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Hoihoi-san is the ancestor of all Shinki, FA Girls, Persacoms, and Angel Dolls

Hoihoi-san came first with her crappy netbook-level computing power and primitive Terminator hunt-and-kill AI targeting pesticide-immune roaches.

Then come Shinki with their next-gen smartphone brains, BIOS, and SD card support for memory backups and saving photos, then finally FA Girls with improved AI no longer dependent on the Shinki's Master-centric behavioral safeguards and improved plug-and-play support for modular weapons and armor (as well as a streamlined and optimized VR arena setup that can be run off your smartphone).


Clearly their relatives are the Angel Dolls that trace the human nervous system (but with no autonomy due to their being a mere extension of the Doll Operator's body), while the Chobits persacom robot girls are simply upsized Hoihoi-sans with specs that are only better because they're bigger. Chii and her sister Freya are exceptionally powerful because they are the Ace Custom builds of persacom with their near-Reploid levels of sapience.

Busou Shinki, Angel Dolls, Mobile Dolls, and Frame Arms Girls are competing brands of fighting robot dolls

Shinki run on a completely different architecture closer to PCs or Smartphones, and even possess BIOS functionality and SD Card support, while FA Girls have a modular plamo kit-based plug-and-play weapons and armor system and an Android OS-based launcher for its VR arena system. There is a small but intense third-party, underground scene for cross-platform duels between Angel Doll operators and Shinki/FA Girl masters despite the In-Universe rivalry between Angel Doll operators (who see Shinki and FA Girl Masters as lonely people who surround themselves with autonomous dolls to be surrogate daughters) and Shinki/FA Girl Masters (who scoff at Angel Doll operators for being jealous of not having a Shinki or FA Girl who can respond well to care and basically live alongside them in their daily lives outside of battle).


The difference between Shinki and FA girls is mostly a software/architecture deal - Shinki have a BIOS-style POST sequence that indicates their core software is running on a x86 or x64-based chipset with a dedicated VR setup for their Battle Rondo arena systems, plus SD card support for a form factor that is very likely smaller than current Micro SD standards, while the FA Girls run on a proprietory in-house programmed AS runtime that is mostly compatible with existing networking protocols and mobile (Android family, given the Battle Session app that runs off Ao's phone) platforms and is very capable of emulating sapience. On top of that, Shinki have a spiritual core with three gemstones set in it that behaves like an Artificial Rosa Mystica.

Conversely, Mobile Dolls (like Sarah) approach the equation from a completely diffent angle, using exotic particle technology to animate their mostly-PS and ABS plastic frames rather than FA Girl robotics controlled by AS runtime, despite basically being cute robot girls adapted from Gunpla in the same way that Frame Arms Girls are derived from the Frame Arms mecha.


Angel Dolls are instead run by complex neural mapping of their operators, utilizing a neural input scheme that is related to Battletech-styled DNI, only a lot less invasive and much safer.

Hresvelgr's ridiculous power levels in combat are due to her using Busou Shinki technology
By the metrics of real-world damage, the Shinki are far more powerful and dangerous than Frame Arms Girls (Ann, Lene, Ines, and Hina are demonstrated in their TV series to be capable of causing legitimate properly damage, from setting flammable paper and cloth alight with their beam weaponry, to puncturing vehicle tires with their physical blades. Likewise, Kaguya the Super Prototype Arnval MKII from the Moon Angel OVA was capable of breaching Shinki armor plating if she wanted to go "lethal" with her weaponry, as demonstrated when her combat memories surface during the first battle her new Master brought her to participate in and she goes berserk, wrecking her opponent instinctively; she also has power output enough to destroy a human-sized shinki-tech combat gynoid with military-grade weapons and armor. Furthermore, in the Battle Master PSP games, there are scenarios where rogue Shinki get a hold of military weapons). Hres has weaponry so powerful, she can wreck Gourai's legitimately tough body armor, indicating her upper range of weapon power output is comparable to a Shinki's Black Technology. Clearly her engineers wanted to prove the capabilities of Frame Arms Girl architecture by modifying it to be capable of handling Black Technology Shinki-grade weapons.

Poison Oak Epileptic Trees Time! Ao is actually having some severe delusions while coming to terms with the recent death of her father.
She ordered a bunch of FA Girls and imagined that it was her father sending them to her, and distracts herself from thinking about the truth by imagining that those toys are alive and fight each other. Bukiko is humoring her because she doesn't want to bring her crashing into reality too suddenly.

The Frame Arms paints are actually liquid anti-depressant drugs. She's being used as a guinea pig by the pharmaceutical company where her father worked so that they can avoid being blamed for his death. The toys were developed by this same company. The money that she's payed for testing the toys doubles as hush money and a way of legitimizing the company's own use of her as a test subject. If she's accepting payment, then she's just another volunteer for pharmaceutical testing.

In the final episode, when her insanity is finally revealed, the OP will change to show reality; those paint bottles are actually lithium bottles and those acorns are actually pills.

(This is copied from /a/, courtesy of several loony anons)

Ao really has Jewish ancestry
Ao's dad is a cruise worker and he met Ao's mom in one who is a foreigner of jewish descent if not a flat out Israeli refugee in one of his travels. The reason Ao doesn't look Jewish is because of the art style and a possibility that her mom isn't in Japan is due to discrimination or lack of citizenship. It's also possible that Ao is ignorant of the truth behind her mother's political situation to avoid trouble, presecution, and possibly even being attacked by Islamic extremists.

Innocentia's mind is based on data gathered from studying Ao
For Season 2, the first Innocentia ever will end up being Ao's "daughter" and Factory Advance will pay Ao child support to take care of her.

Predictions for the newcomer FA Girls of Season Two
Innocentia will be the first arrival, and she will be confirmed to have her character type based heavily on Ao (who will naturally be compensated). Baihu and Greifen will be introduced later, as the other "second wave" additions to the third generation of FA Girls (Gourai's generation alongside Architect being the second generation, and the predecessors with limited capability and no AS-based AI being the original first generation). Baihu will be the semi-serious and dedicated type with a military otaku bent similar to Jinrai's Jidaigeki hobbies, and Greifen will be a cheerful-yet-destructively clumsy strong girl, and way too comfortable with water as a result of her amphibious construction. These two high-end girls will prove to be Gourai's main rivals of the season, and will prove their chops by defeating Hresvelgr in duels. Letizia and Miku will either be cameos or tease Season Three in the end-of-season stinger.

Predictions for future Frame Arms Girls
Apart from FA Girls based on future Frame Arms chassis, there will be adaptations of existing FA mech chassis into cute FA Girls:
  • Rapier is a shoo-in, given the chassis already has an hourglass figure with a prominent upper torso implying an ample bust and Ojou curls for hair.
  • Durga, with her elaborate plate armor style, just like a knight.
  • Jagd Falx, who will be an edgy ninja girl with Tron Lines and lots of translucent bits.
  • Second Jive, a biker girl whose armor folds up into a sweet new bike (which will be of a different design from the Rapid Raider).
  • Super Stylet, as a Season Two or Three upgrade for Stylet.
    • Close, Stylet's actual frame upgrade is the XF-3 chassis.
  • Cutlass, as Baselard's melee-styled little sister.
    • Close; Zerfikar is instead her dark-clothed sister, and planned for a mid-2019 release.
  • Vulture, whose armor can turn into a robot bird.
  • Magatsuki, who is the stern Kendo Club leader and a Samurai.