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"VTuber agency from Japan that makes fans go wild, the world over!"
「Hololive Project」

hololive is a Virtual YouTuber group founded and operated by Cover Corporation. Although marketed as a team of idols, members of the group primarily make Let's Play and variety content livestreams on YouTube (except for Hololive CN members, whose main platform was Bilibili). The main channel also produces scripted 3D anime shorts featuring the members' fictional avatars.

Cover Corporation, established in 2016, was originally focused on the development of AR and VR technologies. Hololive was originally the name of a smartphone app developed by Cover in 2017 that allowed for 3D motion-captured virtual character live streaming (inspired by Kizuna AI who kickstarted the VTuber world in 2016). Cover initially envisioned Hololive as a platform that other streamers would use, and their first talent, Tokino Sora, was intended as more of a tech showcase. However, from 2017-2018, Cover Corp gradually shifted the direction of the Hololive project from a streaming platform to the idol-styled VTuber group it is famous for now, after Nijisanji's skyrocketing popularity inside Japan demonstrated the potential for VTuber streaming.


From 2018-2019, hololive rapidly gained popularity within China and Japan (and elsewhere in Asia), significantly expanding its talent pool across several waves or "generations". The group also garnered attention in the West after several translated clips went viral. A now-defunct Chinese branch was established in late 2019, marking hololive's first attempt to directly reach non-Japanese audiences, and this was followed by other branches with Indonesian and English-speaking talents. As of July 2022, hololive boasts a total of 71 active talents across five branches: hololive (the original Japanese branch, also referred to as JP), hololive Indonesia (ID), hololive English (EN), HOLOSTARS (a Japanese branch with male talents), and HOLOSTARS English.

Each member of the group has a fictional anime-styled Digital Avatar that they use in their social media in lieu of their real identities; the real identities and information on hololive's members are kept secret and never officially disclosed note . During a stream, called a "delivery" in Japan, the talents display a Live2D-animated version of their avatar that moves according to their actual head and facial movements. This avatar system replaces the headcam used by regular streamers. Cover also produces 3D versions of hololive talents' avatars with full body tracking. Talents usually receive their 3D avatars later in their careers since they require more time to create, and these avatars are often prominently featured in concert streams and custom music videos.


Though the fictional avatars also have their in-fiction characterisations, the degree in which the streamer follows the characterizations varies by their wishes; the vast majority of the time, the streamers only maintain the bare minimum of in-character behavior (most merely stick to speaking with a dramatic voice and referring to themselves with their fictional names) while allowing all the normal unscripted streamer antics (and often times even out-of-character antics), the fictional characterizations being mainly used for cracking jokes note . The end result of this process is that the real persona of the streamer merges with their fictional avatar, creating complex and often entertaining characters that the audiences enjoy.

In February 2021, Cover released a teaser trailer for hololive Alternative, a media project to present the women of hololive in a new world. The first full version of the PV was then released on May 21, 2021, with a second PV released on June 11, 2022. A Twitter manga entitled HoloEarth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia~, a story taking place in Alternative's setting penned by Kosuke Kurose (of Goblin Slayer manga fame), was announced on June 4, 2021 with Chapter 0 released on the same day.

holoearth, a hololive Alternative tie-in Survival Sandbox game, was showcased on November 2021. More general information about the game was revealed on June 2022, alongside an official trailer.

See also Nijisanji, another famous VTuber company, as well as VOMS Project (JP) and VShojo (EN), two independent VTuber groups.

Official projects with their own pages:

hololive provides examples of:

  • The Ace: Hololive Indonesia when it comes to Minecraft, the sheer size and scale of their builds, the intricate details, and high level technology are all on a whole other level from every other branch. In fact, visiting their server gave Hakos Baelz a case of Trauma-Induced Amnesia upon realizing that Kaela Kovalskia alone, who had been with ID only a few months by then, already had over thirty elytras and was giving them away for free. For comparison, EN at the time had a grand total of less than five, distributed across eleven idols, with Ame and Gura even having to share one, though thanks to Kaela that has changed.
  • all lowercase letters: The group's name is officially "hololive", although English forum threads often feature alternate capitalization (Hololive/HoloLive).
  • Alter-Ego Acting: All of hololive's talents "act" out at least one distinct fictional character within their streams, with the degree of fictionality being highly variable.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Many members have shared stories of their parents' embarrassing behavior from before they joined, but along with being open minded with their line of work, they are sometimes featured as guests on their streams. They will then waste no time teasing their children, either by adopting their catch phrases or telling unflattering childhood stories.
  • American Kirby Is Hardcore: The Japanese cast's characters are all a variation of many different motifs, most of them cute or beautiful. For the English-speaking casts? 1st Gen is based on an Eldritch Abomination motif, while 2nd Gen is outright consists of pseudo-divine avatars of concepts such as space, time, and nature. Mind you, they're still very cute.
  • Animation Bump:
    • A character getting their 3D model debut is considered this as they get high quality 3D virtual reality models they can perform in a full virtual space with.
    • hololive's "Live2D 2.0" update gave many Live2D models more expressive faces and better face tracking.
    • Fubuki and select members of 1st gen showcased a "Live2D 3.0" update throughout July 2022, featuring things like improved motion tracking, facial animations (e.g. tongue sticking out, jaw movement, shading as the actor leans towards the camera), various animated Manga Effects, and a couple of different types of Wingding Eyes. The update also gave them the option to add arbitrary images to their model.
  • April Fools' Day:
  • Ascended Meme: Has its own page here.
  • Augmented Reality: The official "hololy" app uses this, allowing people to project hololive's 3D models onto real life backdrops and take photos of them.
  • Bilingual Dialogue: The "UMISEA" animated shorts, pairing Marine & Aqua of Hololive Japan with Ina & Gura of Hololive English, have each character speaking in their native language. They're able to understand each other thanks to a magical translator scroll that Aqua discovered.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: Plenty of jokes are made not only towards YouTube, but also to Cover Corp and specifically YAGOO.
  • Bland-Name Product:
    • In the short scripted anime videos posted on the Hololive channel various items are this, and some of the streamers use them on their own.
      • Boxes from "Holozon" instead of Amazon.
      • "Virtual Blood Virtual Drink" which is a knock-off of Red Bull energy drink.
      • "Yaboo! Answers" instead of "Yahoo! Answers".
      • "HoloMERE tissues in place of a brand called Cashmere.
    • Luna plays a game called Holovaders during her 3D debut stream, a parody of Space Invaders with hololive members replacing the aliens.
    • Ina has on her desk a bottle of Dr. Oopsie, which riffs off the real beverage Dr. Pepper.
    • Miko does this to hololive itself in one of her Grand Theft Auto Online streams, where her company is named "LMAO hoguchilive". Explaining the joke 
    • Some of the ID girls (Moona and Reine in particular) have referred to Indomie instant noodles as "Holomie."
  • Brand X: Some of the stock props used for stream setups include generically named or labeled items.
    • Watame's set for chatting streams includes packs labelled simply as "Wata Chips", formerly "Potato chips", that look to be a tube like Pringles.
    • Suisei's nigh-omnipresent apple juice box is just labelled "RINGO" ("apple").
    • Calliope originally had a bottle of red wine with no label, only the bottle shape and color of the "liquid" being an indicator that it was wine at all, before receiving a "Death's Embrace" wine bottle prop as a gift from a fan, with just the name and scythe logo on the label.
    • Reine's recurring yellow and red potato chip bag is simply labeled "POTATO".
  • Calling a Rabbit a "Smeerp": In the EN branch, due to Kiara's fanbase often being depicted that way, it is common to refer to any chickens the girls encounter as "KFP Employees", regardless of whether or not they have anything to do with Kiara or KFP.
  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: All members of Holostars save Arurandeisu, Kaoru, and Oga.
  • Cast Herd: Enforced. New hololive members make their debuts in "generations", and intergenerational collab streams are only allowed a month after debut. They are also often categorized by their nationalities such as hololive Japan, China, and Indonesia. The talents also sometimes form smaller groups like the Onee-san Gumi (Marine, Flare and Noel) or the Bakatare trio (Fubuki, Flare and Watame). Following the establishment of UMISEA (Gura and Ina from EN, Marine and Aqua from JP), there has been an increasing interest in the deliberate formation of new international herds, common suggestions including holoBirds (Kiara, Mumei, Reine, Subaru, Lui), holoRodents (Baelz, Pekora, Risu) and holoDeath (Calliope, Rushia, Ollie). Besides UMISEA itself, all these groups include at least one member from each of the branches, so it's a good thing there are so many polyglots in the company.
  • Censored for Comedy: Any time one of the talents (particuarly the English-speaking ones) invokes a Sound-Effect Bleep function, you can expect it to be abused or misused for laughs.
  • Clip Show: The hololog videos on the main channel are short Clip Show episodes consisting of highlights from hololive's various streamers.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Some of the girls can be a bit out there. It's often played for humor whenever they play games, they tend to be sadistic whether it's playing a game solo or in groups.
    • Korone enjoys Bloodier and Gorier western video games, and thus, games like Doom brings out her love for chainsaws. Even if she's not playing that, any game that allows killing will set her mind to Murder Is the Best Solution.
    • Pekora is no slouch either. Her own sociopathy is often Played for Laughs when she plays games like Minecraft where she tends to prank her fellow idols, and on some occasions, will have someone get on with the act (such as, surprisingly, Sora is Not So Above It All when she approved with the prank).
    • Suisei is the biggest contender of this, and it's been part of her ever since. Her famous one is her collaboration stream with Matsuri, Coco, Kanata, Roboco, AkiRose, Watame, and Fubuki in Project Winter where she killed everyone solo, to the surprise and amazement of Roboco and her fans. Since then, she embraces it and often in Suspiciously Specific Denial whenever it's brought up by other Vtubers. She's also this in group collaborations whenever they interact with the audience.
    • Flare has famously burned down an entire forest in Minecraft after complaining the trees ruins the perfect view, and states "she doesn't have the guts to".
    • Botan has more or less revealed herself to be the closest personality of the 5th generation that can be classified as "toxic gamer", probably best illustrated when Gen5 played Left 4 Dead 2 together. Being the most experienced at FPS games, Botan understands how L4D2 works; locking Polka out of the saferoom and letting her get killed by zombies might seem mean-spirited, but from a purely tactical standpoint it made sense note . That said, even if it was the "right" choice, her laughing as Polka desperately shouted "LEMME IN SHISHIRON!!" certainly came off as this trope.
    • Lamy, of all people, became this when she participated in the 2020 Minecraft Sports Festival. Her actions include being busy killing the other team and outright killing a traveling merchant along with Matsuri and Suisei. Although she did shows hints of this when she asks the viewers for their skin to make book cover, bag or a phone case
    • Calli, obviously being Death, cannot state enough how much she loves murder. She even considers it something of a good time, but, makes sure to tone it down for the sake of her Deadbeats.
    • Mumei falls into this as seen during her second Rimworld stream, in which she desired to put a poor colonist's organs on display, and her first The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild stream in which she relished in picking fights with Bokoblins just to harvest their drops, all with a chipper, enthusiastic tone.
  • The Corruption: In hololive Alternative, there is an energy of sorts known as "stigma", which causes living beings (humans, ayakashi, and kami alike) to become more malevolent. The duty of a kami is to eliminate the stigma in the area, which has the additional benefit of granting them more fame, thus increasing their aura, and thus prolonging their lives.
  • Creator Backlash: Played for Laughs in-universe. Some of the girls who manages to make it big will sometimes watch their debut streams, and will cringe on how they used to be before their current personality. Matsuri in particular is just as confused as her audience on what kind of character she used to be before her current personality.
  • Crossover:
    • With Azur Lane. A select few hololive members show up in-game, redesigned as shipgirls, and the hololive event's campaign makes various references to the livestreaming shenanigans said characters were having at the time of the event's release (mainly their antics on their private Minecraft server).
    • There has also been one with World of Warships with Fubuki & Marine getting special commanders with their own voiceovers.
    • Suisei appears as a unique card and deck back in Vanguard Zero, a mobile game for Cardfight!! Vanguard.
    • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! held a limited time promotion that acknowledged Gawr Gura's meteoric rise in popularity within Hololive by allowing players to obtain the "Gawr Boost Drink" item. Gura was already a massive fan of the game before she joined Hololive, so she was elated to see herself mentioned in the game.
    • In addition to the obvious collaborations with other hololive members, there have also been crossovers with vtubers from other companies, such as Watame's ongoing collaborations with Hinokuma Ran of Ani Mare.
    • Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny has five free DLC characters that are hololive-themed palette or model swaps of certain Player Mooks. Fubuki is "Fubuking" the Prinny, Rushia is "Ruusha" the Succubus, Flare is "Torte" the Psychic, Watame is "Watamee" the Evil Eye, and Polka is "Polpol", a female Mage.
    • The ending theme for the The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! anime is sung by Aqua, Subaru and Nene, credited as "NEGI☆U".
    • Ina, Kiara, Pekora and La+ were, for a limited time, recruitable units in Valkyrie Connect.
    • A Super-Deformed Mio, Fubuki and Ayame appear as inflatable decoys in Earth Defense Force 6.
  • Cuteness Overload:
    • What happens when you put Gawr Gura and Anya Melfissa together in the same live stream? An endless feedback loop of each other saying the other is cuter, and a chat that just cannot handle it all.
    • Similarly, Polka Omaru and Fauna Ceres running into each other in the Minecraft server by chance while both of them had streams running eventually culminated in the two completely melting down over each other.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: While not true for all of them, many of the talent went through a lot of professional or personal hardship before joining the organization. A lot of them directly state how hololive helped "save" them from a life of unfulfilled dreams and gave them the inspiration to continue with content creation when they were on the verge of quitting.
  • Digital Avatar: A few of the group's original idols (Sora, Miko, and Roboco) use a 3D model for their streams. note  Nowadays, newer talent is represented by 2D artwork animated via Live2D, although they may eventually get a 3D model once they reached 100,000 subscribers.
  • Digital Bikini: Some of the members' 3D models have the possibility of giving a Panty Shot when the camera is at certain angles. However halfway of 2021, the models prone to these have had their panties censored to pitch black, emulating the black Modesty Shorts Amane Kanata has on hers.
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • With the exception of Sora (who, for the most part, stayed the same), Coco (who never showed any "pure and sweet" tendencies) and debatably Korone (who showed 'weird' tendencies from the very beginning), all of them initially started acting like traditional "pure and sweet" Japanese idols. Even the other branches aren't immune to this, as many of the streamers changed aspects of themselves after their debut. As they got more comfortable and confident, many of them began to show more and more of the wild personalities we know today. The official channel released a comparison video.
    • YAGOO, hololive's CEO, used to comment live on hololive members' livestreams.
    • Sora, AZKi, Roboco and Miko had 3D models since their debut, possibly as an artifact of the times when hololive was merely a tech demo for their motion tracking app. 2D models became the standard after the first generation made their debut. Once in a blue moon, this discrepancy crops up when any of those four collab with their juniors - the other party can be seen using their "Home 3D" avatar to maintain a consistent art style, since the four of them don't have an old 2D model to switch to.
    • hololive's audition process has strict "must have streaming/content creation experience" and "18 or older" requirements. Looking at earlier talents (mainly 1st gen through GAMERS), it's fairly obvious that this wasn't always the case:
      • Subaru's anecdotes about herself paint her as just a completely normal person before joining hololive, having only the vaguest of ideas about what streaming was during her audition, much less VTubing.
      • Shion and Haato were both going to high school at the time of their debut, giving them the unique challenge of trying to find a balance between both. Haato in particular became a college student during her career.
      • Korone was an absolute Nervous Wreck during her debut, implying that the "streaming experience" part of the auditioning process wasn't quite set in stone yet by then.
    • As Sora explained on an episode of HoloTalk, way back in 2017 when she was the only talent, most of her livestreams took place on Nico Nico Douga instead of YouTube. Her YouTube content at the time also moreso took the form of Kizuna AI-styled highlight reels, as that was the most prominent form of VTuber content on the site in those days.
  • Elite Four: In Hololive JP's Minecraft server, Miko has hired four of the other idols: Flare, Kanata, Polka and Botan, to be her Four Heavenly Kings. Thus far, they've slain the Elder Dragon and given Sora a tour of The End. However, Botan didn't officially join the Four Heavenly Kings, so the fourth slot is given to Watame instead.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: Nakiri Ayame, Yuzuki Choco, and Murasaki Shion from holo JP Gen 2 all come from and attend the Demonic-Realm Academy. Surprisingly, this would be expanded upon when Uruha Rushia from Gen 3 was revealed to also hail from the Demonic Realm Academy.
  • Fan Sub: Official translations of full streams are often in short supply (in part due to YouTube removing the ability to provide subtitles on other people's videos right around the time when Hololive was beginning to gain popularity) which leaves most non-Japanese speakers dependent on fan translators.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink:
    • hololive's earlier cast of characters are relatively normal as far as idols go. However, as the generations go on, the established backgrounds for newer hololive members run on a gamut of fantastical settings: From knights, Ambiguously Human spellcasters, elves, robots, animal girls of various species, to aliens, demons, goddesses, virtual beings, Anthropomorphic Personifications of concepts, and actual animals (in human form) note . The fact that more and more fantastic characters are joining hololive is something that gets lampshaded by Marine after the 5th generation's debut.
      Marine: The human ratio dropped down!
    • Even some of the talent that were meant to be normal humans at debut have gotten in on this, with things like Haato/Haachama being Two Siblings In One (with Haachama explicitly stating that she's not human) and Subaru claiming to be a human, a duck, a humanish duck, a swan, or a bird god on various occasions (and claiming to age only a tenth of a year for every human year that passes). In fact, unless you count Marine, there hasn't been a regular human without any fantasy or sci-fi twist added to Hololive Japan since debut Subaru in Generation 2. Indonesia has never had someone who was a regular human note , and English only had Amelia, until she revealed herself to be a time traveller shortly after her debut.
  • Flanderization: Gura in the UMISEA shorts is always dropping an "a" like it's a Verbal Tic, when in reality she's barely done it since her debut. Justified, since that trait of hers is far more popular among the Japanese fanbase and was likely written in specifically to appeal to them.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: We never get to fully see for whom Kiara is making Valentine's Day Chocolate in her "Heart Challenger" music video, but if you pause the video at exactly 3:46, you clearly see that the person receiving it has black nails and pinkish purple hair (which heavily implies it's Calliope Mori).
  • Funny Background Event: Frequently occurs in Minecraft streams, as many of the girls also like to play in their own free time and so may end up accidentally caught on the streams of others. Cue things like Gura and Baelz casually building and chatting about food on-stream while messages in the chat from Mumei and Kronii detail their own off-stream adventure slowly derailing into a Trauma Conga Line. Moona and Kronii have had this happen to them so many times due to them constantly playing that they’ve been dubbed "the NPCs of Hololive" by fans.
  • Fun with Acronyms: A few sets of members get acronyms based on who's involved.
    • FAMS: Fubuki, Ayame, Mio, Subaru. Formed shortly after Mio's debut.
    • OKFAMS: Okayu, Korone, Fubuki, Ayame, Mio, Subaru. Expansion of the previously established FAMS, first used following the onsen trip in December 2019 with all six members.
    • SMOK: Subaru, Mio, Okayu, Korone.
    • ALICE gets a little non-standard: SorA, FLare, MarIne, '''C'''anata, SuisEi.
    • OKBR: Okayu, Korone, Botan, Ramy. Pronounced "OK Bro", established when this group would play against FAMS in a 4-vs-4 Left 4 Dead collab. Why "R"? 
    • KIRA: Kronii, IRyS, Reine, Anya. Formed in late 2021 after all four of them were on Red Team C at the 2021 Minecraft Sports Festival and had enough chemistry together that they'd hold multiple collabs in the next few months. A later collab substituted Fauna for IRyS, making it "FARK", and later still both variants were mashed together with Ollie also joining in to make OKFAIR.
    • BLT: Botan, Lui, Towa. It's pronounced "Bullet" (a Meaningful Name in a way, since they first came together to play Rainbow Six: Extraction), though they did briefly entertain the other meaning of BLT, and fans quickly ran with the name.
    • Calli, IRyS, and Bae have their podcast, "Chad Cast", which in addition to deriving its name from the slang term "chad", stands for "Chaos, Hope, and Death".
    • Member groups aside, Pekora's Minecraft mob spawner is named "TTT" (Tenkuu Trap Tower). When Amelia replicates the design for the EN server she names it "PPP" (Previously Pekora's Property, though chat sometimes calls it Pain Pain Pain due to how much effort she put in to assemble it).
    • Gura, Fauna, Mumei, and Kronii have their own unofficial unit known as SNOTcast, the acronym of which stands for Shark, Nature, Owl, and Time.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: This appears to be the hat of the Indonesian branch in Minecraft, creating buildings and mechanisms on a whole other level than the rest of the server.
  • Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies: Frequently inverted, especially in the EN branch. A surprising amount of the girls have Nightmare Fetishist and/or Cute But Psycho tendencies which come out when playing horror games, and it is a very popular type of content for them.
  • Gratuitous English:
    • "Boing-boing", which is used when a talents' buxom is brought up, both when they're ample and when they're not. This is most notable in non-English clip channels, where a comment typed out in a foreign language may still type out "boing boing" in English.
    • Since the debut of Hololive English, a lot of the Japanese members have made strides in learning English to better communicate with their ever-growing foreign fanbase. This does often result in them attempting to use English during their streams, to varying degrees of success (Haachama is basically conversational due to her years studying abroad, while Miko...must be heard to be believed).
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Lots of Japanese lingo, both from Japanese VTuber/general idol culture and particular verbal ticks of specific characters, is a mainstay of the fans' vocabulary, such as oshi, DD (short "daredemo daisuki", fan with no dedication to specific stars) and so on.
  • Homoerotic Subtext: The vtuber's of hololive tend to flirt with each other a lot. It can range from innocent compliments on each others looks to full on sexual innuendo.
  • Hotter and Sexier:
    • Some of the girls approve of the fanservice fan art based on them. They even use them as their stream thumbnails. The more traditionally idol-like they are, the more likely they are required to stay away from such impurity.
    • For new outfits, however, due to the Youtube algorithm becoming extremely aggressive in banning characters with exposed skin, this is sometimes inverted. For example, Choco's exposed cleavage became covered up in her Live2D ver2.0 model, and Mel received an entirely new cleavage-less outfit altogether at the end of August 2020.
    • Inverted with Kou Mashiro, Polka's official artist, who drew very fanservice fanart on his Pixiv and Twitter. His official art for Polka is relatively tame compared to his other works, but not too heavily sexualized to the point of NSFW.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness:
    • Some of the more innocent idols are friendlier than others, and they are often contrasted by their Axe-Crazy generational partners, and is most likely the Only Sane Man. While they may be Not So Above It All, they don't do things that may be deem too crazy.
    • Suisei is one of the notable Zigzagged idols in the group. She dislikes Rule 34 fan art, but she never aims to be a traditional "seiso" idols in the industry, like how Sora is. She wants to be an idol for her own benefit as it is her dream to be one.
  • I Ate WHAT?!: Non-verbal example, where Gura had a gross-out moment after drinking the milk from Ame's vending machine and reading the sign on the side that implies what she drank came from Ina.
  • Idol Singer: Much of the content that hololive's individual members put out is hours-long Let's Play livestreams, but they're all undeniably talented vocalists. A small sampling of the songs they performed at their first live concert, "Nonstop Story", can be found here.
  • I Hate Past Me:
    • A fairly common tradition after reaching a milestone or anniversary is for a talent to hold a watchalong of their debut. The experience usually devolves into some flavor of Cringe Comedy, with longtime audience members and the talent in question wasting no time roasting the debut version, becoming incredibly embarrassed on how they used to act, or how bad the technical issues were that could easily be solved with more experience.
    • Subaru and Fubuki once held an "embarrassing memories" stream. All the guests who showed up were varying degrees of Chuunibyou in their teenage years and plenty of Cringe Comedy was had, with the cake going to Marine's RPG Maker game. Marine was already screaming in terror from the hosts merely flashing a screenshot of the game for a split second to tease her, and that's before they get into full blown video footage of it. Marine later streamed a large swathe of her game, flip-flopping between dubbing her own story seriously and being embarrassed by it.
  • Improbably Female Cast:
    • The whole group is female. The only male that ever gets regularly referenced is hololive's CEO, Motoaki "YAGOO" Tanigou, and he's never actually seen on screen in any capacity.
    • Inverted in regards to the Holostars division, which consists of entirely male Vtubers.
    • Downplayed when taking collabs into account. It is not unusual for certain members of Hololive to collaborate with Holostars members, and on even rarer occasions, collaborating with male V-Tubers from outside Holostars, or even non-virtual men.
  • Innocent Swearing:
    • On the whole, the Japanese cast doesn't know a whole lot of English (exceptions being Coco and Haato) but know enough of the language to pick up on some small phrases and words. This results in moments where they will use a Precision F-Strike or worse, derogatory slurs, without really knowing what they're saying or how offensive the words actually are. The latter seems to be exclusive to whenever one of them plays Grand Theft Auto V, specifically during the ending cutscene of the first mission where Lamar Davis says the "N-word" in a way that is almost singing it, resulting in loads of the hololive members repeating it because of the musical tone.
    • Inverted by Coco, who is English fluent and regularly swears, with her outro video clip spelling out then saying a variety of English swears. She also likes to try and get others to say swearwords they don't understand. Also by Miko, for whom "FAQ!" (a deliberate misspelling of "fuck you") is now a catchphrase.
    • Suisei is one of the few idols who knows how to swear in English, and she is very aware on how to use it properly. This often surprises many fans despite one of the consistent members who calls herself an idol.
    • Kiara attempted to get Gura to do this during a collab when they talked about how Gura had briefly taken German lessons, by asking her if she could say "Verdammte Scheiße" Translation , but failed because Gura knew what "Scheiße" meant.
  • Insistent Terminology: Viewers supporting more than one idol, either by watching their streams or being a member of their channel, has been called cheating which cause the idols to joke they're offended.
  • Intentional Engrish for Funny: On occasion, Coco's viewers will intentionally post badly mangled mixtures of English and Japanese because they know it annoys her.
  • Irony: Despite being an Idol Singer group, and to their credit they are talented vocalists, hololive/holostars do many, many things that idols are not supposed/expected to do. This includes, but definitely is not limited to: Streaming drunk, casually talking about sexual matters, asking each other about their panties, trolling each other, and so on and so forth.
  • Is This Thing Still On?: Position inverted, as this usually happens during the pre-stream period instead of at the end. On occasion, certain members will be having their mic on during the lead-in to the stream starting and inadvertently broadcasting out loud whatever goofy or embarrassing tidbits about themselves to the entire waiting audience. Did I Just Say That Out Loud? usually ensues, followed by memes being made out of their blunders.
  • Jaw Drop: Due to the limitations of Live2D at the time of writing, a given talent's virtual avatar is only capable of rather simplistic facial movements, such as blinking or passably emulating emotions. Full lip-syncing is not a thing yet, so most of the time, their character models will just sit there with their mouths hanging open, if they're not smiling or frowning. This happens a bit less on 3D model streams, but it still has its moments.
  • Jiggle Physics: For most of the well endowed characters, particularly those with exposed skin. So common even the talents refer to it as having "Boing Boing". Played with in the case of Polka, whose chest doesn't jiggle as much due to her form-fitting outfit, but it's her thighs that do most of the wobbling whenever she moves...though this is played straight in her 2.0 2D model.
  • Just One More Level!: Common enough, but Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in particular causes the talents to declare "Last game" and queue up for another round over and over again. It turned into a meme for Watame because she did it so much.
  • Kayfabe: Some hololive creators like Mori Calliope notably put a stronger emphasis on maintaining their in-fictional characterizations (while most of the VTubing scene had moved away from Alter-Ego Acting). The creator and the audience generally resolves contradictions between in-character lore and real-life experiences by making up justifications on the spot, often comedically.
  • The Klutz: Certain members are known for their clumsiness, which adds to their charm, such as Miko or Nene, who tend to flunk at important moments that contribute to their unintentionally superb comedic timing. The fandom at large even has a term to refer to their klutzy moments, "Pon", which is short for "ponkotsu", meaning "useless".
  • Lame Pun Reaction: Ina is a Pungeon Master, and as such the chat has adopted "INAFF" as a punny version of "Enough", telling her to knock off the bad puns. This has since extended to any hololive member who tries to make a bad joke.
  • Lensman Arms Race: Several of the members were involved in a thankfully peaceful (so far) variant of this in the JP Minecraft server:
    • It started with Pekora, who constructed a giant Gundam-inspired statue of herself that she called Pekodam. Subaru then declared her intention to built a rival giant statue of her own called Shubangelion, a giant macho duck that's about twice the height of Pekodam.
    • While Shubangelion was under construction, Miko joined in with her own mech statue (called the MikoChar) and in the process vandalized Shubangelion by adding her own head instead, turning it into the Mikongelion. Pekora, after seeing what Miko did, further vandalized Shubangelion by making a water stream from Miko's head, thus giving the impression that Shubangelion is vomiting water.
    • After seeing that Shubangelion has been vandalized, Subaru became enraged enough that in an act of revenge, she added the severed heads of Miko and Pekora into the hands of Shubangelion. Pekora found it Actually Pretty Funny, but Miko was absolutely terrified with what she sees while Botan and Polka discussed the idea of building an AT Field to protect the 5th Gen's house, which was located in close proximity to all three statues.
    • After she and Polka discussed the idea of building a Ramiel-inspired statue called the Lamyiel, Botan built a statue of her own. Called Botanx, it depicts a Sphinx-like Botan laying down in a prone position while it aims through the scopes of a very large sniper rifle. In response to noticing Botanx was lining up a nut shot, Subaru responded by erecting a barrier called an "SB Shield".
  • Loophole Abuse: New talents are given a 1-month moratorium on collaboration streams with talents outside their own generation while they get settled in. However, if the new talent just happens to be playing a multi-player game (primarily Minecraft) on the same server at the same time as another talent while streaming solo, they can interact on-stream with their colleagues and management seems to turn a blind eye because they're technically not collaborating.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": The moment Sora innocently uttered "Motherfucker" on Coco's weekly Reddit shitpost review is the moment Coco, the chat and (probably) the staff started panicking, with everyone jokingly declaring YAGOO's dream as officially dead.
  • Medal of Dishonor: Kanata is the reigning champion of oversleeping in Hololive, having been lost to dreamland for five hours and two minutes past a scheduled stream.
  • Modesty Shorts: Initially averted as early 3D models had detailed panties on characters with skirts. But as YouTube began cracking down on explicit content, all the models would replace the panties with black spats.
  • Multinational Team:
    • Hololive has active Indonesian and English branches, as well as a defunct Chinese one.
    • Among the JP members, Coco Kiryu is (allegedly) part-American.
    • The English branch has members in the United States, Australia note , possibly Canada note , a native German speaker note , and two Korean speakers note .
    • UMISEA is their first collaboration foray into themed subunits across the different language branches, grouping Aqua and Marine from the Japanese side with Ina and Gura from the English side. Other inter-branch themed collaborations include holodeath (Calliope, Ollie, Rushia) and holotori/holobirds (Kiara, Reine, Subaru, Mumei, Lui).
  • Name Order Confusion: The Multinational Team can sometimes cause confusion on what name order they're using. Haachama thought that Amelia's given name was Watson until their second collab.
  • The Noseless: There are a few characters, like Coco and Aki, whose nose is very small even by anime art style standards and is incredibly hard to see on their model. Their audiences jokingly make a big deal out of a "nose reveal" when their models receive an update to make it clearer.
  • The Night Owl: As streaming in the evening makes streams accessible to more users, and many of the streams can last hours, it is common for the vtubers to stream until the early hours of the morning and sleep all day to do it all again.
    • Watame in July & August 2020 would often play Zelda, Ark or Minecraft for as long as 8 hours, despite having started the streams at 10pm or later. She has continued with these long streams that can also include discussion & superchat thanking, with finishing at 6am being common.
    • Luna's streams are commonly 1 to 2 hours and rarely longer than 4, but they usually begin after midnight. Luna can often host two post-midnight streams with a break in between.
    • Kanata admits she's not sure when Coco or Suisei sleep. Coco apparently stays up late to prepare for AsaCoco, though that might have change due to Coco putting the show on hiatus for the time being, and Suisei is always up at 4 or 5 am.
    • Shion as of late 2020 begins streaming past 12 am as well.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • Each generation has to have one of these to balance out the shenanigans of their fellow idols: Sora and AZKi in original, Mel in generation 1, Subaru in 2 (when she's not being teased by her fans and chat), Mio in GAMERS, Pekora in generation 3 (this applies ONLY when she's with her generation), Towa in generation 4, Lamy in generation 5, and Ina in EN Holomyth.
    • Fubuki is an interesting case. Whenever she appears in streams, she's not much different with the other girls when it comes to messing with people, whether it's her friends or her chat. In the animated shorts, she plays this role straight Depending on the Writer and context of the short.
  • Out-of-Character Moment:
    • Generally inverted. Like most virtual YouTubers, their characters' setting is more of a suggestion than something that needs to be followed down to the letter, so they're technically always this. They follow their characters more closely either for comedic purposes or for their 3D debut streams.
    • On the other hand, when it comes to breaking their characters by the use of their natural voice instead of their character voice, this is arguably played straight. There has been a few occasions of such cases and it is usually when they are startled or concentrating intensely.
  • Open-Minded Parent: As it happens, this is the case for many members, who were initially hesitant to let their parents know of their occupation, but were then floored when said parents turned out to be major fans (e.g. Miko, Pekora, Kiara, etc...). Subaru in particular was quite open about her job to her parents from the get-go, who tend to be so proud of her accomplishments that it puts her on the spot whenever she is mentioned on TV or in advertisements.
  • Out-of-Genre Experience: Minecraft is normally a building and survival/fantasy adventure game, but IRyS' September 27th 2021 stream briefly turned into basically a mafia drama. Gura gave IRyS and Kronii a hot tip for an (XP-)lucrative job (quartz farming), but then went ahead and demanded a cut since she is their superior in the organization (senpai tax). Cue the two girls lying to her and claiming they found nothing, then growing increasingly paranoid and speaking in code phrases as they tried to secretly stash away the goods for their own use. Gura saw through the deception, forcing them on the run/into hiding, and used her contacts to enlist support (Ina) in order to track them down (via stream sniping), driving them mad with terror and scare tactics (thanks to invisibility potions and ominous chat messages) and repeatedly opening (trident) fire on them, until she eventually successfully caught up to them and delivered to IRyS a final shot to the head as retribution for trying to cut her out of the deal.
  • Painting the Medium: Watson's debut stream involved a section with her "injecting" the viewers with her drugs, which was shown by various audio & visual tricks such as audio distortions, flipping the screen, using magnifiers, going off-model and inverting colours.
  • Paper Tiger: There have been instances of flirtatious members getting easily flustered when their advances actually get responses. (e.g. Matsuri, Ollie) These are also known to the fandom as "Glass Cannon flirts".
  • Percussive Therapy: A lot of the members will hit their desks in moments of frustration or when made fun of. Translator & clippers have their own running joke of adding a "losing hitpoints" effect to their videos when this happens.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Despite many of the cast members having rather colorful character backgrounds with clearly defined jobs, they never seem to actually do these jobs, ever, outside of throwaway skits and gags. This includes a Necromancer who (mostly) never resurrects the dead, a literal Pirate who never partakes in any piracy (or even have a ship for that matter), a Grim Reaper who never kills anyone, a knight who never fights monsters, and more.
  • Product Placement: Sponsored streams are very common. Sometimes they are stranger than the simple "members play the game for an hour" standard.
    • "Curry Meshi vs. hololive" features the eponymous Nissin product front and center, with the various hololive girls getting addicted to Curry Meshi almost like it's a drug addiction. (Amusingly, this animated short is relatively sane compared to Nissin's other ads.)
    • On January 30th, 2021, Gura sang a mini karaoke that served as an advertisement for the global release of Princess Connect! Re:Dive. Gura goes into detail about the game, starts off by mentioning the 40 anime waifus available in the game and wondered if the chat was about to erupt into a waifu war.
    • Inverted in the case of Taco Bell's "Nacho Fries" commercial, where Gura appears on a billboard in the background as a Freeze-Frame Bonus.
    • In late 2020, Luna played the remaster of Tony Hawk Pro Skater, complete with a custom level that the developers had made, where the skatepark when viewed from above was a giant Luna. During a sponsored stream for Xbox Game Pass in April 2021, she played two different games that were available on the subscription service, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Forza Horizon 4. In Flight Sim, Luna had no idea how to play because of the poor tutorials and language issues, but she managed to turn on the autopilot, describing it as her butler flying the plane, flew around Tokyo before crashing into the ground due to the autopilot not being capable of landing the plane properly. While playing Forza Horizon 4, her driving resulted in her going at maximum speed while completely out of control, doing massive jumps and at one point driving on top of a lake, screaming the whole time.
  • Pseudo-Romantic Friendship: Several. Unsurprising, given the Improbably Female Cast.
    • Okayu and Korone are Sickeningly Sweethearts that have known each other since before they joined hololive.
    • Marine and Rushia are in a similar boat, although they aren't as openly affectionate.
    • Matsuri and Fubuki, mainly early on in their careers. The fact that Matsuri repurposed the Louise copypasta for Fubuki should say a lot.
    • Pekora and Miko are Vitriolic Best Buds, with some of their fans insisting they're Tsundere for each other, and also knew each other before they joined hololive.
    • Noel and Flare flirt regularly on frequent collab streams, with multiple Minecraft dates and a real life inn tour taking them to multiple date spots. Noel also displays the occasional comic yandere tendency for Flare around the rest of the third generation.
    • Haato specifically designed a room in her house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to be her and Watame's little love nest. There were also infamous incidents such as when she was quizzed by Choco about Watame's birthday and the chat joked that she forgot her wife's birthday.
    • Coco and Kanata, since moving in together and for a while before that, have a dynamic that can be best described as a married couple. Marine points this out on her visit to their apartment that Coco's demeanor is much like the man of the house while Kanata acts like her doting housewife.
    • Botan and Lamy, due to their personalities meshing well together. Botan goes out her way to heal Lamy in multiplayer games, and the latter is usually shown hiding behind Botan whenever she has no idea what is going on or being scared at horror games. In fact, during G5's Craftopia stream, Lamy tends to scold Nene and Polka's behavior like an angry mom while Botan enables their behavior like a very loose dad. When they played Minecraft together on a busy day, Botan deliberately chooses to sleep next to her, to Lamy's surprise.
    • Kiara and Calliope from the English branch straddle the line with this, despite Calli's insistence that it's one-sided. Calli tends to be more abrasive only when in Kiara's presence while Kiara flirts with her to exacerbate the situation. Despite this on-screen dynamic, Kiara and Calli have shown to support each other whole-heartedly behind the scenes (such as Calli giving Kiara equipment or Kiara hosting a collaboration on Calli's channel due to her own equipment being lackluster), even agreeing on a hashtag to share fanart of themselves as a couple.
    • Kronii and Mumei also have this dynamic, though it's less tsundere than kuudere that Kronii attempts to be. Generally she'll try to tease Mumei only to inevitably end up as the one who's flustered, either by Mumei's sincerity or by her giving as good as she gets.
    • When the English branch first debuted, Gura and Amelia had this vibe, with Ame doing a song cover with altered lyrics called "Gawr Gura Doesn't Know I Exist" and Gura frequently saying that the song she's about to sing (which inevitably will be a love song) reminds her of Ame. As the number of interbranch collabs has increased, however, Gura is now in a long-distance relationship with Shion, leading them to get married in Minecraft.
  • Random Events Plot: In December 2021, several of the EN girls, plus Reine from ID, began a sort of impromptu collaborative writing project in Minecraft. They started out with a simple Reine Shipping fic and then would write their own spinoffs or continuations thereof. The result is this trope, with the plot direction changing on a dime, characters randomly appearing or disappearing from the story, going on tangents about bidets, being teleported around, attacked by hordes of foxes, or turned into vampires.
  • Recycled Title: hololive is the name of Cover Corp.'s proprietary face tracking app (to make their Live2D models work) as well as the name of the group itself.
  • Redundant Department of Redundancy: Gura, Ina, Aqua, and Marine formed an aquatic-themed group together called Umisea, which is the Japanese word "Umi" (which means "Sea"), and the English word "Sea". Acting as the translater, A-Chan pointed out how that they're basicaly named "Seasea" or "Oceanocean."
  • Revision: Considering how brief the official hololive website is when it comes to introducing the talents, revisions happen when the talents themselves expand on the backstories of their character over the course of their streaming career. This leads to a bit of Archive Binge where the only way to know more In-Universe details about a character is to find the small moments where they offhandedly mention these small expansions to their story. For example, you wouldn't know that Kiryu Coco's tail is actually fake or that Risu Ayunda is actually two characters just from reading their entries on the official website. Thankfully, a lot of these revisions get added to the Characters page as they are revealed.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Most of the fanbase mascots are this, but some standout examples are:
  • Roger Rabbit Effect: Not on hololive's own official platforms, but the talents will occassionally appear next to live actors in Special Guest or Dualvertisement promotions on other channels.
  • Running Gag: Has its own page here.
  • Say My Name: In the Among Us games, it's common for the hololive members to scream someone's name depending on the situation. The viewers on the live chat usually follow suit:
    • Being suspicious of someone following them for a long time.
    • Assuming someone to be innocent, until a discussion caused that person to be ejected. Everyone would then say the ejected player's name.
    • Knowing who the impostors are after being killed by them. Screaming their killer's name? It happens a lot.
    • Witnessing a fellow hololive member kill someone else, reporting the dead body, then immediately calling the Impostor out by shouting their name to the others. During discussions, the girls would also scream the name of the member who voted them out. This happened on the collab stream between the 5th Gen and the EN members; Polka screamed Gura's name after the latter correctly identified her as an Impostor. As an added bonus, Polka also typed "SHAAARK!" in the chat.
  • School Festival: Mio and Miko hosted a sports festival in Minecraft on November 21st, 2020 featuring almost every member of the main branch up to 5th Gen note  along with holoID and Sora as a guest team. The event lasted around 5 1/2 hours with perspectives from Miko and the team captains Pekora, Haato, Aqua, and Fubuki.
  • Secret Identity: Like other major VTuber groups, official communications from the VTubers take great care to prevent possible leaks on the alternate online identities or real life identities of the people who play the characters. note  Despite this, there are instances of performers being identified while off-camera through happenstance (friends and family discovering them or fans hearing them speak). Such interaction has been noted to be an appreciative but minor annoyance at best.
  • Schizo Tech: Joking about this being the case for the joint hololive Minecraft server is a common Running Gag among the EN girls and their fanbases. Built up over several years by dozens of idols, the JP part is a sprawling, vaguely futuristic metropolis, filled with modern-style architecture and buildings and many technological conveniences like automatic lights. Meanwhile, the relatively new EN section resembles more a feudal hamlet with the occasional bit of crude, industrial era-type machinery. Calliope Mori in particular is prone to stressing that she often feels like a cavewoman living next to aliens from the future. Upon visiting the ID server, Ina had pretty much the same experience. A couple of days following Ina's visit, Mumei and Baelz did the same, with the latter basically turning into a depressed zombie upon seeing Moona's colossal storage vault complete with automatic item sorting, later once again using the caveman analogy.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Show Within a Show:
    • "AsaCoco" ("Morning Coco"), a Parody News segment run by Coco, complete with commercials and segments run by the other members such as Luna's English Learning Corner.
    • "Holotalk", a late night Talk Show-type show hosted by Kiara where she interviews various hololive members on the JP side using her fluency in both Japanese and English to communicate to both audiences.
    • With Coco's graduation, two hololive members have taken up the slack. Haachama, upon returning from her hiatus on July 24th, 2021, continued her Reddit Shitpost Review under the same name. Meanwhile, Amelia launched a new show named "Ame in the A.M.", a Spiritual Successor to AsaCoco as a Parody News morning Talk Show style segment with parody commercials. Ame in the A.M. would be discontinued and Koyori would instead be the one to truly take Coco's legacy, by launching "AsaKoyo" ("Morning Koyo") every Tuesday and Friday morning. There is also Mel, who launches "AsaMel" ("Morning Mel") every Thursday morning from May 19, 2022, occupying the original AsaKoyo Radio spot.
    • "AsaMio" ("Morning Mio"), which is a simple chatting stream held on Monday mornings by Mio, with occassional news within hololive every now and then.
    • "Hanakishi Radio", the first example by holostars, a morning news segment run by Miyabi and Temma.
    • With the debut of hololive Indonesia Generation 3, Kaela started launching her own spin of "AsaCoco": "Pejuang Senin" ("Monday Warriors").
  • Singing Voice Dissonance: Unless their names are Sora, AZki, and Suisei, it's easy forget that the girls are idol singers. Their speaking voices heavily contrasts their singing voice, such as Towa who has a nasally voice, but has a powerful singing voice.
  • Slice of Life: The 3D animated shorts on hololive's main channel often have this kind of plot, although they also usually have some sort of Surreal Humor aspect to them. The sheer strangeness of their skits got lampshaded in the main channel's 1st anniversary video, which is simply a Fixed Camera Clip Show highlighting some of the more unusual things that have happened in hololive's break room.
  • Song Parody: The "HAACHAMA COOKING SONG♪" takes the beats from the TKG song (a song about cooking up a Japanese dish Gone Horribly Wrong.), strips off the lyrics and replaces them with Haachama's brand of insanity.
  • Spear Counterpart: One of hololive's sub-divisions, holostars, is comprised solely of male talent.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: For western audiences, this happened with Miko, Matsuri, Korone, and Fubuki. Various stream highlights invokedwent viral, spiking their subscriber counts and setting them up for long term success. The Hololive English generation have had a gigantic amount of success in a very short amount of time, with Gawr Gura breaking 500,000 subscribers and the other 4 reaching near or above 250,000 subs within 2 weeks of their debut streams, which is faster than the still very successful debut of the Japanese 5th generation.
  • Spirit World: Makai. Roughly meaning "Demon Realm", Makai is stated to be the birthplace of a relatively large number of hololive members. Confirmed inhabitants of said world includes vampires, witches, Onis, demons, Necromancers, imps and succubi. Besides earth, this is largest shared 'world' that hololive members hail from.
  • Squee: A common reaction of any Hololive Vtuber whenever their streams has been noticed by or had contact with a fellow Vtuber from earlier generation that they have been a fan of before becoming Vtuber themselves.
  • Stupid Statement Dance Mix:
  • Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion: From "Myth or Treat":
    Ina: In the graveyard we will be.
    Kiara: If you're looking for a scream.
    Gura: Singing songs that make you Pee-A-R-T-Y, hehe.
  • Summoning Ritual: Played for Laughs by some of the streamers, who have noticed that certain phrases and actions get a reaction out of foreign viewers who are otherwise lurking in the chat. They have described this as "summoning foreign viewers".
  • Tamer and Chaster: Some of the girls' official artists actually drew fan art Hentai. For the girls themselves, they keep it very low-key and try not to heavily sexualize the talents they are artists of. Aqua in particular requests her artist to downlow her chest after she complains about her chest getting bigger.
  • Tangled Family Tree: The talents play around with shipping and relationships a lot. Trying to draw out a relationship chart will result in a very complex web. Bae and Ollie tried to do so during Crunchyroll Expo 2022, and the result is as messy as you expect — and it's only for their parts of the tree!
  • Third-Person Person: A commonality among many of the Japanese talents, who typically refer to themselves by their names or nicknames instead of the first-person pronoun, so much so that on the occasions that they do use watashi or the like, the chat will be quick to point it out. It doesn't extend to holostars, though, and the idols of the international branches usually address themselves normally for the most part.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Suisei gets shunted into this role after an infamous and disastrous event in Project Winter where she killed 5 people all at once. It gotten pretty bad that everyone else who experienced her infamous brutality first hand that they would stay away from her, even if she is a fellow Survivor or in a team-based game.
  • Token Good Teammate: Any girl who plays with Suisei in Project Winter will be play this role if they are co-Traitors with her. While Suisei's partners will at least be apologetic about it, Suisei, not so subtly, enjoys inflicting pain on and toying with her friends each time they play. This got so bad, it gave Matsuri PTSD, and other girls are extremely wary of her deciding to run the game objectives her way as a Survivor.
  • Trolling Translator: Many of the streamers like to communicate with their foreign audiences but aren't fluent in English, which occasionally leads to them asking their chat for help with translation. The advice given by the chat isn't always in good faith.
  • Unlicensed Game: My Busty Girlfriends, a so-called "erasure game" that featured a piece of fanart showing Choco, Noel and Marine front and center for its cover art... and that's as far as the game's involvement with Hololive goes. It was ostensibly released in August 2021 (although there is no option to actually buy it) with one hololive news channel putting it in the spotlight a month later. It's apparently the result of a Kickstarter campaign by the same developer for an unlicensed Hololive Dating Sim, which unsurprisingly was shut down by Cover Corp. for copyright infringement after bringing a lot of attention and money.
  • Unperson:
    • The most well-known example would be Hitomi Chris, the first ex-member of hololive, and the only one who has essentially never been mentioned since she left. She was fired shortly after her debut when hololive was still just getting off the ground, and internet speculation has very little to go on. It's likely that the truth of the matter will never be entirely known.
    • A Downplayed Trope resulted from Uruha Rushia's termination at the end of February 2022. Given that Rushia had been active for just over two and a half years, completely unpersoning her in the manner Hitomi Chris was is impossible, but Rushia has been removed from most materials and her channel was closed on April 1st following a grace period.
  • Unusual Halo:
    • The default version of an angelic Virtual YouTuber Kanata Amane from has a golden four-edged star-shaped halo.
    • IRyS the angel-demon Nephilim has a halo that consists of three small stars that can turn black or white
  • Voice Clip Song: Due to how many moments from the streams get clipped individually, many songs were made using things the girls have said or done as the basis for various songs.
  • Workaholic: The Hololive talents are all very dedicated to their craft, sometimes to such degrees that can land them in the hospital. Their managers usually have to beg, cajole, threaten or even outright ban them from streaming in an effort to get them to rest.
  • World of Badass: With characters ranging between a Dual Wielding-proficient oni, the insanely strong leader of a knight order, a freaking dragon in human form (not anymore though, thanks to her graduation), a pupil of the Grim Reaper himself, and a Nephilim capable of blanketing an entire city in either light or darkness with something as simple as a Badass Fingersnap, it's safe to assume that the world the hololive girls inhabit is this.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Sometimes during multiplayer collaborations, the girls will try to manipulate each other in order to win the game they're playing. Some more sneaky about it than others. Suisei's Project Winter collaboration with her friends? She was banking on it.
  • Your Size May Vary: Since the 3D models are based on a combination of the character's artwork and the performer's real body, their heights may not be consistent canon. For example, Kanata's 3D model is noticeably taller than Watame's despite Watame being 2 cm taller, while Mio towers over nearly everyone despite officially being 155 cm tall (at least until the official site changed it to 165 cm with heels and discounting her wolf ears).

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