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Awesome / Kekkaishi

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  • Yoshimori leaving the object of his revenge to go save an ally he doesn't even LIKE. Found here.
  • Yoshi blocks Kaguro's unblock-able blade
  • Sen acknowledges Yoshi Crosses over with Heartwarming Moments.
  • Throwing a dragon as big as the Karasumori school into the sky with his kekkai.
  • In the manga, near the end of the Tokine rescue arc, a psychic master faced off against the protagonists. She was almost able to make Tokine give up by threatening their lives with her invisible psychic beast. When Yoshimori made a move, she sent the beast to kill him, then:
    Yoshimori: *Activates Zekkai, repelling the beast* ...What were you trying to do just now? *scratches head*
    • Soon after, he made a bigger zekkai that turned the beast into ashes.
  • The first time we see Yoshimori using the complete form of Blank State in combat. He catches both enemies and then makes this, completely saving the town without even breaking a sweat.



  • Tokine vs. Body Snatcher trying for a Grand Theft Me. "Don't mess with me" indeed (if you ignore the blatant disregard for an innocent student's bodily integrity that is).




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