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hololive is a Virtual YouTuber group founded by Cover Corporation. Although marketed as a team of idols, the group is also known for its Let's Play livestreams and hand-animated 3D shorts on its main channel. The group initially only encompassed musical talent from Cover Corp.'s Inonaka Music label — namely, one Tokino Sora — but eventually grew to two dozen idols and counting, not including their international talent.

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hololive provides examples of:

  • all lowercase letters: The group's name is officially "hololive", although English forum threads often feature alternate capitalization (Hololive/HoloLive).
  • Ascended Meme:
    • Sora, being the first member of hololive, is naturally regarded as the senior of everyone else. This has lend to some fans coining the nickname "Daisenpai" (roughly means "Great Senior"). Much, much later, Coco actually uses said nickname in one of her AsaCoco streams.
    • A Jump Scare reaction compilation published on the main channel lampshades the frequency at which Fubuki's fanbase mistakes her for a cat by giving her a "Cat Award" for her scream near the end of the video.
    • Aqua and Shion's protracted neighborly dispute on hololive's private Minecraft server had so many fan clips made from it that the official hololive channel ended up making their own 16-minute highlight reel summing up the incident.
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    • Subaru's comically awful first attempt at an ASMR stream was turned into a 3D animated skit on the official channel.
    • In hololive Kindergarten no. 1's illustration competition, Fubuki submitted a drawing of a humanoid creature resembling a minotaur, with a pigeon's head, horns, and a wolf's tail. After some light-hearted banter which involves Aqua jokingly saying "Is this Mio sensei's portrait art?", Mio's artist, Izumi Sai, redrew and rendered a 2D animation of said creature; later dubbed Hatotaurus. Since then, it has made recurring appearances in Mio's videos, as well as appearing alongside Mio in the Azur Lane collab, and in the Dawn Of The Breakers collab as both a type of enemy and part of Mio's moveset.
  • Cast Herd: New hololive members tend to make their debuts in "generations". This sometimes extends into collab streams, where members of the same generation tend to collab within their cohort.
  • Crossover: With Azur Lane. A select few hololive members show up in-game, redesigned as shipgirls, and the hololive event's campaign makes various references to the livestreaming shenanigans said characters were having at the time of the event's release (mainly their antics on their private Minecraft server).
  • Digital Avatar: The earlier idols use a 3D one for their videos. Nowadays, newer talent is represented by 2D artwork animated via Live2D, although the more popular idols may eventually get a 3D model.
  • Distaff Counterpart: One of hololive's sub-divisions, holostars, is comprised solely of male talent.
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • With the exception of Sora (who, for the most part, stayed the same), Coco (who never showed any "pure and sweet" tendencies and outright refuses to sing) and debatably Korone (who showed 'weird' tendencies from the very beginning), all of them initially started acting like traditional "pure and sweet" Japanese idols. As they got more comfortable and confident, many of them began to show more and more of the wild personalities we know today. The official channel released a comparison video.
    • YAGOO, hololive's CEO, used to comment live on hololive members' livestreams.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: hololive's earlier cast of characters are relatively normal as far as idols go. However, as the generations go on, the established backgrounds for newer hololive members run on a gamut of fantastical settings: From knights, spellcasters, robots, animal girls of various species, to demons, elves, angels, and actual animals (in human form)note .
  • Idol Singer: Much of the content that hololive's individual members put out is hours-long Let's Play livestreams, but they're all undeniably talented vocalists. A small sampling of the songs they performed at their first live concert, "Nonstop Story", can be found here.
  • Improbably Female Cast: The whole group is female. The only male that ever gets referenced is hololive's CEO, Motoaki "YAGOO" Tanigou, and he's never actually seen on screen in any capacity.

    Inverted in regards to the Holostars, which consists of entirely male Vtubers.
  • Innocent Swearing: On the whole, the Japanese cast doesn't know a whole lot of English (exceptions being Coco and Haato) but know enough of the language to pick up on some small phrases and words. This results in moments where they will use a Precision F-Strike or worse, derogatory slurs, without really knowing what they're saying or how offensive the words actually are. The latter seems to be exclusive to whenever one of them plays Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: What started as only a single idol (Tokino Sora) eventually grew to over 40 talents and ascended staff among all of their branches (holostars included).
  • Multinational Team: hololive has Chinese and Indonesian branches.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Inverted. Like most virtual YouTubers, their characters' setting is more of a suggestion than something that needs to be followed down to the letter, so they're technically always this. They follow their characters more closely either for comedic purposes or for their 3D debut streams.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: Several. Unsurprising, given the Improbably Female Cast.
    • Okayu and Korone are Sickeningly Sweethearts that have known each other since before they joined hololive.
    • Marine and Rushia are in a similar boat, although they aren't as openly affectionate.
    • Matsuri and Fubuki, mainly early on in their careers. The fact that Matsuri repurposed the Louise copypasta for Fubuki should say a lot.
    • Pekora and Miko are Vitriolic Best Buds, with some of their fans insisting they're Tsundere for each other, and also knew each other before they joined hololive.
    • Noel and Flare flirt regularly on frequent collab streams, with multiple Minecraft dates and a real life inn tour taking them to multiple date spots. Noel also displays the occasional comic yandere tendency for Flare around the rest of the third generation.
    • Haato specifically designed a room in her house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to be her and Watame's little love nest. There were also infamous incidents such as when she was quizzed by Choco about Watame's birthday and the chat joked that she forgot her wife's birthday.
  • Recycled Title: hololive is the name of Cover Corp.'s proprietary face tracking app (to make their Live2D models work) as well as the name of the group itself.
  • Show Within a Show: AsaCoco ("Morning Coco"), a Faux News segment run by Coco, complete with commercials and segments run by the other members such as Luna's English Learning Corner.
  • Slice of Life: The 3D animated shorts on hololive's main channel often have this kind of plot, although they also usually have some sort of Surreal Humor aspect to them. The sheer strangeness of their skits got lampshaded in the main channel's 1st anniversary video, which is simply a Fixed Camera Clip Show highlighting some of the more unusual things that have happened in hololive's break room.
  • Un-person: Hitomi Chris, the only ex-member of Hololive. Fired shortly after debut due to her real identity being leaked, her twitter and youtube accounts were deleted and she hasn't been mentioned or referenced a single time ever since.


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