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  • In spades between Tsukushi and Kazama.
    • It starts in the very first chapter in the manga, with Kazama telling Tsukushi his courage moved his heart two minutes into knowing each other.
    • Both manga and anime have Kazama catching Tsukushi in his arms as he collapses after finishing his running exercise and blushing when he tells him he's been saving up his cleats for playing together.
    • Tsukushi also really likes playing soccer with Kazama and being around him in general, and Kazama gets easily offended when anyone talks bad about Tsukushi.
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    • There's also the two of them sharing a room during the training camp, Kazama's tendency to hug Tsukushi at every occasion, and the infamous scene where Kazama hugs Tsukushi during his first match and the latter stays in his arms (with a hand on his chest, no less) for the entire conversation, looking very much like a couple on a movie poster.
    • Later taken Up to Eleven when Kazama thanks his mother for giving birth to him because he could meet Tsukushi that way.
    • And then there's that scene where Tsukushi's mom brings up Kazama and Tsukushi describes him as follows:
    "Kazama-kun is really awesome. He's cool-looking, and can be depended on, and he's funny. And he brightens everything around him, and he's gentle. And regarding soccer he's a real genius!"
  • Kimishita and Ooshiba blur the line between this and Foe Yay. As much as they usually argue and threaten to punch each other in the face, they've known each other since middle school, and it shows; their dynamic meanders between subtly caring Vitriolic Best Buds and very unsubtly caring about each other while bickering Like an Old Married Couple. They also display a lot of tropes usually associated with romance manga, such as the Forgotten First Meeting that has kid Kimishita watching Ooshiba and being completely entranced, their first proper meeting in middle school where Kimishita punches Ooshiba in the face, him getting Tsundere when asked about why he refers to Ooshiba by first name, them meeting up for ice cream to talk to their main rival from middle school or the way they trust each other unconditionally, despite insulting each other 24/7. Ooshiba in particular also seems a little jealous towards the respect and admiration Kimishita has towards Mizuki, in addition to being envious of the other being The Ace.
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  • Tsukushi gets a little with Narukami in episode 7. When Tsukushi is asked to show his legs (when the referee really means his cleats), Narukami is smiling and blushing a little.
  • Mizuki and Usui, as the Team Dad and Team Mom of Seiseki. They're very close, with Usui often acting as Mizuki's Cloudcuckoolander's Minder and doing the talking for him because the latter can't express himself with words well, something Mizuki is very grateful for. Usui can also read Mizuki better than everyone else, knowing exactly what mood he's in when everyone else is at a loss.
  • Mizuki and Kimishita, with the latter greatly respecting and admiring the former in spite of his quirks, worrying that he's not good enough to support him and falling into a mini-Heroic BSoD over that, and the two of them having promised each other to get stronger and go to nationals together. Kimishita's feelings towards him are also very reminiscent of a crush, wanting to be the one that enables him (almost jealously so), not knowing what to call his feeling and having a massive tendency to blush around him in general.
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  • Mizuki and Indou. They both take their rivalry very seriously, and while Mizuki doesn't seem to like Indou much as a person, Indou is very clingy towards him, has somehow gotten his hands on his number without Mizuki knowing, and gets annoyed when Mizuki doesn't answer his calls.
  • Mizuki and Tsukushi. As soon as Tsukushi joins the team Usui instantly notes that Mizuki looks happy to have found someone who's like him, Mizuki draws parallels between his first-year self and Tsukushi and admires Tsukushi for persevering where his past self could only feel bad about being weak, and tries to mentor him as best as he can. Tsukushi, meanwhile, looks up to Mizuki, goes to him for help, puts up with his... odd ways of explaining (and even tries to respond the same way), and is grateful that the upperclassman has taken him under his wing.
  • Indou and Narukami. They bicker Like an Old Married Couple but they're nigh inseparable, call each other by their first names and live together, and backstory reveals that Indou gave Narukami all the confidence he has today, and Narukami gave Indou a place to call home.
  • Usui and Nakazawa, thanks to their Intergenerational Friendship and the Spin-Off revealing that Nakazawa tried to convince Usui to come to Seiseki for a very long time, to the point where Usui himself likens it to being seduced.
  • Usui and Nitobe, with the way Nitobe looks up to Usui (even if he also grows to be afraid of him) and the way Usui visibly enjoys teasing and messing with Nitobe, including popping up behind him during matches and striking up a conversation. And then there's also him assuring Nitobe they'll win after the latter injured his foot and got a red card.
  • Nitobe and Nakijin get a little when Nitobe gets injured during the Keiou match and watches the rest of the game from the sidelines. There's a fairly short scene of Nitobe and Nakijin clinging to each other in a sort of hug as they watch.
  • Himura and Taira. Himura starts out skeptical towards Taira, but the latter soon wins him over by convincing the coach to let him continue playing the way he wants to. Himura proceeds to think that there's a good reason Taira was made captain after all and seems to start admiring him afterwards.
  • Mizuki and Kasahara. They seem to have been very close, closer than Mizuki was with anyone else on the team, and it seems to have hit him hard when Kasahara moved away right after Seiseki lost in the Inter-High qualifier finals. Flashbacks also show them hanging out in oddly couple-y situations, including spending Christmas together.
  • Satou and Suzuki. Why, even Word of God treats them as one item instead of two separate entities.

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