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Nightmare Fuel / Universe Falls

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Considering that both of the original works are no strangers to Nightmare Fuel, it's no surprise that this page exists.

    Arc One 
  • The implication that Bill and Yellow Diamond are working together is pretty horrifying, especially considering how much of a threat both of these villains are in their respective shows.

    Arc Two 
  • Somehow, the ending of "Lil’ Gideon" manages to be even creepier then it was in canon!
  • In "Measure Up", Gideon uses Steven as leverage against the Watermelon Stevens to force them to obey him. And if they don't, he threatens to crush Steven without a second thought.
  • The Gems' shared terror upon discovering the journal's notes on them is quite unsettling, as is their cold resolve to get destroy it:
    Garnet: It doesn't matter where this came from or who wrote it. Whatever this book is, its clear that it contains information that's far too sensitive to be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Which is why there's only one thing we can do: we have to get rid of it.
  • Not only do Lapis' water clones end up nearly drowning Steven and Connie, but one of them almost crushes Mabel with a huge mass of water and another one essentially waterboards Dipper. Had it not been for Stan, Greg, and Soos intervening, something really bad might have happened to all four of the kids.

    Arc Three 
  • The nightmare that the Gremloblin shows Amethyst in "Miss Mystery" is implied to be one of her being forced to be a soldier for Homeworld (like all of the other Gems in her Kindergarten were). It's scarring enough to basically incapacitate her in the middle of the fight.
  • Speaking of nightmares, the one that Bill forces upon Steven in "Dreamscaperers" is also pretty horrific: essentially, he conjures up versions of the Gems who demean Steven, telling him that he'll never be one of them and they want nothing more to do with him. Needless to say, it reduces the poor kid to tears.
  • Dipper takes quite a beating during the final battle of "Gideon Rises" and unlike in the show, his injuries aren't really glossed over either. He ends up not just with a bloody nose, but also a serious concussion, a back injury, a swollen jaw, a sprained arm, and countless over cuts and bruises. Good thing Steven was able to able to fix him up with his healing spit.

    Arc Four 
  • The fact that even the Gems aren't able to beat the zombie horde in "Scary-oke" back on their own is pretty terrifying when you think about it. True, because they don't have organic forms they can't be zombified themselves, but still, the zombies are able to overwhelm them by their sheer number alone easily enough.
  • Peridot foreshadows the Cluster a bit more in "Marble Madness", casually implying that the Earth and humanity likely won't last much longer. The only one who really catches onto these frightening remarks is Dipper, which leads to him obsessing over finding out what Peridot meant by this come "Forever Alone", just a few chapters later.
  • In "Into the Bunker", the shapeshifter easily overpowers Amethyst simply by turning into Rose Quartz, which is more than enough to frighten and demoralize the purple Gem into lowering her guard, leading to her defeat.
  • The implication in "Together Forever" that if Maven remains fused for too long, Steven and Mabel's respective personalities will disappear completely. The fusion even gets a visual representation of this through a hallucination where the two halves of their whole slip away from them and disappear into the woods, which ends up usually cheery Maven into fearful tears.
  • The scene where Stepper nearly unfuses for the first time in "Forever Alone" is quite alarming, especially since both Steven and Dipper's disjointed voices can be heard as he's letting out a struggling cry instead of the fusion's singular voice.
  • If Lapis hadn't caught him, Dipper might have broken every bone in his body trying to find out what happened, and since he snuck out, no one would have noticed he was missing, possibly until it was too late.
  • There's a human, implied to be Ford, imprisoned on Homeworld. What does this mean about Bill and the rift?...
  • Jasper could have very well killed Dipper and Mabel, since they're squishier than Gems.

    Arc Five 
Sock Opera
  • The graphic description of Bill's possession of Dipper in Part 1 makes it an especially harrowing experience. What's worse is that Steven was a witness to the whole thing.
  • Bill inflicting a giant cut on Dipper's arm in Part 2, and Steven's failure to heal it. And if that wasn't enough, during the failed healing scene, Steven notices just how pale Dipper's body is, and how he doesn't seem to be really breathing, implying that Dipper's body is technically dead, with Dipper realizing just how bad things are at the same times things start to click for Steven.
  • Bill threatening to gouge out one of Dipper's eyes.
  • Overall, Dipper's injuries are much more graphic than in canon, including not only being stabbed in the shoulder but fractured ribs.

Do It For Them

  • The nightmares Dipper's been having since Bill possessed him are this mixed with tearjerker, especially since it's implied that Bill is sending them to him as deliberate torment.
  • Connie's attitude when she got too serious about sword fighting in canon was bad enough, but Dipper gets in on the act as well here, pushing himself despite still being injured from what Bill did to his body in "Sock Opera", reopening his wounds multiple times.
  • Dipper's eye crying Tears of Blood as a side effect of his possession at Bill's hands.
  • Mabel's attempt to get Dipper to snap out of it by showing him Bill's note. She points out that Bill was going to kill him once he got the book, but then he points out what she missed: that Bill was implying that he'd kill her after he faked Dipper's suicide.

Society of the Blind Eye

Northwest Mansion Nightmare

  • The Lumberjack Ghost's rage at the Crystal Gems for not being there to save him and the other lumberjacks from the mudslide is so great, he manages to trap them as wooden statues as well.
  • We get barely a hint as to what sort of abusive punishment Pacifica endured to be so terrified of the sound of a bell ringing, but her internal monologue suggests it was pretty awful.

Not What He Seems

  • The government agents don't even hide that they want to experiment on the Gems.
  • Garnet is terrified when she realizes that the portal is actually interfering with her future vision.

     Arc Six 
Lost and Found
  • The Gems finally find the tube with their lost memories hidden in Lion's mane... and when they get their memories back, they're horrified by what they find out, so much they don't want to talk about it.

Cry For Help

  • More hints that Bill had something to do with the missing memories are dropped.

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons

  • The Gems memories are still a little fragmented. What else might they be forgetting?
  • Probabilator, knowing that Pearl, as a Gem, has no physical brain, plans to grind her Gem up to use it as seasoning instead. Dipper even notes how dark that is In-Universe.

Evergreen Inn

  • Stan's comments to Ruby about how her and Sapphire's relationship must not be that strong causes her to get so angry that she has to be held back by Sapphire. Imagine what Ruby would have done to Stan if Sapphire hadn't...

The Stanchurian Candidate

  • The mind-controlling tie was bad enough in canon, but here Amethyst uses it to force Stan to do stuff like the splits and walking into a tree.

Chille Tid, Part 1

  • After Steven is kicked out of Malachite's mind-scape, he finds he's not exactly awake yet... and who should be there with him but Bill Cipher, who snaps Steven's shield in half before mercilessly taunting him. This includes summoning a vision of Bipper and stabbing himself in the chest, then turning into visions of Mabel and Connie while telling Steven how insignificant his friends are, and how he's hopelessly out of place as a Half-Human Hybrid. Then he tries to make a deal with Steven for a chance at a normal life... and when Steven refuses, Bill drops the bombshell that Rose Quartz nearly traded her gem away to him.

Chille Tid, Part 2

  • While Bill Cipher can only enter a human's mindscape when they lose consciousness, he can enter a Gem's mindscape at any time. Not only that, he can possess multiple Gems at once, as seen when he turns Rose's comrades against her in an attempt to collect her Gem as payment for some previous deal the two made.
    • Bill has apparently possessed armies of Gems simultaneously!
  • Pearl tries to ''shatter herself'' to keep Bill from getting Rose's Gem.

The Last Mabelcorn

  • Dipper actually uses his sword on Ford when he thinks that he's possessed by Bill.


  • Peridot using Steven as a Human Shield when Dipper and Mabel interrupt her kidnapping of the half-Gem, Dipper just barely stopping his sword before it hits him.
  • Bill and Peridot fusing. Then, when they start losing, Bill forcibly takes complete control over the fusion, an experience that Peridot does not seem to like.
  • Pyrite threating to throw Mabel into space and slowly and painfully rip Steven's Gem out.

Catch and Release

  • Dipper pointing out that Bill could try what he did with Pyrite again, simply by finding another Homeworld Gem to trick into fusing with him. Considering how powerful Pyrite was, if he finds a Gem more powerful than Peridot was...
  • Peridot's experience when Bill took control of Pyrite has traumatized her to the point that she briefly panics when she thinks that Bill might nearby.

     Arc Seven 
Split Up
  • When Sapphire learns that Gideon and his thugs have taken Ruby and Mabel, she's furious, and although Gideon hides his reaction well, even he's unnerved by her display of power. He then has his prison goons, grown men, attack the duo, and would have had a barely-conscious Dipper shot with a crossbow bolt if Sapphire hadn't stopped him.

To Con a Clod

  • Stan is furious when Peridot hurts Amethyst's feelings by calling her "defective", even picking her up and shaking her.

Bot Battles

  • When McGucket suddenly pushes forward on Pearl and Ford's robot in anger, Ford lands off and lands hard. McGucket is so horrified that he immediately jumps off their robot and goes to check on him.

Peridot and Pacifica

  • The way the door to the mine closes behind the trio is really creepy, and the horror movie atmosphere it contributed to is lampshaded.
  • Preston is so greedy that he's willing to force dwarves to work in his mine by trapping them there and using the threat of withholding food to keep them compliant.

Message Received

  • Bill's manipulations of Yellow Diamond take another level here, luring her to Earth in connection with his plans for Weirdmageddon...

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