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Groin Attack

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Woman of Steel, Crotch of Kleenex.
"But the ball! In his groin! It works on so many levels!"
Homer Simpson (critique of amateur film "Man Getting Hit By Football"), The Simpsons

It's not always played for comedy, but seeing someone get struck in the crotch is usually just plain funny. Whether the object doing the striking is an errant piece of sports equipment or a deliberately placed foot, the end result is going to be a grown man doubled over and trembling with pain. Bonus points if he then hobbles away and says something in a high-pitched voice. Not only will everyone find this hilarious, but tape it and play it back for the guy and even he will probably laugh. At least, once the swelling goes down. Sometimes a cause of Amusing Injuries, especially if the victim is asking for it. In shows targeted at children, it's often a Dangerous Forbidden Technique, or at least treated as one in-story (see 3 Ninjas and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie). In Japanese media, the blow is often accompanied by the sound of a bell.

Effectively, this is a human-anatomy's version of Attack Its Weak Point for massive damage. A subversion of this is Balls of Steel, where a character — for whatever reason — does not take damage from a Groin Attack (or at least doesn't take extra damage).

This trope is made possible thanks to an interesting quirk in the human body's design; as the testicles function best at a temperature slightly lower than the core body temperature, this is why they hang slightly lower, and can be raised or lowered by reflex activity to ensure they stay at the right temperature in relation to ambient conditions. Thus, compared to other body parts, even the other ones typically seen as weak points (stomach, solar plexus, toes, etc), one's Crown Jewels are considerably less 'armoured', hence why striking them hurts so much.

This usually only applies to men. Female characters are rarely subjected to groin attacks of any kind, and when they are, they are also likely to just shrug off in a moment.note  Female genitals also lack the squish factor that comes from swinging in the wind. On the symbolic level, a groin attack on a male— especially if it's delivered by a female — represents that male being brought low by a well-placed blow to the very source of his masculine pride.

In contrast to most groin attacks, groin attacks that draw blood or involve some form of mutilation are very likely not to be played for comedy — and owing to the Primal Fear of bad things happening to our nether regions, particularly nasty attacks of this nature can be downright disturbing. Apart from being a hallmark of the Lust variant of the Serial Killer, this form of attack is most often used as either a particularly vicious form of Cold-Blooded Torture or as a way for Antiheroes to punish rapists and other sexual criminals, though a particularly vicious Combat Pragmatist may also use this tactic as just one more way to even the score or gain the upper hand in a fight. It may still come off as funny, though, if the guy is perceived as having brought it upon himself, such as having his gun go off in his pants. See Crippling Castration for examples of groin attacks that lead to the unfortunate victim losing his organs/the ability to procreate.

Along with Taser Tag Weakness, the Groin Attack also seems to be very effective against Superheroes and Supervillains, although some of them are immune.

Compare Freudian Threat. Very common from someone in Pervert Revenge Mode. For certain kinds of groin injuries (actual or threatened) specifically related to sexual encounters, see both Vagina Dentata and Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex. Also see Standard Female Grab Area for a similar incapacitating spot. Eye Scream, Fingore, and The Tooth Hurts are other primal fear reactions. The Distaff Counterpart to this trope is Breast Attack, although women can be subject to Groin Attacks as well, despite what the Female Groin Invincibility trope would have you think. Often utilized by a Combat Pragmatist, and commonly followed up by Instant Soprano and/or Share the Male Pain. Not an uncommon aftereffect of Tar and Feathers. May be used as part of a "Balls" Gag, though the overlap is smaller than one might think. Near-Miss Groin Attack is when an aversion of this trope is Played for Laughs.

It might involve a Sympathetic Wince and possibly a Universal Group Reaction.

WARNING: No matter who you are, reading these may cause extreme paranoia about injury to the pubic area and wincing in sympathy pains. Also, this is never as funny in Real Life as it is on TV and can actually cause very nasty injuries, so unless you are in a real self-defense scenario, Don't Try This at Home.

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  • This Turkish ad for Molped sanitary pads. "They [men] will never understand how much pain you feel some days," says the voiceover. So load a soccer ball into a cannon and shoot your boyfriend in the nads. In the end ladies get the last laugh.
  • Another Turkish sanitary pad ad. Evy Lady is being harassed during the wrong time of the month so she literally kicks her period/men in the balls.
  • Don't mess with Turkish women. In another ad a guy tears ladies' favorite dress so she beats him up and finishes the fight with a strike to his most delicate parts.
  • Beautiful Alexa Chung is at a doctor getting her cast removed. Just when the doctor gets too touchy, her reflex kicks in and she kicks his reproductive organs. He might need to visit the urologist afterwards.
  • In this Mars commercial a fight breaks out between a man and a woman for the last chocolate bar. In the end the lady wins by cracking his nuts.
  • In Costa Crociere commercial a man and a woman enter an elevator. Upon discovering that the lady might lose her cruise vacation spot to this man she uses her feminine beauty to seduce him. Instead of lifting her skirt up all the way, she takes him out by kicking him where it hurts the most.
  • A battle of the sexes is taking place in this Doritos commercial. A petite female against a massive tough guy. The fight starts and the lady simply knees him in the eggs and wins convincingly.
  • In an Airheads commercial, during a school play where the lead star is singing "The life of a sailor! That's the life for me", the other students were bored with the play, and one of the students eats an Airhead, causing his head to turn into a balloon, deflate across the room, knocking down sets, and hitting the lead character in the groin, with predictable results:
    Lead character: [oblivious to the deflating head going across the room] The life of a sail... [balloon head hits him in the balls, causing a zoom up on his face, as his voice grows high pitched] ...oooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! That's the life for me...!
  • This Rolling Rock commercial was banned, because it featured a ton of people getting hit in the nuts, thanks to a foul ball.
  • In the Netherlands' promotion for the M&M's "Peanutball", Red kicks said "Peanutball" to demonstrate its durability. It bounces around and hits him right between the legs. Red reacts appropriately, despite not having a groin to begin with.
  • Playing this trope along with Violent Glaswegian for laughs, Irn-Bru briefly had a commercial where a smacked vending machine retaliates by firing a can of Irn-Bru into the offender's groin. Rumor has it this offended enough people that the vending machine's revenge was turned into a Glasgow Kiss instead.
  • This Progressive commercial shows a woman using a voodoo website to punish her cheating boyfriend in various embarrassing and painful ways. At the end, while he's on a couch making out with an attractive lady, she drags a pair of pliers towards his crotch - and clicks. While the actual effect is left ambiguous, the man reacts by violently wincing in pain and his partner looking down at his groin with a concerned face.
  • There was Pepsi commercial during the Superbowl that, at some point, involved Justin Timberlake getting hit in the crotch several times by a mailbox post. For those who wanted to see it... The "hits keep on coming" at about the 30 second mark.
  • In another Superbowl Ad, Burt Reynolds gets hit in the groin - among the list of 20 different cliches of a Superbowl Ad.
  • One of the perfect ingredients for a Doritos commercial.
  • From the Parody Commercial Big Bill Hell's: "Don't wait! Don't delay! Don't fuck with us, or we'll rip your nuts off!"
  • This ad for John West involves a commercial fisherman fighting a grizzly bear over a salmon the bear has just caught. The man is losing until he manages to kick the bear in the balls.

    Asian Animation 
  • Simple Samosa: Implied in "Chhote Rajaji". The third victim of the spiciness epidemic, Cham Cham, contracts the condition when he puts on his shorts, suggesting it hit him right in the you-know-where. A pair of chili pepper pets are behind the epidemic, further implying this trope.

    Comic Strips 

  • One morning, a man discovers an enormous gorilla in his front yard, destroying everything in sight. Terrified, he immediately calls his local animal control service. His local animal control agent sadly informs him that he can't do anything to help him, but he gives him the phone number of a professional "Gorilla Exterminator" who specializes in getting rid of fugitive gorillas. Desperate, the man calls the gorilla exterminator and begs him for help. The gorilla exterminator agrees to come over—but he tells the man that his partner is currently out of town, so he may need to help him. A few hours later, the exterminator arrives in a large van and finds the gorilla hiding in a tree. The man goes out to greet him, and the exterminator opens up the back of his van and shows off his tools: a baseball bat, an angry pit bull, and a loaded shotgun. The exterminator picks up the baseball bat, orders the pit bull to stand guard under the tree, and hands the shotgun to the man. Slowly and methodically, the gorilla exterminator explains his plan: he'll climb up the tree and attack the gorilla with the baseball bat until it falls out of the tree; when the gorilla falls out of the tree, the pit bull (which is specially trained) will immediately bite it in the testicles, incapacitating it just long enough for the gorilla exterminator to capture it in a net and drag it away. Puzzled, the man scratches his head. "Then what's the shotgun for?" he asks. "Simple!", the gorilla exterminator says. "If I fall out of the tree instead, Shoot the Dog."
  • Jane meets Tarzan in the jungle. She is immediately attracted to him and wants to have sex with him, but he says, "Tarzan not know sex." After Jane explains what it is, Tarzan says, "Ohhh...Tarzan use knot hole in trunk of tree." Jane says, "No, no, that's not how it's done! I'll show you." She takes off her dress and lies down in front of him. Tarzan removes his loincloth and kicks her as hard as he can in the crotch. After rolling around in pain for a few minutes, Jane gasps and says, "What did you do that for?!" Tarzan replies, "Check for squirrel."

  • Hitting Dracula in Monster Bash sometimes causes him to say a line implying that he's being hit in the crotch.
    Dracula: Not below the belt!

  • Multiple times in the Cool Kids Table game Homeward Bound 4. Jake the Deinonychus slips when trying to glide off a tree and attack a human, and ends up slamming his cloaca into the branches. Ironically, this was in an attempt to eat the nuts of a guy who had shot him previously. But after however many failures, he finally manages to eat them two-thirds through.
  • Sick Sad World: Implied during the Elliot Rodger case. One of the people Rodger murdered was stabbed 94 times, half of which were on his lower body. Dev remarks Rodger might have been working some things out.

  • One of the recurring Parody Commercials on Martin/Molloy was a promo for lowbrow Brit Com Ow! Me Plums!, which always consisted of an elaborate setup that resulted in the main character (voiced by Tony Martin) being hit in the groin and screaming his catchphrase "Ow! Me plums!"



    Theme Parks 


Alternative Title(s): Groin Kick, Widowmaker, Ballbust, Cuntpunt



In the Kill Count for Hostel: Part II, the team made a hilarious reference to Pee-wee's Playhouse with the word "cunt" as the secret word... only to immediately scream in horror as Beth rips Stuart's penis out in front of Sasha and his cronies.

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