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Linka was molested by the intruders who broke in into the Loud house six years prior to the story.
  • Simply put, the story may be told through a vague way, but some things can be discerned, and this could be one of them. However...

Loki's story is a lie, and covering up the real reason, which is far worse.
  • It can be hard to believe that, even if she was molested when she was younger, it still doesn't excuse her stealing Lincoln's life and turning everything upside down. So, how about instead of that, the actual story is so horrific, it can not only never be mentioned, but would convince her to escape and find a new life?

The reason Linka doesn't want to come home and is stealing Lincoln's life was her father's fault and Loki is taking the blame to help his dad save face.
  • It would explain why Linka wants Lincoln's life as whatever destroyed her relationship with her bros and her freedom is her father's fault but he refuses to face it and instead stifles his kids into whatever he thinks they should be, whereas Lincoln's version of Lynn Sr. is a loving parent who puts his kids first and wants them to be themselves. Add in the fact that 63!Lynn Sr. seems to be actively encouraging his kids to neglect each other and smother Linka and it's no wonder she doesn't want to go home.

Linka's seeming Lack of Empathy is an act of self-preservation.
  • Whatever happened to her to change the way she interacts with her family convinced her that being empathetic with anyone would set her up for a let down at best and risk actual harm at worst so she buried most of her tender emotions. She's so deep in the habit that even while she's cutting loose in Lincoln's body, she can't bring herself to bring out her buried empathy and if she ever did do so, she'd immediately regret what she's done and do everything in her power to make up for it. Her recent discomfort when the prime universe is reverted to normal might be the beginnings of that change taking place and future chapters will deal with her coming to terms with how badly she's treated everyone around her.

Levi already knows Linka and Lincoln switched places.
  • Levi may not have a straight mind most of the time, but he's still significantly smart for his age. Plus, given how he was willing to make "Linka" some goggles to see other dimensions, it just makes sense that he would already know Lincoln and Linka switched places. Him making the goggles is just him warming up to contact his sister.

Lynn Jr's ballet skills will save Lynn Sr.'s life.
  • This one's a bit out there, but seeing how basically everybody in the family could count as an anomaly, and how the hunters' first instinct is to card the stuffing out of them, it's just the perfect bookend: Lynn Sr. disapproved of Lynn Jr doing ballet, but would allow it if it saved his life.

At least one person in Dimension 63 will attempt to stop Lincoln from returning to his home dimension.
  • You can't deny that ever since the switch, Lincoln has been a far better Linka than Linka has ever been. Even if the bros would welcome back their sisters with open arms, that can't mean that everybody would want her to return, specially if they have a given history together. So, what if, near the climax of the story, somebody actively tries to stop Lincoln from returning, or even tries to sabotage the portal so he will remain forever?
    • OP here, and while it hasn't been confirmed as true or jossed yet, Loki has expressed the idea to do just this.

Lincoln will find a way to allow visiting between his home dimension and Dimension 63.
  • Even if he wants to go home, Lincoln probably has gotten attached to the male versions of his sisters plus his version of Lynn Sr. and Rita could probably help their 63 counterparts get back on track with parenting. Plus it's not like Lisa and her counterpart couldn't swing this.

Linka's a sociopath
  • Whether she was one before or only after the incident is a topic of debate, but it can't be denied that Linka has shown certain traits of the typical sociopath:
    • Lack of Shame: She feels exactly zero guilt over abandoning her previous family and turning Lincoln's life upside down.
    • Expert Liar: How else would she be able to fool the entire Loud family for over a month without ever being found out?
    • Enlarged sense of Self-Worth: It's rather clear she only cares about herself, taking into account everything before.
      • Considering her recent threat to either commit suicide or severely maim Lincoln's body so she could stay there, looking more and more plausible by the chapter.

The main agency of the anomaly hunters are fans of Yu-Gi-Oh
  • How else would you explain the fact hunters fight typical Yu-Gi-Oh battles, or even know about it?

The Linka currently trapped in Lincoln's body is actually Lincoln's Evil Counterpart
Omega Ultra could be making this all out to be a huge twist towards the end and Evil!Lincoln is actually trying to ruin his life. When Lincoln-in-Linka's body confronts Linka-in-Lincoln's body, and gives an Armor-Piercing Question to her, she states:
"I...I know I'm not in my own home, but that doesn't mean that I'll let that control me. I'm no anomaly, but maybe you are.
Seeing how she's denying so hard that she's an anomaly, could be that she's an anomaly herself. Considering how the Evil Counterpart of Lincoln is stated to be the biggest anomaly around. This could also be a reason for some of Linka's sociopathic tendencies such as being extremely selfish and unempathetic, especially in chapter 20.
  • It would be interesting for Lincoln-in-Linka's talking about socipathic alternates to become prophetic.

The real Linka is currently disembodied and will join the fight against her evil alternate, both to get her body back and at least do some minor repairs on the lives ruined while someone else was using her identity
Tied to the above, Lincoln ending up in her body knocked Linka out of it, for whatever reason, but instead of her swapping bodies with him, as should have happened, an Evil Counterpart to both her and Lincoln swooped in and took the vacant body, leaving Linka to watch as someone using her identity destroyed Lincoln's life and her own family, which she loved but never really showed her love to properly because she was so resentful of her place in family life (something she bitterly regrets). In the end, she can't stand by anymore and ends up becoming solid enough to fight against her impostor, through sheer force of will and love for her family. The fic will still end bittersweet but since it wasn't actually Linka stealing Lincoln's life and refusing to come home, she'll have some ability to repair her relationships and to repair Lincoln's damaged relationships before she goes home again.

The fic will end bittersweet
This has already been hinted at by The Real Linka telling Lincoln how switching back would leave him to deal with the situation of Clyde and Ronnie Ann. Lincoln and his allies will stop whatever force is behind dimensional catastrophe, the rogue hunters will start new lives for themselves, and Lincoln will return to his home dimension. However, from what has happened so far, it's doubtful that either Lincoln or Linka's home situations can go back to what they were before the switch. Possible downers are:
  • Lincoln's friendship with Clyde will get seriously damaged, if not destroyed. Lincoln isn't into men, and once he's resettled into his home dimension, he'll break-up with Clyde, who of course won't take it well.
  • Linka dies. Possibly after making a Heel–Face Turn. The Loud brothers mourn her since as selfish as she was, Linka was still their beloved sister.
  • Lars is saddened at Lincoln returning to his rightful body since he'll lose the sister who bonded with him. This can go with Linka dying.