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No, nothing at all.
"I don't want to be your sex object,
Show some feeling and respect
I don't want to be your sex object,
You turn me on, then you forget"
Kraftwerk, "Sex Object"

Kind of the kinky older sibling to the Love Interest. A lust object is a character who is actively lusted over by another.

While a character thinks about holding their Love Interest's hand, and shows a Luminescent Blush in their presence, he or she will regard a lust object with dreams of improbably risqué situations, and more often than not, The Nosebleed.

It's possible for a Love Interest to also be a lust object. However, this is usually not the case, as a lust object is rarely regarded as anything other than that — an object to lust over.

Note: A character who simply thinks "sexy" thoughts about their Love Interest is not regarding them as a Lust Object.

For a character to be a lust object, they must be thought of as "objects" to fulfill the sexual or proto-sexual desires of the luster, outside of (or in addition to) any romantic feelings. A good indicator is whether or not the Object speaks during the waking wet-dream. If they don't, or if they only use "stock" sex-scene phrases, they're probably a lust object. If they hold a conversation, or even just speak in coherent sentences, they are probably closer to a Love Interest.

They are often the object of a Stalker with a Crush. A guy who is Mr. Fanservice or a girl who is Ms. Fanservice is almost always this, on both sides of the Fourth Wall.

Compare Head-Turning Beauty for when the character is a lust object to everyone, usually Played for Laughs. Eating the Eye Candy is one way for a character to dwell on their lust object, while Male Gaze/Female Gaze is a way for the author/artist to emphasize that the Object is being fetishized.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • 7 Seeds has Botan be one to Semimaru. He finds her physically very attractive and even asks her to sleep with him, just once. With Botan also being The Tease, she doesn't seem to try to stump his desire.
  • In Ai Kora, all of the girls are this in Hachibei's eyes. Although the obsession on his part can seem to border on love (and in at least one case it leads to romance, or at least a Love Epiphany), it's really just him lusting over their various "parts".
  • Moe from Asteroid in Love has a barely controlled lust over Ao: Moe has sniffed Ao or her belongings, or declared wanting to do so, multiple times, not to mention her response to Ao's having to move away is to elope with her. However, all of these are Played for Laughs.
  • Ryota Murakami from Brynhildr in the Darkness is friends with several girls. At least two of them, Kazuki and Hatsuna, never miss an opportunity to say they want to go to bed with him.
  • Don't Meddle with My Daughter!:
    • Athena's a superheroine, who retired because hardly anyone could keep their eyes, or their hands, off her body. 20 years later, she's a single mom who nearly everyone wants to fuck; including her own 17 year old daughter!
    • Point Blank declared himself Athena's sworn enemy after she defeated him. But it didn't stop him from banging her both times he was given the opportunity (chapters 11 and 12).note 
    • By "Amazing Eighth Wonder Vol.2", Clara and her best friend Mei have the developed the hots for each other. They're shown having lunch at a cafe, while sharing almost the exact same fantasy about Mei giving it up to Clara.
  • Girls Bravo: Though Kirie's 16, she's already stacked and has a killer bod. So much so, that one episode showed she can't even walk down the street without being mobbed by middle-aged men asking her out; much to her chagrin. Not to mention, Fukuyama, Kosame, and Hijiri, all want to get into her pants—with Kosame being the most persistent and the one who comes closest to succeeding. She even manages to steal Kirie's First Kiss.
  • In Great Pretender, Laurent flirts openly with all his teammates, but noticeably favors the protagonist Makoto. Offhand comments from his other teammates, Abbie and Cynthia, suggest they think he's lusting after Makoto: Abbie implies that Makoto was Hired for His Looks and Cynthia outright calls him "Laurent's favorite", but Laurent never openly explains himself.
  • Highschool of the Dead: Shizuka, Saeko, and Saya all are prime examples:
    • Shizuka's age (27) has done nothing to detract from her sex appeal. Takashi's deceased friend, Imamura, said she was hot specifically because she was an older woman. Both Takashi and Hirano have also been aroused by her, and Shimada paused long enough to compliment her on her body before attempting to rape her.
    • The anime plays up Takashi's attraction to Saeko far more than the manga does. Such as when he first sees her in nothing but an apron and a thong, in episode 6, and slips up twice while staring at her breasts. While the "Drifters of the Dead" OVA cranks the UST up, by having him hallucinate about her throwing herself at him, then spending the night having sex with her. It narrowly avoids being hentai by fading to black, just as they get started.
    • Saya proves Nerds Are Sexy by having Hirano crushing on her and wanting to get into her hot pants. In the "Drifters of the Dead" OVA, he even winds up humping a broomstick, while hallucinating that he was banging her.
      • The bonus story at the end of chapter 23 revealed that Takashi's other friend, Morita,note  also wanted to tap it. He spends an entire page talking about how hot Saya is and made special note of her breasts, which he said were like a bikini model's.
  • Lupin III: Fujiko is anime's original Femme Fatale. While it's no secret how Lupin feels about her, he isn't the only one—as her clients, her enemies, businessmen, and even Inspector Zenigata, have all wanted to hit it.note  So have other women. In The Columbus Files, Rozaria asked Lupin if they could "share" her. While she was joking at the time, her attachment to Fujiko implied she may have meant it.
  • Maken-ki!:
    • Despite being semi-flatchested, Himegami is considered one of the hottest girls at the academy. Her fanclub repeatedly goes on about how much they love her body, including her "itty-bitty titties". Takeru paused during an important battle, just to look at her ass, when he noticed the back of her skirt was torn. And between omake chapters 61.5 and 66.5, Usui had two separate wet dreams about her, which each ended with him dry humping his mattress afterward.
      • She clearly inherited it from her mother, Yatsuno aka, Yamato no Orochi, because her father couldn't take his eyes off her body and made no attempt to hide what he was thinking.
    • Aki is the school nurse, who's popular with the vast majority of the male students at Tenbi, because of her K-Cup breasts. They'll even fake sickness and injury just for the chance to ogle her.
    • Both Takeru and Uruchi have the hots for Haruko. The latter openly fangasms over her, to the point that Uruchi is canonically gay for her.
  • Queen's Blade presents a lesbian incest example, which has Elina lusting after her two older sisters: Leina and Claudette:
    • The series does everything short of outright stating that Elina wants to scissor Leina, who's well aware of her younger sister's lust for her. As they grew older, Leina began to see her advances as improper and was put-off by it; which was part of the reason she eventually ran away from home. Oddly enough, she still indulges Elina on occasion, such as the 9th episode of season 2, where Leina spent the night spooning with her, in the nude.
    • To a lesser extent, Elina secretly desires her eldest sister as well, but hides these feelings due to her attraction to Leina. Though chapter 20 of "Hide & Seek" showed her drooling while fantasizing about cuddling in bed with Claudette. Eight chapters later, she learned that the feeling was mutual and that Leina supported the idea of her and Claudette being together.
  • Shimoneta: Anna's had it bad for Tanukichi ever since he accidentally kissed her, which set off her pent-up hormones like an "ON" switch. Since then, she hasn't been shy about what she wants from him, from mailing him envelopes filled with her vaginal fluid, to trying to rape him near the end of episode 4.
  • So, I Can't Play H!:
    • For Ryosuke, Lisara fuels his fetishes because she epitomizes all four of his favorite kinksnote . In the first episode, she knocks him down after catching him trying to peep on her in the furo. Instead of getting up, he takes the opportunity to stare up her shirt and compliments the shapeliness of her legs. But she shuts him up when he also says he can see her "red threads" (i.e. her pubic hair)!
    • All the male students at Momozono High have the hots for Iria, because she's a blonde babe with a bangin' hot bod. Which is also the reason the Merlot Insurance company features her in all of their ads - while wearing string bikinis.
  • Star Ocean: Till the End of Time: In the manga adaptation, Nel must be the hottest woman on Elicoor II, since just about anyone she meets either hits on her, or tries to rape her.
    • Cliff repeatedly looks up her skirt and hits on her every chance he gets. At one point, he flat-out out told her that he wanted to sleep with her.
    • She was nearly raped twice, while trying to rescue her two subordinates, Tynave and Farleen, from the Kirlsa Training Facility. She escaped the first one on her own, but got cornered again moments later and would've been gangraped, had Fayt and Cliff not been there.
    • Roger has the hots for her too and grabs her butt the moment she releases him from his cage. From then on, he addresses her as, "Onee-sama" and does whatever she says question.
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil: Inverted example. The light novel explains that Chisato's hidden desire is to become her 17-year old nephew, Basara's Sex Slave, She eventually gets her wish during the final volume after Basara spends an entire "year" repeatedly having sex with her to make her submit to him. When he finally succeeds, the novel says Chisato derives sexual gratification from knowing she's his property and that she now exists solely for his pleasure.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Mutsuki is a Covered in Scars trans male (pre op) who attracts the sexual interest of Serial Killer Torso to the point of masturbation and sexual assault. He feels he is Entitled to Have You in regards to Mutsuki and misgenders him as a female Lust Object.
  • Rito from To Love Ru is a male example. All the girls love him, but some of them have also a sexual desire. Especially Momo. She often sneaks into his room and enjoys it when he "plays" with her body while he is sleeping.
  • In Words Worth, King Fabris became obsessed with Sharon after seeing her in battle and plainly told his military advisor that he wanted to f*ck her. In the following episode, he tried to make good on it, by engaging her the moment she arrived on the battlefield. At the end of their duel, he pinned her to the ground and tried to rape her on the spot, but was foiled by her fiance's (Prince Astral) timely arrival.

    Comic Books 
  • Pretty much the whole point of Druuna. She exists to be the subject of other characters' lust-filled fantasies and is an Ethical Slut.
  • Gen¹³ has the team's leader Caitlin Fairchild as one of these for her teammates Sarah and Grunge, while Sarah herself is seen as this by her teammate Bobby and the aforementioned Grunge.
  • Nightwing: Dick Grayson is subjected to some ridiculously lewd greetings in universe, has had people name his butt cheeks and, unfortunately, been raped twice by women who didn't see anything wrong with taking what they wanted from him.
  • Sin City has Nancy the stripper. She's the favored "performer" in Kadie's Bar but her main luster is the Sociopathic Hero Marv. It's likely that he is in love with her but isn't fully aware of it.
  • Spider-Man: Mary Jane Watson and Black Cat pretty much fall into this, due to them being among the most beautiful women in all of Marvel. In Mary Jane's case, it's a lot darker due to her attracting stalkers. With Black Cat, it's a bisexual case, with a wide range of male suitors and female lovers she's dated.

    Fan Works 
  • Ben 10: Almost everything shipping related to Ben Tennyson will involve him getting it on with his cousin, Gwen. H-art and fan made videos portray them as being perpetually horny for each other, which Gwen usually encourages and initiates.
  • Eden, by Obsessmuch: Hermione Granger becomes the target of Lucius Malfoy's lust. He gives in and rapes her.
  • Life Is Strange: Shippers and H-artists alike seem convinced that Max must be the hottest girl in Arcadia Bay, because they've had the entire main cast bang her multiple times in numerous H-vids and Rule 34 art. She's also a favorite for crossover shipping, so even those such as Ellie, Lara Croft, and various self-insert OCs have had turns with her.
  • Mandie's New Target: For all her talk about love, Princess Mandie's feelings for Danny Phantom are more lust than anything else. She cares nothing for his emotional wellbeing or how he rejects her, only that he's powerful and attractive, not to mention she wants to have at least 5 children with him. Despite finding her attractive, Danny makes it clear he has no desire to father a future dictator's children for her to corrupt.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: In fanfiction, Hilde Schbeiker was often portrayed as being so kinky and desirable that all the Gundam pilots wanted to bang her; including Zechs. The lemon section of the DxH Addiction site was divided between stories about Hilde having sex with her boyfriend, Duo Maxwell, while the other half was reserved for stories about the other pilots either seducing her, or being seduced by her.
  • In A Slap On Titan, Mikasa is this for the boys (and a few girls) of her corps, partly for her powerful demeanor and partly because she's a half-Asian in a group full of race fetishists.
  • In Sword Art Online Abridged, Suguha as her "Princess Leafa" persona is this to Salamander players in Alfheim Online, as they roleplay an I Have You Now, My Pretty scenario. Even after Kirito shows up and drives the Salamanders off, they promise they won't be deterred.
    General PantySmasher: Know this: the Salamanders cannot be stopped. And we shall not rest until we have. Dat. Booty.
  • These Grey Skies: Gogo has been absolutely obsessed with having Hiro as a sexual partner ever since she met him, even though she was genuinely in love with, and dating, Tadashi long before she met Hiro.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Ajnabee: Despite being loyal to his wife, Raj can't help but feel attracted to Sonia, to the point both she and Vicky call him out on how often he's Eating the Eye Candy.
  • Stifler's Mom from American Pie, since while the other boys tend to find relationships, she and Finch only ever seem to have sex once and then that's it.
  • Citizen Elliot in Exit to Eden is this for Mistress Lisa. She's drawn him because she has a thing for his butt which is we learn is her favorite male body part (which she fondles) just before his spanking:
    Lisa: You know how some men like women's legs, some like big breasts, some like long hair? Know what I like? I like butts. Men's beautiful behinds. You know what I like to do to gorgeous butts? I like to squeeze them, pinch them and caress them.
  • Linda from Fast Times at Ridgemont High is this for Brad. In perhaps the most famous scene in the film, Brad masturbates while fantasizing about Linda emerging from the pool and taking off her top ... until he is interrupted by the very object of his lust.
  • A parody of Mystique in Epic Movie is this for the main character Peter. He seems to only be interested in her for how hot she is. Near the beginning of the film, Peter imagines her dancing sexily and seductively for him, putting her arms behind her head, showing off her breasts and booty, swaying her hips, and even squeezing her boobs. He attempts to ask her out for the homecoming dance simply to have sex with her. He is rejected initially, but after it's revealed he's going to be the king of Gnarnia, she thinks he's so hot and drags him into a tent intending to have sex with him. She mainly talks seductively, asking what she should shapeshift into as she's a shapeshifter. He requests mainly superficial stuff such as bigger boobs and a larger ass...also a monobrow and for her to have a fat flabby grandma body type, which turns him on. She then has his way with him. Even if his requests are...unconventional, it's clear he's not into her for her personality...
  • Freddy vs. Jason: Lori Campbell is still in love with her old boyfriend Will and Linderman has a clear and innocent crush on her, but two other men have less than affectionate interests in her. Blake clearly has a sexual interest and Lori doesn't reciprocate. Freddy Krueger, meanwhile, attempts to satisfy himself with her in non-consensual ways, from forcefully kissing her with tongue to potentially rape her at the end before killing her.

  • In A Brother's Price, Jerin Whistler to lots of women. Justified in that he is a very beautiful man in a world where men are so rare that one who has all his own teeth and no deformations might be considered handsome. The non-related women who don't lust after him warn him to not go out unveiled in public, as other women might not be so decent.
  • In Cloud of Sparrows, every section told from Zephaniah's point of view keeps mentioning how much he wants to shag Emily.
  • In the Dresden Files universe, the White Court of vampires have Raith House. All vampires of said house derive nourishment from sexual energy. Therefore they are often lust objects for anyone within close range, particularly when they are hungry. One of them, Thomas, is described as having looks which put any male model to shame, and Harry routinely notices both men and women turning to watch him walk past.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Famed as the World's Most Beautiful Woman, Daenerys Targaryen is specifically mentioned as being lusted after by her long-time adviser Jorah Mormont, Illyrio Mopatis, her own brother Viserys, and sellswords Mero, the Titan's Bastard, and Daario Naharis—not to mention two Ironborns who've never actually seen her. Daario appears to have gone over to her side mostly out of a desire to bed her. It should be noted that Daenerys is only 13 at the start of the series, although a few years pass over the course of the books, and George RR Martin has noted he would go back and age the characters up to be more inline with their television counterparts, given the chance.
    • Daario is a Lust Object for Daenerys too—though he progresses into a Love Interest over time.
  • Skippy Dies: Carl has a lot of disturbing sexual fantasies about Lori. His "relationship" with her mostly consists of him pressuring her to sleep with him and exchanging drugs for handjobs.
  • The Fragility of Bodies: Verónica is this to many of the male characters, whenever they get a POV segment of a man thinking about her, they're also often lusting or fantasizing about her. This includes the doorman to her building and even a priest.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Peter Serafinowicz's character on Black Books was this for Fran. It's made clear that he's a self-important arsehole whom Fran can't stand, but it doesn't stop her spending half the episode literally masturbating to the sound of his voice.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Spike's infatuation with Buffy seems to initially present itself as this, since mostly manifests as sexual fantasies at first. However, by "Intervention", it's clear his feelings are indeed deeper than simple lust, as he endures hours of interrogative torture from a hellgod just because he knew giving up the information said hellgod was looking for would hurt Buffy profoundly.
    • Likewise, Buffy insists she only views Spike as this during their season 6 Destructive Romance, but admits by the end of the season she at some point did develop some feelings for him—even if those feelings weren't the unconditional love Spike wanted from her.
  • Bob Sorenson became this for Kris in the "Toni's Boys" episode of Charlie's Angels when he took his shirt off.
  • In series 5 of Doctor Who, the Doctor is this for Amy Pond—she even says as much herself when he tries to rebuff her advances by pointing out that their age difference makes them incompatible. This is in sharp contrast to the emotion-based crushes Rose and Martha had on him. She gets over it halfway through the season, after her actual love for her fiance Rory is tested.
    • Lady Cassandra ends up idealizing Rose like this in "New Earth" despite recognizing Rose as a pure-blooded human like her, Cassandra mostly possesses Rose later on as part of her revenge plot. But after studying her new figure Cassandra praises Rose's looks and becomes drunk on her new sex appeal, spending the rest of the episode being distracted by her own figure.
  • The titular Galavant may qualify as this, as shots and/or scenes of him shirtless tend to display an awareness that viewers definitely really enjoy seeing him half-naked. Exaggerated during this number from the season two premiere.
  • Penny in The Big Bang Theory is this for Leonard, who spends the entire first season making Puppy-Dog Eyes at her because he was too shy to get beyond a casual conversation. She eventually grew out of that role not just because they have a Relationship Upgrade but that the series implemented a mild version of Wanting Is Better Than Having, Leonard had to get past the raw physical attraction and fall in love with her and all her quirks.
  • Christine Simpson begins to see former Detroit Red Wings defenceman Jiri Fischer as one in this interview when she starts to mentally undress him.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Sgt. Terry Jeffords for Gina Linetti, who constantly flirts with him and feels him up despite him being married with two (later three) children.
  • Schitt's Creek:
    • Ted returns from his solo honeymoon having worked out the whole time and Alexis checks him out only to be very surprised it's him. Ted also provides Fanservice to viewers of his office's bunny cam when he changes in front of it after his runs, and he is admired by multiple guests at Patrick's housewarming, including David, Patrick and Stevie.
    • Jake, the bisexual furniture maker who dates both David and Stevie and suggests they become a throuple. Neither David nor Stevie have any real romantic feelings for the hunky Jake but they compete with each other for his attention. David later asks Stevie about her relationship with him:
    David: So you're in love then. You're falling in love with Jake.
    Stevie: It's impossible to be in love with Jake. Only Jake is in love with Jake. He's just...really good at celebrating my body.
  • A season three episode of Supernatural hints that Bela is this for Sam — she's an incredibly selfish Con Woman and both brothers find her insufferable, but she's drop-dead gorgeous and Sam's subconscious serves up a nice sex dream.
  • Sex/Life: Brad becomes this for Billie, whose interest in him is purely sexual at first, when they meet again.
  • Part of Me: Spicy Latina Adriana is a Head-Turning Beauty who is constantly fawned over by men, which gets her in trouble when she becomes the obsession of local cartel boss Carlos. And when Mónica ends up inhabiting Adriana's body, Gerardo also becomes obsessed with her due to how attracted he is to her, though poor Mónica thinks it's because deep down he "knows" it's her.

  • "Soo Bawlz" by Devo has a very odd and very demented way of describing this situation. In other words, very Devo.
    Ain't a man in town who wouldn’t have her for his daughter
    They'd all trade their brains for one taste of her toilet water
    The way she teases them, it's such a shame
    She's got all the huboons crying her name
    Soo Bawlz! Soo Bawlz!
  • Kraftwerk gives the page quote with "Sex Object," a song about the narrator aware they're a Lust Object and not too comfortable with this role, despite being a bit tempted by the admirer.
  • "I Know What Boys Like" by The Waitresses deconstructs this trope. The object in question is fully aware of this, turns it around, and just leaves the boys hanging to make fools of them for her own petty amusement. Patty Donahue's unbothered tough-girl vocal really sells it.
    I know what boys like
    I know what guys want
    I see them looking
    I make them want me
    I like to tease them
    They want to touch me
    I never let them

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Slyk Wagner Brown was the lust object of the Christopher Street Connection Jersey All Pro Wrestling, to the point Mace and Buff E fought each other to get the first "crack" at him. Buff E insisted he "loved" Slyk though. Jailbait on the other hand, was more interested in Brown's Tag Team partner, April Hunter.

    Video Games 

    Visual Novel 
  • This happens to Miles Edgeworth at least three times in Ace Attorney Investigations. He has no idea why.
  • Fate/stay night
    • This is at least a partial cause of Gilgamesh's obsession with Saber in the Fate route. He sees her as a treasure to add to his collection, and makes his desire to have his way with her very clear.
    • Shinji Matou, in the meantime, has it bad for Rin Tohsaka, and does not take kindly to the fact that Rin isn't interested in him at all, to the point of trying to rape her at one point during the Unlimited Blade Works route.
  • As Valkyries, Brooks and Wildfire see all men this way in War: 13th Day. This causes problems when Wildfire starts getting serious about a boy...

  • Most characters in Ménage à 3, a sex comedy with a healthy dose of Fanservice, take this role for someone else at some point, but it's pretty much DiDi's full-time plot function. (Her own lust objects at different times are Matt and, in a slightly subtler form, Gary.) Eventually, Zii has to explain the trope to her:
    Zii: It's just a mild... craving. Or hunger. Animal hunger. Where I just wanna tear all your clothes off and lick every inch of your skin. Y'know, nothing to worry about.
  • Magick Chicks lampshades it twice regarding Faith Abbot's sex appeal.
    • It was made apparent from the start that her secretary, Sandi, was both deeply in love with her and wanted to sleep with her. But it became explicit when one of Jacqui's glamour spells showed Sandi her heart's desire, which was the sight of Faith naked and offering to "reward" her for all her hard work. Which lead her to dry hump the tree the illusion had been cast on.
    • After much speculation, The Reveal, near the end of chapter 15 finally uncovered why the girls at Artemis Academy are all so eager for the chance to be with her. Subconsciously, Faith wanted to be loved. So her powers synced with the school's, which enhanced her desirability. Thus, reshaping the school in her image. Faith hadn't been aware of it, at the time, and was horrified when faced with the truth.
    Cerise: (telepathically) "Haven't you wondered why all the girls love Faith? Why even her enemies lust after her?"
  • Dot in Goth Oz is one to the Scarecrow of all people. She hands him an apple, and he, grabbing her hand, licks it and says:
    Scarecrow: Hm, very sweet, Dorothy. An' I bet the apple ain't half bad either.
  • There is almost no actual romance whatsoever in Sonichu among unmarried characters. Instead, any character who's dating or otherwise in a romantic-looking relationship, whether they be male or female, is actually only trying to have sex, and they don't hide it either, putting every non-villainous major character under this trope. This is not an intentional case — the author has an unusual worldview. She genuinely does not understand emotional romance and believes that it's all just a pretense for sex, and she lives life under this belief.
  • In El Goonish Shive, the MV5 storyline is about designing a male form that is this just as the Female Variant #5 form is. During it, it is made clear that Sarah still lusts after Elliot even though she's no longer interested in being Elliot's girlfriend anymore. Some of Grace's male forms also inspire lust in Sarah even when one of them is a taller, more buff, male version of herself.

    Web Original 
  • The Nostalgia Critic has become this to Spoony. Of course Spoony has the hots for everyone, but Critic is the one whose spooning was set up and mentioned again afterwards, and Spoony really enjoys humiliating him.
  • In The Nostalgia Chick's review of What Women Want, she refers to one character as the "Disposable Sex Interest," since Mel Gibson's character has an actual Love Interest and clearly just wants this girl for sex.
  • Anyone who signs up as a member of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum has to have their Lust Objects officially recorded in their bio for the record. Acting upon their sexual desires for them while on a mission results in punishment.

    Western Animation 
  • Lois Griffin from Family Guy is this for Quagmire, Brian, and Meg's friend Ruth.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Adrien Agreste is a male example of this trope. As a hero, the show often treats him as an irresponsible, pushy Butt-Monkey thus undermining his value. As a civilian, his status as a famous model pretty much ensures he's regarded as this by several people, with four girls and a fanboy fighting over his affections and lusting after him, teenage hormones and all. While the show itself doesn't sexualize him, his face is plastered all over Paris. Adrien has also been subjected to sexual harassment and viewed as a prize to be won by one of the girls after him. Furthermore, his endgame Love Interest is a Stalker with a Crush and in possession of a large collection of pictures of him which she sometimes drools at.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Marge has gained attention from a majority of male characters like Moe, Mr. Burns and a number of celebrities.
    • Tabitha Vixx from the episode "Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play". Lampshaded several times in the episode.
      Homer: Buck, you've got a beautiful woman with a hot body that any man would fantasize about even while making love to his own Marge.
  • Former Child Star-slash-Teen Idol Sarah Lynn in Bojack Horseman is told by at least one fan every day that she was the first person they masturbated to.
    Bojack: That is gross.
    Sarah Lynn: Oh-ho, I know!