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Nightmare Fuel / Fan Works

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All spoilers will be unmarked ahead. You Have Been Warned!
Those poor Pokémasters…
Not all nightmares are officially published. In fact, often the only things scarier than a professional writer's nightmares are what the fandom can build from them.

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Specific original works/franchises:

Other fan works:

    Individual Works 
  • The entire Bloodshed trilogy, a Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild fanfiction that turns Master Kohga into an absolutely psychopathic leader that takes pleasure in murdering his Yiga Blademasters(and eventually Sooga), and even rapes the main protagonist in the second chapter.
  • Most of X meets I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream fanfics deserve a place here forever, especially Katawa Shoujo crossover "With apologies to Harlan Elliston". There is something... chilling while reading constant mind/body rapes about girls from a somewhat heartwarming visual novel.
  • Speaking of Katawa Shoujo, fans have drawn some very unsettling fanarts, such as how Rin lost her arms and Lily becoming a yandere.
  • Renegade has an absolutely horrific moment when Corporal Jenkins encounters a swarm of Scrin buzzers.
    Pain erupted along Jenkins' body as ten thousand tiny, thread-like razorblades ran across his skin, into his body, slicing apart muscle and bone and blood vessels. He tried to scream, but blood erupted from his mouth and nostrils and flooded into his lungs. His weapon fired wildly into the air for the few moments his arm remained attached to his body.
    It ended a merciful moment later, when the buzzers found his brain and surgically sliced it apart, ending all consciousness. Jenkins' armor crumpled to the floor, weeping blood from a dozen rents and holes.
  • Challenge of the Super Friends: The End, where the Legion of Doom travel to a horrific Lovecraftian universe and end up like victims in the Event Horizon and Hellraiser films. Lots of horrific transformations and mind-bending imagery.
  • This Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street fanfiction. There's mindfuckery and Prison Rape and the setting and— what's-- there's botflies. Almost anything that ficcer has done qualifies, from the humorous fic with a Mary Sue getting STDs from Captain Jack Sparrow to their backstory for Sheldon Sands. It's the opposite of putting him in leather pants. Sands as manipulative quasi-psychopath is canon. The sheer awfulness of the eye gouging is canon. This writer's backstory for him has heavily implied Brother–Sister Incest. It's rape.
  • There's a writer on whose volume of work consists almost entirely of extremely gory, badly-written, but extremely disturbing short stories in multiple categories in which a character randomly dies gruesomely, most of them titled "(Name Of Character) Dies a Horrible Death". Interestingly, the extreme badness of the writing makes the stories even more nightmare-inducing, seeing as the language is abrupt and casual and stilted, as though a kid was writing them without putting any serious thought into it or feeling as though there was anything serious about the stories. Just take a minute to think about what kind of person would write like that....
  • You wouldn't think horror and Lucky Star could go together... until you read Ahoge. Tsukasa is (arguably) taken down to extreme ditz levels when she thinks Konata's Idiot Hair could grow into a plant. The last chapter is an especially horrifying as Sojiro Izumi takes revenge on the entire Hiiragi family through Cold-Blooded Torture. A nail gun is involved at one point. You probably won't look at Tsukasa the same way again.
  • Visio Vestri, a Mega Crossover Fanfic which depicts the GameFAQs Character Battle of 2010 as a contest where 128 videogame characters must scale Tartarus and face their worst nightmares. It is actually a nice fanfic, but Captain Price's death is disturbing. After the Reaper blasts him with a spell of blinding light, his body is ripped APART and he LAUGHS as this happens.
  • Anything Ann-Kathrin Kniggendorf (otherwise known as AKK) wrote for Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. "The Lie" has a brutal rape depiction that can shock even the most veteran reader, and acts as a crushing inversion of Double Standard Rape: Female on Male. It says something when the poor hero views having his soul ripped out afterwards as a relief! Her pre-series Supertrooper works are all the more chilling when you hear the violence and death described with clinical precision. Walking Through Nightmares depicts severe asthma, lung damage, and the inability to breathe in graphic detail. And then there's Raumjaeger. Oh, shit. The classic idea of "what if Nazi Germany won" played for all the horror you can imagine and then some. You will not be sleeping well after it, especially after little details like the human-skin lampshade. Worse is that Ann-Kathrin, like half of the fandom's writers, is German and English isn't her first language. The show itself? A kids cartoon from The '80s.
  • Parts Of A (Bung)Hole. It starts off as a bit weird and angsty, with a Crack Pairing, though the author does his best to make it believable. The ending, however, is positively hellish. After learning that Beavis And Butthead (mostly Butthead) raped Daria & drove her to alcoholism & death in a drink-driving accident, Jane tears open Beavis' throat with her teeth while they're having rough sex & then uses his insides to paint a portrait of Daria on his bedroom wall. Daria fans do love them some Dark Fic, but ye gods...
  • The Kirby fanfic The Dream Land Story has the entire sequence in Marx's mind, which was probably intended to be creepy. There's also Kirby's Dark-Matter-induced night terrors which are never described to the reader, as well as how the way Nightmare dies by Meta Knight's hand is described. And to top it all off, Meta Knight's graphic suicide.
  • The Shadows Grow Longer. More disturbing than frightening, this World of Warcraft fanfiction is 20 chapters of watching a woman succumb to Stockholm Syndrome to a monster who spends his time torturing her physically, mentally and sexually.
  • One Mistake Too Many, a Wicked fanfic that explores what might happen if Boq's transformation hadn't gone as smooth as it had in the musical- ie, if Nessarose had decided that she should be the one to cast the spell. Here's a hint: the first chapter is called "Transformation Trauma."
  • Our little Doll, a Coraline fanfic, where the Other Mother rapes Coraline. The actual rape is implied, with just the preparation shown (Coraline being bound and having her clothes ripped off her body by Other Mother). Then we cut to the aftermath, with Coraline waking up in real world with no recollection of what has happened - until she gets abdominal pains so strong that she collapses. In hospital, the doctor says that she was violated by freaking knitting needles, prompting disbelief from her mother. And then it is revealed that Other Mother can take control of Coraline, forcing her to come to the Other World again and again...
  • This VOCALOID fanfic, in chapter 6, involves Rin waking up in the middle of the night, walking down the hall, seeing eyes at the end of the hallway, and being "attacked" by it. If you read it carefully, it could be implied that whatever the thing was was attempting to rape her. However, it's revealed at the end of the chapter that the monster was actually "Caiden" and he wasn't trying to scare her.
  • Used, a House fanfic. The things Tritter does to House are pretty certain to give one nightmares, including raping him with his own cane, and a knife.
  • Imperfect Metamorphosis Chapter 31. This story is already dark, taking many Touhou Project ideas and twisting them just enough to inspire terror and awe. And then you reach this chapter, and the slowly dawning dream from the last four chapters breaks and you realize that Yuuka Kazami (already an insane supplier of scary scenes) has broken through the fourth wall with these simple words:
  • "Hard Way to Hollow" is a little Bleach two-shot detailing Ichigo's slow descent into despair and insanity while his hollow takes over. Contains Body Horror, Eye Scream, No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, and other things best not mentioned here. Sleep well.
  • Crimson Echoes has the scene towards the end when the heroes are exploring The Darkness Beyond Time... which is a horrifying enough concept as it is. But then you see the journal... "There is nothing outside the windows. I mean that. Nothing." And you realize the people who are there aren't all just frozen and they're... alive and they're aware and there are billions of them, and you realize all the times when you played Chrono Trigger, you put them there...
  • The Regular Show fan story Regular Addictions involves Benson going on a drug-and-alcohol binge because he is unhappy with his current life and wants to end it all. Since he's a gumball machine (lacking organs and what not), he realizes it leads to nowhere. What's one of the first things he does in his bout of insanity? He decides to kill Veronica, his ex-girlfriend who is said to have dumped him callously, while saying the lyrics of a song he wrote for her with a dark tone. As if that weren't bad enough, Mordecai had to keep it secret after Benson told him about what happened lest any other event could worsen the situation.
  • Eddward, Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfic in which Edd murders and tortures all the other kids.
  • A Calvin and Hobbes fanfic, Camp Nightmare, involved Calvin getting signed up for a day camp, which seems like saccharine until Calvin finds out it's actually a cult that kills the kids and eats them! Not only that, but Calvin discovers a room where the corpses are kept.
  • The CSI fic Face The Music by Elm22 has a lot of this in the form of Grissom's kidnap and torture (and later Sara's as well). The fact that it's an extremely well written, well researched fic makes it all the more haunting. It is definitely NSFW
  • Mercurial Cognizance, a deeply disturbing Durarara!! fanfiction that shows us what potentially goes on in Mikado Ryugamine's head. An evil doppelganger attacks Mikado, stabs him with a pen, and rapes him. All the while Evil!Mikado tells Good!Mikado that everyone has a dark side that needs to come out, while poor Good!Mikado is less concerned with the fact that he's being raped by himself than he is truly terrified of the fact that he himself is capable of doing something like that to another person. Fortunately it turns out to be a dream...and then Mikado looks down to see that his hand is now bandaged. And then he shudders and bursts into tears upon remembering the last thing the doppelganger said to him...
    Doppelganger:It's not a dream.
  • All Grown Up!, touted as a "theory" of Rugrats. It goes somewhat like this; Angelica made the babies up in her head, they were never actually born. Chuckie died in childbirth alongside his mother, which is why Chaz is so nervous. Tommy was a stillborn, and so Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son he never got. The DeVilles had an abortion, and Angelica couldn’t figure out if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl, thus, the twins. Thinking about it a bit makes one realise that it doesn’t really make much sense, but it’s still quite the creepy concept.
  • Melimsah's fanfic Never Alone is Teen Titans (2003) fanfic that take place after the episode Haunted, and it continues from there in its own alternative way. The story is about Robin who afterwards thinks that Slade is out of his head now that the mind-dust is out of his system, only to once again see Slade when no one else can. As Robin try to find out why, it gets more and more hinted that it isn't the mind-dust again that is behind Slade, but simply his mind losing itself to the grip of paranoid schizophrenia. Slade himself goes from playful teasing and insulting to Mind Rape and downright physical assaults, causing Robin to somehow hit himself into near death. As the story goes on, Robin's condition worsen each day while Slade becomes more powerful, and he sends Robin into a spiral of delusions and self-destructive behavior, and Breaking Speech him so badly that Robin goes from a strong leader-type of hero into a scared, self-loathing child, and when the other Titans finds out, they've no idea how to treat him or how to force Slade out of him.
  • Minty's fanfic on Encyclopedia that is a supposed Toy Story fanfic in which the main heroine is tricked into going into a home group and her toys are taken away by a woman by the name of Nicole. The story itself makes Lotso from Toy Story 3 look like a kid's show host.
  • Imagine, if you will, that you live in the Milborough of The New Retcons; not only do you live with the knowledge that you got the sweetheart deal you did on your mortgage because you live on what used to be a nuclear test site, you have to contend with crazy old Elly Patterson who's convinced that it's the early eighties. Factor in the fact that she had a volatile temper back when she was nominally sane and you realize that her lazy, image-obsessed jerk husband's refusal to do anything about her (as well as the law's inability to lock people up without due cause) has left you having to deal with a human bomb.
  • Robo Bando is so filled with graphic violence and torture scenes that it makes Elfen Lied look family friendly.
  • The Big Time Rush fanfic Big Time Obsession (NSFW). It involves the boys and their friends trying to protect Camille from a serial killer/rapist named Hyde. Eventually though Logan is abducted and tortured by said rapist. Don't worry, he's saved, but people still get killed in the process. For details of the shit Hyde does in the story: he tortures a naked Logan over a two way camera, unless Camille stripped for him, forces another hostage to have sex with Logan, he kills Frieght Train, and a good samaritan that tried to help Logan. Now here's the character Hyde himself, turns out he's actually a split personality of one of the detectives on the case. We meet another personality of his - a child who Hyde shifts to when Logan shoots at him.
  • Imagine you're imprisoned in a underground facility where no one will ever find you. Everyday, a scientist performs experiments on you such as exposure to extreme heat and cold, enduring sounds that will paralyze you, and cutting off your hand. No matter what you claim, said scientist insists that not only are you not human, you're not sentient and are incapable of feeling pain. Now imagine, this is all being done by your mother. Welcome to the Danny Phantom fic Phantom of Truth.
  • The Simpsons fanfic Death of a Simpson is played out like another Sideshow Bob episode, only the differences are that Bob has finally lost his mind completely, so that he actually see people and things that only he can see, that he finally has killed Krusty in the most gruesome ways possible, that he's targeting Lisa instead of Bart, planning to simply torture her to death, and when that fails, it seems that his spirit tries to possess Maggie to be the new him]]. A chilling tale of one madman's revenge against the young people he feels ruined his life to that of a hunted, crazed animal.
  • In Prisoner of the Magic Kingdom, a divorced father taking his two children to Disneyland gets stuck on the "it's a small world" ride, where he hallucinates(?) the dolls coming to life and putting him on trial for accidentally pushing his wife down the stairs during an argument and causing her to miscarry their third child. The mangled corpse of the miscarried child is called forward as a witness and says, "You killed me, daddy. Before I even got to be alive. Why did you hit mommy so hard, daddy?"
  • The Fragility of Time has Rubeus's murder of Mimete in chapter 34, followed up by his murder of Eudial one chapter later.
    • Making it worse is how he does it: exploding her Fire Buster and then impaling her with his spheres (which he also did to Mimete) Fortunately, he pays for it.
    • Chapter 34 introduces Galaxia. If the fact that she is portrayed as a destroyer of worlds on par with Unicron doesn't get you, then her plans for Sailor Eiron, a.k.a Sailor Lead Crow will. Said plans double as a Wham Line: "Oh, I am sure you don't want to join me. Rarely does your kind want to, but they have no choice. You see before this day is over you will be executing the rest the council here and then I think I'll have you kill your own child. After all, I am sure that he is still alive here somewhere and who better to be able to find him than his own mother."
    • Even worse is her reaction when she loses Eiron's Star Seed.
  • An Outsiders fanfiction, The Days That Changed Everything, has Sodapop and Ponyboy being taken away from Darry and ending up abused for six and a half months in separate foster homes. James, the father in Soda's foster home, abuses his baby daughter Emma, and locks Soda in his bedroom when he tries to protect her and tells him he is wrong for trying to stop him. To keep her safe, Soda makes a deal with him that if he doesn't fight back against James, he'll leave her alone - leading to James burning the word "WRONG" into Soda's shoulder with a cigarette, threatening to hurt Emma if he struggles. The worst part? When Soda goes back home, James ends up killing Emma. But as horrible as that is, it pales in comparison to what happened to Ponyboy: When Ponyboy did something that Robert, the father at his foster home, didn't like, he would drag him out to the backyard, force him to dig a hole and lie down in it, and then bury him alive with only a straw to breathe through, nearly killing him. Worse, he does this twice, once during a thunderstorm. Their experiences leave both boys badly traumatized.
  • Magna Clades has a lot of these moments, but one in particular that really takes the cake is when the Big Bad Zoisite becomes a Blob Monster and liquifies the mayor of Beach City to death alongside many others!
  • The Les Misérables fic When The Cat's Away. Marius and Cosette being kidnapped by Thenardier and Patron Minette for their money, and Marius nearly being murdered is bad enough, but the most terrifying part is Cosette being tied to a bed and raped over and over by Montparnasse and Claquesous. They torture her, too - when Marius and Valjean arrive to save her, she's crying, bruised, and bloody. She specifically mentions Montparnasse sticking his knife under her fingernails when she tried to refuse him.
  • In Soul Eater, the Big Bad, Asura, is stated to have eaten his own weapon partner after going insane with fear. In the fanfic Mad Love, Vajra was first beaten senseless by his partner (who he was in love with and had been good friends with), and then Eaten Alive before he was aware enough of what was happening to transform back. And then it turns out that he is still alive and conscious inside Asura's body and was imprisoned for centuries along with him. When Asura is freed, he can hear and sense what's going on around them, but he can only see when Asura pokes him out of his mouth to fire his lasers, and cannot move or transform back to human form. The kicker? The poor bastard is still hopelessly in love with Asura, and keeps telling himself that one day he'll be repaid for his loyalty and Asura will free him.
    Thinking of all they have lost and all that they can never be again, Vajra feels as if Shinigami ripped him apart too, and he wishes so badly it hurts that he could still scream.
  • The Death Note fanfic, The Hanging Tree. It runs on the Fanon that Light, as a Death Note user, became a Shinigami after his death, meaning he now has his own Death Note. What's the first thing he does with it? Get brutal revenge on the Kira Task Force and Near for killing him, of course, and drag poor Misa into it too! He first restores Misa's memories of the Death Note, and tells her that he wants her by his side again, so they can act as Kira forever from the realm of the Shinigami. However, for that to happen, she has to die. While a horrified Misa protests, Light cheerfully shows her that he's already written her name in his Death Note, and she is forced to hang herself against her will. Light notes that she is visibly frightened while she does this.
    • And then when the Kira Task Force (Matsuda, Aizawa, Ide, and Mogi) realize that Misa's missing and go to look for her, they search the woods and find her body hanging from a tree branch, with four other nooses tied neatly to the branch alongside her. Aizawa then gets a call from Near, who (while in so much pain he can barely speak) warns him that Kira has killed everyone in the SPK and is forcing him to call and tell the task force that he is coming for them next, before dying while still on the line. While they're all panicking, Matsuda realizes that the four other nooses are for them, and yells at the others to run. They don't even get out of sight of the tree when the Death Note takes effect, and the four of them are forced to slowly turn around and go back to the tree. They try to turn and run again, but they can't stop, escape, or even scream, and they are forced to hang themselves while terrified and still fully conscious. Matsuda's last thoughts before he is killed are "Please, Light, don't kill me, please don't - !"
    • The worst part? The story ends with Shinigami King Light, now immortal and implied to still be insane, becoming Kira again for eternity, with Misa as his queen.
  • The Case Closed fanfiction Observations has Takagi and Conan kidnapped by a man whom Takagi was to visit that day. Turns out, the kidnapper is part of a larger group that likes to imitate the methods of past serial killers. Specifically, they plan to brand Takagi with his own badge, shoot him in the head with his own gun, and leave him on the roof of a police station with his wrists in his own handcuffs a week after his disappearance. This is apparently what a serial killer did to other police officers eight years before the events of the fanfic, and this means the police have a week to find Takagi. As for Conan, the group intends to try and turn him to their side, not knowing the truth about Conan. The group even starts using mind games to try and make Conan defer to them even while he's being held prisoner. This fanfic also gives chapters to Satou and Ran, who are extremely upset and scared for the kidnapees.
    Lion: [addressing Conan] Interesting, Kitten. Very interesting. [Leaves room where Takagi and Conan are being held]
    Takagi: [Realizing implications] Kitten. He called you Kitten. ... Conan-kun,
    Conan: I'll never be their Kitten, Takagi-keiji. Never.
  • He Was Hungry is a Ragnarok Online fanfiction in which Flamel Emule is portrayed as a Big Eater... as well as a cannibal. But if the violent opening scene doesn't scare you, then the ending will do so. The story is really violent, so be careful.
  • The Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic fanfic The Prince's Reckoning, in which Kouen has an extended Nightmare Sequence where he sees what would have happened if it had been his siblings who had suffered and died instead of Hakuryuu's. He watches Kouha being tortured by Phenex's Ring of Admonition, Koumei being Gutted Like a Fish by al-Thamen priests and bleeding out at his feet, and every single one of his sisters being incinerated alive. What's worse is, Koumei is Peaceful in Death and content as long as it means Kouen survives, but Kouha and Kougyoku are screaming in agony and begging Kouen to save them. And there is absolutely nothing he can do.
    • The whole dream consists of the vengeful ghosts of Hakuyuu and Hakuren coming back to haunt Kouen because they blame him for their deaths, their country's corruption, and Hakuryuu's insanity, accuse him of being a traitor who wanted it all to happen, and completely ignore Kouen's protests that none of that is true and he wishes that they were still alive. It's also worth mentioning that the dream ends with Hakuren holding Kouen down so Hakuyuu can chop his fucking head off. And that upon waking up, Kouen mentions that these are Recurring Dreams of his, brought on by his guilt over everything that's happened to their family and country.
  • Despite some already scary moments in the 1989 Batman fanfiction Through a Glass Darkly, arguably the darkest was after the Joker abducted a little girl, and poisoned her with Smilex, promising to cure her only if Bruce paid a large ransom. The worst part? For the ransom demand, he videotaped himself injecting the child with Smilex and sent it to Bruce... driving Batman to do what it takes to save her.
  • The extremely NSFW Hydra Trash Party Kink Meme is built on Nightmare Fuel. This Kink Meme is dedicated to coming up with as many horrific things to do to the Winter Soldier, (Bucky Barnes) and other MCU characters (but mostly the Winter Soldier) as the minds of the anons can produce, usually ranging from frequent physical abuse or mental abuse and conditioning to actual rape, Cold-Blooded Torture, and Mind Rape.
  • Closer, a Snake/Otacon Slash Fic, has Hal recalling his sexual abuse at the hands of his stepmother Julie and his developing complex regarding it. It really doesn't set in until Hal overheard Julie having sex with his father, Huey, and was then woken up by Julie straight-up raping him.
  • The Puella Magi Madoka Magica grapefruit (super explicit) fanfiction Sweet Red Wine, which can be summed up as "Sayaka and Kyoko rip each other apart and get off while doing so".
  • This fanart of Shadow Lady, a Palette Swap and What If? version of Chun Li. In it, she dies 15 minutes after giving birth to a baby, and it's unknown who the child's father is, as she was dating Dan and Ryu simultaneously. Shadaloo was aware of this, so they decided to steal her body for their own nefarious purposes by turning her into their brainwashed cybernetic minion, effectively condemning her to a Fate Worse than Death. Before her death and transformation into Shadow Lady, Chun-Li routinely foiled Shadaloo's plans at every turn, so it's apparent that she was roboticized in retaliation for her foiling many of their plans. Designed to be the ultimate anti-Interpol weapon, she was sent out by the heinous Shadaloo leader to gather information on her former allies so they too could be turned into mindless cyborgs like Chun-Li was. As Shadow Lady, her formerly cheerful personality was obliterated, her body's physiology altered so it experienced no emotion apart from being an ruthless and emotionless assassin and serving as M. Bison's right-hand, as it was only fitting that the one constant pain in Bison's side be given this 'honor', and hopefully, turn her into their main pawn against Interpol. In essence, she is a completely different person inhabiting her body and mind, and serves as nothing but a weapon against her former allies. And though she retained her original moves, the enhancements also gave her new abilities, including lasers, Rocket Boots, an electric shield and a large drill in her hands. It's unknown how much of her body has been automated, but anybody can speculate that much of it is now robotic, save for a few parts such as her brain, which has been surgically implanted so she only follows Shadaloo's orders through her Odango Hair shaped Robot Antennae at their command through secure radio links. The breathing apparatus covering her mouth gave the appearance of a female Darth Vader. Thirty years later, the robot is deployed after extensive training and programming (aside from painstakingly preserving her body), and although others are suspicious that this robotic assassin named Shadow Lady aka Droid Li looks a lot like Chun-Li, they're totally unaware that this is indeed the body of the fallen Interpol agent, converted into a soulless cybernetic zombie. But the worst part? Her child won't be aware that their mother has been revived as a brainwashed and cyborgized machine. Also, neither Ryu nor Dan are aware that their former date is now a Brainwashed Robot Girl. All in all, while Chun-Li is back again, she's now more of an Empty Shell, with no record of her old memories as they've been overridden with pre-programmed directives ordering her to be a killing machine for Shadaloo, and effectively condemning her to a Fate Worse than Death via Death of Personality, Loss of Identity and Cybernetics Eat Your Soul.
  • Beaver Soup, a very NSFW Angry Beavers fanfic. In a universe where humans and cartoon characters coexist, John — the Author Avatar protagonist — is a paraphiliac who's obsessed with Norbert. He moves from overseas to America, staying in a cabin near Norbert and Daggett's home. When his sexual advances are rejected, John kidnaps and rapes Norbert. When Daggett investigates, John hacks him to death. Wanting Norbert all to himself, John then murders the beaver, butchers him into soup, and furnishes his corpse into a stuffed body pillow. Upon realizing what he has done, John commits suicide. While it was only a dream, the bleak, graphic imagery and John's psychotic behavior are horrifying.
  • There is a DeviantArt DEATH BATTLE! fan fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Popeye the Sailor Man that starts out lighthearted and humourous, but takes a very grim turn when the killing blow comes. Popeye uppercuts Luffy into the air, then rips open a hole in reality, opening up a blank white void for Luffy to fall into. Luffy manages to grab the edge, only for Popeye to pry his fingers loose while mockingly playing 'This Little Piggy', causing Luffy to fall into the void. While not a brutal death, it's still horrifying in that Luffy is still alive and fully conscious when he falls, meaning he's doomed to fall in an empty void until he dies of natural causes. Truly a Fate Worse than Death.
  • A Steven Universe fanartist by the handle of mimicteixeira drew a series of commissions of the Crystal Gems being shattered by the Homeworld Gems, and they're all as nightmarish and tearjerking as you'd expect them to be.
    • Amethyst's, as lampshaded by the artist, is the tamest, but it's still disturbing to see her being shot from behind by Peridot of all people and effectively murdered.
    • In Garnet's image, only Ruby is being shattered by Lapis Lazuli, while Sapphire's being preserved for reasons left unexplained. The look of anguish on Garnet's face can easily be interpreted as Sapphire crying out for her lover before Garnet dies for good.
    • Pearl's is easily the darkest and closest to being "gory", as it depicts Jasper crushing her Gem in her fist and the effect makes it look as though she has popped Pearl's HEAD like a grape. The last wispy tuft of hair sticking out from Pearl's neck almost looks like a burst of blood for a second.
    • To top it all off, mimic reveals in a comment that there was a fourth image of Steven being shattered as well. It was apparently so gruesome that they refuse to ever upload it onto the internet.
  • Resistance, a Fallout: New Vegas fanfiction, is possibly the darkest one-shot lemon fic of all time, not for any gruesome sexual acts, but for the absolutely horrific worldbuilding, detailing a New Vegas in which The Enclave expanded their reach to the Mojave and successfully activated Project Impurity, contaminating the water supply with the modified FEV, and hunting down anyone who attempts to purify the water as criminals. We also get some lovely, detailed visuals of Original Character Maxwell struggling for breath trying to run away from the Enclave soldiers sent after him, and then we see this Alternative Universe's version of Arcade Gannon. And he is horrifying. The worst part of all this? Arcade offhandedly mentions this isn't the first time someone has had to make this choice, although it's the first time he himself has offered it. He even implies he has seen other Enclave soldiers raping criminals in exchange for their lives! It almost makes you glad it's only one chapter long...
  • Practicing Medicine, a crossover between Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch, is a rather gruesome torture fic involving the RED Medic "experimenting" on Mercy without anesthetics For Science!. Among things like removing her left eye with the Vita Saw and vivisecting her, the story's most notably horrifying moment is its graphic and realistic portrayal of the Medic surgically performing female genital mutilation on her. It's all capped off with the twist that Medic was harvesting her for body parts to revive his teammates and then regrowing them with the Quick Fix before wiping her memory so he could keep her alive forever.
  • "Disfigures", an Eddsworld AU filled to the brim with Body Horror. How much does it fit with this trope? Let us count the ways!
    • First of all, there's the way the author started it. With a single viscerally horrifying image of Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord conjoined into a single, mangled abomination. Check it out if you dare. Made even worse by the sequel, where the same happens to Paul and Pat.
    • Then there's this video showing how it happened in the fanfic's context; we see a repeating clip of Edd, bloodied, beaten, wearing a hospital gown and branded with a barcode tattoo, stumbling a little, then a repeating clip of Laurel (the girl from "MovieMakers") wearing a labcoat, then we cut to Tom, Matt and Tord, looking as bloodied and beaten as Edd. There's a sudden shot of Edd looking scared, a machine flaring up, Tord trying to run whilst screaming and crying and then Bing (the evil director from "Spares") flashing a Slasher Smile as the screen glitches out and cuts to black. Finally, we get a Jump Scare of the boys' conjoined bodies appearing on screen, rendered in blood red.
    • In the fic proper, we discover that Bing and his assistant Larry have been attempting to fuse people for a while, including children. Bing ended up firing Larry after they failed to fuse Kim and Katya together, the process instead killing them. He hires Laurel as his new assistant, leading to them kidnapping Eduardo, Mark and Jon for the same purposes. We never find out what happened to them. Finally, they get their hands on Edd, Matt, Tom and Tord, try to fuse them, the above happens and the resulting fusion is implied to have killed Bing and Laurel.
    • There is some good news in the later chapters, though it's quickly followed by bad news: When Paul and Pat sneak into the lab and stumble upon the fusion, they manage to activate a machine and accidentally unfuse them. Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord are all freed from the fusion in the process and escape. The bad news? The same process ends up forcibly fusing Paul and Pat.
  • Most of And If That Don't Work?, a Neon Genesis Evangelion fic, qualifies, but really the standout is when the acid-dripping spider Angel managed to turn the entry plug of Unit 02 into a vat of acid and the resultant fate of the pilot. This is even worse considering her fate is blatant Author Appeal; none of the characters view it to be a bad thing for more than a few sentences and Asuka herself considers it an improvement.
  • "Shipped around the country", a series of Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) fanarts that end with Fuhrer King Bradley, after already being carted from prison to prison every ten years to serve his punishment, being sent to the Fifth Laboratory to serve the rest of his sentence there...spending 300 years as a science experiment test subject, the scientists in question having enough red stones to ensure he won't die from it. The story ends with Bradley finally breaking down and screaming for Dante to save him, knowing full well that she's long gone by now. Oddly sobering for a character who's presented in the source material as truly evil.
  • Remember how terrifying Arukenimon and Mummymon's deaths were in canon? Well, Starlight makes it worse - Arukenimon is eaten alive by Myotismon's bats, and Mummymon is devoured by Myotismon himself.
  • Similarly to the Mario Party DS anti-piracy screens above, there exist fanmade anti-piracy messages for the Danganronpa games. By far the most unsettling are the ones that imply the entire cast died, all because of your piracy.
  • And while we're on the topic of fanvids, there exists a series on Youtube entitled "Deltarune VHS", made by the user Nyctomatter. They are all under a minute long, but what they lack in length they make up for in sheer creepiness. The background "music" for every video simply consists of a Drone of Dread, and the series somehow manages to turn the "Kris, get the banana" meme terrifying. Practically every character except Kris sports a Nightmare Face, but the video "Kris" gives them one as well, and tops it all off with a horrifying reminder that The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You.
  • Still on the fanvid thing, there's one related to Jurassic Park III that deals with a possible scenario for Ben's death. "How did Ben die in Jurassic Park III" by Alteori. You can imagine pretty clearly the scene as Ben is caught in the parachute and the raptors rip his legs off while he's still alive. Yikes.
  • The Highlander fic Seeing It Through starts with Methos staked alive to a wall with his eyes gouged out. Just...eew.
  • In the Kim Possible fanfic Midnight Savior, Kim has been taken to Lorwardia where she's about to be beheaded. Kim is being dragged to the gallows in chains, passing through a huge crowd of Lorwardians screaming insults at her in their language, while she's wearing her tattered graduation gown that barely covered her nude body. Before that, she has been tortured and deprived of food and sleep in the dungeons for several days have left Kim a shell of her former self. Kim keeps telling herself over and over that the horror she's experiencing is all one elaborate nightmare that she'll wake up from at any moment, only to realize it's really happening, to her great despair. She's left wondering what happened on Earth, if it's destroyed or everyone has been enslaved. She also wonders what happened to Ron, afraid that he died trying to save her. She comes face to face with Warhok and Warmonga who taunt her with malicious smiles. She gets a good look at the intimidatingly-gigantic guillotine, and noticed that the blade was symmetrical and curved, likely intended to smash the victim's neck painfully and messy. The crowds' scream rise high-pitch for her blood. In fact, it is stated that nearly every Lowardian across the empire have come for the sole pleasure of seeing her lose her head. As well as to make an example of anyone who dares challenge the superior rule of the Lorwardian Empire, even if they're a teenager. Kim was strapped to the guillotine, lying her on her back, so she would see the blade coming down. All she could is cry, realizing her life is over and her head will end up on the wall of their Trophy Room, and prays it would be quick and painless. Her only comfort is she'll be reunited with Ron in the afterlife. Then the blade slams towards her neck and she screams as loud as the roars of the Lorwardians. Fortunately, it turns out to be an actual nightmare after all, but it was so convincingly real to her because she realize it could have happened if Ron didn't step up to save her.
  • As if the Nightmares from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 was not enough, fans have taken a step further by making the animatronics as nightmarish, twisted and monstrous-looking as possible, blurring the lines between an animatronic and a straight-up demonic monster, this giving the birth of the Corrupted Animatronics. See for yourself!
  • Most, if not all 'Yandere X Reader' (or X Listener) fanfictions have a certain fictional character turn yandere and go straight after you. Yes... You... The very thought of you, the reader, having to deal with the Yandere version of a fictional character (mainly an anime girl, but non-anime examples exist) is very disturbing. Extra points if the certain character even RAPES you... note  They almost always have not-so-good endings.
  • The HighlanderThe Dragon and His Wrath” is full of it. The immortal who caught Duncan, Joe and Methos has a habit of starving his opponents before challenging them. Joe is still supposed to be fed since he’s mortal but shares with Duncan since they think he’s got the best chance of beating the guy. Methos can’t afford to get any. The worse part is that the guy recognized who Methos was and wanted revenge over the death of his wife back in Rome. He keeps finding twisted ways to torture and kill Methos while they’re held there. One part has Methos realizing the insanity-inducing burning his skin has is due to salt still inside healed over wounds. He claws himself bloody trying to get rid of it. Duncan does win when he finally escapes and challenges the guy, but Methos is near death from starvation and Duncan has to struggle to get him to eat something without throwing it up. He knows Methos can’t die but doesn’t want to do nothing while he finishes dying, either.

  • The Over the Hedge fic The Taxidermist is this in spades.
    • The story immediately opens with RJ witnessing a raccoon getting hit by a truck, despite his best efforts to help them. Just...ouch.
    • The second chapter really builds up the Taxidermist, with the gang accidentally breaking into his house. RJ gets nervous by a door, he notes a carpet he was standing on feeling strange (which is heavily implied to be a skinned animal), and Heather is even implied to be holding a skinned squirrel. All that is capped off by a song that reminds RJ of the titular Taxidermist that sends him running for his life.
    • There's also RJ's reaction to when he's under the belief that the others, unaware of what he knows, went back to the house to get the food. He can barely muster out what's wrong before going after them.
    • The entire fourth chapter is just him going through the house alone, and eventually going down to the basement. While it initially seems fine, RJ soon realizes that he had been standing on the pelt of an animal so mangled he couldn't recognize it, and it nearly causes him to have another panic attack.
    • Of course, there's the titular Taxidermist himself, and the scariest thing about him is that there's very little known about him. It's shown that he's not a very good taxidermist, and that's about it. The appearance of him mainly boiled down to him wearing boots and having a few stray hairs, and the fact he's described as being in the dark gives the impression of a grim-reaper type figure.
    • There's also the fact he doesn't even hesitate before trying to shoot them all with a crossbow.

  • Given its source material, Puella Stellae Madoka Magica has plenty of Nightmare Fuel to go around:
    • When she's killed, Mami's Soul Gem is recovered by Eldar, who place it inside a Wraithguard construct to see what its properties are. The Great Unclean One resting inside chooses that exact moment to manifest, slaughtering the Eldar and nearly devouring Mami's soul.
    • The reason Kyoko's father became a more effective preacher, and why Kamijo's wrist is healed? They were infected by Genestealers, and Kyoko's father is the patriarch.
    • Kyubey's real plan- the Magical Girl cycle is not designed to prevent the heat death of the universe, it's a testing ground for vessels that will help powerful Chaos Daemons manifest in reality with ease. Sayaka was the first successful test when her soul produces and is consumed by a Bloodthirster.
    • Sayaka's fate. Her soul is destroyed in order to summon a Bloodthirster, but Hitomi makes a wish to bring her back to life. It works, but Sayaka is rendered a Blank, becoming a dull, soulless shell. Although it does have the added bonus of protecting her and anyone around her from attacks by daemons.
    • Madoka's conversation with Cegorath are... off, especially how the god manifests in different bodies that Madoka might be familiar with (but not necessarily fond of, seeing as how he appears as Kyubey at one point).
    • When escaping the Webway, Madoka and her allies are attacked by daemons with Fulgrim making a beeline straight for Madoka. If it were not for the timely arrival of Jaghatai Khan, Madoka would have been killed.
  • Other being a fusion between Batman and Coraline, it naturally contains Nightmare Fuel in spades. In spite of all of Other Dick's efforts to make Damian love him, the boy cannot help but notice how predatory Other Dick moves... and how hungry he looks sometimes.
    • After Damian's first visit to the Other world, his family in the real world start to vanish, one by one... and that's when Damian finally comes home to a empty house he finally realizes Other Dick had taken all of them to force Damian to come back to him.
  • A common Fandom-Specific Plot for The Rising of the Shield Hero is to replace him with someone from another universe who, by virtue of prior experience, would be a better shield hero. The Hero Melromarc Needs and Deserves is a Saint Seiya crossover that does this plot with Cancer Deathmask, a fight-loving Card-Carrying Villain who happens to be capable of moving at the speed of light, shrug off hits capable of destroying a mountain and hit hard enough to harm those in his league, and, due Athena being Crazy-Prepared in the training of her Saints, knows exactly who he's dealing with. Deathmask is so bad that he himself wonders what did the locals do to deserve him as their hero, and in the third chapters hijacks the False Rape Accusation to almost take over the country, and doesn't do that only because he gets angry at the idea of being accused of raping Malty he forgets. Even as he's being a genuine hero, he's terrifying, what with wiping out a bandit gang by biting off the teeth of the leader and spitting it at the others, and single-handedly annihilating a Wave of Calamities by ripping off the souls of every single monster.
  • In the Star Wars/Transformers crossover fic Sparks Among the Stars, chapter 20 concludes with the Death Star being turned into a Transformer when it is exposed to the Allspark...
  • Like Pokémon proper, Tokimeki PokéLive! and TwinBee can also go into darker territory as well, despite the fact that the comparitively more lighthearted Love Live!, Tokimeki Memorial and Twinbee franchises are also involved in the series as well!
  • Cartoon Cartoon Ronpa is one of the most horrifying takes on a Danganronpa story for a big reason: only four characters are actually in their teens or above. Would Hurt a Child is in full effect.
    • For the most part, many of the executions do have some element of Black Comedy or at least aren't very gory. Other than one: Numbuh 1's unused execution. To begin, he's in the ruins of Sector V's treehouse, upon which he is tied up in vines and strapped to a pole. An army of Monokumas dressed like KND operatives appear and aim their M.U.S.K.E.Ts at him. But instead of mustard, real bullets are shot at him. So to recap, a 10-year-old boy is shot to death. Thankfully, as Numbuh 1 isn't a Blackened, it goes unused, but it's chilling to consider what fate awaited him if he wound up giving in to Monokuma's twisted games.
  • Qubo's Final Minutes On The Air features each character getting their heads shot while gunshots are heard every time. After the timer ran out, a message saying how ungrateful viewers were to not donate. To end it off? "Thanks for nothing." Imagine if you were about 11 years old, watching the final minutes of Qubo to pay homage to it and seeing your favorite characters get murdered. Fucking yikes!
  • Or Is She A Monster details just how terrifying someone like The Incredible Hulk is to The Empath like Gallant. On paper, he's the perfect counter to Taylor Hebert because he can manipulate her emotions and tell when she's about to change. In reality, the only time he's ever prevented her from turning into the Hulk is when she was actively trying not to. Worse, he can tell she's always angry, always. Whenever he's around, he can never tell if that minor shift in how angry she is means the entire area is about to be leveled. And when he confronts her with Miss Militia, he realizes something: She's a lot angrier now than she was back when he first met her shortly after she got her powers.
  • SCP-O249 (0249-01/0249-02)Research Log is a My Hero Academia and SCP Foundation crossover. The foundation discovers the parallel Earth of the manga and captures two specimens-Aizawa and Present Mic. They get tagged as humanoid abominations and Aizawa goes feral when someone tries to separate the two and killed several workers. The nightmarish part is that they get separated anyway and when Mic uses his voice power, they remove his vocal cords and then proceed to keep them isolated from each other and any other human interaction for ten years. Aizawa is a natural loner but Mic is outgoing and friendly and his voice is his life. It would hit him severely hard. Is it any wonder the poor guy went catatonic when he could no longer speak and remained that way the whole time til the end? And that Shota was still half feral and willing to attack anyone who got near him? A new researcher takes the case after the ten years and is horrified that two human beings were subjected to that, especially on learning they’re best friends. This person does get bit by Aizawa on the first visit but wins their trust over time, bringing Hizashi back to reality and calming Aizawa down and helps them recover, eventually reuniting them and preparing to return them home. Mic even gets a larynx transplant.

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