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Manga and anime series
  • Kazama's Establishing Character Moment in the manga. First he bursts in defending Tsukushi from his bullies with nunchucks... then he accidentally hits himself with them.
    • And then he offers a crying Tsukushi a tissue... which turns out to be a pair of girls' panties. Where he got them is a mystery.
  • Poor Tsukushi's first failed attempts at soccer are pretty slapstick-heavy.
  • A gem that was sadly left out of the anime: Kazama in a frog costume. At school. Adding "croak" to the end of his sentences. Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.
  • Another manga-only gem: Kazama misses the bus to the first training camp and the other first-years try to disguise Tsukushi as him using yellow tape for hair and a glued-on nose. They quickly ditch the idea.
    • A moment later they do see Kazama... riding a truck next to the bus.
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  • Also at training camp: Kazama jumping on the bed while wondering why girls have two breasts. His answer? "So there's one for each hand."
  • Mizuki trying to explain things in sound effects. Even funnier, Tsukushi tries to go along with them... and Mizuki understands and points out mistakes in Tsukushi's form.
  • This exchange.
    Nakazawa: Too bad a certain captain injured his foot in the showers. We have to consider that he might not be able to play.
    Mizuki: Right...
    Nakazawa: I'm talking about you.
    Mizuki: Eh? What? I can't play?
  • Kimishita trying to scam Tsukushi in his Establishing Character Moment, attempting to sell him his shoelaces for a higher price than they actually cost. Tsukushi doesn't fall for it.
    Kimishita: 1000 yen.
    Tsukushi: Eh? It says 200 yen here though.
    Kimishita: Tch. Fine. 200 yen.
  • Indou's first meeting with Tsukushi when the latter is watching his teammates' recording of him playing and listening to all their kind comments.
    Indou, sobbing: These guys are so nice!
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  • Later in the same scene, a manga-only moment: Indou running off after a butterfly in the middle of the conversation.
  • While discussing the strategy for the Sakuragi match, Coach Nakazawa describes Seiseki's three arrows and lists off their individual strengths... accompanied by said three arrows acting nothing like their badass descriptions.
    Nakazawa: We've got Kazama Jin, bringing speed and skill from the right.
    (shot of Kazama sleeping on his desk)
    Kurusu: Hey, don't sleep through this!
    Nakazawa: In the middle we've got Ooshiba Kiichi's height and hold-up play.
    (Ooshiba gets up, sparkling)
    Kimishita: Don't get up.
    Nakazawa: On the left, we've got Mizuki Hisahito's power and clinical finishing.
    (Mizuki takes off his shirt)
    Usui: Don't strip.
  • Usui delivers a kick to the back of Kimishita's head in the Saku High match. Kimishita, furious, spins around to yell at whoever kicked him– only to discover it was Usui of all people.
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  • Tsukushi's pants falling down as he's about to sub in for the Sakuragi match. Doubles as a Moment of Funny In-Universe.
  • When Tsukushi falls asleep on her shoulder after she comforts him when he blames himself for the loss to Saku High, Ubukata spots Kurusu, Nitobe and Shiratori watching them and misinterpreting the whole situation. Cue her imagining beating them up in various ways and them somehow sensing her fury...
  • Funny Background Event in the team study session: Ooshiba studying with a colorful-looking book that's evidently an elementary school textbook.
  • Another, less subtle funny background event from the study session: Ooshiba's sister watching Mizuki from various hiding spots, complete with Scary Shiny Glasses. Nobody except Ooshiba seems to notice.
  • Kimishita and Ooshiba's entire exchange when the latter asks the former for advice after Seiseki loses to Sakuragi and Ooshiba has to sub out after overexerting himself mid-match due to trying hard the first time. "What am I lacking?" Kimishita's answer: "A humble approach, a base level of intelligence, respect for others, a base level of intelligence, common politeness, a base level of intelligence, cool judgement, a base level of intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence." Complete with Harsh Word Impact every time.
  • After the practice match against Seikan at training camp, Mizuki pulls off his jersey because he thinks he's supposed to exchange it with one of his opponents. The problem is that he's the only one who thinks that and is suddenly standing in the middle of the pitch shirtless for no reason; cue Taira and Kimishita exchanging a helpless glance, with the latter sweating bullets.
  • The end of the Seikan match also gives us Usui nonchalantly delivering a Crushing Handshake to a mildly terrified Himura.
  • Kimishita walking over the courtyard in the morning when he hears someone running and assumes it's Tsukushi– only to discover it's Ooshiba and hides behind the next wall, complete with wondering why he's hiding. Sadly he can't stay hidden for long because Tsukushi finds and loudly greets him... cue the following dialogue:
    Tsukushi: Huh? Good morning, Kimishita-senpai. (Kimishita freezes, startled) What are you doing here?
    Kimishita, grabbing his collar: Keep your voice down, nimrod! He'll hear us, you moron!
    Tsukushi: Okay...
    Ooshiba, looming over the wall: Who'll hear you?
    Tsukushi: O-Ooshiba-senpai! (Ooshiba climbs over the wall) Good morning!
    Kimishita: Kiichi...
    (Kimishita and Ooshiba instantly grab each other's collars)
    Ooshiba: Are you spying on me?!
    Kimishita: You're the one acting funny!
    Ooshiba: Oh, I see, it's that! You know, that!
    Kimishita: How about you try using words? Words!
    Ooshiba: Which words?
    Kimishita: Figure that out yourself!
  • Another hilarious manga-only moment, from the beginning of the Hokutou match: Touin's players are watching Seiseki and talking about Ooshiba, saying he's surprisingly technical. Cut to Ooshiba pitter-pattering his hands over his head with a too-focused expression.
    Kimishita: Hey, idiot, what are you doing?
    Ooshiba: (furiously moving his hands over his head) Ah? Can't you see it? By putting my hands over my head and moving them fast, it feels like the rain can't get me wet.
    Mizuki: (imitating Ooshiba) That's right, never thought of that.
    Ooshiba: Yeah.
    Kimishita: And now you too!
  • "Namaste."
  • Ooshiba suddenly remembering his manners.
  • More of the Ooshiba-Mizuki-Kimishita Comic Trio from the Touin match: Ooshiba goes to sniff a plant in the halftime break claiming he needs the oxygen, Mizuki follows suit, and Kimishita is left suffering a few feet away.
  • A moment after Kazama's epic return in the Touin match, he grabs Tsukushi by the hands and twists him around. "Wringing a dustcloth, Tsukushi version!" Made even funnier by Tsukushi's face and Kimishita's Facepalm.
  • From a flashback: Mizuki unable to comprehend that he's been appointed captain.
    Mizuki: Who?
    Nakazawa: I wasn't very sure either, but that was the consensus from everyone.
    Mizuki: Who?
    Nakazawa: You.
    Mizuki: I...What?
    Nakazawa: You'll be captain. C-A-P-T-A-I-N.
    Mizuki: Who?
  • Also from the flashback: Mizuki accidentally ending up on a senior citizens' tour bus instead of the Seiseki bus. The old people are shown quite friendly to a very confused Mizuki while the camera cuts to the sign "Senior citizens' home Gateball Tour. Please mind your manners" and the following dialogue:
    "Coach, Mizuki isn't here."
    "Go look for him!"
    "Maybe he got on a different bus?"
    • The next scene has Haibara lampshading that Mizuki almost went to Mt. Fuji.
  • Another flashback moment: The other third-years' unsympathetic reactions to Mizuki's injury.
    Usui, unfazed and peeling a fruit: It'll take four months to heal completely.
    Hayase: Idiot.
    Inohara: You reap what you sow.
    Haibara: An injury in the bath...Had it been in a match you could at least say it's cool.
    • What makes the whole scene even funnier is Mizuki lying on the bed with his leg taped up, staring at the ceiling in silence, and Kokubo almost falling off the bed with laughter in the background.
  • The party after Seiseki's victory against Touin has Kimishita charging his teammates for his legendary yakisoba.
    Kimishita: There's no such thing as free food in this world!
  • Then Ooshiba produces top-class grilled meat from somewhere and Kimishita really wants to try it. Oddly enough, Ooshiba actually offers to let him try some and then proceeds to feed him, complete with their teammates' shocked faces and parody Love Bubbles in the background. And then he pulls the meat away and eats it himself at the last second. The scene becomes significantly less funny after Ooshiba's explained his motive for the prank though.
  • Also from that party: Kazama wearing girly makeup and pretending to be a Valley Girl, complete with Like Is, Like, a Comma. It lasts for two panels before Ubukata kicks him into the water and he goes back to normal.
  • Mizuki almost showing up late to the fall tournament drawing because he misunderstood the dress code.
    Mizuki: Well, I just couldn't tie this necktie well enough.
    Ubukata: Why are you wearing a white suit and carrying red roses?!
    Mizuki: Didn't they say formal dress?
    Ubukata: Coming in uniform would've been good!
  • "It'll be okay, Mizuki's luck is the real deal. Even for the entrance exam, he was accepted by just writing his name in the mark sheet, he told me."
  • Mizuki, to Katou: "I don't need to remember anyone other than our next opponent." Who happens to be the very guy he is talking to.
  • When Kazama wins at one of the school festival games, Tsukushi starts throwing confetti on him without any explanation where he got it from.
  • The team band's "concert" at the school festival. "JUNKOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • In the third-years vs. rest of the team practice match, Ooshiba tells Mizuki how he balanced on a ball he was carrying on his third birthday and his parents tried to keep him away from soccer ever since. Cue Mizuki imagining a tiny Ooshiba balancing on a ball.
  • "So good! Even though it's Tsukamoto!"
  • After the third-years win said match by a landslide, Mizuki gets asked what a good punishment for the losers would be. Mizuki, being Mizuki, replies with "20 laps around the circumference?" Cue a reaction shot of the team, with everyone looking various degrees of shocked and trying to argue while Ooshiba straight-up faints.
  • On the train that will take him to school where the bus to nationals is waiting for him, Tsukushi finds himself accidentally speaking his thoughts out loud, to the confusion of the girl who overhears him. Cue embarrassment, Tsukushi thinking in silence for some time... only to voice out a sentence that's easy to misinterpret out of context. Which the poor girl does, leaving her scarred for life that Tsukushi said it with such an innocent face.
  • Tsukushi arrives at the bus an hour early and seems to be the first one there. He's quickly joined by Kazama... and then they both discover that they were, in fact, not the first, courtesy of Kimishita sitting on his bag in front of the bus and telling them they're late. A full hour before the supposed meet-up time.
  • Everything about Ooshiba's grand appearance in the same passage.
    • The Benz coming to a screeching halt only a few feet away from Tsukushi, Kazama and Kimishita. Becomes even more Hilarious in Hindsight after reading the latter's Gaiden and remembering his first meeting with Ooshiba involved this very same car nearly crashing into someone.
    • Everyone's shock about Ooshiba's driver calling him "young master" and the way Ooshiba himself doesn't bat an eye at it all.
    • Upon noticing his teammates waiting, Ooshiba tells them, "Thanks for coming to receive me." With an expression that implies he actually thinks that's why they're there.
    • Ooshiba's embarrassed blush when Kazama jokes about him riding on his parents' coattails.
    • "Remember this, Tsukamoto. In this world you'll only make money if you are an idiot."
  • The reveal that Mizuki has been in the bus since the day before because the others (specifically Usui) didn't trust him not to show up late or get lost on the way. When the others find him, he's brushing his teeth like it's the most normal thing.
  • The nationals opening ceremony, complete with a fair play pledge done by Yuigahama's captain, Taniguchi... who fumbles it and accidentally shouts "Flesh!" instead.
  • In a run-in with Taniguchi after the ceremony, Mizuki tries to shake hands with him. Taniguchi offers his left hand while Mizuki offers his right; cue Mizuki twisting his arm around so that he can shake Taniguchi's left hand with his right anyway.
  • After getting subbed in during Seiseki vs. Yuigahama, Tsukushi flubs a pass and the ball gets stopped by the foot of a conveniently-placed Ubukata. Who is very much not amused.
  • Mizuki's Nosebleed after watching Kazama score a spectacular free kick against Yuigahama.
  • Shortly after winning said match by a landslide: Reporters approach Tsukushi asking for a statement, thinking he's Kazama. Tsukushi explains he's not but gets asked for a statement anyway, gets nervous, and bites his tongue.
  • From the New Year's chapter: After the party everyone falls asleep in one room together, in various absurd positions. Satou is sitting on the floor slumped against a mattress, Mucchan is curled up on the blanket of another bed with one leg dangling off, a third person lies face-down on the same bed as Mucchan with their knees still on the floor, a fourth one has his legs on a bed but his torso hanging off the mattress upside down... and then there's (presumably) Suzuki sleeping normally under a blanket.
  • Also from the New Year's chapter: Kimishita's Mundane Object Amazement at the food (complete with sparkles) and the chance to enjoy the view from his room (on the fourth floor!) while drinking a cup of coffee.
    Kimishita: It feels like I'm the king of some country.
  • Another one from the New Year's chapter: Looking through the players' list, Ooshiba stumbles upon Seiseki's next opponent, freezes, storms out of the room and barges into Kimishita's room without even knocking, not even noticing that he knocked Suzuki over.
  • Soon afterwards we get the first glance at Ichiboshi's team, which gives us their first-year, Niiro, wondering aloud who is better looking between him and Kazama. Considering that Niiro is smug-eyed, coconut-haired and missing a tooth while Kazama is, well, Kazama, there's really no competition.
  • From the same sequence: Chinen calling Aiba "full of himself", being warned that he might find out and cheerfully remarking that he won't, only to realize that Aiba is Right Behind Me and flee from him through the corridors until eventually being shielded by Oku, who wrestles Aiba and wins easily after both of them set it up to be a serious battle.
  • Ubukata emerging from her room after visibly pulling an all-nighter scouting out Ichiboshi, sporting Exhausted Eye Bags and a scowl for the ages, and being so sleep-deprived she acts like she has a hangover.
    Ubukata: Stop yelling, I'm hearing echoes in my head.
  • A quick one-off joke from before the Ichiboshi match: Aiba casually tripping one of his teammates when the team walks towards the pitch, then whistling innocently when the latter turns around to glare.
  • Right before the match we are reunited with Maruoka and Kai in the back and are given a highly relatable line for everyone who has ever gone to an outdoor event in winter:
    Maruoka: It's cold! If only you could watch it with a heater at your feet.
  • From the same scene: Kai describes Aiba's stats in detail, naming his years of experience, number of scored goals, personal records, staple food, and history with Kimishita and Ooshiba. Maruoka gets hung up on the staple food of all things, lampshading that few people actually have a Trademark Favorite Food and he doesn't know his, and getting annoyed when Kai doesn't listen.
  • Aiba having zero memories of Kimishita and Ooshiba, who his team beat in middle school. And not just pretending to for show; when Kimishita tells him they'll get revenge this time, he is left looking genuinely confused.
  • Hayase's sudden lash-out when facing off against Chinen, and his rather stupid reason for it: "If you were to shake me off with such a technique, it'd be awfully embarrassing!"
  • And then, only a moment later, Chinen does an awfully flashy move and Hayase is left fuming because those moves are actually cool.
  • After shaking off four guys and scoring all by himself, Ooshiba goes up to Aiba with a smug smile. "Remember now, right?" Cue Kimishita throwing a bottle at his head and telling him not to provoke him, and the two of them having yet another one of their pre-schooler squabbles.
  • This exchange between Ooshiba and Tsukushi.
    Tsukushi: Ooshiba-senpai, I'm learning a lot.
    Ooshiba: Uh-huh, go and put it in your dictionary. [smirking, giving Tsukushi an Affectionate Gesture to the Head] And "Ooshiba for president."
    Kazama, from the side: Yo! President!
    Tsukushi, laughing: Ouch, ouch! Yessir!
Anime OVAs
  • From the first OVA: Hayase and Kokubo trying to hit on girls on the beach and dragging Tsukushi into their shenanigans. Special credits go to Hayase hiding in a sand castle to watch girls in swimsuits through binoculars.
    • Later on, Tsukushi does eventually get away from them and stumbles upon Kimishita selling yakisoba on the beach, who he asks to hide him. Kimishita makes him buy three boxes of yakisoba and rats him out to the other first-years without a second thought.
  • Also from the first OVA: Mizuki chatting with Natsu (without having any idea who she is) and pretending Tsukushi is his little brother. Tsukushi very reluctantly plays along and calls him "onii-chan."
  • Soon after Indou spots Mizuki talking to Natsu and challenges him to a beach soccer match. Indou snatches all the tallest players for hims team – including Ooshiba, who's less than happy about it. Indou makes use of his gullible nature and big ego and flatters and charms him into happily playing with him in no time.
  • A hilarious detail: In between the girl chasing and beach soccer shenanigans the scene keeps cutting to Satou and Suzuki, who are the only ones who hang out with girls and spend the day normally.
  • When Inohara has to tell a love story in the second OVA he talks about his girlfriend, telling a story of her giving him a lunch box she prepared... and Coach Nakazawa watching them from a distance and crying because he doesn't have anyone to do that for him anymore and mourning the loss of his divorced wife. "JUNKOOOOOO!"
  • When it's Haibara's turn he tells a story about how he passed by a woman with kids recently and noticed she was significantly taller than him, to his chagrin.
  • Another gem from the second OVA:
    Ooshiba: (in a hushed voice) What kind of sauce is "resource?"
  • And then there's Kurusu's hilariously accurate impression of Kimishita. The other first-years fall off their chairs laughing; Kimishita is less amused.
  • When Kimishita loses at the card game and has to tell a love story as "punishment" he comes up completely blank. The others proceed to ask him where he'd take a potential girlfriend for a date, and he tries to imagine it... but the closest thing to a girl he can imagine is Tsukushi in drag. The image scars him for life.
  • When imagining date spots, Kimishita says he'd take his potential girlfriend to the library and the park... because it's the cheapest.

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