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Fan Works

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"The creator of this picture wishes to state that he does not in any way wish to tarnish or demean the beloved characters of Charles M. "Dutch" Schulz's comic strip, Peanuts. No malice or damage to their goodwill was intended. So please don't sue me, because it will drag through the courts for years, and I haven't got a lawyer - and besides, you've already got half the money in the world, and I haven't got any. OK?"
—Disclaimer at the end of Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown

A creative Derivative Work made by a Fandom.

This entry defines classifications of fan works. Please do not link any specific works here. If you'd like to recommend a fan work see: Fanfic Recommendations.

For the subwiki, see FanWorks.Home Page.

Types of Fan Works:

Fan Works by medium of source material:

"Very clever, very funny, but just don't do it again, okay?"
Charles M. Schulz in response to the above

Alternative Title(s): Fan Work