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It's a story about medieval knights in Powered Armor. Of course there are going to be Awesome Moments.

    Volume 1 
  • For starters, Lux is the Black Hero, you know the guy who singlehandledly obliterated an army of 1200 men. And he did that without killing them.
  • When the time comes to fight Lisesharte, a princess piloting a Divine Drag-Ride, Lux manages to fight her to a draw using a Wyvern, a standard Drag-Ride albeit with a few modifications. Then, an Abyss breaks into the arena they're fighting in, and Lux uses himself as bait so that Lisha can take a shot at the monster. Lisha is so impressed by Lux's bravery that not only does she tends to his injuries, she even vouches for him to join the Academy.

    Volume 2 
  • Krulcifer manages to win the contest to steal Lux's request slip by tricking him into thinking the contest was over.
  • Barzeride Kreutzer manages to be the first onscreen opponent that Lux couldn't curbstomp with Bahamut, due to his Azi Dahaka stealing Lux's Divine Raiment. Despite this, Lux manages to make the best of a bad situation by using Recoil Burst, a technique that intentionally puts his Drag-ride at the risk of rampaging and then stops the flow of energy from its force core. This allows him to slash through Barzeride's multi-layered defense and turn the duel around.

    Volume 3 
  • Chapter 3 features a two-on-two match between Lisha and Krulcifer versus Celestia and Saniya. Lisha figures out that Celestia's teleportation has a weight limit, so she grapples the latter in order to set her up to be attacked by Krulcifer. Celestia counters this strategy by shocking herself and Lisha, allowing her to teleport again and win the match.
  • During the individual battles, Lux uses a Scale Blade made by Lisha, which generates a force field on its edge. This allows him to Critical Hit, a technique that can break enemy weapons by using their own strength against them.
  • "Luno" manages to slice the tail of an Abyss without deploying Bahamut, showing that sword devices can be useful even on foot.
  • While the anime didn't reveal Philuffy's Abyss powers until after the group started exploring the next Ruins, Chapter 4 of this novel has her defeating several Heiburg Drag-knights in her Abyss state, without deploying Typhon.
  • Celestia manages to defeat Ragnarok Poseidon by herself by shooting Starlight Zero at its core while attacking with her lance at the same time. Unfortunately, Hayes uses her horn flute to enrage Poseidon and bring it back to life. Fortunately, Lux defeats it with End Action, a technique that gives overlapping orders to the Drag-ride to decrease the interval between attacks.

    Volume 4 
  • Upon meeting Fugil again, Lux immediately outmaneuvers him and knocks him to the ground, to which Fugil compliments him. Unfortunately, Fugil somehow teleports to a nearby hill, most likely due to Uroboros's Zero One armament.
  • Yggdrasil proves to be a step up from Poseidon, who was defeated fairy easily in the previous volume. Due to its Adaptive Ability, all of the protagonists' efforts to kill it only serve to make it smarter and stronger. Fortunately, Lux temporarily regains his lost memory of using Over Limit in the past and uses a combination of this mode, Reload-on-Fire, and Critical Hit to turn the Ragnarok's strength against it.
  • Unlike most other antagonists up to this point, Fugil doesn't show any sign of panic or disbelief upon seeing Lux pull off a supposedly impossible victory. Instead, he calmly explains the reasons why Lux's plan worked, much like Airi usually does. This reaction foreshadows that he's a much better pilot than Lux and that his former student's victories are all accounted for in his hidden agenda.

    Volume 5 
  • Hayes attempts to crush the New Kingdom capital with Gigas, an entire Ruin capable of movement. Then the combined forces of Lux, Lisha, Krulcifer, Celis and Philuffy succeed in bringing Gigas to its knees.
  • In a villainous example, Yoruka demonstrates that her reputation isn't for show by matching Lux in a one-on-one duel. She reveals that she devised the same three hidden techniques that Lux did, independently, and has her own technique due to receiving Baptism - Instant Strike. Lux is only able to defeat her by reminding her of her past and causing her to get emotional, creating an opening.

    Volume 6 
  • Singlen demonstrates his skill by effortlessly beating both Lux and Noct in a duel using his Difficult, but Awesome skill, tuning his Drag-Ride in mid-combat. It's noted that this removes the automatic protection of his Drag-Ride's barrier, so he could potentially be killed with a single hit, and he still wins.
  • In the final battle, Lux is at a serious disadvantage against the now-superhuman Dilwy. Greifer has been taken out, and he also needs to protect Airi and the Triad. He then turns the tables using the same tuning techniques that Singlen had defeated him with earlier. Singlen hypothesises that Lux had already figured out the principle of tuning but wasn't able to put it into practice, and used his duel with Singlen to steal his techniques.

    Volume 7 
  • Drakkhen, one of the leaders of the Dragon Marauders, manages to come up with ways to prepare for Lux's tactics, and only loses when he uses a new technique, Violent Strike, which applies time compression to various parts of an opponent's Drag-Ride to make some parts of their armor move at different speeds, causing the Drag-Ride to break itself.
  • Krulcifer gains access to Full Connect, an Xfer only technique that fuses the senses of her Drag-Ride with her nerves, which increases her reaction speed and senses. This allows her to defeat Mel, who turned into a Nocturnal on top of having a Divine Drag-Ride.

    Volume 8 
  • Lux applies time compression to the very space around him, allowing him to slow down Gerdaf's Circular Edge projectiles long enough for him to deflect them. He also threw a knife ahead of time, which eventually gets accelerated and hits Gerdaf before he can notice.
  • Without any advance notice to each other, Lux uses <Reload on Fire> to strengthen Celis's lightning attack, which takes out Sacred Eclipse and all her clones. Sure it was a temporary victory, but it does show that both are getting better at trusting their comrades in the middle of combat.

    Volume 10 
  • When Rosa wounds Philuffy and orders her men to capture her, Lux shows what he's capable of when sufficiently enraged. First he uses Overlimit so that his Linker Burst armament can turn every weapon he disarms into projectiles to defeat more enemies. Rosa expects that she can overwhelm Lux with sheer numbers of clones and troops, but most of her troops flee upon seeing Lux carve up their Drag-Rides with insane speed. Rosa tries to counter him by gathering all the functional Drag-Rides in the area and turning them into additional armor, putting her in Devil Machia Mode. Lux then uses Recoil Burst to break through her armor, but then she disperses the armor in order to avoid the impact of his attack. However, Lux predicts this and uses <Reload on Fire> to slow down time to take advantage of the opening caused by her armor dispersal, allowing him to destroy her Drag-Ride. Unfortunately for Rosa, Lux is still angered enough to attempt to kill her, though Philuffy manages to stop him.
  • After connecting the dots of several bizarre coincidences and inconsistencies of the situation in Heiburg, Lux works out that Calensia is the real King of Vices.
  • Philuffy is on the losing end of a battle with the King of Vices, who turned into a Nocturnal on top of using Alklha, a Divine Drag-Ride with overwhelming size and firepower, along with the ability to hide attacks under a veil of darkness. The King forces Philuffy to make a Sadistic Choice of taking the next attack or letting her friends take the hit, but Phi manages to overpower her by using her Yggdrasil implants, allowing her to defeat one of the most overpowered Divine Drag-Rides.
  • Metatron, a Ragnarok with a seemingly invincible reflection ability, eventually has its weakness discovered when the members of Syvalles repeatedly attack it and cause an injury, causing Lux to realize that it has a brief moment of vulnerability. Lux uses <Reload on Fire> to extend that period of vulnerability, allowing him to destroy Metatron.

    Volume 11 
  • Yoruka uses her Divine Raiment, <Spell Code>, to activate Overlimit on Yato no Kami, making her Drag-Ride resemble a horse and all the mobility it entails. She barely manages to inflict a fatal wound on Singlen, but the latter survives due to his own Baptism, and then uses his armament, Slyt, to repair Leviathan, resulting in his victory.
  • Sacred Eclipse returns, but now with Poseidon's ability to adapt to any attack. However, Yoruka uses her <Spell Code> so that she can control Bahamut's movements, making it so that Sacred Eclipse cannot reliably predict whether it should adapt to Lux or Yoruka's movement. This also applies to its shapeshifting abilities, since distracting one of Bahamut's controllers won't save it from the other.

    Volume 12 
  • Soffice threatens to use Airi as a human shield in her duel with Magialca, but the latter calls her bluff because she still needs an Arcadia to liberate the Garden Ruin.
  • The Dragon Marauder leaders use Oil Slime abysses to knock out all members of Syvalles except Lisha, leaving her to fight them alone. She defeats the three (even after Gatouhan fuses the others to himself) by using Over Unit to equip general purpose Drag-Rides to Tiamat. Lisha also refutes Gatouhan's motive rant about being Forced into Evil, pointing out that he was too focused on revenge to realize that he had the power to pursue success through good means.
  • Lux, despite getting cornered by Deus Ex Machina, manages to give Soffice her Divine Drag-Ride back. Deus Ex Machina attempts to compress space to kill Lux, but is tricked into getting hit by its own ability. Soffice uses <Mahapurana> to throw the Ragnarok against the wall, allowing Lux to finish it off.

    Volume 13 
  • Mishis, the original pilot of Azi Dahaka, effortlessly defeats Celis and Philuffy at the same time. They're only saved from death when Aeril lures Sacred Eclipse into the area, forcing Mishis to divert her attention, though she manages to solo Sacred Eclipse offscreen.
  • After Aeril nearly falls into despair over being tricked by Listelka, Lux tells her he still trusts her and inspires her to openly defy her sister.
  • When Lux is in a losing battle with Poseidon, Aeril tricks Hayes into defeating Poseidon with <Astral Line>, which also has the side-effect of undoing Hayes's B-Blood form.
  • Listelka pretends to surrender in order to get the Paladins in position to be blown up by the self-destructing Ragnarok, but Magialca pretends to believe her in order to destroy all the Ragnarok at once.
  • Fugil is shown piloting a Drag-Ride for the first time, revealing that he is actually in control of Ouroboros, the strongest Drag-Ride. He also wields an Infinity-generated Bahamut, showing he never truly lost anything by giving away Bahamut and other Divine Drag-Rides.

    Volume 14 
  • Lux manages to score one win against Singlen by using <Reload on Fire> to dull his pain long enough to counterattack, despite knowing that the pain will be multiplied moments later.
  • It takes all of Syvalles to defeat Mishis, who manages to steal most of their Divine Raiments and utilize them in creative ways.
  • Hayes fuses with Sacred Eclipse, turning her into a superhuman monster who can defeat Drag-Knights with her bare hands and use all the Ragnaroks' powers. It takes all of Syvalles to defeat her, and she still gets away, but see below.
  • Listelka reveals that she arranged for Hayes to fuse with Sacred Eclipse from the start, since one of the trials requires her to defeat Sacred Eclipse. She proceeds to do so by forcing Hayes to kill herself.
  • Fugil reveals another armament of Ouroboros, Zero-One, which allows him to erase himself from the world's space. This allows him to dodge Mishis's attack and kill her.

    Volume 15 
  • The Seven Dragon Paladins manage to do well against Fugil at first due to their teamwork, and they even force him to summon more Divine Drag-ride copies. Unfortunately, everything goes to hell when Fugil reveals that Avalon is a part of Ouroboros and that his Drag-Ride is the zeroth Ruin itself. He proceeds to use a combination of Ouroboros's huge main body, <Endless>, Bahamut, Zero-One, and his full-body Baptism to defeat all the Paladins, including Singlen who figured out how to use Overlimit. The Paladins still fared well, since they managed to deal some temporary damage to Ouroboros and even wound Fugil.
  • Lux, thanks to Aeril and Singlen's words, manages to escape the influence of <Endless> and realize that Fugil is still at large, even if it means rejecting a false paradise where everyone appreciates him.
  • The flashback of the coup from Volume 5, Volume 14, and this volume show that Lux stuck to his guns and refused to follow Fugil's ideals despite being completely outmatched and being offered to co-lead the world.

    Volume 16 
  • Philuffy manages to resist the effects of <Endless> too thanks to her Baptism, allowing her to help Lux narrow down the list of Fugil's potential accomplices.
  • Raffi and Fugil try to frame Nulph as the mastermind, but Lux isn't fooled and uses a combination of Philuffy and Yoruka's conflicting discoveries to identify Raffi as the culprit.
  • Lux manages to defeat a Sacred Eclipse clone of Fugil wielding Bahamut, despite how the latter is in Overlimit and has greater stamina. It shows that in terms of pure skill and tactics, Lux may become more than a match for Fugil.
  • When Raffi directs killing intent towards Lux in order to test if he's affected by <Endless>, the he puts on such a good poker face that she spends the epilogue and much of Volume 17 second-guessing herself.

    Volume 17 
  • Alma scores a draw in a Drag-Ride battle with Lisha and then defeat her on foot.
  • While Raffi is becoming eviler the longer she's fused with Sacred Eclipse, she manages to be an impressive villain due to being wary of Lux despite his previous poker face and being aware that Fugil's agenda doesn't necessarily line up with her own, unlike most villains who underestimate Lux and/or blindly trust Fugil.
  • Raffi has Celestia and Philuffy brainwashed via Iblis and El Fajura's Python respectively, causing them to nearly defeat Lux due to their new Baptism-induced abilities. However, Celestia resists her brainwashing at the last second while Aeril removes Python's armor from Philuffy, freeing them from Raffi's control. El Fajura attempts to take control of Philuffy through the horn flute, but the latter turns out to no longer have Yggdrasil implants, so she instead throws a sword through El Fajura's head.
  • The remaining Seven Dragon Paladins, despite being affected by <Endless>, still have enough loyalty to Lux to help him out in fighting off the New Kingdom's forces, even if they aren't sure what's going on.

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