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Awesome / Stories and Tales from Dimension 63

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Chapter 1

  • The fact that Lynn and Leif chase Lincoln and Claudia (Clyde), through the entire town, and the girls don’t give up!
  • During the chase Claudia throws a “Really Big Textbook” at them.

Chapter 2

  • The play, it’s random, but short and to the point!

Chapter 3

  • The chapter title is called, “The Lemonade War” for Lincoln and Ron Andy (Ronnie Anne) set up lemonade stands across from each other.

Chapter 5

  • This is the author’s favorite chapter for a reason. (He’s a Yugioh fan).
  • Card games on motorcycles!
  • It’s implied that Trevor defeated every Loud brother before confronting Lincoln.
  • Lincoln vs Trevor in card games on motorcycles!
  • The fact that Lincoln pulls a Deus ex Machina to win.

Chapter 6

  • Lincoln recounting just how crazy things had been.
  • Later that chapter, Lincoln countering Chandler (F) with ease.
  • Levi breaking down his suspicions

Chapter 7

  • The chapter is called “Fun Times With Lynn Jr.” for a reason. Just a simple day, and that’s basically it actually
  • The Ship Tease

Chapter 8

  • Just how accepting the sisters are
  • Lincoln starts the chapter by playing chess with the Guardian Of Dimensions!

Chapter 9

  • Lincoln’s on her period. Her big brother going out of his way to help make it suck as little as possible.
  • The Noodle Incident that Loki (Lori), Ron Andy (Ronnie Anne), and Cristopher (Cristina) went on just sounds awesome. It involved determination, a flower, duct tape, a small pony. By the way, this is the second time they needed a pony.

Chapter 10

  • The fact that we see what each of the brothers (Minus Loni (Leni) because he’s just decorating) do to prepare is just awesome.
    • Loki (Lori) works a military wedding for some cash
    • Luke (Luna) spends time with Leon (Lily) just writing a song
    • Lane (Luan) and Lynn (M) enter an eggnog drinking contest to get Linka a special Teddy Bear… and end up challenging their dimensional counterparts.
    • Lars (Lucy) and Lexx (Lola) have the most mundane, they go to get a Christmas tree and meet with their dimensional counterparts.
    • Leif (Lana) and Levi (Lisa) have to clean the backyard. So what do they do? Create giant robots to fight! It even ends with RaidRaptor Ultimate Falcon fighting A giant cannon.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

  • Just how nonchalant Lincoln is when he asks GLaDOS to filter out the ships.

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

  • Ron Andy, Lynn, Lars, Lexx and Leif standing up for Lincoln.

Chapter 15

  • How good Lars is at breaking into the school. (It's implied that he's done it before).
  • After getting the parts, Lincoln asks Lars how he would write the scene. Cue them doing what he would write... and succeeding.
  • Luke and Nyla working together to clear out all of the hunters attracted by the beacon.
  • Nell, after saying goodbye to Linka easily curbstomps another hunter who disrespected her in Dance Dance Revolution.

Chapter 16

  • Linka follows Leon's teleporting without missing a beat.
  • Linka putting Leon and Levi to bed.

Chapter 17

  • Ron asking Linka to the dance.
  • Everyone dancing with their partners in the end.

Chapter 18
  • Loki going full Big Brother mode and defeating Alex and Aeif, thus saving his family from being sealed.

Chapter 19
  • We find out that both couples really do like each other!

Chapter 20
  • Lincoln finally giving Linka the "The Reason You Suck" Speech she deserved for screwing up his life, and never trying to change her own life when she was still in her own body.

Chapter 21
  • A subtle example, but when Lisa actually manages to bluff Linka into revealing she's not Lincoln. While Lisa is a genius, she's still going up against a person who has not only managed to convince everybody that she's actually Lincoln, but has managed to get away with it even after she was demoralized by Lincoln's speech. And she completely made a fool of her by asking her a simple question.

Chapter 22
  • Lincoln joining Levi at the convention without hesitating.
    • When Lincoln found him, Levi was standing in front of crowd, why? Because he was the Cosmic Brain!

Chapter 23
  • The duel between Lincoln/Linka and Leif vs Chandler and Jackson. Especially considering that Linka is using the only deck her dad would allow her to use, filled with rather silly monsters, but they win anyway.
  • Likewise, Lincoln and Leif defeating a level three hunter in the final round.

Chapter 24
  • Loki's nonchalant dodging.
    • Made more awesome when he takes charge.

Chapter 25
  • Ron Andy and Christopher fight Lyle... and don't end up carded
    • She just shows how awesome she is!
  • Lisa finishes a way to talk to the other universe!

Chapter 26
  • Loni is known to be good at woodshed in this universe. What does Lincoln find him doing? Curving art into the tree in the front yard!
  • Lynn and Loni's bonding moment at the end. It doubles at Heartwarming!

Chapter 27
  • Lane's tricks by far!
  • Lane finally comes to terms with what happened, and how it wasn't his fault.
  • At the end of their act, Lane adds one more trick- ranking up his actor!

Chapter 28
  • Near the end of the chapter, Lisa and Levi finish the interdimensional bridge, allowing the Loud Sisters to enter dimension 63i, where they immediately make it clear they mean business when it comes to getting Lincoln back.

Chapter 29
  • Everyone manages to infiltrate and disrupt the citadel with only the smallest amount of planning. Made even cooler that they're doing it to fight Lyle!

Chapter 30
  • Lyle vs Lincoln and later Lincoln vs Linka. It's filled with pure awesome!
  • William's Pushment for Linka. Nuff said

Chapter 31
  • Finally, the truth is revealed, and everyone decides to follow Lincoln to save the world!

Chapter 34
  • The final showdown between Lincoln and William begins. The first challenge: a race over a 50 miles long track, where both of them are being chased by angry dogs and have to collect newspapers along the way.

Chapter 35
  • Being the Grand Finale, the chapter is one awesome moment after another, with all the Loud siblings and Lincolns friends defeating their opponents, and Lincoln himself finally beating William and getting the Macguffing back.