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Trivia / Stories and Tales from Dimension 63

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  • Follow the Leader: After the author updates, it's not uncommon to see other rule 63 based stories update at the same time.
  • Reality Subtext: The author has stated that the reason why he made Loki practice Rifle Drill is because he himself was on a Rifle Drill Team.
  • Schedule Slip: None so far, the author seems to have made sure that he always updates the same time every week, which would be usually sunday on his end.
    • This was moved to his Saturday as of chapter 13.
    • And moved back to Sunday as of chapter 16.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • This fic started off with the author asking for possible prompts for a simple one-shot collection. Now he's using the prompts he received to tell a story about saving the world.
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    • As revealed in chapter 21, the whole concept of the story was originally about Lincoln and Ronnie Anne looking for the 4 fragments to satisfy some Shadowman's goal.
    • As revealed in chapter 30, originally the plan was for the real Linka to be in a coma during the events of the story. She became one of the main antagonists instead.
    • A stinger at the end of chapter 38 shows that the ending where Lincoln returns home to C-137 was the ending Omega Ultra originally had in mind, before deciding to use Multiple Endings.
  • Working Title: The Author mentions that the original title for this story was "Legacy Of The Shadowman".