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Drinking Game / DAYS

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A fun drinking game for reading or watching the series. Careful, proceed at your own risk or the drinks might knock you out faster than a soccer ball to the head.

Take a shot when:

  • Tsukushi almost scores a goal.
  • Kazama does something nonsensical.
  • Mizuki talks in sound effects.
  • Mizuki tilts his head to the side when confused.
  • Usui suddenly appears behind Nitobe.
  • Kimishita blushes at his teammates' antics.
  • Ubukata beats up or threatens to beat up the first-years.
  • Kimishita yells at someone because they're too loud. Two if it's Kurusu.
  • Kazama and Tsukushi act more like a romantic couple than close friends.
  • Ooshiba says something stupid and Kimishita corrects him.
  • Ooshiba and Kimishita display a romance manga trope or say lines that can easily be read as romantic.
  • The anime cuts out a scene.
  • The anime displays a case of blatant CG or Off-Model (bad, bad, bad idea).
  • The anime has given a character an Adaptation Dye-Job.
  • Kazama isn't playing in a match.
  • Mizuki scores an epic goal.
  • Tsukushi starts crying.
  • Seiseki makes a confident attempt to score in a match and fails. (Recommended because drunk is the only way to get through the Ryouzan match.)
  • The deciding goal is scored in the last few minutes.
    • Two if someone tries to score at the last minute but doesn't make it.
  • Tsukushi wins someone over with his hard work, kindness, or determination.
  • Mizuki gets lost.
  • Kazama falls asleep very suddenly or in an odd place.
  • Anyone employs the use of Stealth Hi/Bye.
  • Tsukushi apologizes for something.
  • Kimishita threatens to kill someone.