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Tear Jerker / Stories and Tales from Dimension 63

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In General

  • The fact that Lincoln has been away from home for months and basically been living a lie of a life.
    • Also from this, the fact that neither of the families fully knows what's happening. Their children are basically lost in other dimensions, and not only do they not know anything, but they can't do anything about it either.


Chapter 3
  • After the lemonade war is said and done, Lincoln only have half of what he needs to get a part for the goggles. Thinking she might never see her sisters again.
    • Doubles as Heartwarming because Ron Andy immediately gives her his sales.
Chapter 5
  • Trevor when he realises that he has to card an innocent baby. He makes it very clear that he doesn't want to do it but has no choice.
Chapter 10
  • Lincoln's realization that it's his first Christmas away from home.
Chapter 12
  • Luke, the tough looking rock and roll fanatic with the Mohawk....starts tearing up when he finds out that the real Linka doesn't want to come home.
Chapter 15
  • Due to the length, this chapter has the most so far.
  • Lars. Yes as in the perpetually depressed, borderline emotionless gender-flipped version of Lucy, curls up into a ball and starts weeping when he realises that the sister who finally wanted to spend time with him after he spent so long hoping she would, isn't really his sister after all.
    • Lincoln dreads what he will do when she tells him, like she promised, that the real Linka doesn't miss them at all.
  • Lars' entire reason for being so emotionally closed and obsessed with writing.
  • You know that Lars, like Lucy, has the ability to seemingly show up out of nowhere or disappear again right? While it is always played for laughs in the show, this chapter reveals that it is actually because Lars is ignored by everybody else in the house ever since the Incident.
  • Nyla revealing her backstory to Luke. About how her world and everyone she loved is gone.
  • Nell challenges Lincoln...and gives up within five minutes and starts crying because the younger girl reminds of her version of her little sister, which she lost along with the rest of her family just like Nyla.
    • The challenge? A cinnamon bun bake off. Why a bake off? Cinnamon buns were her Linka's favorite.
Chapter 16
  • After 18 years apart, Lynn Sr. knocks on his father's door... only for him to slam the door in his face in response.
Chapter 17:Chapter 18
  • Alex's background story. He came from a dimension where the Loud parents and Linka died and his dimension's version of Loki abused him, traumatizing the boy for life.
Chapter 19
  • Ron finding out that Lincoln had replaced Linka got him angry, but finding out that the real Linka had never been his girlfriend at all and he's enjoyed spending time with Lincoln more than he ever did Linka causes him to start crying.
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  • Just think about how hurt Lincoln must have been when he realized how badly Linka neglected her best friend and how she strung Ron along. These are counterparts to the 2 most important non-family-member people in Lincoln's life and his own counterpart couldn't be bothered to treat them well.
Chapter 20
  • With the new Dimensional goggles Levi gave him, Luke is able to contact the real Linka, only for her to outright tell him she never wants to come home again and how much she hated her life in her own dimension. Naturally, Luke does not take it well. Neither does Loki when she does the same thing to him later on.
Chapter 21
  • Alex and Aeif finally break down under the pressure, and confess how they were forced to become hunters.
Chapter 22
  • We learn in this chapter that Levi isn’t particularly happy about his status as a child genius. The pressure to constantly prove himself to much older scientists and professors who would love to see him fail is a great burden for him. And when he's not doing that, he has to help his brothers and dad at home. He secretly attends the comic con so for once he can be allowed to act his age.
Chapter 24
  • Loki has all but shut down not just because his real sister told him she hates them, but also because the new sister he's grown to care for is going to leave them too some day soon.
  • Lincoln realises that his sisters are to blame for him never getting to visit his dad's office, and asks sadly why they have to screw up so much.
Chapter 25
  • Needless to say, Levi does not take finding out the person who he revealed his biggest secret to was not actually his sister well. Or finding out what the real Linka is like.
  • Why does Lars like the dark? One of his earliest memories is Lane holding him close in a dark room and telling his little brother everything was going to be OK.
Chapter 27
  • We finally get to see the incident from 6 years ago in more detail. It turns out the 3 teens that broke into the Loud House took out their anger on Linka when Lane refused to come out of the closet he was hiding in with Lars. Among other things, they broke her arm and leg, gave her 2 black eyes, bruised her throat and tore out her hair. The whole incident left Lane traumatized since he believed was too much a coward to come and help Linka (even though he did it to protect his then baby brother), and this caused him to deliberately push Linka away with his dirty jokes so he could never harm her again.
Chapter 28
  • Levi is very reluctant at the idea that Lincoln might go back to his home dimension, since he considers Lincoln to be the best big sister he has ever had.
Chapter 29
  • The reactions of everyone else who didn't know already finding out about the situation, and about what the real Linka was actually like is just heartbreaking as they realise the daughter they were becoming proud of or the sister that spent time with or forgave them, wasn't really their sister.
  • Heck, the simple idea that, once you think about it, The Louds from dimension 63 are the only survivors from that dimension now that it's been overrun by anomalies. That's pretty dang sad.
  • While it's also pretty infuriating, the fact that Linka's reaction to discovering what happened to her home dimension is cheerfully rejoicing about the fact speaks volumes of how much she hated her life back there.
Chapter 32
  • The brothers' reaction to seeing their now destroyed universe.
    • The worst part of it though is Loki coming across Bebe's ring, making him realize she's indeed gone, and making the readers realize everyone in this universe is gone as well.
Chapter 35
  • The fact that this is the last chapter.
  • After the 2nd battle, Lincoln is too injured to get up and is almost forced to give up.
Chapter 36
  • Lincoln returns home and is thrilled at first...until he discovers that he's going to have to say goodbye to his new-found brothers forever. He and they are devastated.
Chapter 37:
  • Lincoln saying goodbye to his sisters when he decides to stay in dimension 63 for good. Lori even falls on her knees and begs him to stay.
    • And to make it sting even more, Lincoln wonders if this was the right choice.
  • 11B Lincoln's reaction to the girls fussing over him like they would their original brother is to blatantly wonder if this is what it feels like to be loved. That's right; his brothers' bullying made him feel completely unloved. Our Lincoln wasn't kidding when he said the guy needed his sisters more than he himself did. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel.