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Captain Fancey: You're a comely wench. There's nothing to stop me forcing my attentions on you.
Harriet: Oh, promises, promises!
Captain Fancey: Whoa! Oh, get off! She's incorrigible!

Someone is about to be raped, but at the last minute, the rapist is foiled violently. This can happen in one of two ways. If the victim is particularly tough, she (or more rarely he) fights the rapist off themself. Alternatively, they will be rescued by someone else. Depending on who does the rescuing, this can fuel Bodyguard Crush or start a Rescue Romance.

Not to Be Confused with Near-Rape Experience, where the would-be rapist stops of their own free will. Distinct from Date Rape Averted in that there is no date, and the rapist must, by necessity, be stopped violently — no amount of yelling and slapping is going to work as a deterrent.

If the victim requires no time or effort to move past the assault before engaging in sex or romance with their love interest, they Got Over Rape Instantly.

It is not unknown for the would-be rapist to offer a rescuer a chance to join in (and then be shocked when it makes him/her angrier).

Popular in Fan Fiction, especially for the aforementioned Bodyguard Crush and Rescue Romance. Can result in Big Damn Heroes since Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil.

As with all Sexual Harassment and Rape Tropes, No Real Life Examples, Please! — and No Video Examples, Please!

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    Audio Plays 
  • In chapter 20 of We're Alive, after taking Lizzy captive, Tardust tries to rape her, only to be stopped by a very angry Scratch who is pissed because he's late in meeting up with the rest of the Mallers. It's only after Lizzy starts throwing up that Scratch tells Tardust that she's "off limits."

    Comic Books 
  • In Alena, a guy tries to rape Alena in the locker room before being stopped by Josefin. In the film, it's another girl who tries it as a result of the setting being an all-girls institution.
  • In All Fall Down, the super-heroine Portia experiences this in the middle of a fight when she loses her powers. Rescued by the Ghoul, she spends the rest of the book coping with the indignity of needing to be saved.
  • One of the first crimes Batman deals with once he comes back in both Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and the animated version is this, saving a woman from a man who'd just grabbed her.
  • Issue 2 of Frank Miller's RoboCop sees a guy threatening to rape a teenaged hooker after she rejects him. He doesn't do much more than take out a knife and threaten her when Murphy does a drive-by kneecapping of the punk.
  • The Great Power of Chninkel: A trio of kolds try to rape G'wel when she is a slave for speaking up before they're stopped by J'On.
  • In Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, it is strongly implied that Squee would have been molested by a man who led him into an alley, before Johnny showed up and smashes the pedophiles face in with a pipe, cuts his hand off and rips his brain out. Johnny does not like child molesters, nor rapists in general.
  • In The Metabarons, the Endoguard were fed up with the Metabarons being better than them. When they found out that Aghora — the Metabaron of the time — is a woman, they try to rape her. Besides being the greatest warrior in the universe, she also has a very loyal mutant spider-wolf. Her pet ended up eating a couple of Endoguards before the rest retreated.
  • The Punisher MAX:
    • Castle comes across a woman about to be raped by a group of thugs in an alley. He doesn't like that.
    • In the Born miniseries, this is combined with Mercy Kill when Frank shoots a female Viet Cong sniper in the head when a soldier tries to rape her.
  • In Red Robin, the celibate Tim Drake is nearly raped by Ra's al Ghul's sister after he caught the siblings' attention while searching for Bruce. Luckily Tim had kept his sister Cass involved with his plans and she saved him just in time.
  • In Return To Wonderland, Calie is fed drugged tea by the Mad Hatter. Just as the sick bastard is about to rape her, she revives and smashes his head with a vase, then breaks off a table leg and proceeds to kick the everloving crap out of him.
  • Robin (1993):
    • Ariana almost gets raped by a classmate after she agreed to go to a movie with him and a couple of other classmates and ended up in the car alone with him. Luckily, she was able to whack him in the face with a soda and flee the car, but the experience understandably traumatized her.
    • Stephanie tells Tim about a near-rape experience at the hands of one of her father's friends back when she was in elementary school that she escaped by fleeing her parent's home after learning about her father's supposed death.
  • In Rogue Trooper, when Friday is on the way to Highsight, he comes across a combat mechanic from the opposing side who is about to be gangraped by three grunts. Gaia manages to fend one off, but then Friday shoots the other two.
  • In Runaways, this happens to Karolina thanks to some Deliberate Values Dissonance while the team is temporarily sent to New York in the 1900s. She goes out for a walk during the night, and a man figures she's a prostitute (by his logic, that's the only reason a woman would be out alone at that time of night). When Karolina makes it clear she's not interested in sex, he gets angry and drags her into an alley. One panel later, he's sent flying across the street.
    Karolina: Man. History just lost one buff.
  • In the A Doll's House storyline of The Sandman (1989), Rose Walker is on the verge of being raped (and probably murdered) by a Serial Killer when she calls on Dream to save her. Dream's retribution, while not physically violent, results in sending the would-be rapist into a dream state with no indications that he will ever wake again (in fact, following the allusion in the dream itself, it's heavily implied that he may already be dead).
  • In the Golden Age Fury's origin story (in Secret Origins volume 2 #12, 1987), the Nazi soldiers that Helena Kosmatos encounters as Fury grab her and attempt to rape her when her superhuman strength kicks in and her being possessed by the spirit of Tisiphone the Blood Avenger puts an end to her assailants.
  • Miss Martian from Teen Titans was almost made into having sex with a random guy when her Superpowered Evil Side took over. Thankfully, she gained control quickly, almost killing the guy.
  • The Ultimates 3: Pyro suggests to Mastermind that they rape Valkyrie while she's unconscious. Before they can get further than Mastermind licking her face, she regains consciousness, beheads Mastermind and cuts off Pyro's hands.
  • Vampirella: After a few rapes in a park, Vampirella goes out on patrol. One almost felt sorry for the rapist... almost. The case where Mad God Chaos wants to mate with her to get some eldritch offspring may or may not count (he probably wasn't sexually interested in her) but for poor Vampi it hardly made a difference. (Luckily some female cultist who wanted that honor for herself freed her, with expectable results.)
    • In one of the various origins of Vampirella, the Earth astronauts who arrived on Drakulon attempted to rape Vampi after first killing her lover Tristan. She prevents it by biting her first attacker in the neck and draining his blood.
  • The Walking Dead: When Holly is captured by The Saviors, she is nearly raped by David while she's restrained. However, Negan walks in on them in this attempt and is disgusted, reminding David that they never rape. He kills David in front of Holly right there as punishment for breaking this rule.
  • Watchmen:
    • The Comedian attempts to rape Silk Spectre after a team meeting, only to get the crap beaten out of him by Hooded Justice.
    • Rorschach also happens upon a mugging/rape/both in progress.
      Rorshach: Sometimes the night is generous to me.
  • X-Men:
    • Storm was nearly raped as a child by a man from whom she accepted a ride but killed him with a knife.
    • Psylocke once faced an attempted rape by an alternate universe version of her brother, Captain Britain. Fortunately for her, she discovered her previously minimal Psychic Powers were considerably more formidable than she believed at that point. Unfortunately for her brother, who was trapped in the alternate universe his counterpart came from, he too faced this at the hands of villainess Sat-Yr-9, just without any ability to fight them off, adding to his growing list of never-mentioned-after rape experiences.
    • In her first appearance in New X-Men: Academy X, the mutant Dust is stuck in dust form after killing a group of men; Fantomex explains that the men tried to remove her burqa, presumably in an attempt to rape her.
    • Occurs near the end of Joss Whedon's run of Astonishing X-Men to Agent Brand. Some of the Breakworld soldiers threaten to gang-rape her, whereupon she kills them with her heretofore-only-barely-hinted-at alien superpowers.
  • X-Wing Rogue Squadron: As shown in #25, this is the reason why Soontir Fel went to the Imperial Naval Academy and became an Ace Pilot. Back when he was a Farm Boy, he very violently stopped a management's kid from raping someone, and was subsequently blackmailed into going to the academy so that he would not be there to testify at the trial. Much later, the management's kid kidnapped Fel's nephew and was shot by Fel's brother.

    Comic Strips 
  • In the old Flash Gordon comic strip, Dale Arden is frequently attacked by lecherous bad guys with obvious intentions, but Flash comes to her rescue every time, punching the villains' lights out in the process (only Vultan going down after more than one punch).
  • For Better or for Worse: When Elizabeth is almost raped by her co-worker, Howard Bunt. Anthony intervenes, then infamously uses the incident to try rekindling their relationship; rather than taking her to report the crime, he encourages her to stay silent, instead taking her to the park so he can vent about how miserable he is in his marriage. Especially how upset he is that his wife expects him to actually keep his promises to her, begging Elizabeth to "wait for me." Not to mention the implication that Lynn Johnston was playing this trope as Rape Portrayed as Redemption.

  • A Soviet-era Russian joke about Imperial-era Hussar Lt. Rzhevsky sets this up, and then averts this:
    Rzhevsky: Yesterday, I saved a lady from a rape...
    Party guest: Oh, it's so interesting, Lieutenant, do tell how you did it!
    Rzhevsky: Well, I just persuaded her...

  • He's Dedicated to Roses: This happens once to Mi-Mi. Later she convinces her delinquent boyfriend Hak-Yoon to kidnap her maid I-Da and her friends so they can gangrape I-Da and videotape it as blackmail. Neither gets away with it: Hak-Yoon is sent to jail, and Mi-Mi is soon subjected to an Humiliation Conga.

  • In the Insane Clown Posse song "Under the Moon", the narrator is sent to prison after killing a guy with his father's .45 for trying to rape the unnamed love interest of the song.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Classical Mythology:
    • A son of Poseidon named Alirrothios tried to rape a daughter of Ares named Alkippe; Ares killed him, and was subsequently put on trial by the other gods at Athens' Areopagus (hence its name). Ares was acquitted.
    • Many women in the Greek myths managed to escape their divine attackers in transformation: Daphne into a laurel, from Apollo, and Cornix into a crow, from Poseidon, for instance.
    • Atalanta was once assaulted by two Centaurs named Hylaeus and Rhoecus who wanted to rape her. This didn't end well for the Centaurs. In some versions, Atalanta killed them herself. In other versions, Meleager rescued her by killing them.
    • Two giant sons of Poseidon named Otos and Ephialtes planned to rape Artemis; she led them to an island and then arranged for each to accidentally kill the other.
    • Heracles rescued Hera from being raped by the giant Porphyrion. Out of gratitude, Hera dropped her vendetta against Heracles and befriended him.
    • A Centaur named Nessus volunteered to help carry Heracles' wife Deianira across a river, but once they were on the other side, he tried to rape her, with Heracles just on the other side of the river. Heracles killed him with an arrow soaked in Hydra blood. Nessus got the last laugh, as when he was dying, he managed to fool Deianira into thinking his blood was a love potion, but it was just his ordinary blood tainted with the Hydra blood. She eventually anointed Heracles' shirt with the blood, and when he put it on, the poison infected him and he committed suicide to be free from the pain.
    • Priapus, a minor fertility god with a disproportionately large...well, y'know, once tried to rape Hestia, the goddess of the hearth and Olympians' Team Mom, while she was asleep at a party. His attempt was thwarted when a braying donkey woke Hestia up, prompting her to scream upon seeing Priapus looming over her. Then, every single Olympian god in attendance rushed to Hestia's aid, ready to kick Priapus' ass. Wisely, Priapus opted to run off rather than face their wrath.
    • Hermes intended to rape Princess Apemosyne, but she ran away and despite Hermes specializing in Super-Speed and flight, could not catch up to her. Unfortunately, he tried again later by setting a trap. He spread freshly skinned hides along her path when she went to a spring and she slipped on them, allowing him to catch and rape her.
  • Joseph of The Bible was nearly raped by his employer Potiphar's wife, only managing to slip away by leaving her holding his coat. To add insult to injury, she then accused him of trying to rape her. Joseph is thrown into prison for this, and only gets out after he correctly interprets the Pharoah's dream.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Colt Cabana as a heel once attempted to rape Nadia Nyce in the ring to taunt then injured baby face CM Punk, who couldn't do anything to stop him. Of course this was in Ian Rotten's ECW rip-off promotion IWA: Mid-South.

  • In Darwin's Soldiers, Calchas' Cold-Blooded Torture of Shakila was seconds away from ending in rape when Dr. Shelton intervened.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Ax almost ends up raped twice by her friend Refan when his demonic side takes over. The first time she deals with Refan herself by using a Groin Attack, and the second time Shyralis saves her. She gets assaulted a third time, this time by her comrade, Sultan Khalid, who is influenced by the demoness Lust, but manages to stop Khalid in time.
  • In Survival of the Fittest version 1, Johnny Lamika ambushes and tries to rape Adam Dodd. However, before things can get too far, Adam manages to bring out his taser and fend Lamika off, before proceeding to beat him to death.

  • Be More Chill features a rare example of the male protagonist being on the receiving end of this trope. At Jake's Halloween party, Chloe attempts to seduce him, despite (and indeed because of) him being involved with her best friend, Brooke. However, Chloe is drunk while this happens, thus unable to fully consent either, so most of the blame falls on Jeremy's SQUIP, who is actively preventing him from leaving. The situation doesn't escalate due to the SQUIP's prompt incapacitation and Jake breaking into the room while yelling that he's going to kill Jeremy for (presumably) having sex with his ex-girlfriend on his parents' bed.
  • In The Lion King, the portion of the song "The Madness of King Scar" where Scar tries to seduce Nala. The scene is first played humorously, then then abruptly switches to this with Nala screaming, "Get away from me!" and finally scratching him across the face with her claws to get him to stop.
  • In Tosca, Scarpia tries to rape the heroine after forcing her to accept the original Scarpia Ultimatum. She explains to him why that was not a good idea, which involves taking a very long, very sharp knife and stabbing him to death. "Il bascia di Tosca!" (That's how Tosca kisses!)
  • In West Side Story, Anita is roughed up and nearly gang-raped by the Jets when she tries to deliver a message from Maria to Tony. This drives her to lie to them that Chino killed Maria, setting up the final tragedy of the play.

  • In the 1st book of Sagas of the Demonspawn by J.H. Brennan of GrailQuest fame. Your Barbarian Hero, Fire*Wolf, is being held in a pen of slaves. The vile slaver Baj comes into the pen to have some fun and chooses the beautiful Jaen to drag to his yurt. Fire*Wolf can choose to intervene and if he does not only does his fighting ability improve a bit, the girl's mother gives you a valuable healing artifact in gratitude and Jaen later has sex with him. If you don't stop it, Fire*Wolf feels horribly guilty and all the prisoners can hear Jaen's screaming as Baj rapes her - Fire*Wolf promises to kill Baj for what he's done.

    Video Games 
  • Assassin's Creed:
    • In Assassin's Creed, Altair can save women in the streets who are being harassed by gangs of armed thugs who are threatening and groping them. Though it's never exactly stated what they intended to do, the rescued citizens indicate just what they believe the thugs were planning. If you bother listening to the guards chatter, they are accusing the women of stealing from someone in front of them. Whether that's an excuse or not is not known.
    • In the sequel, when Vieri de Pazzi ambushes Ezio and his family outside Monterigionni, he says that "I have such things planned for your mother and sister!" He doesn't outright say it, but its very clear what he's going to do. Fortunately, Ezio quickly introduces Vieri's goons to his hidden blade, and then Uncle Mario crashes the party.
      • If it wasn't outright clear in the second game, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood makes it evident that Vieri would have done such a thing, as during a flashback to Ezio's pre-Assassin life, he tries to rape Cristina Vespucci when she returns home, after having rejected his advances so often. Luckily, Ezio comes along and sends him running, after giving him a nice beating.
  • DanMachi Memoria Freese: Hitachi Chigusa finds herself on the receiving end of one from a group of goblins soon after she and her friend Kashima Ouka wind up in Goblin Slayer's world during the crossover campaign Dungeon and Goblins. Fortunately, Ouka was able to cut them down before they could do much damage to her clothes. Ouka also saves Amid Teasanare, Noble Fencer, and Sword Maiden from this at the hands of another group as well.
  • Dragon Age:
    • Dragon Age: Origins gives you two different ways to stop this at the hands of Bann Vaughan Kendalls and his men in the City Elf origin: Breaking into the castle as a male in order to save the kidnapped women or grabbing a weapon from a guard and start gutting them as a female. Not so "attempted" for your best friend Shianni.
    • In Dragon Age II's "Dissent" quest, you're out to stop Ser Alrik from using the Rite of Tranquility on a young runaway female mage with which he intends to use as a potential Sex Slave. In the quest "Who Needs Rescuing", a young girl was protected from a group of would-be gang rapists by Feynriel, who uses his Fade powers to kill her assailants while they were still awake.
  • In FEAR 2: Project Origin, the plot indicates that Alma is trying to "consume" Becket whenever she attacks him hand-to-hand, because of the psychic signal he emits. In reality, though, Alma was trying to rape him, as shown in the final cutscene after she apparently succeeds, and is pregnant with Becket's child.
  • Gingiva has a number of monsters who will ask for your hand in marriage. If you refuse, they will shout things like "Strip now!" before initiating combat with you.
  • In Haunting Ground, the homunculous Riccardo wants to rape and impregnate his "niece" Fiona Belli. He's too scared of her dog friend Hewie to fight her until he's too desperate and has to try. But if he should successfully assassinate Hewie in a pivotal moment, he'll go after Fiona and succeed...
  • The Last of Us: Towards the end of the game, David tries to force himself on Ellie and gets a fatal case of machete in the face for his troubles. Even earlier than that, it's made clear he's initially interested in Ellie for physically intimate reasons, which is the first time his Affably Evil façade cracks before a full out Villainous Breakdown.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky: During the raid on his hometown of Hamel in his backstory, Joshua's sister was pushed down by Jeagers and died, before the child Joshua ended up shooting the assailant dead. The whole ordeal left the young boy mentally shattered despite Loewe's care, and vulnerable to indoctrination into a shady organization. Doubles as a Cynicism Catalyst, and it spurred protectiveness of his adoptive sister Estelle. The whole sequence of events are expounded upon in the Manga Trails in the Sky Side Story: Loewe's Tale.
  • During LISA: The Joyful, Buddy ends up on the wrong end of this trope when Bolo Bugautiichi ends up capturing Rando and dangling him over a pit by some barbed wire, forcing Buddy to hold on to him while Bolo, "reaps his reward". Rando tells Buddy to drop him and fight Bolo, but it’s possible to hold on despite his demands. Doing this has Bolo move in and unzip his pants as the camera pans offscreen, only for Yado to command Sweetheart to tear Bolo in half before he can rape Buddy.
  • In the backstory to Makai Kingdom, we learn that Seedle and Salome were once human adventurers working together as part of a party. Seedle had the hots for Salome, but she didn't reciprocate, leading to him trying to force himself upon her at one point. She manages to stab him to death, but the rest of the party refused to hear her out and had her Burned At The Stake for killing a "noble samurai". Now the ruler of the Underworld, Seedle foils an attempt to revive Salome in the game's True Ending, implying he plans to succeed where he failed as a human. Alexander, Zetta's rival who had a one-track mind of settling said rivalry, upon hearing of Seedle's plans, outright annuls his rivalry to beat the piss out of Seedle, presumably killing him.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Quiet ends up captured by the Soviets late in the story. One of her captors tries to have his way with her, and while she's initially unable to fight back because her prisoner getup is preventing her from breathing through her skin as normal, she's able to quickly turn the tables after her would-be rapist (seemingly) renders her unconscious and removes her pants.
  • Among the reasons why Metro: Last Light's rating is so high is the inclusion of a scene in which two bandits try to force themselves upon a captive refugee woman. Thankfully, you can save the woman by knocking out or killing the bandits and earn a moral point in the process, but if you're too slow, they accidentally kill her.
  • Peret em Heru: For the Prisoners: Upon learning the Dark Secret of one of the women accompanying his tour group, Soji Mizumi immediately starts trying to Blackmail her into having sex with him, while bragging about how this isn't the first time he's taken advantage of someone. The creep's so single-minded that when a figure appears to judge him, he attempts to force himself onto her as well, leading to some heavy Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Happens to your adoptive daughter in Princess Maker 2, if she loses her duels with the bandits (be the two males or the single female) in the Adventure routes. Cube arrives in time to drive them away and take the injured girl back home, though.
  • Skies of Arcadia: Played for laughs, when Vigoro corners Aika in her cell, while she and her friends are being held at the Grand Fortress. By the tim Vyse and Gilder make their timely arrival, he's snuggling up against Aika's leg while she's clinging to the bars of her cell window.
  • Tomb Raider: Early in the game Lara is captured by a gang of mooks. After being recaptured by their leader following an escape attempt, he starts to paw her with this in mind. Lara fights back and blows his head off during the struggle for her first human kill. However if the player fails the Quick Time Event there's no actual rape and the scene ends with the mook strangling her or (after they begin fighting over the gun) shooting her through the head instead.
  • In Wadanohara, a flashback reveals that Sal tried to rape Wadanohara herself after tricking her to coming into a wave alone with him in a very uncomfortable and drawn out scene. Thankfully, this is prevented by Samekichi.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Atlach=Nacha, Kanako is attacked by three delinquent students who try to rape her. Hatsune arrives at the place where they're attacking her. Hatsune also happens to be a Giant Spider in human form and is hungry...
  • In ATOM GRRRL!!, Jessica and Big E meet after Jessica saves Big E from being raped by a mafia member.
  • Subverted near the end of Double Homework. Dennis appears like he’s about to force himself on Johanna, and the protagonist throws out of a window. However, when he questions Johanna, it turns out that Dennis blackmailed her into helping him prank the protagonist.
  • Fate/stay night, "Unlimited Blade Works" route, Shinji tries to rape Rin. Lancer stabs him into submission. Twice.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry:
    • Those three boys who Rena beat with a bat, had attempted to rape her in her backstory. That also may have been one of the things that tempted her to suicide. Well, the boys might have tried to rape her. On the other hand, it might be that her Hinamizawa Syndrome made her think they were trying to rape her, and the boys refuse to testify against her because she scares the living crap out of them, rather than because they're guilty..
    • When Shion is consumed by the Hate Plague, it's implied she's going to do this to Keichii before torturing and killing him. The arrival of a police search party on her family grounds cuts the attempt short. These implications are only in the anime, not the manga or sound novels.
  • In Ginnosuke Oguri's route of In Your Arms Tonight, Ai Yashima drugs the protagonist and sets her up to be raped, but Ginnosuke arrives before it goes very far.
  • In the Dating Sim True Love Junai Monogatari, the player must have the PC save one of his prospect love interests ( the local Fiery Redhead) from a rapist if they want him to score either with her or with their beautiful teacher.
  • In Tsukihime, Shiki attempts to rape Arcueid due to a brief bout of insanity, brought on in part by the combination of an unexpected surge of his natural monster-slaying instincts and the attraction and growing affection for her that he's been trying to avoid up to that point. Though, unlike Shinji, he is the protagonist so you do have the option to succeed. However, going through with it will get Shiki killed by her later due to her own brief bout of vampiric insanity.
    • And later on in Ciel's route, Shiki is trying not to give in to his rising urges after having supposedly killed Roa so that he doesn't become both a killer AND the next Roa. One of these moments that may happen is that Shiki must do everything in his power to make sure he doesn't rape Kohaku when she comes to see him in his room. If Shiki does go through with this, he and Ciel fight each other late that night in his school and he eventually dies by her blade. The kicker? In the following 'Please Teach Me, Ciel-sensei!', Nrvnsqr Chaos pops in and says that you must not kill, cheat nor rape so that Shiki doesn't fall to his urges and ends up killed.
  • In War: 13th Day, the clan of the Valkyrie see men as lust objects, and they aren't above conquering them in battle, sexually or not. When Wildfire starts getting serious about Chase, her best friend, Brooks, pins down the boy and prepares to rape him. The player can have Wildfire join it or stop it.
    • Grant also threatens to take Wildfire by force if she loses to him. He isn't successful.
  • Kanna's route in YU-NO has her nearly raped by the detestable Houjou. However, the protagonist notes that as scummy as Houjou is, it's simply not in his character to do something that bad. It raises questions as to what exactly is going on and why he was trying in the first place.

    Web Animation 
  • Etra chan saw it!: In this chapter, Yuri was about to be sexually assaulted by the loan shark Akamatsu to pay her mother's debts. However, Karin steps in and kicks him before he could actually harm Yuri.
  • In the Manga Soprano episode A Delinquent Group Ambushed Me and My Love On The Beach But I Am The Strongest Student. [sic], a group of delinquents take Kanade away to a dark place at the beach. Thankfully, Alto shows up before the leader could have his way with her and scares them all off with his "Silver Devil" persona.
  • Manga-Waido:
    • Mariko narrowly escaped from a playboy who attempted to rape her at a matchmaking party, albeit traumatized by the ordeal and unwilling to go to school. Turns out Miki planned the rape to punish her for trying to expose her bullying to John.
    • Nomura tries to take Amane to a hotel, unfortunately for him, he is easily knocked down by Amane due to her skill in martial arts, despite her appearance.
  • MoniRobo:
    • "I saved my sadistic boss, also my secret crush, from being assaulted, and then…" - Frustrated with Reika not returning his affections and picking Hotaru over him, Mr. Mizobe lured her out into a back alley in an attempt to rape her. Thankfully, Hotaru shows up in the nick of time and foils the attempt, restraining him in the process. As a result, Reika calls the cops on him and Mizobe is sentenced to a year in prison and gets fired for attempted rape.
    • "My twin sister tried to steal my husband…": Frustrated with not getting a rich guy at her twin sister Tomoka's wedding, Honoka decided to impersonate her and steal her husband, dragging the poor guy into the bed and trying to have her way with him. When Tomoka found out, she cut ties with both her and her parents, who spoiled Honoka since she was a child.
    • "My little sister ruined the contracts I had with a client...": Miyuki entered a business meeting at Robo Robo Tradings' HQ to rape its manager, Riku, into picking her instead of her older stepsister Mizuna. However, his father not only caught her in the act and got mad at her, but ended all contracts with MoniRobo Trading Company in response and Mizuna threatened to fire her for her trouble. While Miyuki gloated that her dad wouldn't allow it as head of Moni Moni Construction, it gets cut short when Mizuna reveals the man was fired from both said company and RRT for the incident.

  • Close call in Bittersweet Candy Bowl when a mugger attacks Lucy. It doesn't go too well for him.
  • In Bob and George, Protoman fears this is a possibility. Fortunately the Author is too drunk.
  • In Endstone, what Cole was dealing with when she rocked the Banestone.
  • Evon has two attempted rapes in a row, both stopped when someone more powerful turns up.
  • In a General Protection Fault storyline, Ki reveals that the reason she broke up with her former fiancé Sam was because when she went to have sex with him, and was unable to go through with it, he tried to rape her, but she fled and Fooker fended him off. He tried to apologize, but she told him that what he did was unforgivable, and returned his ring.
  • The Hazbin Hotel prequel comic A Day in the Afterlife has Alastor brutally murder (and then devour) a butcher for attempting to rape a female customer.
    Alastor: You know, I do really hate those who can't show a little more respect to those of fairer means. It's rather distasteful, LIKE BAD MEAT.
  • In Kagerou, James/Red is a rapist, and the first time he's foiled it results in his death (the victim shot him). Later, he's foiled again when he attempts to rape Fuuka.
  • Almost happens to Ash and Missi in Misfile. Fortunately, Logan happens upon the scene and manages to scare the two men off.
  • In Mayonaka Densha, when the Baker Street Irregulars get caught by the husband of the woman they are investigating snooping around their house, he offers to let them go but only if Hatsune pays him physically. Hatsune punches him in the face and runs, but later he tracks the Irregulars down and tries to rape her again, only to be stopped by Tom.
    • Almost happens to Constance, but her attacker is thwarted by Hatsune knocking him over the head with a chair.
  • MegaTokyo: Invoked — No need to ask Ping what she would do if someone tried to rape her.
  • In Out-of-Placers, Brakka intends to rape Kass after kidnapping her. Fortunately, Elim comes to the rescue before he can begin doing anything.
  • In Spinnerette, a pair of drunken frat boys jump the newly-empowered Heather and get their hindquarters handed to them. Subverted, they only wanted to scare her.
    Frat Boy: We're not rapists, we're merely douchebags!
  • In Thistil Mistil Kistil, Hedda is fleeing her planned ritual rape and sacrifice, to be burried with the man who owned her.
  • Unsounded:
    • Starfish finds Sette when Stockyard has her restrained to keep her from messing up his plans and starts lifting her shirt to undress and rape her. Stockyard enters his office to the scene and physically tosses Starfish out, who flees like the coward he is when faced with an opponent who isn't a child or already dying.
    • Sette thwarts Starfish's second attempt to rape her by stabbing him in the groin with her hidden knife, after making him think she was going to try and slash him with the knife on the floor.
    • Bugaboo snaps Elleri's neck when the soldier pins Ilia against a wall and lowers his trousers to rape her.
  • In When She Was Bad, a flashback to Gail's high school days reveals that a gang leader saved her from being raped by the quarterback of the football team. The would-be rapist was Amber's boyfriend at the time, which is one of the factors contributing to Gail's hatred of Amber.

    Web Original 
  • Halo 2 ARG I Love Bees has its Action Girl protagonist Jan fight off a guy trying to rape a woman as a gang initiation test.
  • Receiver of Many has a rare female-on-male example. Minthe tries to force herself on Hades and make this seem like he was willing, in order to paint him as unfaithful in Persephone's eyes. She poisons his nectar with ergot, which makes him unable to fight back and uses the golden arrow she stole to force his body to react with arousal against his will. Fortunately for Hades, Persephone gets there in time to save him.
  • Tails of the Bounty Hunter has Stollar nearly getting raped in the bathroom by Gobor Grizzer in chapter 10. The only reason why he stops is because someone interrupted him and he nearly got caught pulling Stollar's pants down.
  • Whateley Universe example: Nex, the mutant ninja assassin at Whateley Academy beats up Fey, and when she fights back, decides to move up to rape and murder. He gets stalled by Stalwart, who's an annoying inventor who has been following Fey around, and he rips Stalwart apart. Fey then has time to heal herself and use her magic to kick ninja ass. Stalwart gets a Rescue Romance out of the deal.
  • Winchester :While rescuing the population of Cumberland Forge from slavers, Farrah is forced into a desperate fight with the slaver band's leader, who attempts to force himself upon her from a combination of spite and a desire to get some pleasure before he's inevitably killed. Thankfully, Farrah rather lethally cuts the attempt short.

    Web Videos 
  • AFK: A male gamer tries to rape Steven, but Jack stabs him in the back.
  • This is played for laughs in "Ask That Guy Violates Ma-Ti", where Ma-ti knocks Ask That Guy unconscious. He proceeds to rape Ask That Guy, because apparently the viewers are there to watch someone get raped.
  • Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls: In Episodes 2 and 3, Kidnapper-kun attempts to take Hitoshi away to his "secret place" so they can "have some fun". Raku and Koneko foil this attempt and save Hitoshi.

    Western Animation 
  • Betty Boop was a victim of this quite often and one of the most known examples is in the cartoon short Boop-Oop-a-Doop. In this cartoon, Betty is a circus performer who is lusted after by the Ringmaster. At night, the Ringmaster accosts her in her tent and threatens to rape her until Koko the Clown comes in to rescue her. A daring plot for a cartoon made in 1932, a supposedly "purer" time. Only "The Old Man of the Mountain" may be more explicit than this.
  • This has happened not once, but twice on Kaeloo. And they say it's a kids' show.
  • In The Legend of Calamity Jane, it's discovered in a flashback that this was what led to Jane's first kill; she shot a man trying to rape her as a teen.
  • The early Looney Tunes Bosko's Knight-Mare has Honey abducted by the villainous Black Knight. He carries her to his castle and actually gets her down onto the bed before our hero intervenes. (It's even more amazing when you realize that our hero and his girl are African-American and the Black Knight is... er, White.) Maybe it helped that it was all a dream.
  • Happens twice to Tommy in Mr. Pickles. First by a group of pedophiles while he's asleep who get slaughtered by the titular dog, then in a later episode when two bullies almost sodomize him with vibrators after seeing their mother do it to their father. Mr. Pickles nearly kills them until Tommy's mother arrives and stops them.
  • Nearly every Popeye cartoon features Bluto/Brutus attempting to rape Olive Oyl towards the end, with the eponymous hero downing a can o' spinach to always save the day in the nick of time. Bluto/Brutus has to be the most prominent serial attempted rapist in popular fiction, making all the times Popeye socks the fat bastard to the moon look like he got off easy.
  • This happens quite occasionally on Rick and Morty, and, unlike most Black Comedy in general, none of it is ever played for laughs. Ever. The most terrifying example, however, happens in the episode, "Meeseeks and Destroy", when a child molester attacks Morty in a public bathroom, leaving the poor kid completely traumatized as soon as he (violently) escapes. And Rick gets homicidally angry as soon as he puts 2 and 2 together.
  • In the first season of Todd McFarlane's Spawn the eponymous hero tries and succeeds Just in Time to stop a serial pedophile from making a little girl his latest victim.
  • In the Young Justice (2010) episode "Secrets", during Artemis and Zatanna's night out in New York, a female jogger is jumped under a bridge by a trio of unseemly looking guys. Zatanna magically lifts her in the air while Artemis beats the crap out of them. When asked if it was a little overboard, Arty replies "they had it coming!"