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Played for Comedy:
"What is your problem with my balls?!"

  • In the Super Mario Land series of web videos on Newgrounds, specifically the ending clip of the first episode before the credits, Mario attempts to go down a pipe, only for a fist to emerge from the pipe right underneath him, with Mario expressing a shocked face as the camera pans up to the sky to which a loud holler is bellowed.
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  • Lady Lumps VS Boy Bumps has hundreds of examples with characters from all kinds of different series. You can even fill out a template and ask the creator for your own character to be in an animation!
  • This happens to Mr. Mack in Episode 51 of The Most Popular Girls in School, after he asks Brittnay Matthews to try to simulate a resolve with Jenna Darabond. He tries playing Jenna, the one who seemingly blew up Brittnay's car, in a recreation of the scene, and well... he asks Brittnay if those were cleats on her shoes.
  • RWBY:
    • In "Yellow", Yang interrogates Junior by grabbing his crotch and squeezing. His voice goes high-pitched and girly sounding until she lets go.
    • In "Breach", Coco boots a Beowolf in the crotch. It staggers and whimpers, right before she crushes its skull with her handbag.
    • "New Challenges" sees two flaming coconut propelled through the air toward Scarlet during a tournament march. He gets smacked by the first one in the face, leaving him staggered enough to not expect the second one that hits lower from off-screen, knocking him out from the tournament.
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    • In "The Next Step", Jaune gets knocked back by an attack and ends up hitting a rock crotch first, and his next comment is a priceless "you'll be fine without a weapon, you're the strategist!".
  • In Bee and Puppycat, Bee accidentally hits her neighbor Deckard when her collapsible umbrella extends right into his crotch.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged:
    • Episode 7 has Tifa render Reno unable to continue fighting by punching him in the crotch; an X-ray shot is provided to show the structural damage Reno took to the pelvis.
    • In Episode 13, Reno is subjected to surgery to restore his pelvis, but one of his testicles is confirmed to be destroyed outright.
  • In X-Ray & Vav, the titular heroes start their counterattack on the Corpirate with a literal Groin Attack: smashing their groins against his head.
  • "Morons VS Wild" is an animation of Two Best Friends Play, taking the audio from their Man vs. Wild playthrough and animating Matt and Pat suffering the game's many groin attacks while Woolie laughs in the background.
  • My Little Pony Meets:
    • In "Rapunzel meets My Little Pony" the small diamond dog orders Rapunzel to give him the jewel necklace she has, but she refuses and kicks him in the "crown jewels."
    • At the very end of "Sonic meets My Little Pony" Scratch has this happen to him when he and Grounder get a piano dropped on them, courtesy of Derpy.
    Scratch: Right on the little chicken giblets.
  • Chuck Steel: Raging Balls of Steel Justice. Can a claymation Cowboy Cop save the hostage before his balls are kicked out of his nose by a warehouse full of excessively-armed criminals? Chuck saves the hostage on the 249th groin kick, only to knock them out himself with a final punch when the hostage pats him on the shoulder.
    Criminal: You know, it's a little known scientific fact that if you kick a man in the nuts 250 times, his balls come out of his nose. The clock is ticking, and we just started kicking!
  • Death Battle:
    • This was bound to happen in Johnny Cage vs. Captain Falcon. Johnny successfully counters a Falcon Punch with his trademark groin punch, causing the Captain to stagger, hold his crotch in pain for a good while and spout Angrish.
    Johnny Cage: You know what they say: "All's fair in show business!"
    Captain Falcon: Nobody says that!
    • It also happens in the episode Red vs. Blue (Which has the two titular teams of the aforementioned web animation square off), with Grif being the victim as per usual, both by Tex. Tex proceeds to snap Grif's neck after the second one.
  • Picture does this to Lighter in an episode of Object Overload. This kick in the crotch caused the latter to shatter.
  • The Father Tucker short "Infallible" at one point has a turtle bite the Pope in the crotch.
  • Hazbin Hotel: Katie Killjoy pours hot coffee onto Tom Trench's lap, incapacitating him with pain.
  • Shut Up! Cartoonss Super Smoshs INSERT GROIN has this happen to Anthony in the bid to pull him out of the arcade machine which he accidentally put his groin inside its coin slot due to the excitement from seeing the hot girls in the arcade game. Cue Ambulance Cut due to extreme blood loss.

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