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  • Gourai beats Stylet in episode 1 of the anime, even with an accuracy handicap caused by Ao's inexperience at assembling plamo kits, by speeding up the side of a building in the VR arena, jumping, and catching Stylet with a point-blank OHKO.
  • In Lab Days chapter 3, Gourai, Stylet, and Baselard cooperate to build one of Baselard's beam rifles by cutting it free from its plamo kit runners and assembling it. Fujisaki remarks that they are learning remarkably fast.
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  • After witnessing her curbstomp at Hresvelgr's hands in episode 7, watching her return the favour to a simulation copy of Hres in episode 8 with her KAI upgrade is immensely satisfying. Furthermore, in her rematch with Hres in episode 10, her power is so immense that her Beam-O-War with Hres ends up tripping the breaker in Ao's apartment.
  • The final battle between Gourai (having tapped into her 11th-Hour Superpower Golden form) and Hresvelgr Ater (Countering with her Nanomachine-fueled One-Winged Angel Invert form) that turns into a Single-Stroke Battle with enough power to trip Ao's breaker again.
  • In Lab Days chapter 6, the Materia Twins show off their skill when they use improvised tools to catch Hresvelgr, who has been wandering around the lab without permission. Right before that, Jinrai shows off her gallant side by defending her 'sister' Gourai from Hres's demands for another battle.