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Funny / Stories and Tales from Dimension 63

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In General

  • As Levi created what can best be described as a discount GLaDOS, you can expect a lot of funny moments from them.

Chapter 1

  • Lars requesting Lincoln-in-Linka's body what spooked them last night for a story if you like some Black Comedy.
  • Linka's name for her and Claudia's plan to deliver the newspaper? "Operation: Avoid Lynn and Leif while I desperately try to deliver these newspapers on time and come up with a shorter name for this operation" Some things never change, apparently.
  • Lynn and Leif getting completely sidetracked by squirrels during the chase.
  • Linka and Claudia's attempt to throw the books at the boys completely fails because, as physics would dictate, the books are far too heavy to be used as projectiles.

Chapter 2

  • The entire premise is about Lexx trying to get his siblings to star in a play with him, so of course, hilarity ensues.
    • The play itself, despite Lexx's best attempts, still winds up being quite chaotic, with bad acting on one corner and random nonsense on the other.
    • The fact that the girl Lexx is trying to impress is Lana can be considered ironically funny, considering their counterparts' relationship.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

  • What is Lars reaction when Linka explains her dream to him?
    Lars: You were probably watching too much anime.
  • GLaDOS isn't having any of Linka's sassyness.
  • One of the dimensions is Ronnie Anne being a troll on the internet. It's doubly funny if you remember that back in Save the Date, Lincoln said he thought Ronnie Anne was raised by trolls. Well, now it turns out there's a dimension where she really was raised by trolls.

Chapter 5

  • Despite the more serious tone this chapter takes, a given since this is the chapter where the hunters are introduced, there are still funny things sewn within.
  • This line: (From Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon's summoning chant).
    "For the souls of my siblings I play this Requiem! A Requiem for the louds!"

Chapter 7

  • Male Lynn practices ballet. Now picture Lynn (male or female) wearing a tutu...

Chapter 13

  • A laser blast from orbit injures Lexx, and dumps a pile of snow on Linka and Loki.
  • The brother's fights, made funnier when you realize, they're fighting over who their sister spends time with more when she's sick, even Luke who know's she's not really Linka.

Chapter 14

  • Lars, Lynn, Leif and Lexx discus what they will do to Ron Andy if he ever hurts Linka. Lynn and Leif want to bury him, and hastily agree with Lexx to kill him first (they actually wanted to bury him alive).
    • Might become Harsher in Hindsight for some after chapter 17 when the brothers beat up Ron Andie and almost go through with the above after he breaks up with Linka.

Chapter 15

  • Lars scares Lynn, causing him to jump into Linka's arms.
  • Nell taking out the disrespectful hunter with ease, sporting a smile as she does so!

Chapter 16

  • Leon's antics.
  • How do the brothers get the dad and grandpa to bond? They steal their stuff!

Chapter 17

  • Lynn Sr. thoroughly interrogates Ron Andie before the boy is even allowed near Linka for Valentine's Day. Among other things, he wants to know if the kid has a criminal record!
  • The brothers are also getting more protective of Linka when Valentine approaches. When Ron Andie asks her to the dance, they actually go to his house to tell him how to behave around Linka.

Chapter 18

  • The Loud Brothers forget to pack for their trip, again. And Levi explains to Lincoln that due to their rushed packing, they forgot something last year that made the week in the woods “very uncomfortable”. Lincoln can only imagine what it was.

Chapter 19

  • When guessing what is wrong with his computer, Cristopher suspects his Canadian Ex to be behind the problem.
  • Lincoln laments that ever since he became stuck in Linka’s body, he hasn’t been able to do anything in his underwear.

Chapter 20

  • Apparently, there is a universe where the Louds are loaves of bread!.
  • Luke complains that Levi used the voice of Wheatley for the dimensional goggles version 1.2

Chapter 21

  • When Loki demands that the hunters tell him something he doesn't know, Aeif tells him what soap is.

Chapter 22

  • Lincoln goes to the Royal Woods comic con to give Levi the papers he forgot for the presentation he said he had to give, only to discover that her little brother is secretly cosplaying as a character from his favorite sci fi series.

Chapter 23

  • When Ron Andy cheering for Lincoln gets him an angry glare from Lynn Sr, he cowers behind Claudia.
  • The reactions from the audience, particularly Luke, when Lincoln summons a series of food-based monsters is a craving for cake.

Chapter 24

  • How serious is Lane about April Fools? He has an automatic heat tracking pie launching Vulcan turret.

Chapter 26

  • Loni does his best to hide to the fact he's good at fashion, by correcting himself.

Chapter 29

  • Preempting his tomboyish sisters' question, Lincoln tells his sisters that he only forgot to pee sitting down twice. Lana laughs.

Chapter 30

  • Judging from how flabbergasted the sisters were at seeing a full grown version of their brother (they react the same way they did to Hugh in "Study Muffin"), Lincoln won't have much to worry about in the looks department when he's older.

Chapter 35

  • Like everyone else, Lily and Leon fight their counterpart. They win by using hammers to knock her away! All while shouting Poo-poo.

Chapter 36

  • Lincoln's experiences in Dimension 63 made him such a chocoholic, that he can beat all 10 of his sisters in a chocolate eating contest. The girls of course desperately want to know his secret afterwards.

Chapter 37

  • Linka's punishment in this chapter is to replace 11B Lincoln indefinitely and likely permanently. She regrets so many of her choices in life...

Chapter 38

  • Luna's reaction to seeing her male (Luke) counterpart, and her identical female counterpart (Nyla) kissing is to Nope!
  • Lincoln and Lynn (M) have managed to convince Lynn (F) to do ballet and wear a tutu.

Chapter 39

  • The dimension where the Louds are slices of bread is visited again.
  • GLaDOS just keeps finding loopholes in the directions Linka gave her to show Linka dimensions she’d rather not see, like a dimension in which she was an adult during the whole adventure and is just giving birth.
  • We see a universe where Karma is as quantifiable a force as gravity, were the local Lincoln is perfectly happy to be in a full body cast, since in this universe luck this bad now meant he could very well be a billionaire when he's older.
  • Theres a line in the deaf Lincoln universe about Leni comforting a crying Lily. Except if you pay attention, it's actually Lily whose trying to comfort her crying big sister.
  • Linka gets back at Omega Ultra for everything he put her through, and for asking Ethioth to kick her in the groin.
    • Omega Ultra regrets writing that Linka does this "repeatedly" for this scene.

Chapter 40

  • There is a dimension were Lola is only annoying.
  • When discussing dimensions, Linka asks if they want to watch a version of The Last Airbender from a dimension where it was actually good, to which Lynn reveals herself to be an Aang – Katara shipper.