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  • Tsukushi and Kazama's first meeting in the manga is nothing short of adorable. Tsukushi tries to defend himself against some bullies, Kazama swoops in and saves him...and when Tsukushi asks him why he did, Kazama replies that Tsukushi's behavior moved him and he thought it was cool. Tsukushi is so overwhelmed by being called cool that he starts crying Tears of Joy.
  • Later that day, when Tsukushi is supposed to meet Kazama for a futsal match he has to run a long distance through the rain and stubbornly does, remembering his promise to Kazama. He ends up ridiculously late and Kazama ends up waiting for him and worrying so much that he yells at him when he shows up. His anger only lasts a moment before dissolving into happiness though.
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  • While incredibly happy that he and Tsukushi are in the same class, Kazama is initially skeptical of Tsukushi trying out for the soccer team, especially when he sees the latter's cleats and notices that they're barely worn, jumping to the conclusion that he hasn't practiced. As expected, Tsukushi can't keep up with practice and collapses after a few laps of running and has to rest while Kazama finishes quickly and leaves, disappointed. He is later called back to the pitch by Sayuri to find Tsukushi alone with Mizuki, still running his laps to try and finish all of them and collapsing at the end of the last one, just as Kazama darts forward and catches him in his arms. Even sweeter, Tsukushi tells Kazama that his cleats look that way because he saved them up for the times they play together. Aww.
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  • During training camp Kazama remembers how isolated and unmotivated he was before meeting Tsukushi who rekindled his passion for soccer with his own stubborn determination and love for the sport and the team, even going as far as thinking Tsukushi was the one to save him.
    Kazama: (thinking) The ball looks happy when it's at your feet.
  • When Tsukushi gets subbed in during an official match for the first time he is visibly anxious despite trying to play it off. Kazama picks up on it and lightheartedly teases him about it while attacking him with a hug, casually offering him comfort that he accepts with gratitude.
  • The reveal that Mizuki used to be just like Tsukushi when he started soccer in high school, leading to his soft spot for the latter. Conversations with the other third-years imply that he's glad to have found someone who's like him.
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  • The evening before the Saku High match, Tsukushi talks to his mother and then leaves to take a bath, leaving his phone on the table. She picks it up when it starts buzzing with messages, fearing he might be bullied; turns out the whole team decided to text him encouragements instead.
  • Manga-only: In the halftime break of the Saku High match, Tsukushi notices Kazama looking a little gloomy and tries to cheer him up with a silly pose: "Wringing a dustcloth!" It works – cue the two of them goofing around.
    • The scene later gets referenced when Kazama gets subbed in near the end of the Touin match]].
  • The whole scene of Ubukata comforting Tsukushi when the latter blames himself for Seiseki's loss to Saku High]].
  • Kazama's promise to Tsukushi that they'll always be friends, no matter if he stays in the soccer club or not.
  • When Kimishita finally admits to his Heroic BSoD over believing he's not good enough for Mizuki, the whole team starts passing the ball back to him no matter how often he flubs his passes. Including Ooshiba, who could easily have scored and turned the game in Seiseki's favor but instead chooses to send Kimishita a message of support, valuing his frenemy over his own glory. And Kimishita finally understands and sends Mizuki a proper pass right afterwards.]]
  • Kazama awkwardly making up with his estranged mother who left him eight years ago. He thanks her for giving birth to him because he got to meet Tsukushi that way, and she tells him she's grateful he's her son too.]]
  • Several around the match against Hokutou, especially when they start using Unnecessary Roughness.
    • Manga-only: Right before the match there's a scene of post-Character Development Ooshiba putting his all into playing while warming up. Cue Usui, who's been watching him, remarking to Kimishita that Ooshiba's looking good today and Kimishita of all people grudgingly admitting he is.
    • When Kimishita almost gets fouled and kicked in the face]], Ooshiba jumps up from the bench, visibly panicking and yelling at him to "Watch out, you idiot!" It's one of the very few times Ooshiba expresses genuine worry and fear.
    • Kimishita is saved by Mizuki yanking the player who tried to foul him back by his jersey and earning himself a yellow card, which will put him out of the next match because he's amassed two yellow cards now. Mizuki essentially sacrificed a match to save him.]] Mizuki then proceeds to go berserk and Seiseki wins 8-1. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • The whole team jumping to hug Kimishita after he scores the second free kick against Keiou]] is nothing but lovely to watch.
  • After winning the match against Keiou]], everyone gets the afternoon off to rest. Tsukushi, however, is so convinced he was no help during the match that he goes to the soccer field anyway to practice by himself. The other first-years notice him desperately trying to score goal after goal alone and promptly join in to practice together.
  • A flashback shows the current third-years after losing to Touin in the qualifiers a year ago. Mizuki gets offered a pro contract after the match, but when he returns to the team he's not happy, he starts crying because Seiseki lost. His tears manage to move Usui of all people, who stops resenting him because of the sight and calls him an awesome idiot. This moment is revealed as the catalyst why Usui chose to put aside his own glory and stand behind Mizuki instead.
  • After the end of the match against Touin, Kazama runs up to Tsukushi and tackles him with a hug, telling him they won thanks to him and they can go on. Tsukushi is incredulous at first, then once the realization hits him he breaks down crying, clutching Kazama's shirt. Kazama watches him with a smile and simply tells him "Congratulations."]]
  • A small but very sweet moment: After the end of the Touin match, Ubukata is overjoyed at Seiseki's victory while Touin is weighed down by defeat. Hoshina, exhausted and disappointed, meets Ubukata's gaze across the field and gives her an acknowledging nod.
  • When Tsukushi talks to his mother about the match, she tells him his face of relief when Kazama got subbed in was obvious. She says even she can tell he's an amazing player, and Tsukushi excitedly agrees:
    Tsukushi: He sure is! Kazama-kun is really awesome. He's cool-looking, and can be depended on, and he's funny. And he brightens everything around him, and he's gentle. And regarding soccer he's a real genius!
    • The sweetest part: Looking back on earlier chapters, Tsukushi feels the exact same way about Kazama as Kazama does about him.
  • From the same scene: Tsukushi declaring his resolve to stop relying on Kazama and become able to help him because he wouldn't deserve to be called a friend otherwise. His mother finds herself remembering a discussion with his father, who also always used to put his friends first, and notes how similar they are.
  • Doubling as a Tear Jerker: A flashback shows that after her husband's death, Nozomi struggled a lot as a single mother, refusing to remarry but also worrying if she could really do enough for Tsukushi alone, especially when he wouldn't tell her when something was wrong. She then observes Tsukushi's current face and how radiant and full of resolve he has become thanks to meeting and befriending Kazama, wishing her husband could see it too.
    Nozomi: I wish you could see it, Satoru-san. Our child's face. The most important thing that was saved by the meeting of those two... it might have been us.
  • The whole scene of Natsu telling Tsukushi Narukami wasn't always the monster dribbler he's known as now but used to be sickly, weak and have no confidence as a result, to the point of needing psychological counseling]]. She adds that strong people aren't born strong and everyone starts out normal, just like Tsukushi did.
  • In the practice match of the third-years against the rest of the team, Kimishita and Ooshiba team up to try and stop Mizuki and very narrowly fail. Ooshiba decides he needs to do something to catch up to Mizuki and asks Nitobe to switch positions with him so he can defend instead of playing forward. The others are less than happy, wanting to know who's going to score goals in Ooshiba's stead and finally ask Kimishita to try and convince him too. Kimishita instead tells him that he can play defender if he wants, because he's going to score goals for him. Even Ooshiba himself is surprised.
  • From the same scene: When Kimishita declares he'll score for Ooshiba, the others are immediately relieved and the first-years cheer. Yes, the very same first-years who started out viewing him as a soulless demon.
  • Tsukushi and Kazama's whole interaction in front of the bus is nothing short of sweet, from Tsukushi considering to call Kazama and make sure he's not late to Kazama arriving barely a minute later with a big grin, the look on Tsukushi's face as he sees him, to their excited conversation as they're hyping each other up for the upcoming matches.
  • Tsukushi's mother and Sayuri showing up to watch Seiseki play at nationals, even though his mom had some trouble getting there with her wheelchair. She also insists on watching the match as close to the players' perspective as possible and gets incredibly excited when she sees her son interacting with his teammates in a friendly way.
    Nozomi: He... He's talking to friends! My Tsukushi! He's talking! They're his teammates!
  • Kazama's mother showing up to watch Seiseki play with his sister in tow, approaching Nozomi and thanking her for taking such good care of her son. The two instantly get along and proceed to watch the match together.
  • When Tsukushi gets subbed in during the same match, the other first-years (including Nitobe, who just got subbed out for him) shout encouragements at him from the sidelines.
    Nitobe: Tsukamoto, go and believe in yourself!
    Kurusu: Don't be afraid, have confidence!
  • From the same sequence: Nozomi getting so excited over her son getting subbed in that she's at a complete loss for words.
  • The flashback to Tsukushi's birthday. His mother surprises him with brand-new cleats and they both get all excited as he tries them on, then Tsukushi surprises her with a late Christmas gift of Bolshoi Ballet tickets since he recently discovered she loves ballet a lot. They proceed to promise to go and watch it together if Seiseki wins nationals and Tsukushi gets the day off.
    • Another cute detail: Both of them reacting the same way to their presents, exclaiming "But wasn't it too expensive?" with the other scolding, "You promised you wouldn't say that!"
  • At the very end of the Yuigahama match, Seiseki is already way ahead when Kimishita sends another pass to Ooshiba, who promptly turns it into a goal. Since he hasn't scored in an official match in forever, he gets extremely happy, cheering and excitedly bragging to Mizuki about his perfect header.
    • Becomes even more heartwarming when you remember that Ooshiba was all but heartbroken when telling Kimishita how sick he is of waiting for an opportunity to score and not getting one. Kimishita actually listened to him and gave him his time to shine even though Seiseki would have won anyway.
  • After the match Kazama finds himself face to face with one of his former teammates (who he's still at odds with) and, without saying anything, simply offers his hand. The other is surprised but takes it and they make up.
  • When celebrating New Year with the team, Tsukushi's thoughts quickly go to his mother: "Mom is by herself, is she feeling lonely, I wonder...?" Cue Description Cut to Nozomi and Sayuri taking a silly picture together with Kazama's family in the latter's hotel room.
  • Tsukushi impulse-buying Ubukata an ornamental kale after seeing her work her soul out for the team while everyone else is out celebrating New Year's Day.
  • Doubles as a Funny Background Event: After Tsukushi does an impressive combination play with Kazama but gets stopped, the audience comments on Kazama's skill and rection speed when recognizing Tsukushi was unmarked and passing to him while we see Tsukushi making a nervous apology gesture to Kazama, who, in turn, takes a frantically reassuring stance as if hurrying to tell his friend not to mind.
  • Mizuki, after watching Tsukushi completely evade the defenders, asks him to teach him that move later, to the latter's confusion. Yes, The Ace Mizuki admires his virtual beginner underclassman's move so much that he's actually asking to be taught, despite being way out of Tsukushi's league in terms of general soccer skill.
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome: Everything about Ooshiba unleashing his fully developed skills against Ichiboshi]], especially the way he uses his teammates' moves when he used to look down on or envy them for so long. And Kimishita – the same Kimishita who's been criticizing him nonstop – is openly amazed and admits that everyone, including him, has been completely underestimating Ooshiba.
    • Another sweet bit about that last part: Kimishita all but admitted that he's been thinking more highly of Ooshiba's skills than anyone else did.
  • After the aforementioned moment: Tsukushi]] tells Ooshiba he just learned a lot from him, and Ooshiba responds by telling him to remember it... and proceeds to give him an Affectionate Gesture to the Head, telling him to also remember the phrase "Ooshiba for president", with both of them laughing and looking very much like a pair of brothers. Considering they started out viewing the other as a rival for the position of center forward and being intimidated by the other, respectively, it's adorable to see how far they've come.
  • A sweet bit from the first OVA: Mizuki praising Kimishita when talking to Natsu. Kimishita isn't even present, but Mizuki still tells her that he made the yakisoba they're eating and that "His yakisoba is super good. His passes are super good too."
  • A bit of meta-heartwarming from the second OVA: Ooshiba's unconditional trust in Kimishita's sarcastic answer when the latter tells him "resource" is the sauce they put on katsudon. He could have asked anyone in the room, yet he still went to Kimishita of all people and didn't even consider the possibility that his teammate might have been messing with him for asking a stupid question. That's how much he trusts his answers.

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