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Nightmare Fuel / Stories and Tales from Dimension 63

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In General

  • Lincoln is forced to see Linka destroy his life more and more every time he wants to check up on his sisters.
  • Cristopher keeps finding infamous Loud House fanfiction and fancomics involving either Loudcest or bloody violence, and knows the very people who those works are based on personally.
  • The fact that the Anomaly Elimination Unit recruits its members from destroyed realities.
    • It's implied that every member is the only remaining survivor of their family/reality.
  • Getting sealed in a metal card for all eternity is not a nice way to go out.


Chapter 1
  • Finding out you're trapped in another dimension. Surrounded by people who you don't know, and trapped in a totally alien body.

Chapter 5

  • Trevor carding every anomaly he finds, with the intent to imprison them forever. Including stealing Leon right out of his crib.

Chapter 12

  • Discovering that your sister's body has been taken over by someone else, and that person has been living her life for months without anyone really being the wiser.
  • Loudcest. Just.....Loudcest.
  • Trevor and Nyla's worlds are horrible, dystopian nightmare nightmares straight out of X-Men: Days of Future Past and Half-Life 2.

Chapter 13

  • The Louds have a device capable of sending robotic birds into space to fire lasers from orbit... Why? Because Lynn Sr. thinks it's good for them.

Chapter 14

  • More anomalies popping up randomly. Before it was just people, now it's gone onto random objects.

Chapter 15

  • When Lincoln interacts with the first fragment a hologram of her appears. The copy glitches, has a distorted voice and a child-like laugh. Also, it hints at the part locations by mentioning parts of death.

Chapter 16

  • While teleporting, Leon crawls out into the street. A frog proceeds to get run over right in front of him
    • Made worse by the fact that Linka's acting like a mother to him at the time. A mother was watching her baby crawl out into the street mere inches away from moving cars!

Chapter 17

  • The 10 bros hunting down and beating up Ron Andy for breaking up with Linka
  • Remember the joke about the bros burying Ron Andy in chapter 14? They almost go through with it.

Chapter 18

  • We learn that 6 years prior to the story, Loki befriended a drug dealer and went with him on one of his trades, but Loki accidentally caused the guys they dealt with to find out where he lived and they broke into their house while Mr. and Mrs. Loud were away. Fortunately, the parents returned home just in time to prevent anything serious from happening. It was this incident that lead to Loki being sent to military school.
    • Loki also mentions they were lucky that they weren't armed.
  • This chapter only adds to the nightmare fuel about “The Incident”, as Loki recalls how Linka became afraid of her brothers due to whatever the Incident was.
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  • Two hunters, Alex and Aeif, track down the Loud family in the woods, and actually seal most of them away in cards. If not for Loki, it would have been the end for all of them.
  • Alex comes from a world where the dealers were armed.

Chapter 20

  • The real Linka learns that Lincoln is trying to come home, and vows to kill him so she herself never has to leave his body and life again.
  • When Loki finds out the truth. He ties Lincoln to a chair, physically assaults her, giving her a black eye. Then threatens to waterboard her if she doesn't tell him where the real Linka is.
  • The ending. Why? Loki just released three familiar hunters for answers

Chapter 21

  • Linka now wants another dimensional watch from Lisa. One can only guess what she will use it for.
  • Loki’s madness from last chapters revelations only gets worse, as he threatens 3 hunters, including 2 children, with his rifle to get answers.
  • The end of the chapter, the Guardian of Dimensions appears to Linka in order to make a deal.

Chapter 22

  • In order to distract the sisters, Linka throws herself down the stairs!
  • Loki is seen sharpening his combat knife.

Chapter 23

  • In the first duel, Loki summons a massive dragon and attacks with it. Lynn Sr. Reacts by frantically telling them to shut it down!
  • The same thing nearly happens during the Chandler vs. Linka battle, as Chandler brings a giant dragon out and attacks Linka
  • Linka points out the fact that Leif trying to protect her could very well cause him to end up in the hospital.
  • Lyle Loud uses the entity arch type monsters. Which are based on Lovecraftian horrors.
  • The possibility that a fragment could be lost to the hunters doesn't bode well.

Chapter 24

  • Before Loki's intervention, it was clear that the boys were losing badly.

Chapter 25

  • When confronted by the Loud Sisters and her brothers, we get to see just how insane Linka truly is. She actually threatens to kill herself or severely paralyze Lincoln's body if they don't stand down and allow her to stay in Dimension C-137.

Chapter 27

  • We see the "incident" from Lane's perspective. And to make it short, it's hard to see an 8-year-old cowering in fear.
  • It's made worse by how he finds Linka later.

Chapter 29

  • Try to think of this from the parents' perspective: They're currently stuck in some mysterious city, with their children and their counterparts, and not soon afterwards does Lincoln reveal who he really is to them, and the subsequent revelations. It's a miracle they didn't Go Mad from the Revelation.
  • Lyle tries to materialize a field to fight Lincoln, but it winds up glitching because there's apparently too many anomalies around. This means that either A) there are more anomalies in the citadel than previously thought, which is bad enough, or B) that only a minimum of 2 anomalies (Lincoln and Linka) are enough to completely mess up the field generators. What would happen if even more anomalies showed up?!

Chapter 30

  • Just how absolutely ruthless the actual Linka is. Using the fragment she's stolen from Lincoln, which controls time, Linka uses it to try and AGE LINCOLN OUT OF EXISTENCE! When Lincoln proves to be a difficult target, she goes after Lincoln's and HER OWN family, just to force him to give her the fragments he has. AND SHE ALMOST SUCCEEDS! She actually ends up hitting them and start aging! If Lincoln didn't give her the fragments in time, both of their families would've been aged out of existence.

Chapter 35

  • Neli tells Loni and Leni that if they fail their task in making the perfect dress, they will become fabric and made part of a dress Cupcakes style.

Chapter 37

  • 11B Lincoln's reaction to the girls fussing over him like they would their original brother is to blatantly wonder if this is what it feels like to be loved. That's right; his brothers' bullying made him feel completely unloved. Our Lincoln wasn't kidding when he said the guy needed his sisters more than he himself did. Doubles as Tear Jerker.