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"Scene 3: Daphne Rubin-Vega plays Mimi. In 'Boheme', she's a sweet, shy seamstress. Now, she's a CRACK-HEAD, NYMPHOMANIAC PROSTITUTE! YEAH!"
Forbidden Broadway parody of RENT

Good news! You've acquired the rights to remake that classic work you dearly loved as a child into a brand-new movie/novelisation/TV series/comicbook/whatever. But hold on; looking at the original again, you realize something. Shockingly, there's No Hugging, No Kissing—not even sexual tension or a gratuitous bikini shot. Well, that will never do—surely people only ever watch TV for the sex, right? And what'll keep the parents entertained? There's only one thing for it: you'll have to make it Hotter and Sexier.

Firstly, all female characters get Stripperiffic outfits, while all men get one Shirtless Scene after another. Then add some "Witty Banter" between the lead characters about penis size, some bow-chicka-bow-wow, a "manly" hero and a Chaste Sidekick who's a stupid and innocent virgin, a Ms. Fanservice with Gag Boobs and no nudity taboo. Heck, why not go all the way and chuck everyone in bed together and say it's just you making the series more mature.


Unsurprisingly, fans tend to dislike remakes that use this Tone Shift for several reasons. Firstly, these are characters that people have cherished since childhood, and it can be very disturbing to see them suddenly start making masturbation jokes. Secondly, some people feel awkward about blatant innuendos in children's shows, especially when they are so blatant that the clean meaning is harder to find than the dirty one. Third, it can seem insulting to both the viewers and to the franchise. It seems to be saying both that "Viewers Are Morons—they won't watch a show unless it has sex in it!" and "this show is so terrible that if we don't chuck some cheap titillation in, no one'll watch it!". Finally, given that the sex is effectively added as an afterthought, it can often feel badly taped on, especially when the content is the result of Executive Meddling.


It's not always a bad thing. Some creators originally planned for their work to include lots of sex, only for it to be nixed by the Moral Guardians. Older works that were raunchy and risque at the time may not be as the times have changed, so to keep the same feel the sexual themes are exaggerated more than the original. As a result, when the work gets remade in a new, less restrictive media (such as TV to film, or anime to manga), the creator can restore what was cut before, with the advantage that this time, the content is properly integrated with the story.

It's not always bad when applied to costumes either. Sure, most of the time it's disheartening or trashy, but sometimes the design just looks better and sleeker.

A Super-Trope to Sexy Whatever Outfit.

A Sister Trope to Sex Sells.

Parallel to Darker and Edgier, Lighter and Softer, Bloodier and Gorier, Denser and Wackier and Younger and Hipper.

See also Avoid the Dreaded G Rating and Rated M for Money. Rule 34 cranks this Up to Eleven. If a single specific character gets this, see Historical Beauty Update, Fanservice Pack, Adaptational Attractiveness, or Adaptational Skimpiness. Going in the opposite direction will get you Tamer and Chaster, Bleached Underpants or Adaptational Modesty.


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  • The freaking Sun Maid Raisin Girl has gotten this treatment. Seriously, see for yourself.
  • The Wendy's logo depicts a little girl who looks like Pippi Longstocking. The commercials portray her as a young adult.
  • Viagra commercials in the late 90s consisted of former US Senator Bob Dole telling men that ED was a perfectly normal condition and there was no reason to be ashamed of having it. Twenty years later, they consist of a variety of hot, flirtatious women in suggestive outfits.
  • Some of YTV's advertisements for its shortlived teen-oriented block "Limbo" used this trope, compared to the normal child and family-oriented programming on the lineup. An ad for Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married tells the viewer to get past the British accents in order to see "lots of skin" while focusing on shirtless guys and hookup scenes throughout, while another ad for Opposite Sex calls the male protagonist a "lucky bastard" (bleeped) as we see him surrounded by scantily-clad girls in a changing room.

    Anime and Manga 
  • In Arachnid, which was filled with fanservice and disservice, Dinoponera was noticeably portrayed under the Magic Skirt rule. No pantyshots or any nudity from her. Then the spinoff Caterpillar, which was published on a seinen magazine and had defined nudity on female characters (with at least two of them fighting in the nude), had a reprise of Dinoponera's debut towards the end and suddenly she has multiple panty shots. Blattodea went back to a shonen magazine but manages to be at least as raunchy as Caterpillar, and Dinoponera is stark naked when she is reintroduced.
  • Battle Royale started as a novel and movie with a bit of UST and one Attempted Rape, along with an interrupted sex scene that's stopped before the two involved go all the way. When this became a manga, however, it gained masses of violent, bloody rape of people living, dying, and dead.
  • The Bikini Warriors OVAs come with a "Hyper Sexy" version of 6 of the TV series episodes, which gives them a more explicit retouch, including leaving the girls fully naked with no censorship in a couple of scenes. And that's without considering the OVAs themselves, which features some on-screen yuri and breast-licking.
  • The original Birdy the Mighty manga was a Shōnen series that subjected Birdy to Barbie Doll Anatomy. The remake is a Seinen one with Birdy being subjected to Adaptational Skimpiness and depicting her with nipples.
  • Blassreiter was already a not-so-kiddy version of Kamen Rider, Blassreiter -genetic- manga does the aforementioned things and adds nudity and some sex scenes (NOT Implied type, the softcore porn type) for good measure. Yet it had a bit of a Lighter and Softer appeal to it.
  • In Blue Seed Beyond, the 3-episode OVA sequel to the television series, main character Momiji goes from having accidental panty shots to full-blown Fanservice. The other girls in the show got the same treatment, as well as them being designed to look more mature and with more curves. And the story line is about a new female character that is pure fanservice.
  • In the original manga of Chrono Crusade, Aion is a creep, but treats all the women in his group with respectful but platonic feelings, and while he delights in screwing with the minds of his enemies, he leaves their bodies alone. The anime version has him Forceful Kissing Rosette not once, but twice and attempt to rape another female member of her True Companions, plus several scenes in which he purrs seductively into a character's ear.
  • In Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, the Star Children conception between the partner was more symbolic rather than actual sex. The anime adaptation of the first game attempts to lead the viewer on that actual sex may occur through frequent ecchi scenarios, even after a fakeout in the second episode which confirms actual sex isn't needed for Star Children conception.
  • Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally, a manga spinoff of Code Geass that had Nunnally receiving a Geass along with Lelouch, had more fanservice then you can shake a stick at. Not to say Code Geass wasn't hot and sexy, but seems like the manga was specifically playing to the tune of the guys who read it.
  • Cursed Sword Master has a web-novel where the early chapters barely get to Bathtub Bonding. The manga has full-blown sexual intercourse on screen, especially chapter 4.5 that gets as explicit as manga can get without going all the way to hentai.
  • Of all the Cutey Honey adaptations, New Cutey Honey has the major amount of Fanservice and nudity, especially with the numerous transformation sequences of the heroine.
  • The DARLING in the FRANXX anime may have a lot of sexual metaphors/undertones, but the manga adaptation crosses into ecchi territory with uncensored nudity.
  • A reverse case: The first Devil Hunter Yohko OAV had scenes that bordered on softcore porn, like a Brainwashed and Crazy Osamu's Attempted Rape of Yohko. However, the OAV after that one were Lighter and Softer to make it more appealing to younger audiences.
  • Poor Dog Days. Sweet, innocent little Dog Days... while it always had some fanservice in it, it really jumped up a large bit in the second season. By the way, everyone's 13-16 years old (mostly 14 and a possible 12).
  • The Don't Meddle with My Daughter! manga is borderline hentai as it is, but still it dared to go further, after the series ended the author, Nozomu Tamaki, went on make some Doujinshi out it; these self-published extended epilogues (they happen after the series end) contain more detailed portrayals of sex and penetration befitting of a hentai manga.
  • When Mitsuki Oosawa got the job of making a manga based on the Fire Emblem Jugdral games, she managed to get away with cranking up the sexiness in the storyline quite a bit, via several scenes in which the characters are shown either having sex (nothing that graphic, though, more like R-rated), right after sexy times, or having rather erotic fantasies about their romantic partners. E.g.: the scene in which Deirdre and Sigurd confess their mutual love has Sigurd hugging a wet and naked Deirdre who had been skinny-dipping before he came in, and they go through Their First Time right after their wedding; Raquesis and Eldigan are this close to have sex after recognizing their feelings for each other, only Eldigan's conscience stopping him form taking Raquesis' virginity and finally setting into a Last Kiss; Deirdre's train of thoughts before being Brainwashed and Crazy includes more than one mental image of Sigurd and herself naked in each other's arms, and Sigurd also fantasizes about her nude self after her kidnapping; Lex and Ayra decide to get married when they're naked in bed and few after having sex (also coupled with Lex showing Hidden Depths and almost crying into Ayra's naked bosom after his Past Experience Nightmares about his Missing Mom and his feud with Langobalt); and Raquesis and Finn have sex right after their love confession (this one is fully understandable since they're among the youngest members of the army, they go at it right before Finn leaves for Lester not knowing if he'll ever be back to her, and both of them were very emotionally exhausted after Eldigan's execution, with Finn being barely able to keep Raquesis from crossing the Despair Event Horizon).
  • Fairy Tail is well known for its fanservice, but it wasn't as prominent in its earlier years. Similar to One Piece, the ladies went from mostly just slim to incredibly curvy, and the author has shown less and less reservation about how much skin they show, with nudity now not too uncommon.
  • In Food Wars!, whenever an attractive character would eat really good food, the series would depict their enjoyment as their clothes dissolving off their bodies as they moan in pleasure, sometimes with a particular theme. After the first few chapters, the manga would depict this in one panel and move on. The anime, on the other hand, would linger on for 30 to 60 seconds each time.
  • The manga adaptation of From the New World includes far more gratuitous fanservice compared to the anime or the original novel, with far skimpier outfits for the female characters and several ecchi yuri scenes. While the original novel was more sexually explicit than the anime, the manga is considerably more fanservice-y than either, since the sex in the novel is not played especially for fanservice, and is instead described in an almost clinical fashion.
  • Green Green's anime was always risque, but the third omake, the final episode, and the Erolutions OVA (only released on DVD) take it to explicit territory. The former has a comical, but rather racy sex act depicted on-screen, and the latter is full-blown hentai. Of course, the anime was based on an Eroge to begin with.
  • Gundam SEED probably had more explicit scenes than all of the other Gundam series combined (especially in the Special Edition, where we get to see Kira getting out of bed after having comfort sex with Flay, then has flashbacks to such an event during battle). Being in an age where the Internet speeds up the pace of Rule 34 helps too.
  • Go Nagai is well-known for his risky, borderline hentai titles. Heck, his break-out title was the aptly titled Harenchi Gakuen (Lewd School). This one was still a shounen manga though and never went beyond being naughty. In the mid 90's however, a reboot called Heisei Harenchi Gakuen hit the shelves, which finally was a full-fledged cartoon porn.
  • Hanakoi Tsurane: Inverted. Although Nastuma Isaku was never a particularly explicit author, this manga has much more chaste romance compared to others. While in a lot of her works, the main couple get together fairly quickly and is shown to have an active sex life as soon as they get together, the protagonists of Hanakoi Tsurane take two volumes before they even kiss, even more for them to start dating and about double the time until they actually have sex.
  • Highschool of the Dead is already heavy on the fanservice, but still topped itself with the "Drifters of the Dead". Despite its 15min. runtime, it crams in so much in-your-face innuendo, that it borders on being softcore porn. Though the ending reveals they'd all been hallucinating.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry is a murder-mystery involving demons and survival, with some comic relief thrown here and there once in a while. But after the story being wrapped up in the anime, it seems to be getting this treatment with their fourth season, Higurashi Kira, filled with mindless fanservice.
  • While the Interspecies Reviewers manga is already pretty high in ecchi content due to the premise (a group of adventurers having sex with Cute Monster Girl prostitutes and writing reviews of their experiences), nobody is ever actually shown having sex; any scenes leading up to sex will immediately cut to the main characters' notes for their reviews, there is little explicit nudity and what nudity there is will be usually used as the source of jokes. The anime, on the other hand, does show sex scenes, which makes it magnitudes more ecchi than the original manga, to the point that the sex scenes are occasionally just a conveniently placed Scenery Censor or conveniently arranged angle away from being full on hentai. The anime was actually dropped by several streaming services and Japanese networks after a few episodes for being Too Hot for TV.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love is War:
    • Kaguya-sama is a rather tame series, especially for a seinen romcom. Its "Official Doujin" spin-off is literally built on putting the characters in fanservicey situations, and was written by someone who produced hentai of the series.
    • Not in the graphical sense, but late main series’ gags and conversation topics are much raunchier than what the early events ever had, talking about sex becomes more common place as questions pop up about what further steps should one take after hooking up, two gags on teen pregnancy happens, one outlandish misunderstanting of an innocent board game crafting as running a full blown drug cartel / prostitution ring, and so on.
  • After the initial arc of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, the fanservice gradually ramped up until eventually there was a fight scene where Barbie Doll Anatomy is the only thing that keeps one from immediately realizing the female character fighting is Going Commando.
  • The Little Busters!: Mask the Saito OVA, which moved a whole bunch of scenes between the girls that were originally set on the baseball field and placed them in the bathroom (while they all, bar Mio, were naked, of course) and added a couple of random shots of the girls in their underwear getting changed, too. All in all it added up to more fanservice than had been in place in the original VN and main anime combined.
  • The uncensored version of Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini contains far more fanservice and innuendo than most Lupin III Made-for-TV Movies. It contains several topless scenes, instances of near full-frontal nudity, and two instances of offscreen sex between Lupin and Fujiko.
  • Macross Frontier is this for the entire Macross franchise, in no small part thanks to Sheryl Nome. Sheryl wears probably the skimpiest outfits in the entire franchise and takes a rather different approach to the typical Idol Singer the franchise has become known for. Hell, one infamous moment has her exclaim that her breasts bring the galaxy hopes and dreams!
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
  • Mai-Otome:
    • The anime is this compared to My-HiME, with the entire setting being built from the ground up to encourage yuri antics.
    • Furthermore, its manga counterpart, had a number of non-canon Hentai chapters added to it. Even outside of the hentai chapters, the fanservice levels are turned Up to Eleven compared to the original anime (which has fanservice, but nowhere near as much). The storyline is also changed, making it more harem-like, which for the intended target audience could also be considered a form of Hotter and Sexier. The manga adaptation of My-HiME looks child-friendly compared to it.
    • Mai-Otome Zwei also levels up the fanservice from Mai-Otome, with the Furo Scene in episode 3 averting Barbie Doll Anatomy and skirting perilously close to the hentai line.
  • Maken-ki! has a harem sub-plot, which includes a fair amount of fanservice. It's mostly seen in the omake chapters about Usui's dreams, which become progressively risqué. The same can be said of the bonus art used as the preface pages for certain chapters, like the one that precedes chapter 45, as well as some of the promotional art for the series.
  • Mazinkaiser has more fanservice than any adaptation of Mazinger Z, especially episode 4, which has sexual humour and nudity.
  • Reversed with the Anime Mezzo Forte. The 2 Episode OVA featured full well animated sex scenes worthy of an adult rating. However, the television series cuts out the sex, but maintains some of the hardcore violence.
  • Hinata of all characters gets this treatment in Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja. Her alternate-universe self is more assertive, wears makeup and has ditched her baggy hoodie for a sleeveless sweater.
  • Inverted with Negima!?, Studio SHAFT's adaptation of Negima! Magister Negi Magi. The original is known for having a fair deal of fanservice, but this anime had none. It was still a good series, but it felt odd.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion, when moving from anime to manga, made Rei's shower scene (among others) more explicit by removing the Barbie Doll Anatomy and Scenery Censor that was used in the anime. Taking advantage of the R-rating, the movies get a bit of this as well, though not as explicit.
  • One Piece, where every adult female is either a gonk or a sex goddess in her own right. It didn't start out that way though. The most blatant example is Nami, as illustrated here. Part of this can be attributed to Art Evolution. Earlier in the series, everyone who wasn't explicitly fat or otherwise especially bulky was very gangly instead. As Oda's style changed, all characters got a little meatier, whether it meant more muscle definition for the men or more curves for the ladies. Additionally, though the incidents of fan service also increase, even as long-running female characters themselves get hotter, there are also more of them. For instance, by the Loguetown arc (end of the first saga), there were only five living female characters: Nami, Tashigi, Alvida, Kaya, and Nami's sister Nojiko, with only Alvida being fanservice-y, and amongst the men, only Sanji had ladykiller qualities. Contrast that to arcs like Fishman Island or Dressrosa, both of which have oodles of sexy ladies as background characters and as important secondary characters (Caimie, Shirahoshi, Sharley, Baby 5, Violet) and the introduction of many Bishonen-type characters, like Law or Cavendish.
  • In One-Punch Man, the original ONE webcomic has only a few key female characters appearing in and out of story, the most recurring ones, Tatsumaki and Fubuki, are never said to be particularly beautiful by other characters and ONE’s simple drawings don’t put the sisters on any Fanservice situation; Murata's manga adaptation on the other hand really makes use of his high grade art style to make pretty much all female characters in the series have varying degrees of titillation, Tatsumaki and Fubuki have their beauty in display in every panel with borderline skintight outfits, several daring cover pages that has Fubuki posing as if during a photoshoot session, like a gravure model; also if a new batch of heroes that didn’t exist in ONE’s version happen to have a new female amongst them, it’s very likely she will be a very alluring woman as well.
  • While the Pokémon anime can come off as this, the Pokémon manga The Electric Tale of Pikachu on the other hand is a definite example of this trope, giving most of the female characters large breasts and tight, revealing outfits.
  • Pokémon Adventures is this compared to the games, which feature almost no fanservice. There's more Male Gaze and some characters such as Blue and Gold are more flirty than most characters in the games.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica featured almost no sexual Fanservice of any kind besides a few moments of Barbie Doll Anatomy (and even then, all instances of it were removed for the Compilation Movie). Puella Magi Kazumi Magica, the first spinoff, dove straight into this; Kazumi's outfit shows more skin than those of all the girls of the original series put together, and early stories feature a Naked First Impression and Kazumi failing to conjure up a skirt. Given that the main characters remained middle-school-age, this aspect was somewhat disconcerting, and the likely reason for why the later Puella Magi Oriko Magica and Different Story reverted to the series's standard of "no fanservice outside of Ship Tease" (though they certainly didn't shy away from gore).
  • The anime of Rosario + Vampire has more Fanservice than the manga. It is completely overused and abused in the anime, to the extent that the writers sacrificed the entire plot and Character Development of the original manga in favour of breast and panty shots. Cue cries of outrage from fans of the manga.
  • The anime adaptation of Sgt. Frog inverts this; while there's still some Fanservice, it's a lot more toned down in comparison to the original manga. Even the art style is modified to look more family-friendly.
  • Shimoneta: The anime adaptation quickly gained notoriety due to Anna and her "Love Nectar" being used regularly throughout the series. The manga only contained one such scene.
  • The spinoff/Alternate Continuity Slayers manga, The Hourglass of Falces, is probably the closest the series gets to this trope (even if it isn't the series proper). Basically, there's actually a decent plot that makes sense, and two major characters who didn't appear outside the novels (Luke and Milina) appear, but it usually falls under the shadow of the sheer amount of BOOBIES. The canonically-busty Princess Amelia gets an outfit switch that includes a short skirt flaunting a pair of panties and has the Boobs of Steel trope taken Up to Eleven, Milina's outfit changes entirely into a skimpy ensemble, and Lina makes up her flat-chested status for panty shots. Also, the Tagalong Kid for this manga, Noa, is a living stack of Fetish Fuel (enormous breasts, short skirt, and wets herself in fear in one scene). Add a lot of Skinship Grope, and you've got one hell of a racy spinoff...
  • Tenchi Muyo! GXP might be this compared to its preceding series. In one episode, even though it was only a holographic disguise, "Amane"'s outfit was so revealing that even Emma Frost would blush at it. This also led to a bit of WTH, Casting Agency? in the dub. Seina's mother looks to be in her late 30s to mid 40s and is a bit on the heavy side, but she has a voice that makes her sound like a woman half her age and thus appearance.
  • With To Love-Ru as fanservice-laden as it is, one would consider it impossible for this trope to apply any further, yes? No. To Love Ru Darkness is even more fanservice-heavy than ever from page one, with more nudity (it's not an exaggeration to say that not one chapter goes by without a girl's breasts and nipples visible or complete nudity making extreme use of well placed censorship), Rito's Accidental Pervert antics cracked up to the extreme and many scenes where Yabuki sneaks in glimpses of the girls' vaginas. Basically, Darkness goes from the simple Ecchi to one step short of Hentai! (In Taiwan, Darkness is outright slapped with an R18 sticker and sold in such sections).

  • As proof that this Trope is much Older Than They Think, artwork depicting scenes in Classical Mythology is often used as an excuse for nude art, even if this would be completely out of character for the subject being portrayed.
    • One very common "offender" is the Judgment of Paris. From the Middle Ages onward, all three goddesses are typically depicted nude in art, despite the fact that they were not trying to seduce Paris, and it only fits Aphrodite's character. (The opportunity for three female nudes was a large part of the attraction of the subject.)
    • The Three Graces are subject to this too more often than not; Renaissance masters like Raphael and Charles-André van Loo have featured them in nude art, and the trend goes back even further, as explained by Greek poet Pausanias:
      "Who it was who first represented the Graces naked, whether in sculpture or in painting, I could not discover. During the earlier period, certainly, sculptors and painters alike represented them draped. At Smyrna, for instance, in the sanctuary of the Nemeses, above the images have been dedicated Graces of gold, the work of Bupalus; and in the Music Hall in the same city, there is a portrait of a Grace, painted by Apelles. At Pergamus likewise, in the chamber of Attalus, are other images of Graces made by Bupalus; and near what is called the Pythium there is a portrait of Graces, painted by Pythagoras the Parian. Socrates too, son of Sophroniscus, made images of Graces for the Athenians, which are before the entrance to the Acropolis. Also, Socrates was known to have destroyed his own work as he progressed deeper into his life of philosophy and search of the conscious due to his iconoclastic attitude towards art and the like. All these are alike draped; but later artists, I do not know the reason, have changed the way of portraying them. Certainly, to-day sculptors and painters represent Graces naked."

    Comic Books 
  • In addition to making everyone Younger and Hipper, Ultimate Marvel did this for almost all of its female characters, not to mention how everyone Really Gets Around and there are far more sexually charged storylines.
  • WildStorm's horribly misjudged ThunderCats revival, which included amongst other things an aged-up (but still in their teens) Wilykit and Wilykat becoming Mumm-Ra's sex slaves. Cheetara was chained provocatively to a wall in her first appearance, with the insinuation she'd been raped by the mutants.
  • Pictured above is Zenescope Entertainment's Grimm Fairy Tales, with the comic in question obviously centering around Little Red Riding Hood (although she isn't so little anymore). The wolf actually turns out to be the former lover of the teenaged Red. In the end, this story is merely a teenager's Dream Sequence based on her fight with a boyfriend who wanted to have sex with her.
    As a whole, Grimm Fairy Tales is a subversion — sure, all covers feature attractive women in fetishized costumes of fairy tales characters, or with those characters, but stories themselves are mostly modern versions of fairy tales, rather Darker and Edgier than Hotter and Sexier.
  • Comic book artist J. Scott Campbell has been producing "Fairy Tale Fantasies", an annual pin-up calendar series that features female characters from various Disney/Mother Goose fairy tales in decidedly skimpier outfits and sporting more comic book-proportioned figures.
  • Happened to the second Wonder Girl, once she moved from Young Justice to Teen Titans. This is how she was looking in her Young Justice days. This is her current look.
  • Done in Green Lantern Corps. Sheriff Mardin was originally an overweight woman in a trenchcoat. In the New 52, she's a lot skinnier and is now a Purple-Skinned Space Babe and wears a tank top.
  • Speaking of the New 52:
    • The sexuality of traditional Ms. Fanservices Catwoman and Starfire (in ''Red Hood'') have been ramped up significantly. Notably, Amanda Waller also had a major redesign to slim her down when she has never been a particularly attractive woman (in either looks or personality). DC later toned down Starfire into something more similar to her portrayal in the Teen Titans cartoon.
    • Similar to Waller, Ma Hunkel/Red Tornado I has apparently also been revised to no longer be a slightly overweight middle aged housewife/grandmother, with her crossdressing theme seemingly removed. Though, she's apparently now a composite of Ma Hunkel and her granddaughter Maxine, better known as Cyclone, who didn't share Ma's appearance.
    • The male characters are getting it a little, too. Jay Garrick and Alan Scott, as part of the Younger and Hipper reboot in Earth2, both went from senior heroes to young and very attractive (as drawn by Nicola Scott, who gives the readers plenty of Female Gaze). Superman's facial features have been reworked, making him look more youthful and cute.
    • Inverted, though, with Supergirl, whose Leotard of Power shows a lot of leg but otherwise has been notably downplayed in favour of a more ordinary teenaged girl look; Power Girl, who for about a year had a much more modest costume that even lacked her infamous "boob window"; and the Star Sapphires in the Green Lantern books, whose new costumes aren't nearly as Stripperiffic as the old ones.
    • Harley Quinn was always a bit fanservicey considering she was a Perky Female Minion; however, most of the time she was completely covered up. She rarely appeared without her harlequin costume, her face coated in makeup, or even her hat off. Batman: Arkham Series started the trend of Harley without the hat and in skimpy outfits. The New 52 embraced this and got rid of her traditional outfit for Girlish Pigtails 100% of the time and casual clothing (often with a midriff baring shirt and short shorts) instead of a costume. Adaptations such as Suicide Squad (2016), Injustice: Gods Among Us, and DC Super Hero Girls use the more fanservicey outfit, however Justice League Action uses her classic clothes.
  • In the '80s, Peter Riverstone did this with The Bible stories where every notable woman has an Impossible Hourglass Figure that would shame Jessica Rabbit from their perfectly cherubic faces, perfectly set triple-Ds, washboard abs, a matching ass and the long legs of a runway model that don't even need heels to stand that way compared to every notable man being built like Superman with a permanent Raging Stiffie, which in Holophernes's case could literally impale a woman to death! Stories like "Judith and Holophernes" and "Thamara and Judah" would be certainly memorable this way.
  • Dynamite Entertainment has made a comic adaptation of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, which is by far more similar to the book than the TV adaptation. Particularly, comic Catelyn is younger and hotter than her TV version.
  • Archie Comics usually portrays the characters in a chaste manner (with the main trio explicitly being celibate according to a 70s comic, and sexuality beyond a PG manner being rare). In the 2010s they began drifting away from this image:
    • Archie vs. Predator is a parody of slasher films. It features all the overly sexual tendencies that slasher works are known for.
    • Afterlife with Archie uses this mostly for Fan Disservice. For example, the twins Cheryl and Jason Blossom are involved in twincest, though whether it's sexual or not is not mentioned and it's heavily implied to be abusive.
    • The Archie Comics (2015) reboot is designed to be more realistic and contemporary than the classic continuity. The characters still don't have sexual relations in the reboot, but the topic at least gets suggested.
    • The Josie and the Pussycats reboot which goes with the 2015 reboots uses this trope even more than the other rebooted comics. The characters are in their mid-twenties, unlike previous depictions or the high school Archie characters, which gives the writers the ability to write them as having active sex lives. It is suggested that Melody Really Gets Around instead of just being a Dude Magnet while Josie and Alan have had sex.
  • Despite already being one of the most provocatively dressed stars in comic books, Harris Comics began the process of making Vampirella's costume more and more like "Dental Floss" as Trina Robbins said.
  • X-Men: Phoenix – Legacy of Fire is an alternate take on the X-Men, or more specifically Jean Grey, that focus entirely on scantily-clad female characters caught in risque situations and cramming as much fanservice as possible. The comic was originally published with a normal PG rating, but after the first issue, execs most likely realized they were publishing soft-core porn that the two following issues were released with a Marvel MAX brand, bumping it for mature audiences.
  • Nightmares on Elm Street: Taryn's outfit in the dream world is even skimpier than her badass leather outfit in the third movie.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes has had two instances of this:
    • When Mike Grell redesigned the team's costumes, everyone was more Stripperiffic. Saturn Girl's original costume covered her up entirely and wasn't even drawn to be skintight, but Grell's redesign is essentially a bikini (a later issue (after Saturn Girl had reverted to her original costume) had her actually use it as a bikini at the beach), Cosmic Boy's costume changed colour so that it matches his skin and gave the appearance that he was naked, Phantom Girl got a shutter-style Cleavage Window, and Princess Projectra ran around in a bikini.
    • The Retroboot Legion, who are basically the original Legion up to a certain point in their history (though they had gone back to their regular costumes by this point), had this in spades compared to their previous incarnation, the Threeboot Legion. Shadow Lass was back to a bikini, and Phamtom Girl's costume actually got more fanservice-y than her Grell outfit, as it was now skintight on top of her cleavage window.
  • X-23 was introduced in X-Men: Evolution as a child. When made a Canon Immigrant, she was age lifted up into a teenager and given a Race Lift. Laura in the comics is portrayed in a much more fanservicey goth-ish way than her original incarnation and usually bares her midriff. She also has Rape as Backstory elements not present in the cartoon.
  • The RoboCop franchise doesn't really have much in the way of fanservice. Given Avatar Press released Frank Miller's RoboCop, it should come as no surprise that there's a lot more scantily-clad women there.
  • AC Comics' Femforce has Golden Age characters Miss Victory and Yankee Girl, whose costumes have been updated to match the stripperiffic tone of the series.
  • Star Fems, also by AC Comics, features Planet Comics heroines Mysta of the Moon, Gale Allen, and Futura. While all three wore stripperiffic attire in their original stories, Star Fems puts them in tighter, even skimpier outfits.

    Fan Works 

    Film — Animation 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Every single Uwe Boll adaptation of every videogame. Particularly Alone in the Dark (2005), which was changed from a Lovecraftian detective story to a poor man's version of The Matrix. But with more sex.
  • Happens with a lot of adaptations of Dracula, in particular Bram Stoker's Dracula, as it was Truer to the Text (probably because the Lugosi version that became the benchmark is based on Hamilton Deane's play, and not Bram Stoker's book).
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (which appropriately enough was a Follow the Leader situation from Bram Stoker's Dracula) adds in a passionate sex scene for Victor and Elizabeth's wedding night. Victor also finds a lot of reasons to walk around shirtless.
  • Paint Your Wagon greatly rewrote the original musical play, adding subplots about prostitution and wife-sharing.
  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief did this with Grover. In the book, he was shy and introverted with self-esteem issues. The movie turned him into a sex crazed maniac and played up the lust in Percy and Annabeth's romance.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides to the franchise and Disney in general; it's the very first Disney film to mention sexual content (though not in those words) in the MPAA's reason for giving it a PG-13 rating.
  • Red Riding Hood is a great example of this (as well as Darker and Edgier), what with all the bondage-gear pseudo-medieval clothing and rolling about in the snow.
  • There's more nudity and related fanservice in the third Riddick movie than in previous installments, including from Riddick himself.
  • The Scooby-Doo movies. Freddy in Daphne's body feels himself. Shaggy in Velma's body looking up her own skirt too. Hilarity Ensues in both cases.
  • It's common for parody films such as such as the Scary Movie series and Austin Powers trilogy to feature more nudity and raunchier sex than the target material.
  • The film versions of The Dukes of Hazzard, which took a family-friendly comedy series (with a resident, though mild fanservice character) and turned it into a sex comedy, complete with a raunchier unrated DVD version and R-rated direct-to-DVD sequel. Several actors from the original series even went public with their complaints.
  • The Live-Action Adaptation of The Flintstones had Halle Berry as Fred's Sexy Secretary, with some lines that went beyond Parental Bonus. To prevent backlash, however, Wilma and Betty were not oversexualized, no matter what some fans thought about them.
  • The musical The Phantom of the Opera was already this compared to its source novel, but the movie of it is even more so - not to its benefit when it means the Phantom has been hit with severe Adaptational Attractiveness that makes all the talk of his hideousness prior to his unmasking moot.
  • The Three Musketeers (2011), starring Milla Jovovich as Action Girl fourth member Milady De Winter, who at one point rips off her overdress and has a petticoat cut as a Showgirl Skirt.
  • In the Transformers cartoon, Spike did have some dating issues. The movies made it more explicit and had plenty of fanservice shots of the love interests.
  • Who knew that Charles Xavier was a charming, Pretty Boy cad or that Erik Lehnsherr was a brooding, Tall, Dark, and Handsome "bad boy" during their youth? X-Men: First Class also provides the most scantily-clad females in the entire franchise. Inverted, surprisingly, with Mystique, who usually wears at least some form of clothing in First Class, whereas she spent basically the entirety of her time on-screen (as herself) entirely naked in all three of the previous movies.
  • Zapped!, the 1982 Scott Baio sex comedy, was originally filmed as a more family-friendly PG-rated movie. However, following the box office success of Porky's, parts of Zapped! were refilmed to increase the amount of nudity and to intentionally earn an R-rating. These changes led to an official complaint from actress Heather Thomas and gave the movie a Troubled Production.
  • The Hunger Games:
    • In the book, the yellow dress that Katniss wears at her final interview was supposed to be girlish and understated with a high, modest cut. In the movie, while not designed to overtly flaunt sex appeal, the dress's design is more mature than what's described in the book.
    • Inverted with Glimmer's dress. In the book, she's described as wearing a translucent golden dress. However, in the movie, she girlishly bounces out on stage in a puffy white dress.
  • Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell had some gratuitous nudity added in compared to the previous ones. And then this is taken one step beyond with Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled, or as put by Deusdaecon's review, "Wishmaster 4: The Porn Version", where the very first scene after the opening text is the protagonist having sex with her boyfriend.
  • The Way He Looks is a Brazilian Coming-of-Age Story Queer Romance focusing on a blind teen figuring out his sexuality after falling for the New Transfer Student that befriends him. The movie is based on a 15 minutes short called Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (in English: "I Don't Want to Go Back Alone"), which only goes as far as a kiss in the end of the video. The film however, dives deep into Leo's developing sexuality and Leo and Gabriel's genuine sexual attraction to each other, includes a shower scene in which Gabriel looks and analyzes Leo's naked body and has Leo masturbating with Gabriel's sweater.
  • Sleepaway Camp had two sequels that were more explicit in their sex and nudity for two main factors: money, and the fact that they could legally do it with their Dawson Casting compared to the original which used real young teenagers.
  • The 2002 TV movie Sherlock: Case of Evil is a hotter and sexier version of Sherlock Holmes, transforming the great detective from a celibate misogynist into a sexy ladies' man who sleeps with no fewer than four different women over the course of this one movie (two of them at the same time).
  • In-universe in Darling Lili. The song "I'll Give You Three Guesses" is first performed as one of Lili's Silly Love Songs in her routine - where she's wearing a frilly and conservative dress. The Dark Reprise has it turning into a striptease.
  • Two in-universe examples in The Cabin in the Woods:
    • The controllers use pheromones to influence Kurt and Jules to have sex in the woods, and for Jules to show her breasts when she wouldn't have otherwise.
    • The board of potential monsters has a distinction between 'witches' and 'sexy witches'.
  • Gus Van Sant's 1998 shot-for-shot remake of Hitchcock's Psycho is this. The only real differences between the remake and the original are that the remake sex and nudity added, such as a shot of Norman masturbating and a gratuitous scene of Viggo Mortensen's butt.
  • 1970s Brazil, which saw the emergence of the Sex Comedy genre "pornochanchada", had a few spoofing Hollywood blockbusters: The Godfather inspired The Studfather and The Godfather's Son, The Exorcist was followed by Sexual Nightmare of a Virgin and The Women Exorcist, and Jaws had Bacalhau (where one of the many women in bikinis comes from the sea smiling, waves thankfully to the killer fish, and then says "he ate me", followed by some Bow Chicka Wow Wow music).
  • Troll 2: In-Universe, Creedence uses her magic to turn her (human) appearance young and beautiful in order to help her seduce Brent.
  • The New Mutants: Downplayed. While the film contains no explicit sex scenes, there is more explicit discussion of sex than is common for the franchise, with Rahne confessing to masturbation, Roberto's powers triggering whenever he becomes aroused, Toplessness from the Back occurring for both Dani and Rahne (then them kissing outside). While neither hot nor sexy, Illyana's backstory features her being used as a Sex Slave by Russian mobsters, subject matter that previous films had never touched.
  • In TRON: Legacy, the costumes are a lot more attractive, tighter and revealing than in the original film. Casting Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett really helps.

  • This trope has been applied to the periodic table of elements by a female Japanese university professor.
  • Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess: In the original comic, when Lucrezia decides to "admire" Agatha's body, she strips down to her skivvies. Here, she strips down completely.
  • When Lewis Carroll's heroine from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is portrayed as a teenager or adult in a work of modern fiction, she is likely to get this treatment and Xenafication.
  • While the overall tone of Heroes isn't shy about its Fanservice or the number of characters who hook up or have had illegitimate children, Hiro's TV character is written as a very pure, romantic, nigh-asexual man (in contrast to his buddy Ando). In the Tie-In Novel Saving Charlie, however, Hiro "gets pretty randy" by admission of his actor, Masi Oka. A classic example of Tropes Are Tools, as many fans loved Hiro precisely because he's awkwardly earnest and a sincere knight-in-shining-armor wannabe.
  • Hunter Steele's novel "Lord Hamlet's Castle" is this to Hamlet.
  • The Nancy Drew Files is this to the original series, with Ned and Nancy making out quite often, and it being described more sensually and in greater detail. This series also had much more emphasis on romance and relationships in general—not just Nancy's and Ned's, but also those of other characters—than any other Nancy Drew series.
  • The Hardy Boys Casefiles, the Spear Counterpart to the Nancy Drew Files, counts as well. The romance isn't played up as much for the Hardys as it is for Nancy, but makeout sessions between the boys and their girlfriends, or sometimes the Girl of the Week, are referenced or at least implied or alluded to (usually with a Sexy Discretion Shot), and both of them have deeper relationships with their girlfriends than they do in other series.
  • The tie-in novels, The Rise of Kyoshi and The Shadow of Kyoshi are more overtly sexual than the rest of the Avatar franchise. There are some pretty erotic scenes between Kyoshi and Rangi in the first book but the second ups the sex even more. Kuruk sleeps with one of his maids in a flashback, although no actual sex is shown. While there are other half-siblings in the franchise, notably Toph's daughters Lin and Suyin, the implications about having multiple extramarital sexual partners are glossed over. All that's said is that they have different dads and Lin's dad was a nice guy named Kanto but things didn't work out between him and Toph. Fire Lord Zoryu has a bastard half-brother whom is specifically called his bastard half-brother. Kyoshi even meets said brother's mother who regales her about their passionate extramarital love affair. Zoryu also tells Kyoshi he assumes he has other half-siblings out there that he's never met.
  • The first season of Pretty Dudes is very tame compared to the seasons that followed, but the novelization of the season ramps up the sex to eleven, with Zario hooking up in flashbacks and the present, giving a particular Adaptational Context Change to his book-ending decision to skip town with Jay.
  • The publisher Monarch Books released novelizations for the European kaiju movies Reptilicus, Gorgo, and Konga, all of which featured explicit sex scenes completely absent from the actual films, to the point that they seem like soft-core pornography that also has a monster attacking in the background. This is particularly egregious with Gorgo, which had a Canon Foreigner as the female love interest because the film had no women characters.
  • Star Wars: Lost Stars: The manga adaptation depicts several young male characters as pretty boys, female characters (especially Ciena and Jude) have some generous Male Gaze and even partial nudity when Ciena is taking a shower.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Some Game Shows are pretty guilty of this. Examples:
    • Family Feud: Progressively, starting (to an extent) the Ray Combs version, but never more so than when Steve Harvey became host in 2010. Euphemisms for "penis" and "masturbate" are seen almost every day.
    • Match Game: Starting with the 1973 daytime version, where "boobs" was the most frequently uttered no-no, although double-entendre — many of them euphemisms for various sex terms — were uttered nearly every day. The original NBC run was rather sedate, although it had its share of humor.
    • Lingo, starting with the Bill Engvall-hosted reboot, has used almost nothing but double-entendre answers. In fact, the show is now rated TV-14 because of the dirty clues.
    • The crossover show 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown features more ribald humour and uncensored profanity than the teatime staple.
  • The Bee Woman from Kamen Rider series. In her original appearance she's just a random Monsters of the Week who is rather plain and unattractive. Now in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010 she was portrayed by Nao Oikawa and given much more seductive outfit. She also now became the Dark Chick.
  • Doctor Who:
    • While relatively subtle, the Pertwee era as opposed to the Hartnell and Troughton eras (although the companions had been used quite frequently for fanservice right from the start). UST with mini-skirted female sidekicks is virtually omnipresent and the Doctor himself goes from being relatively asexual and eccentrically-dressed to a charming Sharp-Dressed Man with a Cool Car and a bit of a Tuxedo and Martini vibe. In the Third Doctor's first story he not only has a Shower Scene as an Establishing Character Moment but gets Liz to stab the Brigadier in the back on his behalf by flirting with her, something that's virtually impossible to imagine the First or Second Doctor doing. He also has a little Implied Love Interest plotline with his companions, subtle as it is compared to what the show would do in the 21st Century. The Tom Baker years remove the suaveness, but carry on with the UST, and add in a lot more dirty jokes than ever before. Baker, at the time, was a very prolifically sexual person, and as the Meta Casting elements of his tenure increased, the Doctor developed more of a sexuality to the point where it was normal for him to sniff Sarah Jane's hair, stroke Leela's thighs or furious masturbate a ship console as a Funny Background Event. By the 80s this was all gone, due in part to fanboy insistence that the character should be asexual.
    • Executive Meddling enforced this on Liz's run as companion. She starts in "Spearhead from Space" in stylish but fairly prim clothes. In "Doctor Who and the Silurians" she was told she had to let her hair down and wear a miniskirt, and they'd wanted her to stay in the miniskirt even though the script involves her going potholing (Jon Pertwee thought it was as stupid as she did and intervened). By "Inferno" there's a sexy Nazi Mirror Universe Liz as well. Caroline John has implied in interviews that much of this was because the showrunners were intimidated by her real-life intelligence.
    • The Silurians. Original series Silurians? Bulky, latexy, chinless and masculine with expressionless buggish eyes and permanently open mouths. New series Silurians? Sexy Matriarchy reptilians played by beautiful women in green makeup, with the recurring Silurian character of the new series being a mysterious lesbian detective-ninja in a corset.
    • Leela was promoted to a certain extent as being "for the dads" and the sexiest companion yet. She comes from a culture with mild Fetish Fuel Future elements and wears Stripperiffic leather clothing. Justified somewhat as she comes from a culture that was specifically bred to reflect the opposite of a sexually-repressed cult. At the time, it was heavily criticised as inappropriate in a children's show, but in hindsight she comes across as fairly tame.
    • The original series had a few scantily clad but wholesome companions, but double entendres and sex references were still kept under a tight rein. The revival is a bit more realistic, acknowledging that people might actually find an exotic time-traveling alien sexy. Nonetheless, double entendres have been kept to a minimum, as has implications of jiggery pokey in the TARDIS (and even then, the only direct reference to the Doctor in such a scenario is made by his wife). Plus the female companions tend to wear much more clothing than their original-series counterparts (Amy's occasional kissogram costume notwithstanding). The series has also become a bit more open regarding LGBT characters, with Jack Harkness providing the revival series' only true nude scene and first man-on-man snog. This is even lampshaded in the 50th anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor", where a past incarnation of the Doctor (who chronologically existed before the revived series) expresses shock at seeing his future self (Ten) snogging Elizabeth I.
    War Doctor: Is there a lot of this in the future?
    Eleventh Doctor: It does start to happen, yeah.
    • The Tenth Doctor and Eleventh Doctors subverted the archetype of the Doctor being an older paternal figure as only two of the eight pre-rival Doctors could be considered conventionally-attractive (the Fifth and Eighth). Not only were Ten and Eleven young and sexy, they got their fair share of female attention In-Universe, particularly the Tenth. The current fanbase had gotten so used to this type of Doctor that it caused some disappointment among the fangirls when the 55 year old Peter Capaldi was cast as the Twelfth Doctor, particularly this one.
  • Not only is Torchwood Darker and Edgier than Doctor Who, but it's also Hotter and Sexier. It was specifically created to be so in order to allow writers to tell stories set within the Whoniverse that the parent series would never be allowed to tell. As a result, while he can be referenced and characters from Torchwood and Doctor Who can and have crossed over into the parent show, the Doctor himself is banned from ever physically appearing on Torchwood.
  • MTV's Teen Wolf in comparison to the movie.
  • The second season of seaQuest DSV replaced several of the members of the cast with characters played by younger, sexier actors.
  • The Battlestar Galactica remake had a lot of this, but it was routinely buried by the massive piles of Darkness and Edge.
  • The presiding higher-ups tried to pull out all the stops when they did this to the Knight Rider remake in 2008. It backfired badly in terms of generating a long-term fanbase.
  • Trinity is basically a Hotter and Sexier version of traditional "OxBridge" set dramas.
  • The TNT series Rizzoli & Isles, based on a series of books by author Tess Gerritsen, has cast the gorgeous Angie Harmon in the title role, despite the fact that in the books, Rizzoli is frequently described as either plain or average looking and with an irrational dislike for beautiful women.
  • The Zorro Colombian-American telenovela, named Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa ("Zorro: The Sword and The Rose"). It's apparently based on the Isabel Allende book on the character, and sexual allusions and metaphors are NO strangers to Mrs. Allende's books.
  • Also, the Chilean telenovelas based on the book Martín Rivas and the Real Life of Chilean independence hero Manuel Rodríguez Erdoíza.
  • The Canadian version of So You Think You Can Dance notably pushes the envelope of how sexual dance routines can get.
  • CSI: Miami to the original CSI, as the innumerable shots of bikini girls per episode will remind you.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise was often promoted as a Hotter and Sexier version of Star Trek. Unfortunately the decontamination scenes, male pregnancies and endless shirtless men came off as more childish than mature.
  • This is the case with many of the adapted works that air on The CW, which has a reputation for using fanservice to draw in female and gay viewers who might not otherwise be interested in sci-fi or superhero shows:
  • The 1991 French TV film La Vénus à Lulu takes the old urban legend about a naked man who sleep walks out of his trailer and is then abandoned in the middle of nowhere when his family drives off without realizing he's gone and reworks it to have Venus (played by the lovely Caroline Laurence), a beautiful shapely blonde woman, sleepwalk completely naked out of her car en route to a vacation spot with her husband and then falls asleep completely naked in the middle of a field in Southern France while her husband drives off without her, unaware that she's gone, and when she wakes up she spends the rest of the feature enduring the Naked People Are Funny and Naked People Trapped Outside tropes as she desperately searches for clothes while also trying to avoid the complete (yet humorous) sexual humiliation of being caught naked by others, even as she is forced to rely on a young boy for help in protecting her nudity and dignity.
  • Once Upon a Time does this with some Disney characters.
    • The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs becomes rather infamous for her Absolute Cleavage outfits in the Enchanted Forest.
    • Maleficent goes from a green-skinned fairy to a stunning blonde woman - who again shows plenty of cleavage.
    • Ursula the sea witch goes from plump monster octopus woman to a slim, corseted Dark-Skinned Blond. Even when Regina impersonates Ursula, she has a corset on to emphasise her bust line.
    • Cruella de Ville in the Disney film was a skeletal thin harridan with a corpse-like face. She's portrayed more as a sexy Femme Fatale, who is also The Vamp. Interestingly enough this is closer to the original book.
  • The Casablanca TV series is a mild case — it is certainly more sexually frank than The Hays Code-era original, with bedroom scenes, overt references to prostitution, and revealingly-costumed belly dancers.
  • Game of Thrones: The show has more sex scenes than A Song of Ice and Fire, which has plenty of sexual content on its own. Some were only alluded to in the books, while others were created for the show. This is HBO after all.
    • The term "sexposition" was given to the show's frequent habit of adding sex or nudity to existing scenes of exposition, sometimes not even the main focus of the scene, but background noise.
    • Margaery Tyrell and Tyene Sand are specifically noted for looking pure, innocent, and virginal, whereas the show makes them prime sources of Fanservice. Margaery goes from a dubious virgin to an overt man-eater.
    • As a consequence of Age Lift, Sansa and Missandei get this as well. Sansa starts wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline, and Missandei gets a nude scene. In the books they're both still just kids.
    • Melisandre is considered sexy in the books, but in an off-putting way and we don't actually get much fanservice from her. In the show she's conventionally attractive and quicker to take her clothes off.
    • Robb Stark's romance and marriage (to a different character, but still not a Frey girl) is not explicitly described in the books. We hear from his mother that he returns married, that they are trying to produce an heir, but we aren't privy to their relationship. The TV adaptation provided us the impulsive, steamy sex and nudity from the young couple.
    • In the books, Oberyn is said to be an enthusiastic, bisexual lover, but the show makes his bisexual libido into a defining character trait, and the bulk of his scenes are in a bordello.
  • Westworld has significantly more sex and nudity than the PG-rated movie it's based on.
  • Isabelle's outfit in Pandemonium was rather conservative in City of Bones. In Shadowhunters it's much skimpier, and she even does a sexy dance to distract the demons.
  • Emerald City compared to the Land of Oz books:
    • The Witches in general are no longer old hags, but young women. The Witch of the West specifically runs a brothel and is introduced while engaged in a sex scene.
    • The Scarecrow has been adapted into Lucas, a Troubled, but Cute hunk who is introduced shirtless and has obvious sexual tension with Dorothy.
  • Victoria was promoted as a "hotter and sexier" biography of Queen Victoria, looking at her passionate nature in contrast to the usual staid and chaste biographies of the past. Ironically, although the final series does contain some somewhat frank references to sex, and there is no doubt as to what Victoria and Albert get up to in the bedroom, the series never actually takes things beyond PG. Instead, it broadsides viewers by spending the first half of its first season unexpectedly cranking the UST Up to Eleven between Victoria and her much-older prime minister, Lord Melbourne. (Leading to history buffs going to war over how much of this was actually Truth in Television.) There's even a scene in Season 1 where Victoria takes a bath fully clothed; while this too was truth in television, if ever a modern-day production airing post-watershed in the UK had licence to show a bit of skin, a bathing scene would have been appropriate. As of the end of Series 2 the only nudity in the series has been a quick flash of some male backsides during a skinny dipping scene.
  • Charmed around the third season (due to Executive Meddling demanding "more skin"). The sisters' outfits gradually became more fashionable and figure-flattering, Piper's club allowed plenty of scenes where they were dolled up, and more sex scenes came into the plot. The fifth season took it Up to Eleven, featuring many a Cute Monster Girl, and many plots where the sisters would be turned into them (and thus requiring a sexy outfit). The actresses eventually protested against this, and it was toned down for the eighth season.
  • The White Queen: The Starz telecast of this miniseries contains more nudity and more sex scenes than in The BBC edition.
  • Inverted for Ghost Whisperer. Melinda's infamously sexy wardrobe for Season 1 had to be toned down afterwards because the clothes were too expensive.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand is this to the Spartacus (though that was quite explicit for its time). Nudity features in nearly every episode, there are plenty of scenes featuring sexual gatherings at Roman parties, and the gladiators are notably lacking many clothes.
  • Blade: The Series had more instances of female nudity than the film series it was based on, especially in the uncut version released on DVD.
  • The Austin City Limits episode featuring Janelle Monae is rated TV-MA for this reason, whereas most episodes of the program had been rated TV-PG. Perhaps Monae's sexy backup dancers had something to do with it, though the sexual nature of the songs she chose for her setlist are more obviously culpable, even if F-bombs are muted.
  • This was invoked by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. The first season of the show had several episodes that were filmed in "censored" and "uncensored" versions, with the latter only showing up in international pay-per-view airings. Among the differences were scenes that were filmed to show nudity, such as Ned glimpsing Veronica bathing nude and the later Dress Hits Floor scene in "More Than Human". This was changed from the latter half of the first season once the uncensored episodes failed to gain any traction.
  • Adora's relationship with men in Sharp Objects. In the book, she seems to have no interest in sex, and she and her husband Alan are not even physically affectionate with each other. In the series, they have aggressive sex after an argument (a level of passion that Adora never even bothered with), and Adora is heavily implied to be having an affair with Chief Vickery, which was also not present in the book.
  • Brave New World: The series adds lots of sex scenes which weren't in the book (those were largely left vague, of course, since it was in 1932, and even so the novel received frequent bans), although it's justified in showing New London's libertinism.

  • Nelly Furtado's first two albums were kinda experimental pop/folk, normal clothing... then Loose had her singing R&B/hip-hop, some with suggestive titles like "Promiscuous" and "Maneater", and sexy wardrobe. Giving birth between those albums helped her body to get good enough for those tight pants. It's downplayed however because, as critics have noted, she did not resort to just wearing underwear or grinding like some of her contemporaries.
  • The K-Pop group T-ara did two music videos of their song, "Bo Peep Bo Peep". The 19+ version is basically softcore porn... Some think it's still "not porny enough" compared to Western music videos going the same way, but then again, this is South Korea we're talking about.
    • Then there is Hyuna, whose sexy solo career has more views on Youtube than when she is working as part of 4minute, her teaser video for What's Your Name has more views than her entire group combined which says the Hotter and Sexier direction is well received.
  • Hilary Duff is a downplayed case. Her music has gotten hotter and sexier over time, and many critics have noted that it is strange to hear her sing things like "Reach out and touch me", but she still wears the same type of clothing from her Lizzie McGuire days.
  • Miranda Cosgrove is starting this with her EP, High Maintenance. Note the last track of the EP, as it's just that.
  • Miley Cyrus went there the moment she started Party In The USA. Special mention goes to Wrecking Ball.
  • Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D'angelo.
  • Lovage did this when they covered Berlin's "Sex (I'm A)". The Lovage version can be heard here and is either Hotter and Sexier or Narmy depending on taste. Probably Not Safe for Work either way.
  • Katy Perry started out as a Christian pop singer. Then she made "I Kissed a Girl"...
  • Carly Rae Jepsen of all people seems to be heading down this path. After the saccharine sweetness of "Tug of War" and especially "Call Me Maybe", she's released "Good Time" with Owl City; she displays Bare Your Midriff and Who Wears Short Shorts? in the video. There's even a nude photo scandal!
  • Michael Jackson attempted this starting with the Bad era in the late 1980s, as a contrast to his previous more innocent-looking image.
  • Christina Milian, during her Dip It Low phase.
  • R&B group 702, after their hiatus returned with skimpier clothes and with what some believe were boob jobs.
  • Brooke Valentine, but it didn't stop her album Physical Education from being shelved.
  • R. Kelly became this more and more over the 90's heading into the millennium.
  • Ciara was always in this category but moved further into this direction in her later albums.
  • Brandy started going into this phase with her third album, Full Moon and amped it up even more with her Afrodisiac album.
  • Zigzagged but mostly inverted with X Japan over the 2008 reunion and forward, which used to have songs such as Stab Me In The Back, Orgasm, Standing Sex, and the like - as well as lots of onstage man-on-man fanservice - as a regular feature of the setlist for almost all live shows. Post 2008, Orgasm was the only one to remain in the setlist (and only then for certain shows for the full version - the gigs outside Japan didn't even feature the full version, if they featured it at all), and most of the homoerotic fanservice became more of the Witty Banter and Call-Back variety.
  • Nick Jonas, starting with his solo career.
  • Girl group 3LW with their music video for "I Do".
  • Amber first started heading in this direction with singles such as "One More Night" and "Sexual", and climaxed (pardon the pun) with her third album, appropriately titled Naked.
  • Girl group Fifth Harmony got more sexed up with their 7/27 album hit, starting with "Work From Home".
  • Demi Lovato's song "Cool for the Summer" and the accompanying music video represent a pretty marked upping of the sexuality in her music and image.
  • Justin Bieber started in this phase once he turned 18.
  • Pentatonix members Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi began their side project Superfruit for this reason. Scott and Mitch are both openly gay, and Superfruit allows them to create original music and explore more sexual themes, whereas Pentatonix is more for general audiences.
  • Liam Payne stepped into this phase after leaving One Direction. His song, "Strip That Down", lampshades this clearly.
    You know, I used to be in 1D (now I'm out, free)
    People want me for one thing (that's not me)
    I'm not changing, the way, that I (used to be)
    I just wanna have fun and (get rowdy)
  • blackbear's acoustic version of "idfc" has more explicit lyrics than the normal version.
  • Inverted with Atomic Kitten - whose first album was full of Spice Girls style innuendos and blatant sexuality. Their second saw them becoming far more modest and wholesome.
  • Most recently, Ava Max turns up the heat with "My Head and My Heart".
  • Christina Aguilera's first album, while suggestive at times, was fairly standard Bubblegum Pop. For her second album Aguilera took control of the project and her image. The result was the much raunchier Stripped.


  • A very Downplayed example, but the 1865 Booth prequel miniseries does open with a sex scene, something the main series never featured. Otherwise, it isn’t any more explicit than the main series.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • GLOW in the 80s was this to traditional women's wrestling. The G stands for Gorgeous after all. Women's wrestling at the time was serious athletic competition so GLOW took things in a more tongue-in-cheek Double Entendre comedy direction.
  • The birth of the WWE Divas archetype in the Attitude Era. Before then the female wrestlers in the company were average-looking women wrestling in singlets. Then along came Sable - a stunningly beautiful glamour model. Whenever she did moves, the fans went wild and so WWE started bringing in more pretty ladies. Not only did the standard wrestling outfits for women become considerably skimpier, they also had Cat Fight evening gown matches, bra and panties matches, gravy bowl matches etc.
  • This happened to WWE again in 2004. It opted to make its second Diva Search part of its flagship show, resulting in a collection of pretty models, actresses getting a segment each week for the opportunity to win a contract, and unlike Jamie from the previous year, this time the winner got a pay per view match...which ended up being less wrestling match and more pillow fight. WWE ended up hiring most of the losers anyway and releasing most of its trained women wrestlers. Needless to say, there were a lot less actual wrestling matches between women. This was toned down in 2008 when WWE began to appeal more to families.
  • Yoshimoto's JD Star promotion went in this direction in 2001. Having lost its top draw, Jaguar Yokota, who was also its reason for existing, they tried to stay relevant by recruiting girls with glamour model potential in hopes they would become crossover stars outside of pro wrestling and bring new fans to the sport.
  • Ohio Valley Wrestling, especially its women's division, veered this way a few times. First when WWE started making the diva search an official part of its shows, which saw a sharp reduction in the calls for wrestlers without breast implants. Second when Al Snow joined the booking team, which saw a shift in how women's angles and segments went. Third when TNA took it on as its developmental brand, resulting in Snow's return and the knockouts making more frequent appearances. Tropes Are Tools, as some other bookers did take things more seriously than Snow but others wouldn't book women's matches at all so long as boobs were on the show.
  • This trope is usually inverted by a woman wrestler who began as a Ms. Fanservice but wants to be taken seriously as a wrestler. Trish Stratus, Melina, Candice Michelle, Kelly Kelly and Kaitlyn all began with fairly skimpy ring attire - but opted for longer tights and slightly more modest outfits in general as they pursued the Women's Championship.
  • The Bella Twins actually debuted as a Token Wholesome, which according to Word of God was out of pressure to preserve PG - "We were like the G-girls" - and they wore very modest tops and long tights with ruffles on them. Upon a Face–Heel Turn they dropped the ruffles and started wrestling in Spy Catsuits. Nikki Bella likewise eventually got breast implants and - when the two no longer needed to look identical - wore more outfits that showed off her cleavage.
  • Lana was pretty tame when it came to Fanservice in her initial days - she wore form-fitting business suits and although the skirt was short, it wasn't dangerously so. There was nothing particularly sexual about her character either, aside from occasionally doing a turn as if to show off her body at an angle. But when she started wrestling, she opted for a Leotard of Power and incorporated sexy dances into her routine.
  • Lisa Marie Varon debuted as a Blood Knight whose outfits in the ring weren't particularly skimpy. In 2004 she switched her long tights for hot pants and began performing a twerk before a standing moonsault. She also cranked up the Ambiguously Bi aspect of her character, and would occasionally share a kiss with another female.
  • Dolph Ziggler was at first a golf caddy for 'Kerwin White' and then a male cheerleader wrestling in a bodysuit. The Dolph Ziggler character went for very tight trunks and an oiled up Adonis look. He went through a storyline of being Vickie Guerrero's boy-toy as well.
  • Aksana's first character on WWE TV was a ditzy Funny Foreigner. Even when she switched to a Femme Fatale character, she mainly maid Innocent Innuendo jokes due to the language barrier (and her ring gear was still quite modest). Then she adopted skintight catsuits and started doing seductive crawls around the ring.

    Tabletop Games 

  • The revival of Cabaret in the 1990s directed by Sam Mendes was pointedly Hotter and Sexier despite the show being hardly clean in the first place. Subverted in that you could also see the needle tracks on the skins of the Kit Kat Klub dancers where they'd been using. Not so sexy.
  • The Musical version of Chicago adds a great deal of (rather anachronistic) sexual dialogue to the original non-musical play, portrays Roxie as much more of a sexpot, shows her in the act of committing adultery in the opening scene and allows a semi-dressed Billy to cavort around with Chorus Girls.
  • Parodied by the Tag Line to Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: "HISTORY JUST GOT ALL SEXYPANTS."
  • In the transition from La Bohème to RENT, most of the characters stayed pretty much the same. Except for Mimi, who went from sweet, soft-spoken and naive seamstress, to junkie S&M dancer. A lot of the contrast between sweet Mimi and sexy Musetta/Maureen is lost, but Mimi actually becomes a more rounded character in the process.
    • Mimi's number "Out Tonight" became Hotter and Sexier in the transition between play and movie. In the play, the song is sexy, but it takes place in Mimi's apartment as she prepares to meet Roger. In the movie, its an excuse for Rosario Dawson to do a strip routine.
  • There have been several cases where decades (sometimes even century-old) plays that were notorious in their day for suggestive content (usually no more than suggestive) have been revived, but with greater freedom of expression on stage often crank up the sexual content. The popular teen play Spring Awakening is a good example of this. Two characters do not have sex in the middle of a song in the original.
  • Aida to other Disney musicals. The sight of a clearly post-coital Radames and Aida is quite shocking.
  • In Don Quixote, the Deconstructive Parody of Chivalric Romance includes Don Quixote making up his own fictional Damsel in Distress, Dulcinea del Toboso, whom he loosely bases on a rude country girl that he finds beautiful but never interacts with, Aldonza Lorenzo. How much 'hot' Aldonza gets depends on how much weight you put on innuendo (she's said at one point to "have the best hand salting swine in all of La Mancha"), but in the end, there is nothing to assume she's anything beyond a simple, rude (and apparently smelly) country girl. In The Musical Man of La Mancha, however, Aldonza is a beautiful Hooker with a Heart of Gold who has run into trouble with The Spanish Inquisition. And she is played by Sophia Loren in the movie.

  • Barbie, though moral guardians (or those who prefer the original 1950s cat's-eyed version) might not approve.
  • Action figures and dolls based upon movie and TV characters (male or female) these days tend to be more realistic and accurate than they used to be back in the old days. Depending on who is being portrayed, the trope can definitely apply.

    Video Games 
  • Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector has a lot of fanservice moments, including a scene where Excellen gets brainwashed similar to what happened to Lamia in the ODE Incident of OG Gaiden along with a variety of other fun stuff like Ending Credits featuring the female cast in bathing suits as well as one with Elzam and Zengar. The Rapiecage piloted by Ouka is also significantly different, being a bondage getup. The BD ups the ante with full uncensored nudity
    • Super Robot Wars V also pushes the limit of the rating of the game as it is the first to receive a CERO C due to the fact one of the new series debuted is Cross Ange, the scenes where Ange is stripped is obviously censored with bars of light of course. The TAC point system also yields opportunity to have some fanservice as you unlock higher tiers you are presented to a nude image of Nine (Of course being an android means she has Barbie Doll Anatomy).
  • Demonbane is what happens when you do this sort of thing to the Cthulhu Mythos! To be fair, it still portrays most of what it borrowed as creepy as its source, and lots of stuff is still freaky and decidedly non sexy Dagon and the Deep Ones come to mind. However, by the same token, no less than Nyarlathotep gets hit with this trope, and you wouldn't believe how sexy the result is.
  • Breath of Fire 6 seems to be this for the series. While it was partial to the occasional Fanservice, and the main games would always have a Mr. and Ms. Fanservice in the party by the end of the game, 5 uses a more generic anime style with everyone (even the protagonist, should the player chose to do so) showing much more skin than previous installments.
  • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within added such "mature" content as Stripperiffic villainesses who wore thongs and barely-there tops, female enemies who moaned and yelled vaguely S&M-related phrases while fighting, and, as the icing on the cake, many of the statues in the game were of (you guessed it) nude women. Plus lots of blood and heavy metal, of course. Interestingly enough, its predecessor Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time got closer to depicting actual sex than the second, although, to be fair, there were bare-breasted statues back in Sands of Time, right from the first level. This is just part of real-world Indian architecture.
  • The Soul Series is a rather famous example of this trope in action. When the first game Soul Edge (Soul Blade in the west) launched, there were only three female fighters and apart from Taki wearing a very form-fitting spandex there wasn't a whole lot of fanservice. Then, with each subsequent game, starting from Soulcalibur, there was an increase in sex appeal as more females were added, most notably Ivy who serves as the sex symbol of the series, while the pre-existing women got biggest breasts and curvier, shapelier bodies with skimpier outfits to match. It reached a sort of critical mass with Soulcalibur IV where just about every female fighter provided fanservice in some way apart from Hilde. This was toned down in Soulcalibur V where Ivy got a more modest outfit while most of the women were replaced with less-endowed successors, but this didn't take at all. All subsequent marketing has been based around Sex Sells as a result. In fact, Soulcalibur VI may even outdo IV; most of the classic ladies return even more fanservicey than before, and the game even adds 2B from NieR: Automata as a Guest Fighter for good measure. It's full of convenient wind, Clothing Damage is in full effect, Male Gaze is practically everywhere and let's not forget that players can take part in the fun with the Character Customization feature.
  • The fan-made modules A Dance with Rogues and The Bastard of Kosigan are Darker and Edgier and Hotter And Sexier than the main Neverwinter Nights stories. The official expansion Hordes of the Underdark is a tamer example, but is still this to the base game. The romance subquests in the base game never went any further than Ship Tease, and aside from a handful of NPCs like dryads and a nymph, females were pretty conservative, though some of the female portraits prominently showed off cleavage. The expansion elaborated on romance subquests to full declarations of love and endings implying you end up together, a potential path in those subquests involve two females discussing "sharing" you, fairies, succubi, and other Cute Monster Girl enemies are more common, and a confrontation with the Big Bad has her trying to sexually seduce you.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Mass Effect 2 was much Hotter and Sexier than the first game, which had nothing beyond Space Clothes and one rather tame sex scene near the end. The second game had Asari walking around with Absolute Cleavage, female party members dressed in ridiculously skintight clothing (and in one case nothing but tattoos and strategically placed straps from the waist up), prison rape in backstories, etc. Oddly, the actual sex scenes ended up being tamer than those in the previous game, with only Jacob and Miranda showing any skin before the Sexy Discretion Shot.
    • Mass Effect 3 inverts the trope in both ways as the previous game: your squadmates now wear more conservative clothing this time around (the former squadmate who wore nothing but tattoos from the waist up included), and mentions of sex outside of romance subplots take a back seat to trying to save the galaxy. On the other hand, the sex scenes are even more risque than the first game, showing much more skin than before.
    • The Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 goes even further than the main game. In addition to featuring new scenes with all of the Love Interest characters, most of which are sexually charged, there's the party scene. It contains such scenes as a detailed breakdown of Samantha Traynor's sexual fantasies about EDI's voice, Tali's secret desire for a threesome, your Love Interest drunkenly propositioning you in front of the entire party, and, for an unromanced female Shepard, the possibility of some pretty weird one-night stands.
    • Mass Effect: Andromeda, following the lead of Dragon Age: Inquisition, moves fully into R-rated territory with certain sex scenes (Jaal, Cora, and Peebee) and, unlike previous games, allows Ryder to have sex with some characters without entering into a committed relationship.
  • Dragon Age:
    • Dragon Age II went through a similar progression as Mass Effect 2. In the first game, sex was present in the game-verse, but the characters didn't wear it on their sleeves, and even though you had sexy party members, they looked moderately normal aside from Morrigan's default (and changeable) gear. Come the sequel, many of the women have ample bosoms, Everyone Is Bi, half the dialogue of one of your companions consists of sex jokes, and there is a far greater emphasis on the romance side-quests. On the other hand, two of the female party members (Merrill and Aveline) are not overly sexualized; Merrill has moderately-form-fitting but fully-covering robes and light chainmail, while Aveline wears platemail armor for 90% of the game. But, like ME2, the sex scenes with your romantic partner are more chaste than the original. The characters might kiss and lead each other to bed, but the scene always fades to black before you see anything explicit. Visiting the local brothel is also a much more tame affair.
      • Isabela, however, is an example on her own. In her appearance in Origins, she wore rather silly armor that might qualify as a one piece swim suit with a leather skirt, though it was not as bad as the typical Chainmail Bikini. Nor was she the only one wearing it. Pretty much all the female light armor was a leather leotard or two piece. In Dragon Age II, she trades it in for a too-small shirt, underwear, and thigh-high boots.
      • Isabela personally makes this change, but compared to the first game's Hot Witch and Token Evil Teammate Morrigan, the second game's main party is pretty overdressed.
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition has fairly modest armor similar to the first game, but it's also got the most focus on the romantic side-plots of any Bioware game to date, and this time has sex scenes that feature frontal female nudity from the waist up.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy IV is no stranger to fanservice, which is unsurprising given the franchise it's from, but compared to the rest of the series is pretty tame aside from the Stripperiffic Rydia and (in the sequel) Porom. The PSP remake of the game however adds visible sexual organs to numerous monsters, including asses to the Lamia and Succubus-type enemies and bare breasts to the Leshy, conveniently covered up by the positioning of her arms. In the game's defense though, these enemies always had these attributes, they just weren't as noticeable in previous releases due to the lower-quality graphics.
    • FFs I and III are sexless, and II, IV, V and VI include one or two mild humorous sexual moments each. FFVII, liberated from Nintendo's censorship policies, has an elaborate sidequest set in a Red Light District which involves hanging out with transvestites, pretending to be a prostitute, Cloud attempting to sleep with prostitutes, Cloud and Tifa having a heart-to-heart in a BDSM dungeon, and Cloud, Aeris and Tifa threatening to chop, rip or smash a man's penis while interrogating him. There's also a later sidequest which calls back to this. And a Did They or Didn't They? between Cloud and Tifa.
    • Final Fantasy X-2 managed to combine this with Lighter and Softer by upping the fanservice and Les Yay to 11 while making everything more cheerful.
    • Final Fantasy XII, Penelo is fully covered until the ending sequence and the sequel, Revenant Wings, where Penelo wears a less revealing dancer costume. Vaan may be almost shirtless in both games, but in Final Fantasy Tactics A2, he gets a new getup that makes him look more badass and hotter at the same time. And fans totally agree that Basch looks younger and hotter after he shaved up and had some nice haircut.
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy does this to several characters thanks to its higher-quality graphics allowing old concept art and low-quality sprites and models to be fully realized in PSP-level graphics. Terra is quite pretty in the face now and her outfits provide an escalation of fanservice, removing her tights to show off her legs, putting her in a leotard with her groin and butt on display, and putting her in a top and skirt that exposes her midriff. The Cloud of Darkness is no longer a Green-Skinned Space Babe, but looks like a normal human wearing nothing but a cape and a few strategically placed areas that cover her nipples and groin, otherwise she's entirely nude and showing off a very shapely body. Ultimecia has a graphical update from her original game, allowing her to show off her fancy red evening gown cut down to below her belly button so she can show off some impressive Absolute Cleavage. For the female fans, Warrior of Light and Firion have become full Bishōnen with silver hair and muscular builds, Zidane is quite handsome thanks to the more traditional art style, and Kain is simply gorgeous with a head full of long, flowing blonde hair. And that voice...
    • The cover of the original Final Fantasy VII has Cloud with his big sword slung over his back, staring down the Shinra Building. The cover of Final Fantasy VII Remake recreates the image near exactly, but alters Cloud's pose, the sword position, the lighting and the overall image composition to draw the attention towards Cloud's butt.
    • Tifa's design in Final Fantasy VII Remake is both this and Tamer and Chaster at the same time. She now wears a sports bra under her classic white top which heavily downplays the Jiggle Physics that the character had long been infamous for, while her skirt is longer and heavier, and she's got biker shorts on underneath it. On the other hand, the graphics upgrade means she is much prettier in the face, and her thigh socks are potentially more suggestive than the shorter ones from her original design.
  • The Dead or Alive series is this for fighting video games in general, since its trademark Jiggle Physics were added to the original game specifically to make it stand out from the crowd, with four of the subsequent games not letting up on the Fanservice. The sixth installment, on the other hand, aims to invert this trope, as the developers want players to see the fighters more for their characterization and less for their eye candy. They did, however, decide to throw a bone to their sex-driven fanbase with DLC costumes post-release.
    • Dead Or Alive also has the Xtreme subseries, which is this compared to the main series. This is especially true with the third game, which can practically be "played" in its entirety just by looking up your favourite girl(s) on YouTube.
  • Star Fox:
  • Certain fans feared that this is exactly what was going to happen to Metroid's Samus Aran when it was announced that Tecmo and Team Ninja (of Dead or Alive, or "boing" fame) would be making Metroid: Other M. Ironically enough, her presence in this game is actually a lot more tame and modest than her normal appearances out of her armor. (After all, ever since the infamous Samus Is a Girl twist in the original game occurred Samus ended up becoming quite a Ms. Fanservice when she is not in her traditional power armor.)
  • This is the main reason Rouge the Bat was introduced in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • Before having Ivy and Sophitia (from SoulCalibur) jiggling about the camera whilst destroying each other's clothing, Namco proved they could taken the already-cleavage-familiar Tekken and spin-it-off into Death by Degrees, an action game that puts you in the numerous bullet-deflecting string bikinis of Nina Williams.
  • In Street Fighter V, despite the early attempts to cut back, or alter, some content that was perceived as too sexual, as the years went by the game still groomed new outfits and new characters that are quite suggestive, SFV is the easily the most sexually charged entry in the franchise compared to its predecessors.
  • Nikki from Pandemonium! was an average looking teenage girl in the original game. In the sequel, Pandemonium 2, Nikki is a much older looking woman with longer hair, bigger breasts, and full red lips. This might be a case of She Is All Grown Up if it weren't from the fact that Nikki from the sequel looks like an entirely different character instead of an older version of the same character from the first game. The manual goes as far to lampshade this.
    "Nikki is no longer a limpet-eyed young naif. She has grown, blossomed, "leafed-out and sapped" as it were. And as she has sprouted, so have her desires.... and her means to achieve them."
  • This happened to Judy Nails from the Guitar Hero series. In the first two games, she was a cute, fairly normal alt-rock chick. By the third game, she wore heavy make-up, changed her jeans and plaid for a mini-skirt and belly top, and of course there's also her sudden growth spurt. It bears mentioning that between the second and third games the developers changed from Harmonix (who moved on to make Rock Band) to Neversoft after Red Octane sold the name to Activision.
  • TERA Online is basically "Lineage II with even nakeder girls."
  • No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is the original game with improved graphics and an extra gamemode called Very Sweet Mode added, which has all the female characters from the original game in a lot skimpier outfits. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on which character being depicted, but it should be noted that this applies to literally all of the female characters. Including Speed Buster, a fat, elderly woman.
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is quite a bit kinkier than its predecessor, with its female bosses catering to all sorts of fetishes: Charlie McDonald's cheerleader underlings, Cloe Walsh, Margaret Moonlight, Alice Twilight, Kimmy Howell...even returning characters Dr. Naomi and Shinobu get hotter! And that's before even mentioning that late in the game, Travis and Sylvia finally do it...
  • The Dynasty Warriors characters have gotten progressively more attractive with each entry into the series, with the biggest jump occurring between the fifth and sixth installments. And that's not even getting into the increasing Stripperiffic-ness of Diao Chan's outfits. As well as Yuan Shao's sudden change from a middle-aged man to a Silver Fox (with a mustache), Liu Bei reaching Bishōnen levels, Sun Shang Xiang baring her midriff and even the modest, previously armored Yue Ying shows off some of her well-toned legs in some shorts. Inverted with Zhen Ji whose previous Stripperiffic outfit was replaced with a very classy, royal qipao, then reversed when she went back to midriff and fishnets in 7.
  • The Wii remake of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly has done this to the protagonists. In the original game, Mio and Mayu are two relatively cute, yet demure teen girls. In the remake, Mio has noticeable cleavage and Mayu's high-collared top has been replaced with one that shows off her chest and collarbones. Their faces have also undergone a revamp to make them more stereotypically attractive.
  • More boobage and less clothing was the order of the day for all the female characters in Mortal Kombat 9. Mileena even gets an entire fight scene wearing nothing more than a few strategically placed bandages. But it's inverted in Mortal Kombat X, where female characters (most notably Kitana) wear clothes that cover more as the design team strive for outfits that were more realistic while still appealing. Played with for Mileena, who now has a fully functional set of human lips bordered on both ends by her her trademark razor-sharp Tarkatan teeth.
  • The Castlevania series has Alucard. Circa the NES era, he's a middle-aged, wrinkled, unimpressive generic film-Dracula-esque character. Then came Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The young, long-silver-haired, alabaster-skinned and fine-featured, impeccably dressed gentleman on the page graphic there. That's Alucard. Yowza. And Maria Renard from the previous game is all grown up.
  • Dead Rising 2 takes place in an adult playground and with it comes a lot more innuendo and more perverted moments than in the previous Dead Rising.
  • Assassin's Creed II, compared to Altair who is pretty much Married to the Job. Ezio's quest for revenge does not stop him from catching a glimpse of the finer things in 15th Century Italy which include lovely courtesans and a couple of flings with girls. However, Ezio also has siblings, parents, and extended family, so it may just be a case of better and deeper storytelling than this trope per se. Alternately, just a representation of the times/locations. Altair represents the monastic mentality and heavy religious tones of the Crusade era, while Ezio represents the love-of-life vitality of Renaissance Italy.
  • Happened to Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue, her character seems to wind up in more lewd situations as the series goes on and has appeared in a Queen's Blade game book which turn her into a full Ms. Fanservice (Which is saying something given how Litchi is already a Ms. Fanservice herself. In general, most of the women in the cast received skimpier outfits in later entries with accompanying art, and new characters tend to start out with fanservicey outfits to begin with.
  • Tiny Kong goes from being a cute tomboy in Donkey Kong 64 to a teenaged Ms. Fanservice in future games, although her personality remained mostly the same.
  • Koyori from the Sengoku Ace series is a tomboyish but attractive girl in the first game and in rest she's an outright Ms. Fanservice with sexier appearance overall (larger breasts, pouty lips, her top shows more cleavage. Here are pictures of both versions and even some remarks on the change.
  • The Sims 3 in comparison to the first two games, especially with Late Night. Breast sliders for women, body hair for men, clothing and accessories that resemble fetish wear and with the Create-a-Style tool, everything your Sim wears can be made of leather or rubber.
  • Micaiah's redesign for Fire Emblem Awakening. Unlike most examples of this trope, this instance is not so much a redesign as it is simply giving her the uniform of the class she uses as a DLC unit in the game (she's a Dark Mage, and almost Dark Mages of 'both genders dress that way), just like the rest of the DLC characters like Roy and Lyn, who are depicted in Mercenary and Swordmaster garb, respectively.
  • Fire Emblem Fates does this for the Dark Mage Class. Dark Mages in previous titles were middle-aged bearded men, the ones here are Bishonen in Sensual Spandex that shows off their perfectly toned abs and they don't seem to be wearing any underwear.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes is infamous for this. While the original games had a modest amount of fanservice, even characters who were fairly normal-looking in the originals get Adaptational Curves and outfits redrawn to show them off, along with more suggestively-posed artwork (mainly the women, although a few men get buffed up). The game also uses Clothing Damage to indicate low hitpoints, which on the one hand allows it to have G Rated Violence, but on the other, some of the rips and injury poses are rather... strategic. That's not even getting to the fact that many unlockable versions of the characters are them in swimsuits, playboy bunny outfits during Easter Banners, and even winter banners have some characters like Tharja and Hilda wear Christmas themed lingerie and a Sexy Santa Dress respectively.
  • Betilla the Fairy becomes this in Rayman Origins. Compare her old form in the first game, to the one in Origins..
  • All of the girls in Jet Set Radio became this in Future. And we mean all of them. Gum's victory dance includes a Panty Shot even! And as for a male example, Yoyo. He was a fat ginger in the original, but a skinny, attractive, green-haired boy in JSRF.
  • Fans of Tekken would be familiar with who the Final Boss is in each game: an old martial arts master, Satan, an Eldritch Abomination, a Crystal Dragon Jesus, ect. Meet the boss of Tekken Tag Tournament. Her re-appearance in Tag 2 provides a small hint to the direction the character portraits and outfits have gone.
  • The infamous BMX XXX is Dave Mirra's BMX meets Rated M for Money (it was actually going to be a Dave Mirra's BMX game until Dave Mirra demanded that his name be taken off of it). It's also a classic example of this trope going horribly, catastrophically wrong.
  • For the most part, Rift is fairly tame compared to many other fantasy-based games, with relatively few instances of things like the infamous Chainmail Bikini. Some of the higher level armors actually cover MORE skin than the lower level ones, imagine that! Then they came out with the expansion, Storm Legion, and well... Just look at the box art.
  • Possibly the poster children for this trope are Grand Theft Auto IV and its sequel Grand Theft Auto V. Their predecessor, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, was condemned for its sexual content, including a Dummied Out sex mini-game found in some versions. With IV and V the makers responded by cranking the sexual content Up to Eleven, with full frontal male nudity in one of IV's DLC's cutscenes, topless strippers, interactive lap dances, and realistic-looking sexual encounters with prostitutes, plus an optional series of "booty call" diversions where the whole purpose is to have sex (at least San Andreas required players to engage with their "girlfriends" in various time-consuming activities before serving the girls any "hot coffee"). The moral of the story is: you can get away with just about anything in an M-rated video game just as long as you don't try to hide it or make it a secret.
  • They've actually done this to Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and later Rosalina in some of the Nintendo sports titles, including Super Mario Strikers and Mario Super Sluggers. In these games, both Princesses sport athletic outfits with short-shorts, and in one case, a crop top. Super Smash Bros. also portrays Peach as more flirty than she usually is, more anatomically realistic and boosts her chest size a bit. The introduction of Motorbikes in Mario Kart games also brought about the introduction of form fitting motorbike suits for the girls. The pinnacle was reached in the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series, where the girls were given leotard suits for swimming and gymnastic events, showing off their forms, and they have legs.
  • Inverted with Custom's Chip-chan Kick! While the company is infamous for its lineup of H-Games, this Elimination Platformer is hardly any more risque than the average ecchi. This being Chip-chan, she still gets a gratuitous amount of panty shots.
  • The Animatronics in the Five Nights at Freddy's-Fangame Five Nights In Anime are all turned into sexy Versions of themselves and their Jumpscares involve them pressing their breasts or buttocks against the Nightguard's face.
  • The 2016 Medabots Girls Mission games star high school girls rather than the younger protagonists common in the series. Many fans mistook it at being aimed at a female demographic until features such as the ability for Clothing Damage were advertised.
  • Hyrule Warriors is this to the main The Legend of Zelda series. Almost every character has an even more attractive design than in the main series, the main antagonist Cia has a stripperiffic costume with Absolute Cleavage, and Zelda is bustier than in the main games. The Great Fairies are based on their Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask designs, except she loses the brown boots and wears a pair of sheer pants with her original skin-tight leaf bikini. Ruto did get slightly censored though, as she wears an Organic Bra just like she does in Ocarina of Time 3D.
  • Bombergirl is an arcade spinoff of Bomberman. It initially looks like the same harmless, explosive fun as the main series, only with pretty girls, until the Clothing Damage kicks in.
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs the World: The Game puts the female characters in fanservice-y tropes more often than its source material. Most of them have blatant gainaxing, some of their skirts flip over in-game when that never happens in the comic, Ramona and Roxie's shorts are practically drawn to look like bikini bottoms, and there's even a brief shot of an enemy's bare butt in the final level as she's shown being artificially created/cloned by Gideon. The comic has scenes of characters (male and female) in their underwear on occasion, but the game otherwise tones things up a little.
  • While Splatoon 2 doesn't go overboard with the Fanservice, the fact that the first Splatoon was mostly free of it makes it stick out more. Specifically, Marina is a Ms. Fanservice with a borderline Stripperiffic costume, and the single-player campaign seems to be aiming for Evil Is Sexy when a brainwashed Callie shows up alongside the Final Boss, dressed in a midriff-baring ensemble complete with suggestive poses. The Octo Expansion also has shades of this, with the newly playable Octolings having pronounced Hartman Hips and default costumes consisting of tight, midriff-bearing leather.
  • Code Vein is this to the entire "Soulslike" subgenre. Other games like the Dark Souls series are mostly devoid of fanservice, but this is an anime-influenced game that takes it in absolute stride. Not only do all the female NPCs provide examples of Ms. Fanservice, but the game's character customization for your Virtual Paper Doll is full of sexy options for your pleasure. Some have even called them "combat waifus".
  • Nasuverse-based video games have veered to this ever since Fate/EXTRA. While Tsukihime and Fate/stay night are visual novels with sex scenes, all of the characters dress modestly, with only Rider dressed somewhat revealingly. (Also Berserker, but he's Gonk and barely sapient, so it's not really fanservice with him.) Come Fate/EXTRA, and we got Saber Nero with her revealing, transparent dress and Tamamo-no-mae with Impossibly-Low Neckline.
  • The first game in The Elder Scrolls franchise, Arena, had no sexual content and the graphics were too crude to really portray anything sexy. The sequel, Daggerfall, was a massive expansion on Arena and, among other things, ramped up the mature content to be the raciest RPG of its day. There were many topless or stark naked female NPCs and monsters, the player character's paperdoll would be naked if you unequipped all their clothing, and the in-universe story 'The Real Barenziah' included at least one scene that was outright pornographic, explicitly describing Barenziah having a sexual encounter -in public, no less- with a Khajit thief, including graphic observations on the shape of his penis. Dummied Out content would have been even more explicit, including a Guild of Prostitutes and the ability for the player to have sex with NPCs. By the time Morrowind came out, the series had gone mainstream (it was the first one to be released on console) so almost all the risqué elements from Daggerfall were wound back (all copies of 'The Real Barenziah' in the game were censored by the church), and as it went on to become the most popular PC RPG franchise in the world the series would never dare be this bold again (although the players would pick up the slack).
  • Hades is this to Supergiant Games previous titles. In their catalog, romance tends to be a very subdued aspect of any story, with Transistor, a game that is focused on the couple Red and "Mr. Nobody", presenting an extremely chaste romance where the player won't even see them kiss, and other relationships being only ever implied. Hades in counterpart is very much open to romance, with the lead character, Zagreus, being capable of date and have sex with both Thanatos and Meg, and can even date them at the same time. Outside of that, characters have become all-around eye candy, with Ms. Fanservice and Mr. Fanservice characters all around, including the protagonist himself.

    Visual Novels 
  • CLANNAD was one of the few Key VN's that didn't include any sex scenes, even though it had some degree of Fanservice. Cue the Tomoyo After Spin-Off, which includes three sex scenes between Tomoyo and Okazaki; compare the Clannad CG gallery with the Tomoyo After CG gallery. (Second link is quite NSFW, obviously.)
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony: Given the new love hotel feature this game is certainly more "suggestive" than the previous entries in both the main story and the dating sim mode. Buying the "Key of Love" allows the main character to play out one of their classmate's most desired fantasy, with the player character being seen as that student's "ideal partner". Depending on who happens to show up when the player visits the love hotel, there could be a heavy implication that the characters end up sleeping with each other. More of the characters here are also more open about their sexual interests than those of previous games, like the two BDSM enthusiasts (Miu and Korekiyo) have this appear in just their character designs.
  • Princess Evangile, while already including sex scenes, was rather conservative about their use, restricting them to towards the end of each heroine's respective route. Come W Happiness, there's a far more liberal usage of them, especially in the epilogue routes. Pretty much 3/4th of the latter's CGs are an H-scene of some sort when compared to the base VN.

  • Inverted with Hetalia: Axis Powers. Along with becoming Lighter and Softer, the fanservice, while still very existent, is a lot lesser than in the earliest strips. The earlier strips had a lot more Black Comedy Rape and much more Homoerotic Subtext, some so blatant it could only be called text. Some of the old fanservicey strips were even deleted. Ironically, played straight with the fifth season of the anime. After 4 seasons of toning down the fanservice, the 5th season goes all out in pandering to the Yaoi Fangirls, animating some of the raunchiest strips such as April Fools 2011 and Buon San Valentino.
  • Nerf NOW!! is a webcomic where Stripperiffic Distaff Counterpart versions of all the characters of Team Fortress 2 are featured frequently.
  • Rather infamously, Sonichu 8.
  • When T gave up on getting Penny and Aggie syndicated, he "celebrated" it with "Behind Closed Doors", where nearly all the couples past and present either have sex or almost have sex. This is the first arc to hint at Stan's bisexuality, and while it's not the first arc to hint at Sara's lesbianism, touching herself to Lindsay Lohan is a bit clearer than the strip had gotten in the past.
  • Penny Arcade's infamously censored Strawberry Shortcake strip, which was actually a parody of the industry's tendency to do this plus Darker and Edgier.
  • From DoDonPachi Dai Ojou onward, the series had the Elemental Dolls which caters to the idea of plunking 100 yen for a chance of seeing some PG 13 fanservice and Deathsmiles as well. Resurrection had the girls' armor breaking off, revealing their naked elemental doll body before they explode.
  • The Fanservice-sodden pre-Scratch trolls in Homestuck are all in their late teens/early adulthood and many are sexually active, as opposed to the chaste post-Scratch trolls that the reader is first introduced to. Porrim is an Ethical Slut who Latula and Aranea have apparently slept with out of boredom, it's heavily implied Kurloz/Meulin, Rufioh/Horuss and Latula/Mituna have slept together, Cronus is obsessed with getting sex, and most jarringly almost all of Damara's dialogue is her begging people to have sex with her in kinky and creepy ways (when Homestuck has had, despite plenty of swearing, no sexual swearing up until that point). Damara's sexualisation is so extreme that not only is her text written in Japanese, requiring finding a point in a flash walkaround with a link to her transcripts and then copy-pasting text into Google Translate to read, some of her gestures are censored (likely as a joke, but still, that was only done in the comic previously for Equius's Porn Stash).
  • Learning with Manga! FGO is this to Fate/Grand Order the same way Fate/Grand Order is to the rest of the Fate series. Despite the Puni Plush art style, it's packed with sex jokes, the occasional Black Comedy Rape or molestation, and semi-explicit pairings and fetishes for almost every character. They only manage to get away with it by making sure most of the naughtier stuff happens off-panel.
  • Mr. Boop: Betty Boop's sex life is depicted in much more explicit detail than the original cartoons.
  • Despite being Best Known for the Fanservice, the infamous Undertale Alternate Universe comic Underlust is actually a deconstruction of this trope. The Underground is sex-obsessed as a result of unethical experimentation in order to combat the monsters' dropping fertility rates, and now all monsters are suffering from their artificially-induced libido. In addtion, this sex obsession only worsened the Underground's already-existing problems, and now crimes such as rape are extremely common. Several characters are seen suffering heavy psychological and emotional damage as a result of their experiences.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The introduction of Lola Bunny in Space Jam had this purpose in the Looney Tunes franchise.
  • Red Hot Riding Hood. Starts out as a normal Little Red Riding Hood until the characters suddenly rebel at this done-to-death staging and demand a fresh approach. Red is a sexy adult nightclub entertainer. It was voted #7 of The 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Referenced in the parody spinoff Chief Wiggum PI!
      Skinner: He's gradually getting away, Chief!
      Wiggum: Ah, let him go. I have the feeling we'll meet again, each and every week. Always in more sexy and exciting ways!...
    • Starting with Season 3, the series began having more fansservicey scenes. It only got more Hotter and Sexier as time went on.
    • The later seasons in general. They've never exactly shied away from making sexual references but there's a bit more... blatancy in the later ones. Marge getting breast implants, anyone? Or making out with Lindsay Neagle (in Homer's imagination)? Or the beginning of a lesbian threesome between a group of Marge's old friends?
  • In the Famous Studios Popeye shorts, Olive Oyl was made more attractive so it would make more sense that Popeye and Bluto were fighting over her.
  • ThunderCats (1985): While the original Cheetara is still considered sexy by fans many agree that the 2011 version is much sexier. Her new outfit doesn't quite reach the Stripperiffic point, but it does show her midriff and some cleavage. And her hairstyle and figure are similarly "improved".
  • A Robot Chicken sketch promotes a theatrical re-release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, updated to include Playboy model Robin Bain prancing around in nothing but a thong, to keep the movie from becoming "really...really...boring!"
  • The special episodes of La Linea, titled La Sexilina and Eros Linea, which have the main character get into situations involving naked women and humping animals respectively.
  • In the New Gods comics, Barda's costume is usually rather modest; in Justice League, she was made a little more daring.
  • The Chipettes from Alvin and the Chipmunks are an odd example. They're eight-year-old Funny Animal chipmunks yet managed to become this over time. Their first appearances were more on par with their Spear Counterparts but eventually they began engaging in Age-Inappropriate Dress often and singing rather inappropriate songs (one is even a thinly veiled Intercourse with You song). This began being toned down starting with the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. They were made more chipmunk looking and wear more appropriate clothes. Even in ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks (where they look humanoid again), they're still not as fanservicey as they were in the 80s.
  • When Daisy took off her coat in DuckTales (2017), it was revealed that she wears a very beautiful and colorful dress with a single shoulder strap.
  • Despite its cartoony art-style in comparison to Teen Titans's animesque one, Teen Titans Go! is actually Hotter And Sexier than the original. It contains a lot more fanservicey-esque episodes and innuendo than the original.
  • The Fiona and Cake segments in Adventure Time are much more romance and (implied) sex focused than the normal episodes, and Fiona in particular is drawn a lot more mature looking than her male counterpart.

    Other/Real Life 
  • A lot of pin ups and centerfolds eventually turn into this. Starting out as standard mild but sexy non-nude modeling, then semi-nude, then completely nude, then explicit poses, soon followed by "insertions" (and possibly hardcore porn, though not always). Basically "Raunchier and Nastier". Although whether or not that's a bad thing depends on your taste.
    • Case in point: Teri Weigel. She started her career as a Playboy Playmate in 1985. Soon after she posed for the more explicit Penthouse magazine. Eventually, she started appearing in hardcore pornographic movies and magazines and even worked for a while as a legal prostitute at the Bunny Ranch brothel in Reno, Nevada.
    • Other examples are Amber Easton, Meggan Mallone, Tila Tequila, Vicky 6, Priya Rai, Brianna Frost and Francine Dee.
    • B-movie actress Sara St.James aka Jacqueline Lovell, although she never did hardcore.
    • This is a typical career progression for the Page Three Stunna. While many girls who do relatively innocuous topless cheesecake shots for national tabloid papers go no further than this, it isn't unknown for them to progress to more explicit work in the tried-and-trusted softcore - hardcore - filmed pornography manner. The career of Jane Warner, described on the Page Three Stunna entry, is a notorious case of how it can go really wrong.
  • A lot of real-life Former Child Stars will deliberately take on Hotter and Sexier roles when they're older, in an attempt to shed the "innocent child" image they've had and be seen as a legitimate adult actor who can take on mature roles. It works better for some than for others.
  • There's a company called Clandestine Classics (link contains NSFW) which is taking classic novels like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights and adding in explicit sex scenes. And that's not even getting into their adding gay sex to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Sherlock Holmes...
  • While the Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Studios Orlando concentrates mainly on the scares, Universal Studios Hollywood supplements their scares with some eye candy. This comes courtesy of Freddy's Fly Girls, cage dancers dressed up in Freddy's trademark fedora, sweater and claws (and not much else).
  • Halloween costumes in general. First, it was the kids dressing up. Then the adults started dressing up. Then someone decided to make their costume a little more "adult", and soon enough, no one wanted to be the one in the 'lame' costume, and now there is an entire industry devoted to adopting Rule 34 to the costume industry.
  • The Fetish Fuel Wiki compared to this Wiki.
  • Exit Tunes Presents ACTORS' three Music Situation drama CDs compared to the drama tracks included in the series proper. The former depicts a Japanese pleasure district (Yoshiwara Lament), a duke's harem (Lunacy of Duke Venomania), and a boyfriend who wants to go 'further' with his girlfriend (Ifuudoudou). The latter is a run-of-the-mill Slice of Life comedy.


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