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  • Mizuki getting subbed in for a knocked-out Tsukushi and getting angry at the other team's foul play, vowing to score within five minutes. Despite all the rival team's attempts, he does.
  • "Nice pass." Especially considering that Mizuki basically appeared out of nowhere to receive it, after the others thought it was another missed pass.
  • Tsukushi scoring the winning goal against Seikan at the very last minute. Especially notable since it's the first time he's ever shot at a goal and not missed. That also includes the context of that goal, where he & Kazama had their first falling out due to Kazama being angry at him for voicing out Kazama's injury in the match where his estranged mother is watching. And he uses that goal to reach out to Kazama again.
  • Every single one of Kimishita's hat-trick of free kicks, individually.
    • The curveball for the first one, with everyone standing in awe and remarking how difficult it is to pull off.
    • Kimishita's thoughts at the second one, with him acknowledging that he might not have Indou's creativity or Taira's physique but has his own weapon in the form of deadly precision. Also doubles as a Moment of Heartwarming when the whole team tackles him with a hug.
    • The third one, which even he deemed too risky to pull off from his position, especially at the last second, and only changes his mind after a talking-to from Ooshiba. He proceeds to pull it off regardless, stunning both his teammates and his rivals into silence and single-handedly pulling Seiseki back in the lead, winning the match.
  • Kazama's epic return in the Touin match after being benched due to injury for weeks, coming back just when Seiseki is in a pinch and scoring in no time.
  • The moment where, after trying and failing over and over (evening learning how to defend for the first time), Ooshiba finally Figures out how Mizuki keeps getting stronger and manages to stop him. The proud smirk spreading all over his face is the icing on the cake, making this cross over into Heartwarming Moments.
  • Just about everything Kazama does in the Yuigahama match counts. Double points go for the free kick that was so beautiful it wound up giving Mizuki a Nosebleed.
  • The moment when Tsukushi, the very same Tsukushi who was once The Load, jumps and expertly stops a ball from going out in the Ichiboshi match.
  • In the same match: Haibara's time to shine as he outplays his opponents with a ridiculous amount of brains, speed and precision, smoothly getting out of every pinch they try to put them in, and others finally admit that he's a crucial player for Seiseki and a lot stronger than he initially seemed.
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  • Also in that match (it's just an endless sequence of awesome, apparently): After taking the backseat in official matches for the overwhelming majority of the series, Ooshiba gets his time to shine. And he does it by dodging four different players using moves from the other forwards and scoring a goal all by himself, putting Seiseki in the lead, accompanied by an Inner Monologue of him realizing he has a lot of shortcomings after all, but also recognizing his greatest strength – that in all the years of playing soccer he has never given up, giving him more experience than anyone else on the pitch. He ends up stunning everyone; even Kimishita, who has played with him for years, admits he's been underestimating him all along. Wow.
  • Chapter 313, during the nationals Tsukamoto finally scores a goal (in fact the first goal of the match in the first half), in the finals match against Sakugari High.
  • Meta Example: When it is first published (in Weekly Shonen Magazine), it had to accumulate a fanbase while having an exact readership overlap in The Knights in The Area (another soccer manga which at that time had already released more than 30 volumes). It manages to survive even after The Knights in The Area finished and gained enough popularity for itself (even winning the Best Shōnen Manga at the 40th Kodansha Manga Awards).

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