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  • In Chapter 4 of the manga adaptation, Clain has a bit of a moment after he calls his doppel parents out on leaving him alone, and it all builds up to him sending them away at will in an disinterested fashion, claiming that they're doppels "might be broken."
  • Episode 4:
    • Clain, of all people, had his own bit of moment when he finally decided to stop being a pushover and Locked Out of the Loop. When Phryne tries to leave from again without explanation, Clain chases after her as she's driving off and jumps on her motorbike to catch her.
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    • Phryne also shows that she's more of a Badass in Distress than a Distressed Damsel, clearly showing at the climax of the episode that she can really fend herself off against her pursuers.
  • Episode 10:
    • Phryne, after getting choked by Moeran, bites Moeran's ankle and escapes.
    • Sunda punching Dias, who was planning on having Phryne killed so the Fractale System cannot be restarted.


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