of his sons and thus can't taste anything, so he has no reaction at all to the spicy chicken. Iznogoud isn't as lucky when he tests some to see if his lackey Wa'at Alahf made a mistake. Cue the vizier running through the palace screaming, with his mouth on fire, before dunking his head into a bucket of water.
  • In one Lucky Luke episode, Billy the Kid used a bottle of Tabasco to escape from jail, by letting it burn through the bars.
  • A "Nobby's Piles" strip in Viz has Devil's Brand Fiery Habanero Pepper Sauce Bang! Bang! Molto Explosivo. In a dark cupboard. Next to the pile cream.
  • While what, exactly, she used wasn't made clear, X-23 once loaded up lunch from a street vendor in Madripoor with something that even had Gambit — the Rajin' Cajun himself — doing a double-take. Laura nonchalantly explains that she prefers spicy foods because of the bland and flavorless diet she was raised on by the Facility, and no doubt her Healing Factor boosts her tolerance.

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes:
    • One strip featured an Imagine Spot where tranquil Mt. Calvin suddenly turns out to be a live volcano that violently erupts. It then cuts to reality with Calvin with an overheated expression gulping down his drink, and his Dad scolds "I TOLD you that chili sauce was hot!" while Mom is grossed out by how Calvin spewed the hot sauce all across the table.
    • Another strip had Calvin decide to stick his nose into a jar of mustard and inhale deeply (older mustard varieties were more commonly spicy and stored in jars). Cut to him rocketing high into the air, right out of his shoes, with a column of smoke trailing behind him, and then holding his steaming nose tenderly.
  • Used in a FoxTrot strip where Jason is loading up a plate of nachos with a variety of hot sauces, finishing with the "Habanero Death Sauce". When Paige sees this, she exclaims in surprise at Jason's "bravery". Jason then points out it isn't HIS nachos, it's actually Peter's. Paige says that's what she was referring to, just as Peter comes back, starts eating again, and tells Jason he better not have messed with his food.
  • In one Garfield strip, Jon challenged Garfield to a hot pepper eating contest; Jon won when Garfield tried to eat a Peruvian Death Pepper, but it was a hollow victory for Jon, seeing as it caused Garfield to belch fire on him.
  • In a Zits strip, Jeremy and Pierce use extra-hot Sriracha sauce on their pizza. Jeremy's one surviving taste bud doesn't know when to quit.

    Fan Works 
  • In the G.I. Joe fanfic Burn, Gung Ho makes a 12-quart batch of gumbo, with one ghost pepper per quart. Roadblock's warnings only serve as advertising for the rest of the team. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Celestia and Luna Eat a Hot Pepper: Pretty much what it says on the tin. To settle a dispute over staff, Twilight convinces the two alicorns to have a duel. Both eat a Mareuga Scorpion pepper grown by Zecora, first to drink milk loses. Celestia ends up breathing fire from the heat, accidentally melting her throne, while Luna nearly goes insane from the pain, as well as practically turn into a living hurricane, in her determination to win. Both end up losing, going for the milk at the same time.
  • Contraptionology!: Iggy the Fiery Salamander produces fires proportionally powerful to the heat of foods that he eats. The Pepper family is in the business of breeding extremely powerful peppers for making potent salsas with, but even this isn't sufficient when the characters need to make fire hot enough to burn something that strictly speaking should be impossible to burn. They end up distilling hot sauce in a still made by Applejack in an earlier fit of mad science, which works more along the principles of an atom collider than anything else; what comes out of it in the end is a white crystalline sludge, with a distinct ultraviolet shade, that somehow manages to be 153.5% pure capsaicin.
  • CWCollateral: A Tale of the Resistance: "Break You Dead" hot sauce, a favorite among PVCC members, features Naga Viper chiliesnote  and pure capsaicin extract. It's also a common instrument of torture against feral Sonees and Roseys. The epilogue reveals that the PVCC operative who first made the sauce, Nick Martinez, began selling the hot sauce, becoming a millionaire in the span of a few years.
  • Elementals of Harmony: From My Little Praetor, Pinkie mixes her own, including "metacapsaicin," which detectable in concentrations of one part per trillion.
  • Flashback (MHA) gives us the "Three-Alarm Chili" on All Might's personalized chili dogs. Midnight, in what was basically a battle of innuendo, tried deepthroating one, and immediately regretted her decision.
    While not as hot as his wings, which in true hot wing tradition were so spicy that some questioned their fitness for human consumption, the Three Alarm Chili on those dogs was still not for the faint of heart. Nor the faint of stomach.
  • The Future Briefing Island has Hellfire Cola, an Endeavor-brand soft drink hot enough to make people tear up just from the smell, and ranks somewhere around pepper spray on how hot it is.
  • The Great Alicorn Hunt: Pinkie Pie's mother uses some amped up Tabasco frosting on her home-baked cupcakes. Poor Twilight Sparkle takes a bite and goes running for the ice cream parlor and uses an entire, freshly opened tub of vanilla ice cream to put out the flames.
  • Guide Me Home; Ursa makes a traditional Fire Nation dinner for the Water Tribe men she's travelling with. All of them end up doubling over in pain. To be fair, she did warn them it would be a bit spicy.
  • In Moon Fire Mrs. Weasley uses Firkin's Explosive Hot Sauce - which leaves your mouth on fire for a half hour - as punishment for swearing.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku helps himself to some of Green Arrow's blazing hot chili, which can make a Green Lantern's willpower falter, a week before the U.A. Entrance Exam.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: Page Turner likes her food spicy. She's mentioned as freaking other ponies out by snacking on jalapeños, has eaten and enjoyed red habaneros, and is looking forward to trying hotter peppers like Phantom Peppers (AKA Bhut jolokia, the Ghost peppers) and Dragon's Breath (at the time of writing, the hottest pepper on record). It is later revealed that to Changelings, anger has a “spicy” flavor to it. And since she feeds off Night Blade’s anger mixed with love, Page has developed a taste for that spicy flavor.
  • In The Stalking Zuko Series fireflakes are very spicy to Non-Fire Nation with everyone complaining of the pain it causes their mouths. Averted with Fire Nation colony cuisine, which A: has evolved to use less spices due to the difficulties in bringing them from the homeland, and B: has absorbed elements of Earth Kingdom cuisine.
  • Taylor Hebert, Pizzeria Tycoon: The Raging Dragon is a pizza that uses this as a sauce, rating over 4 million on the Scoville scale. The original recipe came from Bakuda, but had to be modified, because several ingredients were illegal and some were actually lethal. The Napalm Bomber is a downplayed version, at only 550,000 Scovilles, and was initially invented because Taylor realised she didn't dare to taste-test the Raging Dragon.
    • The Raging Dragon is so spicy that the only people who can actually handle it are a group of Merchants who are either too high to care or are Unaffected by Spice due to their drug high. The other gangs use it as a test of manliness.
    • Alabaster, whose body resets itself to a pristine state every 4 seconds, attempts the Raging Dragon, resulting in "over an hour of screaming, crying, and praying," including an extended time in the bathroom.
    • While relatively mild compared to the Raging Dragon, the Napalm Bomber is STILL hot enough to send biologically-adaptive Aegis running for a toilet, and incapacitate Clockblocker.
      Disclaimer: Due to the dangers of consuming The Raging Dragon, all customers must sign the provided waiver, agreeing that Slice of Life Pizzeria is free of any and all responsibility for the consequences of ordering and/or consuming a Raging Dragon pizza. Slice of Life Pizzeria does not endorse any challenge, dare, or contest involving the consumption of Raging Dragon pizza(s). Slice of Life Pizzeria offers no prize or reward for ordering or eating a Raging Dragon pizza. Order at your own risk and may God have mercy on your soul.
    • The epilogue mentions an enhanced "Crawler style" Raging Dragon, which is over nine million Scoville units, and isn't advertised on the menu. Taylor wears a hazmat suit to prepare it.
  • to forget is unforgivable: Katsuki's family keeps ghost peppers in the kitchen for cooking. Izuku has no issue with the overly spicy food, though it's unclear if that's because he's a Cursed Spirit now or he could always eat it. Funilly enough, Izuku force feeds one of those peppers to Sukuna and the King of All Curses cannot handle spice.
  • In X-Men: New Class Julian and Santo challenge each other to eat a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper — at the time the story was written the hottest pepper in the world — in front of the entire student body, and both begin to panic at the thought of actually having to go through with it. Laura steps in and humiliates them both by eating it without so much as blinking.

    Film — Animated 
  • In Cars 2, while at a big banquet in Japan celebrating the upcoming Grand Prix, Mater mistakes the wasabi at a sushi bar for green ice cream and eats a huge mouthful. He ends up having to drink water from the decorative fountain, causing a huge public spectacle and embarrassing Lightning McQueen in the process.
    Mater: Whatever you do, do NOT eat the free pistachio ice cream! It has TURNED!
  • Scooby-Doo: Return to Zombie Island: Moonscar Island's peppers are shown to be this and are way too spicy even for Shaggy and Scooby to handle, since it always leaves them searching for a drink to wash it out.

    Film — Live Action 
  • Airheads: Rex loads up his toy water pistols with hot pepper sauce, in case some "Hollywood Boulevard trash" messes with him. Milo gets his eyes sprayed with hot pepper sauce when he tries to escape the radio station, and Chazz also uses his hot sauce pistol to season a microwaveable burrito.
  • Fireproof contains a scene where Caleb, the captain of a firefighting crew, challenges a newbie, Wayne, to a contest of drinking a bottle of "Wrath of God" hot sauce. Caleb downs it easily, but Wayne fails. Only afterward does Caleb reveal that his own bottle was actually filled with tomato juice.
  • The title character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit is forced to drink this in the Show Within a Show Somethin’s Cookin. After a tea kettle gets stuck on his head Roger has an entire bottle of Acme Chili Sauce “Extra Hot” poured directly into his mouth, the contents are so hot they heat up the tea kettle until it is bright red with steam coming out of it and his overalls. Eventually, Roger explodes out of the kettle like a rocket in flames across the kitchen headfirst into an ironing board.

  • W. Bruce Cameron's "Chili Judge" is about an inexperienced chili-taster who is selected as a judge in a Texas chili-cooking contest. While the notes from the other two judges talk about the nuanced flavors and proportions of ingredients, the newbie reacts like someone's coating his tongue with flaming LSD (using large quantities of beer to attempt to cool the heat isn't helping his mental state). Has made the rounds via email and the Internet with minor alterations (usually profanity or emphasizing the newbie being from a Northern state), including the altered punchline of one judge wondering how the new guy would cope with spicy chili.
  • So, Father and Son Insert-Ethnic-Minority-Here have been invited to a big banquet. They don't have a freaking idea what all these culinarities are, but Son observes that everyone takes only tiny bits from the yellow stuffy. Aha, he thinks, that must be the most precious food of all, and he tries a teaspoon of it. Aaaargh! Tears stream from his eyes. "Why are you crying?" "When I tasted it, I was somehow reminded of the sad story when Grandpa was slaughtered in the Big Generic Massacre." Now Father takes a whole tablespoon...and also breaks down crying. "Why are you crying?" "Because you weren't born yet then to be slaughtered alongside Grandpa."

  • This is what happens when Able Team try eating the food in Sri Lanka. It's even worse that night when the food comes out again, described by one team member as 'napalm shits'. Ironically that saves their lives, as a hit team tries to kill them when they're asleep in their beds, only to find all three awake and annoyed on the toilet.
  • Chef Chow's Hot and Spicy Oil in Borgel. It is described as being dangerously explosive, and at one point is used to kill a giant.
  • In The Areas of My Expertise, John Hodgman notes that he tried to write a review of these sorts of sauces, but after he tried eating one on the low end on the scale on a small cracker, he had to lie down on the couch and cry for the rest of the day. The column was rejected for being "overly gay."
    • Some of the "ultrahot hot sauces" described promise not only your death, but the obliteration of the entire universe.
  • In The Bloody Road to Death by Sven Hassel, an Ethiopian boasts of being able to eat anything. Cue the Italians putting 'Red Devil Sauce Number One' on his food. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Chakona Space features the Tales of the Folly series. The Folly's rabbit chef likes to add this kind of spice to meals when she thinks her captain or fellow crewmwmbers aren't paying attention to her culinary efforts. She has learned to tighten up her aim after a group she wasn't targeting ate the spiced up food she left out for the captain, who skipped a meal.
    • She put four drops of a rare, Caitian spice into a half-full pot of stew when a single drop would have been sufficient for a full pot.
  • A throwaway passage in Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age mentions a bottle of sandwich sauce containing "imported habanero peppers", "butts of clove cigarettes", "uranium mill tailings", "nitrates, nitrites, nitrotes and nitrutes, nutrites, natrotes..." and a Long List of similar items.
  • Discworld:
    • Mustrum Ridcully is a fan of Wow-Wow Sauce. Its ingredients include scumble, sulfur and saltpetre (two of the primary ingredients in gunpowder), and grated wahooni (a particularly pungent root vegetable). It's also occasionally used as a weapon. An illustration in Nanny Ogg's Cookbook shows Ridcully preparing it wearing metal gauntlets, a padded leather apron and a welding mask, using tongs to add an ingredient, with the sauce bottle behind a cast-iron shield. After a large meal that included a large amount of the sauce, Ridcully's uncle had a charcoal biscuit (the third primary ingredient in gunpowder) to settle his stomach, lit an after-dinner cigar, and "disappeared in mysterious circumstances". They found his shoes on the roof the next spring.
    • In Hogfather a presumably different uncle used to swear by Wow-Wow Sauce (or at it, or possibly both) as a hangover cure. After drinking a whole bottle in one go, "he seemed very peaceful when we came to lay him out." Ridcully also mentions in this book that Wow-Wow Sauce isn't safe to drink while the sweat's still condensing on the bottle (not unlike nitroglycerin). Naturally, when he pours a bottle of immature Wow-Wow Sauce into the vat of hangover cure for Bilious, the new oh god of hangovers, all the wizards take cover. To their shock nothing happens, until they decide to scry on Bibulous, the god of wine on whose behalf Bilious suffers hangovers, and who suffers the effects of all the cures he consumes.
    • In Unseen Academicals, Pepe (an alcoholic dwarf, and that's not being redundant) knocks back an entire bottle of Wow-Wow while rooting around the Night Kitchen of Unseen University in the background of a scene. He notes, in a strangled tone of voice, that it would probably be good with vodka; the narration points out that by all rights he should no longer have a stomach.
    • The Compleat Discworld Atlas mentions the Vanglemesht Red Python Chilli. A single pepper could flavour five hundred pots of beans, as long as everyone liked them spicy. It is, of course, an ingredient in Wow-Wow Sauce.
  • Jon A Jackson's Fang Mulheisen series of police novels feature a Mafia gangster named Umberto who is addicted to extremely strong Latin American chilli sauces.
  • Played for Laughs in Volume One of The First Dwarf King. Jani takes Eustathios to a mead hall called Blazing Beers.note  The owner finds out that Eustathios is an elf. He then puts hot pepper in Eustathios' drink, and instructs Jani to give it to him without letting him know what's in it, which Jani does. Unfortunately for the dwarves, Eustathios likes it.
  • In one Alan Dean Foster Weird West short story, Mountain Man Mad Amos Malone ends up challenging an evil witch to a chili cookoff. The fumes the chili they made gave a woman such a tan that she was mistaken for a Mexican for the rest of her life, killed all the mosquitoes in the valley, and caused grapes to shrivel into raisins on the vine. The witch's chili, which included ghost peppers, napalm, and enriched uranium as ingredients, caused Amos to breathe fire and smoke and say that it was "okay." His chili caused her to explode thanks to its secret ingredient: chimera meat.
  • At one point in The Malloreon, during a state banquet, the heroes try a seemingly inoffensive rice dish. Turns out it's from their world's answer to India, populated primarily by elephant herders who even treat mealtime as tests of personal courage, and "spend the rainy season trying to build bonfires in each other's stomachs". As most of the cast lunge for the water decanter, Sadi calmly keeps eating the stuff. He's not affected because he's used to being poisoned.
  • The South Amareican chili pepper in Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare. A couple of them would be a valid pest control method for farmers, and one bite caused Rainbow Dash to hallucinate and spew rainbow-colored fire.
  • Hotroot pepper in the Redwall books. Best guess is that "hotroot" is the local term for a type of horseradish. The otters love the stuff, especially in "shrimp'n'hotroot soup", and hold contests to see how much they can use at once.
  • Secret City's Navish Shurk' consists of three sorts of meat, finely chopped note , fried, then boiled in one such sauce. To top it all, it's served on a double-decker dish, the top contains the meal itself, and the bottom is filled with burning alcohol to keep it boiling while you eat it. However, it's also so delicious that, when a policeman not aware (yet) of The Masquerade accidentally ordered and tasted it, he immediately ordered more for himself and his wife. As he told his superior the next day while drinking his sixth bottle of water, it was Worth It.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, Dornish cuisine is flavored with snake venom, mustard seeds, and dragon peppers. Reportedly, it burns even worse coming out than it does going in. Some say that the fiery spices of Dorne make their women wild and wanton.
  • In Janet Kagan's Star Trek Expanded Universe novel Uhura's Song, the catlike Sivaoans use the berry of a native bush as a spice. They call it a "tail-kinker" and a favorite prank is to slip a few of the fresh berries into a dish rather than the processed version. Think of getting something you think contains a bit of red chili flakes but instead has whole Sichuan peppers in it.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In the The Almighty Johnsons episode "Man-Flu", Ingrid makes special extra-hot curry. Ty, who usually has no working sense of taste, loves it. Mike, on the other hand, is gasping for air after one bite.
  • In the season 6 finale of Bones ("Change in the Game"), at the beginning of the episode, Hodgins and Angela are eating at the diner. Angela is heavily pregnant and past her due date. Feeling a bit annoyed at this, she liberally douses her food (fries and soup) with habanero sauce because she says she heard spicy food can induce labor. When Hodgins remarks that she might be using a bit too much hot sauce, Angela replies " Oh, no, this isn't that hot." and starts eating happily. Hodgins shrugs, puts a splash of the sauce on his fries, and takes a bite. Cue gasping, coughing, and calling out desperately for milk.
  • Bottom – The list of spices Richie reels off in his ‘Sprouts Mexicane’, to cover any “embarrassment” due to the core ingredient being “frisky”. **
    Richie: Well it’s… sprouts, a pinch of chili powder, a jar of curry powder, a hint of Tabasco sauce – well, three bottles actually. Not so much a hint, more a Party Political Broadcast – and the secret ingredient: gunpowder!
  • Steve Carell once did a piece on such sauces when he was a correspondent on The Daily Show. The sauces he was sampling were so hot that a toothpick full was enough to send tasters into convulsions.
  • Death in Paradise: In "Ye of Little Faith," Humphrey accidentally eats a Scotch bonnet pepper, thinking it is a tomato. He ends up being force-fed a large quantity of milk, as this is the only alternative to taking him to the hospital.
  • The Observers in Fringe apparently have very little sense of taste. In one episode, an Observer has a rare roast beef sandwich covered in jalapeños, an entire shaker of pepper, and most of a bottle of Tabasco sauce. In season 2, we see that Observers like to meet in an Indian restaurant and chow down on Naga Jolokia peppers.
  • The Food Network program Heat Seekers is all about this, with its hosts traveling around a city looking for the spiciest foods they can find. They run into the Jolokia variants nearly every single episode.
  • It's About Time: In "Stone Age Diplomats", the food that Shad and Gronk prepare for the astronauts and the "Ambassador of Nordania". It's a mixture of everything with a generous helping of hot sauces mixed in. Naturally, the astronauts, the ambassador, and the landlord choke or gulp down water. Shad and Gronk love it.
  • In iZombie, zombies like Liv can only taste food if it's doused in anything spicy like hot sauce or wasabi. Liv gets a bottle of this as a present from her new boyfriend Lowell, who's also a zombie.
  • In Jessie, a bully steals one of Ravi's dragonfire pepper sandwiches. After one bite, he starts screaming in pain, crying that his tongue is melting. When Ravi eats a whole pepper without suffering the same fate, Luke asks him how he does it. Ravi responds "Where I come from, people sleep on beds of nails and walk on hot coals. This is nothing!"
  • One episode of Law & Order began in a trendy seafood restaurant where it was the custom for every diner to bring his own favorite brand of hot sauce. The victim's hot sauce had been spiked with cyanide.
  • The short-lived series Mann & Machine had an episode where Eve challenged a suspect to a chili pepper-eating contest. The suspect was willing to confess to his crimes in exchange for some water after trying the habañeros. Eve, being a gynoid, was totally unaffected by the peppers.
  • In the different series, Man v. Food has attempted 17 different "hot sauce food" challenges (wings, sandwiches, phaal, and a pizza). "Food" won 2 of them.
    • A burger has "the four horsemen" of the chilies on it: jalapeños, serrano, habañero, and the Bhut Jolokia (also called the Naga Jolokia).
    • A Man V. Food Nation episode in Tulsa had a pizza with two times the jalapeños and habeñeros and a "death sauce" that mixes in Thai Sriracha hot sauce and Naga Bhut Jolokia ghost chili peppers.
  • One Swedish Chef sketch on The Muppet Show has him making super-hot chili. He adds a pinch of spice and a touch of pepper sauce, then takes a taste. Smoke comes out of his ears, but he decides to dump the whole bowl of spice and pour out the whole bottle of pepper sauce. This time when he tastes, his hat is blown off as he faints.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 at one point features, as the invention exchange in The Starfighters, Cowboy Mike's own original red-hot RICOCHEEEEEEET- (pew pew) barbecue sauce! It's miiiiiiighy bold! Now available in NEW EXTRA BOLD! Doctor Forrester tries some, and finds it totally bland and "decidedly un-bold".
  • In an episode of The Nanny, C.C. takes Fran to a sushi bar. When Fran assumes that wasabi is the same as regular mustard, she puts too much of it on one piece of sushi, and as you can expect, the results aren't pleasant. What's more, after she recovers from the initial shock, her voice briefly loses its characteristic high-pitched nasal tone; apparently, the stuff was so strong that it forcibly cleared her nasal passages for a minute or two.
  • In an episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Ned and his classmates get their lunch ruined by a voracious kid nicknamed "One Bite", who takes a ponderous bite off of every other student's food. Ned comes up with the idea to spice up a sandwich with all sorts of spicy food to prompt One Bite to never take one bite out of anyone else's food again. This works.
  • The Orville: in the episode "Krill", Bortus eats an entire ball of wasabi without flinching; Alara remarks that if she'd eaten that amount, she'd have been left crying and throwing up.
  • In the Raven's Home episode "The Bearer of Dad News", Raven's kids make their father's chili recipe, which calls for an entire bottle and a half of hot sauce. Despite Raven's claim that she loves spicy foods (clearly a lie, as anyone who's watched the original series episode where she posed as a statue and reacted badly to Eddie feeding her a jalapeño popper would know), merely smelling the chili leaves her in so much pain that she can't open her eyelids, and in attempting to relieve the pain with milk ends up accidentally drinking the hot sauce directly from the bottle, making things even worse. A later scene indicates she needed the whole gallon of milk to cool down.
  • In Red Dwarf, Lister has lost his sense of taste through eating lots of hot curry, his Trademark Favorite Food. His recipe for shami kebabsnote  includes not quite an entire tin of curry powder (he carefully measures out a spoonful, which goes back in the tin) and his triple-decker fried egg and chilli sandwiches are based on a "recipe" he found in a book on chemical warfare.
  • In one episode of The Red Green Show, Red mixes up a batch for a lodge barbecue. It consisted mostly of ketchup, with various hot peppers thrown in and some other ingredients, including the "secret ingredient", which was some blue goop in an unlabelled container (later found out to be jet fuel). To demonstrate how hot it is, Dalton tastes a little bit on a toothpick and nearly doubles over in pain from the heat. Then Harold tastes a big spoonful — and is reduced to screaming his head off with his tongue hanging out as he runs around looking for some way of putting out the heat in his mouth.
    • In another episode, Red demonstrates using his handyman's tools to make chili. His recipe appears to be "beef with as much hot chili powder as possible", topped with cheese.
  • In Roswell, the alien characters put Tabasco sauce on everything they eat, from hamburgers to chocolate cake. They prefer things to be a combination of "spicy and sweet".
  • In a Saturday Night Live sketch, a diner at a restaurant orders the "super hot" wings. The server tries to dissuade him, then brings a plate of wings, which the customer notes aren't that spicy at all. The server confesses that they're just the "mild" wings. The customer, by now annoyed, demands the "super hot," at which point the manager sits down with him, tries again to talk him out of it, and finally has him sign a waiver. As the customer is about to take the first bite, the frame freezes and a voice-over explains that he subsequently ran out of the restaurant shouting "Woo woo," shot up into the sky and exploded. In a final irony, he had in fact been served the "medium hot" recipe.
  • Thomas from Skins disposes of Johnny White by besting him in a chilli-eating contest. Johnny gingerly places a Naga Jolokia pepper (allegedly; that's what it says in the show, just go with it) on his tongue and carefully, painfully, swallows it whole. Thomas grabs a handful and happily chews away, noting that his family used to grow them in his garden back in the Congo. Johnny's attempt to repeat this feat... goes poorly.
  • The episode "Oasis" from the series Star Trek: Enterprise has Trip try a sauce that was so hot, it makes Cajun food seem mild in comparison.
  • Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager has made this on at least a few occasions. His recipe for Rodeo Red's Red-Hot Rootin' Tootin' Chili put at least three crewmen in Sickbay.

  • Cheech Marin's rapid stream of Spanish in the middle of "Taco Grande" by "Weird Al" Yankovic translates approximately to: "Good evening, sir. Welcome to Enrico's Casa de Salsa. We have many delicious entrees. If I might recommend the Burning Hell Chicken, very delicious. Your eyes will burn up, your stomach will be on fire, you'll be in the bathroom for a week, do you understand what I'm saying, stupid silly gringo?!"
  • Loco Loco's "It Burns! Burns! Burns!" is a silly song about the after-effects of eating fiery Indian food.
    It burns, burns, burns
    Indian curry is so hot
    It burns, burns, burns
    Burns like fire, oh my god!
    It burns, burns, burns
    I drink and drink but it won't stop
    It burns, burns, burns
    In my mouth and tomorrow in my butt!

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Oh Hot Damn Sauce in Florida. The buffalo wings version was put to interactive use at the July 27th NWA FUW show to help pay for the medical bills of Nathan Dodds.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Devil's Blowout Sauce in The Muppets Mayhem. Penny is a fan of the stuff, but Dr. Teeth tries one chip flavoured with it and is sent into a "blazing, chip-induced hellscape".

  • Our Miss Brooks: In the episode "Mr. Boynton's Barbeque", Mr. Boynton prepares a "mild" hot sauce for his cookout as he believes his usual sauce would be too much for his guests. Miss Brooks and Walter Denton cook up a blazing mixture of tabasco and horseradish to spring on Miss Brooks's rival Miss Enright. However, a mix-up results in Miss Brooks receiving her own doctored dish. No matter, Miss Brooks can hold her hot sauce. She eats calmly and remains a Deadpan Snarker throughout. The same can't be said by Miss Enright and Mr. Conklin. They eat Mr. Boynton's supposedly minor sauce and run away practically screaming for water!

    Stand Up Comedy 
  • The Newcastle 'magmaloo' in a routine by Jasper Carrott (based on a real curry).
  • Bill Cosby has a routine about Chinese mustard and the time when he took a girl to a Chinese restaurant as a teenager. Being broke, he attempted to get as much as he could for his money and dunked his entire egg roll in the mustard. His description of his reaction on biting into it is priceless.
  • In Zapped!, Michael Mittermeier included stories of a (fictional) trip to New York. One of them is a visit to a Mexican restaurant. What he didn't know then was that "hot", when describing chili, doesn't mean "a little hot" but "Lucifer-style". Since he was hungry, he ate up all of his chili and only noticed how hot it was after he had eaten it. The most appalling thought, however, was that the chili had to get out again sooner or later. Michael chose the easy way: He went to a hospital and demanded the chili be removed surgically. Brick Joke ensues, but that's another story.
  • Rondell Sheridan has a bit about when he tried to look like he spoke Spanish on vacation in Mexico, and ordered "mucho grande caliente" (essentially something very extremely hot) from a restaurant.
  • Jürgen von der Lippe told a story similar to Bill Cosby's, only that it involved sambal oelek, and a schoolmate whom the girl had brought along claimed that sambal oelek was Chinese mustard.note  Made sense, the waiters were yellow, the mustard was red. Jürgen learned the hard way how sambal oelek burns. And how it burns twice.

    Video Games 
  • In the Borderlands 3 expansion Mad Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, explosives enthusiast Mr. Torgue contacts you and reveals that he produced a limited line of explosion-flavored hot sauce before they got recalled, and he needs you to destroy a few that made it onto the Jackpot. Destroying a bottle causes it to violently explode (which thankfully doesn't hurt you), and destroying them all has him mail you a unique Torgue pistol called the Scoville, which fires out explosive hot sauce bottles.
  • Club Penguin has several bottles of hot sauce, which spew literal flames and settles as a spicy red sauce. It can also be used as emergency jet pack fuel when mixed with cream soda and are often used as weapons.
  • Deep Rock Galactic has a couple spicy boozes. Red Rock Blaster is full of habanero sauce and will toughen you up for a good while; the Burning Love is explicitly stated to have "utter disregard for the Scoville scale" and will just flat-out set you on fire.
  • Dodge The Prank Used by the prankster in stage 4 to spike the girl's food if the player gets her distracted by petting a puppy.
  • In Fate/stay night and spinoffs thereof, Kotomine Kirei's favorite food is blazing hot mapo doufu. Which he offers to share with Shirou. Shirou seriously considers whether this might be an off-the-cuff assassination attempt.
  • The Dead Pepper, featured in Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy: Unlimited. When they were fed to chocobos, it drove them crazy and gave them supercharged abilities.
  • In Final Fantasy XIV, Zero's preferred curry blend is searingly hot even by the standards of the Hannish people, a Fantasy Counterpart Culture to India that loves its spices. It's so spicy that one patron with a sensitive nose instantly faints when he catches a whiff of it. A braver patron who digs in has his face turn red and steam coming out of his ears. Even certified badasses struggle to endure it, such as the Warrior of Light, a Made of Iron badass who throws down with gods on the regular, who can remark that their life flashed before their eyes while eating it; and Wuk Lamat, a Warrior Princess, who visibly trembles, goes red in the face, and tears up after sampling some.
  • In Granblue Fantasy, Izmir's present for the protagonist in her birthday line is a spice called The Not-So-Spicy-Looking-But-Crazy-Hot-And-Addictive-Mouth-Burning Spice Sensation. "Crazy Spice" for short.
  • Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja includes a jalapeño pepper as a food item. Eating it provides invincibility and a fire attack against enemies, as well as a humorous animation with Joe or Mac breathing fire.
  • The Jabañero pepper in Kingdom of Loathing is evidently so spicy that "Just thinking about it makes your mouth hurt." Putting one in a spicy enchanted bean burrito, then eating one, gives one the (fairly useful) skill 'Chronic Indigestion'.
    "You know those bottles of novelty hot sauce they sell, with the black labels and skulls and names like "Ed's Hot Sauce That Will Totally Murder Your Family"? Compared to this stuff, they're ketchup."
  • Kirby Star Allies depicts the Ultimate Choice menu with an assortment of jalapeno peppers, and Kirby is seen holding a bottle of this sauce over a plate of food. The higher the difficulty, the more frightened Kirby becomes as more of the sauce is poured on; at Soul Melter difficulty, his facial expression goes from frightened to demonic as he empties the bottle.
    • And in Soul Melter EX, his face becomes completely soulless as he empties three additional bottles!
    • Even better, on both difficulties the food gains a pair of skulls to show that it's dangerous. And on Soul Melter EX, it actually starts burning!!
  • Downplayed example in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Any dish cooked with a spicy ingredient, such as the Spicy Pepper or Goron Spice, will give you cold resistance when eaten.
  • Discussed in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth: while looking for a potential dating spot for Kasuga in preparation for his date with Saeko, Adachi recommends an Indian curry restaurant, one with a "secret menu" where the patron can order a dish with a spicy level of over 1.2 million Scovilles. Adachi believes that Kasuga enduring such a dish would be a show of manliness that would impress Saeko, while Nanba questions if there would be anything impressive about Kasuga physically suffering while trying to eat such spicy curry.
  • Monkey Island:
    • Tales of Monkey Island: In "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood" there is the fugu jolokia, a chili pepper so hot, you can't touch it with your bare hands without getting burnt. In order to get it to resolve a quest, Guybrush has to hold it to his tongue for eleven seconds. The name alone should have you running; it's a portmanteau of "bhut jolokia", aka ghost pepper, with "fugu", aka horribly poisonous Japanese blowfish.
    • Return to Monkey Island in turn has the demon pepper (again, referencing ghost pepper), a cocktail of every exisiting hot pepper. It first appears as one of the ingredients in Scorched Alaska, a dessert from literal Hell with a recipe that involves meringue, dandruff, and actual red-hot embers. Later, demon pepper is used to cheat in an Eating Contest, by leaving the opponent retching and unable to take another bite.
  • Implied in the Moshi Monsters mission "Spooktacular Spectacular". Upon being caught in a spider web, a firebug with fire powers loses them. To get them back, he drank some hot sauce. It is unknown if the power lay in the hot sauce or the bug.
  • The Roguelike Omega has a szechuan pepper as a findable item. If you eat it, "your sinuses melt and run out of your ears"— and you become immune to Sleep spells.
  • In Persona 4 Rise likes to put overwhelming amounts of spice in her food; one bite was enough to cause poor Yukiko to pass out.
  • Persona 5: During the school festival, the party stops by a takoyaki cafe and orders a "Russian Takoyaki" with one of the takoyakis being colored bright red as a visual indicator for being extremely spicy. When the party is trying to decide who will be okay with eating it, Goro walks into the scene to greet the party, picks up the red takoyaki despite Haru's warning, and eats it whole. He goes straight into a Heroic BSoD within seconds, complete with choking, shaking, and declaring how he loves spicy foods. Ironically, Haru stated during said warning that she wanted to eat it herself, much to Makoto's disbelief.
  • Pizza Tower has the spicy chicken wings carried by Kentucky Kennies, found in the Oregano Desert level. Should they toss one at Peppino, he'll end up swallowing it and have his mouth set ablaze. In this state, he becomes slightly harder to control but can kill enemies on contact and do an air dash in midair.
    • There's also the Pepper Pizza (aka. the Satan's Choice Pizza), found in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator. While it doesn't set Peppino's mouth on fire like the chicken wings do, consuming it will turn his skin bright red, and the heat of the pizza allows him to propel himself through the air and spin, as well as let him destroy enemies and ice blocks on contact. Also, it's apparently spicy pineapple-flavoured BBQ sauce.
  • The Jalapeño in Plants vs. Zombies can instantly burn all the zombies in a single lane. The sequel introduces the Pepper-pult, which deals fire splash damage and also warms up plants around it, and the Wasabi Whip, which deals heavy close-range fire damage and also warms plants. The Ghost Pepper uses Soul Power instead of flames, but she is under the Pepper-Mint family of plants.
  • Pokémon:
    • The Spelon Berry; description: "So spicy is the Spelon Berry that, Fire type or not, Pokémon will try to breathe fire after eating a single one."
    • Whatever Mallow had the player whip up in Pokémon Sun and Moon, neither Lana nor Kiawe could handle a single bite of it.
    • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet brings us Scovillain, the Spicy Pepper Pokémon. It's a Grass/Fire type with dual heads that resemble a Carolina Reaper, and it naturally learns fire-type attacks.
  • In Quackshot and Deep Duck Trouble, Donald Duck can eat peppers to become explosively angry and invincible.
  • Some servers in Space Station 13 let you create ghostlier chilis, a chili pepper hot enough to make whoever's foolish enough to eat one burst into flames. If the botanist making one gets it just right, it can turn people to ash in a single bite.
  • Camo from Skylanders uses this trope as an attack. He can unleash vines with the aptly-named Firecracker Peppers on them and make them explode. These peppers are some of the hottest in Skylands and are so spicy that after Eruptor had one of them (he's the only one to have ever done so), he was left bedridden in a dark room for a week and even now, he can't bear to look at spicy food.
  • Street Fighter:
    • The original explanation for Dhalsim's fire-breathing abilities was that he ate a lot of spicy curry. This was later changed to a blessing from Agni, the Hindu God of fire.
    • Speaking of which, when winning against Dhalsim in Super Street Fighter IV, Rufus gives us this story:
    Speaking of India, I took my girl Candy to a curry restaurant the other day - one where you can pick how spicy you want it. I always get the spiciest! Candy tried it, and lemme tell ya...
  • The Superspicy Curry item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (which technically made its debut in Kirby's Dream Land) makes you spit fireballs that damage your enemies but not yourself. Your character does a dance of pain while it's active, however...
  • Trinity Universe: In a few story scenes, Rizelia is known to add tons of hot stuff to her food. One particular batch was potent enough to knock Kanata out cold and got Tsubaki on her case for it.
  • World of Warcraft has (sadly outdated) Dragon Chili, made from mystery meat and a small flame sac taken from baby dragon bodies. Every so often after eating it, the character will breathe a damaging cone of fire on anything they're fighting.

    Web Comics  

    Web Original 
  • Brad Tries...: The whole basis of the series Flaming Brian's Kitchen. Brad Tries itself got into this territory with the One Chip Challenge video, in which Brad tried a single chip infused with Carolina Reaper peppers — and found himself drinking an outlandish amount of milk and jamming cold Pop Tarts down his throat to make the pain go away.
  • Codex Inversus: Hellfire peppers are a red pepper variety from the Infernal Empire known for their ludicrous spiciness, derived from growing close to pits of Hellfire. They are so spicy that simply applying crushed pepper to the skin is intensely painful, eating a whole raw pepper has caused people to die from sheer distress, and a distilled and concentrated version of their juice is used as a particularly nasty poison. The Devil aristocracy loves it and includes it in every meal they can.
  • Holostars TEMPUS: In this stream, Vesper Noir takes on a series of hot sauces, starting with the Classic Hot Sauce, the mildest at 1,700 SHU (Scoville Heat Units), to the hottest one, "The Last Dab," which is made from the Apollo Pepper (a Carolina Reaper and Pepper X hybrid) and clocks in at 2 million SHU. It's the Last Dab that nearly does him in and makes him hallucinate Calliope Mori is there to take him away.
  • The point of Hot Ones is to feed guests a succession of spicy wings with increasingly difficult questions to go with them. In fact, a variation of the pictured Blair's Mega Death Sauce was the hottest sauce for seasons two and three.
  • Plenty of these appear on Hot Pepper Gaming. Reviewers are either asked to drink whole shot glasses of the stuff, or to dunk an already spicy pepper in super hot sauce and then eat the result. The end results are as might be expected: mostly consisting of sobbing and swearing.
  • The LoadingReadyRun sketch Hot & Saucey combines this with Serial Escalation, culminating in a sauce that, if eaten, would wipe out all life on Earth. Other sauces shown kill the eater in messy ways, and another goes back in time to kill their grandfather and prevent their birth. The latter doesn't quite work, the drinker disappears from the timeline but returns later with a case of Gender Bender.
    • The sauce vendor returns with a donation campaign in the short-form sketch Crapshot Ep. 382 - The Sauces, selling all new sauces including one that literally just digs a hole for you to die in.
  • Markiplier hates hot sauce, but Markiplier loves to entertain the people. He's done at least three videos on his own channel where he drinks hot sauce and then tries to play a game while freaking out. In one case, he did it while sick, to "clear his sinuses" by drinking the smallest amount possible of an extremely powerful hot sauce (5 million Scovilles, versus a habañero pepper at about 250,000 Scovilles). The resulting freak-out is hilarious, as is the fact that when he finishes, his sinuses are still clogged.
  • The basis of one video belonging to MarzGurl; eating a so called Four Horsemen Burger.
    • This is a real thing, from Chunky's Burgers in San Antonio, Texas. The "four horsemen" name comes from roasted green chiles, habañero peppers, Serrano peppers, and ghost chilis. The challenge is to eat it within 25 minutes. After consumption, no milk or ice cream can be used to put out the fire for five minutes.
  • This Not Always Working story has a coworker steal the submitter's hot sauce... only to find out the painful way that it qualified as this.
    Coworker: [The thieving coworker is] throwing up in the toilets; something he ate.
    Submitter: Serves him right. I had to buy that sauce online, it was so hot. I only use a drop at a time.
  • REACT: The Hot Wings Challenge was not pretty. The channel also featured a Spicy Noodle Challenge (which in the Challenge Chalice show got even worse!), the Toe of Satan Challenge, and people eating both the Ghost Pepper and the Carolina Reaper.
  • Rhett & Link ate Ghost Peppers, the hottest peppers they could find at that time, for one challenge. Their viewers helpfully informed them that the Carolina Reaper was actually the hottest pepper in the world, not the Ghost Pepper, but Rhett and Link, by their own admission, quietly ignored them because they didn't want to go through that torment... until one especially helpful viewer mailed them two Carolina Reapers with a letter telling them, "Don't forget you do have at least one child named after you." Cue the Carolina Reaper challenge video, where Rhett and Link look like they're ready to go to the gallows even before eating the peppers themselves.
  • The Rooster Teeth Podcast has told stories about a restaurant famous for something called "the Man". The creator of this pitch-black concoction would walk around, asking patrons, "Have you met the Man?". Those new to the restaurant would be allowed to taste a single drop off the tip of a toothpick, which was still spicy enough to ruin someone's day.
  • Tom Scott brought Gavin Free onto his Tom Scott plus channel to try Hot Ones' hot sauce line as penalties for guessing estimation questions wrong. While Gavin had the unfortunate luck of getting the majority of the questions wrong and tasting them, he had the silver lining of gradually acclimating to the heat. Poor Tom got the final question wrong and thus had to taste the final and hottest sauce without any adapting. The video ends with both of them digging into a melting tub of vanilla ice cream and Gavin muttering "Never again."

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