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"Release it, Gohan! Release everything! Remember all the pain he's caused, the people he's hurt! NOW MAKE THAT YOUR POWER!!!"
"Note from Shaenon: I apologize for assaulting your delicate senses with what may be the two greatest pages in the history of comics, in which Black Jack OPERATES ON HIS OWN INTESTINES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK WHILE SURROUNDED BY RAVENOUS DINGOES. It had to be done."

The highly stylized nature of anime (or manga) allows room for really cool things to happen. Here are some of the more memorable of those scenes.

See also the Mundane Made Awesome page, and the Mecha Anime page, because Giant Robots are a whole other level of awesomeness.


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  • If anyone ever has to know why people are willing to pay millions of yen to Dr. Black Jack just for the privilege of having him slice you open, here is why: The man once successfully operated on his own intestines while lying in the middle of the Australian outback and surrounded by rabid dingos. Hol-Ay Shit!
  • Before Gainax, there was Daicon Film; a small team of three (later expanded to twelve) determined college-fresh animators that were tasked with making an animated opening sequence for a Japanese sci-fi convention. In 1981 was the Daicon III Opening Animation, which was a fine effort by a small team of animators. Then, two years later, came the Daicon IV Opening Animation [1]. It's an absolutely gorgeous five minutes of hyper-kinetic animated action, packed with recognizable characters in nearly every frame, backed up by the Electric Light Orchestra. The short itself is five minutes of awesome moments, but forming the bedrock of Studio Gainax is what earns a spot on this page.
  • The manga Nami S.O.S. is a Hentai parody of magical girl stories. It focuses on a team of super-powered heroines, but by far the most memorable character is the main girl's Badass Normal brother. In one issue, the girl he's hot for is attacked by a pair of winged tentacle demons and winds up being molested by the two of them in midair. The guy picks up a big pole from I-can't-remember-where and tries to pole vault over to her from the roof of a skyscraper. He falls short and looks to be about to fall to his death, but instead manages to grab some of the beast's dangling tentacles and pull him off her from the force of his own falling through the air. This leads to a bout of fisticuffs in free-fall that ends with the guy using the side of a nearby skyscraper to scrape the demon's skull apart. Meanwhile, the girl polishes off the other beast and arrives just in time to pluck him out of the air and carry him to a safe landing. This being a hentai manga — well, let's just say it's good times for him next issue...
  • Yotsuba&!:
    • Cool Big Sis next door Asagi is the best person at managing Yotsuba, no easy task, and her moment is "Say goodbye, little assassin." Awesome.
    • Miura gets her moment of awesome as well, in the procession for a local shrine's festival — so awesome, Yotsuba tries to imitate her.
  • In Corrector Yui's second season, the episode where Haruna Kisaragi decides to re-take her Corrector Haruna mantle when poor Yui is turned into stone in the Net.Com/rendered comatose in the Real World has her not only using the four elemental suits perfectly in very rapid succession, but teaming up with Corrector Ai to rescue Yui and other victims. Simply AWESOME way to subvert your semi-Chickification, Haruna!
  • Moetan episode 10. The whole of it. Ink and Sumi suiting up despite knowing this may be the last time they get to do the magic thing. Arks and Karks going human form and blasting the hell out of everything. Badass Longcoat Dandy being revealed as the King Incognito. And then it all ends with Arks realizing that Alice's magical partner is...well, a loli, and promptly suffers a Megaton Punch. Also, there are Gundam references. It's a shounen finale amped up to 11. A perfect blend of absurdity, fanservice and awesome.
  • F-Zero Falcon Densetsu: The Falcon PUUUUNNNNNNCH! scene from the final episode.
  • Now and Then, Here and There: Shu pulling a Big Damn Heroes on Lala Ru, outwitting Abelia and foiling Big Bad Hamdo's plot in doing so. In that precise moment, he makes good on his pacifistic views that are the theme of his character arc and shifts the tone from cynical and hopeless to hopeful, if still bloody and violent.
  • Mnemosyne:
    • Rin has one when she confronts Apos for the final time in the last episode. Having returned from the depths of Yggdrassil, she simply refuses to be affected by Apos' angelic presence (immortals like her are overcome with uncontrollable sexual desire when angels are around) but instead, grows her own wings and makes Apos shiver with paralyzing desire for her, easily kicking his butt. Not only is that scene an awesome turning of the tables but her wings look sooo much prettier than angels'. And that she is nude at that point and hot as ever, doesn't help any.
    • Am I the only one who's actually disturbed reading that? At best, such a tactic would strike me as a Shoot the Dog moment. The last two sentences somehow make it creepier, like they're saying "beauty makes right."
    • And let's not forget her Badass Bookworm sidekick Mimi, who in the final episode hacks into a Kill Sat to buy time for something to happen. Considering Mimi has hacked just about everything, and despite the fact that it was subverted to a point, it's the most badass thing she's ever done in the series.
  • Chrome Shelled Regios: At the end of one episode, the white-haired girl, who seemed soft and innocent at first, kicks a guy in the leg, and breaks his leg bones in the process (we even see an X-ray shot of the bones shattering). If that's not awesome, then we don't know what is. Both of these were amplified greatly by the epic music that accompanied the events.
  • The end of Episode 3 of Corpse Party Tortured Souls has Yoshiki Kishinuma filling the role of pure awesome. Just when you think he's run away from the haunted school and left the others to fend for themselves...he suddenly appears, knocks the crazed Kizami's head off with a pipe and then proceeds to fight Yoshikazu, an unstoppable zombie giant of a man, without a weapon. He is killed...but only because he sacrifices himself to try and save his friends, including the girl he loves. In short, Kishinuma is the man.
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia gets plenty of these, though most are when it turns into an action show.
    • Nepgear seems to get these more often, first is when she leads the other CPU Little Sisters into battle to save Neptune and the others, which then becomes amplified when she transforms into the HDD form and starts wiping out the peon enemies and flies right for Arfoire. She gets another during Episode 10 when she faces off against Yellow Heart by herself. Keep in mind that Yellow Heart trounced all of the CPUs, even Iris Heart, in the previous episode. Nepgear holds her own for a large portion of the episode and even manages a few good hits before Neptune appears to help. Finally she gets even more in the final two episodes when she nearly sacrifices herself to protect all of the citizens of Planeptune and then gets a group one with the other little sisters when they perform their ultimate attack on Rei. In short, even though she's the Butt Monkey sometimes, Nepgear can be a badass when she needs to.
    • Uni gets hers during the fight with Arfoire when she starts blasting Arfoire despite not being able to transform into HDD mode. It then gets even more awesome when she transforms during this attack and doesn't even seem to notice or care, all she wants to do is save Noire and take out Arfoire.
  • At the climax of the Baccano! light novel Drugs and Dominoes, Luck Gandor prevents Eve Genoard from shooting Gustavo by putting his wrist in the path of the bullet, getting his hand blown off in the process - then turns around and gouges out Gustavo's throat with the broken bones of his own severed hand, holding on to consciousness afterward long enough to not only deliver a contemptuous Bond One-Liner but also to make sure that Eve is okay.
    • He also gets one just a few minutes before, where he convinces nearly all of Gustavo's men into abandoning him and getting the hell out — all while entirely unarmed and undoubtedly outgunned. Then, when Gustavo responds by trying to his head off with a shotgun, Luck takes it like the classy sonabitch he is just to see the look on his face when he comes back up thirty seconds later.

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