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Shout Out / Stories and Tales from Dimension 63

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Given the author, who has a habit of making these, it's kinda inevitable that the fic contains a lot of shoutouts:

In general:


Chapter 4

  • Among the alternate universes that Lincoln gets to see are those of the fanfics Flip the Lid, A Pirate's Life, Liberty Loud and The Loud Sim Date.

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 11

  • Luke and Lincoln's challenge against Nyla was Guitar Hero

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

  • At the end of their duel, Lexx and Leif perform an awkward sibling hug.
  • Linka also asks Claudia to tell her later about the cosplayers she saw in Paris.

Chapter 14

Chapter 15


Chapter 16

  • Levi uses sound files from Halo for the new goggles.

Chapter 17

Chapter 20

  • Loki mentions that everything he's done, he's done for Linka.
  • Linka mentions that she had Lisa check the family growth rates and found out Lincoln was going to be the tallest in the house when he was done growing, which is the premise for Her Baby Brother, another one of the authors fics.
  • William refers to Lincoln as his Padawon.
  • When reality gazing, Lincoln sees the realities of the fanfics Neon Flash, Loud Gravity and No Overpopulation Problem At All.
  • When trying to calm down Loki, Lincoln mentions that Linka could also have swapped places with Nlocnil, or a suicidal Lincoln. These are from the fanfics The Insane House and A Dark House (Inadequate) respectively.

Chapter 21

  • When Loki starts petting his rifle like a cat, Luke says he's Dr. No'ing it.

Chapter 22

  • When Levi mentions that his presentation will be attended by people trying to find the meaning of life, Linka’s response is “Forty-Two?

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

  • William tells Lincoln about the possibility that Lisa might open a portal, push a dying version of Lincoln through, and then abduct him to replace this Lincoln. This is a reference to the April Fools joke-chapter of Requiem for a Loud.

Chapter 28

Chapter 33

  • This chapter contains multiple shoutouts to The Divine Comedy, like the phrase “abandon all hope ye who enter here” written on one of the obelisks.

Chapter 38

  • After asking Lincoln what would he have learned if he (Ethioth) had fixed everything for him, Lincoln sarcastically calls the Guardian of Fate The Pagemaster.note 

Chapter 39

  • Among the alternate realities that Linka views are those of the fanfics Chains of Reality, Finding a Loud, and Shrinking Lincoln.
  • The stinger features a Lincoln who visted a universe where everyone ages like Benjamin Button. He claims he was actually in his fifties as a joke, but planned to go there when he's old enough to do some backwards aging.
  • The stinger likewise contains a cameo apperance by Rick & Morty.
    • Rick talking about how the versions of himself that are Lincoln's grandfather or grandmother would be proud of him, is a reference to Rick and the Louds.