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  • In one chapter, Fran ends up getting her throat viciously slit open by a hitman hired by her client. Rather than die like any other person understandably would, she sits back up, with her head hanging off the back of her neck, pulls out her tools and gargles "BEGIN... OPER.. ATION" She then reattaches her own head with barely any repercussions aside from some uncoordinated eyes and lots and lots of blood.
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  • She also cured Bisection as well.
  • The chapter "Attempted Suicide" is an entire crowning moment of awesome and heartwarming. A suicidal man is found and "saved" by Fran who has his brain implanted into the body of a beloved child mascot, much to his chagrin. He later befriends a young girl who was being sexually abused by her stepfather, but his attempts to help the girl causes him to be mistaken by the public for a child kidnapper. During a police confrontation, the suicidal man spots the girl's abusive stepfather and dishes out karmic justice by brutally killing the asshole, but is killed himself by police in the process. Fran intervenes and puts the suicidal man's brain into the stepfather's body, allowing him to enjoy a healthy father-daughter relationship with the girl. Meanwhile, the stepfather has his brain put into the same mascot character and sent to work at an amusement park where he's surrounded by children 24/7, but can't have his way with them due to his new body being both anatomically incorrect and lacking human sensations, making his situation an Ironic Hell.
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  • The Reveal at the end of chapter 59 is this in a really disturbing way: a girl who was being used as a sex toy by the sports team, school staff, cops, their politician buddies, etc. managed to get epic revenge after her death by having Fran inject her with super-fast-acting gonorrhea-causing bacteria that causes male genitalia to fester.


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