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  • Maharu when on Earth sees Fukuyama in her way and kicks him in the face, KOing him. That is one of the few times in the series he didn't just No-Sell what was thrown at him.
  • Kirie always gets a serious amount of likable points whenever she knocks the living daylights out of Fukuyama. And let's face it: It's refreshing to see her beat someone who actually deserves it. Especially if it's Fukuyama.
  • A minor character in the first season, a large man known as the "Boss" by his henchman, gives Yukinari a rousing speech when he loses hope over the fact that Miharu was kidnapped and taken back to Seiren in the last few episodes of Season 2.
    "Hey kid. Crying never solved anything. You gotta struggle. You gotta keep fightin' the good fight. And once you've given it your all, if your best wasn't good enough, then you can cry. Not before. A man's gotta earn his tears."
  • The final episode:
    • The fight between Kirie and Hijiri. It's a Jackie Chan-level martial arts battle, complete with the use of found objects as weapons.
    • When Kirie and Maharu are horribly outnumbered. Fukuyama suddenly busts in, bringing all the girls from the outdoor bath to help fight off Hijiri's army.

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