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Heartwarming / Stories and Tales from Dimension 63

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Chapter 2

  • All of the Loud siblings going from goofing around to seriously helping with Lexx's play when they hear it's to impress a girl he likes. Instead of making fun of him like the other version of the boys made fun of Lincoln for dating Ronnie Anne.

Chapter 3

  • Ron Andy giving Linka the money he made, telling her he only competed against her because he wanted to impress her.
  • Linka kissing Ron Andy on the lips in thanks, and him being over the moon about it

Chapter 5

  • The trapped Loud Sisters and Brothers protecting Linka from Trevor's attack. Telling him they won't let him hurt their brother/sister.

Chapter 9

  • Loki, after he "saves" Linka from her "lady day" troubles, he asks her if he's still her favourite brother. And she tells him "yes".

Chapter 13

  • Lane forgoing the dirty humour and telling his sister normal bad jokes while she's sick.
  • Linka's older brothers taking care of her without as much as a mutter of grief.
  • What are the older brothers fighting over? Who can take better care of their sister.
    • And unlike the girls, all of the boys' fights shown in this chapter are resolved within minutes of starting.
    • Plus the boys do everything in their power to keep Linka from getting involved in their fights, unlike the girls who often force Lincoln to play referee.

Chapter 14

  • The brothers and Ron Andy coming to Linka's defense against Chandler. The latter then proving to everyone that he likes her by kissing her on the lips.
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  • Just how far the brothers are willing to go to protect her. After they help her with Chandler, they promise to bury Ron Andy if he hurts her.

Chapter 15

  • Nell deciding against fighting Nyla and Lincoln and instead deciding to cover for them.

Chapter 16

  • Linka putting both Levi and Leon to sleep with a story and kissing them goodnight.
  • After randomly teleporting, Leon asks Linka to push him on a swing, and she does!
  • While Larry might not approve of his son's choices. He tells him he was impressed by him standing up for Rita against his parents, and proud that he was able to raise eleven children without help.
  • How the Loud men find Linka and Leon at the end of the day gets them all saying "Awww".

Chapter 17

  • Rita helping Ron Andy and Linka to get back together, and making sure her sons don’t meddle in their relationship any longer. The two then proceed to have a nice evening at the Valentine's Dance.

Chapter 19

  • After being forced to tell her the truth, Claudia admits that Lincoln, as Linka, was a far better friend to her than the real Linka ever was. Ron Andy also thinks the time he spend with Lincoln was better than any time he spent with Linka. Doubles as a Tear Jerker given how it must have hurt Lincoln to hear how badly his counterpart neglected the counterparts of 2 of the most important people in his life.
  • The couples admitting their love for each other.

Chapter 20

  • Lincoln stating that he loves his brothers just as much as his sisters, and that if he could have it his way, he wouldn't have to give any of them up. Saying that he's not just Lincoln Loud, but Linka Loud as well.

Chapter 21

  • After a long interrogation, Loki finally shows a softer side when he apologizes to Alex for what the Loki from Alex's home dimension did. Luke then arranges for the 2 young hunters to stay with Nyla so they won’t have to be carded again.

Chapter 22

  • Lincoln and Levi bond when Lincoln discovers her little brother secretly loves to attend the comic con, and opens up to her about how he considers being a child genius a burden. They have a great time together at the comic con.

Chapter 23

  • Lincoln telling Leif that she's his big sister and it's her job to protect him.
  • When they win the tournament, Lincoln lifts Leif onto her shoulders, and for the first time he sees her not as someone to protect but as his big sister.
  • Lynn Sr. begins to realise after Lincoln and Leif win the duel that his daughter is starting to grow up.

Chapter 24

  • Rita legitimately having a nice time bonding with Lincoln.
  • Despite how crazy April Fools is, it's nice to see the brothers show legitimate concern because of Lane.
    • And it's doubled when you realize they fight a prank war, unlike the sisters, meaning they don't want her caught in the crossfire.
  • Lincoln does eventually get pied, but laughs it off.

Chapter 27

  • Seeing that the Loud Sisters are determined to get Lincoln back now that they know the truth, and even Linka's threats of what she might do to Lincolns body won't stop them.
  • Lincoln/Linka snaps Lane out of his self-loathing for what happened during the incident.

Chapter 29

  • When their father finds out the truth and threatens Lincoln for impersonating his daughter, Loki and the boys who already know everything rush to defend her.
  • Loki telling Lynn Sr. that Lincoln has been a better sister for the past six months than Linka had been for six years.
  • When the girls hear that their currently female brother has a boyfriend, they squeal in delight just like they did in 'Heavy Meddle'.

Chapter 35

  • After defeating William, the guardian of fate, Ethioth, lets Lincoln decide what to do with him. Lincoln decides to spare William and give him a new home with his sister since he understands that while William did a lot of evil things, he did them out of a noble cause; to get his lost sister back.

Chapter 37

  • When he goes to live in dimension 63 permanently, Lincoln sends "someone who needs them more than he did." Which turns out to be his counterpart from dimension 11B (the One of the Boys universe) to C-137 as his replacement. While initially confused, 11B-Lincoln is grateful for having been saved from his abusive brothers, and the C-137 sisters immediately welcome him with open arms.

Chapter 38

  • The girls find the two babies, Lily and Leon, sleeping in Lincoln's room on top of their big sister, cuddling into her and each other.

Chapter 39

  • When viewing Dimension DFL-998, Linka and her siblings see how the Lincoln of that dimension is finally able to hear again thanks to Noise-E-Budz after suffering from severe hearing damage. Nyla sheds some tears as she watches the sisters of that dimension give their brother a group hug.

Chapter 40

  • When Luan realises that her siblings are going to prank her back for April Fools, she gets a sensation of excitement that she only barely got when they ran away.
  • Lisa goes with Lincoln and Levi to a comic book convention, and admits she had a great time just being a normal kid for once.
  • The story ends with C-137 Rita and Lynn sr. having another baby, and it’s finally another boy. Of course, Linka is overjoyed.