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"I'm Shellie's new boyfriend and I'm out of my mind. If you so much as talk to her or even think her name, I'll cut you in ways that'll make you useless to a woman."
Dwight McCarthy, Sin City

Groin Attacks are often funny and rarely long-lasting. However, there is a darker version of them: castration, which is rarely (though occasionally) played for laughs. Usually in fiction, it's utilized in an attempt for horror to show how sick the villain is, or inversely for revenge to a sicko who had it coming. If given to a rapist (such as in a Rape and Revenge movie) it will also count as Laser-Guided Karma, maybe even a Karmic Death if they die from the blood loss.

As with Groin Attacks in general, male examples are more common than female ones. Eunuchs Are Evil is when a villain may lose his ability to procreate but not his ability to show his evil. This is likely a reason Animals Fear Neutering. Expect Instant Soprano to persist as a way to suggest the victim's condition without explicitly stating it; in more realistic examples, a high-pitched voice is the result of prepubescent castration, which tends to result in Not Growing Up Sucks. See Freudian Threat if castration is used as a threat.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Berserk:
    • During the Black Dog Knights arc, Guts performs the ultimate cockblock on Wyald by cutting off his dick as he's trying to rape Casca.
    • He does it again on the Great Goat Head during the Conviction Arc, again to save Casca. Though in this case, the penis is a snake.
  • Dog Soldier: Hiba cuts the member off of an attempted rapist.
  • Dokuro: Takeo rips the penis off of a prisoner who plans to rape him.
  • Eden of the East: Kuroha Diana Shiratori kills her victims by cutting their penises off with a cigar cutter and letting them bleed out. She probably sees it as some sort of Karmic Death as she goes after men who have raped or sexually abused women.
  • Hiro in Ginga Densetsu Weed has a nickname called the "ball-snatcher." It REALLY involves tearing off the privates of other dogs. Truth is, he was training in that to take down Kamikiri, who killed his father when he was young.
  • In Legend of the Blue Wolves Leonard rather graphically castrates Jonathan's rapist, Captain Continental, as punishment.
  • In Osamu Tezuka's manga MW, Shunsaku Ban gets castrated by a vicious dog named Tomoe in chapter 20, Inversion.
    "Y-you filthy varmint! You bit off my pecker! Owww... Ow ow ow..."
  • In Red River (1995), this happened to Urhi in the past. He's a eunuch, and hides this fact until people accuse him of being Prince Juda's real father, which technically is impossible since he was castrated before he met Jude's mother Queen Nakia.
  • Satanophany: A thug with a Gag Nose and an equally large penis gets his junk blown off right before the Medusas shoot him in the head. In a subsequent arc a yakuza with an equally large penis also gets castrated by Katya right before killing him, and she proceeds to do the same to his henchmen.
  • Tokyo Ghoul:
    • Juuzou's "Mama" wanted him to remain beautiful and doll-like, so she castrated him to prevent puberty, contributing to his androgynous appearance. For bonus horror, she did it with a hammer.
    • In the sequel, the Ghoul Nutcracker earned her name as a result of her favorite snack — crushed testicles.
  • In YataMomo, The Old Homeless Guy reveals the reason his life spiraled out of control is that his wife castrated him (and presumably kicked him out) after catching him cheating on her. Despite this, they later make amends and get back together, allowing him to leave his homeless life behind.

    Comic Books 
  • Jones in XIII takes a bullet that ends up going through her uterus, making her sterile.
  • Sin City: In "That Yellow Bastard", Hartigan's Establishing Character Moment is removing the gun and penis of a pedophile (who happens to be the only son of a powerful US Senator, landing Hartigan in prison for years) to save his victim Nancy. Years later, Hartigan believes Nancy to be in danger and looks for her, trailed by a grotesque little man who stinks and whose skin is bright yellow (in a black-and-white comic). It turns out the yellow man is the Senator's son, whose appearance is due to the multiple treatments needed to grow a new penis (the Senator needed grandchildren). Hartigan defeats him and once again, removes his weapons — both of them, with his bare hands this time — before savagely pounding his head into the floor until there isn't a head anymore.
  • A recurring theme in the works of Alejandro Jodorowsky:
    • In The Metabarons, the first Metabaron, Othon von Salza, lost his penis and testicles to a laser blast when pirates raided his home. The same raid also killed his son, and he was left so embittered afterwards that he instituted a new family rule that every descendant of the family had to become mutilated when they came of age.
    • In The Technopriests, Panepha sets out to castrate each of the three pirates who raped and impregnated her back when she was a priestess. While she successfully manages to castrate the first, Ulritch the Red, Thark the Grey turns out to have retractable testicles, and Erghen the White turns out to have already become a eunuch when he became a priest.

    Fan Works 
  • Between Three Rogues: Aika foils Vigoro's canon Attempted Rape by grabbing his balls and literally burning them off. It's enough to make the veteran air pirate Gilder throw up.
  • Escape from the Moon: In the later sequel Scavenge for the Future, Ray Blaster justifiably gets shot in the crotch with his own gun, courtesy of Downpour, the owner of Doa's Bar. Who is actually Spliced Genome.
  • Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons's Blackjack tends to dish out groin attacks whenever sufficiently angry or drunk, but the most memorable one is the one she gives Deus, which drives him completely berserk.
  • The Firefly fanfic Freedom to the Free has Simon ordered to castrate a slave who got into too many fights. Simon refuses because of his Hippocratic oath but is told that if he doesn't do it surgically, it'll be done without anesthetic like they used to do it, and they'll do the same thing to the already injured Wash. Simon feels he has no choice but struggles greatly with guilt.
  • Living The Dream
    • The story's protagonist, Lance Greenfield, loses the ability to have children in the chapter "Jackflank!". While filming a Jackass parody, he is hit in the groin with a supersonic rock. Twice. Later in the same chapter, his testicles are crushed with a hammer.
    • Zorrow, in the same chapter as above, is warned that if he damages his testicles again that they will have to be amputated. Upon hearing this, Peter tricks Zorrow into exposing himself and kicks bucks him full force in the jewels.
  • The Night Unfurls:
    • According to Bergen, the official punishment for rape is castration.
    • The Good Hunter inflicts this on one of the mooks during his spree in the halls of the Mercenary Compound. He kicks the man responsible for driving a sword to his side by kicking the mook in the groin, crushed under his very strength.
  • In the Cardcaptor Sakura fic Shadow of the Dragon, Sakura arrives Just in Time to save Tomoyo from being raped by Satome, their school's bully and a Serial Rapist. After she kicks him into a wall, the Mirror Card manifests in the form of Tomoyo, shatters a mirror, and declares that Satome will never hurt a girl like that again before stabbing him in the groin with the mirror shards; the next chapter outright confirms that the Mirror castrated Satome.
    Shinji Asaba: Satome is a girl now.
  • The Harry Potter fic "Snowbound" features a "positive" form of castration after Draco Malfoy and his mother realise that Draco is a "soulwoman" (a magical term for someone born into the wrong gender) who chooses the name Aquaria; part of the blood ritual necessary to help a soulwoman become their true self involves Aquaria castrating herself before being properly transformed into a natural woman.
  • The Harry Potter fic "Gratitude Is A Disease of Dogs" has Draco Malfoy (and by implication, Gregory Goyle) emasculated in revenge for leading a rape gang at Hogwarts. He's ultimately sold to an Arabian shaikh for "training."

  • Antichrist: The husband's attempt to cure his wife of her trauma goes awry, and she eventually goes nuts and crushes his balls with a block of wood. Also contains a rare female example as, later on, she feels guilty about doing this, and as self-punishment gets a pair of scissors and... let's just say it's not pretty.
  • Teeth: The protagonist Dawn discovers she's evolved a defense mechanism against rape: teeth in her vagina. A fortuitous tool for her, as the film is set in a world where All Men Are Perverts and don't have any problems with attempting to rape her (except her dad, fhew!) By the end of the film, Dawn has castrated three men, two of whom died from it, and seems to start a career of seeking out rapists to make them pay for their crimes.
  • Both the original and the remake of I Spit on Your Grave have Jennifer castrating one of her rapists, killing him by making him bleed out.
  • In The Ice Pirates, the two protagonists are captured and it is decided that they are to be made into eunuch slaves. They are bound to a conveyor belt and metal jaws above proceed to emasculate the hapless victims before them, filling the factory-like setting with screams. Luckily, the princess intervenes and covertly lets them keep their crown jewels.
  • Hot Shots! Part Deux: Topper Harley knees a guy in the groin so hard two walnuts come out of his mouth. Ouch.
  • Bananas: Nancy assures an anxious Fielding that women's rights "do not automatically mean castration" and he nearly doubles over in horror at the mere mention of the word.
  • The Hateful Eight: Warren ends up shot in the balls and bleeding to death. It leaves him confined to a bed for the rest of the movie... but barely kicking any less ass.
  • A partial example befalls one of the escaping convicts in House of Blood when he's shot in the groin by one of the prison-transport guards. The doctor inspects his wound, noting that one of his testicles has been destroyed, then has to debride the wound and extract the mangled testicular tissue.
  • French-Italian movie The Last Woman (1976) infamously ends with the protagonist Gérard cutting off his own penis with an electric knife.
  • In Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Rabbi Tuckman offers to circumcise Robin and his group of Merry Men, only for them to refuse when he demonstrates the circumcision as putting one's manhood through the chopping end of a small guillotine in order to "nip the tip".
  • Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman: The Machine Gun Woman's final vengeance on Che Longara is brutal. She takes out his eyes, shoots out his kneecaps, and the fires two shots into his groin.
  • In RoboCop (1987), two would-be rapists attack a woman when the titular policeman drives up. One of the rapists dares Officer Murphy to attack him as he holds the poor woman at knifepoint. All it took was a quick scan, one single shot through the lady's skirt with his Beretta Auto-9, and the crook's... manhood... is forever destroyed. The other guy surrenders willingly, scared beyond belief.
  • Immortals: Hyperion orders his henchman to smash the traitorous Lysander's testicles with a hammer to brand him as untrustworthy.
  • Hostel Part II: Beth turns the tables on her torturer, buys her way to freedom, and becomes a member of the hunting club by cutting her torturer's groin off with a pair of garden shears and then tosses the organ to hungry guard dogs.
  • In Hard Candy, Hayley castrates Jeff in one of the film's most notorious scenes. Except not really; Hayley merely tricked Jeff into thinking she'd castrated him.
  • A Man Called Horse: Batiste, a man who has been a prisoner of the tribe for five years, was castrated as punishment for an escape attempt.
  • In exacting revenge against their rapists in Asian School Girls, the girls cut the genitals off several of them.
  • Farinelli is a Very Loosely Based on a True Story movie about a castrato, namely, a male singer who was castrated as a child to keep his voice from changing. He has to deal with the trauma his whole life, and it gets worse when he finds out that his own brother (a composer) did it to him for the sake of the act.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: Natasha reveals in Avengers: Age of Ultron that girls in the Black Widow program, including herself, are sterilized to ensure that the attachment of children will never make them hesitate on a mission. This is elaborated upon in Black Widow (2021), where Yelena explains to Alexei that Black Widows are unable to menstruate because the Red Room removes their ovaries, uteruses, and fallopian tubes.note 

  • 100% Match ends on a torture sequence where Bart has his penis cut off.
  • In Ai no Kusabi Guy castrates Riki as a way to rid him of the pet ring Iason put on him.
  • In The Runelords, invader and first-book main villain Raj Ahten has a harem of wives whom no one is allowed to look upon lest they suffer castration or death. In the second book, there is a plot to curb the invasion by sending a group led by The Lancer Borenson to convince Raj Ahten's favourite wife to convince him to stop, using her magically enhanced beauty to hypnotize him. When he gets wind of this, Raj Ahten punishes Borenson personally by ripping out his genitals bare-handed. Borenson nearly bleeds to death but receives last-minute medical aid.
  • The Big Bad from Tim Powers's novel Last Call gets shot in the groin at the start of the book, leaving him unable to sire biological children. This is particularly problematic for him because he'd planned to use magic to commit Grand Theft Me on his offspring when he got old.
  • In The Smiling Proud Wanderer, male practitioners of the Dangerous Forbidden Technique Sunflower Manual have to castrate themselves to achieve the agility and flexibility of women. It would be a straight Disability Superpower if it weren't for the angst involved.
  • Geoffrey Haldane, the first Big Bad in Jack Chalker's Soul Rider series, has a Freudian Excuse where he was castrated as a teenager for the crime of spying on Women's Mysteries and was later forced to accept a permanent Gender Bender by a sorceress who found his situation amusing. The end result is a psychotic trans man intent on punishing all women for the loss of his testicles.
  • At the end of Is A Man by J.T. Edson, Annie Singing Bear castrates the Bandito who raped her best friend. She does this like castrating a bull; cutting open his scrotum, removing his testicles, and sewing him back up.
  • It is heavily implied in The Elenium that the literal emasculation of the Elder God Azash by the Younger Gods of Styricum (as marked on the clay statue he is bound into by the crotch area being shiny) is connected to their metaphorical emasculation of him in some symbolic but divinely important fashion.
  • Castration comes up a lot in A Song of Ice and Fire, as one of the great number of horrible things that happen to people in Westeros.
    • Varys was castrated as a boy, as part of a sorcerous ritual.
    • The Unsullied are also all castrated at the start of their Training from Hell.
    • During Daenerys' conquest of Slaver Bay, she forbids her mercenaries to loot and rape. Looters are punished by having a hand cut off; the punishment for rapists is likewise the removal of the body part used in the crime...
  • Inverted in the Johannes Cabal story "A Long Spoon": The title character magically regenerates an evil eunuch sorcerer's genitalia to De-power him and render him vulnerable to a succubine devil.
  • In the climax of Red Dwarf: Last Human, Lister's evil Alternate Self shoots him in the crotch with a rad pistol in an utterly psychopathic attempt to force Kochanski to abandon her boyfriend. Not only does this leave Lister almost crippled with pain, but it's quickly confirmed that the radiation was enough to sterilize him. Or at least, it would have been if Kochanski hadn't been carrying a second vial of the Luck Virus with her.
  • In one of the RCN novels, a mook gives Adele and her sociopathic Ninja Maid Tovera a Pervy Patdown. The first opportunity she gets, Tovera stabs him with a writing stylus before castrating him.
  • At one point in Shadow of the Conqueror, Daylen catches a man red-handed in the process of raping his daughter. Magically enhancing his strength, Daylen rips the man's presumably-still-erect dick off with his bare hands!
  • Shotgun Nun:
    • Poppy is killed when Sister Eloise blows her vulva to pieces with her shotgun. Fitting given that Poppy was responsible for having Eloise raped.
    • The Wrath of God has two examples. One thug has his penis mangled when he tries to rape Eloise, only for his dick to get caught in an anti-rape device. And at the end of the book, Nate Robinson is shot in his penis while Sophia is using his body as target practice.
  • Timeline-191: Ernest Hemingway. In parallel to the real Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises, Sylvia Enos' ghostwriter (and later lover) Ernest lost his testicles while serving as an ambulance driver in this world's alternate World War I, which left him feeling frustrated and, well, impotent. Unlike the real Hemingway (but like the main character in his novel), Ernest lost his drive to write fiction, sticking to low-end journalism and writing other people's stories, which is how Sylvia met him. Eventually, his frustration gets the best of him and he murders Sylvia in a rage, then commits suicide.
  • In the infamous Robert A. Heinlein novel Farnham's Freehold, the villain is going to castrate both the protagonist, Hugh, and his teenage son, Duke to reinforce their status as slaves but decides not to do it at the last minute. The villain ends up doing it to Duke later to make him more docile after he tries to rebel.
  • In Derek Robinson's novel A Splendid Little War, two RAF pilots flying for the White Army in the Russian Civil War are shot down behind enemy lines. They are given sanctuary in a Russian village where there seem to be an awfully large amount of religiously inclined people. Despite the language barrier, they are made welcome. And are finally invited to join the religion. Who are called the Skoptsy, whose route to salvation and one-ness with Christ is to ritually castrate themselves.
  • The Belgariad: Averted with Sadi, chief eunuch of Queen Salmissra and one of the series protagonists. He's named as "The Man Who is No Man" as part of Mrin Codex prophecy, and is utterly unconcerned with the loss of his manhood, instead considering it a relief to avoid "all the bother" of sexuality, much to the discomfort of his male allies such as Silk and Mandorallen. Part of it is that, as he was born into a desperately poor family, being castrated as an infant meant he had the chance to serve in Queen Salmissra's court (where all the servants are eunuchs) and thus lead a much better life than his family could provide.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Legend of Xiao Chuo: Zhi Mo is castrated (by his uncle) for having an affair with An Zhi.
  • America's Funniest Home Videos. Invoked when Tom Bergeron viewed a wedding clip through the Slo-Mo Gizmo: at one point in the clip, a wedding guest hurls a packed handful of rice at the groom's crotch, so Tom deduces that said guest must have previously dated the bride, and therefore, is trying to sabotage the groom's chances at wedded bliss.
  • Invoked in the Blackadder II episode "Bells", after Percy shoots a bow at Baldrick's groin:
    Baldrick: Not to worry, my lord, the arrow didn't in fact enter my body.
    Edmund: Oh good.
    Baldrick: No, by a thousand to one chance, my willy got in the way.
    Edmund: Extraordinary.
    Baldrick: And I only just put it there. But now, I will leave it there forever.
    Edmund: It can be your lucky willy.
    Baldrick: Yes, my lord. Years from now I can take it out and show it to my grandchildren.
    Edmund: Baldrick, I fear that grandchildren may now be out of the question.
  • The House episode ("Man of the House") featured a motivational speaker who was kicked so hard in the nuts his testicles stopped producing testosterone (or in the words of one of the characters, his testosterone levels were "just below Bieber"). It made him suffer from masculinity issues but also turned him into a powerful marriage seminar speaker.
  • My Name Is Earl: Little Chubby, the richest guy in Candem, used to be a major asshole until Earl got sick of his abuse and kicked him in the balls while wearing a clown nose and orange clown wig (a reference to the short-lived tv-series Kicked In The Nuts). The kick caused enough damage to Chubby's testes that it prevented testosterone from being released and combined with him realizing how hated he was, it made him a much nicer guy. When he eventually has the injury fixed, he quickly reverts to being an asshole, and deliberately gets himself re-injured. He has himself fixed a SECOND time off-screen by the time the series wrapped up because people were starting to take advantage of his nicer personality.
  • Hill Street Blues: A female detective is playing Dirty Harriet to try and get close to someone who got Off on a Technicality by claiming he spoke no English and therefore hadn't understood his Miranda rights, hoping to get him on tape speaking English. When he catches on and kicks off, she draws her sidearm and tries to put one in his leg, but inadvertently scores a direct hit on his testicles. She spends much of her screentime in the next episode trying to convince everyone she didn't do it on purpose. Not that anyone would have been all that upset if she had, except maybe Captain Furillo: The guy was a rapist.
  • The Handmaid's Tale: Ofglen, a handmaid, is discovered to be having an affair with a Martha. As punishment for being "gender traitors", the infertile Martha is hanged whereas fertile (and therefore valuable) Ofglen receives a clitoridectomy.
  • In Game of Thrones, Ramsay cuts off Theon's penis (and sends it back to Theon's father), as part of some Cold-Blooded Torture. This causes Theon to lose his (already shaky) status within House Greyjoy and causes him a lot of insecurity and trauma. Alson, Varys and Grey Worm were both castrated as small boys, under different circumstances.
    • In House of the Dragon, The Purge of criminals (or alleged as such) in King's Landing carried out by the City Watch under Daemon Targaryen sees a few being castrated and their "member" being put on carts along with heads and other body parts.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: As part of being the general Butt-Monkey of the show, Detective Charles Boyle has received crotch injuries more than once in the line of duty. He's not impotent, but it did eventually render him infertile, leaving his only hope for children with the sperm samples he had previously frozen... until he lost them to his cruel and spiteful ex-wife. Rather than further kowtowing to her, he and his new fiancee decide to adopt instead.
  • Played for laughs in Prison Break. Sucre has to cozy up to a retired General who has an interest in young men. It turns out a war wound ended his sex life decades ago, but he wants his wife to be sexually fulfilled and regularly sends any interested young studs her way.
  • In their climactic duel in Season 3 of Spartacus, Naevia gets absolutely annihilated by Ashur and nearly killed. That is until Ashur has her on her knees and decides to gloat about his previous rape of her, which gives her a moment to recover enough to castrate him by slashing up with her sword. This weakens him to the point that she is then easily able to decapitate him.

  • The Lonely Island's song "Like a Boss" has the protagonist chop off his own balls during the course of "an average day". The whole thing is implied to be a hallucination, though, due to all its other wackiness.
    Seth Rogen: Uh-huh. So that's an average day in the life of you?
    Andy Samberg: No doubt.
    Seth Rogen: You chop your balls off and die.
    Andy Samberg: Hell yeah.
  • Macabre's "Nero's Inferno" tells how, when he was a Serial Killer, Nero would have people tied to poles and bite their genitals off.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • In Egyptian Mythology, Osiris was cut to pieces by his brother, Seth. His wife Isis finds and buries all parts of his body in order to resurrect him. However, his phallus was eaten by fish by the time she found it and was therefore unable to be returned. So she had to carve a new one from wood. It worked, somehow, as they had sex and conceived Horus.
  • The Bible:
    • In Paul the Apostle's letter to the Galatians, he sarcastically suggests that those who would stir up trouble to make the Galatians turn to "another gospel" by having themselves be circumcised should go all the way and castrate their own selves.
    • This biblical text was taken literally by a Russian Orthodox sect called the Skoptky, who practiced ritual castration in the name of Jesus until the early part of the twentieth century. It is believed they were "encouraged to disband and revise their thinking" by the advent of the Soviet Union.
    • In the Book of Deuteronomy, the punishment for a woman who tries to rescue her husband from a brawl by grabbing his opponent's genitals is to have her hand cut off. By doing that, she would be jeopardizing that man's estate, his status in society, his ability to have children (or have more children), his old age (since elderly people were looked after by their adult children), and his ability to worship in the Temple (since men with crushed testicles were not permitted to do so), so the punishment was accordingly harsh (though it can come across as Disproportionate Retribution to modern readers). Presumably, this punishment would have applied to anyone who did this, but this passage likely refers to a specific Noodle Incident.
    • Jesus in the Gospels says that there are men who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is how serious He believes men should take purity in sexual matters, whether married or single (although because the Law of Moses, with the commandments mentioned above, was still in effect at the time Jesus said this, it is not known whether this self-castration was meant to be taken literally or metaphorically-most theologians have said the latter, but the occasional man who castrated himself too has occurred).
  • In Greek Mythology:
    • When Gaia the Earth was sick of her husband Uranus the Sky (who was also her son) ramming their children back into her womb (or in other versions of the myth, eating them) because he hated and feared them, she fashioned a sickle and asked her children to avenge her. The youngest and boldest one, Cronus, then took the sickle, and castrated his father when Uranus let his guard down. Uranus then cursed them with the name "Titans", or "Over-reachers". The drops of blood grew into the Gigantes (giants), the Erinyes (Furies, goddesses of vengeance), and for some reason, the Meliai (ash-tree nymphs). The organs themselves fell into the sea and dissolved into foam, which then grew into the goddess Aphrodite.
  • Hittite Mythology: In the Kumarbi Cycle, in the process of overthrowing him, Kumarbi bites off the testicles of Anu and swallows them. However, it's a Subverted Trope. Rather than being made infertile, Anu accomplishes one last feat of fertility: those bitten off testicles impregnate Kumarbi.

  • The character Judith in Love in Hate Nation introduces herself to the main character and audience by proclaiming that she's in juvie because she "cut a guy's dick off." While at first played for laughs, it is later revealed that the man she castrated was her father, who had been sexually abusing her since seven years old.
  • Played for laughs in Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier with the thief. He lists increasingly horrifying and disgusting things that happened to him on his journey to acquire the golden scarab, but always reassuring Ja'far that they are just common idioms. That is, until he says that a salesman "chopped his dick off," and becomes offended when Ja'far starts laughing, thinking that it is another strange saying. He then reveals the horrifying bloody mess of his injury to Ja'far and walks away angrily.

    Video Games 
  • Mortal Kombat has always been full of Groin Attack's thanks to fan favorite Johnny Cage. Over the years though, they've turned from simple punches to the crotch to this trope incarnate. Starting in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, Cage had a fatality that made him use his opponent's gonads as a punching bag until their lower torso was rendered useless. Come Mortal Kombat X his daughter Cassie takes her father's unethical teachings to the extreme in her X-Ray attack, showing a realistic pair of testicles that pop yet seem to regenerate each time the move is performed. Finally, Mortal Kombat 11 turns this trope up to... well, eleven. Not just limited to the Cage family anymore, plenty of kharacters use fatal groin attacks that result in testicular ruptures. Even guest characters such as The Terminator will step on his enemy's sack, causing significant damage, and The Joker has spiked boxing gloves that he will use to crush your family jewels as well. This time it's worse too, as they don't inexplicably regenerate.
  • Mewgenics: One of the permanent injuries your cats can suffer after being downed in combat is having their nuts ripped clean off. This renders them unable to reproduce.
  • The Warriors: The wheelchair-bound Turnbull lieutenant Birdie has the habit of crushing his enemies' nuts by rolling over them.
  • Crusader Kings II: Rulers who belong to the Byzantine culture group (including, naturally, the Byzantine emperors themselves) have the option of castrating rebels, traitors, and other prisoners held in their dungeons. According to a dev, one late-game lag spike was caused by the game needing to run "can I have him castrated?" checks on behalf of every single Byzantine character with regards to every single character.
  • The otherwise extremely-detail Subsystem Damage in Dwarf Fortress lacks explicit genitals, but creatures can still be gelded in combat from a lucky (or unlucky) blow to the lower body.
  • Final Fantasy VII (and by extension Final Fantasy VII Remake): While it is never actually done, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith interrogate Sector 6's mob boss Don Corneo, threatening to cut off, rip off, and/or smash his family jewels if he doesn't tell them everything he knows about Shinra's plans. Since Corneo is a Dirty Old Man, this threat is probably more horrifying to him than straight-up death threats.
  • Total War: Warhammer III: Skarbrand's Exiles of Khorne faction have a dilemma when the influence of Slannesh, the god of perversion and obsession, has infiltrated their ranks, and the player receives two options to respond. One option is to kill on sight anyone caught having sex, and the other is to castrate your entire army.

    Web Comics 
  • On page 188 of San: Three Kingdoms Comic, Zhuge Liang gets on the receiving end of a Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs Groin Attack that makes him shrivel like a vegetable in addition to being infertile and "unable to stand up". This is actually Huang Zhong's revenge on him for tricking him during the events of the Battle of Chi Bi.
  • Tales of the Galli: The Galli are mostly ritually self-castrated eunuchs. Those who apply as novices are initially weeded out by being shown a castration clamp and told that the ritual "can be performed now".
  • Unsounded:
    • Sette stabs Starfish in the crotch when he tries to rape her.
    • In Cresce the punishment for a male rapist is to have their penis and testes cut off.
    • The Black Tongues traditionally remove their own testicles and throw them in a burning brazier as part of their induction ceremony. It's no wonder they're having trouble finding new members.

    Web Original 
  • Achievement Hunter's hosts of "Fails of the Weak" often joke about this when seeing some of the more unlucky players receiving knives to the crotch.
  • Tails Series:
    • Tails of Fame: In chapter 13, Seamus gets his penis cut off with a pair of bolt cutters.
    • Tails of the Bounty Hunter: In chapter 12, Gobor Grizzer is shot in the groin with a plasma gun, seriously mutilating his testicles and penis.
  • The Legatum series is rife with characters who end up having their groins maimed in some way, shape, or form. Notable examples include:
    • Lorko Maeliss from Smirvlak's Stone, who has his penis bitten off by Nick Corveel.
    • Trellorv's mother from Scrambled Egg, who has a heated pike inserted into her vulva.
    • Several characters from The Road to Hell..., such as Agrox (castrated off-screen), Aerotan (ovaries mutilated or cut out by Psymarr), and an orc who had his penis sliced off while he was masturbating to a slave getting raped.
  • The Darwin Awards has castration as one of the conditions for eligibility. As the awards are given to exceptionally stupid people who have weeded themselves out of the gene pool, each "winner" must either be dead or otherwise unable to reproduce and pass on their stupid genes. Most non-fatal awards typically involve castration because men are far more likely to engage in the requisite idiocy and women are far less likely to survive the requisite injuries.

    Western Animation 
  • In the short "Minister Golf" from the Tiny Toon Adventures episode, "Sports Shorts", Baby Plucky is learning how to play miniature golf, and at one point, he accidentally hits his father hard in the groin with a golf ball. After the ball goes down the hole, we get this line:
    Mr. Duck: Congratulations, Son! You're going to be an only child!
  • South Park:
    • Taken to extremes in one episode where Kenny endeavors to completely shatter his dad's testicles in order to thwart his parents' plans to have a new baby. On the other hand, in a later episode, Randy Marsh deliberately gives himself testicular cancer to get a prescription for medical marijuana, and his balls swell to the point where he can only move around by bouncing on them. He eventually has them amputated, but he's surprisingly nonchalant about it and casually mentions getting a prosthetic pair. He even has his old scrotum made into a coat for his wife, which actually makes her feel better about the situation.
    • "Ike's Wee-wee": The boys think that Ike is getting his penis cut off as part of his circumcision due to poor information, and it gets to the point of Kyle faking Ike's death and hiding him in Nebraska. They're more accepting after it's fully explained, though Stan and Cartman still faint during the ceremony.
  • Brickleberry:
    • Jake Gabowski, a former military squadmate of main character Woody Johnson, got his genitals blown off because Woody threw him at a grenade to save himself when the two served in Iraq as members of the patrol group Red Skulls. To make it worse, Woody ended up earning himself a medal for heroism for saving Gabowski from the injury he caused him. Afterwards, Gabowski began living as a woman because he found it less humiliating, and ended up becoming the Secretary of The Interior for the sole purpose of getting revenge on his former teammate. He intended to top off a Humiliation Conga he subjected Woody to, taking his job, house, and dignity, by castrating him in revenge. However, Woody admits that he deserves whatever Gabowski subjects him to, and tells him to just go through with it, leading to Gabowski sparing him over their past as soldiers. Instead he just forces Woody to have sex with him.
    • In another episode, Malloy starts to become incredibly sexually aggressive due to entering puberty (he's a bear cub), so Woody has him neutered. This not only cuts off his sexual aggression but also makes him less of a jerk, much to his frustration. After Woody is injured in a shooting, Malloy pays the doctor to castrate Woody as payback, and implant the testicles in him. Of course, thanks to Status Quo Is God, this is never referenced again.
  • Paradise PD: When he was five years old, Kevin Crawford accidentally shot his father Randall in the balls. The physical effects of the injury cost Randall his marriage and caused him to become extremely bitter and cantankerous.


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