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Soul: It's okay, cool guys like me see naked women all the time; I'm used to it.
Blair: Right, I'm sure that's why your nose is bleeding.

In Japanese media, healthy young men who have no other sexual outlet will often suffer nosebleeds upon seeing the naked female body, or even just a pair of well-filled panties. It's probably a side effect of High-Pressure Blood in the body of a Hormone-Addled Teenager.

The nosebleed is a visual shorthand/euphemism for sexual arousal. It is commonly interpreted that way for males and females, with little trickles of blood indicating mild arousal, and gushing fountains of blood indicating erection/extreme arousal in both sexes. It can also be interpreted as shorthand strictly for erections in males. In that case, when blood shoots from the nose explosively, and in ridiculous quantity, the implication would be an ejaculation.

This happens in virtually every anime with fanservice. It also occasionally appears these days in western media — especially Webcomics — which are open about their manga influences. The concept comes from a Japanese old wives' tale, that (teens'?) arousal increases blood pressure so much that they get nosebleeds and might be Truth in Televisionnote  under very rare circumstances; Attila the Hun might be the most famous victim of one in history, being found dead the morning after his wedding night having bled an "effusion of blood" despite no visible wound.

Such a nosebleed frequently results from a Panty Shot. Compare Visual Innuendo, Something Else Also Rises, and (the far more realistic) Jizzed in My Pants. Contrast Psychic Nosebleed, where the blood loss is caused by the strain of overusing Psychic Powers, and especially Deadly Nosebleed, which denotes serious physical injury. Both of these overlap with this more than you'd think; arousal could be considered just another way of overexerting yourself, after all. Peeping on naked girls may also result in a Nasal Trauma nosebleed via a Megaton Punch to the face, or by slamming into an object after not taking eyes off of the eye candy, but that's not part of this trope.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • A lot of Yuri series have females getting this reaction because of other females. Examples include Sakuya from Candy☆Boy, Sumika from Whispered Words, Yuu from Otome Kikan Gretel, Mamiya from Kurogane Pukapuka Tai, Julia from Strawberry Shake Sweet, etc.
  • In Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts, one nosebleed alone is so Overdrawn at the Blood Bank it makes pools around the bleeder right where it drips. Once, someone even needed a blood transfusion!
  • Reimi from Bamboo Blade gets these when she becomes enthralled by the victim of her stalking habits, Miyamiya.
  • Asta from Black Clover suffers this once in episode 8. He's doing laundry and comes upon one of Vanessa's bras. But he gets right back up and reaffirms his infatuation over Sister Lily, the nun from back in his hometown. But then he does it again when the next thing he grabs are her panties.
  • Happens occasionally, and only during filler and omake in Bleach — usually to Kon, who is a plushie, with no blood... go figure.
  • A Running Gag in Blend-S with Dino, almost always due to being flustered over Maika. An odd case in that Dino actually claims to have a condition that causes nosebleeds from strong emotion.
  • Lampshaded in episode 1 of Blue Exorcist as a Cut Himself Shaving: Reverend Fujimoto asks Rin why his nose is bleeding (he's been beaten up by the local bullies) to which he replies that he "ran into a really hot chick" outside.
  • Burn Up! has an omake where unashamed pervert Yuji Naruo sends vast amounts of blood gushing out the windows of the building where he's perving on the buxom Amazon Brigade he works with.
  • Case Closed:
    • In possibly the most sexually questionable scene of the series, Conan has a nosebleed on listening to Ran relate the events of their bath together. She ignores the suggestion of this trope because he "is still a child", not knowing who Conan really is...
    • Happens again, when Ran enters a murder scene wearing only a towel. Conan turns towards her right when the towel slides down. He then gets a nice view of Ran's very ample cleavage and nosebleeds so much that he gets a Gory Discretion Shot for it.
  • In Castle Town Dandelion Karen, Akane's Childhood Friend, gets a nosebleed when the latter unwittingly flashes in front of her.
  • Played with in A Certain Magical Index. Touma suffers a normal nosebleed in the middle of the night, and while stumbling around for a tissue accidentally wakes up the half-dressed Index sleeping nearby. Quickly realizing that this seems somewhat incriminating, Touma hastily points out that the whole nosebleed thing is an old wives' tale and that he wasn't actually ogling her. Then he gets beat up for not being attracted to her.
  • Hideki Motosuwa, the protagonist of Chobits, has so many nosebleeds during the series while seeing Chii tumble about that one would think he'd need a transfusion.
  • Gender-Inverted and Exaggerated in Choku!: Serika's nose shoots out a pint or two of blood every time she sees Nao doing anything she thinks is "cute". Which is frequently. She carries around a gas mask so it doesn't get all over her clothes.
  • And another female example is Jenny from Cosplay Complex, who gets nosebleeds around very young Athena.
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Tanjiro's second encounter with Kanroji Mitsuri in the Swordsmith Village ends with Tanjiro getting one, to Nezuko's shock. Even better, it apparently wasn't because of Mitsuri herself, but because she mentioned a weapon that could make him stronger.
  • Kaneru from Doujin Work, after she gets afflicted with the Yaoi Fangirl bug. Maybe it's not that rare after all.
  • Dragon Ball: Master Roshi's tendency to spew blood from the nose was actually a vital part of one battle. As Yamcha fought an opponent who was completely invisible, Krillin positioned Roshi just right at the side of the arena, then removed Bulma's top in front of him. The resulting blood spew coated the invisible man, allowing Yamcha to see him and beat him easily. Afterwards, Roshi first yelled angrily at Krillin over potentially having a heart attack before patting him on the head, saying "Good job". As this plot point was too sexual for the broadcast cut of the dub, they replaced it with some nonsense involving tomato soup.
  • In the Turning Red spinoff 4★Town 4★Real, several fans get nosebleeds when they hear Aaron T. Sleeps in the Nude.
  • In the FLCL episode "Full Swing", a room full of female government agents all get nosebleeds after witnessing the size of the guitar Haruko is able to pull out of Naota's head.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), Lieutenant Havoc gets a nosebleed after hearing Colonel Mustang's future plans to require female officers to wear miniskirts.
  • Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. The Onsen Episode features two particularly bloody (and hilarious) examples: while listening in to the girls' conversation through the dividing wall, Kazama, the more naive of the series's Those Two Guys, has a full-on explosive nosebleed, while the more experienced Kurz merely gushes about a quart per second from both nostrils.
  • In the manga Futaba-kun Change!, "Bleeding Man" Chiba earned his nickname from this problem, frequently suffering from explosive nosebleeds, often caused by the main character.
  • Akira from Gacha Gacha: Secret who gets many since he changes into a girl when he sneezes and ends up seeing his love interest (who as a girl he is friends with) naked a lot. He often passes out from the blood loss.
  • Shuichi from the Gravitation manga doesn't even need bare flesh: his aloof love interest promising to take him on a date if his band sells a million records or saying "Yeah" to his question if he loves him is enough to give him massive nosebleeds.
  • Gundam SEED Character Theater has the cast of SEED Destiny try to break Kira and Lacus up. Lunamaria just happens to scout ahead while Kira and Lacus are making out. The resultant nosebleed sends her flying a few hundred metres.
    Lunamaria: [Her nosebleed sends her flying] Weapooooon!
    Rey: Lunamaria's been taken down.
    Shinn: I wonder what she saw?
  • Bell, the resident Meido of Haré+Guu, is prone to massive Nosebleeds over her master, Weda. They're both female.
  • Tomoki in Heaven's Lost Property often gets nosebleeds, especially when looking at his stash of dirty magazines.
  • Most of Nube's male students in Hell Teacher Nube have high-pressure nosebleeds upon seeing their classmates (or any other woman, really) either nude or nearly there. This caused Minki some distress, as she first appeared to Katsuya and Hiroshi in a Stripperiffic outfit... without panties. The resulting fountain coated her in blood. Nube himself is also prone to this. In his defense, he only reacts this way upon seeing the amazingly-endowed Ritsuko-sensei in the nude or in lingerie. Seeing his female students, Yukime, or Hayame naked only causes him embarrassment for the girls, unless he's outright scolding them (read: Miki) for their shamelessness (read: Miki).
  • Rena in Higurashi: When They Cry Rei is actually quite prone to nosebleeds. In the first arc of the visual novel, she has one as a somewhat disturbing reaction to Rika acting adorable, obviously Played for Laughs in this situation.
    • Keiichi has had a nosebleed in Hirukowashi-hen.
    • Rena Ryuugu has a nosebleed after she imagines ripping off Keiichi's swimsuit and exposing his furry seal. Although she doesn't have another nosebleed after she actually sees it, blushing instead (just like the rest of the girls).
  • This happens to Mitsu from Honey Crush. She gets bonus points because she's a ghost and shouldn't even have blood in the first place.
  • Yet another female example: Andou from Hyakko gets nosebleeds around pretty girls. She also checks out Ayumi's panties at one point and announced loudly that she is bisexual.
  • Subverted in volume 9 of the manga I"s. At a trip to the beach Nami, in a very revealing outfit, asks protagonist Ichitaka if her swimsuit is sexy. His reaction isn't what she expected and she forces her fingers into his nose, demanding if he shouldn't at least get a nosebleed.
  • Ikki Tousen: Koukin suffers from one when he sees Hakufu naked in the Onsen episode.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Stone Ocean: Averted. The cause of Jolyne's nosebleed is the result of the dissipated air being removed from the room she's in as a result of Lang Rangler's Stand.
    • JoJolion: During their visit to Shakdown Road, Josuke and Joshu are told to deliver a package to a woman with a large buxom who then shows off her leg tattoo, prompting the two to nosebleed at the sight.
  • And yet another female example in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. A series of coincidences make it seem like Shirogane is in a homosexual relationship with a cross-dressing Hayasaka. Fujiwara visibly gets one upon hearing this.
  • Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens's Takako is of the Yaoi Fangirl kind. Happens when she sees friendly interaction between Daitetsu and Jin or even when Akiba brings manga to school, including ones aimed towards girls.
  • Kanokon usually averts this. Despite Kouta having a girlfriend whose favorite activity is seducing him with her body and a would-be girlfriend who refuses to be outdone, he almost never nosebleeds. He passes out, runs away or gives in instead.
  • Subverted in Karin: Karin does have a nosebleed whenever she is near her love interest Kenta Usui, but for very different reasons. She is a "Blood Maker" vampire, who produces more blood when she is around depressed people. The result is a literal High-Pressure Blood situation, wherein it actually explodes from her veins in a spectacular fashion if she can't bite someone and inject them with the excess blood, which, incidentally, cures their depression. To down the gore factor, the blood is portrayed as flowers exploding from her nose — at least, until it settles and we see the room soaked in blood.
  • Kakuka, a lesbian from Shin Koihime Musou gets quite an exaggerated version of this trope. The slightest perverted thought will create a spew of blood so large that she can actually use it as a weapon.
  • Günter in Kyo Kara Maoh! has severe cases of nosebleeds rather frequently. Bonus points for the fact that these are caused by Yuri, who happens to be a guy as well.
  • Love Hina: Keitaro is known by his female friends for his nosebleeds, the usual result of his seeing too much female skin, to the extent that when at one point it fails to happen, Naru becomes suspicious.
  • First chapter of Magical Pokaan: while casting a spell, Yuuma summons a magical wind that lifts her skirt... just enough for Dr. K-ko's aide to see her not wearing panties. His nosebleed is so hard he gets sent out flying across the room... multiple times, only to stop after hitting K-ko in the head and knocking her out!.
  • Maken-ki!: A semi-regular occurrence due to Takeru and Uruchi's shared lust for Haruko.
    • Earlier, during chapter 23, Minerva uses her dimensional powers to steal the girls' underwear, but she forgets to give them back. So when a sudden updraft lifts Haruko and Inaho's skirts, Takeru gets an eyeful and passes out with a smile on his face.
    • In chapter 26, she slips on a napkin and falls, inadvertently giving them a clear view up her skirt. And during the group's vacation on Okino Island, Himegami teased Takeru for getting a nosebleed just from seeing Haruko in a bikini.
    • Love Espada has caused more than a few, herself, due to her shameless sex appeal, along with the fact that she's openly bisexual. She's even caused Takeru and Uruchi's eyes to wander and their noses to trickle from staring at her.
    • And near the end of chapter 76, Usui has a major one from eavesdropping while Love Espada has sex with Kyoki in one of the school's clubrooms.
  • Kanako, the female protagonist of Maria†Holic, is extremely prone to these whenever she sees a cute girl, likely to parody its use in Yuri (see above) along with other tropes.
    • Nosebleed is also the name of the anime's OP.
  • Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department: Divine Swordsman Blader suffers a massive nosebleed right through his mask before fainting when he sees Wolf Bete naked after his attack destroys Wolf's outfit.
  • Mayu from Monochrome Factor is a Rare Female Example. Her severe obsession with anything bishounen causes her to have massive nosebleeds every now and then.
  • My Hero Academia: During the USJ Arc, Denki gets one after noticing Momo's costume has been torn up by her Creation Quirk.
  • My-HiME: When he spies Kuga Natsuki without panties (due to the efforts of a Panty Thief), a member of the Fuuka Academy kendo team actually passes out because of a veritable pair of blood fountains that erupt from his nose.
  • Asahi Kuromine, the male protagonist of My Monster Secret, is frequently subject to this — not in the least because he's friends with Shiho Shishido, a massive Tease and Shameless Fanservice Girl. He's actually been used as a measuring tool on occasions when the female cast wants to gauge their sexiness.
    Shiho: Hm~ Nothing like Asahi's nosebleed to restore my self-confidence. ♡
    • Later on a more serious (and yet still goofy) side of this is shown when Asahi's Grandkid from the Future Rin joins the cast. She explains that due to perverts taking over the world, "Grandpa Asahi" has had so many nosebleeds that he's basically become anemic and is permanently bedridden; thus, she came back in time to avert the Bad Future for Asahi's sake.
  • Naruto:
  • Ayaka Yukihiro, in the manga version of Negima! Magister Negi Magi, nosebleeds upon seeing Negi in a compromising position. This is lampshaded once by Kotaro: "Are you some kind of pervert?"
    • She also gets an especially explosive nosebleed when she sees Negi dressed up in a fox girl costume. It actually knocks her over.
    • Negi himself is apparently too young to get nosebleeds. However, he's not above a Spit Take through the nose.
    • Chamo gets one when Haruna creates Dark Nodoka. Oddly, it seems to be not a result of sexual arousal, but because of the Squee that occurs when he thinks that Nodoka is getting serious with Negi.
    • Setsuna gets one when she sees Konoka in her bathing suit in the first OVA after they jump out of the plane.
  • Ninja Nonsense has a weird example in episode 7. The gang of ninja has a group response to Onsokumaru shapeshifting to completely cover Miyabi's body, and generating a pair of huge boobs.
  • Sanji from One Piece is often seen nose bleeding (though more commonly after the Time Skip). One other, rather peculiar example of this trope in the series is when Brook nosebleeds, because he is just a skeleton (with an afro) that has no blood in his entire body.
    • Shortly before chapter 600, the crew was separated for about 2 years in the story for off-screen training arcs. Sanji spent the entire time on his own personal hell island, being trained by ugly transvestite men who were trying to seduce and convert him. Upon his return, Sanji was so susceptible to women that viewing them gave him nosebleeds that would rocket him back. In one chapter, just turning in the direction of one of his female crewmates, with his eyes closed, caused him to rocket nearly off their pirate ship. He had to be given a blood transfusion, and was shown visibly desiccated from blood loss.
    • There has been a total deconstruction of this trope in the Fishman Island arc. As you would expect, Sanji got a massive nosebleed upon arriving on Fishman Island and seeing the mermaids, to the point where it has become likely that he would quickly die without a transfusion. Good thing the Straw Hats found human donors.
    • The funniest one is Episode 128 in the anime, when Sanji suggests they all peep into the ladies' bath at Alubarna. Nami responds to this with "Happiness Punch"—she gives them exactly what they want by flashing them. They all get massive nosebleeds: Sanji, Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Igaram, King Cobra, even a camel. (All but Zoro, who is a Chaste Hero.)
    • Funny enough, in Episode 341, Usopp saw Nami totally naked, and didn't get a nosebleed. But he did bow and thank her, though.
    • Then there was Episode 258, when Nami changed into fighting attire in front of Paulie, Lulu, Tilestone, and Zambai (due to lack of anywhere else to change). Paulie is a prude so avoids this by trying to Ignore the Fanservice, but the other three try to cover their nosebleeds while saying the peep show was Worth It. Paulie gets his turn later after Mozu and Kiwi get up close and personal to thank him for rescuing them; his nosebleed shoots like firehoses.
    • Pudding gets a one whenever she sees Sanji do something cool or manly.
    • Exaggerated in Chapter 936 as Hawkins inadvertently makes Nami's Modesty Towel drop and every man, woman and child present gets a nosebleed. Sanji who was invisible at the time gets his cover blown with his nosebleed, not that he minds too much.
      Shinobu: What destructive power!
  • This happens in the Ouran High School Host Club manga to Tamaki when he sees Haruhi in a dress. Hikaru and Kaoru notice this and call him a pervert. However, because Tamaki doesn't actually realize that he's in love with Haruhi, he thinks he just hit his nose. Honey then tries to administer "first-aid" by hitting him with a karate chop, which just makes it worse.
  • Two guys in a truck do these explosively when they see Panty and Stocking hitchhiking naked (their privates were only covered by their signs).
    • This is also what Brief gets in the episode "Catfight Club" when he is punched right in the face by the Anarchy Sisters, resulting in him passing out.
      • Happens to Brief again in the episode "If the Angels Wore Swimsuits" when he oils up Panty because, well, she asked for it!
  • In Paradise Kiss, Yukari provides a female example when introduced to hair stylist Seiji Kisaragi.
  • A rather amusing example happened in Pastel; the protagonist's sexy stepmother went to their school to bring him his lunch. One thing led to another and she inexplicably decided to be the class's swimming coach. This led to so many of the boys getting nosebleeds that the pool itself was stained in blood! Soon after the protagonist realized that his stepmother still hadn't left the school as evidenced by all the blood stains in the school corridors!
  • In Plastic Little, Nichol suffers an explosive nose bleed while scuba diving in a tank full of predatory fish. The tank was above Tita's bathroom; three guesses what caused the nosebleed. This results in Tita catching him and Roger in the act and punishing them for it.
  • Mikan in Potemayo suffers several massive nosebleeds fantasizing about Sunao, often resulting in her being hauled off to the hospital.
  • Ryoma gets a nosebleed the first time he sees Rouge in the Power Stone Animated Adaptation, despite his attempts to cover it up. But who wouldn't get one in the first place?
  • Ranma ½:
    • Ryōga, even when he's P-chan the pig. This often confused Akane. Why should Marshmallow Hell arouse a pig? Notably, he's immune to Ranma's naked female body (except on one or two occasions, though he normally may get a little flustered at most), because he considers his rival to be nothing if not 100% male. Any other naked woman will have this effect, regardless of his feelings for her.
    • There was also an episode of the anime centered around a child who can read minds. When he peeks into the thoughts of Happōsai, he gets a brief nosebleed before going pale and fainting.
  • Rosario + Vampire:
    • Kokoa, Moka's little sister, frequently displays nosebleeds at the sight of female fanservice.
    • It's also a running gag involving Tsukune in the anime. It's utterly torrential when Yukari uses a voodoo doll to make him pull Kurumu's panties down right in front of Moka! Naturally, Kurumu has no complaints.
    • And let's not forget that Skirts and Ladders moment with Moka and Tsukune close to the end of the werewolf episode...
    • In the manga, Tsukune's first nosebleed is after his and Moka's Crash-Into Hello and subsequent landing. When Moka tries to wipe it off, the scent of blood gets to her and... Kapuchuu...
  • In the Rumic World short story "Excuse me for being a dog!" the protagonist (and his father) changes into a dog whenever he bleeds. Unfortunately for him, he's a boxer, and his nose is his weak spot. His father tries to train him not to bleed (or punishes him) by showing him centerfolds from nudie magazines.
  • This happens to Luke in The Sacred Blacksmith when Cecily's armor cracks and falls off, exposing her naked breasts.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • In the Sailor Moon anime, Minako has a nosebleed after imagining taking a bath with one of the members of the band "The Three Lights".
    • In Codename: Sailor V she has a explosive nosebleed (and faints) after being kissed on the lips by a bishounen villain she has the hots for. Also in the Sailor V manga, regular male nosebleeds are seen several times.
    • In one of the Sailor Moon manga side-stories, several characters (including Mamoru) have these induced by two half-dressed female elementary school students.
  • Kudou Yuuichi in Doki Doki School Hours has huge, fountaining nosebleeds whenever he imagines doing naughty things with his male classmate Suetake Kenta.
  • The eponymous character of Soul Eater is very prone to this, which is a source of annoyance to both himself (it ruins his 'cool guy' persona) and his meister Maka.
    I've just learned what it is to be a man.
    • Hero gets a nosebleed when he storms into the girl's locker room.
  • Kaname in S.S. Astro anytime she sees Izumi in the way she thinks is very cute.
  • Tenchi in the Hot Springs Episode of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki. It's worth noting that while the Cartoon Network version of this episode did paint bikinis over all the female characters in order to make the episode kid-friendly, Tenchi's nosebleeds were left intact, perhaps because them being a symbol of sexual arousal was less common knowledge in 2000.
  • Tasuke Yasuda (and his equally perverted little brother) gets these all the time in Cheeky Angel, although the blood is for some reason pink, as are occasional full body blushes.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
  • Happens to Morinaga in The Tyrant Falls in Love when he moves in temporarily with Tatsumi who often walks around bare chested and thus causes Morinaga to nosebleed.
  • Sometimes happens in Urusei Yatsura when Ataru and some of the other male students have perverted thoughts.
  • Raiel from Violinist of Hameln suffers from a variation of this. Instead of being triggered by anything remotely lewd, he suffers catastrophic nasal bloodloss just from standing too close to a female. Apparently, he's just that sensitive. Once as a child, a young girl told him she liked him. After being drenched in the resulting high-pressure spray, she suffered a mental breakdown and never smiled again.
  • Sunako from The Wallflower has such an aversion to anything she considers bright or beautiful that seeing anyone male or female she considers to be a "Bright Creature" causes her to spout torrents of blood out of her nose. The male cast members also inflict nosebleeds on almost every girl they meet.
  • Washio (who's only eleven) starts fangirling and has a huge nosebleed when she sees her tomboyish friend Gin in a cute dress in the third episode of Washio Sumi Chapter.
  • Happens to Satou once in Welcome to the NHK. Interestingly enough, despite being linked to arousal, it's a regular, realistic nosebleed instead of an explosive fountain of blood.
  • All the male officers of Bokuto Precinct in You're Under Arrest!, but most notably Ken Nakajima, spring major nosebleeds the first time they meet new officer Aoi Futaba, who is beautiful, kind, highly accomplished and generally everything one might want in a woman. There's just one minor problem: Aoi is not your typical kind of woman.
    Nakajima: All I have to say is, this whole thing shrivels the morale of the men!
    Natsumi: Pervert.
    Nakajima: No! All I meant to say is, this whole business is swelling out of control!
    Yoriko: Oh, you're one to talk, Mr. Nosebleed...
  • Happens quite often in the manga series Instant Teen Just Add Nuts, a series about a girl who transforms into an adult woman after eating magical nuts.
  • Illya of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA is another female who gets nosebleeds... over her brother. Ruby then proceeds to use the blood from her nosebleed to create a contract with her.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler tells you quite clearly how much of a Chaste Hero Hayate is when he sees Izu-nyan 'attacking'. Hinagiku and he don't have this reaction, while still showing other reactions associated with it.
  • Lampshaded in chapter 1 of Ane Doki when 17-year-old girl Natsuki flirts with 13-year-old boy Kouta. She's initially worried at the sight of him bleeding, but then says, "Oh, that's right; guys your age get nosebleeds really easily." Thus reassured, she returns her attention to her cooking.
  • Becomes a running gag in the manga Kanojo Wa Kannou Shousetsuka. Shiina Keisuke, the main character, becomes the editor of an S&M author whose work he really admires. As part of his job is to hear out new plotlines (and Kuroki Chihiro, the author, does "hands-on" research), he is constantly affected. However, this is quickly Lampshaded when Chihiro's maid begins to follow him around with a box of tissues, or when Chihiro refuses to start work until Keisuke blocks his nose somehow.
  • Military crazed policeman Volvo Saigo in Kochikame is very unaccustomed with women which he always gets nosebleeds whenever he gets physically or mentally contacted with the protagonist women. Ryotsu also gets occasional cases.
  • Lampshaded and subverted in Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi. Ibuki accuses Yoichi of having a nosebleed for thinking perverse thoughts (a frequent occurrence, thanks to Yoichi being an Accidental Pervert). Yoichi counters by saying it's because he had one because she had just hit him in the face multiple times.
  • Maylene from Black Butler gets more than one of these when she hears Sebastian making ambiguous comments to Ciel.
  • Macross Frontier's Ranka Lee goes Glamorous Wartime Singer on a Zentradi Marine Regiment, causing some noses to explode from sheer Moeness.
  • Keima of The World God Only Knows can apparently do this at will.
    Keima: Tch...what a bad, westernized taste. Oops, I'm supposed to be her fan. (explosive nosebleed)
  • Discussed and immediately thereafter played straight in The Weatherman Is My Lover during the Hot Springs Episode.
  • In one episode of Durarara!!, the slimeball thug Horoda gets a realistic looking nosebleed after looking at the rather large-breasted Anri. This leads to a somewhat amusing scene when Shizuo arrives. Horoda upon seeing Shizuo fearfully sucks the blood back up his nose. When Shizuo notices Horoda and other thugs surrounding Anri, the blood runs back out of his nose as if the sight of Shizuo gave him a nosebleed. Shizuo promptly flies into one of his trademark Unstoppable Rages.
  • In K-On!, Mio tripped on a cord, and the way she got up gave the audience a panty shot. The entire performance was saved on DVD, and when 1st-year Azusa (who didn't know what had happened) expressed a desire to see it, Yamanaka-sensei had Ritsu and Yui restrain Mio so Azusa could watch. Cue the small streams of blood at the aforementioned point of the recording.
  • In My-Otome Zwei, Kazuya gets a nosebleed after Anh Lu rips off the tops of the bathing suits of several of the other Otome, including her own. In response, Akane slaps him and calls him a pervert.
  • At the start of Nagasarete Airantou, Ikuto could easily be knocked weak or unconscious by one of his frequent geyser nosebleeds. Later on, he toughens up and manages to stay active despite his nosebleeds. It's also an example of a functional nosebleed, as opposed to just shorthand for arousal; other characters actively comment on it like it were the weather and its spray conveniently blinded another character once.
    • As of chapter 139 of the manga, Ikuto is up to 150 nosebleeds.
  • Chitose of YuruYuri will react this way whenever she fantasizes about Kyouko and Ayano, at least Once an Episode. Now much does she nosebleed? Her twin sister Chizuru noticed her notebook was full of blood stains.
  • Fujimura-kun Mates: Eriko Usami in particular and a few others in general, except Fujimura himself.
  • Squid Girl:
    • Sanae gets these all the time. Sometimes it's from just being a pervert at the thought of just being around Squid Girl. Most of the time though, it's brought on when Squid Girl knocks her into the sand for trying to get too close. Either way, Sanae is in bliss when it happens.
    • And get this; during Chapter 142, (or, in the anime, Season 2 Episode 5.3) Squid Girl tells Takeru that walls are quiet, but if a object is thrown, that object will bounce off the wall. She even demonstrates by throwing a ball at the wall... only for it to hit Squid Girl in the face, causing her to suffer a nosebleed, only instead of blood, it's just ink.
  • Happens to Miyako Shizutani from the short manga Oboretai, as she watches her co-worker Takamura take nude pictures of some cute models and tells them to relax. She imagines that he's talking to her and then starts nosebleeding as a sign of how much this Defrosting Ice Queen is suddenly starting to get turned on by him...
  • Happens to Natsuru Senou in Kämpfer during one of the bonus episodes of the manga. Seeing the reflection of her own half-naked body makes her nosebleed. Then again, Natsuru is a boy that has been genderbent into an incredibly hot girl, so no big surprise here.
  • In Hana-Kimi Sano gets the more realistic version when seeing Mizuki in a skirt (and a short one to boot!) for the first time.
  • Played with at the end of Summer Wars. Kenji already had a variant of Psychic Nosebleed from mathing his brains out, so when Natsuki kisses him on the cheek, it kind of...gushes.
  • Discussed in Blood Lad when Wolf gets this after seeing Fuyumi dressed in a Playboy Bunny style costume.
    "Is he getting excited over the girl?!"
    "You can't find that sort of cheesy reaction even in Shounen manga these days."
  • In the Lupin III movie "The Pursuit Of Harimao's Treasure" Lupin and the gang have to get past some soldiers who are checking their wagon for smuggled goods. Lupin shows the investigating soldier his pornography collection, upon which the soldier promptly faints and is propelled out of the wagon with a spurt of blood from his nose.
  • This happens to both Tsukimi and Shuu in Princess Jellyfish. Tsukimi after she realizes Shuu hugged her and Shuu after he sees Tsukimi trying to get out of her kimono.
  • Fuka Otonashi in High School Ninja Girl, Otonashi-san occasionally has this reaction when she sees or overhears her crush Arima say something nice about her. She flat out passes out when he mentions that he'd like to hear her sing.
  • Hana Saku Iroha once gives us this BLOODY gem...
  • Exaggerated in Castle Town Dandelion. At the end of The Princess' Skirt skit in Chapter 12/ episode 4A, this happened to all the 10th grade boys and Karen after Akane innocently flashed in front of all of them.
  • Saya from Onidere takes this to extreme levels. In one scene she ends up filling an entire classroom with blood, nearly drowning two of her friends, when she mistakenly believes that her boyfriend gave her an enema.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice:
    • Yuko gets a nosebleed upon seeing Victor skate the "Eros" program, and again when she sees Yurio wearing Victor's old costume.
    • Subverted in Episode 5 when Yuri gets his face slammed into the side of the rink towards the end of his free program that later results in a nosebleed when he points towards Victor, being the usual Visual Innuendo with a more realistic cause.
  • Happens occasionally in Urusei Yatsura such as when Tobimaro sees his sister Asuka naked, because of her upbringing about fearing men and him being one of the only ones she loves she has no problem stripping in front of him to get in bed or bath with him.
  • Otona no Bouguya-san: Kautz frequently gets nosebleeds whenever he sees female fanservice. It goes to new levels in one scene where he sees Frealica in a skimpy outfit and loses so much blood that he passes out. He wakes up to see Frealica and Lilietta bending over him and asking if he's okay, but he promptly nosebleeds and passes out again. This repeats itself three more times, making five nosebleeds total, before the girls wise up and leave him alone.
  • Subverted in The Quintessential Quintuplets. Fuutaro gets one and Ichika calls him out for being aroused. He actually has a chocolate allergy and Miku won't stop making him try some she made.
  • Yui Kamio Lets Loose: In Chapter 7, Nao gets a bloody nose when she sees Yui in White get a Sexy Soaked Shirt with her white uniform as they were cleaning the pool. Later that chapter, Kiito gets another one when he sees Yui's white panties.

    Fan Works 
  • Let's just say when Germany and Japan saw Italy cosplaying as Sailor Moon in Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità, they had massive nosebleeds. Just how they had that much blood or hadn't died on the spot is a mystery upon mysteries.
    • Characters, be they Canon or Original, tend to also react this way when relationship teasing, revelations and/or scenes happen in front of them in Fanfiction, usually Yaoi in stories of the Truth or Dare, or Romance-related genres. Especially Hungary and Japan, and sometimes even France.
  • In the Ben 10 Fan Fiction Hero High, Ben gets hit in the face to which the girl he has a crush on comes to check if he is ok. His nose starts to bleed from the injury and rushes inside the RV when the girl questions this reaction. At this point Gwen alludes to another reason his nose is bleeding.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: A geyser of blood erupted from Shinji's nose when he saw a scantily clad Asuka wearing a skimpy Supergirl costume:
    Shinji didn't reply. Instead, a geyser of red shot forth from his nose, and he promptly fainted due to the abrupt blood loss.
  • Advice and Trust: Mentioned by Shinji when Asuka sneaks into his room:
    "Once upon a time, you sneaking into my room at night in just a shirt and underwear would have made me pass out from either terror or lustful nosebleeds."
  • In Thousand Shinji, Shinji and Touji's noses bled several times as Rei explained how Asuka made sure that she took a shower and washed her body properly.
    "And after I held you down and soaped you up this morning too!" Asuka cried out before realizing that perhaps that was too much information.
    Shinji managed to clamp down on his nose in time but Toji suffered an explosive nosebleed and promptly collapsed.
  • In the Life Is Strange fanfic Saving Victoria Chase, Victoria rubs her foot up Max's thigh and is pleased when Max gets a nosebleed, noting "I thought that only happened in anime." Unfortunately, it's a subversion; it's actually a Psychic Nosebleed from Max overusing her Time Master powers in an attempt to create the perfect date. She faints a few minutes later when she gets blood on Victoria's dress and pushes herself too hard trying to fix that too.
  • Weaponized by Naruto in Son of the Sannin where he uses his Uchiha Harem Jutsu during the Chunin Exam Preliminaries to give Sakura a nosebleed so powerful that it rockets her into the ceiling.
  • Anger Management: Ronnie Anne's nose bleeds when she imagines Lincoln in a suit.
  • Digimon Adventure: Side Order: During an argument over the skin-tight nature of the Order Suit between Eight and Sarah, Eight gets one of these while staring at Sarah's ample posterior, much to everyone else's amusement. Gennai is quick to provide a tissue.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In a rare live-action example, Heishiro, the protagonist of the film Samurai Fiction (itself an Affectionate Parody of the chanbara genre), reacts to the sight of his love interest with a nosebleed. Twice.
  • One of the many possible explanations for Henry's nosebleed in Eraserhead.
  • K-20: Legend of the Mask: Heikichi and Genji walk in on Yoko while she is bathing and naturally she decides to stand up to scold them while stark naked. They both end up with a massive nosebleeds. Kikuko later chastises them both for getting nose bleeds at their age.
  • In the live-action movie of Lovely★Complex, this is a Running Gag with Suzuki.
  • Happens to Eric in Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie.
  • In the Korean film Lost and Found (Sweet Lies), Dong-Sik tries to convince the amnesiac Ji-Ho (who actually is faking amnesia) that he is her boyfriend, making up a bunch of fake dates they went on and claiming to have once gotten a nosebleed around her.
  • Realistically done in the live-action version of Princess Jellyfish when Shuu first sees Tsukimi (because he was hit twice on the nose by a door), but it's obviously done to reference the anime trope.
  • Happens in live-action but really weird film The Happiness of the Katakuris When Richard has his big love song musical number with Shizue.
    Richard: My nose isn't bleeding because I'm horny. The blood is rushing to enhance my critical faculties.

  • Chrysalis (RinoZ): The ant healers can well understand why Isaac is found unconscious and bleeding after Morrelia berserks into the ant lines, smashes Isaac to the ground, and then surrenders to him, telling him to capture her, but they aren't sure why there's so much blood around his nose even after healing him.
    A quirk of human physiology, they decided, and promptly forgot about it.
  • Surprisingly, mentioned in Meir Shalev's Esau; the narrator says that a book about seduction "had photos that caused me to urgently need a blood transfusion".

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Frasier, Niles gets nosebleeds around Daphne quite frequently (and also whenever he tells a lie).
  • In an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Barney agrees to teach a socially inept male co-worker how to hit on women. Barney discovers, to his dismay, that the guy in question can't even talk to attractive women without suffering a nosebleed (it occurs every time he gets an erection). Learning that his co-worker was a failed police officer with NYPD, Barney decides to try passing it off as an injury acquired in the line of duty — and somehow, this actually works (probably because this was only seven years after 9/11 and long before the death of Eric Garner).
  • Bottom - Mentioned in passing by Eddie in "Contest" when having the Art 🆚 Pornography argument with Richie. Argument can be viewed here.
    Eddie: There's those three birds on the top of the third pillar from the left [in The Sistine Chapel] with the bit of blue ribbon. Gaww! Some of the things they're doing would make your nose bleed!
  • Han Seul when he spots his first love (and whenever he thinks about her), in the Korean Series Twinkle Twinkle.
  • An episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia began with Frank running into the bar, falling on his face, and getting a massive nosebleed. He proceeds to tell the gang that he's in trouble because his business partner in a beauty pagent was arrested for coming on to one of the contestants. It turns out, this is a pagent for children, and Franks spends the majority of the episode trying to convince everyone that he is not a pervert. However, with this trope in mind, his constant nosebleeds take on a whole new meaning.
  • Played with in Game of Thrones. After some flirting, Tyene Sand starts exposing herself to sellsword Bronn, imprisoned like her in the cell opposite. Bronn's Male Gaze POV goes blurred and he starts bleeding from the nose. This turns out to be a Deadly Nosebleed, as Tyene cut him with a Poisoned Weapon earlier, and is using his arousal to increase his heart rate and accelerate the spread of poison.
  • In episode 60 of Mimpi Metropolitan, Pipin immediately puts tissues on her nostrils when seeing Dian flexing his muscles as he helps her cook, explicitly anticipating this trope.
  • Gap has a rare female example when Sam gets a nosebleed the first time she makes out with Mon.

  • "Did we go too far, is that why your nose is bleeding?" Maxïmo Park, "Nosebleed". Also in the music video to "Apply Some Pressure" (but can't be a reference to the former because that was two years later).
  • In the T-ara music video for the Korean cover of Little Apple, the original artists Chopstick Brothers bleed from their noses while seeing the T-ara members dancing.

    Video Games 
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: One of Teruteru's fairly common expression is a nosebleed, combined with a minor Art Shift where he gets bigger, determined eyes. Like the rest of the blood in the series, his nosebleeds are pink.
  • Brooklyn Luckfield from Super Robot Wars is easily flustered, thus almost always in danger of getting hit with this trope. Not to mention his teammate is one flamboyant, cheery Ms. Fanservice who wouldn't mind teasing him on his nosebleed tendencies.
  • Dead Rising: If Frank takes a picture that the game labels as "erotica" he will have a nosebleed for a few minutes afterwards.
  • Persona:
    • Miyabi Hanakouji of Persona 2: Innocent Sin got her nickname, Hanaji, when she had a nosebleed in the girls' locker room. It seemed to be just a wrong-place-wrong-time scenario. Though she did have the hots for a certain visual kei rocker boy (girlyman) for a while.
    • In Persona 4, Kanji gets one of these during the Horrible Camping Trip upon seeing the girls in swimsuits, causing Yukiko to push him into the river.
  • In Metal Gear Ac!d, there are bonus 'model cards' with pictures of sexy Japanese women on them. If Teliko uses one of these cards, they have no effect. If Snake uses one of these cards, he gains the BLEEDING status for ten turns.
  • A lot of Touhou Project fanart likes to depict Ran Yakumo getting epic nosebleeds around Chen CHEEEEEEEEEEN!!
  • Parodied in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Travis suffers a major nosebleed when Sylvia kisses his beam katana, incidentally located near his crotch. Of course, it's kinda hard to notice since his beam katana also extends at the same time.
  • In Disgaea 4 a naked succubus is capable of inducing a nosebleed powerful enough to weaponize (which is exactly what they do in one of their magichange skills).
  • This trope is the only possible explanation for the golden hip special having a bloodshed rating in the WWE Day Of Reckoning games.
  • In both Mugen Souls games, Ryuto ends up doing this from time to time when he sees something perverted or when his thoughts are perverted, most notabley when he sees Sandy when she's forced into wearing a bikini by Soul Skyheart (whose nose is also bleeding), and in Z, when he's thinking about Chou-Chou's description of her condition in Syrma's coffin being in slimy and gooey stuff as she's being shrunk down to a chibi form and losing her powers. Naturally, Nao and Syrma are disgusted.
    Ryuto: B-B-B-BIKINI! MY HOLY COD!!!
  • In Shadowverse, Nonja, Silent Maid's evolved quote references Innocent Princess Prim:
    Princess Prim's gentle beauty knows no limits. All her splendor's making me... Ah, my nose is bleeding!
  • In one episode of the Tales of Eternia anime, Keele turns bright red and falls over with blood streaming from his nose at the sight of Minima clad in only a towel.
  • DRAMAtical Murder: In Koujaku's Good Ending, Koujaku ends up getting a bloody nose during his and Aoba's First Time. Aoba finds it amusing while he's embarrassed.
  • Galaxy Angel II: Happens to Kazuya in Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira if he chooses Kahlua/Tequila to go on a shopping date in Chapter 6. Tequila drags him to a lingerie shop and decides to try out a pair of very provocative panties for him to see, and he ends up excusing himself to try and calm down. After she exits the shop, she turns back into Kahlua and drags him back to the shop and picks the same model of panties as Tequila, and decides to complement them with a sexy bra, prompting him to suffer a nosebleed on the spot.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Nesa Mikoto's nose starts to bleed whenever he thinks of naughty things or sees women in skimpy clothing.
  • The thumbnail in Saberspark's review for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt has him getting a nosebleed over Panty and Stocking lusting over him.
  • Whateley Universe: As said in Dorms of Our Lives, Calliope, a lesbian, dabbed at her nose, making the narrator, Eisenmädel, think that Calliope burst a nasal capiliary after seeing a third girl change without a privacy screen, and at the large size of that third girl's breasts.

    Western Animation 
  • Ballmastrz: 9009: Ace gets a nosebleed after Luna suggests that the two of them meet up to spend time together.
  • In what is a rare, risky, yet bold example for Western Animation, Clyde from The Loud House repeatedly got these in the earlier seasons whenever he saw Lincoln's oldest sister Lori, on which he had a Precocious Crush. In the Halloween Episode "Tricked!", where Lincoln needs to find blood in order to get back at a pair of bullies (who are Afraid of Blood), Clyde prepares to help him out just by thinking about Lori, implying that her sheer existence, and not just the sight of her, is enough to trigger a nosebleed on him. "The Whole Picture" shows that Clyde would even get a nosebleed from himself upon dressing up as Lori. The gag, as well as Clyde's crush on Lori, were eventually dropped during the series' third season.
  • Done subtly in the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! episode "Girl Trouble." Chiro is hanging out with two hot older girls, and at one point gets so flustered by them that the blood-red soda that he was drinking forms a snot bubble that bursts on his face.


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