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Sometimes fans love a property so much that they end up making derivative works. One such type is the fan video game.

A fan video game, or "fan game" for short, is technically any type of game made by fans, for fans. In the context of this article, however, it is a game that is made completely (or near-completely) from the ground up. This contrasts it with a Game Mod, which uses an existing game as its basis. Unlike an Unlicensed Game, these games are rarely sold for profit.

Fan games are prone to Troubled Productions and are oftentimes vaporware. In contrast with just modding a game, making an original title can just be too much work for fans (especially since there is no profit in it). Other times, a cease-and-desist from the content owner puts an end to the project.

Contrast with Game Mod and can overlap with Fan Remake, Fan Sequel, and Video Game Demake. See also M.U.G.E.N, OpenBOR and RPG Maker, video game engines that are used to make their own fan games for Fighting Games, Beat 'em Up and RPGs respectively.


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