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Heartwarming Moments in Fan Works, because stories can still play your heart like a lyre, even if they aren't canon.

Other examples (by original work/franchise):

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  • Yakko teaching Dot to walk in the The Middle Warner Sibling's Animaniacs fic, called Family. Then there's "Yakko" being Dot's first word. Also, when the Warners finally access their Hammerspace. There are lot of other moments, but be prepared for a lot of Tear Jerker moments to go with them, particularly in the early chapters.

    Attack on Titan 
  • A darkly heartwarming example from the fic My Child: Levi made a deal with a demon to save the life of his child, willingly subjecting himself to an eternity in hell, being tortured by the sadistic demon, to ensure the child's safety. Because he sold his soul to save him from dying in childbirth, Levi has never seen or heard his son, but the thought of him alive and safe keeps him from ever regretting his choice.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender 
  • The Ember Island Lighthouse has a few.
    • Chapter 26 has Toph asking her friends if Suki and Katara are pretty, and the questions and their responses lead to awkwardness and some anger all around. Then, Toph thanks them and says that with their help, she's come to a decision:
      Toph: I've decided that Mai is the prettiest girl in the room. I've been listening and feeling the whole time you've been going on about makeup and moms and Zuko's little hang-ups, and she's the only one who didn't show an ugly mood the whole time. Good job, Knives.
    • Chapter 60: Sokka and Suki are on a recon mission inside a tavern, and end up having to hear the men sing a degrading misogynistic song about the Kyoshi Warriors. When Suki's had enough and starts raining hell on them all, Sokka steps out and quietly sings a final verse:
      Sokka: I would never sing with disrespect of women of any kind
      I'm not a jerk or misogynist, however unrefined.
  • The oneshot Heroics, in which Azula shows her soft spot for her niece. The little girl falls off the pier into a deep lake, and immediately Azula sprints across the pier and dives in after her, in full armor. Ty Lee jumps in after both of them and pulls them out of the water, and for the rest of the day Zuko's daughter sticks close to her aunt.
    Ty Lee: (hugs Azula) Azula, that was so brave and stupid and amazing!

    Azula: That is...the last time I do anything heroic.
    Zuko: (hugs her too) You're the best sister in the whole world.
    (Fire Nation Royal Family hugfest ensues)
    • Adding to all of the above is that when Ty Lee realizes why Azula dove into the water, she thinks that of course that's why she did it.
  • 31 Days of Maiko has some.
    • Chapter 4: Young!Mai sees Young!Zuko crying over the death of his cousin, and goes to comfort him, giving him a heart-shaped rock she found. Zuko, being Zuko, loves it.
    • Chapter 11: On the day Mai comes home from a two-week trip, the way a flustered Zuko tries to make everything perfect for her arrival is adorable.
    • Chapter 18: Mai and Zuko watch their children make up after a fight.
    Ryu: Are you okay? I'm sorry. We shouldn't fight. (hugs his sister)
    Miyako: (ruffles his hair) I'm sorry too, Ryu. I'm your big sister. I'm supposed to protect you, not try to hurt you. Forgive me?
    Ryu: Mmmhmm. Love you, Miya.
    Miyako: Love you too, Ryu.
    Mai: (to Zuko) See, they'll be all right.
    Zuko: They'll be all right.
    • Chapter 22: Zuko's five-year-old daughter is learning calligraphy, and she wants to write a note to her busy father. She and Mai put it in Zuko's robes, and when he finds it, he unrolls the paper and reads, "You're the best daddy in the whole world. Love, Miyako."
  • The oneshot The Innocence of Youth is a mostly funny story about the teenaged monks of the Southern Air Temple giving Aang The Talk (and a century later, Sokka trying and failing badly) but the closing lines are pure Heartwarming.
    It wasn't until a couple years after the war that Aang finally mustered up the courage to admit that he had already known about sex before Sokka told him. What resulted was one of the most embarrassing displays of dismay that he had ever experienced which led him to believe that, perhaps, people just expected Aang to have that kind of ignorance. He didn't get why, though.
    If anything, the one who knows the most about love is the Avatar.
  • Amid the soul-crushing sadness that is Promised Restored (the final oneshot in Last of the Loneliness Promises trilogy), there's Takumi, Azula's doctor. Unlike many other post-series stories where Azula is abused, neglected, and generally mistreated in the mental hospital by the staff, in this one Takumi is genuinely concerned for her well-being, wants to help her, and makes it very clear that he will not let anyone harm his patients.
    Takumi: (to Katara and Aang) I do not know what your purpose is, or what Fire Lord Zuko wants with my patient. But I will not allow you to harm her, emotionally or physically. I do not care about rank. I do not care that you are the Avatar. My priority is Princess Azula, and I will not hesitate to thwart your plans if you intend to exploit my patient.
  • The Avatar: The Last Airbender fic Guide Me Home is chock full of them. The last 5 chapters or so are one big CMOH. Some highlights include:
    • Absolutely everything about Hakoda and Ursa's love story, absolutely everything about Ran and Mila's love story, any time characters are reunited (especially Ursa and Zuko!), Ursa teaching Azula how to love and trust people, and Katara and Ursa talking by the turtleduck pond and Katara warming up to her after being really... Katara-like regarding Hakoda and Ursa's relationship. Awwwwww.
    • The scene when Hakoda and Ursa are reunited after Boiling Rock. The fact that he finds out everything and accepts her unconditionally made me cry happy tears. However, Ursa's reaction to hearing about Zuko made me bawl.

  • A Wish for Batman had a TAS Batman being offered a wish via the same authority from Ah! My Goddess (only in this case, it's Ranma and Akane granting it). After considering a few ideas, he suddenly realizes that he could get his parents back. But then he makes the wish that 'his life's work be done', that no more kids in Gotham would face that tragedy. After the wish goes off, he's looking around at the revamped Batcave, is surprised by his wife, Selena, and watches Alfred, who was present and knows what the wish was, go up to answer the door. A very shaken Alfred returns and tells Bruce he should hurry up. There he finds that the wish he rejected was granted too.
  • There was this Batman fic where after Batman had came back from the dead, he received many hugs from the Batfamily and many hugs from other people too. However, there was only one time that Batman was the one to initiate the hug. It was with his Parental Substitute Alfred.
  • Macushla and the sequel Misericordia cast Stephanie Brown as Damian Wayne's bodyguard-caretaker-Cool Big Sis and they're plain adorable together, playing at Batman and rogues, watching Disney flicks and such.
    Alfred Pennyworth: Thank you for looking after him, Miss Brown.
  • Of Crimson Talons & Clipped Wings revolves around Dick who was abducted and made into a Talon. He starts amnesiac, but slowly regains memories of his family. Damian's utter glee when his beloved older brother manages to remember him is so much he cannot help but sob.
  • Dex-Starr Finds a New Home has Tim helping the feline Red Lantern to finally gain closure for his late owner's murder. Since he's no longer driven by revenge, Dex relinquishes his Power Ring and decides to stay with Tim, reverting to the loving pet he once had been.

    Bendy and the Ink Machine 

    Beyond Good and Evil 
  • The Beyond Good & Evil fic "Human, All Too Human" has a beautiful moment where Jade is worrying that her connection to the DomZ makes her too dangerous to be around. She asks Double H if he will protect her orphans from anything—even if that something happens to be her. He fiercely, adamantly, beautifully refuses:
    It is never going to happen. You are not going to turn on the kids, or me, or IRIS. You have the best heart of anyone I've ever known. I have seen you fight against being put under DomZ control...and win. You expelled their high priest from your mind and vanquished him single-handed. Jade, you are not predestined for evil. You are not a DomZ monster in human form. You are my friend, my partner, my compatriot, and I will never raise a hand against you. You will never make me have to.

  • In Baby Date, Stripe tells the story of the first time he and Trixie babysat Bluey, which was when she was still a baby in her "bum-shuffling" phase. It has a few heartwarming moments:
    • When Stripe is nervously wondering what to do, since he has a date with Trixie and is worried the presence of baby Bluey will spoil the mood, she starts blowing raspberries and giggling. Stripe tells her not to, but says it's because she's distracting him by "being adorable". Then, when he mentions having trouble finding a solution to the problem, he clarifies that he doesn't see her as a problem.
    • When Stripe is holding Bluey, not for the first time but he's still inexperienced due to being Afraid to Hold the Baby, he says that he hopes she doesn't hate him (since she was crying, though Trixie maintained that was from hunger, and she laughed when he stubbed his toe). Bluey proves she likes him by grabbing his finger, making him smile widely. Then, when Trixie sees, she loves him even more than he did before.
    • During the dinner, Trixie reveals that she's always wanted kids. When Stripe teasingly says she needs to find the right guy, Trixie says, "What makes you think I haven't already found him?", and they kiss.
    • Twice, Bluey holds her hands up, asking Stripe to pick her up. The second time, Bandit jokes that his and Chilli's daughter "dumped" them.
    • In the present, Stripe points out that he hasn't had much time to play with his nieces since Muffin and Socks were born, and their presence also distracted Bluey and Bingo from him, but since his daughters are away, they have time to play together now. Bluey and Bingo accept and play at being dragons chasing him.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
  • After Xander saves Buffy in The Pride of Sunnydale, Giles has a few things to say to him.
    Giles: Thank you, Xander, for saving Buffy. I don't know if I've said it lately but, Xander, I'm ''very'' proud of you, Son.
  • Xander's description of love, specifically his love for Cordelia in And Another Thing I Hate About You.
    Xander: I dunno much. But I do know: when you love someone, it's not about you. It's your whole fucking world wrapped up in what's best for them, and what makes them happiest. It's reaching for the moon, just because it's there, and it makes their eyes glow. When you love someone, really love them: you don't make them settle. You just don't.
    Angel: And I suppose you can give her that.
    Xander: Dude. I get a perfect happy every time she gives me that thousand watt smile and I know it's aimed at me. Always have. I get perfect happiness every time she kisses me, just because it's her. The her. The One. I'm perfectly happy when she looks at me that certain way and her eyes light up. I get orgasms of happy when she calls me dork or dweeb with that certain tone in her voice. ... Worst thing in my life was when I made that light in her eyes go out. Best was when it came back.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer story Hunter, unlike canon where Faith's living conditions were pretty much ignored, when the Scoobies find out she's living in a ratty motel (which vampires can enter without invitation) they actually argue with each other over who gets to have her sleep at their place. Buffy eventually wins and when Faith asks if her mother will mind, Buffy simply tells her, "When I tell her where you were living, she'll probably ground me for not inviting you to stay with us sooner."
  • Vintage Season, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Peggy Sue story, features Dawn Summers as the lone survivor after the First Evil wins the final fight in Sunnydale. She gets sent back in time to fix things, with a plan that include not letting anyone know she's from the future. This plan goes right out the window the moment she encounters Joyce Summers, her mother, whom she last saw in a morgue. Joyce has no idea who this unknown teenager is, or why the girl is clinging to her for dear life. She just knows that the girl is in tears, and needs a mom to comfort her. So she comforts her, no questions asked. The chapter this meeting takes place in is appropriately titles "Coming Home".
    Dawn released Joyce from the hug and took a half-step back, her arms still holding the other woman. Joyce's face was a moving current of surprise, confusion, sadness, anger, back to surprise and confusion. Dawn wiped the tears from her face. “You're alive and you're here! I missed you, Mommy. I missed you...” Her words dissolved into uncontrollable sobs and all of the stress and the tension and the agony and the misery of being the lone survivor of her entire world fell on Dawn all at once. She felt Joyce pull her in, gently pushing Dawn's head down to her shoulder. Joyce's other hand rubbed small circles on her back, a gesture that Dawn could remember from every single time her mom had comforted her.
  • Unlike most depictions that show Xander's parents as neglectful if not outright abusive, in Builders when Xander tells them his plans to move out, his father acknowledges that Xander's becoming a man and lets him know he'll always be welcome in their home.

  • Played with in Carrie: Awakening where Carrie's prom actually seems to go well and the popular Girl Posse apologizes to her. It turned out that the disaster did happen and that the happy ending was the gym teacher having a dream in-between bouts of PTSD.

    Codename: Kids Next Door 
  • Chapter 7 of the Codename: Kids Next Door fan fiction Operation: Fragment has the tough-as-nails and deeply troubled teenage Wally Beatles go monster hunting with his 8-year-old brother Joey to distract him from their parents' fighting downstairs.
  • Safe Haven is full of heartwarming moments between Numbuh 5 and Cree.
    • Once Cree realizes that something clearly is wrong with Numbuh 5, she drops all of her annoyance over Numbuh 5 waking her up and starts trying to calm her down.
    • When Numbuh 5 refuses to tell Cree what's bothering her (pressure over being the leader due to Numbuh 1 leaving) due to believing Cree would just use it against her, Cree promises not to, clearly seeing that this isn't just normal KND stuff.
    • Cree assuring Numbuh 5 that everyone makes mistakes and that it's not the end of the world if she messes up.
    • After Numbuh 5 asks what her worst mistake is, Cree admits that she regrets turning traitor because she let her sister down. Admitting this causes Numbuh 5 to request they stop hating each other and settle for being Friendly Enemies instead, something Cree is all too happy to agree with.
    • Once Numbuh 5 is settled and Cree gets ready to leave, Numbuh 5 asks her to stay a little longer. Cree instead crawls into bed with her, with their mother finding them in a Sleep Cute position the next morning.

  • The Nanoha/Ranma ½ crossover Nanoha 1/2 gives a threefold Crowning Moment to Ranma near the end of the Nanoha Classic arc, when Precia claims the last of the Jewel Seeds and starts on her Motive Rant to Fate and the TSAB. Moments after she starts talking, Genma notices that Ranma has disappeared from the Asura's bridge just as Lindy's troops move in to apprehend Precia. Precia, naturally, nukes the Red Shirts and keeps ranting, only for Ranma to make his reappearance. The AWESOME is how he slipped off the bridge, through the teleporter, and into the Garden of Time, dodged an area of effect spell potent enough to put down several squads of TSAB Space Marines and then escaped Precia's notice as long as he did. The FUNNY was stealing the Jewel Seeds out from under Precia's nose ("Yoink!") and then running away with them, Miyazaki Nodoka-style. The HEARTWARMING was how this affected Fate, who snaps out of the Heroic BSoD she'd been going into and manages to crack a smile despite everything she'd been put through in the last two minutes.
  • In Lost in Camelot, after Bo is sent back in time to Camelot, she eventually makes a new life for herself to the extent that she falls in love with Merlin and Morgana and attempts to start a relationship with them both. Her efforts initially meet with some 'resistance' as Morgana in particular is unused to even the idea that two women can be involved with each other, but after Bo sacrifices herself to save Morgana from being captured, Morgana accepts that her feelings for Bo are just as deep as her feelings for Merlin. Chapter 35 sees Bo, Merlin and Morgana reunited near a moonlit lake, as Morgana tells Bo directly that she loves her and kisses Bo of her own accord. When Merlin joins them, Bo watches as he and Morgana kiss while wrapped in their arms, and the succubus finds herself reflecting that she feels like she's home.
  • The Harry Potter/Mass Effect story Harry Potter: Geth has two major ones in short order. First, Tali takes an injection of nanites developed by the Geth that allow her to no longer require her suit. Second, several Quarian former slaves get to return to Rannoch, best summed up by Tali.
    Tali: "Keelah se'lai... we are home."
  • The Answer Is Out There, a The X-Files/The Matrix crossover (Written before the sequels, mind you) ends on a mostly downer note with Mulder and Scully having to go back into the Matrix and forget all that had happened after learning the truth]], but just as Mulder and Scully are about to leave their office, a picture on suddenly shows up on Mulder's computer with Neo and Trinity's newborn daughter, with a message reading "HER NAME IS NEMESIS". It is then followed by Scully catching a message from Neo telling her thank you and that he hopes to see her and Mulder again someday.
  • Tony Stark and the Heterodyne Legacy speculates that the Super Serum formula was actually the Jägerbräu, meaning that Steve and Bruce are actually Jägers who never benefitted from others Jägers' experience to adapt or support to feel okay. Maxim and Jenka's reaction when they meet is to embrace and accept them as their newest baby brothers.
    • When the plot starts, Maxim is not in a good place: because Agatha was never found, the Castle fell, the Jägermonsters had to split apart and the poor purple guy was frozen a long time before being captured by a Mad Scientist as a test subject. Then he's rescued by Steve seeking for Tony - an unknowing Jäeger and Agatha's great-grandson. Not only Maxim has not lost everything, he still managed to fulfill his mission: finding the Heterodyne heir.
  • The Team Fortress/Nana's Everyday Life crossover has Nana being saved by the RED team. Not only do they save her from the R&D complex and the alley, but they also killed the Administrator for trying to take her back to the complex.
    • They were also prepared to sacrifice the intel in order to avoid a battle and keep Nana safe.
  • At the end of Danganronpa: Fictional Nexus, the survivors, having discovered that those who died in the Killing Game were revived by the villains to turn into Remnants of Despair, hold out hope that they can return their friends to normal someday...and it's revealed that they do, with a bonus chapter revealing that they were successful in reviving the first two victims and killers, with hope that some day, they'll get everyone back to normal.
  • In Ship of The Line: Sunnydale Flyer Willow dressed as Captain Janeway for halloween. Willow ends up listing to a message left by captain janeway for her calling the sunnydale crew some of the bravest people she had ever encountered and how she regretted that she couldn't meet them personally.

    Danny Phantom 
  • The Danny Phantom fanfic Ghosts In The Closet has a few weird ones courtesy of the ghosts and their somewhat unusual moral code and Sam sort of gaining 'honorary ghost' status when she married Danny. One of the highlights however would probably be when they are going on a bit of a rampage in Danny's absence until some of them realise that Sam is pregnant and thus, according to their rules, off limits. With the exception of Walker who has his own rules, they abruptly go from causing chaos to a) going back to the Ghost Zone without fuss, b) actively protecting Sam, and/or c) attacking the aforementioned Walker (b and c overlap).
    • Another highlight is courtesy of the Box Ghost, of all people:
      "Festivities?" Then she remembered, and her entire posture softened. "The Christmas Truce. Danny always visited the Ghost Zone on Christmas Eve to observe the Truce. I forgot."
      The Box Ghost nodded again, blinked a few times, then coughed. "You are welcome to join us, of course, although I'm sure you have your own human celebrations to attend."
      She thought of the Christmas Eve vigil. "Observance more than celebration. Although I appreciate the invitation."
      "You need no invitation. You are one of us."
  • Paint it Black, a DP AU of TUE that seems to be Darker and Edgier at first glance, but in the fourth chapter is the most heartwarming moment between Danny and Danielle, where after Danny and Jazz do all this work to save her from Vlad's planned fate to let her die now he has Danny, she hugs him. D'aaaww!

  • In the Daria fan fiction series 'Legion of Lawndale Heroes', the scene in Chapter 12:2 when for the first time, Daria doesn't just read Jane's mind, but opens her own mind up to Jane so that they share memories. Particularly heartwarming is the part where Daria tells Jane that she's closer to her than she is to her own sister, and Jane reciprocates by telling Daria that not only does she consider her family, but a part of herself. The scene being devoid of Les Yay makes it even more touching.

  • This Digimon Fanfiction even has a chapter titled " Crowning Moment of Heartwarming"- and a relief to the readers, because the previous few chapters were really, really, really sad. the whole last 2 chapters are Heartwarming moment after Heartwarming moment. Besides that, we also get an adorable Flashback in chapter 8 of Tai comforting little!Kari after a nightmare.
  • This AU Digimon Fanfiction is filled with tear jerkers, as the premise is that Takeru, traveling in America, was caught on one of the planes on 9-11. But there are some huge CMOHs in there- when Kari finds out she's going to have a baby for one, and all of Takeru's comforting Nikki, a little girl sitting next to him on the plane. but the one that tops them all- even though at this point, we know he's ok, there was something so beautiful and magical about the moment Kari got the phone call, the one that told her...
    "Your husband is alive, Mrs Takaishi"

    Doki Doki Literature Club 
  • Many fans are making alternate what-if scenarios to Sayori's suicide. This particular video is very heartwarming to watch, considering the horror that happens in the actual game.
  • There exist mods for the game that provide alternate scenarios to make things happier for the girls. It says a lot about the fanbase and how they felt about the characters enough to make sure everyone got their happy ending. Some examples:
    • Some players are developing mods to give Monika the fleshed-out route she dreamed of. You could say they're writing their way into her heart.
      • Monika After Story, which allows you to bring back Monika after Act 3. Not only that, but you can have actual conversations and play games with her.
      • Our Time, which takes place after the ending. Desiring her happiness, you bring Monika back from the void and create an Alternate Universe where Monika did get her own route. Comes with completely new CG and sprites, thought it's currently a work-in-progress (with a demo available).
    • One mod called Our Final Heartbeat allows you to get an even better ending than the canon Golden Ending. Postgame!Monika will help you Set Right What Once Went Wrong on yet another playthrough. Sayori and Yuri are even stopped from killing themselves. It also adds a completely new Natsuki route and even manages to convince Monika to do an earlier Heel–Face Turn.
  • The 'Learn how to become club president' comic is tear-jerker material, but the sequel gives us the ending that the majority of us wish was canon.
  • Fan-Groups of the game on social media have had several fans admitting they have and are struggling with depression, but unsurprisingly, they are quickly responded to with loving and caring posts from fellow members.
  • On The DDLC Reddit group, a user set up bots of Yuri, Natsuki, Monika, and Sayori to send Valentines messages (which were written by a different user) based on the user flairs (i.e. a Yuri bot would send a Yuri-based message to someone with a Yuri flair) to people who posted on there. It came out as a very pleasant and sweet surprise, especially for those who are really attached to those characters.
  • Plenty of Monika's tweets:
  • Noble did a collaboration with several Virtual Youtubers to play through the game, with Bunny_GIF as Sayori, Silvervale as Yuri, IronMouse as Natsuki, and ProjektMelody as Monika, with himself as the protagonist. It was going splendidly...up until Act 1 starts to conclude, where it becomes apparent that Melody had never actually played the game before due to her reactions to some of the lines she reads. This unfortunately results in her having a breakdown when Act 1 infamously ends (and is shown even worse on her personal stream, as she begins to curl up and rock back and forth in her chair with a thousand-yard stare off to the side). When the group tries to continue to Act 2, they realize Mel isn't doing so hot, and Mel asks to stop. Everyone is completely understanding, reassures her that the game, especially that part, is pretty disturbing, and they all spend the rest of the stream cheering Mel back up with cute animal videos.

    Fairly Odd Parents 
  • In the The Fairly OddParents! fanfic Discovery, when Timmy sets Norm the Genie free. Norm had became a minion of the Shadow and was using the four elements to try to kill Timmy and his fairies. However Timmy realizes what Norm's motivation is, and decides to set him free even though Timmy and Norm hated each other's guts. Then at the end, Norm gives Timmy a beeper so he could call him. Just so heartwarming.
    • The name of the chapter is "One Jump Ahead", which adds a comparison to Aladdin.

    Fate/stay Night 
  • The Fate/stay night story Fate:Spiral Time has a lot, but has one that stands out the most; the dance Shirou and Artuia (A reincarnated Saber with no memories of her life as King Arthur, but found out anyway) share is nothing short but pure romance. What really clinches it is Artuia's inner monologue. And if your face should haunt me to my grave, I will never regret having known you.) My beloved Shirou... and Rin's closing words "To a happy ending". The author even left the author notes for that chapter until the one after to hold onto the thought and give a toast.
  • The Fate/stay night doujin Childcare is War involves little kid versions of Rin and Sakura summoning Archer... somehow. Rather then play the idea for comedy (which could be done) it instead plays the heartwarming Serial Escalation: Heartwarming Moments in every other page

    Fullmetal Alchemist 
  • We That Are Young is a Fullmetal Alchemist fic that shows the lives and childhoods of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye, and it's filled with crowning moments of awesome, heartwarming, and tearjerkers. There is one that takes the cake, however. Riza is grieving the loss of a friend of the family, and her father (who becomes a bigger Jerkass with each of the later chapters, and almost a monster by the end of it) is shaking her and screaming at her to shut up. Roy finally gets fed up with it, calls him out on his verbal and physical abuse, and eventually punches his alchemy teacher in the face.

    Genshin Impact 
  • The Genshin Impact fan animation Journey with You Across the Mortal World has Paimon be Lumine's good friend two-fold: first, covering a sleeping and distressed Lumine with the blanket before holding her hand and then, after a flashback to all the events seen by the player so far, she grabs a depressed Lumine and shows her a painting where all the people they have met so far have contributed, with a drawing of Lumine and Aether in the middle done by Paimon herself. The Greatest Traveling Companion, indeed.

    G.I. Joe 

  • The Godzilla web original series Kaiju War Chronicles is usually more focused on action, but a Heartwarming Moment, coupled with a Moment of Awesome appears at the end of Match 126: Godzilla Junior vs. Zilla Jr. By this point, both Junior and Zilla have been going hammer and tongs at each other with no clear winner, and both are incredibly beat up. HEAT is wondering what to do about the situation when two heartwarming events occur:
    • First is the appearance of Godzilla SENIOR. Rather than immediately go on the attack against Zilla, he checks up on Junior first.
    • Second, as HEAT anticipate a Curb-Stomp Battle like the kind Godzilla gave Zilla in Final Wars, Senior actually seems to talk Junior out of engaging Zilla further, before the two just up and leave.
      Nick: "They're going home. Godzilla just came to bring his son home."
      Randy: "But our Godzilla just ripped up his son. Why didn't he blast him?"
      Nick: "I'm not quite sure. Maybe out of respect."
      Elsie: "Sure. If there's one thing the King of Monsters appreciates, it's a good fight, and that's exactly what Zilla gave Junior."
    • Then, as if to prove Elsie's point, Godzilla Junior gives one last silent parting glance at Zilla - a look of companionship, cementing that now the two of them now have a respect for each other, maybe not as friends or allies, but a respect nonetheless. After all, they both come from similar backgrounds. Not bad for a former Scrappy like Zilla!

    Good Omens 
  • Twofish, a Good Omens fanfic, is absolutely full of these.
    "Which was why it was so dangerous. Aziraphale could just as easily kicked over mailboxes and burnt down neighborhoods. He was, after all, The Enemy. But instead, every movement the angel made tasted like creme brulee or felt like a back rub or sounded like a violin concerto or spoke of other lovely things that are beyond human understanding."
  • The Good Omens fanfic Its Own Place has one in the final part, following the main drama and UST: Aziraphale believes he's become a demon, and begins kissing Crowley because he no longer has his angelic status to lose. Crowley then finds out that Aziraphale hasn't become a demon, and after an internal battle on whether to tell him the truth or let him give him what he's been waiting 6000 years for, takes the undemonic route. Overjoyed, Aziraphale exclaims, "I didn't Fall! It's all right!" Crowley thinks that he means "It's wonderful that I'm still an angel, so I can go back to being a proper one," but Aziraphale clarifies with another kiss and the line "No. This. It's all right." that what he really meant was "It's wonderful that my feelings for you aren't a sin after all, so I can continue acting on them."
    • Any Good Omens fic where Crowley defies his demonic nature out of love for Aziraphale. Also fics where he is redeemed/partially redeemed will have this as well.

    Gunnerkrigg Court 
  • In this Gunnerkrigg Court fanfic, the author portrays a rare good moment in the lives of Zimmy and Gamma:
    Gamma's mind shifted attention, and Zimmy let hers, too. The rain fell on people, cars, roofs - on the library. On the toy store. On Gamma's flat's building, yellow-grey and crumbling, comfortable when the aunt and uncle were out. On the warehouse, the McDonald's, on the park, the riverside. The rain was at all their places, and the rain was their favourite place.
    Everywhere was almost safe.
    All Gamma's attention switched onto her in a thud of shock. It was a weird way to think. And then Gamma smiled with that deep and tiny curl of her closed mouth and took Zimmy's hand.
    (Everywhere was safe.)
    "Let's run!" Zimmy crowed, grabbing Gamma around the waist - too hard for her to breathe, never mind move - and then they ran.
    Two girls danced through the crowds and mist, laughing.

  • The Half-Life fanfic Typical Moments in the Horrible Life of Gordon Freeman, has one when Alyx and Gordon’s lives are being weaved together – from Alyx’s point of view.
    And now there's another presence, one so achingly familiar that she's drawing toward it before it even begins to 'speak.’ I love you, Alyx. More than I've ever loved anyone in my life. I can't go on without you. I don't want to go on without you. I'll do anything for you. Just come back to me. Please. The tendrils around her release their hold just long enough for her to draw close to him. Then they return, wrapping around and them both, taking the fibers of his being and threading them between hers. He's in her, and around her, and through her, the two of them woven into a fabric stronger than either of them could be alone. She thought she knew him before, through his speech and actions. What she called 'knowledge' before is nothing compared to this. His every thought, every memory, every secret desire and fleeting emotion—everything he is has been laid bare before her, and she before him, as they are twined together as one. She won't retain all of this when she returns to her body. She couldn't. It's too much for one vessel to hold. But they're going home, together, and that's what matters.

  • A beautiful one happens in the Halo fic Je Mourrais at chapter 15. Master Chief and Cortana apparently ended up on the Ark after the end of Halo 3. Cortana has began to experience "rampancy", which makes her feel actual emotions. The UNSC fears that she will go nuts on them, and demand that Chief hand her over, after they send a fleet to the Ark. Chief refuses, and both of them are declared traitors and hunted down by UNSC. Now Chief has found allies in form of some UNSC and Covenant holdouts, who help him in the struggle. While he gives Cortana to some of them to take her away while he and some others distract the UNSC, the recent battles begin to exhaust him mentally and emotionally. He begins to feel that he's to blame for the casualties that result, and he can't deal with the prospect of having his allies' deaths - a P.O.W. Brute Chieftain, an Elite Major Domo, and a Marine Medic in his 60-70s - on his conscience if things go bad. He therefore tells them to surrender to UNSC, so that they won't be executed for war crimes. Their response: They refuse his wish and tell him that they'd rather stand, fight, and die with him, and not with the "ONI Spooks". The Elite even makes one long speech about his history with the Covenant, how he abandoned his brothers to death, how he was disgraced, how he was ashamed of himself, and how he will never abandon a brother again. The speech and the loyalty from them - not for the Spartan or the "Demon", but for John "Son" and for the person he is - gives John, and the readers, some serious heartstring tugs.

    Harry Potter 
  • In Arabella's Day in the Limelight story The Very Secret Diary, about Ginny's conversations with Tom Riddle, Ginny is sufficiently cowed and held a helpless puppet by Riddle, who can control her movements and speech. However, when Riddle tells her to kill her own brothers with the Basilisk, she manages, through sheer strength of will, to wrench herself free and throw the diary down the toilet. Canon events conspire and place her back under Riddle's power eventually, but still, for an eleven year old girl to resist Lord Voldemort, she must have loved her brothers very, very, very much.
  • The Harry Potter fic Make A Joyful Noise by Bored Beyond Belief is one that makes the reader feel all warm and fuzzy. Especially what Harry had to go through in the first story Never Alone Never Again. What happened in "Never Alone, Never Again", Harry was abused by the Dursleys and tormented both day and night by visions of Voldemort and his Death Eaters torturing and killing his many, many victims. Whatever his victims felt, Harry felt it too, every pain, every injury, every curse inflicted on the victims. To make things worse, the Ministry of Magic was hushing up all the deaths and wanted to pin the blame on Harry. So they tossed him into Azkaban to keep him silent.]] Fortunately, Harry gets better, though it isn't a complete victory, with Harry still suffering from nightmares and the repercussions of the wandless magic he used in the form of the Killing spell on Voldemort. However, in Make A Joyful Noise, we see that though not everything is back to normal, Harry is recovering steadily and opening up to Sirius and Remus. What truly seals the moment is when Harry shows Sirius and Lupin his Animagus form, which is that of a phoenix. As he takes flight and they watch in utter joy as the phoenix sings and soars, finally free.
  • A rather twisted version in a NSFW Harry Potter fan fic: Bellatrix has been keeping Hermione prisoner, and they are involved in a BDSM relationship. After another night of sexual torture, Hermione blurts out, "I love you, Mistress!" Bellatrix thinks to herself that Hermione deserves to be beaten for speaking out of turn like that. Instead, she just smiles and says, "I love you too, my pet." Awww...
  • The following Harry Potter fanfics of the slash variety:
  • There was this fanfic about Harry and Draco meeting again after their sons had become friends. Draco being Draco mocks and sneers while Harry is just as casual and just as insulting, though they were both more friendly than hostile. At the end, when Harry takes his son back home, he holds out his hand and Draco takes it.
  • Living With Danger and the other Dangerverse fics by Anne Walsh has many examples of what a CMOH is:
    • When Sirius, Remus, Danger and Aletha are acquitted and declared innocent, Sirius jumps in joy and embraces the cubs, but the big moment is when he finally embraces a crying Harry, and this exchange happens:
    Sirius: Not a chance, Greeneyes. Not this time.
  • About 70% of fanfiction where Snape becomes a sort of surrogate father for Harry (or is revealed to be this real one, or something else like that), most of which involve him having a slightly stronger connection to Lily and Snape rescuing Harry from the Dursleys, venture into this. It's really cute, too.
  • In Prince of the Dark Kingdom in one of the later chapters Voldemort manages to anger Harry by saying that whatever they are, they could never be friends, only to correct himself an hour later, while desperately trying to free Harry out of a rather dangerous situation, by saying: 'What we've done to one another, for each other, against each other... the most passionate of lovers and the most vicious of enemies would not have conceived of attempting. We are beyond mortal understanding or sentiment. We are beyond their pale and paltry labels.'
  • In Delenda Est Harry needs Bellatrix to send a patronus message as he's still too weak to. She only manages white mist until Harry tells her, "Bellatrix, you're singularly the most powerful, most talented, and most stunning witch I have ever seen on the field of battle, and coming to truly know you has been both a blessing and a pleasure. I know that you can do it, Bellatrix, because I know you can cast pretty much any spell there is." Bellatrix's resulting patronus is described as being "almost blindingly bright".
  • The Harry Potter: Pokemon Master series is built on the idea of this Harry having a support system filled with people that love him. It comes to a head in Book 4 when Harry and Jasmine are captured by Voldemort and his agents. Voldemort taunts him that he is alone and no one is coming... only for Looker to make his presence known and reveal that all of the Hogwarts Staff, the Headmasters from the other regions, Sirius, Remus, the Grangers, the Weasleys, Neville's grandmother, and Xeno Lovegood have all come to save him.
    Voldemort had tried to claim he was alone, that no one cared for him and he'd been abandoned, left to die alone with no one coming to his rescue... But then the teleporters activated and his faith was rewarded.
    • The reasoning given for several of them coming to his aid is equally heartwarming. Xeno knows that Luna sees Harry as a brother and won't let him get hurt. Augusta Longbottom knows the Potters and Longbottoms have always been good friends and won't let Neville's first friend be hurt. Snape (who is this universe was Lily's adopted brother and thus Harry's uncle) swears to protect his nephew from the monsters that killed Lily. Even Smaug, the Tyrantrum Harry faced in the first task, appears and swears that no one will hurt Harry again so long as he stands.
      • The song the author suggested for this chapter? Stand by Me by Florence + The Machine

    Haruhi Suzumiya 
  • This series of fancomics for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya features all sorts of cutesy moments, WAFFy moments, and raunchy, raunchy sex jokes. However, the true CMOH comes in the very last few. In a three-strip arc, Haruhi and Kyon ask each other what they like about them. While Kyon makes some semi-cute sex jokes that make Haruhi blush, Haruhi is unable to come up with an answer as to why she likes Kyon... until that night, after a session of lovemaking.
    Haruhi: ... I love your fingers. I love the feel of your body heat. I love the tender way you touch me. I love the weight of your body and the feel of your skin. The fact that you're never afraid to say what's on your mind, I love that too. But really, what I love most of all... is Kyon!

    Hetalia Axis Powers 

  • The Homestuck fanfiction We're All Doomed has many, but one of the biggest has to be in chapter 14, after Equius sends Aradia an emoticon rose:
    AA: there
    AA: i just made that em0tic0n smile
    AA: and it didn't l00k stupid
  • This Homestuck fic is an epilogue to a long angsty piece in which Bro abuses Dave, John supports Dave, and eventually Mr. Egbert confronts Bro and makes him get professional help. The epilogue is worksafe and rather cute and silly considering the previous content, and reaches the peak of such in Dave sending John a "shittily rendered ascii art" heart with the word "derp" in the centre; "spoiler alert the derp represents you".

    How to Train Your Dragon 
  • In chapter 17 of the How to Train Your Dragon fanfic The Dragon Journals, which goes through the film from the perspectives of the dragons, has Toothless and Hiccup (called Fishbone by Toothless) sharing a deer that Toothless killed. It then gives us these couple of lines.
    He pawed my side and murmured his names for me. Ember-Hiss. Footfall. He was happy. I have never sired any young. But it made me feel strong and protective to see Fishbone eat and take strength from something I killed for him. It made me feel like an Alpha. There were embers in my heart. I love my Fishbone. He has saved me, and fed me, and shown me many amazing secrets. And he has brought me back to the sky. I will be his friend forever.
  • I Hear Him Scream, a How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction, has one of these when Toothless finally trusts Hiccup enough to call a truce with him. Amplified since Toothless was the one who turned Hiccup into a dragon and that Hiccup managed to forgive him and try several times beforehand to make amends despite being treated terribly the entire time. Even more amplified when you realize that they are touching in almost the same exact way as they did in the 'Forbidden Friendship' scene when they call the truce.

    Jurassic Park 

    Kingdom Hearts 
  • The Kingdom Hearts fic Finding His Footing. Who knew Xigbar could be so patient, especially with a Demyx who doesn't know how to stand?
  • The AU fic Second Chance, in which Sora grows up able to communicate with Ventus after his heart merges with him. Most people assume Ven must be Sora's imaginary friend, but after Ven learns he can take control of Sora's body (when Sora almost drowns trying to save Kairi), he manages to prove himself to Sora's mothers by summoning his Keyblade. Not only do both Aiko and Kalana immediately apologise for not believing in him and thank him for saving Sora, but they have no hesitation about adopting him as the older brother to Sora that he effectively already was.
  • Kiss me three times in which Kairi and Sora watch the sun rise over Radiant Garden on the morning of the final battle. After Kairi opens up about how much she wishes they didn't have to fight today and that Xehanort had never become a threat in the first place:
    Sora: (averting his eyes in guilt) I guess I'm a horrible person, then.
    Kairi: What do you mean?
    Sora: Everything you said is true. But I can't agree with you. (Kairi takes his hand, urging him to continue.) If none of this would have happened, a lot of hurt would have been avoided, I know. But at the same time, I can't wish for it. If Xehanort hadn't lead Radiant Garden into the Darkness, you would have never washed up on Destiny Islands. I know, it's selfish and you were robbed of your own family and I swear, I feel horrible about it for you. But without Xehanort, the Keyblade would have had no reason to fall into my hands and I wouldn't have been able to travel the worlds to meet you through that means. Without Xehanort, I wouldn't have met you. (Looks into her eyes) And I don't want to imagine a reality in which you aren't a part of my life.
    • Cue The Big Damn Kiss, sandwiched between (as suggested by the title) two smaller but no less meaningful ones.
  • In the post-canon fic Namine and The Wayfinders, Terra picks up on Namine's discomfort around him, and she admits that she can't help but be reminded of Xemnas. But when Terra insists on apologising for this, going so far as to blame himself the atrocities Xehanort comitted after he stole his body, Namine points out that by the same token, she, as well as Roxas and Xion, never would have existed if it weren't for him.

    Knights of the Old Republic 
  • Destiny's Pawn, a Knights of the Old Republic novelization has one from Canderous of all people. Having confronted Sherruk on Dantooine, Jagi on Tatooine, and a rogue Mandalorian clan on Kashyyyk, he realizes he has no family among the Mandalorians. He then silences the crew, marks them with the blood of the enemies they just fought, and ritually adopts all of them as his "clan."
    Canderous "No sisters sit at my clan-hold. I have no daughters to sing at my burial. I have no sons to train in the ways of the warrior. No brothers at my back. No elders to learn from. And no clan-chief to pay homage to."
    Kairi-Revan: "I should be the one at your knees, Canderous. Your loyalty, courage, and honor are there for all to see. I hope to someday be worthy of the faith you - all of you - have placed in me. Rise and take your place at my side, brother in battle."
  • The Knights of the Old Republic Game Mod Brotherhood of Shadow pulls some beautiful ones with a side order of Tear Jerker. Perhaps the most beautiful one was Koybayshi's "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight against Channa Mae's self-loathing. Anguished Declaration of Love mixed with "Not So Different" Remark as he reveals that he was a failed Padawan who lost his Force connection with his master's death - just like Channa Mae was. The Power of Love is enough to snap her out of the Brotherhood's spell, and complete the last of her renunciation of the Dark Side.

    The Legend of Zelda 
  • Full Steam Ahead, in which the Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks take a train trip. Zelda tells him that she's being pressured to get engaged before her eighteenth birthday to ensure the future of Tetra's bloodline, and it takes Link longer than it should to realise she's trying to propose to him. When he does get it, Link is shocked, both by the fact that there's no laws in place about who she can marry (literally the only thing on the books is "Who cares? Just don’t pick a wimp"), and by the fact that she's choosing him, feeling that he can't hold a candle to the likes of the Hero of the Winds before him. Zelda disagrees, telling Link that he had more than proven himself in his own adventure.
    Zelda: But you know something? You could have done none of those things and it wouldn’t matter to me. You don’t have to be a hero. Or a swordfighter, or a train conductor, or a monster slayer, or an adventurer. I mean I'm glad you are all of those things, because you saved our kingdom and you saved me… and I don’t know that you and I would have ever met otherwise… but when you get down to it, Link, none of those things matter to me. You could even be a wimp and it wouldn’t change my mind. You're the one I love, Link. You’re the one I want to marry. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with. And Tetra herself couldn’t stop me. What about you?
    Link: [blinks, uncertain] What about… what about me?
    Zelda: Come on, Link. I know this is a lot to ask, a-and I know it's sudden… We're still so young, and it's not fair to just throw this on you, but I know that I won't ever be happy with anyone else. You're my best friend. I… I need you. I need you in my life. Please… Please, Link. Marry me?
    Was it him, or… had the world around them ceased to exist?
    There was nothing around him anymore. Nothing but him and her and the sound of their breathing.
    Marry him… She wanted to marry him… To actually become his. No longer just a figment in his head, but his new reality. Him and her. Link and Zelda.
    He wanted to reach out and pinch himself, but his arms had suddenly become leaden and unresponsive. The sound of her nervous breathing was loud in his ears. Or was that his breathing? How long had he been sitting here? How much time had passed since she’d asked? How much longer would she wait?
    He still didn't feel like he was good enough for her… but maybe… maybe that was ok. Maybe that meant that he’d feel inspired to spend the rest of his life bettering himself for her sake. Actually, the fact of the matter was that that was already how he lived his life. From the day they'd met, from the moment she’d slipped him that letter and he’d helped her sneak her way out of the castle, his life had revolved around her.
    She was all he thought about sometimes. The only person he wanted to see after a long trip. Even just being in her presence made him smile. And maybe they were too young for this, but… maybe that just meant that they could grow into it together.
    Only he couldn't say it. Couldn't get his mouth to reproduce into words the thoughts that were skittering around inside his head like pond skimmers.
    So instead, he did what he did best. Demonstrated his intentions through actions.
    Reaching out, his hand shaking with fear and expectation, he cupped her face, fingers tangling in her hair, and pulled her closer, capturing her lips.

    Life is Strange 
  • Life Is Strange fic Letters From A Dead Girl has Chloe - the titular "dead girl" due to being in depression over Rachel's disappearance - return home to discover that Joyce found the letters she'd written to "Imaginary Max" while cleaning her room, and mailed them to the real Max. While initially outraged at the breach of privacy - and doubtful that Max would ever reply - Chloe soon learns that Max did indeed write back, tearfully apologizing for not being there for Chloe during her Darkest Hour, and promising to reply if Chloe still wants to call her. Chloe does, Max answers, and the two of them tearfully reconcile, with Chloe getting a much-needed level in cheerfulness. The below line sums it up:
    The line clicks dead and for the first time in a long time Chloe’s heart thunders in her chest and her lungs are full of sweet, sweet air and she’s alive again.

    The Loud House 
  • Samtastic 3.0's stories.
    • One where Lincoln is given a second chance to fix his relationship with his sisters.
    • Another where he learns to appreciate having them as siblings after a crazy dream.
    • And of course his little take on "Cover Girls".
  • Check the fanfictions listed on the Tear Jerker page. The chances are that they will also contain big Crowning Moments of Heartwarming, often at the end.
    • A Loud to Stay: in between the multiple tearjerking moments, there are also quite a few heartwarming ones. First, when the truth about Lincoln being adopted is revealed, his sisters never even think about treating Lincoln any different because of it and insist he is still their brother. When Lincoln wants to find his biological parents, they actively help him track down his biological mother. The story ends on a happy note when Lincoln is reunited with his biological mother, who after many miserable years managed to get her own life back on track, and the two make peace, vowing to stay in touch from now on.
    • Pranking Pariah ends with Luan understanding the rights and wrongs of pranking after one of her pranks during April Fools breaks her brother's arm, and apologizing to Lincoln for wounding him. Lincoln forgives her and she signs his cast. The last scene takes place after Lincoln's arm is healed. He and Luan are sharing a laugh over one of her pranks. Several comments mention that this is how they would have liked "April Fools Rules" to end.
      Luan: (to the viewers): "Well, I just learned a valuable lesson. My goal as a comedian is to make the people laugh. But if my pranks cause physical harm, I know that it’s no laughing matter. Thanks to my brother, I now see what my pranks can really do, and I could tone it down for the greater good."
    • Guy Token ends with Lincoln being found by Luna. Her first reaction is to hug him tightly. She reassures him that he's important to their family, as he ran away because he felt useless and like a black sheep. He's then reunited with his other sisters and they all go home together.
    • Inadequate has a Bittersweet Ending, but it still counts, given the sad tone of most of the fanfic. Lincoln tries to kill himself, but fails because Lucy saw him from the vents and his father literally broke the bathroom's door in to get him to the hospital. When he regains his consciousness, all his sisters hug him, while crying how much they were scared he would die, and he starts regretting his decision to try to kill himself. The ending implies that, even if it will take a lot of time, Lincoln will be able to overcome his depression with the help of his family.
      • When she notices that her brother seems more glum than usual, Luan buys him the new Ace Savvy comic to try to cheer him up.
      • During the second part of the story, all the efforts made by Lincoln's sisters and parents to help him after they found about his depression also count. One notable moment happens the night after they discover his first failed suicide attempt. When he goes to bed, Lucy comes and asks him if she can sleep with him. When he agrees, she hugs him.
        Lucy: "I know I don't say it often. To you or anyone. But I love you, Lincoln."
    • At the end of What You Wish For, it turns out that most of the events were All Just a Dream Lori had after she passed out because of a combination of the perfume and some nail polish remover that were spilled before. Lincoln actually saves her life and Lori apologizes for the mean things she said to him before.
      "Lincoln. You are my little brother. No matter what happens, I'll always be there for you.
      • In the dream world, Lori spends most of the story upset but relatively contained that the demon stole her brother and her boyfriend. When she finds out the demon sent Lucy to Hell however? She gets full on pissed and fights the demon into submission solo! She even manages a sardonic quip that the demon should have possessed Lynn instead because then it would have a chance of beating her.
      • At the end of the story, before going for ice creams with Lincoln, Lori buys Lucy's Ouija board and destroys it. And Lori won't take any risk if it's to protect her sister, even if everything was just a product of her poisoned mind. After all, better safe than sorry.
    • First Love's ending is bittersweet, since Lynn had to break up with her first boyfriend because he turned out to be a jerk, but it also features Lincoln and Lynn making it up with each other after their dispute. Other heartwarming moments in the story also include Lincoln helping Lynn train with her karate and both sharing a sweet moment shortly afterwards and the home video their father recorded when they were young.
    • In the second part of Trustworthy, during the house fire, Lincoln rescues the twins (also a Moment of Awesome). Then, when Lincoln is left trapped in the house, all his sisters work together to save him. Additionally the twins ask Lincoln why he saved them, as Lincoln was angry towards his sisters, but Lincoln points that even if he was mad at them, he doesn't want them to be harmed. While the ending is bittersweet, as they lost some of their most cherished possessions in the fire, the siblings take comfort in the fact that they still have each other. The fanfic ends with a reconciliation between the Loud siblings, after the events of Trustworthy and Trustworthy Part 2 drew a gap between Lincoln and his sisters.
    • During the story In The Dark, Lori going in full-Big Sister Instinct mode after Lucy is injured during a car accident the night of Halloween, while they were trick-or-treating. She calls the rescue team and calms down Lola, Lana and Lisa who witnessed the scene. When at the hospital, Lana starts to freak out because she thinks she's responsible for the accident, she hugs her to calm her down. Lola and Lisa soon join her in a group hug.
      • Also heartwarming is that after the Louds are heading home, Bobby turns up, to Lori's surprise. When she asks if he got her message about their date being canceled, he explains that he's there to support her, saying that if it was Ronnie who had gotten hurt, he'd need all the support he could get. He even brought get-well-soon gifts for Lucy (they're...not the best choices exactly but it's the thought that counts).
      • When wishing Lucy goodnight after the family is home, Rita kisses her on the forehead and calls her "my little dark angel".
      • This closing statement:
        Yes, Lincoln knew a lot about living in a large family. How to juggle schedules, How to make your way through a busy hallway, How to escape a room littered wall to wall with Lego pieces barefoot. He also knew that, at any moment, there could be an accident waiting to happen. In a family this large it was amazing it didn't happen more when those accident did happen,he knew that their family would be there to pull them through. This Halloween was no different. While it was true it would take time for Lucy to fully heal, so long as she was surrounded by family, she would have no shortage of love and assistance. So it was a good thing she lived in the Loud House.
    • Luan's Problem, in spite of its tearjerking moments, also has heartwarming moments. The precise examples have been moved in the fanfic's own page.
  • Denial: Not Just a River in Royal Woods is cute Ronniecoln fluff that crosses into Funny when Lynn interrupts Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's kiss.
  • Secret Santa: a surprisingly heartwarming Christmas story from the author of Requiem for a Loud. During the Louds' annual Secret Santa, he enlists Ronnie Anne's help to find the perfect gift for each sister. However, Lincoln loses his paper with the name of the sister he has to buy a gift for, so to be on the safe side, he buys each of his sisters the perfect gift. The sisters then return the favor by organizing a romantic Christmas dinner for Lincoln and Ronnie Anne because Lincoln didn't have enough money to buy a gift for Ronnie Anne after buying all the gifts for their sisters. The fanfic also features several cute romantic moments between Lincoln and Ronnie Anne, including Lincoln's recollections of the kisses they shared thus far including one during his twelfth birthday and their First Kiss as a couple (technically their fourth in total).
  • Blood and Sweat opens fairly heartwarming with Lynn and Lincoln having a session of Saturday morning bonding, with the pair playfully sparring with boxing (even if Lincoln does take it a little overboard) and Lynn cutting the match off when she thinks she hit her brother harder than she meant to and praising his improvement. Then, despite how fast it goes downhill with how Lincoln starts neglecting his overall health in favor of exercising, Lynn's reaction to Lincoln mentioning he wants to train to be like her is very sweet, as is how worried she and Luna are about his health. This is best shown in the scene where the pair angrily confronts Lincoln when he sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night to go on a run despite him feeling sick and having developed a bad and painful limp in his right leg. Then when Lincoln empties his guts out in the nearby bushes, they comfort him and rub his back until he stops barfing, with this particular scene ending with Luna tenderly kissing a passed out Lincoln on the forehead and affectionately calling him "bubba" before Lynn carries the poor kid home to bed. When Lincoln tries to fight his way out of the house to work out more the next day, Lynn can't bring herself to actually hurt him, even as he's trying to hurt her, and immediately gets him medical help when he faints while coughing up blood. After Lincoln wakes up in the hospital, Lynn doesn't blame him for what he did while he was out of his mind with weariness, following it up by pointing out that while she'd love it if Lincoln was one of her sport buddies, he's her little brother first and foremost and she'd never be ashamed of him. In turn, Lincoln finally realizes how badly he was hurting himself with his actions and apologizes for not listening to Lynn when she tried to get him to stop. The closing scene has her giving him a piggyback after he's gotten sick of being stuck inside since he's unable to walk without crutches until his leg heals, even saying it's been too long since she's done that.
    • The other sisters also show concern for Lincoln when he starts to neglect his health. Leni makes a smoothie for him when he’s not eating (and Lynn makes sure he actually drinks it), the sisters are just as worried sick as their parents are when Lincoln ends up in the hospital and are just as relieved when the doctor reveals that Lincoln will be able to make a full recovery, and Lisa helps monitor his recovery so he can fully heal.
  • A common quality among the works of MrTyeDye:
    • Mall Rats is a sweet tale about Lincoln spending a day at the mall with Leni because she is cashing in the coupons he cobbled together at the last minute for Christmas (which only Leni appreciated to begin with). Despite his apprehension and initial misgivings, Lincoln is willing to be nice to Leni and ends up having a pretty good time and Leni spends a good portion of the trip being a Cool Big Sis, with highlights including A) explaining an employee in the first store they visit's sour disposition and encouraging Lincoln to always be Nice to the Waiter, B) insisting on spending her own money on clothes for Lincoln in the second store and playfully teasing him about worrying about looking stupid in front of her before promising she won't laugh at what he picks (a promise she keeps for the most part) and praising his choice of a leather jacket, C) letting Lincoln pick where they eat lunch and treating him, D) squealing adorably when Lincoln helps her realize someone at school has a crush on her, E) reassuring Lincoln about his relationship with Ronnie, F) delightedly taking a "jacket selfie" with Lincoln while squealing that Ronnie will love it, G) being gentle and encouraging when Lincoln ends up Distracted by the Sexy manicurist at the salon, H) being firm that they find a movie that everyone in the family can enjoy after Lincoln gently points out the flaw in her original plan to just get one movie per sibling and seeing it through completely, I) beating the stuffing out of some jocks who try to bully Lincoln, J) treating Lincoln to ice cream for being a good sport about the shopping and K) capping off the whole day with a hug (via a second coupon) and stating that Lincoln earned a good night's sleep after the whole day as she puts him to bed.
    • Fight the Fat: Taking place after "The Loudest Yard", Lynn helps Lincoln regain his self-confidence.
    • All the Lonely People: Lincoln assuring Luna that she will not die alone and forgotten.
    • Irrational Fear: Lincoln comforting Lisa when the latter is scared by a thunderstorm.
    • On Our Backs: Luan gives Lincoln a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech when he starts to feel worthless because his attempts to solve the roommate disagreements in "Room with a Feud" didn't work, which ends with her tickling him.
    • Waxing Moon: During a cuddling session, Sam notices that Luna has gained some weight because of the recent holiday snacking and meals. When Luna considers keeping the weight and adding on even more pounds when Sam reveals that she is attracted to pudgy girls, Sam is quick to say that what's more important is that Luna has a body she is most comfortable with and that Sam doesn't want Luna to make such a drastic and possibly harmful change for her. They return to their cuddling session, with Sam starting to tickle Luna's belly.
  • Lincoln's Birth, a fanfic about Lincoln's birth, is full of heartwarming moments of Baby Lincoln and his older sisters, even the ending, in where after Lori destroys Lincoln drawing of her, as Lincoln asks her why she doesn't love her, which results in Luna getting angry at Lori, Lori regrets what she did and how she treated Lincoln since his birth, that she takes a picture of the drawing, so that Lynn, Sr can print a restored version, as Lincoln and the rest of the forgives her.
    Lori: "Lincoln, I really love you."
    Lincoln: "I wove you too."
    • Most of its sequel, Lucy's Birth is just Lincoln learning to be a big brother after the birth of Lucy. It includes several cute moments between a young Lincoln and baby Lucy. After a while, he becomes the person with whom she's the more comfortable to be with. To the point that she sometimes cries when he goes far from her and that he's the one who always manages to calm her down when she cries. It ends with Lincoln protecting her from a stray dog and swearing afterwards that he will always love and protect her.
    • When Lincoln sees that his new sibling is another girl, he starts to wonder if he's not a "mistake", as he is so different from his other siblings (being the only boy and having white hair). Luna manages to reassure him that his family loves him even if he's different, explaining to him that each sister is different from the other and showing him that he still has things in common with his sisters, for instance the love of music with Luna. The scene ends with the two of them hugging each other. We learn later in the fanfic that, when Lincoln was a baby, he used to see Luna as someone special, the same way Lucy is now seeing him.
    • When their parents forget to kiss Lincoln and Lynn for good night, Leni does it instead.
    • While she's not the focus of the story, Lynn also learns to be a big sister in the story, notably that she has to play gently with her. At one point, she plays peekaboo with Lucy. When the block tower they built fall on them, she and Lincoln shield Lucy with their bodies.
    • The last scene has Luan reading a bedtime story to Lincoln, Lynn and Lucy, kissing them for good night after they fall asleep. Lincoln and Lucy are hugging each other while sleeping.
  • While It's Not a Date deconstructs Lincoln's sisters' meddling in his personal life, by showing that no matter how well-intentioned they are they tend to make things worst or awkward, still embarrass him and don't respect his wishes (even after he outright begged them to not interfere), their dedication to try to help him during his date with Ronnie Anne is still noteworthy.
    • Chapter 3 avoids being a Downer Ending at the last second and instead ends on a very positive emotional note. After crossing his Rage Breaking Point because of his sisters' antics and remembering all the bad memories of what his siblings did to him, Lincoln starts to yell at his sisters, pointing out their refusal to respect his wants and their All Take and No Give attitude, verbally crushing them to the point they start to cry out of guilt and shame. But, then, he remembers all the good memories and finds he still can't bring himself to hate them and give them a "The Reason You Suck" Speech that would break them. He loves them too much for that. The scene ends with a reconciliation and a big group hug. Of course, there are tears. But these are happy ones.
      Lincoln: "Sorry, but I just can't hate you. So... how about I keep loving you instead?"
      ** Lincoln and Ronnie Anne share several cute moments during the story and it becomes quickly clear that the two "like like" each other. They joke together, play video games together and form a very good team. When Lynn and Lana (disguised as bullies) push Ronnie Anne and Lincoln catch her, he's distracted for a short moment because of how beautiful she looks in his eyes. And he contemplates kissing her. Also, Ronnie Anne is surprisingly adorable when she's shy. At the end, they do kiss each other and decide to have a real date three weeks later. It turns out that Ronnie Anne easily guessed what the sisters were up to but, contrary to what Lincoln feared, she's not angry but amused.
  • In Comedy hurts, after one of Luan's pranks results in Lincoln's game getting broken, alongside a statue that came with the game, Luan uses her savings to buy Lincoln a new copy of the game, even after Lincoln and some of her other sisters broke her stuff in revenge. Luan also plays the game in the game store in order to win a new statue for Lincoln, despite the fact she never played the game and not knowing its controls; luckily she's able to beat the game and is able to take the statue and Lincoln forgives her.
  • In Colossal Encounters, how Lily meets Biollante: instead of Biollante having to kick some monsters ass, she simply gently gathers the infant up in her vines and carries her to safety.
    • Lincoln reuniting with the twins, after both parties have spent the better part of the story concerned about whether any other family members survived.
  • Meeting a Loud is a story about an unrelated and orphaned Lincoln being taken in by the Louds. All of his canon relationships develop rather sweetly, with Luna naturally being the first person he bonds with and her having volunteered to be his special protector.
    • Mr. Grouse and the Louds are on friendly terms at the start of the story and he even bonds with Lincoln.
    • In contrast to canon, where she was the catalyst for "No Such Luck", when Lynn finds out that her counterpart in Lincoln's previous foster family enacted "NSL" on the poor kid only with "he's bad luck so let's kick him out of the house" being replaced with "you hold him down while I beat the crap out of him to punish him; then we make him keep the whole thing a secret under threat of worse", she's beyond disgusted and wants to kill the boys responsible for daring to lay hands on Lincoln.
    • In contrast to her canon Loving Bully behavior, Ronnie is a well-adjusted sassy but sweet girl who quickly realizes Lincoln needs someone to watch his back and quickly puts herself into that role.
  • In Shrinking Lincoln, chapter 4 has the now miniature sized Lincoln participate in Lola's pretend tea party, and actually ends up enjoying it and giving Lola a great time. The chapter ends with Lola confessing to Lincoln how she's lonely and fears she will never have any friends, and Lincoln consoles her despite being too small for hugs and thus having only his words to rely on.
    • In an earlier chapter where Lincoln is helping Lana feed her pets, the pair's interactions are quite sweet, between Lincoln realizing that his opinions mean the world to Lana and swallowing his fears that her pets might try to eat him and managing to bond with Izzy the gecko, to Lana's delight, and Lana saving Lincoln when her snake decides he looks tastier than the mouse she's offering and holding him until he calms down from the fright, even using the kind of words he uses when he's trying to soothe her.
  • Lily on a Lincoln is an adorable little one-shot that has Lily taking a nap on Lincoln's chest, while Lincoln lies back and waits for her to wake up. The highlight of the fic comes near the end, when Lily finally does wake up, and says Lincoln's name for the first time.
  • No Matter What deals with Luna coming out to Pop-Pop, who despite being old, says that he completely accepts her and all that matters is that his grandkids are happy.
  • Hand-Me-Down Lullaby is a Rule 63 one-shot fanfic focusing on Luke, Linka, and Leon (Luna, Lincoln, and Lily's respective opposite-sex counterparts). One night, the six-year-old Luke hears the one-year-old Linka waking up crying from a nightmare she had while he was returning from a midnight trip to the bathroom. He goes to comfort her, gently rocks her in a rocking chair while singing a Winnie the Pooh-themed lullaby, and then when Linka falls asleep on his chest, Luke follows suit while still in the rocking chair because he doesn't want to risk waking her up again. Nine years later, Linka hears Leon crying from a nightmare he had on the way back from her own midnight trip to the bathroom. She comforts him exactly the same way Luke comforted her, right down to rocking back and forth in a rocking chair while hugging him and singing the same lullaby to him, while telling Leon that Luke used to sing it to her when she was little. Once Leon falls asleep on her chest, Linka decides not to get up because she doesn't want to wake him again, so she also falls asleep. Luke, who's been watching from the doorway while in adorable awe, carefully drapes a blanket over his younger siblings before he returns to bed.
  • Nurturing in Common focuses on Luna and Sam babysitting Lily, and at the very end, she learns to say Sam's name.
  • Secret Santa Siblings:
    • Luna's present to Leni is a music video made from pictures from the two sisters' past, set to a song she wrote expressing her love for Leni.
    • Lana's present to Lincoln is a little wooden, homemade statue of him.
    • Lola's present to Lori is a spa day. The heartwarming part is the reason Lola chose the present: she noticed that Lori had been looking worn out lately due to her fear of leaving for college, so she gave her the spa day to both unwind and pretty herself up.
    • Lucy explains that the reason she didn't give Lisa anything was because she couldn't find anything that would make Lisa happy, and the whole point of giving presents is to make the recipient happy.
  • The Baby I Learned to Love explains how Lynn learned to love Lincoln when they were a toddler and a baby respectively. Lynn used to consider Lincoln an Annoying Younger Sibling due to his neediness and because she was jealous of him. However, when he was six months old, she climbed into his crib to cheer him up from a nightmare, acknowledging for the first time that she was his older sister.
  • The premise of The Night of Loneliness and Companionship is that Lincoln and Lily are playing together, which cheers him up from his loneliness at his parents and other sisters being away.

    Magical Project S 

    Mass Effect 
  • The Mass Effect 2 Twitter Series, normally a hilarious fan made group made in a light hearted way took a serious turn when Niv'Aseef, who is completely fan made and notorious for hitting on anyone announced he'd return to the flotilla. Prior to him leaving he gets asked on his formspring account whether he wants to screw Tali, where he then responds with a beautiful paragraph and a half about how much he respects her as a friend and that although he initially had a crush on her, he now just wants her to be happy with Shepard.
  • The Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod gives the true best case scenario ending to the Mass Effect trilogy, allowing the Reapers to be defeated, both the Geth and Quarians to survive and Shepherd to survive with his or her love interest. It also ends on an uplifting note with the galaxy rebuilding.
  • In The Miracle of Palaven, the chapter referring to the Bosh'tet Express. Not only awesome, but the bits with the quarian children are adorable, particularly the scene with the grizzled krogan warrior giving a piggyback ride to 4 at once.

    Metal Gear Solid 
  • In the Metal Gear Solid Time Travel epic Stray, the Shadow Moses arc has a few of these, since it's when we get to see the results of Ocelot's efforts to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Snake and Liquid's relationship in particular. There's something both heartwarming and bittersweet about the fact that, at least in one Alternate Universe, MGS's Cain and Abel like each other.
  • The Metal Gear Solid fanfic Howling At The Moon manages a few in the more recent chapters, the bigger ones starting out at the end of chapter seven with Sniper Wolf trying to lift Liquid Snake's spirits after he got pistol-whipped by Ocelot (which ends up starting their inevitable romance in the long run).
    Wolf: For future reference, Liquid, don't make horrible puns when a teammate is in danger of dying of blood loss, infection, or both at once
    Liquid: *sigh* Yeah, I know that was a dumbass move. You don't hate me too much for it, do you?
    Wolf: Heh heh, you should be much more concerned with their opinions. They aren't nearly as forgiving as I am.
    Liquid: *looks from the others to Wolf and back* I don't know, something about your opinion seems quite a bit more important.
    Wolf: *blush*
    • Even better is Liquid Snake's proposal to Wolf in Chapter 19:
      "Ferishteh, before you say anything, I want to tell you something," Liquid interrupted, "I love you more than anything else. I mean, when Raven brought up the fact that some of us might die before the plan succeeds, I was only thinking that I couldn't lose you. When I tried to regain my memories, I almost didn't because I was afraid you wouldn't like who I became. It's almost pathetic, really, but it's true. And I know that being together like this is distracting enough, and that getting married would only make it worse, but I just don't care. So, Ferishteh Rekani… will you marry me?"

    Miraculous Ladybug 
  • Just about any time a Miraculous Ladybug reveal fic contain words to the effect of, "I'm glad it was you." Especially if either of the heroes (usually Marinette) had previously been afraid of the other being disappointed by their civilian persona.
  • Similarly, any time a fic has Ladybug defending Chat Noir's worth as her partner (often presented as a sore spot for Chat, as while Ladybug is seen as indispensible, being the only one who can purify Akumas or undo battle damage, it's harder to argue the same for Chat). A standout example is Hold My Purse!, in which Marinette gives a verbal beatdown to two jerkass older students dismissing Chat Noir as a "dumbass sidekick."
    Marinette: Hey, idiots! Who the hell do you think you are, saying stuff like that about Chat Noir? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen either of you do even so much as a quarter of the things Chat Noir has done. He has saved Ladybug, you, me, all of Paris a hundred times before and this is how you repay him?! By criticising him?! (grabs one of them by the collar and drags him down to eye-level) Ladybug wouldn't last a week without him by her side! She needs him! He protects her! Drives her onwards! Supports her no matter what! So No! He is not 'just the dumbass sidekick'! He. Is. Her. Partner! And he is as every bit as good as Ladybug! (turns on the other guy and backs him up against a wall.) It wasn't Ladybug who protected me from The Evillustrator and The Gamer! It wasn't Ladybug who picked me up and ran half a mile away to ensure my safety! It wasn't Ladybug who tried to take on an entire army of Knights single-handedly and nearly won! It was Chat Noir! Every time there is an Akuma attack, he throws himself between us and the danger without hesitation! He does all of that and more just to keep Paris safe and he still finds the strength to smile despite all the pain he has to go through to protect us! Useless is the last thing I would ever consider him to be. (turns on the other students who were watching the earlier exchange) You lot are just as bad! You all stood there while these two morons criticised the most loyal, brave, selfless, brilliant guy I know! He does all of this for us and you won't even stand up for him. He deserves far better than any of you! He is an incredible person and I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves.
    • In response, Chat Noir, who saw the whole thing as Adrien and had been deeply affected by both the insults and her defence, leaves a bouquet of flowers on Marinette's balcony - purple irises ("My compliments, your friendship means a lot to me."), Lilies of the Valley ("You made me happy.") and blue violets ("I will always be there for you.") - and a note reading, "You are the incredible one, Princess."
  • For that matter, any time a fic has Ladybug making it clear that she does care about Chat Noir as more than just a partner, platonically if not romantically. Misundestanding, is a standout, despite being largely a comedy story, as it's clear Chat is touched by her misguided attempt to help him.
  • The ending of Fermeture. The fic starts on a melancholy note at best, with Marinette consumed by regret that she never revealed her identity to Chat Noir when she had the chance or allowed him to do the same, meaning that they haven't been able to see or talk to each other since they were forced to give up their Miraculouses after defeating Hawkmoth. Using the Ladyblog, she tries to set up a reunion with him for Christmas Eve near their favourite spot in Paris, the top of the Eiffel Tower, though she has little real hope that he'll see the message, or that he'll be able to meet her there or even want to if he does. This results in a rather tense scene when she does meet and talk with Adrien there but both fail to make the connection - until, right when Marinette is about to give up and go home, a couple of comments Saying Too Much reveal the truth to both of them, and Adrien pulls her in for an incredibly moving hug.
  • The Space Between Us: Adrien and Marinette are forced to share a motel room while delayed on a roadtrip, where There Is Only One Bed. During the night, Marinette is awakened by a storm to find Adrien in a particularly restless sleep. Knowing that Adrien has a long-standing phobia of thunderstorms, Marinette takes down the pillow fence between them and moves over to try to calm him down. She remembers a previous incident where they dealt with an Akuma whose power was to put people to sleep by singing "Au Clair de La Lune". Chat Noir didn't take this well, explaining to Ladybug that his own mother used to sing it to him as a child.
    His revelation hung like a sword between them during the night patrol that followed that battle, a personal detail that she wasn’t quite sure what to do with, and she had wondered if Chat had regretted sharing it with her.
    So as they sat together in silence on one of the beams of the Eiffel Tower, surveying the silent Parisian night, she did the only thing she could think of to deal with the strange tension in the air: softly singing Au Clair de La Lune.
    Chat Noir had turned to her with a surprised and thankful smile. He immediately understood what she was trying to do, and he was grateful.
    Looking back on it now, Marinette is pretty sure that was the main turning point for them, when she started shifting from being mere partners with Chat Noir to truly becoming his friend.
    And now they’re at yet another crossroads, one that requires a different kind of courage than anything they’ve done before. But she can’t think of that now. Right now, she’s just going to be there for her best friend, and she starts to sing.
    • Soon after, she falls asleep on his chest with his arms around her, and while the next morning is awkward for a number of reasons, Adrien later notes that he can't remember the last time he slept so well.
  • #BonAnniversairePrincess!: The story opens with Marinette alone and miserable on her seventeenth birthday thanks to Chloe's scheming, with her friends and her parents all at a party ostensibly for the end of the school year and Marinette, who hadn't been invited, was unwilling to let her parents turn down a boost to their business, or ruin Alya's happiness at possibly getting to hang out with Ladybug and Chat Noir, who've been invited. However, Chat chooses not to go to the party and instead visits Marinette on her balcony. After finding out what's going on, he pulls out all the stops to give her a fantastic birthday, not only taking her out for dinner, dancing, karaoke and possibly more, but Instagramming the whole night to get the titular hashtag trending.
  • Adrien and the Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Adrien's life starts going to hell after he is exposed as Chat Noir during a fight with an Akuma, de-transforming while surrounded by reporters. Upon returning home, he launches into a panic attack while still in costume, believing that he'll be forced to give up his Miraculous as punishment for being exposed, but Plagg immediately assures him this isn't the case, blaming his own bad luck. Nevertheless, things get worse the following day: Nino won't talk to him at school, Marinette has stayed home due to shock, he quickly goes to pieces while trying to give Alya an exclusive interview, Ladybug disappeared after the reveal and hasn't returned his calls, his father basically ignores him for most of the day before trying to pressure him to give him the ring, and the closest thing he gets to support is a few text messages from Chloe. Things finally turn around when Plagg leaves and comes back with Ladybug, who gives Adrien a heartfelt apology for her behaviour.
    Ladybug: Listen, Chat, I was awful. I shouldn’t have just left like that, I should have answered you when you called–
    Adrien: It's okay.
    Ladybug: No Chat, it's not. I left you high and dry, at the worst possible moment – I don’t even deserve to be called your partner, after something like that. I was shocked and I wanted time to myself to process, but I was being selfish and cruel to you, and that’s not okay. I’m so sorry.
    Adrien: Really, it’s all right. (lifts her chin and looks her in the eyes) It’s downright furbulous, because you’re here now, my lady.
    • Things only get better as Ladybug unmasks for him, and both affirm their love for each other and that they'll be able to get through this together.
  • Won't Tell a Soul has numerous moments involving Nino and Marinette's friendship after he finds out her secret, but a standout moment comes after Cat Noir learns that Nino knows who Ladybug is out of costume, and that she's in love with Adrien. Cat later approaches Nino and questions him about Adrien and why he thinks he deserves a shot with Ladybug.
    Nino: The only thing I know Adrien deserves in life is to be happy, but when it came to choosing Ladybug chose him and I think you should respect that.
    Cat Noir: You really think so highly of your friend?
    (Nino nods. Cat Noir turns, walks away and starts to tear up, which Nino picks up on. After a moment, Nino approaches him with his hand out.)
    Nino: Hey… I know I said I didn’t know you… But I’d like to, if you’ll let me.
    Cat Noir (he takes his hand and starts chuckling) You know… this reminds me so much of the first time I met you. Back then, you didn’t trust me at first either. You were closed off and convinced I was only going to cause trouble. But you saw I was lonely then too, once I told you Chloe was my only friend. You decided I was worth the time, and you gave me a second chance then too… You said the only thing you knew I deserved in life was to be happy. But I know that never once… have I ever deserved a friend like you.
    Nino: (has been backing away from him in confusion throughout this speech, gradually putting the pieces together) No… freaking… way.
  • From an untitled reveal comic, an alternate ending to the episode "Volpina":
    Adrien: Hey... A-are you disappointed it was me?
    Marinette: Seriously?! Disappointed? Why would I be disappointed!? It just turns out my partner all this time was this incredible, nice, smart, handsome boy who I had the biggest crush on at school and is just so perfect and God now I'm rambling hahaha (Kill me). And me... I just... I messed up so bad. I caused an Akuma. I gave up my Miraculous. I nearly got myself killed. Under this mask I'm just this rash, careless, clumsy girl... I'm probably not the Ladybug you expected.
    Adrien: Hm... Brave? Check. Witty? Check. Amazing? Check. Righteous? Check. Selfless? Check. Beautiful? Oh boy, check. Talented? Check. Kind? Check.
    Marinette: What are you doing?
    Adrien: Curious? Check. Adorable freckles? Definite check. I'm describing Ladybug, using the exact same words I would use to describe you, Marinette. Because, you see, with or without that mask it's the same person underneath! It's this incredibly kindhearted, beautiful, smart girl, whether she wears a red suit or a white, flower-printed shirt.
  • The reconciliation between Ladybug and Chat Noir in Back To Us. For context, their partnership had dissolved after the start of a new wave of Akuma attacks, years after the defeat of Hawk Moth: Chat has alienated her with his new and increasingly ruthless attitude towards Akumatised victims, and he's made things difficult for her by converting a significant number of Parisians to his point of view. But, thanks in part to Marinette talking Adrien into therapy, as well as her admitting to him that she thinks there's still good in Chat, he ultimately realises his mistakes and he approaches Ladybug after saving her life and gives her a heartfelt apology. And while they both know that he still has a lot of atonement ahead of him, she's still happy to welcome back her partner.
    Chat: I was an asshole. I was selfish, irresponsible, and I willingly blinded myself with my own beliefs, just so I didn’t have to stop and wonder for one second if what I was doing was actually right. And I hurt you. I hurt you so badly, like it was nothing. And no matter how much I apologize, I know I can never take it back. You’ll never know how sorry I am for that, Ladybug. I could apologize for the rest of my life, and it still wouldn’t express just how much I’m sorry for everything.
    Ladybug: (reaches forward and rests her hand on his face) I forgive you, chaton.
    Chat: …Really...?
    Ladybug: Yes. You’ve been a stray for too long, and I miss my partner
    • Capped off by the Glomp she gives him as they prepare to leave. "Welcome back, Kitty."
  • There are many stories where Marinette works up the courage to confess to Adrien, only to be rejected because of his feelings for someone else (usually not telling her that it's Ladybug), and it usually leads to a Tearjerker scene, however briefly. But Tender Words really stands out for portraying Adrien as a Nice Guy under such circumstances: while he's honest about being in love with someone else, he tells her that he's flattered, assures her that she shouldn't think he's out of her league, praises her for having the courage to confess and tells her that he wants to get to know her better. And though the scene ends with Marinette getting Akumatised after Chloe interrupts and accuses her of stalking him (which isn't entirely incorrect), she explicitly doesn't blame him for what happened later and he tells her as soon as he can that he's not creeped out by her.
    • The story also stands out for an unusually warm portrayal of Gabriel, in the scene where he waits with Marinette outside Adrien's hospital room following an attack. Marinette can tell that he's worried and tries to break the silence by bringing up their mutual interest in fashion. The subsequent bonding between them is surprisingly sweet.
  • An Unexpected Revelation has the scene where Marinette, as Ladybug, finally tells Chat Noir that she knows who he is, and she loves him in and out of costume. Soon followed by Adrien's unbridled joy when he figures out who she is.
    • When Adrien and Marinette have dinner with Gabriel for the first time, he asks her rather coldly what her intentions with his son are. Despite Adrien's indignant reaction to the question, Marinette insists on answering:
      Marinette: Adrien and I have only been dating for a little while now, but I’ve been in love with him for years, since the first week I met him. It was something I couldn’t act upon for a long time because I would get painfully shy around him and wouldn’t be able to speak without tripping over my words. We’ve been friends for so long now but he never knew how I felt about him. I could never work up the courage to say how I really felt. But recently I decided I didn’t want to waste any more time that we could be together, and the last few weeks have been the happiest of my life.
      Adrien: Marinette...
      Marinettte: He’s the most amazing person I know. No matter who it is, Adrien is always kind to anyone and everyone. Despite how busy he can get, he works hard and with everything he has. He always makes me laugh, and whenever I’m feeling down, he always knows exactly how to make me feel better. And I don’t want any of this happiness, this excitement, this perfection we’ve finally been able to share together to ever come to an end. So my intentions with Adrien are to love him with everything I am, for as long as I can. I’d honestly like it to be for the rest of our lives. I don’t care about job titles or material things or anything like that. All I care about is being with Adrien, because when I’m with him, I’m whole.
      Gabriel: And I believe you.
      Marinette: You do?
      Gabriel: As a businessman, I know a genuine speech when I hear one. And through that experience, there is no question in my mind that you meant every word you just said. Not only that, as pleased as I am to hear what you told me, it’s clear your words held even more weight and meaning to someone else.
      (Marinette turns to Adrien, who's wiping his tears of joy away.)
      Adrien: (whispering) I love you.
      Gabriel: And despite quite possibly showing it differently then some parents, perhaps even most parents, I care about my son and how he feels. So since it’s very obvious that you mean a lot to him, I will not stand in the way of your relationship.
    • Later, when Adrien is sick, Marinette comes over to take care of him uninvited (the aforementioned dinner ended with Gabriel saying Marinette is welcome in the mansion, so long as she gives enough warning). Gabriel, upon hearing that, storms to Adrien's room to give them both a speech... but, upon finding them in a Sleep Cute position, is overwhelmed by memories of his wife, and decides the matter can wait. For additional points, this is the chapter that confirms him being Hawk Moth in this continuity. Him and Marinette do get to talk next chapter... it ends with her hugging him.
  • Do You Hear That, Love? has many, being centered on Marinette and Adrien adopting the latter's niece after her parents die in a car crash, but the one that stands out is how Hawkmoth reacts when people, including him, start believing that Ladybug had a child from Chat Noir and fought akumas while pregnant: he sends a video to the media apologizing for any complication to the pregnancy, admitting he would never knowingly attack a pregnant woman, and promising a baby gift with the next akuma. And he later goes through it, not attacking until he picked up a baby gift (and it took him weeks) and, as Chat Noir had announced their engagement in the meantime, an engagement present, sending an akuma specifically to deliver the gift (he de-akumatize the victim himself once he's done delivering and talking to them through the akuma), and not putting trackers into the gifts (he thought about it, but didn't do it).
    • Chloe as their wedding planner.
  • How to Catch a Ladybug features Lila's first day at school after the Volpina debacle... And Marinette going out of her way to befriend her and get her out of the trouble she got with her lies being exposed. Especially as Lila, who, upon accidentally finding out Marinette is Ladybug convinced herself she's a horrible person who maintains a friendly facade, can't help but being drawn to her.
    • The reason Lila can't get alone with Marinette to swipe out her Miraculous: Marinette has just so many friends someone always ends up tagging along.
    • In general, any story where Marinette decides to make up with Lila for the Volpina debacle.
  • The Short-Legged Vixen starts with a different take of the Volpina debacle, where Lila is not Akumatized soon but is still upset... So Ladybug, knowing she's at risk of being Akumatized, starts following her around in spite of still not liking her. And after a week of Lila failing to be Akumatized in spite of being the school's pariah, Marinette and Chloe step up to her defense after she blows up at a stalker and the stalker's friends try and get back at her.
  • The Reveal that Didn't (Continuation) starts sad, as it's in the aftermath of Marinette confessing to Adrien and, having previously seen him transforming into Chat Noir, admitting of being Ladybug only to be disbelieved and Chloe, having overheard the last part, humiliating her before the whole class... Then Lila, of all people, comes to try and make her feel better. And that's with her knowing Marinette didn't lie... Or having no idea how to help, for that matter.
    • In the second chapter Ladybug met Chat and the latter admitted he had a good friend lie to him about being Ladybug to date him, having no idea of the actual situation and with Ladybug unwilling to explain it for fear of ruining her friendship with Chat Noir as well. Ladybug is obviously distraught, can't go to Alya (who trusts Marinette enough to realize she had not lied) for it because that evening she's busy with her family... So it's Lila to provide a shoulder to cry on to her old enemy, starting an unexpected friendship.
    • In the third chapter Chloe tries to evict Marinette from her seat at school as punishment for lying about being Ladybug... Cue Lila verbally tearing into Chloe for her new friend, and getting Adrien as a bonus when he tries to support Chloe. Her "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the latter also ends any attempt at having anyone but Chloe and Adrien hold Marinette's apparent lie against her.
    • Adrien and Marinette picking up the pieces of their friendship after the former found out the worst possible way that Marinette had not lied. Romantically they were finished, but at least they got each other back as friends.
  • In Night Shift, the part of being a superhero that Ladybug prefers is what she calls the night shift-namely, charity actions such as helping a homeless shelter with their christmas party (and putting her cooking skills to use) and delivering christmas gifts to those who need them. Then she adds helping the very cynical Lila with her self-loathing and bad reputation by involving her into it...
    • Chapter four has Lila telling an elder woman with only a few days to live that her grandson, who had been in the army and whose platoon had been in a bad situation, not only got out alive and with a decoration for saving his comrades but also without any blood on his hands, sparing her at least the grief of knowing her grandson had been killed-and then help Ladybug with her own situation, as the elder woman was her grandmother and the dead soldier her cousin.
  • The original version of Protecting the Tomato has the general reaction to noticing that Nathaniel is being bullied by the new student: everyone trying to help as soon as they notice. Doesn't work out, as the bully is a smart one and managed to cover his bases with the principal, but it shows they're a united bunch.
  • Secret Santa by Thelastpilot. The first chapter is about Adrien and Marinette getting each other as Secret Santas in class, then they start bonding over the gift Marinette made... It ends up with Adrien spending Christmas in Marinette's house, and finally feeling like he has a family and a proper holiday. And then, in the sequel, New Years's Dance, we get both that and a Moment of Awesome when Adrien stands up to his father over taking Marinette to the titular dance instead of Chloe.
  • In Jingle Bugs, once Marinette learns Adrien never had a Christmas party, she asks the class to help her arrange one. Everyone plays along and does their best, including Chloe, then, when they run into some problems, Nathalie and Gorilla, and ultimately, even the surprise guest, Gabriel Agreste himself.
  • There's lots of sweetness as the class bonds in Odd Stories, New Discoveries while watching the show about their adventures but there are a couple of stand outs, both involving Big Brother Instinct. The first involves Adrien, who's still a little sour about Nathaniel's crush on Marinette/Ladybug, being ready to kill Hawkmoth when he witnesses the villain's use of Electric Torture on Nathaniel (and the rest of the class isn't any less furious) and the entire class, Chloe included, being absolutely pissed about Manon's akumatization.
  • In A Party for Adrien, the class wants to make a birthday party for Adrien, and, remembering last year's disaster when attempting to persuade his father, turn to Marinette, who has experience with such things as a class president (and is liked by Gabriel due to her talent). Marinette spends a long time studying the interviews given by Gabriel, and, based on her findings, arranges a meeting with him - a week in advance, with a full list of planned activities, so that he can see nothing he finds inappropriate will be taking place.
    • Marinette is fully willing to remove any games pointed out, and even reschedule for another day, so long as Adrien, at least, gets a proper party.
    • Gabriel agrees, even offering to send his own chef to ensure the snacks will be healthy... and smiles once Marinette leaves.
    • Then, Nathalie offers to help make it a surprise for Adrien... by pretending there is a long photoshoot scheduled for the afternoon, but instead dropping him off at the party.
    • And finally, even Gabriel drops by briefly, to wish his son a happy birthday and give him his present.
      Marinette:"I invited him, of course, but he never gave any indication that he had heard."
      Adrien had to smile at that. Of course, she had said, like the idea of not inviting Gabriel Agreste to his own son's birthday party was absurd. Marinette had been the one to offer his father cake as well, welcoming the older man cheerfully and breaking the tension his arrival had caused. Her mother was just as welcoming, not missing a beat as she asked Gabriel how much cake he wanted and serving up the slice with a flourish. The pair of them had managed to coax a smile onto Gabriel's face and relax his shoulders with a few kind words, and when Gabriel wished Adrien a happy birthday, he sounded like he actually meant it.
      Marinette's family was magic, Adrien decided, grinning as Alya announced a winner and Marinette started another round.
      This was his best birthday ever.
  • Papa Bear sees Gabriel act as a Papa Wolf not just to Adrien, but to Marinette as well. As soon as Adrien explains to him what Lila has been doing to both of them, he makes sure she is ruined. It also ends with Gabriel taking them both out to lunch.
  • To Save a Friend shows that the class is all there to protect each other to the end, Chloe included. As soon as they all realize that Alya is abusing Nino thanks to Lila's "advice", they all jump at the chance to make sure that the two girls go down.
    • This is also one of the rare "Lila salt stories" where Kim is actually on Marinette's side from the start, proving that he still cares about his long-time friend.

    Monster Rancher 4 
  • The final chapter of this Monster Rancher 4 Let's Play (which sort of straddles the boundary between that and Fan Fic) has one for iScream, the Butt-Monkey of the monster team throughout the entire playthrough. Sure, he carried his weight, usually, but he was typically mocked for his weirdness, surreal movements, and overall unnerving design. He gets reborn as a Zan, one of the slickest-looking monsters in the series. But the reason the First-Person Smartass provides for this? A killer:
    With three such powerful monsters, it would be easy to forget the importance of heart in a team—if only to keep them from ripping your head off. A Zan would seem an odd choice to provide that heart. Which is why iScream was a critical element in this fusion. As a Kagura, he will truly be the hero he always could be.
    • This also doubles as a Brick Joke (of a less jokey variety), since earlier, the main character wonders if it is possible to raise a strong Zan with kindness instead of cruelty.

    My Hero Academia 
  • For the My Hero Academia crowd, we have the WAFF-laden Toward A Brighter Future. Practically every moment with the Second Person narrator Y/N and new TA for Class 1-A counts, whether it's handing out stickers and sweets to her students for jobs well done, cooing over Tokoyami's Living Shadow Quirk, complementing Midoriya for being an inspiration to her and watching his cute Luminescent Blush, and even getting Todoroki to move into U.A.'s dorms early to get him away from his father.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 

  • Chapter 17 of this Nanoha fanfic is nothing BUT a moment of Heartwarming. Especially when Fate and Nanoha's children are born.

  • The Naruto fanfic "Chained to the Whirlpool" averages 2 per chapter... qhich is odd for a bondage fic.
  • Racke, the author of Alternate Beginnings of an Uzumaki gives us a handful of these:
    • In the extremely short Carved from Stone, Naruto searches for and end up finding a grave of an Uzumaki – the first link he has to a family.
      "My name is Uzumaki Naruto" he paused, his voice trembling "Are we family?"
    • Naruko, The Beginnings has Naruto accidentally being thrown into the past as a female. After bunking up with Sasuke due to circumstances, Naruto ends up helping Sasuke with his trauma-induced nightmares by humming lullabies.
    • Handicapped Team 7 is pure Heartwarming and pure Tear Jerker. Mizuki's betrayal occurs differently than canon with both Sakura and Sasuke involved. While trying to stall long enough for the Anbu to arrive, Sakura shoves Sasuke away from an explosion, Naruto tries to protect Sasuke from a kunai, and Sasuke attempts to protect both from Mizuki. In the end, Sakura is left permanently deaf and temporarily unable to walk (due to the blast disrupting her inner-ear), Naruto is left mute (and due to needing to vocalize his jutsu temporarily unable to use any), and Sasuke is blind. Made worse that all of them feel incredibly guilty for the others getting hurt. For not being strong enough to prevent it. As they undergo therapy, Kakashi notes how clearly codependent they've become.
      Kakashi: "It's in the way there's always a hand to steady Sakura whenever her balance acts up, how Naruto will have his hair ruffled every time he does something well, how one of them is always there to guide Sasuke around obstacles, even when he doesn't ask. I'd never actually believed that three people could get a steady relationship to work, but I think the kids will figure it out."
    • In, Heiress of the Clan, due to a sharingan powered genjutsu by Fugaku, no one (Sasuke included) realized Sasuke was female until Orochimaru gave her a Curse Seal. Sasuke is relieved when during a fight, Naruto doesn't pull his punches, resulting in them beating the hell out of each other. Her reasoning is Naruto was one of the only people not to treat her any differently for being a girl, making him someone who saw her as a person instead of a gender.
      • She later becomes full blown Tsundere for Naruto.
  • The Naruto fanfic The Mouse of Konoha has two shining moments back-to-back. First, the Inuzuka clan's overwhelming joy when Naruto returns a litter of their ninja dogs and Rin (who was thought dead for over a decade) from Kumo, particularly Tsume's and Rin's father. Second, Naruto is informally adopted into the Inuzuka clan in thanks (it would have been formally but they can't for political reasons), even getting clan tattoos to declare he's one of them.
  • Sorry's Not Enough has a moment that also works as a Take That! to the canon epilogue. When Naruto realizes his son Haku has been feeling neglected, rather than scold him like canon, Naruto takes the day off so both of them and Sakura can spend some time together.
  • In A Drop of Poison, Muremaru (one of Naruto's clones in the Academy) reads Kiritori's will and learns that not only did the man see Muremaru as his son, Kiritori fully intended to adopt him once he'd graduated.
    • In a later chapter, Konohamaru and his friends badmouth Ebisu, only for Naruto to both defend him and be fully willing to kick Konohamaru's ass for it.
  • A Teacher's Glory gets two in fairly close succession.
    • First, when Team 7 learns the truth of the Uchiha Massacre, everyone worries Sasuke will be assassinated for finding out. Anko orders him to go missing-nin if it comes to that, and she and Naruto both insist they'll buy him time to escape. Meanwhile Sakura plainly tells Sasuke that she's going with him.
    • Second, after Sarutobi dies, Sasuke receives a scroll begging his forgiveness. After pondering getting revenge on the village, Sasuke recalls Anko's words about "being strong enough to show mercy" and decides that he's strong enough to forgive Sarutobi and the village.
  • Chapter 13 of the Naruto fic Legend of the Blind Ninja has one concerning the Konoha 12 on how they see Naruto. For context, by this point, the truth of the Kyūbi attack and Naruto's heritage have been revealed to Konoha's general public. Despite the stigma Naruto has been carrying as the Kyūbi's host, except for Sasuke and Sakura, the Konoha 12, despite being uncomfortable with Minato's decision, accepts Naruto as the host instead of the Kyūbi itself. While the fic has yet to truly explore Sasuke's feelings on the subject, in the case with Sakura, she has a massive Jerkass Realization in terms of her past treatment of Naruto and chooses to become a better person towards him.

    Negima! Magister Negi Magi 

    Neon Genesis Evangelion 
  • When you're done laughing at this Neon Genesis Evangelion Abridged Series, wait for a small one at the end
    Shinji: It doesn't matter if there are copies! You're unique, like a-
    Rei: Please do not say snowflake.
    Shinji: Then how about a smile?
  • In I Mustn't Run Away Shinji has spent a while puzzled about Asuka's rapidly-changing behaviour (as soon terribly sad and crying as incredibly aggressive). After her Mind Rape he approaches her and he notices she is almost catatonic. For an instant he feels the impulse to run away, but then he decides he will not run away. So he shakes her until she wakes up, he craddles her while she is crying and then he says he will not leave her alone and he will take care of her because he cares about her.
  • In "Long Time No See" by the creator of The Second Try, Aki-chan's Life and The Ikaris, Shinji and Asuka attend a party and spend a while joking and pretending not having seen each other for many years. After stopping joking they lean on each other and spend a while cuddling together:
    Asuka:"How are you doing this? [...] After all these years, how are you still making me feel like back then, when it started between us?"
    Shinji:"You're one to talk. You can still make me blush like a shy teenager with just a smile."
    Asuka:"Of course I can. Some things you never unlearn."
  • Neon Metathesis Evangelion:
    • After realizing Rei doesn't enjoy shopping, Asuka decides they should hit the cinema instead. What results is perhaps the first time anything has truly moved Rei on an emotional level.
      Wash: I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar
      (Rei openly gapes)
    • Initially Asuka is outraged by Rei's living conditions because an Eva pilot deserves better. Eventually, she's outraged by them because Rei deserves better.
    • In chapter 19, what's the one thing that makes Asuka run to Shinji for help and makes Shinji come running? Rei needs help.

    One Piece 
  • Did I Ever Tell You? is a sweet and short One Piece fic where the Straw Hats tell each other that they love each other. Usopp and Chopper are working together when Usopp realizes he can't remember when he say it to Chopper and immediately tells him. Nami who was watching them then turns to Sanji and says the three little words. Robin and Franky's brief conversation says it all.
    Robin: Did I ever...?
    Franky: We know.
    • And the last one was Luffy and Zoro, who only needed one word each to say it.
      Luffy: Zoro?
      Zoro: Always.
  • From the One Piece Fic The Vanity Princess:
    Luffy: I wish I could see you, Nami," he whispered, his eyes closed with his face buried into her hair, "but… I'm glad that I could see you like this. Thank you, Nami, for showing it to me. And… thank you… for loving me anyway.
  • In Our Mrs. Monkey Nami finds out that Luffy (her husband) spent the Time Skip with Hancock.
    Nami: Hmph... Away for two years, with most beautiful woman in the world...
    Luffy: With? I was trying to get back to her!
    Nami: Good answer.
    • Turns into a Crowning Moment of Funny when Hancock first challenges Nami for the right to be Luffy's wife, then offers to be his mistress. Even Nami is tempted by Hancock.
    • In the very first chapter, Luffy expresses disappointment when Nami says she didn't actually want to marry him.
      Luffy: I heard marriage was a kind of adventure once. And now I won't get to find out what kind of adventure that is... And if I needed anyone for and adventure like that, it'd be a navigator... right?
  • In Blood Man Luffy Luffy manages to get Nico Robin to join his crew at Whiskey Peak, simply by being himself.
  • Mindshattered puts Zoro in the blender, by throwing him at the mercy of the Alchemist, a bounty hunter who manages to torture him until he gives everything he knows about his crewmates' strenghts and weaknesses. The swordsman feels so awful for "betraying" his friends he decides to keep it secret. Of course, the whole deal comes to light in the follow-up fic The Panaceam Report and Luffy got furious... because Zoro was in pain all along and his refusal to talk about it means his friends couldn't help him to get better.
    Luffy: I'm mad because of all the injuries Zoro had when we found him, that one had to be the worst of all. Telling about us had to be the deepest and bloodiest injury Zoro ever got, and I've seen all Zoro's fights. Those kinds of injuries never go away. But nakama... nakama make them better. Nakama make those wounds hurt less and make you be stronger again. But Zoro never, ever told us, and he never, ever let us help him. How can I be a good captain, and how can we be good nakama, if one of our crew is hurt and we never even know to try to help!
  • Twelve Red Lines has Luffy deciding Jones is one of his crewmates when he sees her clockwork watch bears his Jolly Roger. She chose their flag, so she's Luffy's, and he's not going to let her alone and in pain.

    Ouran High School Host Club 

    Persona 4 
  • Regardless of whether or not you liked her in Persona 4; Ayane's heartfelt explanation of why she's "positively furious" at the Protagonist after she confronts her shadow and gains her Persona in the fanfic "Solo Performance" is guaranteed to tug at most of your heart strings.

    Phineas and Ferb 

  • The Pokémon fic "Lullaby for a Stormy Night" is a rare fic that centers around the mother-son relationship between Ash and Delia. The story takes place when Ash is 6 during a rainstorm, which lil' Ash is afraid of. The story also has subtle allusions to Ash's past and is even a songfic—a well-written songfic, to be exact.
  • Challenger has Ash receive an Eevee that was abused and has become so vicious and violent that it was going to be put down until he intervened. At first she attacks Ash on sight, but after months of Ash working with her, Eevee evolves into Espeon (an evolution based on happiness).

    Portal 2 
  • Test of Humanity, a Portal 2 fanfic about GLaDOS turning Wheatley into a human For Science! has been full of these and Crowning Moments of Funny since about the middle. The end of Chapter Seventeen. Four words:
    • Wheatley confessing to Chell that he loves her is downright touching.
      "P-Please... Chell... Y-You have to believe me. I-I'm sorry... I'm sorry for everything I did." Wheatley cried, "I-I'm not... I'm not just saying that because what I did was horrible, and it was. B-But because... I... I... I love you."
    • At one point in the fic, Wheatley goes to see Film/2001ASpaceOdyssey with Chell and the roommates. However, seeing the scene with HAL causes Wheatley to leave the theater where Chell finds him sobbing in a bathroom and tells her that he saw himself when he watched HAL and how it reminded him of how evil he was back when he took over Aperture]]. Chell's reaction? She hugs him and lets him cry on her shoulder.

  • A little story of Love is pretty cutesy and half comic half pictures, making it seem kind of like a kids' book but it is incredibly sweet and heartwarming. It's about kitten!Gokudera who wants to have someone to love and to be loved in return, but because he's afraid of being hurt he initially avoided others. When finally he gives his love to lion!Tsuna, Tsuna breaks his heart by telling him he can't return his love since he loves what seems to be a mouse!Kyouko. Gokudera is crushed and sees others couples around. Later he sits down somewhere to cry at which point puppy!Yamamoto shows up and tries to cheer him up.]] These lines alone are intensely sweet:
    "But....I only have...." the little kitten reached into his pocket, and pulled out the only bit of love he had left, "This is all I've got left."
    "That's okay," the puppy smiled warmly, taking the kitten's love and pressing his own into the other's arms, "that makes this bit all that more special see?"

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

    The Sentinel 
  • Patients Makes The Heart Grow Fonder by Suzie[1] is a gen The Sentinel fiction in which Blair is taking care of Jim, who is ill with an ear infection. The last part of the story is an awww moment.
    "It was a Kodak moment. Jim lying on the sofa, his head resting in Blair's lap, as he licked at the orange creamcicle he held. Blair gently held the warm towel against Jim's ear as he let the fingers of his other hand run absently through short-cropped hair while they watched “Predator” on HBO."(Although there are some who doubt the 'gen-ess' of the fiction because apparently no straight man would lay his head in another man's lap. Take that as you will).

    Silent Hill 
  • The final chapter of the Silent Hill 2 fic There She Goes by Saint Sentiment is nothing but a Heartwarming Moment. It takes James's father falling ill to make him accept the platonic friendship of a now-teenage Laura, and also of Henry and Eileen from Silent Hill 4. Who are expecting a baby, whom they name... Cynthia.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 

    Soul Eater 
  • The Soul Eater fanfic Drabbles On A Pudgy Meister has one where Liz finds a now rather-overweight Kid trying to cut out his own body fat as a desperate attempt to lose weight. She manages to pull the knife away from him, tends to his wounds, and hugs him tightly.
    "You look fine." she whispered as she wrapped her arms as best she could around him.
    • Also, when Liz, Kid, and Patti fall asleep on the couch with Liz resting her head on Kid's belly and Patti resting her head on Kid's chest. Aww.
    • The sequel fanfic More Pudgy Meister Drabbles also has a rather sweet moment where Lord Death finds Kid sound asleep after studying hard for a test. He then gently lifts up his own son and gently carries him to bed.
      "You've certainly grown quite a bit." Lord Death spoke in a somewhat joking yet loving tone as he tucked Kid into bed before turning out the lights and letting him rest.

  • In the Splatoon story, What Next when Callie starts to break down over her ending up Brainwashed and Crazy and the fact DJ Octavio told her Marie hated her and abandoned her, Marie's response is all matter of heartwarming.
    Marie:(After pulling Callie close) Cousin, I will never abandoned nor hate you. All that Octavio told you are lies. I will always be there for you.
  • This fan comic showing how a simple forfeit when there's only 1 player on the opposing team can change that player's life.

    Stargate Atlantis 
  • Stargate Atlantis - Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose, and how. John died protecting Atlantis, and Rodney is a professor on Earth, trying to build a new life and staying away from the military and SGC. It's a very hopeful story about survival after the one you love has died and you've left your home and family behind, but dear lord it makes me cry like a baby every single time. "Every year, a few more flowers bloom." and "Five and a half years of loving someone, of being loved, as much as you can love in the city on the edge of forever, which is sometimes too much and sometimes not enough at all." "And I wish you could be here to see how happy I really am." * weeps*

    Star Trek 
  • This Star Trek (2009) fanfic, of cloudless climes and starry skies, all about Girl!Kirk (known as Jamie) and what she went through to become captain of the Enterprise, being abused by her stepfather, watching her family murdered on Tarsus, killing soldiers to survive, the increasing tension with her own mother after she had tied her Fallopian tubes and running away from home]]. What takes the cake is at the end, where she had moved in with Spock and he was reciting Byron to her about her.
    "She walks in beauty, like the night, of cloudless climes and starry skies," he says at last, voice slow and deep, and Jamie thinks she's never heard Byron sound so lovely.
    She still tries to laugh it off, though.
    "You mean I'm mad, bad, and dangerous to know."
    "And all that's best of dark, and bright, meet in her aspect, and her eyes," Spock finishes the verse as if she hadn't spoken, and then he leans in to kiss her again.
  • The Enterprise Incident -- Or, In Which Jim Has Pointy Ears, a fic about what Kirk and Spock did after the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Enterprise Incident" has one of these in part 2.
    "I love you"
  • In This excellent Star Trek: The Original Series Slash Fic, Spock explains to Kirk that he is completely asexual outside of Pon Farr. (Which, for those of you who missed the episode "Amok Time," only happens once every seven years.) The following exchange ensues:
    Spock: When I think of you, I feel something I cannot name. A desire for more. To be nearer. To be a part of more of you, to be everything that you need — but nothing similar to the physical imperatives of the Pon Farr. It is possible that that capacity is within me — along with the other baser passions we have come to master — suppressed long before puberty, before it could be acknowledged. If that is the case, I have no interest in freeing it; the violent abandon of the Pon Farr is not something I wish to explore. Of course you are free to copulate with other persons.
    Kirk: I don’t want other persons.
    The knee-jerk response flew out of his mouth unplanned, but it was the vehemence behind it that shocked him utterly. He heard an anger in his own voice that he had no right to feel. Anger, or was it only the protective harshness that so often covers one’s fears?
  • Albert Green's A Thin Veneer is full of so much win and awesome, from the concept to the battles, that the whole thing should be considered a CMOA, but especially the scenes between 'Deathwalker' Jha'dur and Sarek of Vulcan. Jha'dur has just offerred Sarek the means to save Amanda's life and information against the Minbari at the cost of betraying everything he ever stood for. Sarek plays Jha'dur in a complicated gambit to get her to expose her information without committing. When Jha'dur realizes she's been screwed over and that Sarek admitted he never intended to go through with the deal, she says: "You lied to me!" "Vulcans do not lie." "We had a deal!" "I accepted no such deal. You merely fooled yourself into believing I had." "What about Amanda?" Jha'dur spat. "I am the only one who can save her!" Sarek shook his head. "Your drug would damn her and me for accepting it. To live at the cost of others is too high a price. It may save her life, but it would kill her soul." Jha'dur bared her teeth in a cold smile. "Remember that when she dies in your powerless arms." "I will be thinking of nothing else."
  • There are more Heartwarming Moments in the classic Trek fic "Atlas" than can be listed. After a slooooooooooow building slash subtext in an otherwise adventure-centric story, Kirk, who up to this point has been kind of a Jerkass (albeit an incredibly well written, in character one) breaks down at the bedside of a comatose Spock and confesses to how much Spock means to him, how he's become a better person because of knowing Spock. In any other fic it would be eyerolling and sappy, but "Atlas" is so in character it works beautifully.
  • In Gifts (the "City on the Edge of Forever" section), Kirk leaves the flat as usual and comes back with a pair of gloves for Spock, apologizing for not being able to get them sooner.
    [Spock] blinks in utter stupefaction, for he cannot see for the life of him what the man is apologizing for. Then a secondary realization flashes through his mind, and he reassesses the human's appearance; he had thought the lack of sleep and cold alone were responsible for Kirk's exhaustion before the day even started most mornings, but now he can see that the human has no doubt been working during the hours he is absent from their room, not simply keeping warm at the mission. Starship captains are, while well-trained and fit, not accustomed to working ten- and twelve-hour days of manual labor.
    And this man had done it solely for the sake of his hands.
  • A post-resurrection Spock rediscovering his friendship with Kirk via mind-meld in "Moments At Gol."

    Star vs. the Forces of Evil 

    Star Wars 
  • The Hero Strikes Back, a Star Wars AU based on the characterization of Anakin as being emotional, manages to be made of this despite starring Darth Vader. Technically it stars Anakin, as the premise is that when he finds out his child(ren) is(are) alive, that man is no longer dead, but still, he's in the armor, and you go "awww" nonetheless.
  • Gladiatorial Jedi has a scene close to the end that qualifies. The battle is over and everyone is finally safe. Luke, Mara and their son Ben are back aboard their ship and we see them spending time sitting on the floor just holding each other. Ben eventually falls asleep and Mara puts him to bed, which conveniently lets the scene turn toward some more adult-style reuniting for Luke and Mara.

    Steven Universe 

Analysis Posts

  • A post on how every SU character is portrayed as beautiful.
  • This analysis going in-depth into Steven's relationship with Garnet, being an allegory for "coming out".






Videos (Music or Not)

    Super Mario Bros 
  • Appositus Obscurum, a Super Mario Bros. fanfic by MsDevin92, holds much CMOA, CMOF, and Tear Jerker. It also holds tons of CMOH, including O'Chunks and Nastasia's first kiss. Especially if you take in account the fics Who are thou? and Centum by the same author. Put together, they make a very credible and beautiful evolution of her opinions and feelings towards him. She thought at first he was nothing but a stupid, incompetent klutz. Who are thou? shows her he's not stupid. Not very intelligent, but surely not a dumbass. Centum, which shows some scenes of the three minions' lives after the game, indicates that she begins to have some friendship and affection for him. Finally, the events of Appositus Obscurum make her realize he's not incompetent (he just had the bad luck to fight Mario and co, who were far stronger than him), which is summed up by this thought:
    Nastasia: Being the Count's right-hand woman, I was, well, always at his right side... I guess I never had the chance to look and see O'Chunks for the strong-hearted warrior he really is...
    • Then comes a scene where they talk and she tries to apologize, and realizes that after all they went through, his feelings for her became reciprocate. Then comes the kiss, and this simple, beautiful line:
      And then there was bliss...

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 

    Thomas and Friends 

    Tolkien's Legendarium 
  • These Gifts You Have Given Me: Celebrimbor, after his death, is too traumatised to listen to Námo. So, to prevent him becoming a Houseless spirit, Nienna gets Curufin, Celebrimbor's father, to call him. And Celebrimbor listens.
  • In A Passion For Mushrooms, Bilbo offers Thorin the One Ring, whose true nature he does not know, as a courting gift. Mistakenly believing that Bilbo wants to pay him for what was intended as a courting gift, thus rendering it meaningless, Thorin refuses to take the ring, although he struggles for a moment. While Bilbo is devastated that his gift is rejected, the reader knows exactly what effect this specific ring has on the mind of those close to it and how much willpower it takes for someone who is not a hobbit to give it up.
    • In the same fic, Dís, after initially hating Tauriel and trying to kill her (in a honorable duel) so that she wouldn't marry Kili, has a Heel Realization, starts to call Tauriel "daughter", and after Tauriel turns up to a party in a rather plain gown, insists that this must be amended immediately and sews diamonds on the garment with her own hands. In public.

    Total Drama 
  • In the fanfic A Change, Gwen and Heather are trapped in a cave and while they fight over things that they're done in the past Heather admits that she's sorry for betraying Lindsay and reading Gwen's diary. At first Gwen thinks she's lying and yells at Heather saying that the world hates her, and Heather breaks down and starts crying. After hearing Heather out Gwen tells her that if she apologized for her actions people can forgive her she can make friends. And then Gwen proved it can happen by forgiving Heather and becoming her first real friend.
    Heather: Yeah right, like who would forgive me after everything I did!
    Gwen: Well, are you sorry for reading my diary and kissing my boyfriend?
    Heather: Yes, I'm sorry for embarrassing you and kissing Trent. And when I ripped your skirt off in front of the entire world.
    Gwen: I forgive you.
    Heather: So... we're friends?
    Gwen: Yes. (Heather then hugs Gwen out of joy)
    Heather: Thanks Gwen!
    Gwen: Are you o.k?
    Heather: You're the first true friend I've ever had! It feels great!
  • The ending of Lost and Found. It's an awesome Earn Your Happy Ending for Gwen, and Trent as well.
  • Tons of heartwarming moments between Duncan and Gwen can be found in Deserving. Duncan is the only person Gwen can call her friend and both care about each other a lot. Case in point, Gwen gives up a chance to win the million dollars to save Duncan from falling off the cliff, compared to Courtney, who abandons him without a second thought. It ends with them becoming a couple.
    • LeShawna and Gwen also get a moment after Chris annouces the million is back up for grabs. She willing doesn't join the hunt just so she can comfort Gwen in her moment of weakness, with LeShawna even telling her that Duncan seems to feel the same way about her. It also proves Gwen wrong when she thought Duncan was her only friend at the time.

  • In the Transformers fanfic Fidelis, Optimus Prime was feeling tired and doubtful about his leadership when he received a tape record of Spike doing an assignment on loyalty and interviewing several Autobots. All the Autobots gave him several answers that didn't quite make sense, but did define their relationships with each other. Finally, Spike interviewed Smokescreen and expressed amazement at how Optimus was able to keep all the Autobots together, despite all of them being so different. Smokescreen explained that it's what a Prime has to do, by being the first one into battle and the last one out, by having courage to face others and himself, by being loyal to the Autobot cause and the Autobots themselves.
    "It means putting the other Autobots first. But it also means knowing them. It means actually caring not just about their well-being, but about their sanity. It means knowing when Tracks has had enough, and truly needs to go chill out with his friends in the city. It means making a decision about whether Mirage is on our side or not, and sticking by it - even when other Autobots question that decision. It means putting his confidence in Silverbolt as a team leader, and sticking up for Perceptor when others don't think he contributes enough. It means playing football with the Dinobots to make them feel included - even if it means Prime gets his bodywork rearranged a little."
    "It means hiring minibots into his unit when other Primes wouldn't. It means believing in Wheeljack even after all the disasters, and listening when Bluestreak needs to talk. It means accepting First Aid's decision not to fight, and trusting the team leaders to handle their own troops, even when Blades and Air Raid get into an aerial fistfight that knocks out the south gun turrets. It means not killing the twins, despite overwhelming reasons that he should. It means thanking Prowl for the long hours, even when Prowl doesn't need to be thanked. It's seeing Omega Supreme as more than just a weapon. It's actually reading up on baseball, just to keep up with Eject, and it's letting Steeljaw ride in his cab, just so 'Jaw can stick his head out the window and feel the wind on his face."
    • Smokescreen sums it up that a Prime needs all those qualities to be a Prime and that was all the characteristics that Optimus has. Then, we have this little bit at the end of the recording.
      "[Optimus] really likes his Autobots, doesn't he?"
      "Yup," Smokescreen replied. "And we like him back."
  • The Transformers fanfic Corrosion of War Without End has many, including the final lines. Lexius, the commander of battlecruiser _Sojurn_, has reaffirmed his belief in the protection of life. _Sojourn_ herself, severely damaged by the climactic battle and uncontrolled deorbiting, has somehow survived both planetfall and critical mental shock. Yet Lexius knows that he, she, and the crew are still Cybertron's best defense. There is only one choice:
    The ship's power systems came up all around them, the new engines vibrating the decks lightly. Lexius took a last look at the silvery world before them. Cybertron slid by sideways as the ship cleared its dry dock, then disappeared from view as the ship turned away, preparing to leave orbit. Lexius didn't look back, but he framed the sight in his mind, a sparkling jewel, something he wanted to remember, something he would carry with him through all his future battles.
    Sojourn thrust herself to the stars.
  • This Transformers (2007) fic called When I Grow Up about Annabelle's class being asked what they want to be when they grow up and Annabelle musing about her father and Ironhide's work. When it came for her turn, she told her teacher that she wanted to be a hero. Just like her father and Ironhide.

  • While this comic about Papyrus telling Sans he intends to try to stop a Genocide protagonist is mainly just sad, Sans's overwhelming relief that his brother is alive is still touching. As is Frisk curled up in Papyrus's arms, apologizing over and over. Not to mention the simple fact that Papyrus succeeds in reforming Frisk through his kindness. It's every bit as touching as it is when you abort a Genocide run at Papyrus in the game, if not more so.
    • Honestly, when she's not busy being utterly heartbreaking, Zarla's gallery is practically an endless flood of touching Undertale content, many of them centered around the skeleton brothers. Here's a few just to get you started.
    • Three words: Undertale. Tsum Tsums.
  • This Undertale themed ask blog was made with the express effort in averting True Art Is Angsty as much as possible, providing many a funny and/or adorable moment while making it an outright rule not to answer any questions that could potentially lead to anything sad. This comic and its description pretty much sums it up.
    I refuse to believe in sad Undertale.
  • "Family Tradition". Also a great Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Though its notoriety in the fandom is very well earned, the famous "Night Terror" comic ultimately leads to an incredibly bittersweet moment: after the sound of Sans' screaming wakes Papyrus and he finds him in a state of Super-Power Meltdown because of the nightmare he just had, he doesn't waste a second trying to calm him down. After Sans comes back to his senses and spends a few stunned moments taking in his brother's presence, shaken horribly by the fact that he just watched him die in his dreams, he completely breaks down and collapses into his arms. And despite clearly being confused and terrified, Papyrus doesn't question him; he just holds him and reassures him that he's still there.
    thank god...
  • "never change, bro."
  • This comic manages to tell an absolutely precious story without a single word.
  • "Baby Bones" is a very popular Fandom-Specific Plot which postulates that Sans had a Promotion to Parent somewhere along the line and had to raise Papyrus on his own, sometimes from as early as infancy. The idea of a younger Sans or Papyrus is pretty much heartwarmth incarnate in and of themselves, but put them together and you have bonafide Sweet Dreams Fuel.
  • Inspired by the fandom's many AUs and a blog in which different AU versions of different characters meet and interact, one artist came up with a particularly powerful hypothetical scenario: Genocide Route Sans meeting Genocide! Papyrus. The original image is pretty much pure Tearjerker, but the follow-up image and eventual fanfic written by popular demand will make you want to hug the nearest family member you can find.
  • Mettaton taking some time off to hang out with his cousin.
  • The catchy fan-song "They Need a Monster" by MandoPony, written from the perspective of Mettaton about how the monsters need Mettaton as an idol and how much Mettaton loves his fans and work in general, including gems like "I was made to be loved, and, darling, so were you".
    • That song is full of surprisingly touching lyrics. "If you ever felt like you were the outcast, then to you I dedicate my broadcast."
    • "Your happiness and mine are entwined..."
    • "I do it for you, and I do it for love! We make the Underground shine brighter than the world above..."
    • Even the art that goes with the song features pictures of Mettaton posing with his fans, including Papyrus. Awww.
  • How to find Sans in a crowd. Say his brother isn't cool and wait for him to come end you. Bonus points for Undyne also showing up to defend Papyrus' honor.
  • This audio file someone made, replacing the lyrics of the song with Sans and Papyrus's 'speech' noises. Particularly the music videos it spawned.
  • A YouTuber called Madam Sharky did a few videos on the fangame Determination. The fangame's creators took notice and asked her to preview the next update, which included a new secret boss. The boss was Madam Sharky herself. At the end, Madam Sharky breaks down in tears of joy on camera.
    Madam Sharky: Oh my god... (cries, and then sniffs) Thank you... Thank you so much... That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen... I'm sorry. I didn't... I didn't mean to start crying, I just... I com-... This is a complete surprise. And this is so amazing. I didn't-... I never guessed... This is so incredible...
  • The Storyshift AU has a real potential on a Pacifist Run. On some aspects, perhaps even more than the real universe, as it is an Alternate Universe where the Dreemur Family is still full.note  Basically, Asriel is still alive. Asgore and Toriel are still together, even though their relationship seems to be going through a difficult stage. (But given whom they've taken the role, we can safely assume that they will work things out in a Pacifist ending.) And Chara is a good guy. It's implied that they gave up their hatred and their thirst for revenge because of their love for their adoptive family.
    Chara: "Dad's so smart, Mom's a captain and my brother's just the best... Isn't my family the coolest?"
  • Throw a rock at Papyrus and call him a freak? Get ready for Sans, Undyne, and Frisk to gang up on you!
    Papyrus: THEY CARE ABOUT ME!
  • Some people have made Undertale shimejis. While all of them are adorable, it's the Asriel one that takes the cake, as showcased here.
  • Some fans counter the idea of the monsters outliving Frisk by a long shot by subscribing to the idea of them turning into a monster skeleton upon death, allowing them to keep living with their monster friends. Doubly adorable if you spoke to Gerson and heard from him how Asgore and Toriel would inevitably outlive you if they took you in as an adoptive child—not anymore!
  • If Chara gave a speech at the end of a True Pacifist Route.
  • One "Ask Mettaton" blog received several questions about how to love yourself and be confident like Mettaton. Those people not only got self-care tips from Mettaton, but from nearly the entire cast! Even Flowey chimes in. It's dubbed, too.
  • This video by Imogen Scoppie depicting Alphys' first encounter with Undyne. The animations, expressions, and music are all brilliantly depicted, even the Tear Jerker / Nightmare Fuel segments where Alphys grapples with her own suicidal grief. Especially poignant is near the end, where the sound of rushing water abruptly cuts off.
  • This comic telling the story of the Pacifist Route through the song "The Call" by Regina Spektor.
  • Sans and Papyrus' growth chart. Now in gif form, too!
  • Sans is pretty.
  • While Funny Bones is mostly...funny, the fact that Sans takes his numerous jobs to support Papyrus financially and assist his dream of entering the Royal Guard is pretty heartwarming.
  • Free hugs.
  • Reconciliation, a fanfic that has Frisk witnessing Toriel and Asgore...well, reconciling. It first starts with Toriel acting icy towards Asgore, who suddenly snaps. He calms down a bit, but also delivers a borderline "The Reason You Suck" Speech to both himself, and Toriel. The fanfic ends with Toriel offering Asgore to stay at a guest room. While it can be a Tear Jerker to some, it's ultimately very sweet.
  • This comic involving Papyrus and his new fan, the Monster Kid.

    Walking with Dinosaurs 

  • Directive: You, a WALL•E fanfic. WALL-E's revival at the film's close seems to be imperfect, as he can remember some aspects of his term on the Axiom but not others. EVE - when she isn't helping the humans recolonize the Earth - takes it upon herself to restore his memory using her own databanks and revisiting various places on Earth, such as a dilapidated building (which is a Heartwarming Moment in itself). She eventually discovers that his directive - which is normally the same as his designation, "Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class - has changed to her designation out of sheer love, and gladly reciprocates with a hug. * sniff* ...HAPPY BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH...

    The World Ends with You 

    Yandere Simulator 
  • In the "Daddy Issues" chapter of a certain collection of Yandere Simulator oneshots, Musume Ronshaku is an adaptational nice girl; instead of being a spoiled brat and a bully, she is the kind lesbian girlfriend of Kokona Haruka. When she learns that her father is loansharking Kokona's father, Musume gets her father to clear the debt for Kokona. When Kokona learns of this, she is so grateful that she doesn't even care that Musume's father is the one who was loansharking them, and thanks Musume with a kiss, which she happily returns.

    Yume Nikki 
  • This Fan Vid somehow goes and makes Yume frikkin' Nikki, Terrifying in its purest form, into something sweet and beautiful... And Masada, Kyunkyun, Poniko, and Monoko all team up to save Madotsuki from the original's Downer Ending.

  • The WD Zorro fanfiction The Eagle's Gaze has a scene where Zorro rescues his friend, Esperanza after she had been captured to the Eagle...

  • Pick a Jeeves and Wooster fanfic that has Bertie and Jeeves confessing their feelings for each other after a period of high tension between the two. ANY Jeeves and Wooster fanfic that has Bertie and Jeeves confessing their feelings for each other after a period of high tension between the two.
  • In Resolve, the Sequel to Timidity by Davner, we have this: When Keiichi, after hilarity had ensued, and he had been smacked in the head by Anteros, who obviously did something to him, we get the following scene:
    Compelled by some unknown force, Keiichi suddenly reached out and embraced the goddess, pulling her close and kissing her full on the lips. Belldandy squeaked and closed her eyes, holding him tightly.
    Lind: Did you do that?
    Anteros: I don't know what you're...
    Lind: You did.
    • Anteros tries to backpedal, but Lind lets it slide:
      Lind: How long will he do that?
      Anteros: Just every time she walks in the room until the day he dies.
      Lind: Their lips will chap.
      Anteros: Not my problem.
    • After watching a few more moments:
      Lind: Will you do that for me?
      Anteros: Every time you walk in the room until the day I die.
  • The riotously funny The Official Fanfiction University Of Middle-earth by Camilla Sandman is generally a hilarious romp, but there is one surprisingly tender moment — in chapter 62, Lina's realization that love isn't a grand, sweeping fairytale, but "the simple realisation that she'd do anything for that smile."
  • After months of agonizing over how to reveal the secret of Sleepwalker to his family and friends, Rick Sheridan's finally ready to tell his family and friends the truth. Unfortunately, his life falls apart for a second time when he has a nervous breakdown after he learns that his parents were murdered by Psyko. Despite his having alienated them while trying to cope with Sleepwalker's presence in his mind, Rick's friends come to support him when he needs them most and help him put his life back on track.
  • The Iron Man movieverse fanfic 20 Questions. As the title suggests, Tony convinces Pepper to play 20 questions with him (although he only asks fifteen). His questions are mostly silly and humorous, until he gets to the final one. What does he ask?
    Tony: Will you marry me?
  • You'd never expect a story about Soviet soldiers in the Great Valley to be heartwarming, but it pulls it off with the Soviets' reactions to meeting the cast of Land Before Time.
  • In chapter 2 of Xanatos, Linda helps Near pack his things before leaving Wammy's House, and then hugs him and tells him she'll miss him. Doubles up as a bit of a Tear Jerker.
    • From the same fanfic, after Matt sees Linda freezing cold after taking a walk outside in the snow, he lets her borrow his coat. And then...
      Matt: Alright, now just follow me, okay?
      Linda: I...can't. I can't feel my feet.
      Matt: Fine then. I'll just carry you.
    • It could be said that most of chapter 3 consisted of this trope.
    • At the end of chapter 4 when Linda decides to come along with Matt.
  • From Everybody Comes to Harry's. Another reason why the Flash is the greatest hero out there.
    Flash: James, I know you... You've been a supervillain -
    Trickster: A Rogue.
    Flash: Sorry - a Rogue - for a long time, and if there's something I know about you for sure -
    Trickster: I really like blue and yellow stripes?
    Flash: – It's that you do not kill. You don't hurt innocent people. You're a good g – well, okay, maybe not a 'good guy', but you're a not a bad man. I'd rather have you here than any wacky villain I come up against with the League. Any day.
  • Extended Stay has a few moments like this. However, the most heartfelt moment has to be this:
    "I-It's a boy..." He whispered. He looked at Mistress who was cooing down at their daughter. "Oh god, Mistress! What if I'm just like him?" [his father]
    Mistress looked sympathetically at him. She knew about his father, and was able to understand that he might be afraid. Heck, she was afraid she would be just like her mother with her new daughter. She knew she had to console both of their fears.
    "It'll be okay, Warden. We aren't our parents. We can make up for their mistakes and be better than them." She said soothingly.
    "You really think so?" He asked looking up at her hopefully.
    "I know so."
  • Kokoro in the doujin Kokoro's Smile Is Priceless, after Rinnosuke gives her mask back:
    "I'm happy! I'm happy!"
  • In Origin Story, Xander (who's recently been turned into Power Girl) is in a rather rough neighborhood when she's offered $500 to listen to a couple of "slimy" looking guys pitch the idea of her working in porn. After finding out she's underage however, they give her the money anyway along with directions to a convent that looks after runaways like her. They also advise her to make sure she stays clean and to call her parents saying, "Even if they don't ever want to see you again, they should know you're still alive."
  • Despite mostly being nothing but hilariously horrific animatronic violence throughout, there is a short scene in Dante's Night at Freddy's 2: Animatronic Boogaloo in which, after Dante's daughter Evie remarks that she's sleepy, he allows her to cuddle up to his chest as a pillow and wraps his jacket around her like a blanket. The scene is totally at odds with the rest of the story, but is rather adorable.
  • In Birds of a Feather, Karasuba is convinced that once Minato learns she's not only a killer, but has killed more people than she can count, he'll hate her.
    Karasuba: I'm exactly what he said. I'm a monster.
    Minato: [While hugging her] You're not a monster. You're my Karasuba.
    • Earlier, Minato manages to successfully wing Akitsu, resulting in her crying tears of joy.
  • When Tsunade tracks down Kagura in Eroninja: Little Black Book, the latter's sole request is that Tsunade waits to execute her until she gives birth so she can hold her baby in her arms before she dies. Tsunade asks how Kagura came to be Kanji's slave, to which Kagura explains she gave herself up to keep her family safe.
    Tsunade: Then you should stay here to make sure they are.
    Kagura: But... what... I don’t understand.
    Tsunade: I simply had to confirm for myself that the threat to my home was over. The woman that sought to destroy it is no more. The woman before me would have made a fine apprentice.
    • Afterwards, Kagura's daughter asks who that woman was. Kagura simply says that she was "The woman all kunoichi look up to", only for her daughter to insists she's wrong, because she looks up to her mommy.
  • During the battle to drive off the invading Britannia after the Black Knights have liberated Japan in The Black Empire, Zero has Kaguya play a specific cassette tape to rally them in a seemingly hopeless battle. The contents of the tape? Japan's national anthem, which moves everyone listening to Manly Tears, particularly as none of them have heard it since Japan was conquered seven years ago.
  • At the end of the first chapter of An Astral Drop in Heatherfield Will recognises that her astral drop is a person in her own right and chooses not to destroy her.
  • When he discovers Harry's magic powers in Chapter 2 of Red like the Storm, Hayato thinks she's an alien and immediately starts to fanboy over her abilities, telling her that it makes her special and not a freak as her relatives always told her.
    • After escaping the Estraneo Famiglia, Harry decides to befriend Mukuro. Because she knows he's a messed-up kid haunted by his past as a lab guinea pig, and darkness is so hard to fend off when you're all alone and scared. But it's so much easier to find the light when you have friends besides you.
  • After years of mockery, and failure to even summon a familiar, Louise finally vindicates herself in Mana Based System when she successfully casts a spell for the first time. Her success leaves her smiling for the rest of the day.
    • While other students suggest Louise has been replaced by a changeling, refusing to accept she could ever learn to use magic, Kirche is genuinely happy for the girl. Likewise, while Montmorency and Tabitha both take to shadowing Louise over her sudden change in both skill and personality, it's because they're worried for her.
  • The Truth About Flash: In addition to being a DCAU memory fic that starts with one of Grodd's mind-reading helmets projecting all of Flash's secrets to the world (though Batman manages to isolate them to the Watchtower and thus restricts the viewers to the League), it also showcases a side of Flash that works behind the scenes and that he never wants anyone to see: the side that has suffered through a lot of hardship, and yet continues to help repair all the other heroes once they're broken, from Jason Todd and Roy Harper, to Billy Batson and Galatea. This fic, above all else, cements Flash's role as The Heart of the Justice League.
  • Influenced Out of Normality: Unlike canon, where she had to stay in a ratty hotel, Faith ends up bunking with Oz and his parents, who later end up adopting her.
  • Life In Reverse has Loki resigned to see the Avengers abandon him for Thor, after a lifetime spent in his brother's shadow. The Avengers' reaction are quite different of what he thought it would be: Black Widow chews him out for calling Thor - whom Loki asserted would try to hurt him - over realizing he may be more needed by the team, Bruce hulk out when he sees how much Loki is upset and frightened by his brother's arrival, Steve refuses to leave Loki alone with Thor and Tony outright threatens the thunder god for being hostile towards his magic buddy. Loki's confusion and growing realisation that the Avengers are trying to protect him is downright adorable.
    • Earlier, when Loki suddenly disappears, Tony and Steve's reaction is to seek for him and when they discover him locked up, they immediately decide to free him, no matter if Loki was compromised and a possible danger to them. Then Natasha comes to help and guide them to Clint's safe house.
    Loki: I am not... accustomed to expecting help.
  • In an odd way, the Subterranean attack not being a dream in Serious Saitama is rather nice as not only does Saitama get the great fight he's been wishing for (unlike canon) but he's also acknowledged as the incredibly strong hero he actually is.
  • In the finale of Biology Say What?, Xander and his Slayers enjoy Christmas with the Avengers and the entire chapter is heartwarming gold. Examples include:
    • Pepper insisting Xander and Jolie are family just like the other Avengers.
    • Jolie giving Hulk his own gift separate from Bruce Banner's, saying he's her friend.
    • Xander giving Steve a journal filled with messages from people he's saved. The first entry (a letter from a WWII veteran) drives him to tears.
    • Jolie (who was sexually abused before becoming a Slayer) getting everything she needs to not only be a legal adult, but also be able to leave whenever she wants, giving her the freedom she never had.
    • Jarvis (with Xander's and Willow's help) getting Jolie's former foster parents arrested along with a Karma Curse.
    • After the above Jolie, who'd previously derided Xander as the useless castoff of the group and refused to touch any man, launches herself at Xander and declares him the best Watcher in the world.
  • The Last Son of Tomorrow has Terry McGinnis deciding to use future ideas and technology to help the era he's stranded into advance. Unexpectedly, his biggest support in this is no else than Superman himself, who takes the time to praise Terry's work and encourages him to pursue it, seeing it as no less important than putting on tights to fight aliens and giant robots. Because someone is trying his best to live up to the human potential, to help people to live better and become better, and the Man of Steel won't let this potential go to waste, as with Lex Luthor.
  • After her Heel Realization in Tony's Girl, Wanda Maximoff fights her suppression collar so she can send Tony Stark sweet dreams each night, each time using the dream to apologize for how she acted and thank him for everything he's done. Unfortunately, as time progresses, she becomes romantically obsessed with Tony and takes things too far.
  • James "Bucky" Barnes in (After) The End of the Line may technically be imprisoned but he's getting the psychiatric help he needs and despite the torment truly remembering his actions as the Winter Soldier causes him, he's clearly happy at finally being able to make his own choices after over seventy years. It certainly helps that his psychiatrist genuinely cares and not only promises to stay James' main doctor after he pleads guilty to the charges against him, but also offers to let James call him any time if he needs him.
  • This moment between Rahne and Doug in Chapter 7 of Go West.
    "Tell me..." she started, then broke off. "Tell me... that everythin' is going t'be fine, and tha' we'll all be happy again. If you can believe it, I'll believe it too..." Tears gathered in her eyes, and slowly rolled down her cheeks. "Jus' tell me ye believe."
    He took her in his arms and shushed her. "It's okay, Rahne, it's okay. Everything'll be fine, I promise."
    Doug wanted so much to reassure her, but as before, he found that even his own sincerity was in doubt, and he hated himself for that. With her counting on him, how could he not believe? Sometimes it seemed like he needed to hope for all of them.
    Thankfully, though, he was not alone.
  • The Newgrounds Rumble (although it focuses more on the Pico characters) oneshot Why Is He So Alone? ends on a very heartwarming note, where Nene forgives Pico and gives him a long speech about how he shouldn't blame himself for what happened during the events of Pico's School or the events of Pico vs Convict, in spite of him blaming himself beforehand for the outcome of the events in the latter video. Even in spite of the hardships these two have gone through, it goes to show how much Nene really cares for her friend.
    Nene: Pico, if you love your friend, why do you think that she would lie to you? Because I don't blame you for what happened. That's the honest to God, absolute truth. Pico, I'm not lying when I say I love you, ...But still... I can't even imagine what you're going through right now, especially since Convict's back... But Pico, you... you're special. That's what I can tell you. You told me to find my purpose in life by looking at all the positive things. When you said that I have a lot to live for, you really meant that.
  • The NSFW OMORI oneshot Hard Bread has a couple:
    • Daphne helps her boyfriend Sunny walk up the stairs at her house over his acrophobia:
    But those fucking stairs. God, it still gave him chills 6 years later. He needed Daphne to hold his arm as he walked up slowly, breathing in and out with each step.
    • Sunny took a month or two to learn Greek to impress Daphne. He leaves her completely elated.

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