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Given the post-apocalytic premise and the sheer amount of ridiculous moments of the God Eater media franchise, a neat archiving is needed to contain a whole colossal list of the most awesomest moments.

WARNING: The following contains a large amount of spoilers, all of which are left unmarked. Read at your own risk!

Examples from the anime

Episode 1, Lenka Utsugi
  • The very fact that Lenka survived living outside of Fenrir is no such feat.
    • Considering the large chance of being Eaten Alive by the Aragami just to get to the Far East Branch, this makes him a certified Action Survivor.
  • Despite Tsubaki's order, and with little training over his God Arc, Lenka runs off to get his Arc, leap through the closing gates, and helping the other God Eaters evacuating everyone in the Outer Ghetto during an Aragami breach is awesome by itself.
    • This speech before the above reaches Eren Yeager-levels:
    • The background song,"Have you seen...", during the scene certainly helps.
  • The introduction of Lindow, Sakuya and Soma during the Battle in the Rain, who each whooping the asses of many Ogretails, Cocoon Maidens and Kongou, with "Maintain Maintain" playing in the background.
    • Special mention goes to Lindow, who does an Unflinching Walk and offhandly kills some Aragami while taking a smoke.
    • Lenka switches his God Arc to Gun Form through sheer force of will (as opposed to using the handle to switch between forms, according to the third episode), then he blast a Kongou in the FUCKING FACE, saving a civilian in the process.
Episode 2, Lindow Amamiya
  • Remember the magnificent ERIC der Vogelweid? In the game, he died by getting eaten by a Ogretail, with no purpose other than being a Cannon Fodder. In the anime, he died saving an incapacitated Lenka via a Taking the Bullet. Memetic Badass indeed, thy name is Eric!
  • Lindow continues his badass spree by owning a Vajra himself.
Episode 3, Alisa Amiella
  • The entire battle atop the plane, Contra-style, especially the debut of the Predator Form! "Maintain Maintain" triumphantly once again plays through the above scene.
    • The shot of Lenka and Alisa slashing some Aragami together left a good impression to some fans.
    • One fan would say that the anime is this in one picture. Even Kotaku acknowledged this.
  • The single shot of a flying Ouroborros. Yes, you heard it right! A mountain-sized Aragami, the one rumored to have killed by Lindow in the games, is in mid-air!