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Nightmare Fuel / Steven Universe: Gone Wrong

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Ì̶̲̲̫̉ ̷͎͈̹̉̓͂͝N̸̫̲̟͗̿̅̒E̸̡̛̹̋̏E̴̥̯̟̞̐͒̉D̶̢͕̬̒̄́͠ ̸̭̈ͅI̸͕̺̻͗T̵̬̏͋̕

The premise of the fanfic being the main character suffering a brutal death and its consequences, it's bound to have truly horrible moments.

  • The fact that Spinel, originally a Laughably Evil foe in the source material, more akin to a Tragic Villain and a Jerkass Woobie Destroyer of Worlds at the very worst, is shown to be even more evil in this fancomic, as she crosses the Moral Event Horizon by successfully killing Steven, turning from a sympathetic and redeemable Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds into a despicable and abominable Complete Monster, already sets a pretty damn grim picture!
  • The comic starts with Pink Steven checking on the status of Steven's body, using purely technical terminology, and when he concludes that he's gone, we're treated to Pink Steven giving a Thousand-Yard Stare, holding Steven's lifeless body covered in blood and his arm trounced off. Remember, this is only the first two pages!
  • All the blood and gore, this is especially jarring not only in comparison to the Family Friendly nature of the original show, but also for people who can't stand the sight of extreme violence and blood, especially if you're a fan of Steven Universe.
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  • The way Pink Steven poofs Spinel, by having his shield shards thrown directly into her body, the way her body contorts and the blood makes it look like she got stabbed in the back in a particularly brutal way. Then Pink Steven nearly shatters Spinel. He has no emotions to prevent him from doing morally reprehensible acts. It's only thanks to Bismuth's intervention that he doesn't go through.
  • The various hallucinations of Pink Steven, especially the ones where Steven's organic body raises, with blood spilling out of his eyes and reaching out to Pink Steven like a zombie.
  • Hell! Pink Steven himself comes off as uncanny and out of place due to his inability to express his feelings, his robotic behavior and his raw, unfiltered power and calm but violent outbursts only limited by Spinel's rejuvenator negating most of his powers and the remaining Crystal Gems having to keep him in check.
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  • After Greg grieves over his son's dead body, he turns around to Spinel's bubbled gem, picks up a bat and tries to shatter his sons's murderer. Greg, a normally cheerful and easygoing person, is so broken that he's willing to kill the one who took his child away from him. This shows how much grief can cause people to take a darker path.