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Girls Bravo is a Shonen Manga series written and illustrated by Mario Kaneda and serialized from 2000 to 2005 in Shōnen Ace by Kadokawa Shoten. The series was made into an anime in 2004, with a second season made in 2005. There are 24 episodes total. It also inspired a Visual Novel.

Yukinari Sasaki fears girls, having been teased and bullied by them to the point that he breaks out in hives upon mere contact with them. One day, having come home from school, his Tsundere neighbor Kirie Kojima kicks him into his bathtub, and he is transported to "Seiren," a mysterious world with a mostly female population. Much hilarity follows.

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This series provides examples of:

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    In General 
  • Abhorrent Admirer
    • Of course, Fukuyama for Kirie and Koyomi. Even though Kirie is the more affected by Fukuyama's onslaughts, is Koyomi that accumulates trauma over trauma. Miharu is his target too, but Downplayed because usually she doesn't seem to mind him (or doesn't realize).
    • Risa for Yukinari: He is utterly scared of her. (Anime) Averted for Yukina, Yukinari finds her only troubling.
    • (Anime) Both Kosame and Hijiri for Kirie, who apparently regard them even more problematic than Fukuyama.
    • (Manga) Machida for Kirie in some twisted way. She isn't really pleased about that.
    • Actually, most male passerby for Kirie (see the Lust Object entry). To the point Tomoka at one time suggest Kirie just spread around too strong pheromones, actually messing guys' head.
  • Accidental Pervert
    • Yukinari. He has the misfortune of being the protagonist of a harem series, so the laws of plot ensure that it happens and that he suffers for it. Some examples from the first volume/episodes in the first chapter/episode he walk in the naked Kirie about to shower herself in his bath, then is forced to teleport in the same bathtub where Miharu was making a bath, and then teleport back in his own bathtub where Kirie was taking a bath! Just one chapter/episode later at school he actually falls face first into Kirie's crotch then remaining scared stiff for a while with the head still under her skirt. And just when you think only good things happens, turning a corner he falls on all fours on Risa Fukuyama somehow winning her love in the process (however, Downplayed in the Manga, since is portrayed less appealing than in the Anime).
      • Taken Up to Eleven when Fukuyama takes over Yukinari's body, to play with Miharu and Kirie in the pool (only Miharu in the Manga). He becomes target of this trope too, asking himself why the "dwarf" should enjoy it everyday.
    • Parodied (if you can even parody this trope) with Machida. He only acts trying to make justice prevail, but somehow his action come back on Kirie (and in the Manga, Koyomi and Miharu too) leaving her in indecent situations, the parody is that in many istances, he doesn't even notice it (before receiving his punishment, at least).
  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • A story focuses largely on Risa, and gives her some backstory on her magic use.
    • (Manga only) a chapter focuses almost only on Koyomi helping a child, which is later revealed a little Yuki Onna .
    • Several chapters and one episode are mainly focused on Kirie, detailing her problematic everyday life.
  • Allergic to Love
    • Yukinari gets rashes whenever he is touched by a girl, as a result of bullying. Miharu apparently doesn't trigger this.
    • Inverted with Fukuyama, who's allergic to men.
    • (Anime only) Yukina, is similarly allergic to men, which is the reason she wants to Kill 'Em All.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Tons, straight for most characters.
    • Yukinari likes Miharu but for the large part of the series, she don't seems to reciprocate more than a friendly affection (somehow Averted in the Anime, but only lightly); Kirie, Risa, Yukina (Anime only) all likes Yukinari, and even Koyomi (Manga only) may have an interest on him (but he seems to not even notice them or finds troubling the most forthcoming ones); Fukuyama likes Kirie, Koyomi and Miharu (they will never yeld to him an inch); (Anime only) Kosame, Hijiri and (Manga only) Machida all likes Kirie each one in his twisted way (it's simply not going to happen).
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Yukinari's been ridiculed by girls since he was a child.
  • All Women Are Lustful:
    • The women of Seiren as a whole, who're all sexually repressed and horny, which doesn't become apparent until they lay eyes on a male. At that point, all sense of feminine modesty goes out the window as they'll Zerg Rush said male, to get dibs on them.
    • (Anime only) Even Miharu eventually begins to show such a side. For instance, in one episode of the anime where Fukuyama convinces everyone to play a game of mahjong, and Miharu's winning hand gives her a right to "rub" Yukinari three times (could also mean massage or fondle), she blushes and laughs a laugh that is distinctly not so innocent. Some of what she says while "rubbing" him also counts.
    • (Anime only) Kosame turns out to be Not So Stoic whenever she's around Kirie (see the Psycho Lesbian entry).
    • This also applies to Lisa, who lusts for Yukinari. In the anime, she even has Kosame hold him at gunpoint to make him try the banquet she prepared for him. After which, she disrobes and places Yukinari's hand on her breast in an attempt to cure him of his girl phobia. In the manga she is more reserved, but not too much.
    Lisa: (naughty grin) "Now... enjoy me. It's time for 'dessert.'"
    *Yukinari screams and runs away*
    Lisa: (runs offscreen behind him) "Where are you going?? Get back here and FONDLE ME!!"
    • (Manga only) Exaggerated in a story, when Fukuyama tests a dream-machine on Yukinari, making him dream every girl of the cast beside Miharu that lust him like Risa usually does. In the end they are discovered by Kirie, and it doesn't end well.
    • Just hinted for Kirie, if she get angry at Yukinari for things he didn't do and didn't even planned to do, it means she thinks about them more than the average (although repressed) male teenager. Doesn't sounds right? Well... could be Justified, given all the things that Fukuyama does to her or makes her do. This become clear in the Manga, when Kirie wanders in a magical mirror and pass in a parallel world where the local Yukinari is a (Fukuyama-style) womanizer. When he pushes her down and begins to strip her, her efforts to resist him are not really forceful or convincing.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: The ghost girl in episode 10 (or chapter 3) after she possesses Kirie and hugs Yukinari.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Yukinari is forced to dress up as a girl multiple times ( in the anime in order to host a gaming tournament, in the manga several times to count them). Each and every time his disguise is so convincing that even the local pervert Fukuyama mistakes him for a pretty girl, which makes the metaphorical bridge all too heavy for Fukuyama.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me:
    • It's pretty obvious that Yukinari was going to fall for Miharu considering that she's the only girl who treats him with genuine kindness and doesn't bully him or beat him up. Needless to say, he doesn't really hold feelings of love for Kirie who has a crush on him but brutally beats him up constantly or for Lisa who's insane and constantly tries to abduct him.
      • Made ridiculously Anvilicious by the fact that Yukinari has an allergy to women: every woman in both worlds the show takes place in, except for Miharu, causes him to break out in hives.
    • Koyomi finds Yukinari less repulsive than other males (and after not much time, not repellent at all) because he saved her from a pit she herself had digged, even if his hives where rankling him.
    • (Anime only) Yukina The Big Bad falls for Yukinari for similar reasons. She is also in a similar situation: Yukinari is the only guy that does not trigger her allergy to men. By the end of the series she takes every opportunity to cling to him to make up for a lifetime of being starved of physical intimacy.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension
    • (Manga) Kirie and Yukinari biker a lot (actually, she is the only female with whom he squabbles), sometimes like an old couple. And while Kirie pretty much likes Yukinari he conceals the interest for her (which, anyway seems not of the romantical kind) fearing a violent retribution.
    • (Manga) Kirie and Fukuyama, sometime. When he isn't harassing her or the other girls (and getting beaten to a pulp for it) their relation is fairly good, and seems to even get better when he tries to set a mood instead than doing his usual tricks. She even go so far to ask or accept his help, when there're not easier alternatives or even praising him when he (rarely) does something selfless.
    • (Anime) Sometimes near the end of the second season, seems to be something of this between Kirie and Fukuyama. But you should look carefully, because their relation is very much belligerent with almost none sexual tension (much to Fukuyama chagrin).
  • Best Her to Bed Her: Fukuyama is firmly convinced of this: in his head showing off is awesomeness in every (EVERY, not kidding) area soon or later will make Kirie, Koyomi and Miharu fall for him. Period.
    • In the Anime he is more direct, challenging Kirie and then Koyomi to a (rigged) ping pong match, whereby the girls would carry out some "special duties" for him in case of defeat.
    • In the Manga Fukuyama plays it more sportingly, only showing off in every area he can ( ice sculptures, ping pong, cooking, cheerleading and so on). While he is annoying like a buzzing fly, all in all, he came off way less creepy in the manga.
  • Big Bad: Most of the series has Kazuharu Fukuyama as the rich, perverted antagonist who constantly cooks up schemes to sexually harass Kirie and the other girls, though he's a Harmless Villain who is rarely successful. He is replaced as the antagonist in the end by Yukina (anime)/Kazuha (manga).
  • Big Brother Instinct: Tomoka and Fukuyama develop this sort of relationship and by the end she is the only character to refer to him by his given name, Kazuharu (he may have ulterior motives, as he reasons that Tomoka in 10 years will most probably be a beauty worthy of his harem).
  • Big Eater: Miharu. Handwaved in the manga, in that anyone from Seiren living on Earth full-time apparently requires vast amounts of energy. (It's less of an issue for Koyomi and Tomoka because they make regular trips home).
  • Boyish Short Hair: Both Kirie and Kosame sport cropped hairdos.
  • Butt-Monkey
    • Yukinari and Fukuyama (and less often Machida) are constantly beat up and abused by Kirie and to a lesser extent the other girls beside Miharu (except when she goes berserk), and they both have allergic reactions to members of a certain gender.
    • Kirie herself usually becomes one (in the Anime) when she is around a Psycho Lesbian, most often (in the Manga) simply being around Fukuyama (sometimes, he doesn't even need to plot something or be aware of her presence).
    • The timid, male-phobic Koyomi gets molested and abused to a disturbing extent (mostly by Fukuyama).
    • Ebi, the cat-like-pet, that often Tomoka treats as a toy or a laser gun (yes, you read right).
  • Cannot Spit It Out
    • In the initial part Koyomi and Miharu for Yukinari, when Koyomi takes Miharu back to Seiren. They don't tell him that Miharu would be able to return to Earth, with time, thus triggering a tearful goodbye on Yukinari's part, throwing him in a depressive state hardly tended by Kirie, until they come back like nothing ever happened.
    • Kirie for Yukinari, she has never the strenght or the sheer will to tell him how she feels, even though they are rather close.
  • Chick Magnet: Yukinari. By the end of the series he has four girls after him ( Miharu, Kirie, Risa and a fourth). But since he's allergic to all women other than Miharu, he hardly sees it as a good thing
    • In the Manga there's an interest from and toward Koyomi, which is often hinted, but never explored, while in the Anime this element wasn't even introduced, and instead the fourth girl is Yukina.
  • Childhood Friend Romance
    • (Anime only) Subverted. While Kirie does harbor feelings towards Yukinari, the only time she attempts to get closer to him is during the 4th episode, when she makes a bento for him in hopes of spending some time alone with him. Not long after, she accepts that Yukinari is in love with Miharu and settles for being friends with him.
    • (Manga only) Downplayed. Kirie has feelings for Yukinari, and from time to time she attempts to get closer to him (bringing him along for shopping, or some part-time work... many of these strategies often backfires thanks to her character), but tend to happen less as the manga proceed. There's not a real withdrawal, in fact Kirie seems too much taken in her chaotic everyday life to even think about romance. By the end she "seems" prone to passively accept whatever may happens (as lampshaded in an artwork from the last volume, with both her and Miharu in wedding dress), reinforced by the fact that the "official couple" doesn't seem to have progressed at all.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl
    • Risa over Yukinari.
    • (Anime only) Yukina too.
    • Kirie and Miharu are usually more subtle about their affections towards him, but from time to time they invoke this trope too (especially in the Manga), and the random Tsundere behaviours of Kirie should be read in this light.
  • Consummate Liar: Fukuyama. No holds barren. Even lies are weapons to further his dream (his own private harem), and he is good at using them like he is good as literally everything else. Like when he takes Up to Eleven the food poisoning he got from Kirie's bento to coax her into wearing a sexy-nurse dress to nurse him back to health (see the Hello, Nurse! entry).
  • Conveniently Close Planet: Earth takes up a large portion of Seiren's sky when it's not raining.
  • Cuteness Proximity: When Ebi is transformed from a seal like creature into a little girl, almost all the characters find her incredibly adorable.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt:
    • Standard female attire at Mizuno high school is extremely short.
    • Many of Kirie's everyday clothes barely cover her pantiesto the point one can wonder if she is even trying or doesn't care.
    • (Manga only) The skirt of the pick-up clothes that Kirie force on Koyomi on a certain occasion, cover just below her bellybutton. Yeah, your read it right.
  • Defeat by Modesty: Zig Zagged with Kirie. This is usually how Fukuyama delay his punishments, he simply undresses Kirie (partially o totally) on the spot or charge in when she is already underdressed. But he is so damn lecherous that he simply stays around until she finally recovers from the shame and goes from Reluctant Fanservice Girl to Shameless Fanservice Girl to deal with him.
    • Averted with Miharu, that can't care less to be barenaked everywhere.
  • Does Not Like Men: Fukuyama; Koyomi; (Anime only) Yukina.
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male
    • Kirie is the main offender, considering she hits Yukinari nearly every time she thinks he's being a pervert.
    • (Anime only) Kosame also counts, since she usually abuses Fukuyama at Risa's behest.... including absentmindedly shooting him in the face twice, point-blank, while snapping "wedding" photos of Risa and Yukinari. And all of this is Played for Laughs.
  • Ecchi : You can bet on it. What we think of as modern-day ecchi anime basically began with Ikki Tousen (2003), Green Green (2003) and Girls Bravo (2004), each making way to a different subgenre. There had been ecchi series before then, but not quite like these.
  • Embarrassing Old Photo
    • (Anime only) Fukuyama uses a baby picture of Kirie wetting the bed to blackmail her into entering the "Girls Fight!" competition, and offers to give it back only if she wins. In the end, he tears it up even though she lost and vows to keep it a secret, since he got to see her in a g-string.
    • (Manga only) Same situation as in the anime, but Kirie got instead roped (with Miharu, Koyomi and, as an extra Yukinari) in a perverted Treasure Hunt.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: The point of the whole series is (or should be) Yukinari crawling out of his problematic allergy, it doesn't really happen.
  • Fanservice: The first piece of it is shown within the first 10 seconds of the first episode. Hell, the opening of the second season of the anime is a nude roll call of the female cast. The manga is less explicit in that there's no actual nudity, but it's still pretty over-the-top.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: In the second season of the anime, Lisa's magic in the school swimming pool causes Yukinari and Fukuyama to switch bodies. Later, several other character's switch bodies, both intentionally and accidentally, when they realize what was causing the switching to take place. Happens similarly in the manga, too, but is more tamed and the swap happens only between Yukinari and Fukuyama.
  • Friendly Enemy: The Fukuyama siblings to the rest of the cast; how many other shows are there where the main antagonists are also Drop-In Character? Of course, sometimes they get a little too friendly.
  • Furo Scene: Girls Bravo starts with this in all media. After that, it happens many times in the manga, which in this respect is still overshadowed by the anime, where it occurs almost every other episode.
  • Get Ahold Of Yourself Man: Subverted as both Kirie and Fukuyama attempt this on Yukinari after Miharu is kidnapped only to discover that when you have spent years beating up a guy for fun, slapping him when he is severely depressed and crying, will not do much. He is eventually snapped out of it by a speech on Manly Tears.
  • Giving Them the Strip
    • (Manga) In a dream of Kirie, the three main girls are a Classy Cat-Burglar . At one point, the lecherous detective Dream!Fukuyama glues Dream!Kirie and Dream!Koyomi to the floor. In the end they rip their own clothes and proceed to bash him.
    • (Anime) Same situation of the Manga, but is a sort of home movie made for some sort of school's event, probably.
  • Grew a Spine: Yukinari. In both the endings of Anime and Manga when he goes to Seiren to save Miharu. Played Straight in the Anime, where he face the powerful Yukina alone. Parodied in the Manga, where after passing several hurdles, it all comes to nothing when he tries to punch the Alternate!Fukuyama, and is beaten to it by Regular!Fukuyama, that shows there at the last minute, gaining all the praises. Lampshaded by Yukinari himself, when even Kirie commends Fukuyama.
    "What about me...?"
  • Guilty Pleasure: Despite often being criticized for its excessive fanservice, sparse character development, and lack of any meaningful plot, there's no denying that Girls Bravo still has its fans, so much it got a second season, and a Visual Novel.
    • You can bet on it!
  • Handsome Lech: Fukuyama is perverted enough to make Happosai look gay. Also, he is so handsome that pretty much every (female or gay male) non-named character falls for him in minutes.
  • Hello, Nurse!: Kirie has this:
    • So much so, that Fukuyama, Kosame and Hijiri all want a piece of her. A later episode showed she couldn't even walk down the street without being mobbed by middle-aged men, boys and even kids asking her for dates, much to her chagrin.
    • The 4th episode takes the trope to literal extremes, when Fukuyama pretends to be sick after eating some of Kirie's bento and guilt trips her into wearing a nurse's costume while she looks after him.
  • Hidden Buxom: Koyomi. While absolutely not being flat, but the other way around, her curves seems to go unnoticed between the heavyweight-buxoms of the girls randomly appearing near-naked in this show. Also, she is the only one usually wearing tamed clothes, especially because on one side Kirie appear indecent in almost every attire while Miharu and Risa are often prones to disrobe themselves, this greatly help her go unnoticed (which is probably what she wants).
  • Hoist by His Own Petard
    • Beside what anyone may think, mostly Averted with Fukuyama. His master plans are always succesful, per se, but they fail when he lose focus of the plan, gloating too much or revealing the trap the others had mistakenly walked into. Like in the onsen story, in the Anime (see the Curb-Stomp Battle entry)
    • Surprisingly played by Kirie, when she gets ahead of herself. For example
      • In the Anime she forces Yukinari to crossdress for a part-time and then "sell" him to Fukuyama, to get revenge on the pervert and -presumably- on the oblivious protagonist that doesn't seem to even look at her. While her plan mostly works, she gets anyway her usual greet from Fukuyama, not that bright if she was scheming to get even to him.
      • In the Manga storming the Fukuyama Mansion to find blackmailing material about him and make him mend his perverted ways, she ends up phographed and taped on varying degrees of nakedness before being caught almost bare in his royal bathroom just while he is obliviously walking in. While he gets randomply punched, is easy to see how much her plan backfired. Lampshaded and foreshadowed by Koyomi at the beginning of the chapter:
    "This will only increase our suffering!"
  • Hot-Blooded
    • Kirie: she work part-time (lots of them), launch herself headfirst against problems, is quick to the assumption "first punch, then ask" and she will never, never, NEVER refuse a challenge (ask Fukuyama). In the Anime is evident, and in the Manga is (unsurprisingly) taken to the extreme.
    • (Manga only) Fukuyama to a certain extent and only related to his lewdness. He has dreams (a harem), passions (hot girls) and (questionable) moral values, and may the gods protect whoever threatens and endangers them.
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Kirie sometimes invokes this trope. Mainly in the Anime (especially when challenged, she is not over using her most natural gifts to win, as seen in Tomoka's introductory episode) and sometimes (Downplayed) in the Manga when she wants something from Fukuyama.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Miharu has no qualms about showing up naked in front of Yukinari (or even Fukuyama, for what is worth) and once tried forcing him to bathe with her. At one point in the anime she even walks around only wearing an apron because she thought Yukinari seeing her in something from his porn stash would make him happy. Also, the banana scene from the second episode. Good Lord.
  • Instant Cosplay Surprise: Fukuyama is a master at this, with Kirie as his favorite victim.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • Fukuyama. In the Manga is often Played for laughs, getting an upgrade. Instead in the Anime this trope is more outspoken (in the episode where Tomoka get lost); chance are that in this case it was probably reinforced for establishing a Belligerent Sexual Tension with Kirie, and shipteasing a Fukuyama x Kirie couple.
    • (Anime only) Sometimes Kirie is this for Yukinari (for example, when she force him to crossdress and then "sell" him to Fukuyama, for the disgust of both boys); is often hinted this COULD be a form of jeaulosy peculiar to her Tsundere behaviour.
  • Lethal Chef: Kirie, at normal tsundere-tomboy level in the Anime, taken to the extreme in the Manga.
  • Lord Error-Prone: Mamoru Machida, wanna-be superhero and self-proclaimed savior of the neighborhood; since he's oblivious to what's really going on, he's easily the most destructive of the minor characters, and sometimes even of all.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Fukuyama and his sister, Lisa, are two of a kind, though Kirie and Yukinari would disagree about the "lovable" part.
  • Love Dodecahedron: It's a harem, after all. More linear in the Manga, more convoluted in the Anime.
  • Lust Object: In-universe, Kirie's so hot that one story showed she can't even walk down the street alone without being mobbed by men asking her out.
    • Fukuyama literally throws himself on her in every (EVERY) way.
    • (Anime) Kosame, and Hijiri, also want to get in her pants, with Kosame being both the most persistent and the one who comes closest to succeeding. She even manages to lay one on her.
    • (Manga) Even Machida seems to have a troublesome interest in Kirie, costantly trying to dress her as a Mamo "Pink" Ranger (which make all the more sense in a disturbing way, if you take in account his obsession with said hero series, that he is the Red Ranger, and the canonical relation between the Red and Pink Ranger in many franchises).
    • (Manga) You can see that it's just too much, when even the rather tame Yukinari explode in a Nosebleed every time she ends up naked or underdressed.
    • (Manga) Several Alternate characters in the Bizarro Universe pursue her so relentlessly that Fukuyama in comparison almosts seems shy and respectful.
  • Manipulative Bastard
    • Fukuyama (Played for Laughs), seen several times and mostly in the Manga. For example in one story, leveraging on their insecurities he talk Miharu, Koyomi and Kirie into serving as his maids to learn to behave as proper ladies.. of course, he had prepared for them several maid outfits naturally prone to clothes malfunction.
    • Kirie (Anime only). Displayed tendencies of this sort (pretty much all in the Anime), like in the the second season when she emotionally manipulated Yukinari into cross-dressing for an event and allowed Fukuyama to practically molest Yukinari since it meant Fukuyama would pay her for it; while she didn't get really punished for it, she didn't get out safely either.
  • Matchmaker Crush: Kirie in the Anime. Her crush has an unlucky spin from the moment Miharu comes into the picture and she seems to rapidly renounce to Yukinari. Downplayed in the Manga, here she likes Yukinari -to an extent- and often try to help him to get along Miharu or outright save her (with or without him). But she never confess to him or try to help them becoming a couple (see the Childhood Friend Romance entry).
  • Megaton Punch: In the Manga, frequently executed by Kirie against Fukuyama and Yukinari. Less common in the Anime, where Kirie usually uses more complex fighting skills on Fukuyama and other villains. Still, Yukinari receives this more often than not.
  • Modesty Towel
    • (Anime) Kirie get one in her first appearance, however this trope is quickly forgotten and both Kirie and Miharu are often seen without it, even by the boys. Trope Justified later, in the end of the first season, when all the characters get at least one in the onsen arc because they find themselves in need of interacting in an open bath during the ghost-girl story and later, thanks to the Fukuyama's "mixed" onsen.
    • (Manga) In at least one or two chapters per volume. All the girls get one, and sometimes even Fukuyama. Instead Yukinari being the protagonist, isn't apparently interesting enough.
    • (Manga) Actually Parodied when in one occasion Fukuyama hands out handkerchief-sized towel for the girls to get out of some hot springs.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Kirie provides the majority of the series' fanservice (see many entries in her section of the character sheet), in the Anime she alone provides more of this than the rest of the cast combined. In the Manga she is still this, but with a more balanced ratio.
  • Naked Apron
    • (Anime) Miharu wears one in episode 6, after reading about it in one of Yukinari's magazines.
    • (Manga) Kirie in Yukinari's kitchen and at school (yes, at school, during Home Economics), after being somehow talked into in (you may even say "brainwashed") by Fukuyama.
  • Naked First Impression:
    • Yukinari meets Miharu for the first time in her giant bathroom (of course being a bathroom, she is naked). Played for laughs when he subsequently faints on her.
    • He is completely dressed, but Subverted because is revealed she often sees him through the water whenever he takes a bath. Yeah, every time.
    • This may also count as Kirie for Miharu, as the former often use the bathtub at Yukinari's house.
    • Just because that first occurance may not count, the next day Yukinari finds a naked Miharu sleeping in his bed.
    • Played straight later in the series. Fukuyama is wrongly transported in the same bathtub of Miharu's house, when her sister Maharu is taking a bath (of course being a bathroom, she is naked too), thus she is this trope for him. Strangely, she is not amused.
  • Naked on Arrival: both Miharu (also count as Naked First Impression ) and Kirie (initially Downplayed ( being mostly covered by a towel) and then Zig Zagged( showing much more -offscreen- in a rage burst to the protagonist, who isn't pleased)).
  • Nice Guy: Yukinari, which makes all the Unprovoked Pervert Payback he suffers much worse for him.
  • Nosebleed: At times, also the result of getting punched (and kneed) so hard in the face. One episode used this to show that the guys were excited about what the girls were doing....
  • Opportunistic Bastard: From time to time Fukuyama is this too, seizing the occasion and turning it around with his evil mischief.
    • (Anime) Like when he buys a whole hot spring on the spot and then turn it in a mixed bath, while the gang was staying in the same facility, without them even suspecting it... just so he can bathe with the girls, or so he thinks.
    • (Manga) More widespread in the Manga, but still present, often in collusion with Machida for example, when Machida force the whole gang to wear hero suits, and then Fukuyama just walking in, istantly turn himself in an canon evil cockroach, ambushing and harrassing the girls around Yukinari's home.
  • Panty Shot: You can expect it to happen at least Once per Episode, sometimes more. Less in the Manga.
  • Parental Abandonment
    • (Anime) Despite almost all the major characters being school age the only parent talked about is Koyomi's Disappeared Dad.
    • (Manga) Before the end of the first volume Yukinari's mother goes abroad so she could stay with her husband, leaving a 16-years-old neighbour girl that comes daily to shower in their house in care of her 16-years-old boy... you can easily see many problems in this approach.
    • (Manga) Also, in an extra chapter, Kirie talks with her mother (that is offscreen), but that's just the only times it happens and for whatever we see about Kirie's life, her mother could've well live somewhere else. She isn't even seen when, some volumes later Yukinari barges in Kiries home in early morning.
  • Satellite Love Interest: It's never said what Miharu sees in Yukinari, since the matter never comes up. She just does.
    • Discussed and Parodied in the Manga, where in an extra chapter the various characters make suppositions about what she could see in him, voicing instead their own (often bad) opinions of Yukinari.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Kirie at times, trampling her usual Reluctant Fanservice Girl role. Is her nonviolent reaction when she lose sight of the reality (usually when challenged or if someone is extremely convincing in a roundabout logic).
    • In the Anime is only hinted one time, rather directly (see the Show Some Leg entry).
    • In the Manga is a sort of Running Gag when Fukuyama or someone else tease her enough. For example when Fukuyama persuade her that a Naked Apron is the only suitable outfit in the kitchen, or whenever she is stripped just so much in the same chapter for shame no longer having any point (usually using that opening to punch the culprit). Sometimes she is simply so distressed that she doesn't care if some innocent bystander (read "Yukinari") is around when she ends up barenaked.
  • She's Got Legs: Kirie, many of the costumes she dons (willing or not) focus the attention on her legs, at least initially. This is also true with many of her everyday attires (present in the Anime but showcased in many chapter covers of the Manga, an overwhelming portion is dedicated to her). Koyomi, Miharu and Risa (with her dark-magic robe) are up to it, but only to a minor degree.
    • Feet-First Introduction: (Anime only) and this is how Kirie is mostly introduced when disrobed in such a manner. This happens also in her Modesty Towel introduction, in the Anime.
  • Show Some Leg: Kirie from time to time, forgetting her usual Reluctant Fanservice Girl trait (when there's a challenge at stake apparently she loses all her restraints), many times even Koyomi and Miharu are involved in these odd situations.
    • (Manga) Among other things, the girls dons tight cheerleed outfits to cheer for Yukinari at an eating contest, or are forced to wear slutty Halloween costumes to get out of Fukuyama's Manor
    • (Anime) To win a contest again Tomoka Kirie persuades the other two to wear some animal cosplay costumes or even Queen Race minidresses, to appeal as many male passerby as possible, even going out of character:
    Kirie: Koyomi-chan! Here, like this! (squeeze together her own boobs, before a flock of creeps making their photoshoot)
    Koyomi: But, I can't do something like that.
    Kirie: You're not losing anything by showing some cleavage and panty! Now, bend forward. Don't hold your skirt!
    Yukinari (from distance): That Kirie. When it comes to a challenge, she can't see anything else.
  • Shrinking Violet
    • Yukinari became timid, after years spent being bullied by girls who used to pick on him due to his pint-sized stature. Handwaved after Miharu's arrival.
    • Koyomi is more or less the same. In her case, it's because she's afraid of men, especially perverts like Fukuyama.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Lots.
    • Lisa for Yukinari
    • Fukuyama for any pretty girl but mostly goes after Kirie or Koyomi, in the Manga he is pretty forward to Miharu, but she usually doesn't realize it.
    • (Anime) Kosame for Kirie; Hijiri was obsessed with Miharu since they were children but later switches over to Kirie;
    • (Anime) By the end of the series Yukina for Yukinari;
    • (Manga) Mamoru Machida for Kirie, see his entry on Lust Object.
  • Status Quo Is God: If not for a piling of suitors, the epilogue of the anime could easily fit in any other episode. Same for the manga, as the last chapter celebrate a situation already seen from the 4th volume onward.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: When Koyomi first arrives on Earth in Yukinari's house, Fukuyama appears in there out of nowhere while Kirie is talking to her. This tend to be his usual entry in the Manga.
  • Stripperific: Everything on Kirie becomes like this. EVERYTHING.
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders: Yukinari winds up attracting a lot of unwanted attention when Kirie manipulates him into crossdressing as a girl, every time.
  • Thanks for the Mammary: The resident lech, both Psycho Lesbian and even non-named character love Kirie a little too much:
    • Fukuyama doesn't care if she beats him up for it, he'll gladly suffer her suplexes if it means getting the chance to get his hands around her massive melons. Sometimes groping Kirie through her shirt isn't enough for him, so he'll yank it up for the sake of doing it directly.
    • (Anime) And during their semi-final bout at the "Girls Fight!" competition, Kosame dropped all pretense of fighting with Kirie in favor of nuzzling her boobs and feeling her up while she was at it.
    • (Anime) Enforced for Yukinari, when a female ghost possessing Kirie's body ask him to grope her, in order for her to ascend, apparently he didn't disliked it as much as he would affirm before.
    • (Manga) Even perfectly non-named characters try this. One time, a schoolmate literally jumped on Kirie imploring her to date him, copping a feel in the meanwhile.
    • (Manga) Downplayed with Machida. When he tries to forcibly dress her as "Mamo Pink", Kirie's reactions and other details hints that he cop a feel here and there, but is not clearly seen.
  • The Chew Toy:
    • Yukinari can't catch a break where girls are concerned, since they usually beat him up over things that aren't his fault; especially his next-door neighbor, Kirie. He's also the butt of Fukuyama's snark, who constantly refers to him as: "puny-nari". While Fukuyama's sister, Lisa, is obsessed with trying to make him her boyfriend.
    • Kirie is constantly the target of Fukuyama's sexual harassment, or Machida misguided "good deeds".
    • (Anime only) Still Kirie, with Kosame's attempts to get her in bed. Then Hijiri becomes fixated on her too, adding to the dogpile.
    • Fukuyama also qualifies. though he usually brings it on himself the vast majority of the time. Not that it ever dissuades him in any way. All it seems to do is encourage him.
    • Machida, with all his questionable attempts to be a hero, often draws the short straw and get routinely beaten by Kirie, Risa's magic or even (Manga only) his own classmates.
  • The Nudifier: Multiple istances, most in the manga.
    • (Manga) Fukuyama is the personification of this trope, since he is able to strip away all the clothes from multiple girls (three is apparently his limit) in a single moment, leaving them only in their underwear... or less. Sometime he even takes the trouble to replace the clothes with some cosplay costumes.
    • (Manga) Many plots of Fukuyama (at least a dozen on the course of the manga) actually revolve around this point, he is willing to use every mundane, occult or technological trick to get the girls (Kirie get the lion's share, but Miharu and Koyomi aren't exempted) out of their clothes.
    • (Manga) In a certain story a Doppelganger of Fukuyama, probably released by Risa, meeting the actual Fukuyama enact a curse that... strips all the females in the area down in their underwear. All of them, even actual bystanders, Risa or Kosame.
    • (Manga) Somehow even Machida at a certain point pick up Fukuyama's modus operandi jumping out from nowhere and trying to strip Kirie to dress her as Mamo Pink, but he isn't skilled as Fukuyama, so he is rarely able to even take out her shirt.
    • (Anime) Mostly Averted, since it would be far too much for the already overbearing Fukuyama personality. Zig Zagged, if we count the device in the elevator of the Fukuyama Manor, which scanned Kirie's body when she stepped in, then building a perfect replica of her naked figure in computer graphic, projecting it from different angles on maxi-screens and probably storing it somewhere; it didn't really stripped her, but was close enough.
  • “The Reason You Suck” Speech: Kirie to Yukinari in the first episode (which established her as a Jerkass):
    Kirie: You've always been a midget, a klutz and a blockhead. Not to mention slow in the head and snow on the uptake... I mean, I knew you were a hopelessly lame and worthless shell of a man, but to peep at me just because you can't get a girl...
    • Also gives one in the second episode to Yukinari, because she's upset about him wallowing and giving up looking for Miharu, who was taken away by Fukuyama:
    Yukinari: But, Kirie—
    Kirie: Oh, just give it a rest! You've always been that way! You give up without even trying and you act like a hermit. You mope, and you're clumsy — G*d, you're clumsy!
  • The Tease: Kirie at times.
    • (Anime) Exploited. Just see the related Show Some Leg entry.
    • (Manga) In a story at a local festival, to get Fukuyama help she gets notably "friendly" with him. Not really "that friendly", but a lot more of what she could normally tolerate.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: Risa, Kosame, and Fukuyama — unfortunately for Yukinari, Kirie, and Koyomi.
    • Fukuyama has actually been bothered by pain on three instances: one, Kirie tied and left him in an oil drum full of boiling water; two, he was hit by truck; three, when Maharu KOed him with a kick to the face.
  • Tsundere: Kirie; for instance she shows concern for Yukinari and gives him her handkerchief to help him clean up after he was badly beaten, however she was the one who beat him because she walked in on Miharu changing in the living room.
  • Unprovoked Pervert Payback
    • Yukinari is often subjected to this.
    • Averted with Fukuyama, who often is deserving of any punishment he receives. Even the times he receive a punishment for something he didn't do.
    • Parodied with Machida, who is too dumb to understand what he has done, but receive nonethelesse the deserved punishment.
  • Unsettling Gender Reveal: Occurs between Fukuyama and Yukinari, whenever Fukuyama grabs, grope or undress Yukinari when he was dressed as a girl (it happened far too many times, more in the manga than in the anime).
  • Unwanted Harem: Yukinari has far too many girls after him:
    • Miharu, who's the only one girl who doesn't trigger his allergy.
    • Then there's Fukuyama's little sister, Lisa, who's crazy, practices dark magic, and has tried to abduct him to conscript him into unholy matrimony.
    • Kirie, even though in the Anime she swiftly find a closure in friendship, in the Manga is just leaved subtexted.
    • (Manga) Koyomi is often hinted as this, to the point that when proposed a trip to some hot springs, Yukinari imagines the steam-clad figures of Miharu and Koyomi, not Kirie's.
    • (Anime) And finally, there's Yukina, the villain who's introduced in the final 3 episodes, when the group finally goes to Seiren.
  • Villainous Crush: Fukuyama on Kirie and Koyomi, Risa on Yukinari, (Anime only) Hijiri and Kosame on Kirie.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Miharu in the manga as does in the anime. Lisa also wears them.

  • Adaptation Expansion: The "Miharu clone" story was expanded into the anime, wherein the Miharu clones attempt to ransack the supermarket, only for Fukuyama to foil it.
  • Amusing Injuries: In an early episode, after Kirie slams Fukuyama into the ground, his head is turned sideways for the next few scenes.
  • And I Must Scream: At the end of one episode, Fukuyama's conscience is trapped in a wooden board. Subverted in that after screaming for his sister Risa to help him, he sees an upside to his predicament as he can now see up the skirts of women that walk over him.
  • Barely-There Swimwear: One of the rules of the "Girls Fight!" competition mandates that all entrants must wear progressively smaller bikinis as they advance in the rankings. Lampshaded when Kirie demands to know why she had to wear a thonged string bikini for the semi-final bout with Kosame.
  • Be a Whore to Get Your Man: Risa Fukuyama tend to use this approach to get close to Yukinari, at least in the Anime. Her logic is that being so "friendly" will help him overcome his allergy to girls. However her forceful approach always backfire on him (see also her All Women Are Lustful entry).
  • Big Bad: Kazuharu Fukuyama for most of the series, then, in the last few episodes, Yukina, Yukinari's Distaff Counterpart within the planet Seiren who kidnaps Miharu and plots to kill all the Seiren males because of her allergy to men, though Yukinari talks her out of it.
  • Black Comedy Rape:
    • The series largely portrays Kosame's attempts to seduce Kirie as comical, made moreso since she never gets away with it.
    • Contrary to any premise, Downplayed with Fukuyama. His attempts against Kirie, which are more focused and less forceful, usually come up only as teasing pranks (Kirie's face is the indicator: with Fukuyama she is plainly annoyed, while with Kosame is utterly scared). His harassments on Koyomi may seem more serious, but the difference is only that the androphobic Koyomi is too much scared to fight back. In fact he seems much more reserved with her and -often- just hug the struggling girl until she pass away or is saved by a third party. Often, not always.
  • Bland-Name Product: Yukinari owns a Sommy television, which is seen in episode 9.
  • Blush Sticker: Occasionally invoked by various members of the female cast.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: In episode 9, Tomoka takes over Kirie's Once per Episode catchphrase of "go (x)... in hell!" (in this case, "Go do it... in hell!". In episode 17, Yukinari also borrows it while battling Fukuyama in a video game.
  • Cat Fight: The entire purpose of the underground "Girls Fight!" tournament in episode 13. The rules are simple: women only, and combatants must wear progressively smaller swimsuits as they advance in the rankings. Fukuyama even made the semi-final bout a Mud Wrestling match, with Kosame and Kirie in g-string bikinis.
  • Celebrity Paradox: The game expo episode, featuring Chiwa Saito, Mamiko Noto, and Ayako Kawasumi, who voice Kirie, Yukinari, and Miharu, respectively. Talking to Herself ensues in the case of Noto.
  • Censor Steam: In copious amounts. Quasi-Trope Namer. Lightly removed in the DVD release.
  • Character Development: Both Kirie and Fukuyama (to an extent) during the second season.
    • Kirie becomes nicer towards Yukinari and stops beating him up. Instead, she reserves those moments for Fukuyama, who almost always brings it on himself by deliberately provoking her.
    • And while Fukuyama continues to sexually harass Koyomi and Miharu (who fails to notice), he befriends Tomoka and becomes something of an ally to Yukinari and the others. Including trying to snap Yukinari out of his Heroic BSoD with a well-intended "you suck" speech, after Miharu gets kidnapped.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Remember Yukinari's being dressed as a girl early on? When he literally runs into Yukina, near the end of the series, his disguise and choice of name were the same as hers. Which practically made it foreshadowing.
  • Chekhov's Skill: In the opening scene of the 13th episode, Kosame is shown shadowboxing while in the shower; during which, she's seen moving effortlessly, despite the floor being wet. So when Fukuyama makes the semi-final bout of the "Girls Fight!" tournament a mud wrestling match, it didn't impair her movements at all.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • In episode 11, Fukuyama cheats by having Risa use her magic to help him beat Kirie in a ping pong battle. When she calls him out on it, he not only admits it, he tells her he never promised to play fair since they were playing to decide whether Kirie would have to give him a full-bodied bath massage.
    • Then Koyomi returns the favor, when she reveals she was an ace ping-pong player on Seiren. Fukuyama tries to throw her off her game by making lewd remarks about her underwear, which works until Kirie tells Koyomi to imagine the balls as Fukuyama. Which gave Koyomi the impetus to ace each of his serves, and win the match by a landslide.
  • Cute Bruiser: Played straight, Kirie is probably the most attractive girl around and is remarkably strong for a girl her age, capable of even lifting Hijiri or Fukuyama, both taller and heavier than she is, over her head and launching or suplexing them. Not present in the Manga, as there she only beats up Fukuyama without displaying real fighting abilities.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Tomoka makes up with Risa in episode 9, after learning more about the latter's backstory as well as being defeated by her in a magic duel.
  • Depraved Lesbian: Kosame, whose lust for Kirie is played both for laughs and fanservice; especially during the "Girls Fight!" competition.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Yukina, who's "boy allergy" is the inverse of Yukinari's "girl allergy".
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The anime struggles to find the right tone for the first several episodes. Kirie is more psychotic and abusive than she later becomes, and some of Fukuyama's antics really come across as Dude, Not Funny!. Things improve as the show gradually becomes more absurd and the abuse and harassment start Crossing the Line Twice.
  • Erotic Eating: Done by Miharu while eating a banana. Yes, they invented this only for the anime.
  • Feather Boa Constrictor: Koyomi had to wear a python on episode note . And only a python, nothing else! However she does befriend it and kept it as a pet by the finale.
  • First Kiss: Kosame steals Kirie's, (see the Smooch of Victory entry near the bottom).
  • Foregone Conclusion: The series is utterly devoid of any romantic tension as far as who Yukinari will end up with, to the point where Kirie simply gives up by the end of the 4th episode. And Maharu follows suit not long after.
  • Funbag Airbag: Yukinari on Miharu. Actually this is how she stops him when he is about to fall unconscious in her bath-pool, he understandably passes out anyway.
  • Gag Boobs: Kirie, again (on the other side in the Manga while being comparatively bigger than standard they aren't emphasised so much); also Miharu to a lesser degree. But Miharu's older sister Maharu tends to overshadow them all whenever she shows up.
  • Gainaxing:
    • First seen with Miharu while she and Yukinari are running away from the mob of women on her homeworld, Seiren, during the first episode.
    • Kirie every time she is excited for something. Mostly averted during fights, strangely.
    • The opening scene of the 13th episode shows Kosame shadowboxing while in the shower; during which her breasts bounce with each of her strikes.
  • Gender Bender: In one episode Risa uses her magic to switch various people's bodies, although the body-switching gets out of hand (she didn't actually intend for gender-bending to occur, see the "Freaky Friday" Flip entry).
  • Gendercide: Despite the fact that Seiren is already 9/10th female, Yukina wants to kill all the remaining men to turn it into, in her words, a "women's only paradise". Apparently Fukuyama stated multiple times that he would be glad if the same would happen to all the men of earth, beside him.
  • Girl-on-Girl Is Hot: Which is the very reason Fukuyama hosts his very own private underground "Girls Fight!" competition, which Lilica has remained the undefeated champion of.
  • Girl Watching: Fukuyama is the master of this trope. Should be added that, usually he isn't content to just watch and comment, but often merrily stride toward the unclad (and often annoyed) girls.
  • Go On Without Me: One of the most Parodied and absolutely hilarious takes on the trope you'll ever see (noted in the Refuge in Audacity entry).
  • Gratuitous English: In the Japanese dub during episode 5, when Fukuyama shows up in Yukinari's house, he attempts to say "Good afternoon, everyone", but gets punched by a surprised Kirie before he can finish.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Implied in episode 8 with Fukuyama, who dons a banana outfit and jumps into a crowd of Miharu clones, who explode on contact (he's doing it only to grope them, [[as it would be criminal to do the same to Miharu). The grocery store he saves builds a statue in his honor. Of course, Status Quo Is God and he's back to being the Lovable Sex Maniac he usually is in the next episode.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: Done twice by Kosame towards Kirie (see the Near-Rape Experience entry).
  • Incompatible Orientation: Kirie is straight — not that Kosame and Hijiri care.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Tomoka the youngest cast member, who clams to be the most mature person on the show, and Lisa's henchman Hayate who actually is the most mature strike up a strange friendship.
  • I Warned You: When Maharu comes to Earth during the school fair, after Lisa predicts Tomoka and Koyomi's future will be crappy.
    Lisa: I told them their future was crappy.
  • Living with the Villain: It turns out that the kids homeroom teacher Hijiri is actually a spy for the series Big Bad Yukina.
  • Love at First Punch: Both Kosame and Hijiri fall in madly love with Kirie after she attacks them, and by mad we mean in a Psycho Lesbian Black Comedy Rape kind of way.
  • Maid Corps: Fukuyama's maids have military training and patrol his estate while armed with automatic weapons. Lilica is his top enforcer and is unflinchingly loyal to him.
  • Male Gaze: Expect to see plenty of close-ups and zoom-in shots of Kirie's boobs, Kirie being groped, plenty of upskirt camera angles of girls' thighs, buttocks, and gratuitous panty shots... the list goes on.
  • Marshmallow Hell: Maharu does this to Yukinari, which she insists he likes even though she punched him out.
  • Mind-Control Eyes: Kirie displays these when the ghost girl possesses her in ste onsen story.
  • Near-Rape Experience: Played for laughs and narrowly averted twice:
    • In the 4th episode, Kosame happens across Kirie in the hall of Fukuyama's mansion and coerces her into the bedroom at gun point. Once they're there, she shoves Kirie unto the bed and straddles her after stripping down to her panties. But the wandering spirits Lisa released earlier charges into the room and tramples Kosame before she gets any further.
    • In episode 13, Kirie faces off against Kosame during the semi-finals of the Girls Fight! tournament. Once Kosame pins her, she mounts her, while slipping her hands under Kirie's swimsuit so she could fondle her directly. Since the mud in the ring made it difficult for Kirie to gain any traction, she couldn't free herself, but she eventually breaks the hold and the fight continues. Though it ends abruptly when Miharu sneezes and unintentionally KO's Kosame.
  • Ninja Maid: Fukuyama has an entire Maid Corps at his disposal, all of them being ex-military. Most notably Lilica, who's a former mercenary and said to be a trained killer. She's so formidable, that she's the undefeated Girls Fight! champion.
  • Once per Episode: Kirie beating up someone while telling them to "Go (x)... IN HELL!" (Example: "Go look for her... IN HELL!") Though Tomoka does this instead in one episode.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • Yukinari in most cases. In episode 13, he and Koyomi were the only ones who wondered whether everyone was really moved during the aftermath of the tournament, or just applauding the sight of Kosame kissing Kirie after a R-rated tournament.
    • Hayate and Lilica are the only levelheaded ones at the Fukuyama manor. The same usually applies to Kosame... so long as Kirie isn't around.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: Nonlethal variant; Kirie almost always yells "(Verb) IN HELL!!!" before unleashing a Megaton Punch on Fukuyama or (occasionally) Yukinari. Tomoka also starts doing this as well (much to Kirie's approval).
  • Product Placement: Honda motorcycles among others.
  • Psycho Lesbian: Kosame has got it bad for Kirie and is determined to get her in bed. And as if she weren't enough, Hijiri's got her sights set on her too.
  • Refuge in Audacity: In episode 23, Yukinari and the others finally go to Seiren, to rescue Miharu. The moment the women of Seiren lay eyes on them, they make a beeline for Fukuyama, who gladly volunteers to stay behind to "hold them off". Which is followed by a montage sequence of the women eagerly allowing him to strip them naked, grope, and fondle them to both his and their own hearts' content.
  • Serious Business: Mamoru asks Lilica, who's had military training, for advice on cleaning.
  • Skinship Grope: Kosame, See the Thanks for the Mammaries entry.
  • Spit Take: Yukinari does one in episode 2 when Miharu pops out of the shower.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: When Yukinari confronts Yukina in final episode, instead of fighting they have a heart-to-heart talk and he convinces her to not commit Gendercide. Unfortunately for him, it also turned her into a Stalker with a Crush.
  • The Stinger: At the end of the anime's second season, all of the main characters have returned to Earth.
  • The Stoic: Hayate (except when someone asks him to marry him), Kosame (when she isn't around Kirie), and Lilica (unless told that Fukuyama has friends).
  • Too Hot for TV
  • Villainous Rescue: Risa ends up having to save the main characters in one episode after one of her spells goes awry and summons a giant octopus.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Yukina.

  • All Guys Want Cheerleaders: Invoked, Exploited and Lampshaded by Fukuyama in a certain story, when he talks the girls in dressing as cheerleaders for cheering Yukinari in a competition. In the end their cheering distracts all the other (male) contestants and somehow Yukinari wins.
    "Girls' cheering encourage a guy! Cheered on by a cute chick, a guy gets a major energy boost!"
  • Big Bad: Kazuharu Fukuyama for most of the series, then, in the last few chapters, Lord Kazuha, Fukuyama's Evil Twin who runs the Space-Time Management of Seiren, is even worse than him in the lechery department, and tries to force Miharu to marry him.
  • Bizarro Universe: The world on the other side of the magic mirror in a chapter of the manga.
  • Costume Porn: Mario Kaneda's manga and promotional artwork regularly show off the characters (the girls especially) in unbelievably beautiful and detailed outfits.
  • Easily Forgiven: Fukuyama from Kirie after every chapter. You may think that, given his neverending schemes to get Kirie out of her clothes, his constant harassing, his lewd-filled mind, or just even the casual groping, she would have some general issues with him. Well.. no. Until Fukuyama actually makes something transparently perverted, Kirie will treat him normally, like he is just a rowdy aquaintance no matter how much he had done to her in the previous chapter. This naivety makes her his favorite and tastier target. The reason could be either to don't slow down the narration or creating a secondary romantic plot, but one might even think that Kirie may get angry on the spot when harassed, but not be too unsettled about it in the long run or is simply so used to it she don't mind it too much anymore.
    • Averted in a story, when she wantonly decides to storm the Fukuyama Mansion to find blackmailing material about him to make him mend his perverted ways. things doesn't end nicely for her modesty.
    • Averted from Koyomi, utterly scared of Fukuyama (in her best days)
    • Averted from Miharu, who doesn't even register Fukuyama's schemes as a problem.
    • Of course, not even present in the Anime, where even Kirie is suspicious of Fukuyama and punch him on the spot whenever he comes out.
  • Evil Twin: Fukuyama has one on Seiren, more lecherous and amoral than him, showing up in the last manga's arc as a would-be evil braggart, kidnapping Miharu and trying to add her to his own harem marrying her against her will.
  • Fan Service With A Smile: Miharu.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Kirie. While in the Anime she is only a little naive, in the Manga she often find herself like this. Trusting over and over Fukuyama and walking straight for his tricks, or when she trust his apologies after he has done something perverted, only for him to do it again the moment she turns her back to him. Happens so many times one can almost wonder if she isn't doing it on purpose. Curiously, this doesn't extend to Machida, who is always correctly seen as a dumb humanoid hurricane and dealt properly.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal:
    • Played straight with Yukinari. Averted the Anime, as he goes with the flow and is just content to have Miharu around; in the Manga Yukinari actively tries to free himself of his allergy to females. He goes to the point of even accepting (more or less willingly) the "help" of the girls or even Risa's magic (: it doesn't help at all), several times. From time to time, the allergy seems to recede, but it's really erratic.
    • Subverted with Fukuyama. He is perfectly fine with his allergy to males. And it's an excellent excuse to surround himself with (beautiful) women.
    • Downplayed for Kirie, that for an entire story keep asking herself why all the males around town can't simply leave her alone (see the Hello, Nurse! entry) but actually doesn't realize she is any different from other girls.
  • Monster of the Week: Parodied, twice. Everytime Machida force the gang to don hero suits, Fukuyama show up dressed as a human-cockroach antagonist.
  • Noble Demon: Played for Laughs, always Straight (in-universe) and sometimes Zig Zagged for Fukuyama. He will stop at nothing to get the girls out of their clothes (or in his bed), even at the cost of getting badly injured (of course, always Played for Laughs) or lose huge amounts of cash or having his home totally wrecked. But surprisingly, he wouldn't try anything if they are excessively vulnerable: seen in multiple cases with Miharu (almost everytime, as she isn't exactly sharp, but notably when she is unsure of her relation with Yukinari), Koyomi (when she is depressed he only force hugs on her... not that she finds it reassuring) and even Kirie (when in a certain case she fondly hugs him even if clearly pleased, he does not react).
  • Virginity Makes You Stupid: Machida is the king of this trope. While he is obviously interested in Kirie (see the Lust Object entry) he is the one assured to never get anything out of it, hilariously he comes out even worst than the female-phobic Yukinari. To a lesser degree all the main characters seem to conform to this trope (actually, half of the comedy scenes comes out because they are unable to correctly interact with each other); save the master manipulator Fukuyama, and this could imply something about him. Averted in the Anime, where the cast is not so clueless (save for Miharu... but she is Miharu).
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: Many plots of Fukuyama are based around this (see also The Nudifier).
    • Enforced, Invoked and Lampshaded all in a single story, when Fukuyama talks the three girls into serving as his maids so they could learn to behave as proper ladies, but he has prepared for them hi-tech maid dresses that strips automatically if the wearer is distressed, a situation that he is apt to exploit.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Lampshaded by Yukinari in the manga:
    "Why do we attract all the weirdos?"


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