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Nightmare Fuel / The Unseen Hunt

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Given that The Unseen Hunt is a Cosmic Horror Story, there are undoubtedly some scary moments. All spoilers are unmarked.

  • The basic premise of the setting is all shades of creepy. Earth is inextricably linked with another world, which is home to the Grimm - with the "portal" between the two worlds centered around the city of Vale. In this city, human souls sometimes cross over to the Grimm world at night-time in their dreams, while the Grimm materialise on Earth every night. The problem is that adults on Earth have the ability to rationalise away the sounds the Grimm make ... meaning that the only people who can see them are children and teenagers. Oh, and the Grimm that usually cross over to Earth are mindless beasts that kill all they see; this means that Anyone Can Die during an especially bad convergence (called a Nightmare by Ozpin and his people), and the ones that can see these beasts and talk about them are written off as going mad.
    • It gets much worse when you consider what happens to the human souls that cross over to the Grimm world - those souls that encounter an intelligent Grimm (let alone an Elder Grimm) will be killed and possessed by the monsters, free to do as they please on Earth.
    • As for those children and teenagers that survive a Grimm attack - the Awakened, as they call them - they always get hunted by the Grimm after being exposed. Should those people end up in jail after waving knives around at an "imaginary beast", they're sure to be killed before the morning's out by the Grimm.
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  • Jaune nearly getting killed by Cinder as an offering to the Leviathan. It goes to establish the Faux Affably Evil facade of the monster that posed as his teacher for years.
  • Weiss being written off as insane by her family and sent to Vale for "recovery" is filled with this. Questioning her own reality and seeing things others can't, Weiss is a shriveled wreck of a girl when she arrives. Only with Blake, Ozpin and Jaune's help does she get any better.
  • The nightmares that Jaune and Weiss get when they're being hunted gets in. Weiss was perpetually flying away from the Lord of Sunlight in an endless, bottomless sky, while Jaune was being stalked in an impossibly deep sea by the Leviathan.
  • Yang's abrupt death due to a cop shooting her during the second Nightmare is a mix of this and Tear Jerker.
  • Jaune's subsequent fight against the Leviathan underwater in the Grimm world is so hair-raising and frightening, you can't help but cheer when Jaune (with Ruby's help) finally kills him. But we discover that Cinder was mated to the Leviathan, and she is pissed after that happened. So it's a case of "out of the frying pan, into the fire" now.
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  • When Cardin unwisely mocks Yang's death to Jaune's face as school resumes, the resultant No-Holds-Barred Beatdown sees Jaune exact revenge for years of bullying. It would be a CMOA ... if it weren't for the sheer brutality that Jaune uses to beat Cardin and his cronies down. The whole thing becomes unsettling by the time Goodwitch stops the fight, not least because Jaune realises that human bodies have a lot of water in them ... and gleefully wonders what his powers could do to them before Goodwitch shows up.
  • Pyrrha not realising why the room's temperature got cold when her father left the room after talking to her - to the audience, it's a sign that Cinder's claimed another soul. Given how Cinder dealt with Pyrrha in canon, this does not bode well.
  • Nora getting abducted by Cinder and her resultant Awakening is filled with this and Paranoia Fuel, with Jaune and Ruby barely managing to save her before Cinder blows up the thrall that committed the crime, along with the warehouse they were in.
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  • When Nora goes on a fact-finding mission in Cinder's realm, what we see is horrific, even by the fic's usual standards. Cinder has around two hundred people stuck in her wastelands domain, which is more than what Jaune and Ozpin had speculated. As for her habit of consuming souls? Cinder sends a single tendril of flame from her nest, selects a victim from the throngs surrounding her, and drags them into a pit where she proceeds to consume them slowly and very painfully. It's no wonder why Nora burst into tears after waking up from that nightmare.
  • The plan to defeat Cinder by distracting her in the human world (by Jaune and Pyrrha having dinner with her mother and Cinder in the guise of her father while Ozpin attacks the police station and Nora destroying Cinder's Grimm form with the aid of Weiss and the friendly Grimm) succeeds - at the cost of Pyrrha getting orphaned and Jaune getting shot to pieces by the police. Worse still, the boundary has been resealed and the Grimm banished from the world. Jaune is trapped in the Grimm world as Leviathan permanently.
  • After fifty chapters, we finally discover what Cinder looks like in the Grimm world - she's best described as a molten snapping tortoise, without the shell. Only that Cinder's so large, the ashen plain the heroes believed to be Cinder's domain was actually her open mouth.
    • The next chapter gets worse - all the rock and molten slag covering Cinder ultimately falls off due to Jaune bashing her up. Cinder's true form is shown to be that of a fire dragon, and it results in her going One-Winged Angel on Jaune. You can't help but cheer when Jaune finally manages to win in chapter 52, with Weiss and Ruby's help.